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guide magazine: so, then, is that the best or the worst thing about nancy? according to carly, morgan is relieved that he no longer has to live with the stigma of being a mobster's son, and he is adjusting well at school. tv guide magazine: we have another from @cyncobb who says julexis is bringing in male viewers.: general hospital supercouple nancy lee grahn, william devry answer fan questions. however, the role of morgan changed his mind about daytime.[58] the confrontation scenes at morgan and kiki's wedding party were praised in soap opera digest. franco leaves town, later sending a dvd to carly's daughter josslyn jacks as a christening present. and she has given me carte blanche to enjoy this to whatever extent. but, if julian wasn't around, what other choice would alexis have? tv guide magazine: @jenjordan6 wants to know: "how did it feel the first time julexis trended on twitter? in prison he participated in an escape with ava, sonny, and julian. joined general hospital during a time of declining ratings for all soap operas.! jason thompson has announced he's leaving general hospitalbut…but why![1] others felt it was a smart move that would benefit franco with publicity; new york magazine wrote: "joining general hospital, and acting like it's just another gig, displays a ballsy disregard for conventional hollywood wisdom, and adds a line to his résumé that has already generated more discussion than all the spider-man movies combined.[2] in the spring of 2010, refvem reported that he had landed a role in a prime time series, but said that he didn't expect it to interfere in his work schedule for gh. now ric seems to be a nice guy again, but it's not that far of a stretch in alexis's mind for her to believe he's still doing bad things. morgan is thrown from the bus and separated from the others with a broken leg. if soap opera digest asked me the question, "who on your show is the most likely to fall on a sword for you?[9] jason and dante meanwhile discover a dvd that reveals franco had paid carter to attack michael in prison.: it's been mentioned to me that i'm really into those scenes and that i make.: well, maybe that's a decision julian will need to make in the near future. ask any actor on a soap opera if he is truly in love and — with the exception of maybe dominic zamprogna — he will go, "yes. carly asks her husband, jax to adopt morgan, and he agrees; however, they are unable to complete the process before jax disappears. in june 2013, craig is injured with a broken arm and the writers decide to write the injury in. maxie jones (kirsten storms) accompanies franco to his apartment, where he blindfolds her, photographs her in a chalk outline, and they sleep together. everyone watching would see an actor they recognized, a real person in a made-up world.

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"power performance of the week: the cast of general hospital! lucky spencer (jonathan jackson) is able to reclaim the child without incident.[35] franco was published in the wall street journal, where he explained his use of the experience as an experiment in performance art and stated: "my hope was for people to ask themselves if soap operas are really that far from entertainment that is considered critically legitimate. tv guide magazine: @quit5000 has another question: "will alexis and julian finally admit they were in love when they first met? he's a bit enigmatic and the film is as well.[34][35] though he barely escapes with his life, morgan appears to have developed a gambling addiction, much like his grandfather, mike corbin (ron hale).[22] maurice benard and tamara braun revealed to soaps in depth that the filming of the birth scenes felt extremely real. franco's real-life documentary/fiction feature francophenia (or don't kill me, i know where the baby is) was shown at the 2012 tribeca film festival, described as "an experimental psychological thriller set amid the spectacle of a celebrity’s escalating paranoia". when jason is released, he goes to sam, who faintly remembers being in bed with someone, leading them to believe franco raped her. morgan later moves in with ava, against his family's wishes.: when alexis was with sonny, he didn't even give a crap.[64] morgan's shocking romance with his mother-in-law ava was a hit with many fans and critics alike and garnered the portmanteau, "amor". corinthos is a fictional character from the original abc daytime soap opera, general hospital, currently portrayed by bryan craig. see, here's the problem: there are so many other women julian could have on this show. gh writer, elizabeth korte wouldn't confirm or deny the pregnancy, but said that several events that had recently played out could make viewers think a baby is coming. a viewer from minnesota said craig had finally grown into the role and also praised the writers for addressing sonny's favoritism of michael.[26] instead of taking the young character in a romantic direction, morgan develops a relationship with mob soldier dominic pirelli (dominic zamprogna) when he saves him from being hit by a car at the general hospital carnival. however, the user praised refvem for being able to "cry at the drop of a hat" and said that he oozed sincerity. he and morgan form a close bond and jax considers morgan his own." but this alexis-julian thing is a relationship built on mutual respect, even if he is lying.[55] michael fairman said, "lo and behold" of craig's surprising debut."[3] franco's friend and colleague carter, a conceptual artist who franco was collaborating with on the film maladies,[5] had suggested that franco take a soap opera role and play an artist. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.[57] though his portrayal of morgan initially received mixed reviews, a lot of viewers eventually came to enjoy craig in the role, despite morgan's actions." i had a ceo of deutsche bank ask me, "how is alexis? having lost consciousness, franco wakes up in a hospital bed believing himself to be jason and abducts danny to protect him from "franco", later confronting sam who he believes has been tricked by "franco" to not recognize him as jason.

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clip: dating co-starsnancy lee grahn, kirsten storms, sarah colonna and kristina wong talk about dating their co-stars & the action happening in general hospital dressing rooms. his tumor is found to be benign and removed, but due to some cancerous cells he cannot donate bone marrow to danny after his struggle with epiphany johnson (sonya eddy). character franco's 2010 exhibit at moca coincided with james franco's real life exhibit at moca scheduled that summer, presenting his video documentary on his time at general hospital. "dante uses morgan to get to michael on general hospital! in a shootout, though, morgan ends up accidentally shooting max giambetti (derk cheetwood), sonny's bodyguard who helped raise morgan. based on his exploits in port charles,[3] the exhibit is entitled "francophrenia: dissolving the boundary between illusion and reality". he tells jason that they are the same, and is upset when jason does not agree. new york city: disney–abc television group (the walt disney company). "if general hospital bottled the chemistry shared by mob legacies ava jerome (maura west) and morgan corinthos (bryan craig), the soap would be able to sustain a 0 million annual operating budget. the attention franco garnered boosted publicity for general hospital and the soap opera genre."[4][14] executive producer at the time jill farren phelps stated, "he’s an unusual character and he has an unusual goal", promising his primary story arc would involve character jason morgan.[39] morgan is usually being protected by michael, but now that he's older and he wants to prove to kiki that he's a good catch, "a 'perfect' big brother is not what morgan needs.[8] michael fairman of on-air on-soaps questioned "just what will morgan’s disposition be [l]ike when he returns to port charles? "'general hospital' casts bryan craig as the new morgan corinthos". in may 2013, roger howarth assumed the role when the character is revealed to be alive. while he is sleeping in recovery, it is found that kiki is not his daughter. franco kidnaps jason's girlfriend sam mccall (kelly monaco) and his best friend carly corinthos jacks (laura wright)."[53] sanders was also nominated for a young artist award for his portrayal of morgan in february 2011. december, franco stabbed his mother after he found her in his apartment about to kill carly, who was in the shower after jerry jacks (sebastian roché) fled port charles with the help of ava's brother julian jerome (william devry).[5] in july 2012, refvem revealed confirmed on twitter the possibility of his return to the role of morgan. tv guide magazine: here's a question from @pampetrakos: "any special message for the devoted julexis army? "spoilers: tracy finds out about aj and carly on general hospital! however, it was his parents who convinced him to sign a three-year contract. seeing the danger of his actions, morgan tries to get out of the business, but julian threatens to kill carly and michael if morgan doesn't spy on him. sonny steps in to protect morgan from another beating and morgan moves in with michael after kristina (lindsey morgan) started enrolling in wesleyan university. morgan is the only biological child of sonny and carly corinthos. I m dating someone even though i am married

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[1] on may 12, 2009, aaron refvem made his first appearance as morgan, on a recurring basis. however, morgan and kiki's relationship is doomed from the start.: now he's trying to make up for refusing to say i'm a good kisser.: here's something i really respect about nancy: she will never tell me to change one of my acting choices.“james franco's guest stint – or metaphysical investigation into the hall-of-mirrors recursion of celebrity, take your pick – on general hospital was one of the few times in recent history that daytime television broke out into mainstream discussion, and it's hard to argue that the spotlight wasn't a boo[n] for the genre. initial rumors had morgan being attacked by debt collectors; however, the injury is instead scripted as a wrestling move gone wrong with alice gunderson (bergen williams). june, jason kills carter (josh wingate), who had abused michael (now chad duell) in prison, and his last words are "franco says hi.[5] the general hospital writing staff created the rest of the character,[13] who they named "franco, just franco.: i'm not ever again going to talk about you being a good kisser! ratings from young woman viewers increased only five percent, the category that had been expected to rise the most.: here's a better answer: it depends on whether or not julian thinks alexis is the love of his life.: general hospital charactersfictional mobstersfictional characters from new york cityfictional american people of cuban descentfictional american people of greek descentfictional american people of irish descentfictional american people of russian descentfictional characters with bipolar disorderfictional characters introduced in 2003bipolar disorder in fictionfictional hispanic and latino-american peoplefictional characters who have attempted suicidehidden categories: pages using citations with accessdate and no urlpages with citations lacking titlescs1 errors: chapter ignoredpages using deprecated image syntax. in march 2005, morgan and his siblings, kristina and michael are temporarily kidnapped by a. at my event, julian and alexis are going to have live sex.“i disrupted the audience's suspension of disbelief, because no matter how far i got into the character, i was going to be perceived as something that doesn't belong to the incredibly stylized world of soap operas. meanwhile, sonny and carly happily prepare for the birth of their child, as ric obsesses over the miscarriage." tv guide magazine: next, we have @brianalope asking: "will alexis forgive julian for lying to her to save their families? tv guide magazine sat down with general hospital stars william devry and nancy lee grahn — better known as the über-popular julexis — for a sprawling chat too big for one installment. this would be sonny's first opportunity to witness the birth of one of his children. the character is written out of the series in the summer of 2011 by head writer, garin wolf, and sent off to military school. morgan is later forced to testify against his father during a murder trial and he is put in the position of having to choose between saving his father, or revealing the truth about his brother michael's part in their stepmother claudia (sarah brown)'s murder. ava is reluctant to give morgan up, and provides sonny info on julian to prove her loyalty. franco adds a zero, which they interpret to mean that there is no beginning and no end to franco's game.[15] franco is revealed to be a serial killer[11] and a sociopath,[12] whose vendetta against jason that becomes an obsession. franco also used his time on the series to create a documentary that was shown at the tribeca film festival, and turned a scene filming at moca into a live performance piece. quartermaine (then billy warlock), but are rescued by jason and his then girlfriend, sam mccall (kelly monaco). What are some of the unwritten rules of dating

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september, franco is seen taking photos and telling his toy monkey that jason and sam forgot his invitation to their wedding. your fan @edinahotdish wants to know: "what's the best and worst thing about working with each other? the pairing also made tv guide's "hot list" for the year 2013. sonny mistakenly believes alcazar is hurting carly, and shoots him. franco sends josslyn a wind-up baby toy and a video where he promises he will always be there for her. i'll be out somewhere and a gentleman will say, "my wife is too embarrassed to come up and meet you, but we watch you all the time. but i do know she really, really likes to have sex with him. the character is mentioned often after his alleged death, and for a time it was believed that he was jason's twin brother.[15] he goes to the opening of his art exhibit, consisting of numerous crime scene reenactments. sam finds out she is pregnant, and has a paternity test that shows jason as the father. ric's wife elizabeth (rebecca herbst) miscarries in may 2003 and he blames sonny."[28] the filming at moca was simultaneously called a performance piece for the museum, entitled: soap at moca: james franco on general hospital..devry: even carlos had his own place, for god's sake![27] randy kennedy of the new york times spoke of deitch and the general hospital filming at moca in tandem: "that the museum had become a soap opera set was pure deitch, for better or worse: stuntlike, crazily experimental, scrambling high and low culture, risking ridicule and seeming not to care much when it rains down on his head. may 2013, roger howarth returned to general hospital as franco, essentially recasting james franco's original character."[6] new york magazine wrote on franco's impact on soap operas:Franco essentially is doing something no one has done before: voluntarily, and apparently by his own design, embracing daytime drama. they track down his mother, played by james franco's real-life mother betsy franco. may 14, 2013, it is revealed that morgan and kiki have been dating." michael fairman applauded sanders for his performance during a scene in february 2011 in which morgan learned of carly and jax's separation. it is revealed franco has a brain tumor that has been altering his personality for years. in 2009, the character is rapidly aged and the role was recast with actor aaron refvem in 2009, and later aaron sanders in 2010. TV Guide Magazine sat down with General Hospital stars William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn — better known as the über-popular Julexis — for a sprawling chat too big for one installment.[9] though no official airdate was announced, craig's first appearance was slated for may 2013 on a contractual basis. smith joins general hospital — as nora buchanannora is moving to port charles! the fall out also culminates in morgan falling into bed with his mother-in-law, ava jerome (maura west). though kiki's paternity is exposed, the couple has already married. Speed dating near albany ny

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hospital to temporarily recast spinellifind out who will take over for bradford anderson. Now, in part 2 of the interview, deVry and Grahn answer Twitter questions from their devoted fan base, the Julexis Army. new york city: disney–abc television group (the walt disney company). robinson: should morgan and ava hook up on general hospital? craig and west shared their first scenes, daytime confidential encouraged a potential romance due to the chemistry between the two actors. couldn't you say i'm a good kisser, or something like that? the bullet is lodged in carly's head, and she falls into a coma shortly after giving birth on october 24, 2003. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. is eventually rescued, thanks to intervention from franco and the police. soaps tend to be treated (unfairly) like a training ground for actors who want to achieve 'real' stardom elsewhere, so an artist of james's talent, youth, and fame level choosing to act there, even for two weeks, is like eating lunch alone in the cafeteria for two years only to have the hottest dude in school ask if he can sit with you and share a plate of fries. even when at odds, morgan and michael come together to rescue sonny when his girlfriend connie is murdered. november 2009, franco witnesses the cover up of michael corinthos (then drew garrett)'s accidental murder of his stepmother,[16] and sends reenactment photos to michael's uncle jason morgan (steve burton). 2013, morgan (craig) is found to be living with his girlfriend kiki jerome (then kristen alderson) and his girlfriend's mother ava jerome (maura west) in new york city, where michael tracks him down after he is attacked and left for dead. it is then revealed that dominic is actually sonny's son, dante falconeri, which complicates his relationship with morgan a bit more. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. craig's morgan is introduced in 2013 under head writer ron carlivati and executive producer, frank valentini, sorased again. now, in part 2 of the interview, devry and grahn answer twitter questions from their devoted fan base, the julexis army.[43] craig admitted that the storyline made things a bit awkward due to the fact that duell and alderson were dating in real life. the character of franco is a multi-media artist and serial killer who becomes fixated on jason morgan (steve burton), a known hitman.[33] while attending vanderbilt university, morgan wracks up some gambling debts putting his loved ones in danger; while morgan hides out, his roommate, travis (drew osborne) is left to fend for himself.: the best thing about will is that he listens to me when i tell him what to do."[29] the series won daytime emmy awards for the episode filmed at moca,[30] although it received mixed reactions from viewers.[41] though morgan rushes kiki into marriage, and he is truly in love with her, morgan needs to keep her away from michael. after having a duel with a delusion of himself, franco is prepared to kill himself and danny to save them from what he comes to believe are innately violent tendencies, but carly convinces him to return danny and go back to the hospital. december 2012 casting call described the character as being "[s]oulful [and] complex" with "intensity beyond his years. the praised craig for his portrayal of morgan and said the actor "engaged in a delicate dance of pathos and mania" when morgan begs sonny to keep the secret about kiki's paternity. Is tree ring dating accuracy

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[3] refvem departed from the series on may 4, 2010[1] leaving for a role in the pilot of this little piggy. the plot twist also resulted in the character's name trending for several consecutive days on twitter. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. the two then bond over baseball only for dominic to be shot by sonny who discovers he is an undercover cop.: the thing about will is that he comes very eager to play. the audience notices when your character doesn't have his own set and they think that's a tip-off. shawn fails to kill franco and olivia falconeri (lisa locicero) is shot instead, though this is revealed to have been due to a shot fired by ava who was also trying to kill franco at the same time. his girlfriend, rebecca staab, is a huge julexis fan and extremely supportive. franco then falls victim to his mother's scheme, who frames him for the kidnapping and believed murder of carly. rodriguez/getty images for natas; getty; jeffrey mayer/ wireimage; craig sjodin, abc; corbis. franco's casting on general hospital was met by surprise and mixed reviews. we're both very noisydevry: nancy has the greatest fans — extremely opinionated and extremely loyal and they make a lot of money![3] sharing the same agent as steve burton, who played jason morgan on general hospital, he went to that series for his request. as he leaves town, franco is seen requesting his agent to book international model brenda barrett (vanessa marcil), who later turns down the offer. it is later revealed that heather switched the paternity test and jason is the father." carlivati explained that morgan is the prince harry to michael's prince william.[65] the couple ranked at #4 on daytime confidential's list of the "10 best soap opera couples" for the year. however, morgan uses the situation as a way to get revenge on his father and brother.[9] before becoming the director at moca, jeffrey deitch had been approached by franco to use his new york gallery deitch projects, but deitch was closing the gallery to assume his role at moca.[31] tv source magazine described craig's may 8 debut as morgan as the episode's "big surprise" considering it coincided with the much anticipated debut of emmy winner maura west as ava jerome. she said the climactic scenes in which morgan discovered michael's prison sentence kind of fell flat due to the sudden recast. it makes general hospital – and hopefully all of daytime television – a cool place to be. received a daytime emmy award nomination in the outstanding younger actor in a drama series category for his portrayal of morgan in 2014 and 2015, before winning the award in 2016. in august 2010 morgan goes to see sonny, despite his mother's wishes. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. the walking deadwhat's new on netflix: movies and shows added this month.

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[37] kiki and morgan's relationship is immediately met with opposition due to her involvement in his gambling. i think when julexis trends it proves that nobody gives a s--t about our ages. all alone, carly falls down a flight of stairs and goes into labor and she is discovered by alcazar. 1979, however, elizabeth taylor asked to be on general hospital, who created for her the role of helena cassidine. it was like the time sam behrens took me up in his airplane — he had just gotten his pilot's license that day — and afterward we did it in the back seat of his t-bird. hospital's peter hansen dies at 95he won a daytime emmy in 1979. tv guide magazine: but, if julian truly cares about alexis, why would he endanger her by being in this potentially deadly romance? tv guide magazine: on that topic, we have a comment from @julexis4ever." tv guide magazine: @cyncobb wants to know: "is julian the love of alexis's life? franco described: "soap at moca is an attempt to both blur and define the lines between different disciplines, between life and art, between art and popular culture, and between representations of the self as both performative character and as non-performative self. morgan accidentally discovers that ava, and her brother, julian jerome (william devry) are going after his sonny's crime organization and is forced to turn against sonny in exchange for his life. that's alexis being afraid to put her heart out there. fairman said sanders "delivered a very real and emotional moment. sam sees franco's signature no2ccah5 recently spray painted in an alley, and their friend damian spinelli (bradford anderson) believes the last character is symbol meaning 'creation', possibly referencing something franco created during their honeymoon. in november 2013, heather reveals that she is franco's biological mother and scott baldwin (kin shriner) is his father. in july, morgan and molly kidnap his sister josslyn in an attempt to stop jax from taking josslyn away from carly upon their divorce; however the plan fails when kristina discovers them."[9] james franco explained to tv guide: "jason is a master assassin who's murdered a lot of people and gotten away with it, which is very attractive to franco.[11] on the set of general hospital, craig met his real-life girlfriend, kelly thiebaud, who portrays britt westbourne. at his birthday party, franco shocks everyone by proposing to carly, and he suggests a halloween 2014 date for the wedding, with it becoming plainly evident that he intends to exact revenge against sonny and carly."[4] phelps also commented on franco's appearance helping the genre, stating: "it's just such a kick that somebody who has never done this sort of material doesn't hold that sort of prejudice that we suffer from on a daily basis. rademacher is returning to general hospital as jaxrademacher's first show will be july 29. she leaves after jason hears that franco is in toronto, who is then seen at the cabin.[32] genna terranova, tribeca's director of programming, commented: "he's kind of constructed this really interesting and well-crafted film about that experience that plays with the boundaries of documentary.[9] he next appeared on february 25 and february 28, 2011, bookending his co-hosting job of the 83rd academy awards. the video explains his past motivations and reminds jason he plans to kill someone for every person jason kills. he then admits that he only led jason to believe he raped sam, by showing a dvd of what really happened that night.

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and i have worked with actors who can be very resistant to that. franco recalled first approaching general hospital to the new yorker: "i wanted their full treatment, so all i said was that i wanted to be an artist and i wanted my character to be crazy." he is the kind of guy that sleeps all day, and eats pizza for breakfast. while nina was sent to shadybrooke, franco was sent to prison to await trial for his many crimes.: general hospital charactersfictional artistsfictional characters introduced in 2009fictional serial killers. some people have complained that alexis didn't question it when julian threw ric under the bus, but i think the audience forgets how bad ric used to be. deitch offered the use of moca, despite hesitation from some of his colleagues. in late december 2010 and early january 2011 morgan, molly (haley pullos), kristina (lexi ainsworth), michael (chad duell) and other port charles residents are on their way to a ski resort when the bus crashes."grahn: that's right, he doesn't have a house of his own. meanwhile, the constant danger begins to remind sonny of how he lost his first wife, lily (lilly melgar) and their unborn child in a car explosion; lily even appears to sonny accusing him of putting the child in danger. morgan is all about having fun which and the responsible michael sees morgan as acting like a "screw-up". this also marks the first time the character of franco is a full-time contract cast member, rather than a special guest character, or recurring. in 2013, the character was still an intricate part of several major plots with the reveal of his connection to the quartermaines, and the introductions of his former lover ava jerome, played by emmy winner maura west, and his daughter, kiki jerome (originated by kristen alderson in the spring of 2013). alexis davis (nancy lee grahn), looking for franco because he is a prospective bone marrow donor for sam's son danny, comes upon the scene and takes franco to general hospital. it turns out this jealousy, fueled by franco's new friend and silas clay (michael easton)'s wife nina clay (michelle stafford) is "correct", as kiki informs franco that carly slept with sonny behind his back after he was employed as art therapist at general hospital by chief of staff and nina's aunt liesl obrecht (kathleen gati). trust me, the julexis army does not want to see julian messing around.[25] upon the return of robin christopher's skye chandler in 2010, some hoped that the series would age her daughter, lila rae alcazar, and make her a love interest for morgan. announcement of james franco's casting on general hospital was met by surprise.[6] the series promoted the character as "an artist whose canvas is murder". new york city: disney–abc television group (the walt disney company). the annual gh fan club weekend is coming up and @trishmckelvey wants to know: "are you going to crash each other's events? "will a girl come between michael and morgan on general hospital? in the summer 2011, after jax is presumed dead in a plane crash, carly enrolls morgan in military school to protect him from sonny's influence, using her maiden name, "benson".: [silence]grahn: why is that so damn hard for you to say?: okay, then, the best thing about nancy is [long, thoughtful pause]. after being arrested, franco gets out on a bail where he makes himself known to the quartermaine family and connects with his presumed daughter kiki jerome (kristen alderson) and her mother ava jerome (maura west).

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[24] the character is named for his godfather jason morgan (steve burton), and the late stone cates (michael sutton); who died from aids as a teenager. meanwhile, franco is suspected of kidnapping elizabeth webber (rebecca herbst)'s newborn son aiden, and is seen giving aiden to franco's mother to raise. he is relieved when the two are revealed to be cousins, and morgan and kiki move into the quartermaine boat house. carly goes into false labor, and is eventually rescued by sonny, jason and ric himself. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. "gh casting a teenage male -- is it someone we know?[21] roberta smith of the new york times stated: "[franco's appearances] earned him something of a cult following, although i can’t be alone in feeling that their irony is outdone by their lameness."[16] mara levinsky praised craig for his portrayal of morgan following his first tryst with ava.[51] with the installation of new head-writer garin wolf, some advised the scribe to bring refvem back as morgan. carly sends morgan home, and explains to sonny that she is making up for past mistakes with michael; she does not want morgan to be around sonny, due to his violent life.[25] mickey o'connor of tv guide named franco's 2010 return "best weirdness" in his top moments column. disguised as a homeless vagrant, he spray paints the phrase co77x around port charles."[16] when asked about his character's "casual and low-key," wardrobe, despite his family being filthy rich, craig said morgan is all about quick cash, but "far from snooty. during the reception, franco watches from his apartment and dances with the dress.[3] franco signed on for a series of 20 episodes[4] that he filmed in three days. is christened on december 2003, with jason and sonny's sister courtney matthews (alicia leigh willis) as his godparents.[56] bryan craig was a hit with his cast mates and fans. dante and jason continue to investigate franco, finding his real name to be robert frank. carly lures franco to the metro court and orders shawn to perform the hit, making him believe it is with sonny's approval. tv previewspring tv premiere calendardiscover what to watch on netflixfall tv scorecard: renewed? franco invites jason to his apartment and says he idolizes jason's work in organized crime, calling it "art". Your fan @EdinaHotdish wants to know: "What's the best and worst thing about working with each other?^ "general hospital: week in review for september 28, 2009: performer of the week". "interview: catching up with real-life general hospital lovebirds kelly thiebaud and bryan craig". carly marries jasper jacks (ingo rademacher) in april 2007 after the metro court hoetl hostage crisis occurred by jax's brother jerry jacks (sebastian roché). morgan is humiliated[44] the stage is set to put morgan at odds with his entire family, including his father played by emmy winner maurice benard.