Why does my wife get emails from dating sites

  • Why is my wife getting emails from dating sites

    guess what the many, many sites i surfed that were just shopping, gossip, news, yeah you get some but nothing like you do when you search out sex and all the sin that tags behind it! emails in question started right after i had had ‘words’ with someone via our emails a couple of months ago. you visit a website, the site gets a certain amount of information about you, but your email address is not part of it. boyfriend gets lots of spam that we used to fight over because the sender made it seem like he had replied to them previously. doesn’t that mean he had to sign up or register for something? certainly doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve been surfing porn.
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Why does my husband get emails from dating sites

i’ve been getting tons of spam from some group or site called adult dating, plus alot of male-oriented adult spam, and i’m not even a guy! however, there were mails now from 2 websites, that claim that he has a profile there, and people looked at it (hooking up websites). i get literally tons of adult, male-oriented spam from porn sites and adult dating sites, and not only do i not visit those kind of sites (i have zero interest in porn), i’m not even a man, i’m a woman! there also appeared to be a re: nice ones message attached as if my husband relied. all that does is prove to them they that you are an actual person who reads the email. guy is completely full of ***, if you want to know the answer to this question, you have to create a fake account and then go visit sites and sign up for newsletters! Should i join a herpes dating site,

Getting emails from a dating site you never signed up for?

never been to their websites, never signed up for anything, but i often get spam emails telling me, “i’ve seen your photo & you’re a really hot man. mine doesn’t ever…would you have had to visit a site of that type or signed up etc.’m not that computer savvy…i am not even entirely sure what an ip address means…internet provider i know…but how does one find out where these made up email addresses are coming from? yahoo doesn’t send porn spam or any other spam for that matter. Everyone gets spam, and some of it is porn spam. if your spouse is using one of these photos for an online dating profile, you may see it show up iin the search results. Is jax dating gg from shahs of sunset

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i could get hold of the home address of the president of yahoo i would print it all off and post it to them marked : return to sender !, dating sites and apps can allow men and women to have secret interactions and flirtations and in some cases, entire relationships, without the risk of their husbands or girlfriends catching them in the act. and my yahoo profile clearly states that i’m a woman, so it’s obvious they don’t even bother to read my profile before they send their smut., if you’re worried that your significant other is on a dating site, there are many options for sleuthing (ranging from a quick scan through emails and browser history to more intensive—and expensive—actions). for some reason, mostly because of their ubiquity, email providers like yahoo and hotmail seem to b a greater target for spam than less known providers. bear in mind, he has a laptop and a phone with access to the internet, however, he was probably too busy to bother me with said emails.

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some spam messages/emails include a link at the bottom to unsubscribe to their mailings and newsletters. you'll need to check their phone for common dating apps, conduct a google search using personal details like their email address, and, if necesary, create test accounts on popular apps and sites to see if your signifigant other is returned as a potential match. same is true for porn sites, or for any other website, for that matter. the opposite is also true: not getting porn spam doesn’t imply you haven’t been out surfing porn, either. unfortunately you are not going to get the answer to this question on the internet. you do not need to sign up for porn sites to get porn spam.

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in that case, one option is to create your own account on one of these sites and then search for your husband or wife’s physical attributes and location to see if you find a matching profile.. i went in his phone and woman are sending him emails and pictures and he says it’s spam!? i always think spam like trying to get your billing info not like this. and decided to use a large chunk of it to sign users up to its dating service, regardless of if they were interested or not. days my bf will get maybe one or 2 porn related spam mails… the next (and it seems as though it’s when he isn’t with his kids or i), he gets upwards of 5-7. can also scan your credit card statements, as many sites charge an activation fee for new profiles. Watch polyamory married dating online free

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the phony looking porn emails started showing up in my junk folder daily ever since. mark those emails as spam, and yahoo’s spam filter should eventually learn to recognize this kinds of emails as spam and send them to the spam folder. just surfing web sites – and doing so with appropriate anti-malware precautions and common sense – doesn’t give them the information to email you at all. you don’t have to ask for those emails to get them. i think the people sending this garbage think that i’m a man because my e-mail address has “cherrycharm” in it, and that the senders are interpreting that as a sex reference (slang for a hymen)when it isn’t (cherries are my favorite fruit, and charm refers to magic charms and the fact that i’m a wiccan). i would never share porn with my son, or my sister.

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im addresses from porn sites automatically add to your contacts or does this mean they have been added manually by entering a chat room? users have also reported this doesn’t actually delete the account so much as deactivate it. having an email address is enough to start getting spam. adult-oriented e-mails definitely does not indicate that you have been going on porn or adult sites. my husband’s sent box has like two emails to craigslist personals same date around same time, with responses back and forth but don’t look like their really going anywhere and very short phrases, if that makes sense. porn spam and visiting porn sites are generally unrelated to one another.

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, sometimes it’s a lot shadier than others, and twoo has crossed lines that it shouldn’t have, by merging two vastly different user bases into one, assuming it could get away with it. is yahoo’s own stuff, so it either doesn’t exist or doesn’t work. i can assure you that she has not visited porn sites, or signed up for any newsletters. (and i do want to, which is why i ask you to sign up for my newsletter. you suspect your signifigant other might be using a dating site or app, there are a few ways to confirm your suspicions. sites and apps (like tinder) only allow people to see each other based on location and mutually matching search criteria (like age and sex).

if all else fails, you can engage professional invesitgators to find out for certain whether your signifigant otherr is using a dating site. i eventually had to get a new email address as the spam was from all directions. my question is a little out of the ordinary and can’t find much answers on this type of thing when i search the web. i think the people who are sending me these e-mails or contacting me on my social networking accounts found my e-mail address somewhere (where, i don’t know: none of the people who contact me will answer that question) and are assuming that the “cherrycharm” part of my e-mail address is a sexual reference to a woman’s hymen, but in this case, it isn’t. example, you might sign up for my newsletter, and i’ll send it to you once a week. all of my online profiles clearly state that i’m a woman.

How can I find out whether my partner is using dating sites? fortunately, these sites aren't as safe and anonymous as would be adulterers and cheaters would like to believe. hell no, you go to those websites you get inundated/bombarded/overwhelmed, with sex this, sex that, meet me this, meet me that! you get spam from hook up sites with messages claiming to be from someone saying hi etc does that mean you have to of been looking them sites up? i know, i did this to see if my husband was poor and innocent! most sites, such as facebook, allow images to be downloaded freely. we can quickly and professionally get you answers to any of your questions - just schedule a quick consultation by clicking the button below.

, the services that helped pioneer those ‘ask me anything’ websites, you’re probably suddenly getting a lot of spam. like i said, the fact that someone doesn’t get porn spam doesn’t mean that they’ve not been surfing porn either.« what does “there is a problem with this website’s security certificate” mean, and what should i do? to search for their profile picture, save their social media profile pictures (and any other likely candidates for dating profile pictures) and drag them one by one into the google images search bar. i’m a 44 year old woman, and i get this smut! then go visit porn sites, seedy chat websites, hook up cheating websites, married hookup cheating/chatting websites and see how much porn emails you start getting!

fir example, my husband had spam with young girls barely dressed and it was just one picture. i did not receive any of these emails while this person was away. i’m sure the porn industry has similar products – newsletters, subscription sites, discussion forums – requiring an email address to gain access.//why does my sister’s email get hit with xxx-rated “chat ads”?, if migrated users want to get out, they have to follow a convoluted delete and unsubscribe process to scrub their data from the service. i even get contacted by these people on my social networking sites!

@twoo why in the world are u screwing my privacy by making me a member w/o my consent. found emails in my husbands account from girl talking about them liking his profile…. my recently husband has an i̇ phone so google+doesnt come standard, but he has a gmail account. important: comments that do not add to the discussion - typically spammy, off-topic, or content-free comments - will be removed., no: if you, your spouse, child, partner, friend, employee, or whomever starts getting porn spam, it doesn’t mean anything at all.” he says he didn’t sign up for anything but can these sites automatically just sign you up to their site or does that have to be done manually?