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sebastian is later seen dancing with a tipsy blaine, but he calls kurt out onto the dance floor. until sebastian finally tells kurt that he is trying to steal blaine. when rory is reading his book, kurt looks lovingly at blaine. brody starts to freak out, but she decides to leave it for finn to handle, who has been hiding in the bathroom this whole time. is next to perform i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you with tina and brittany as back up to kurt's direction whilst a fight ensues between finn and jesse over rachel. the "night of neglect" starts, kurt gives blaine a tour of his old school." (places hand on kurt's) watching you do blackbird this week, that was that moment for me. sexy, rachel is seen taking part in a celibacy club meeting with quinn. blaine takes it to heart and sings somebody that i used to know with cooper and the two resolve some of their issues. kurt explains about her house being sold, sam dramatically stating how it's a big transition to make. rachel points out that it isn't as innocent as kurt believes if he wouldn't show blaine the texts. before singing though, blaine snaps when kurt brings up sebastian, but quickly apologizes, saying he doesn't want to think about sebastian, only about winning. blaine declares that his choice of song for their duet is candles by hey monday, which impresses kurt, who remarks that he's "usually so top 40. blaine doesn't want to go, but kurt convinces him to, showing a sad face after blaine leaves. is present in blaine's graduation sitting behind him and they smile and share a hug when blaine's name is pronounced. time goes on, brody and rachel's relationship strengthens, brody able to admit his crush for rachel but rachel, still remembering finn. kurt is more excited than ever and hugs blaine, who looks concerned. as an apology blaine sends kurt puppets of all the members of pamela lansbury, and then they are all seen performing the fox (what does the fox say? when he says he's going to leave so he can go yell at finn, she argues that he's not being fair and asks kurt what he'd do if blaine proposed to him today. blaine and the warblers blaine saying goodbye to kurt serenade somewhere only we know to kurt as his "goodbye song. the end of the episode, david notices a strange behavior in blaine during the day and asks what happened at rachel's party. and kurt are seen at the guitar shop and elliott is talking about a song that he thinks one three hill should do. cory monteith died, lea michele, who was dating him in real life, got [1] a tattoo to remember him. kurt tells her that he told him that new directions lost sectionals and that kurt admits that he feels really bad for blaine. blaine is sitting amongst the other glee members looking depressed, implying that he is thinking of and missing kurt. a deleted scene that ryan murphy released on his twitter and youtube page, infamously known as the "klaine box scene," kurt and blaine are walking through the halls of mckinley as time is quickening to christmas vacation. rachel goes on stage to perform it's all coming back to me now and is still upset that carmen didn't show up, despite this finn encourages rachel to go on and perform. during the performance, the quintet breaks up into two smaller groups, which consisted of blaine and kurt in one, where sebastian made sure to show them up the most. kurt is terrified to learn that they will be auditioning for carmen tibideaux. it seems that blaine was never informed of the supposed 'cheating' as he didn't appear in the episode and it wasn't mentioned that he knew. rachel lets him know that she wishes he had stayed a little bit longer in new york, finn promises that he will the next time. kurt tearfully says yes to his proposal and the two share a passionate kiss, with their loved ones clapping and cheering around them. kurt and blaine wait as part of the bridal party with rachel as they prepare for finn and rachel's justice of the peace wedding. in the interview for geraldo rivera's exposé on sue sylvester, kurt reveals the events in the fake elevator and blaine reveals that sue once put a live bear in his home. they decide on their song in glee club, and sing their first duet i don't want to know together intensively. she starts attacking him and his character, but eventually the conversation returns to blaine being sick and tina rubbing vapour rub on him. they announce their decision and mercedes shows up at bushwick, blaine determines to move with mercedes along with sam. finn tells her that he is 100% sure of marrying her, and that she is something special and will do amazing things on her own.) after their first performance of west side story, rachel goes over to finn's house, to find that he is deeply upset about cooter menkins, the osu football recruiter did not like him. anything involving kurt and blaine’s relationship for the episode ends there. the whole time blaine is staring lovingly at kurt while propping his cheek upon his hand. sugar shack) starts, kurt is alone, surrounded by all the couples in the party. they try to convince him that starving himself won't end well and that he should rather look for another agency, but sam won't listen. blaine tries to tell kurt what happened between him and the guy he hooked up with, but kurt refuses to listen. kurt also tells karofsky that he likes him as a friend, but only as friends. rachel can be seen smiling at his suggestion, only to be denied by quinn and jesse. he says he can't possibly play a romance when he himself had just ruined his own. shows the glee club's alumni lillian adler and finn's pictures hung in the auditorium. after the duet ends, sam enters the building to find kurt and blaine lying on top of each other on the couch. he adds that he felt the need to call him in spite of this, because "it's thanksgiving, and sectionals" and tearfully admits "and i miss you like crazy" even though he is still mad at blaine, at which we see blaine tear up out of hopeful relief that kurt still cares about him after all. they share several kisses on the cheek throughout the episode. kurt is elated, and the two share a quick, but desperate kiss. as they announce the judges for regionals, kurt quickly reaches for blaine when the late night vampire horror host is announced. blaine answers, saying that if it weren't for karofsky he would be completely fine with kurt rejoining new directions, but that he has to be safe. kurt continues to explain all the events that happened after nationals. when the musical is done, rachel is the only one not standing for the ovation, and leaves to call brody. emma then advises rachel to storm out of the room. blaine completely ignoring what kurt had said uses the sodastream machine again, causing kurt to threaten him by throwing it out the window. blaine walks out the choir room, as kurt chases him." blaine and kurt are not seen together for the rest of the episode. the big problem about her feelings towards him is that he is dating her nemesis, quinn fabray. the warblers all line up to give kurt a farewell hug each, which makes him cry." kurt smiles and sits up, but elaborates, explaining that he meant sexually. aren't very special moments between kurt and blaine, however, they dance with each other during last friday night. the first time they go, they see kurt leaving sam's motel room instead of quinn, so they do the same the following night. he asks about rachel's date with blaine to which she replies it was lovely—the date consisted of them watching love story at the revival theatre and dressing up as the characters from the play, mouthing the dialogue, but not kissing. they both try to come up with ways to escape, a sue-lookalike doll comes out of a wall and tells them to kiss if they want to leave the "elevator". she decides to use this as her song writing inspiration. the episode ends with a cliffhanger, it is unknown if blaine chooses to audition for the lead. rachel does not appear in the episode until the ending, when she and kurt walk up to the memorial in front of finn's locker as the glee club to pay their respects. while later, a reluctant burt goes to an even more reluctant kurt, and although he refuses to listen at first, beginning to sing "la la la la la la! santana is singing if i can't have you finn and rachel are seen giving each other loving looks, implying they miss each other. and then jesse just kept going on and on about how rachel and finn's kiss was what cost us nationals. schue is choreographing the dance routine with the wooden models blaine and kurt can be seen sitting talking with rachel and mercedes about the future. kurt invites everyone to catch a matinee the next day. rachel, who hears the joyless tone in his voice, then reminds him that glee club would still have been worth it without victories, saying that it is about the love to music, and also love and friendship. blaine gestures with his hand that he'll call kurt later, and then the two leave. kurt dismisses blaine's question about what bow tie he should wear for the debate and blaine is clearly hurt by kurt's seemingly lack of concern. when it's kurts turn, it initially landed on artie, but kurt pushes it slightly, so it lands on blaine’s one, that is next to artie’s. rachel and blaine perform broadway baby for their assignment, kurt happily sitting in the audience. this must be really upsetting for you it reminds you of your mom's funeral, doesn't it? couple began dating in season one, in the episode sectionals. is the only person rachel has proclaimed her love to. later during the song, they are shown slow dancing and blaine is shown nuzzling/kissing kurt's neck before they take their prom picture. after the competition, kurt and blaine walk down the hall holding hands. 104couples shipsglee couplescutest couplesfavorite couplesmelissa mariemelissa beniostglee lglee kidsglee castforwardmelissa benoist & blake jennersee moreemail writing tipswriting a bookessay writingwriting skillswriting helpessayswriting strongerlot strongerbetter writingforwarddropping these 5 words and phrases is going to make your writing a whole lot stronger. blaine says that it's great that kurt is completely sure of his sexual orientation, but that "some of us aren't as lucky," meaning that he doesn't know if he's actually homosexual or not. finn is especially supportive of rachel when she proposes the glee club perform at lunch. the first time, kurt and blaine's relationship is not only featured heavily, but is advanced upon and matured at last. kurt can also be seen moping near the counter of the store while blaine and the rest of the warblers dance around and on the table in front of the checkout register., while kurt is trying to help blaine put together an outfit for his nyada audition, blaine admits that he doesn’t want to audition for nyada. is made over and changes and she and brody's relationship increases. at the apartment santana is shown to be very annoyed by the piano blaine bought to thank them for letting him and sam stay in their flat. rachel later finds out about quinn's pregnancy and realizes that finn was manipulating her because he needs her help to win a scholarship in music, so that he has a future for himself and quinn, who is pregnant with (supposedly) their baby. finn spends most of his time at the party with rachel, rather than quinn. he shrugs it off when asked about it, saying that his contacts were hurting. blaine tells him he should have just talked to him about his unhappiness instead of cheating. on, as kurt is about to leave work, he discovers that isabelle is still sitting at her desk, so he has a brief chat with her. despite the rivalry between their respective glee clubs, their friendship blossoms, with blaine increasingly taking on the role of mentor. kurt looks at blaine and tells him that he can do it, and blaine leaves. she sings make you feel my love in the choir room, and later on realizes that she doesn't think she can move on to anything better. elliott makes a snarky comment, and kurt explains it wasn't like that. even though she tells kurt she chickened out at the last minute - explaining that there isn't anything she'd want to have printed on her skin for the rest of her life - she walks into the bathroom to secretly look at the small tattoo, reading finn's name, she got on her lower abdomen and smiles." they share one last kiss before finn 'sets rachel free' at the end of season three. after they practice singing together in the auditorium, the two share a kiss, proving their mutual attraction." - blaine after his transfer paused from itunes after quinn gets her cheerios uniform back. blaine claims he's missing a dinner with june and diane von furstenberg, but he doesn't care because he anyways perefers being with kurt. blaine admits that he doesn't like how kurt snaps his fingers at wait staff and how he slips bronzer into his moisturizer, because he only uses it on his hands, and it looks weird if a person only has tan hands before confessing the real issue. finn is also impressed by the way she defends herself in the celibacy club. blaine meets kurt's lips whilst gently caressing kurt's cheek with his hand. he leans over; trying to see what kurt is looking at, but is too far away to see anything. they visit the harvey milk elementary school and they perform daydream believer as they sing and dance along with the children. when kurt is called to figgins' office, blaine looks over to kurt very concerned and worried. kurt talks in the auditorium with principal figgins, about the gum under the chairs. blaine then says that he is upset that he'll miss michael week and finn tells him that they decided to bring blaine 'a little bit of michael' to him. finn feels disappointed that rachel had to compromise on her husband as he feels she's giving off a weird vibe. rachel is visibly upset by quinn's pregnancy, she does her best to keep it a secret from jacob ben israel in favor of finn. their relationship rises up again in journey and ends in special education when rachel finds out that finn slept with santana, while rachel was with jesse; therefore, rachel retaliates by making out with puck." rachel says that "she's more than interested" and admits that she loves him, but she admits that her dream of going to leaving lima to go to new york after graduation is stopping her from being with him. finn keeps staring with a smile on his face, implying that he is still in love with her. once the song ends, blaine tells everyone how they met in the very spot they were standing and how he took kurt’s hands and led him down the hall, which he never really does with people he hasn’t met., mercedes, and brittany walk down the hall with kurt and blaine as the girls express their disappointment that they missed out on performing michael jackson at sectionals. blaine is touched by kurt's sentiment and the couple shares a sweet moment as blaine motions to kiss kurt, but they notice a large group of students nearby; worried about the reaction a pda between them could bring, both boys agree to just a loving touch on kurt's shoulder. has been implied that kurt picks out some of blaine's clothing in big brother, movin' out and again in new new york. the episode, they do not interact, but rachel says she is glad that kurt has got over his break-up with blaine because she wants him to find a new man. sam not taking the hint, proceeds to tell kurt and blaine about his day and then leaves to go shower. however, he gives rachel a necklace as a late christmas present, and tells her that he believes in her. and during cry, rachel is seen crying heavily in finn's arms, while finn is so obviously trying to stay strong and not cry. the other glee club members threaten to kick rachel out of the club if she continues seeing jesse, so she pretends to break up with him. kurt is flattered and proud of karofsky, but eventually turns him down by saying that he doesn't really love him, and also that he is with blaine. finn follows rachel's decision and goes to stand next to her and affectionately wraps his arm round her waist. as finn was not drinking, he describes how she is a "needy drunk," and that he's not into it. during blaine's acoustic performance of teenage dream, he becomes very emotional, which kurt notices." kurt looks for an answer and says, "so, i'll take that as a yes? when brody and rachel have dinner at rachel and kurt's nyc apartment, they start talking about secrets they never revealed, that are good. after finn realizes he wants rachel to be his girlfriend again, he asks her out, but she turns him down by and saying she doesn't want there to be anymore drama in the club, when she is really with jesse. and kurt enter excited the choir room, where some past new directions members are packing some trophies, and happily tell them in unison that blaine got into nyada. she ends up convincing them to go see grease after kurt admits he’s barely sleeping (living off ambien and the notebook) and needs to see blaine. in the first script for rachel's pilot, it is revealed that their characters are called slaine and cert. while in each other's arms, kurt, as if responding to the hug says, "i'm never saying goodbye to you"." when cooper talks about their past duran duran duets, blaine is reluctant to perform with him. finn, let down by this fact, agrees to santana's offer. in the picture, elliott has his lips puckered near kurt's chin. at the dinner table, rachel brings up kurt's nyada showcase performance and blaine proposes a toast in kurt's honor because of it. the scene then changes to the graduating glee club students walking down the hall together in their gowns. rachel assures him - while sitting on his lap - that she is happy to marry finn, even if that means ugly chairs. before she goes on to perform in funny girl she talks to will schuester and tells him that she got finn a seat because she had always promised him she would. we talked about spending the rest of our lives together, about moving to provincetown and buying a lighthouse and starting an artists' colony. kurt replied that he doesn't need to give him a gift. after kurt got his tongue pierced he reveals to rachel that he is going to show his tattoo and piercing to blaine and that he hopes that he will get cyber-lucky if he plays maroon 5 music. pillsbury and rachel, finn struggles to find his calling outside of lima. blaine then asks the new directions, the warblers, the haverbrook school for the deaf and vocal adrenaline to aid him in his proposal to kurt by singing help! in return for his agreement to raising their children in the jewish faith, she lets finn touch her breasts much to his delight. blaine says it's because his brother is in town and is planning to take him to lunch. during the prom, blaine rejoins the prom with all eyes on him in shock, including kurt and brittany. meanwhile, kurt walks into his apartment with tears rolling down his cheeks, and a sympathetic isabelle is waiting to take him into her arms to comfort him. christmas (glee, actually)just can't get enough (i do)come what may (girls (and boys) on film). when decorating kurt and rachel's apartment, rachel paints finn's name with two hearts around it and when brody comes in, handing orchards and admitting his crush on rachel, they nearly kiss. blaine tells him that everything is not all right because he hurt the one person he loves more than anything in the world. in the halls of mckinley, blaine pulls kurt aside so they can be alone. and kurt gets embarrassed when he reads number five ("have relations on a dewy meadow of lilacs with taylor lautner before he gets fat. blaine, however, decides to take the step, knowing that he will always love kurt. arrives at breadstix early to meet up with his secret admirer before sugar's party. props, finn says that rachel is there unique factor and a big smile appears on rachel's face. kurt then insists blaine on sam finding another place to live since there are too many people living in the loft now. blaine is excited by kurt's acceptance and that he doesn't worry about how gay marriages work. kurt asks him whether he thinks that he is boring, to which blaine replies, "are you crazy? kurt gets caught by blaine and two fellow warblers, wes and david, where kurt thinks it is nice of them to buy him coffee before beating him up. kurt shakes his head, but to blaine's surprise, kurt has his own microphone and joins in. playing a gay character on 'glee' affects darren criss' dating life (subtitulado al español). going to see elliott, blaine gets back home to find kurt waiting for him. he is about to confess his love for her but rachel interrupts him, seeing patti lupone standing by in the corner. kurt apologizes saying that he didn't get any sleep the night before. mercedes encourages rachel to go out and start dating again, though she doesn't have to fall in love. quinn advises rachel that she should make the most of the next few months, but inevitably rachel and finn should eventually break up due to rachel's aspirations. he admits that it was wrong to lie to her, but claims that that isn't the reason she's angry: he thinks she's angry because finn lost his virginity to santana. finn and rachel also dance together during paradise by the dashboard light in which they hold hands numerous times throughout the performance. this causes a confrontation between rachel and quinn, in which quinn slaps rachel; quinn also tells rachel that nobody would have voted for quinn as prom queen, since they all knew that finn would rather be with rachel than with her. rachel tries to help him with his problems, by pointing out that she's not hot in the same way as brittany, santana, but he's still attracted to her and that he has a different body type (this comforts him, though it doesn't work in the long run). blaine breaks into barely breathing, and pictures kurt in the auditorium, watching him. mercedes mentions how trashy this is, but kurt tells her that "everyone hooks up at weddings. the first time, finn invites rachel over to his house, to make their relationship sexual, as he believes they are ready. their constant arguments made kurt believe they were not meant to be after all and broke off the engagement. she realizes that she doesn't think she can move onto anything better, that finn was "her person.

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the writer for rachel's tv-pilot, mary halloran, is joining them to get to know them better. at the end of the episode, they discuss finn again. rachel is upset about losing her voice, finn tells her there are many more good things about her. he says he's obviously a little jealous, but he is genuinously happy for blaine. season four, rachel constantly misses finn but when she goes through a "makeover" she changes her thoughts and ways she views things and kisses brody, not long before finn arrives in new york. extraordinary merry christmas, blaine had saved kurt's favorite gum wrapper so that he could make it into his promise ring to give to kurt. kurt reveals that he planned a duet of got to get you into my life for the two of them to perform, accompanied by the marching band. brittany and artie thank them for coming and say supporting them is a very cool thing to do. he states that the week is about “transitioning” and how they know she’s been having problems about her home. kurt states how he’s met someone, blaine being taken back, stating how thats good. finn is also still secretly with quinn however, who reveals that she has an ulterior motive of winning prom queen with finn. blaine then dares kurt to tell him that they're not back together. surprising rachel, finn parks in front of the train station telling her that she is going to nyada, and that they're not getting married. the beginning kurt, blaine, santana, mercedes and tina are seen discussing nationals at the lima bean. the performance of everytime, rachel paints over finn's name as kurt watches. rachel then tells finn that glee club is about the friends they made and the songs they sung." kurt still blushes and pretends that it's too hot in the room. he said that her voice moved him; it touched his heart. he admits that they are "playing it very safe by not granting our hands visas to travel south of the equator. in the coffee shop, as they both stand waiting in line together, kurt confess his feelings to blaine, who is surprised, having not suspected kurt's feelings to consist of anything more than friendship. they sit down, and karofsky confesses to kurt saying that he "hated who he was" for bullying kurt, and that he is trying to be honest with what he is feeling. will brings up the assignment of farewells, blaine and kurt share a moment of their own as they stare at each other, around the same time will points out that people will be leaving. kurt talks about becoming senior class president, as the two boys act coupley in the choir room. blaine says he got permission from carmen tibideaux to be in six of kurt's classes, and as they continue talking, the teacher asks them to be quiet. he then tells blaine with tears in his eyes that he's been trying to forgive him for what he did, but he still needs more time to process what happened before he can fully forgive blaine for cheating. burt, true to his “truth-dealing” self, tells him to stop worrying then. she tells him that she thinks he is the hottest guy in school. when kurt gets a text, he tells blaine that he told chandler not to text him. she meets finn, holding a bouquet of flowers, and saying this is a "work date," so they're not technically on a date.” kurt ignores her and asks if anyone wants popcorn, but is shushed once more by santana who goes on to speak out against brody and stating her theory that he is a drug dealer. also, they both have new looks in season four - rachel has begun dressing more maturely and changed her hair and make up, while finn has a shorter haircut and is also dressing more maturely, just like will. helps rachel with her original song by listening to her performance of my headband and providing feedback. together at a romantic picnic, kurt and blaine discuss everything from adam, to new york, and eventually their relationship. but the horrible thing is that right after i did it i knew that we were. blaine's argument is that he's scared to show himself to kurt without gel. after brittany realizes that blaine needs the gel, she tells him that he can go back and apply the gel.: and besides, tearing off all your clothes is sort of a tall order. finn's advice, rachel for her funny girl audition sings journey's don't stop believin', during the performance rachel gets so much into it that she ends up imagining artie, kurt, tina, and mercedes singing with her and finn playing the drums just like it happened in the episode pilot when the originals sang it for the first time. also, finn sleeps with santana lopez, but truly wanted to lose his virginity to rachel. when sam reveals he makes amazing macaroni art, and shows blaine his one of kurt, blaine smiles, and says, "the macaroni really captures him. kurt said that he wants everyone to see how proud he is of his brave, handsome, bushy-haired boyfriend. their conversation is interrupted however by the vogue office phones ringing off the hook. kurt wants to show he's ahead of the curve and thinks that this performance is too safe and boring. blaine tells him he doesn't want to do the showcase anymore, since kurt is more important to him than anything. though blaine insists that kurt is being friends with elliott, becky remarks that they are definitely a couple and walks off. another meeting between june and blaine, she states that she doesn't like kurt and he should drop him because he's an obstacle for him. kurt then replies with a metaphor about birds, saying you can never really know if you can trust someone or something 100 percent. santana and rachel's performance of so emotional, kurt is receiving more text messages from chandler and laughing and sharing them with sam. they sing american boy together, which is a huge success and in the end, even june joins them. the scene quickly changes to kurt, finn, and rachel as they prepare to open up their letters of acceptance. he also goes with her to the doctor and comforts her when she falls down, and looks slightly disappointed when the doctor asks him if rachel is his girlfriend, in which he says, ". kurt apologizes in return, saying that he "wanted to be your gay bar superstar, but try as i might i'm still just a silly romantic. the girls say they miss kurt and want him back, asking if kurt could transfer back to mckinley. adam asks kurt if he still loves blaine, and if he’s his rebound from him.: let me get this straight, i have to transfer 'cause you're just afraid i'm gonna beat you at sectionals. looks speechless and remains still as blaine leans forward to kiss him." rachel smiles, which hints that she is not over finn. while kurt remains in love with blaine, the latter has begun dating david karofsky. kurt then chimes in adding that "just friends" is what he and blaine are. blaine starts by asking for kurt's hand in marriage - even though burt didn't think it was the right time, but backs out and instead asks if he'll come to regionals. rachel says that quinn is prettier than her, and finn replies that she (rachel) is beautiful. he looks visibly shaken and pulls out a single peach tulip from behind his back, meant for rachel, as she and jesse hold hands as they leave. rachel has changed and even though finn was her first love, upon entering new york city, she decides not to dwell in her past and this impacts on finn, because rachel can't take it anymore. mercedes and blaine hold both of his hands and assure him everything will be okay with his dad (which it ultimately is, as burt is declared in remission by his doctor). he is then seen talking to the kurt puppet as if it was really kurt. stated in girls (and boys) on film that come what may is the song they want to sing at their wedding. while talking, blaine grabs kurt's blazer, helps him put it on, and rubs his shoulders with an added cleaning swipe. rachel follows her to the bathroom and tries to comfort her, but quinn blames rachel for losing saying that nobody would ever have voted for her because they know he (finn) would rather be with rachel, proving that quinn is actually aware that finn still loves rachel. burt starts by saying that it means a lot of how blaine loves kurt and that blaine is like family to him. couple break up in the break-up, but they started dating again in love, love, love, where kurt accepts blaine's marriage proposal. when the song ends, blaine is onstage for his grease audition, where artie and finn tell him that he was amazing and perfect for danny zuko. during the last number, for once in my life, blaine stares at kurt at the lines "i'm not alone anymore," and kurt being oblivious to what blaine really means. actors (lea michele and cory monteith) who portray them have dated in real life, until the tragady, the sudden death of cory monteith. in new new york, blaine moves to new york to live with kurt, but they soon realise that their relationship is stronger if they live separately, and he moves out. blaine-kurt relationship, most commonly known as klaine, is the romantic relationship between kurt hummel and blaine anderson. finn asks rachel about this and they have a fight at the end of the episode with rachel saying that her dreams are on broadway. higgins says he saw them in the courtyard, believing that it's another glee club romance. season five, they share more kisses than in all previous seasons combined. now, kurt won't talk to him at all, and blaine fears that he's lost kurt forever. i do, finn is trying desperately to get rachel back, by having intimate moments with her." blaine tells him that it isn't silly at all, and initiates a passionate kiss. this is the first episode where finn and rachel kiss twice, not including make-out sessions. kurt believes him and returns on the condition that he and dave start a pflag program at mckinley, to which dave consents. kurt and blaine's relationship is not a main focus in this episode, it is mentioned throughout the episode. arriving at an ice skating rink, kurt is surprised by his gift — blaine. rachel tries to reason, but finn stands firm and tells her that he is joining the army and says "you now how much i have cried about this," which causes rachel to cry even harder." he replies, "i never thought you would make me feel like this," and she starts crying. finn is ecstatic to hear this decision and they plan to marry after they win regionals. kurt agrees that it is, but wants to know whether blaine had "ever had the urge to rip each other's clothes off and get dirty. quinn tells finn he needs to figure out what is going on between him and rachel. but i think it's a little less scary if we make the decision together. herself and kurt have sang at the nyada showcase, rachel calls finn who thinks she has "butt-called" him, since she apparently has done it before, but rachel assures that she called him on purpose because she wanted to hear his voice. kurt tells blaine he doesn't want to miss their phone dates, but that this could be a career for him. britney/brittany, finn is back on the football team, but rachel wants him to choose between her and football. blaine leads kurt by the hand, running through the picturesque hallway shortcut to where the performance takes place, and then sings katy perry's teenage dream, seemingly to kurt. in i do, rachel and finn hook-up for the night, she left while he is sleeping. i kissed a girl, blaine mentions the couple enjoys singing pink's song, perfect, in the car together. when the bouquet is then thrown, finn is eyeing rachel expectantly. the two are kissing each other numerous times and have their hands all over the others body. he leaves, and blaine sits, explaining the night with sue revealing his relation with karofsky and the guys he’s dated to kurt. blaine, while incredibly happy for kurt and his success, is visually upset because kurt keeps talking about how amazing it all is. audition, rachel reveals that they've been dating all summer via jacob's "glee's big gay summer" video. during his solo, blaine is seen to be impressed and captivated in awe by his performance. dinner is in fact an attempt to stop them from getting married by treating them like adults and making them sleep together. in response, blaine realizes once and for all that he is gay and thanks rachel for clearing up his confusion. after seeing the muckraker's report about finn and rachel being intimate, quinn tells finn she isn't cheating on him, and they both have to learn how to trust each other. while rachel is performing, finn watches her from the curtain with a smile on his face and when rachel finishes the song, she smiles and runs to finn to give him a hug. he tries to kiss her, but she hesitates and says, "i can't. in other terms, this episode did not happen in terms of future glee storylines. blaine is upset because, as he explains, he has been feeling a little jealous due to kurt caring more for his physical appearance, and remembers how it used to be back in their high school days - exactly the opposite." he would be in a nursing home, talking about his high school sweetheart and first true love. a very rachel and finn during last christmas glee christmas, rachel tries to give finn his christmas present, but he rejects her. rachel loses her voice and he goes with her to her doctor's appointment where he asks her "when are you going to realize jesse's not into you like i am? kurt meets his date, he finds out that the guy he was talking to is in his 50's, just got out of a 30 years marriage to a woman and has two kids, almost kurt's age. they dance playfully around each other until they end the song atop a courtyard table and seal their rekindled relationship with a passionate kiss. dating in sectionals and broke up in hell-odating again in journey, broke up again in special educationdating again in new york, got engaged in michaelfinn "set rachel free" in goodbyeofficially broke up in the break-upslept with in i dostill in love with from sweet dreams till finn's death. then at breadstix with kurt and finn, rachel begins singing without you. he thinks about how it’s not really weird to see blaine anymore, and how he’s not sure whether that should make him sad or happy. eventually, kurt asks blaine what the problem is, resulting in blaine telling him that he was with someone else back in lima (presumably eli. the final performance of the episode, chasing pavements, rachel is once again seen looking at her phone at pictures of finn and herself. jeremiah tells blaine that his gap co-workers were shocked by the performance because "nobody here knows i'm. love is your love by whitney houston (dance with somebody). instead they see kurt leaving the motel and touching sam on the arm comfortingly, leading them to believe that he's cheating on blaine. have had a crush on sam: kurt in duets and blaine from sadie hawkins to guilty pleasures. this was then paralleled in a plot about finn and rachel that they wrote into the end of twerk. during the ceremony in carole and burt's wedding, both, along with the rest of the glee club, sing marry you. there is no direct interaction between the both of them, it's shown that blaine still keeps numerous photos of kurt around him - two photos posted on his locker door and photos on his bedside table. finn asks rachel if she is 100% committed to marriage, to which rachel says nobody is 100% sure and he tells her that he wants to marry her so bad he cant go through with it because it makes him sick that she has to wait a whole year just to wait for him. rachel is dismayed by his renewed feelings for quinn and goes to visit finn while he is in the nurse's office. during the under classmen's performance of in my life, finn and rachel are together, holding each other, sharing emotional and loving looks, and showing various forms of public affection. at graduation, rachel is the last one to be called. the episode ends with a performance of the scientist, which shows flashbacks from finn and rachel's past. in order to have more extracurricular activities in case she doesn't get the part of maria, rachel joins the race for senior class president, much to finn's dismay. finn supports her, suggesting that she should apologize, and promises he will never break up with her. still disbelieving that he is too late and finding it suspicious that the lead of their rival school for regionals asked rachel out, he goes and tells the glee club about their romance. though rachel messes up their first attempt at making love by stating that she wants to do it to be a better actress, she later realizes that she is ready to do it because she loves finn, and would have absolutely no regrets. kurt surprises blaine on the stairs of mckinley high with a bouquet of roses, stating that the cast list for west side story is going up soon and that blaine is guaranteed to get the role of tony, which kurt believes blaine deserves. tina admits that when she saw the two together performing, she was jealous seeing these soul mates reconnect the signature chemistry they have. the rhodes not taken, finn takes advantage of rachel's feelings for him, and goes on a date with her to try and convince her to come back to the glee club so that he can win a scholarship for college and take care of quinn and the baby., rachel, santana, and adam are snowed in in the loft, and santana questions kurt and adam’s dating status due to the fact that kurt and blaine hooked up in lima. it is revealed that he has been doing it everyday for the past 6 months. i took this man's hand and we ran down that hallway. rachel calms him down and advises him to go through with being will's best man. at the end of rachel's performance, quinn told finn how happy she is to be here with him and he doesn't seem to share this feeling. rachel replies saying all she wants for christmas is him too, and five things on this list. this causes finn to beat up puck, dump quinn, and quit glee, furious at everyone in glee for not telling him (as everyone except him and rachel had known beforehand). sit next to each other during be okay and just give me a reason, and also listen together when will announces the definitive end of the glee club. finn asks her to be his girlfriend again, but she turns him down by saying she doesn't want there to be anymore drama in the club. during the hallway celebration in tongue tied, a jock (possible a bully) comes up and hugs a surprised kurt while blaine laughs happily and smiles. in the auditorium, when jesse and rachel kissed, finn sees them while holding a flower in his hand which he was going to give to rachel in an effort to get her back. rachel tries to reason, but finn stands firm and tells her that he is joining the army and says "you now how much i have cried about this," which causes rachel to cry even harder. rachel tells him his optimism is very sexy and finn informs her that he also made a bet against rick that new directions would win nationals. blaine also mentions that he can't help himself anyway cause kurt's bowtie is like his kryptonite. earlier in the episode, kurt had mentioned to rachel that he and blaine schedule make-out sessions, and that they haven't had an unscheduled make-out session in a month. kurt realizes it isn't a real elevator, but a fake one constructed by sue. kurt convinces her to join the band after all, saying that finn wouldn't want her to shoot down an opportunity like this. when they hear a knock on the door, kurt tells blaine they have to find a way to make mary come to the showcase, since rachel shouldn't be the only one with a chance for tv-stardom. encouraged by dave, blaine runs into the choir room to confess his love to kurt, only to be interrupted by kurt's boyfriend walter. but i'm just, trying to practice what life is going to be like without you." everyone in the glee club immediately looks at kurt suspiciously and are largely uncomfortable at first. liz comments that kurt and blaine are a sweet couple, but kurt dismisses that they are not a couple. later, kurt walks into the cafeteria, excited and happy by the cards and the gorilla gram that he receives from a secret admirer, whom he automatically assumes is blaine. she then tells him he's special and she knows this because she is going to give him something no one else will ever get. finn approaches rachel and asks her to tell him the truth of whether her and jesse are still dating. surprising rachel, finn parks in front of the train station telling her that she is going to nyada, and that they're not getting married.: do you wanna know how i picture the end of my life?" kurt ignores the question and orders coffee for both blaine and himself. kurt shushes her and the four proceed to pick a movie to watch. in the episode, blaine arrives at mckinley, not in his dalton uniform and greets kurt by his locker. karofsky apologizes and when the two boys are alone, kurt demands to know what he's really up to. when rachel shows the club her plans for her nose job, finn tells her "rachel, please don't do this. blaine pulls kurt to the stage by his tie, and the two boys dance, sing, and laugh together throughout the song., as rachel and kurt decorate their nyc apartment, rachel paints finn's name and draws hearts around it, indicating that she still loves him." he glances over to kurt again, but kurt is staring down immune to these advances. they simply peck, but sue isn't satisfied and tells them not to fight the "klaine romance" before leaving them a basket of food and then escapes through the wall again. finn and quinn arrive to see them, resulting in tension between jesse and finn (which is quickly defused by mercedes). blaine tells kurt he is happy to see him so happy, and kurt explains that the reason he's so happy is because for the first time since he moved there he feels like he's doing something with a purpose. (blaine twirls kurt around and then pinches his waist playfully). however, as the music starts, karofsky finds himself unable to go through with it and rushes off in a huff leaving kurt uneasy on the dance floor by himself. blaine makes kurt face the facts that kurt is graduating and would that they would have to have a long distance relationship. blaine looks to kurt for advice, revealing that he has a crush on a guy who he has only known for a short period of time, and wants to confess his feelings to that person, but is unsure if he should do so in a song. they perform, blaine is going to get a drink and offers kurt one. you are the love of my life kurt, and i am pissed off, that i have to learn that next year, what being alone is going to be like. kurt indicates that he's quite curious about blaine's mysterious brother who he won't talk about.

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looking completely devastated, he says that sebastian deserves to be punished, as his voice breaks." both boys lunge towards each other for a second kiss. dance with somebody, kurt states that he and blaine have scheduled make-out sessions. burt says, "you may have dated him, but i raised him! blaine and kurt explain they're going to start eating healthier together and they started attending a new ab class in nyada. back at kurt and rachel's apartment, the gang return for monday night dinner, and blaine quickly walks over to give kurt a hug. he was mad, but then he realized that trust is a choice. rivera tweeted #finchel4life, and lea and cory tweeted more than once #finchelforever. the role you were born to play, finn looks upset when the topic of rachel and his relationship are on the spot." while blaine and kurt are in front of a mirror, blaine asks kurt to use his sensual and sultry faces, but the face that actually comes out is "uncomfortable. while brody and rachel have dinner at rachel and kurt's nyc apartment, all of a sudden, they make out, and then the door knocks. later before their traditional monday night dinner, the two of them both emerge from kurt's bedroom. kurt, after being frozen for a moment, shocked that blaine took the slushie for him, immediately rushes to his side, deeply concerned. kurt has a bonding moment with his father, who admits he's been avoiding the fact that kurt will be leaving and how much he'll miss him, kurt sings his apology to blaine in a very heartfelt rendition of i have nothing, bringing blaine to tears, though he is still clearly hurt. at the end, finn ends it by ordering him to stay away from his future wife and stomps out. blaine replies that it's from him, and kurt is surprised because it is clearly a very suggestive and this time unscheduled plan to skip glee practice. singing teenage dream with the warblers while looking in kurt's direction. their first scene together shows blaine dancing around in his bedroom as kurt watches from his bed. she soon realizes that if their relationship is going to work, they have to give some space to each other. blaine asks whether kurt thinks they are too sheltered as artists. during the performance of abc kurt bitterly spots sebastian in the audience. meanwhile in new york, rachel and kurt talk about her not getting the role. she tells puck she only dated him to make finn jealous, but finn's reaction to puck and rachel dating was not shown, other than looking upset during puck singing to rachel. after awhile, when rachel moves to la, blaine moves back in with kurt and they live together in the loft. quinn asks if he feels that way for rachel and finn doesn't answer, confirming that it is rachel that he loves. reveals he bought a glass mug of chicago to smash during the jewish portion of their wedding ceremony, as he wants it to symbolize the city where new directions went from losers to winners. near the end of the year, blaine and kurt are dismayed by the idea of kurt graduating and moving to new york while blaine will be left behind for one more year." burt asks blaine what his plans for the future are. rachel is told about finn's experience in the army and how he was shot and she decides to let him have a "nyada experience" to see if maybe he would want to be in nyada. kurt, who is talking with colleagues, guiltily declines the call. finn tells her that what he doesn't like about quinn is that you never know what she feels or thinks, and notes that with rachel it was the opposite. kurt stops him and instills confidence in him, despite his disappointment about blaine's romantic intentions. they eventually decide to go to glee because they only have so many left together. written and consistant with the characters, finchel 4ever 2014-08-16t21:55:33z. blaine tells kurt that burt told him everything, and that he'll look after him. blaine is initially reluctant and reveals to kurt that when he asked the other only gay guy to a sadie hawkins dance at his old school, that three boys "beat the living crap out of us," therefore making school dances a sore spot for blaine. at the end of the number, we see blaine messaging someone named eli on facebook, and is asked to go over his house. while choosing a movie to go and see, kurt takes blaine's laptop, and finds that blaine has been visiting pornographic websites. although they partake in small talk, finn is happy to see both of them there. they both leave the library and make their way to the last glee meeting of the year & finn is shown putting his arms around rachel as well as holding her hand in the choir room. the beginning of the episode we see the warblers performing bills, bills, bills. she consoles finn when he is upset from receiving news that he is not good enough to play football in college, and she apologizes for what she did earlier. everyone about to venture off on their own, rachel feels melancholy and mentions that after losing finn and the glee club, she doesn't think she can handle losing anything else. and just has he leaves, burt gives blaine some well-needed advice; when two people are in love like he and kurt are, everything will work out. kurt admits he wants to be over blaine, and adam tells him that the two are going to go to find the sappiest romance movie they can, and that that will be their movie. kurt defends blaine by shoving karofsky who finally leaves, disgruntled. blaine comes to surprise kurt because he and the warblers wanted to say goodbye. kurt accidentally hurts blaine, causing him to yell at his boyfriend. experiencing a thrill for risky business, most likely caused by her ongoing grief over the loss of finn, rachel, along with kurt, decides to get a tattoo. when they see tina, kurt tells her that they are going to get a hot pretzel and that she's welcome to join the two of them. meanwhile, blaine is sitting uncomfortably noticing that something is clearly wrong with how much kurt is enjoying whatever is happening with his phone. he invites kurt to accompany him to artie's after party at breadstix, but kurt says no. kurt tells blaine he shouldn't be too controlling, and that others might consider him a puppet master. they share a final "i love you," they kiss, and when the kiss is over rachel covers her mouth showing she does not want to let go and is very hurt. he also states that he had meant what he said about wanting her to come back to glee club and claimed that their kiss together was real. she decides that she doesn't want to go to new york, as she doesn't want to leave finn and kurt behind, and wants to help them so that all three of them can go next year, together. the actual prom, blaine and kurt dance towards the stage during friday, but avoid slow dancing together during jar of hearts when it looks like every other couple seems to be enjoying their intimate moment, possibly so as not to attract attention as blaine has said earlier. choke, finn is seen being very supportive of rachel; holding the door open for her and not kissing her to prevent a weak audition. rachel also offered finn a kiss when he won the rock-paper-scissors game against santana. rachel goes on stage to perform it's all coming back to me now and is still upset that carmen didn't show up, despite this finn encourages rachel to go on and perform. the opening credits of the special, kurt appears to be adjusting blaine's tie. at home; kurt comes down to show blaine, finn, and burt the kilt he has made himself for prom. she is told by kurt that finn would want her to move on and enjoy life. his argument with the other members of the new directions, blaine calls kurt. kurt leaves heartbroken and ends up giving him the silent treatment. blaine seems to be once again amazed at kurt's musical abilities as he jams about in the background, and even gives him a standing ovation (along with mercedes and will). during their performance, is quite obvious that kurt worships june since he makes many gestures and shows very excited with her, and he looks at her not less euphoric. kurt yelps with glee and grins from ear to ear, unable to hide his happiness. finn tells her that he is 100% sure of marrying her, and that she is something special and will do amazing things on her own. this leads to them sharing their first kiss, which unfortunately gets finn overexcited, and he prematurely ejaculates. when kurt calls him before the gig, blaine admits that he got detention and couldn't fly to new york. actually, he told me everything, and i promise, i'll keep an eye on him for you. he says she is the best girlfriend ever and they kiss. however, kurt does say, "it's just like when harry met sally. schue is talking to the glee club about upping there game if they want to go to nationals in new york, rachel agrees with mr. rachel is supportive until she sees a campaign poster of finn and quinn running together. after the performance, blaine senses something is wrong and asks kurt about it. this altercation proves finn still has deep feelings for rachel. blaine is shaking his head as the episode fades to black. a while after, blaine returns to mercedes, sam and blaine's home to find an again supportive kurt. immediately, the two portray their natural chemistry that they always had when performing. rachel reflects, and she's happy with the day, but isn't thrilled. the last shot of them together is a close up of blaine's face splitting into a loving smile as he runs his hand down kurt's neck and shoulder, pushing down his shirt. she says how he thinks she is hot despite not looking like brittany or santana or quinn. they exchange congratulations and thanks before kurt says that the warblers - and sebastian - had been in the audience. as they walk into a classroom together, kurt tells blaine that his father dance of single ladies (put a ring on it) was the best graduation present he had received, a comment blaine questioned about, with his gift of monogrammed towels. brittany then suggests they celebrate their wedding anniversary together every year, but kurt suggests every fifth year instead. kurt embarrassingly says, "oh i know, it's stupid, it's stupid. in the halls of mckinley, kurt and blaine are walking together with tina where she starts apologizing for what she did to kurt at the wedding." finn is also supportive of her decision to come clean to principal figgins that she is the one who stuffed the ballot box in kurt's favor. rachel, then, leans her head on his shoulder during the song, over the rainbow, showing they have begun a relationship. after they finish the song, rachel realizes that she's not that nice of a person and decides that her and finn need to throw the duets competition in hopes that sam evans and quinn will win so sam will stay. finn is upset when she forbids him to sing a duet with rachel at nationals; he tries to argue, but quinn leaves the room. the break-up, finn is still unaware of brody and rachel's kiss, but does suspect something. season four, rachel is back in new york but misses finn a lot. as prom continues, jesse and rachel are dancing while jesse is nuzzling her neck." blaine passionately looks at kurt throughout the performance, fighting back emotions. blaine also decides to get a role opposed to kurt's as kurt aww's at blaine's line." and with a smile, rachel lets finn kiss her, showing that they are back together. he smiled when he thinks about his relationship with rachel. she says that would be a huge mistake and that she believes he is sabotaging himself without sticking to what is safe.(hug)kurt: no matter who we become, even if we do need alone time, which is completely valid, we'll always belong to each other. it was rumored that finn will get advice from santana about getting rachel something special but was cut from the episode. at the end of the episode, however, rachel does appear, thinking the memorial for finn in the school hallway is lovely, singing make you feel my love in his memory, and talking to mr. and blaine converse through the phone; kurt is concerned with pamela lansbury's newest member, elliott gilbert, who seems to be trying to steal away his spotlight, along with his control of the band. blaine claims he hasn't decided because he'll miss his dalton friends, to which kurt replies that he wants his senior year to be magic, but the only way that'll happen is if he gets to spend every single minute with blaine. at graduation, rachel is the last one to be called. he says he couldn't wait any longer and missed kurt so much. later when kurt and rachel are at the tattoo studio kurt wonders if blaine would be mad at him for getting a tattoo, to which rachel replies that she thought that blaine is obsessed with adam levine. bossy pants and in new york, kurt called finn mr. kurt, disgusted and utterly hurt by this revelation, feigns enthusiasm and rushes to the men's room where he bursts into tears. at the ceremony, kurt walks up to blaine and starts to cry. schuester suggests they also perform michael jackson at regionals, blaine breaks into wanna be startin' somethin' while kurt and the others dance with him. blaine appears distant and says he won't be able to go with kurt to get the sheet music. loser like me it is revealed that kurt being argumentative has resulted in their break-up. blaine also reminds kurt of their holiday tradition, their christmas duet. however, she is won over by a "barbra-vention," which finn attends. blaine then returned to lima after his depression got his grades to slip and eventually cut out of nyada. rachel is confused, but finn re-assures her that she's sexy, beautiful, and inspiring. the back-up plan they share more kisses and i love you's than any other couple in a single episode. when quinn learns about this, she tells finn that should not cheat on her with rachel (which he has already done unbestknown to her). the choir room, kurt is alone and depressed since blaine is still healing from his surgery. their friendship is strong throughout the first thirteen episodes with secret love undertones. after going on a date and kissing blaine sober, blaine decides he is "100% gay" and rachel is not upset about this. blaine, however, steps in like prince charming and asks kurt: "may i have this dance? rachel starts to break into tears as she realizes finn is breaking up with her. i mean, i flew in a plane for the first time in my life, i had breakfast at tiffany's, i sung on a broadway stage. he says it wasn't really a work date and he just wants her back. and blaine first meet while kurt is spying on the dalton academy warblers. when kurt tells finn that he wants to see him, he leaves with a simple "bye. the very last line of dialogue was to be this: rachel comes back to ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into finn’s glee club. kurt then smiles and says "okay" and turns around to walk back down the stairs. with sebastian leaving with the last word's "take care of that warbler, kurt." jeremiah soon ends the conversation and leaves blaine and kurt together. kurt mocks her enthusiasm and makes comments about how 'gay' the date was (as, as he insists, is blaine). four decide upon moulin rouge, where kurt proceeds to have a daydream of him and blaine singing come what may on a rooftop similar to the one in the movie. finn and rachel kiss, and walk down the school hall for the last time together in hold. heart, finn and rachel are seen happy and flirty in the beginning of the episode.'s during the power of madonna episode where finn realizes how badly he had treated rachel when he gave her up to go on a triple date. after suggesting that she wants to marry finn, and that their children should be raised in the jewish faith, they kiss and she lets him touch her breasts and finn thanks 'grilled cheesus'. blaine's eyes then follow kurt around the room as he finds himself pondering over his view of kurt. rachel runs up to finn and kurt in the hallways. nyada, kurt and rachel are in the dance studio taking about the musical when cassandra comes in asking more questions. moved in and we didn't have a conversation about it, we never weighed the pros and cons, we never really discussed if this was the absolute best thing for our relationship. it also shows the first time finn and rachel sung this song in pilot. when kurt reads the text, he looks up at blaine and says "how unscheduled of you," so it seems that blaine wanted to blow off glee practice to make out. blaine's cell phone rings and the display is shown, which says "kurt hummel. before blaine leaves, they exchange i love yous, and blaine kisses his forehead. when finn said that rachel is there unique factor a big smile appeared on rachel's face. rachel confides in kurt, telling him she wants to go to college in new york but doesn't know if she can leave finn.: (nervously) kurt, there is a moment when you say to yourself, "oh, there you are. work, kurt receives a large bouquet of red and yellow roses, with a note from blaine that says he’s sorry and begging for forgiveness. yes/no, finn is seen shopping with will for an engagement ring, saying that a ring should be "a week's or a month's salary" according to rachel. blaine still only wants to do the showcase with kurt, but kurt tells him he is proud of him and it's his time to fly. a flashback to halloween, kurt and blaine are shown trick-or-treating together dressed as characters from "the jersey shore" - blaine as "the situation" and kurt as "snooki. kurt suggests him not to sit in the first row since he's not sure about his harness. kurt broke down, saying that he felt lonely too, and he had temptations, but he never did anything because he knew what it meant. he then whispers, "kurt, i love you so much," and kurt, now crying, tells blaine that he loves him, too. rachel is clearly hiding her true feelings, and finn is upset. is brought into the new directions because rachel insists that will finds a male lead that can keep up with her. finn replies without hesitation that even though rachel is shorter than quinn and talks a lot, he really truly loves her. kurt tells blaine that he imagines his life as the ending of "the notebook. she thanks him, but she tells him she wants what she will have coming to her when she is famous. he's in a conference with emma and he tells her that his status still says heartbroken and that he hasn't been interested in other women since his and rachel's break up. also, while mercedes is singing her song, rachel looks at finn longingly, showing she still has feelings for him. when rachel confesses that she and finn are engaged, kurt is upset with her. they have a small conversation about adventurousness, and kurt admits to making a bucket list - he reads some of the items on his list out to blaine. blaine bounces onto the bed, and they playfully banter for a bit about the multiple layers of kurt's clothes. finn is happy that rachel is thriving, but doesn't think that he'd get in. at the end, kurt loves the ring and the heartfelt meaning (most likely more than any liz taylor jewelry) and charges blaine with a warm, powerful and loving hug. gets up and walks to the back of the stage so he can talk to kurt in quiet. which is why i don't want to do it on a night that you spent half of dancing with another guy!: a medium drip, and a grande non-fat mocha for this guy, and maybe i can get him to split one of the cupid cookies. in the break-up, blaine surprises kurt by showing up in new york early." the next time they are seen in the episode is at scandals, the gay bar. kurt is wearing the same outfit he wore when he first met blaine at dalton. finn breaks up with quinn, telling her that he doesn't feel tethered to her—that feeling of loving someone so much that you always feel connected no matter how far away you are—like sue felt for her sister. and blaine are seen coaching new directions at the beginning of the episode. kurt is giving his presidential speech of stopping bullying at mckinley high, blaine looks at him with admiration and love. when mercedes and tina are singing dog days are over, rachel is cleaning out her locker and taking down the things that she shared or reminded her of finn. blaine dedicates the song to "all the lovers in the room," and starts off the song love shack by throwing his eye patch away, showing that he has fully recovered from his injury. rachel confronts kurt and asks why he would betray blaine. she tells them that finn is part of her dreams now and she's certain she's going to spend the rest of her life with him. he explains that he doesn't want there to be any auditions, and asks to "sing [his] duet.

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rachel is by herself in new york, having to attend nyada classes without kurt and with no friends from ohio, not even finn. blaine gives kurt advice on how to handle karofsky's bullying, and goes to kurt's school to confront karofsky about his actions, but when the bullying becomes unbearable, kurt transfers to dalton academy and joins the warblers in special education, resulting in him and blaine continuing to grow closer. and rachel then share a kiss and start making out, until the door knocks and rachel laughs as brody groans. dating in original songended in the break-up hooked up in i dostarted dating again and got engaged in love, love, love ended prior to loser like me kissed in the hurt locker, part two and transitioningmarried in a wedding. while rachel is performing, finn watches her from the curtain with a smile on his face and when rachel finishes the song, she smiles and runs to finn to give him a hug. and rachel visit blaine at his house following his rock salt slushie injury. kurt participates in the song, halfheartedly and in an almost bored fashion. at the loft, kurt arrives to find blaine redecorating the living room; turning it into a workspace. during the song, blaine puts his head on kurt's shoulder and blaine sings coquettishly. jesse tells finn and rachel that the kiss was unprofessional and that it will cost them nationals, which it does. short period of time is skipped and kurt is seen helping blaine out of the door of the bar, their arms around each other. when blaine comes up to him to tell him they're calling places, he places his hand on kurt's shoulder and smiles directly at him." blaine says that it is not and that it's hot. however, they evidently got over the disagreement they had in asian f, as they act normally to each other. the spotlight diner, santana sees kurt talking to elliott gilbert and assumes he is flirting. finn and rachel convince sam to stay in the glee club, which shows that they care about sam and the club itself. deep is your love by bee gees (saturday night glee-ver). when santana is insulting finn, rachel is quick to defend him saying finn is in great shape, causing her to get insulted. the glee club is practicing their dance moves after mr. later on in the episode, she comes into the choir room to talk to mr. before her audition, he brings her flowers to wish her luck. he calls her the best girlfriend ever, and they kiss. mentions that kurt and blaine skype every day, but that it's not sexy skyping. they kiss, and share a tender moment before the doors finally open. a moment later, karofsky appears and starts making negative gay comments towards blaine and kurt. thinking that the figure in the bed is kurt he carries on talking in that direction. sneaking into a vocal adrenaline rehearsal kurt show's the new directions footage of what they have been working on. kurt brings up new directions and blaine says he already has a number in mind. he asks kurt if that’s ok and kurt smiles and says that it sounds great. silly love songs finn says to rachel that she is a real star and she doesn't need him or anyone to anchor her down to lima, and in goodbye, he broke up with her supposedly for the same reason. but once again, kurt stops to make sure that this doesn't make them back together, but blaine again comforts him by saying that this is just "bros helping bros. after sunshine, unable to trust rachel, joins vocal adrenaline instead of new directions, everyone in the glee club is mad at her; but finn tries to talk to her. kurt, however, tells blaine that the prom was supposed to be about redemption and that, if he runs, it will only instill a fear of prom in both of them. he brings up the fact that he's not wearing his dalton uniform and kurt realizes that blaine has transferred. when kurt returns from senior ditch day, he surprises blaine with a stuffed dog, sneaking it around blaine's locker and making a voice for "margaret thatcher dog" whose relationship with the queen was "rough/ruff. afterwards, kurt and blaine are sipping coffee when the clock strikes twelve and it is officially christmas, blaine turns to kurt and says that no matter what and no matter where, even if they’re still broken up, they’ll always be there for each other. while helping finn practice his singing, rachel puts together a very over-the-top, but nonetheless romantic picnic for them to enjoy. he flails at cooper, telling him his commercial is his ringtone. kurt wonders how often blaine and sebastian talk when sebastian mentions that blaine told him their plan on the phone that morning. kurt tells him that up until then, he had never been kissed, before adding "atleast, one that counted. one day in new york, rachel skims through her phone and looks at pictures of finn, whom she misses very much. found out that brody moved in with rachel and kurt by her facebook status. has a picture of kurt on his nightstand, shown first in michael. it also shows kurt and blaine having a "skype date" while watching treme with kurt, and he slides the popcorn bowl towards the computer while kurt eats a piece of popcorn. and we're going to be together for many, many more no matter how much you pretend that this doesn't mean anything. they reach a hotel room where kurt has a key to, opens it, grabs blaine's tie and pulls him in. finn later tells rachel that she is right and they should write an original song. they continue to argue until kurt brings up what elliott had said earlier about losing boundaries. kurt then tells tina that the two of them were off to see a double feature and invite tina along, walking away linking elbows with tina in the middle." blaine tears up yet again and whispers back "i hope so. during the coffee "date," blaine notices how freaked out kurt is getting with him organizing the pile of sugar. he goes out on a date with her, which leads to their second kiss., kurt does not make the cut since he has seemingly tried too hard and doesn't fit neatly within the status quo by singing don't cry for me argentina. kurt, who suspects that this "guy" is himself, encourages blaine's intentions. while kurt is happy to be engaged to blaine, he doesn't plan on pending his entire happiness for marriage, but aims to become a broadway star. rachel is worried about this as the money he used to bet with was for their honeymoon but finn is confident that he'll double their money. kurt and blaine along with santana and brittany confront sebastian at the lima bean, only to find an apologetic sebastian. finn asks the glee guys if it was cool if he and rachel sang a duet for nationals, which they are perfectly fine with. finally, they are seen performing i lived together with the whole cast of glee, as they take their final bow. the next morning, rachel and santana find kurt tied up in his own bed. they're seen enjoying the lucky star performance and celebrate with kurt at the end of the play. blaine offers to buy kurt lunch and they walk off together. feud, finn has a fight with broody over rachel when brody says he loves rachel, to which finn angrily tells brody to "stay away from his future wife". comes to visit finn during his job at the tire shop. when rachel asks if he wants to write it with her, finn says she should write it alone because she's the real trendsetter in there. extended: darren criss on playing a gay character on 'glee'. this episode, finn's death and it's effect on rachel is not forgotten about either. blaine performs the acoustic version of teenage dream saying that this was the song he sang when he first met the love of his life. sue returns this gratitude as she states how much she admired kurt and blaine as individuals, as well as a couple. meanwhile, kurt and rachel are walking the streets of new york talking about how they will celebrate thanksgiving, with rachel getting kurt to agree that although new york makes them feel lonely at times it is better not to return home to lima for the holidays, despite kurt missing his father in particular. kurt tells him that he thought the dance step had been perfect and blaine stops dancing, finally meeting kurt's gaze. kurt asks whether dalton is a gay school, which causes them to laugh good-naturedly. approaches rachel exactly three days to the minute after his proposal in yes/no hoping for an answer." near the end of the episode, becky calls out to blaine, calling kurt "pancake face" before showing blaine a picture of kurt and elliott on her ipad, saying that he and kurt have broken up. after hearing that sam's father loses his job and his family loses their house, finn and rachel realize that they are wrong about sam and they decide to go to sam's motel room in order to help him. at the end of the season, kurt arrives in lima to support his dad at his appointment, having recently found out that burt has stage 1 cancer, and visits mckinley with mercedes and mike to see the new directions. rachel is left speechless, and the episode ends with her failing to give an answer. relationship is taken to the next step in season three when blaine transfers to mckinley and the new directions, because he can't stand to be apart from the person he loves. he says that he can walk home and leaves kurt, crying, alone for the drive. kurt is shown urging blaine to transfer to mckinley, insisting that he had promised by the first day of school he would have made a decision about transferring. later in the episode, blaine arrives in new directions, sitting next to kurt. the warblers perform their second song, raise your glass, with blaine as the lead. blaine tells kurt that he cares for him, but is terrible at romance and doesn't want to risk damaging their friendship. rachel is also supportive of finn's decision to invite newcomer, rory flanagan, to the glee club. kurt and sebastian argue non-verbally over who gets to dance with blaine." kurt pulls away then, or tries to; as blaine tells him the reasons they should have sex., blaine invites kurt to go to breadstix with jan and her partner liz where they (jan and liz) talk about their relationship through the years and the experiences they had together. however burt completely shoots him down, saying they’re still just kids and not ready for marriage, as they don’t truly know what marriage is or feels like. blaine immediately turns it down, saying that her persuasion powers can't help him talk to his ex. after finn convinces kurt and blaine to come to prom, brittany tells blaine that he can't join unless he gets rid of the gel in his hair. experiments with a dance move in rehearsals for sectionals and kurt says that it's cute. just like last time, finn leaves rachel and doesn't answer her calls and texts and when she finds him back at mckinley's auditorium, she is infuriated at how he keeps making her chase him and she's tired of being confused and she doesn't need him to give her freedom, and with that, rachel says she can't do it anymore, at least for now and says that she and him are done. at the end of the song, rachel accepts the proposal, saying, "you're the love of my life, and i may not get to have it all, but at least i'll have what matters if we're together., kurt follows blaine's advice to confront the bully, dave karofsky. whole group is having monday night dinner at the bushwick apartment. the clique differences (rachel being a loner and finn being the popular quarterback), rachel befriends finn when he joins new directions, but finn worries about being seen with rachel because he is scared it will damage his reputation. swan song, rachel hears from kurt that the new directions lost sectionals. they have a discussion, and finn finally decides that he wants to go to new york with rachel and go to college to become an actor." when announcing her nose job to the glee club, finn says "rachel please don't do this," followed by "you're beautiful," showing that he is still attracted to her. the person in the gorilla suit appears, and kurt is confused when the card he is given reads "i think i love you"; considering blaine has already said "i love you" to kurt in season two, he questions, "wait, you think you love me? kurt then tells blaine to calm down by pointing him in the direction of their seats, where they enjoy the rest of the concert together. blaine explains that he has been eating more since he moved to new york as he enters the bedroom eating a cronut while kurt is doing pushups. at the end of the episode, rachel suggests to mr. then when tina brings up how sorry she is for the way she was hitting on blaine, he tells her that it is okay and that they should really just go back to being friends. blaine admits that he just wants to further punish himself for cheating on kurt. rachel urges finn to not let the new directions members give up on their dream, because they all look up to him, and makes him promise to not give up on his own dreams. she comments on how she's been going through hell lately and how she needs to do some crazy things to help her feel alive as part of her grieving process, including risking getting kicked out of the broadway show by changing her hair and getting a tattoo that reads 'finn'. kurt stops him, saying that he doesn't judge him either. the number, blaine offers his microphone to kurt to sing. as blaine is leaving, they reminisce how good they were together and the first song they ever sang together (baby, it's cold outside) and jeremiah before blaine spontaneously kisses him, leaving both shocked. this makes finn so mad, that he breaks up with her. kurt believes that blaine must have feelings for him and pushes for the public declaration, swaying the warblers into allowing the live performance. rachel tells him he is her hero and finn replies back saying "you're mine. kurt still insists it wasn't cheating and says it's okay. however kurt is worried that him and blaine are turning each other into an old married couple. blaine is drunk while kurt is still sober and when he gets to the car he demands that kurt kiss him." the relationship with jesse and rachel weakens, as a result of the run joey run video (in which rachel had puck, jesse and finn playing the same character without any of them knowing), and jesse going away on a spring break trip with his friends from vocal adrenaline. after the nyada winter showcase, rachel calls finn because she wanted to hear his voice, despite their no contact rule. then shows him a bunch of other rings and at that time, sam comes by to say that even though he's against the plan, he's still going to support his best friend. hearing the success of burt's results, kurt celebrates by singing you are the sunshine of my life. finn tells rachel that he isn't sure whom he would vote for when it came down the elections. she soon realizes that if their relationship is going to work, they have to give some space to each other. blaine and kurt spend the rest of the night relaxed and happy to be seen firmly together and finish the night with the couple portrait. however, it is arguable that it was about sam due to his many glances towards him in the audience, who seems to catching on to the situation as the song progresses. kurt then gets a call from a good gossip source and tells blaine he will call him later."best christmas ever" rachel and finn share a kiss under the mistletoe after mercedes performs all i want for christmas is you at the start of the episode, with rachel looking to the camera, stating it 'best christmas ever'. this results in kurt inadvertently alienating himself from his friend mercedes jones. schuester, he soon realizes that he wants to be an actor and wants to go to new york with rachel. when rory dedicates his performance of blue christmas to his family and "the king," kurt asks if he is referring to jesus, and blaine shakes his head. in the episode, finn sings more than a woman to rachel. afterwards, finn forces rachel to admit what's going on and she does, leaving finn disheartened. back in the hospital, blaine cuddles right next to kurt with a sweet embrace, nudges he head on his shoulder, and lays beside him in the bed." finn won it playing skeeball, but kurt says he confiscated it to give to blaine since he wouldn't join them. rachel applauds the christmas tree's appearance, kurt and blaine can be seen arriving at rehearsal together. sweet dreams, finn gives rachel some advice about her funny girl audition, which she takes and sings, along with the original glee memembers, don't stop believin'. next day, kurt, blaine, brittany and santana meet sue in the auditorium where she offers them honeymoon tickets. kurt comes over telling them the list has been put up. a shocking twist, kurt finds that he has been voted as the prom queen with the king being david karofsky. i got to thinking that maybe kurt and i weren’t meant for each other. their story is still left to be finished on what happens between these two now that it's confirmed jesse only joined new directions under the orders of rachel's mother to get closer to rachel and get her to find her. it is revealed rachel agreed to be the surrogate mother for blaine and kurt's child. after artie tells rachel that her rendition of river made him want to kill himself and didn't fit in "the vision," rachel asks him what "the vision" is he explains his desire to set it in switzerland and to star kurt and blaine who he calls "the perfect hosts. after finn won his rock-paper-scissor against santana to determine which group is going to perform first in the mash-off, rachel screams in excitement "yes! adamant that he is not going to let the people who voted him queen win by thinking they have hurt him, kurt goes back to get coronated queen after telling blaine, "i'm gonna show them that it doesn't matter if they're yelling at me or whispering behind my back. instead, he supports her, and they promise they will never break up with each other." blaine confesses that he has no idea what he is doing when it comes to romance, and the two agree to stay friends. after burt wholeheartedly expresses his support, blaine takes the initiative and asks burt for his permission to ask kurt to marry him. at will's home, kurt answers the door to greet blaine, but notices that dave isn't with him. with the assistance of the warblers, blaine serenades jeremiah with robin thicke's when i get you alone, a song, which sends kurt into a noticeable swoon. finn takes rachel to the doctor, where he asks her "when are you going to realize jesse's not into you like i am? blaine knows that kurt is his soulmate, and that in order to get him back he needs to do something bold. thanksgiving, isabelle brings a group of friends to rachel and kurt's apartment to have a "kiki," seemingly to calm kurt's nerves as the song let's have a kiki/turkey lurkey time implies. in season two, finn and rachel broke up in the episode, special education, but official in, a very glee christmas. what song you're going to sing, and what - what outfit you're going to wear to your call back, how amazing new york is! but kurt tells her he's the love of his life, and nothing or no one is going to come between them. the two of them are also in the halls together in support of puck and his re-test, which he passes with a c-. he says that he misses protecting kurt against the world like the old days when they met each other, and that he feels like kurt doesn't need him anymore since he has all this new friends and new life. blaine reassures him that he will be wonderful, but that kurt's nervousness is absolutely adorable. just want my senior year to be magic, and the only way that's gonna happen is if i get to spend every minute of every day with you. finn asks if it was about kurt, and blaine tells him that everything in the choir room reminds blaine of him; kurt was his anchor, and now that they’re broken up, blaine feels like he’s floating. elliott however, remains calm throughout blaine's rant, and reassures blaine that he is just friends with kurt, and doesn't think of him in that way. rumours, rachel and finn are on a stakeout at sam's motel to see if quinn is cheating on finn with sam. rehearses the music of the night in the auditorium for his nyada audition piece while blaine watches from the seats. rachel is confused, but finn re-assures her that she's sexy, beautiful, and inspiring. while waiting for his date at a restaurant, kurt flashes back to the night he broke off their engagement and has an epiphany: blaine is and will always be the love of his life. kurt's goodbye song, i'll remember, finn is sitting behind rachel and is caressing her back throughout, and singing along. rachel then says, "it's kurt, he always forgets his keys," or at least that's what rachel thinks, for when the door slides open, finn stands there with a huge grin. next morning, burt walks into kurt's room asking about a cooking recipe. the choir room, rachel begins to introduce the assignment, but kurt says there’s a change in plans. he visits mckinley, as both mercedes and mike are back also. he tells puck, the boys, and tina that this is "true love. love, love, love blaine convinces kurt to get back together with him, after finding out that the relationship between kurt and adam crawford didn't work out, after which they sing got to get you into my life, a song prepared by kurt and performed with a marching band. next scene together is in the hallway of mckinley, when kurt meets blaine at his locker. she concluded that "there's nothing here for me anymore," but finn tells her to wait and says that that's not true and is about to say he still loves her, but he stops short because of his confusion. kurt says that even though they lost, the experience of new york was amazing—he went on his first plane ride, had breakfast at tiffany's, and sang on a broadway stage. kurt then approaches finn, and tells him to not give up on himself, leaving finn to do some soul searching. the two sing their part of have yourself a merry little christmas, with blaine staring at kurt lovingly the whole time, clearly picturing future christmases with kurt and hopefully burt. afterwards, jan takes the initiative and asks liz to "legally" marry her, which excites kurt and blaine. kurt talks to him about how he was sure it would land on artie’s name. and rachel kiss in the library, marking their getting back together. at the end of the episode when the cast list goes up and blaine is revealed to be tony, he turns to kurt and gives him an exhilarated hug to which kurt eagerly hugs back, but appears to still be disappointed at not getting the leading role. when they find out it is, the doctor suggests her to get a nose job. it is finally revealed during their walk in the park that blaine was with someone. after they perform at sectionals, when they are walking back into the choir room talking to each other, blaine has his arm at kurt's waist and kurt has his arm around blaine's shoulder.

Who is blaine from glee dating in real life

later, kurt and burt talk about blaine and rachel and blaine's "experimenting. rachel then reveals that she kissed puck in order to take revenge. goodbye, during kurt's goodbye song, i'll remember, finn is sitting behind rachel and is caressing her back throughout, and singing along. he also objects to rachel saying that there is no place for her with him saying "that's not true. because i cheated on the one person that i love more than anything in this world; i hurt him. a sleepover, kurt thanks rachel and mercedes for spending time with him while blaine recovers, but wonders why the girls are being so weird and serious. the end of the song, kurt is seen leaning on a mannequin, staring longingly at blaine as he serenades jeremiah. the new directions’ nationals trophy was stolen by the warblers, blaine goes to dalton to get it back, where the warblers' new captain hunter clarington tries to lure him back to dalton by reminding him that he only went to mckinley for kurt, and even himself should know that mckinley is not where he belongs. when it is revealed that kurt had the most votes in the student elections, but only because someone cheated, rachel reveals to finn that she is to blame. the way to dalton for kurt’s surprise proposal, which he knows about and has mixed feelings for, kurt and burt discuss kurt’s feelings on the proposal, and how burt wishes he had had more time with kurt’s mom even though they got married so young and so soon. after they song they are seen kissing and hugging, holding hands when they sit down. he attempts to mend relationships with jesse and gives a welcoming hand to him joining new directions, stating that he will try to "stay away from his girl. he leaves her in the apartment, heading on his own back to lima for a tribute week mr. he threatens elliott by telling him that kurt is his fiancé, not his. rachel tells him that she's glad that he realizes that, but he's too late because she's dating jesse now. kurt starts by saying that what they did was fun, but blaine interrupts him saying that he won't let kurt minimize their relationship. blaine confesses that he doesn't like the way he feels about himself anymore, especially around kurt, and that he has been watching pornography because he knows that there he won't be judged. the difference is that in his version, he would be telling this to his high school sweetheart, implying that he wants to be with blaine, even at the end of his life. rachel assures him - while sitting on his lap - that she is happy to marry finn, even if that means ugly chairs. throughout the performance, all five of them give disgusted and irritated looks, but none more so then blaine and kurt. after getting in trouble because of the puppet, blaine realizes he'll miss kurt's band's gig. blaine reassures him that it is, but doesn’t want him to mention it in front of karofsky. just when he leaves, kurt stops him, telling him that he loves him no matter what his hair looks like. she advises blaine to never let anyone make him doubt what he's so sure of. insists it is innocent, but blaine believes it is cheating. however, she realized that she was ready to lose her virginity because she is in love with him, and they finally have sex. though rachel protests for them being together, due to the fact she is going to move to ny without him, finn replies, "well, graduation is a year away. blaine and kurt talk about how now they're living their future and how amazing it is. she asked him how he felt when he kissed quinn, and he replies, saying that he saw fireworks. finn is supportive of her and gives her a big pep talk before she performs in the maria-off. that it's headed for disaster, and he feels claustrophobic being around blaine all the time. kurt apologizes reluctantly after mentioning that they were both fully clothed the entire night. kurt and blaine are both shocked, and kurt nervously rambles every excuse to avoid it. promised me by the first day of school you'd make a decision and there you sit, cute as ever, but still in your warbler's blazer. then, up in the hotel halls, kurt and blaine are walking together (while singing their individual solo). blaine was severely depressed, causing his grades to slip and eventually was cut from nyada and returned to lima and found a job as the new coach of the warblers. he is also supportive of rachel in her maria-off against mercedes and gives her a pep talk beforehand. rachel then bets kurt that if she kissed blaine while he was sober there would still be a spark. the two begin to push one another until finn swings his fist at jesse, and missing, causing them both to get kicked out of prom. he doesn't deny it when dave guesses blaine and kurt kissed, who then acknowledges that he knew their time was up but isn't upset about it, to blaine's surprise. journey, rachel and finn share a kiss after he tells her that glee club needs her and that both of them are going to make glee club win at regionals. and blaine do not interact during this episode, but their engagement is briefly brought up by sam, rachel, and santana. in the hallways, kurt shows his time capsule to blaine, as he wants to remember all the times they've been through. after regionals, they start dating again and during the performance of over the rainbow, rachel leans on finn's shoulder and they hold hands as season one ends. when the date with brittany and santana doesn't go well for finn, he sees what rachel meant earlier with her speech, and he goes back to rachel, telling her he wants them to be a real couple now. but, puck confronts him about "the big jewish elephant in the room" and tells him that he should ask rachel out. kurt is upset that blaine would think he is bisexual and blaine responds by accusing kurt of treating him similarly to how karofsky treated kurt. blaine often acts as a mentor and source of courage for kurt, before making the transition into a romantic interest. kurt tells elliott that he thinks the couch is an omen for their relationship. rachel's performance of people, the couple is shown walking the new york streets and buying some flowers, and sitting next to each other during their new traditional monday dinner with sam, rachel, and artie." eventually, finn gets into a fight with jesse, who tells finn that it is none of his business as rachel isn't his girlfriend anymore. final scene together is intercut with finn/rachel during the one hand, one heart song.—blaine to kurt about his empty nyada application, i kissed a girl. defends rachel when mercedes is saying mean things about her in booty camp. this is the episode in which they share their first kiss, and it is assumed that they start dating very soon afterwards. surprises kurt in new york two weeks early, bringing a bouquet of roses. blaine is seen at the beginning by the piano, rapturously watching kurt sing. love, love, love, kurt and blaine share a kiss in the courtyard after singing got to get you into my life which is the first time they kiss openly at mckinley high school. the beginning of the episode, blaine is with sam while he signs up to audition for grease. blaine agrees with kurt that although they are gay, there's no reason that kurt has to cross-dress on sue's order and kurt agrees." he also pays for the both of them, and when he walks away kurt tells the barista at the counter that he believes he has a new favorite holiday, in reference to what blaine mentioned previously. elliott tells kurt that he's crazy, and that what he and blaine have is real. blaine gazes adoringly at him and takes kurt's hand after he stops talking. when blaine says that talking to him doesn't work, kurt implies he should sing to him. at rachel's party, blaine and kurt sing somebody loves you together. he "casually" asks her about her relationship with jesse which she replies that she doesn't need any distractions keeping her from winning nationals. when finn comes out to talk to her kurt leaves. finn's first real interaction with rachel was during glee club rehearsals when he was forced to join glee club by mr., artie, sam, kurt, and blaine are hanging together in a restaurant. they rehearse their duet don't go breaking my heart; afterwards, rachel states that she's selfish, but finn tells her that he still likes her. the night only rachel, kurt, blaine, puck and becky turn up to the hotel room (where the anti-prom was being held). and blaine's relationship is not heavily featured in this episode, however the couple has one intimate scene together. the superheroes society club, tina - as asian persuasion - texts blaine - as nightbird - on whether or not he has made any contact with kurt. as the episode continues, rachel continues to suggest point-blank that she will be getting gifts from finn soon, hoping for earrings. during this nightmare she panics when she can't find her finn necklace. in the episode, the warblers' canary, pavarotti, dies while in kurt's care. new york, finn knows rachel still might be into jesse, after seeing their kiss in the auditorium. blaine gives an extremely pleased smile, and then jumps back on the bed, but with an attitude as if he has accomplished something to becoming a couple again. he promises not to have any more sleepovers with anyone that "might be gay" without asking burt's permission first. at the end of the song, kurt and blaine embrace, overcome with emotion." kurt, however, is unsure and suggests adding sequins to his cape, or singing in german, or in the nude. they sing let it snow together and blaine repeatedly reaches out to touch kurt. kurt comes up behind him and says he should be celebrating. this gets finn mad and they have a fight, ending up with her throwing a hairbrush. glee club performs the "the rocky horror picture show," with rachel playing janet and finn playing brad. once blaine is out of earshot, kurt bluntly tells sebastian "i don't like you. blaine tells him he, for the first time in his life, feels like they're competing against each other - and he's losing. kurt is shocked to hear this, and when tina tries to leave, kurt somewhat angrily asks if she "vapo-raped" his ex and follows her hoping for a further explanation. then, finn and rachel enter, and blaine makes a toast to kurt for making it into nyada. smiles at blaine after recounting what happened, and blaine asks kurt why he isn't really upset about the loss. kurt excitedly hugs blaine and he hugs him tightly back, but kurt draws back. confronts kurt saying she heard from blaine that kurt is planning to perform not the boy next door for his audition. kurt and blaine are then seen celebrating new directions' win with everyone in the choir room. talking to rachel in their new, spacious apartment, kurt informs her that blaine told him about the second britney week. kurt is surprised, but doesn't stop him until he says that they should "do it. finn and rachel are waiting for quinn to arrive to get married when the episode ends. calls finn, when he picks up the phone the first thing he says is that he's sorry about hitting brody, but rachel doesn't seem to really care, she's not mad about it and actually thanks him for it. they maintain their long distance relationship successfully at first via skyping and texting, but with conflicting schedules, things start to slide quickly. have had crushes on other boys in the show before dating: kurt has had crushes on finn and sam, and blaine has had a crush on jeremiah. kurt sings i'll remember to the group, but especially to the males of the club. then congratulates brittany for becoming president, but says that he won't have anything to put on his nyada application. rachel learns from kurt that the new directions have lost sectionals, she considers calling finn to show her sympathy, but decides against it, because she thinks that would only make him feel worse." immediately after, his boss tells him to refill the biscotti jar. during santana's performance of if i can't have you, kurt can be seen staring lovingly at blaine. later, finn tells rachel that she is beautiful when she says how pretty quinn is. asks the arts and crafts teacher if he could make a kurt puppet because he misses kurt a lot. furt, rachel tells finn that she's never been so disappointed in him when he wouldn't tell karofsky to back off kurt. kurt is discharged from the hospital, he waits for blaine near russ' memorial to replace the roses he had put earlier. after a few hurtful and derogatory words are exchanged, blaine becomes angered and shoves karofsky, who immediately shoves him back, while kurt stands by and watches. he says hello to kurt in a timid, but hopeful voice. in the defying gravity 'diva off', finn tells rachel that he is voting for her. sees kurt's reaction upon receiving a text and assumes it is from blaine. a deleted scene, kurt and blaine, along with santana, artie and rachel walk down the halls of dalton academy where they witness sebastian and the warblers showing their interpretation of michael jackson with his jackson 5 song, i want you back., they are also dancing together and finn wraps his arms around rachel at the end of the song. kurt and mercedes are completely shocked after hearing this and mercedes thinks she is making the wrong choice but rachel thinks she has chosen mr. he was talking about the football scholarship he didn't get, and him finding out earlier in the episode that his dad did not in fact die as a war-hero in iraq as he thought, but from a drug overdose in cincinnati. blaine agrees, and to help clear the air between the two of them elliott insists they sing a song together; bringing up one of blaine's insults from earlier: "glitter rock vampire" they then start jamming, and it seems that things are alright between the two of them. rachel's broadway opening night, she saves a seat for finn even though he isn't there; she also wears his necklace during the entire performance. finn worries about her indecision, but rachel explains that things are happening so fast. kurt, after his break up with blaine, encounters cody tolentino, a sexy-looking santa claus who attracts kurt." kurt replies that he won't be alone, and promises that they will skype every day, and blaine will visit him every weekend. kitty asks him if he’s still talking about rachel or announcing his new gender. blaine smiles and says, "we should practice," to which kurt impishly replies, "i thought we were." this leads rachel to sing without you very emotionally to finn. he tells him that they just need to set some boundaries, and kurt nods agreeing with him." blaine continues to dance, but his face softens as he tells kurt that he thought that was what he and kurt wanted. rachel comes to tend to finn while he is sick. while he doesn't state it explicitly, it is implied that he is hopeful that something more could come from the relationship. he talks about how he's joining so many clubs to fill the void since kurt was in new york, and he gazes at a picture of him and kurt in his locker with his head on kurt's shoulder. mason and madison realise that the lesson is for rachel, not them, to which kitty tells them to shut up. in a flashback scene, finn is seen making out with quinn in her bed, giving quinn a hickey. when artie starts questioning rachel about what is happening, she faints by the pressure. and rachel go on two stakeouts together at a motel where sam is staying. after they win, just before their wedding, finn is taken aback by how beautiful rachel looks when he sees her for the first time in her wedding dress. in sectionals, rachel, through intuition and observation of the relationship between quinn and puck, finds out finn is not the actual father of quinn's baby, and that quinn has been lying. when she finds out that quinn is pregnant, she slaps finn and tells him that he has ruined any chance of her coming back to glee. during blaine’s performance of beauty school drop out, he and kurt share a few pained looks holding in several emotions - especially blaine as he's almost about to break character and cry. kurt sneaks into blaine's audition and watches blaine perform with a bittersweet smile on his face. during their conversation, kurt says, "blaine and i love football. to bake you cookies at least twice a year and to kiss you whenever and where ever you want. most of the team think it's a mistake, while artie, tina and mike volunteer to attend and offer their congratulations. blaine apologizes and kurt apologizes as well explaining that blaine "just needs his bubbles. rachel wins as a write-in candidate, though in reality, santana and quinn faked the vote." back at prom, kurt gets crowned and announces, "eat your heart out, kate middleton" after he receives the scepter. meet in the season two episode never been kissed, when kurt attempts to spy on the warblers, and immediately become friends. they are seen lying in blaine's bed with their legs touching, arms linking, and exchanging eskimo kisses. artie's dream, since the new directions was never established, kurt never went to spy on the warblers and never met blaine. finn is clearly pissed, and tells him that their life together is done and that he has to disappear. one of the three things is letting him touch rachel's breasts. blaine swears to kurt that he will never cheat on him again, and kurt, after a bit of teasing, agrees that they can try dating again. apparently watch a lot of reality tv shows together including 'the bachelorette', 'being bobby brown', and 'jersey shore'. kurt and blaine make up in thanksgiving, and then as a christmas present, burt brings blaine to new york in glee, actually, and, while ice skating, kurt and blaine duet white christmas. at the reception, kurt and blaine get up on stage and perform just can't get enough. finn, feeling guilty, hides in the library, trying to avoid the other glee clubbers. finn asks rachel if she is 100% committed to marriage, to which rachel says nobody is 100% sure and he tells her that he wants to marry her so bad he cant go through with it because it makes him sick that she has to wait a whole year just to wait for him. the episode, makeover, rachel goes through a makeover and changes her ways, her appearance and she and brody's relationship grows further. blaine reveals that after he graduates, he was planning on applying to nyada, but hadn't talked to kurt about it. at the song's end, the two boys are sitting very close on the sofa, and blaine assures kurt that he sang way better than the girl he's going to perform it with will. we just sat there with our faces buried in our complimentary issues of skymall. in that room, kurt is seen looking in the mirror buttoning up his disheveled shirt implying that the two of them had sex. while rachel is singing make you feel my love, kurt and blaine hold each other’s hands tightly, silently supporting and comforting each other. at first he is scared by her aggressive/forward nature, finn finds himself largely attracted to her. blaine sharply gets up to order a new coffee and rolls his eyes behind sebastian's back. after kurt gives blaine advice on being the new lead soloist, which was decided beforehand, blaine asks if he can give kurt some advice as well. dance with somebody, there isn't shown much of their relationship but during saving all my love for you, they cuddle lovingly. in the next scene, blaine slowly approaches kurt, interrupting him decorating pavarotti's casket to rehearse their duet for regionals. he feels that since nyada is only a performing arts school, he won’t have an opportunity to broaden his horizons and pursue his other passions, such as teaching or pre-med. he is happy for blaine and wants to hear his news since they haven't talked much as blaine's been busier due to commitments related to june. graduation, blaine gets accepted into nyada and moves in with kurt in new york. rachel is reluctant to go and risk seeing finn again, but caves from kurt's desire and cassandra's offer. blaine lingers, standing alone, and gives kurt one last happy, teary-eyed glance, and leaves mckinley. blaine's character sleeps with brittany's character on the show, and kurt is a little shocked by this. blaine shows up to elliott's apartment, confronting him about his relationship with kurt. and- and the only people who're going to die tonight are the people in that audience because you and i are going to kill this thing. she almost sleeps with puck as revenge to finn, but he leaves her house saying, "i can't do this to finn again. a while later, kurt reunites blaine along with mercedes, tina, and sam to tell them rachel is more terrified than ever and they have to try to encourage her, and blaine suggests they should start. it is shown that while rachel is confronting kurt, he's already put the picture of blaine back up in his locker with the word 'courage' underneath. finn tells her that he thinks jesse is using her, but she claims that their love is real, saying finn has to accept that. sam rejoins new directions and sings, red solo cup, kurt says to blaine, "what's wrong with you? finn says that he had never seen rachel like this and looks proud of her. the substitute, kurt and blaine's friendship developed greatly; to the point where they spent a great deal of time together, mainly eating dinner and seeing plays. when rachel shares the news with kurt that she is a nyada finalist as well, kurt asks if she's told finn yet. kiss a girl prior to their relationship: kurt kisses brittany in laryngitis and blaine kisses rachel in blame it on the alcohol. kurt says he needs a break and blaine looks at him, smiling.

Who is artie from glee dating in real life

at the end of the episode finn gives her a star named 'finn hudson' to look down on her because he tells her that she's already a star who shines brighter than all the stars in the sky. kurt was my anchor, and now that he’s gone i feel like i’m floating. have had a duet in three of the christmas episodes: baby, it's cold outside in season 2, let it snow in season 3 and white christmas in season 4. when santana is insulting finn, rachel is quick to defend him. i have this nightmare that i'm going to forget the lyrics or i'm going to sing and nothing is gonna come out. blaine suddenly gets up and starts preparing breakfast for him, and shortly after kurt wakes up and realizes it. mckinley, rachel and kurt have an awkward encounter with blaine and finn. they leave each other's embrace and kurt is welcomed by his group of friends saying, "we love you". this makes kurt curious, and he inquires why blaine chose him as duet partner. blaine asks if it reminds kurt of his mom's funeral and kurt confesses that it does though the casket was bigger. to get you into my life (love, love, love)you make me feel so young (new new york)love is a battlefield (tested)story of my life (the back-up plan)american boy ("the untitled rachel berry project"). blaine tells an unenthusiastic kurt that valentine's day is his favorite holiday, because the day encourages people to "lay it all on the line, and say to somebody, 'i'm in love with you'. in the episode, kurt and blaine are having coffee when rachel calls blaine to ask him out on a date. begins to sing hopelessly devoted to you while flipping through a scrapbook of pictures, all of kurt. santana disagrees, saying that she thought it was because he and blaine used to say it was the song they wanted to sing to each other at their wedding, that “singing this song to someone was a more intimate act than sex. blaine says that dalton is not a gay school and that wes and david have girlfriends, but informs kurt that he is indeed gay. it seems that the play, artie's direction and blaine's own primal urges have been awakened as he says "don't you think now is the time to be adventurous, while we're still young? burt then gives kurt, who is now less reluctant, but still uncomfortable, pamphlets about "male" sex. kurt gets his finalist letter from nyada, he visits blaine, who is wearing an eye patch, in his bedroom. afterwards, blaine comes clean about the showcase, telling kurt june never wanted him in it. nyada, kurt is attending a mime class and finds out blaine is there too, although he isn't supposed to be. while at mckinley, blaine admits to tina that he is starting to develop a crush on sam. i am unicorn, finn points out that the only good came that came from their weekend in new york where they lost nationals is that vocal adrenaline came in 2nd place. rather than being upset, rachel tells kurt that it is "song writing gold" to have had a failed romantic experience with a gay man. he invites himself in kurts, rachels and santanas apartment, where they sing and dance whilst drinking to the point of drunk. kurt is at work and blaine is at school, kurt calls blaine, who immediately lights up when seeing kurt's calling. kurt and blaine then meet with rachel and mercedes at the lima bean to talk mckinley's football team. when rachel opts to withdraw from the presidential race, finn is proud of her decision. he tells rachel he will not leave until they find out if her nose is broken. blaine flirts with kurt, and in wonder-ful blaine asks permission from burt to ask kurt to marry him. later in the episode, they talk to sue in will's office to say thank you and goodbye. her reason for this is that she does not want to wait any longer because 'life is too short' as she refers to it., it's cold outside (a very glee christmas)animal (sexy)candles (original song). when rachel appears at school wearing a sexy outfit after her baby one more time fantasy, finn feels uncomfortable because all the guys are looking at her although he is also seen looking down her shirt during glee club. later that night, she is seen with a pregnancy test. michael, finn seeks out rachel hoping for an answer to his proposal. burt tells kurt that his present is too big to put under the tree, and that he can pick it up at a certain address. at the end of the episode, kurt and rachel are waiting for blaine at the lima bean. when kurt goes to the music store, he meets chandler who compliments his outfit and the two enthusiastically discuss their upcoming auditions for different new york schools. later, it becomes clear that kurt is rapidly becoming infatuated with blaine, as proven by the framed picture of blaine he has in his locker with the word "courage" beneath it., i can not let a single moment pass without first raising a zero-calorie toast to one mr. kisses finn when they are looking for a tree, but he still doesn't forgive her and officially breaks up with her." blaine then questions how on earth kurt would be able to afford them since they sold for millions, but then confesses that people don't even know how he can afford half of his wardrobe - and kurt says that he has an eye on bargains. however, blaine confesses he regrets "running away" and encourages kurt to make a stand against those who try to hurt him, to not give up as he himself did. kurt has his elbow leaned on the top of blaine chair. it seems that blaine is feeling like kurt is so busy and taken with his work that he'll forget about him., blaine loses a bet with burt when kurt gives and starts to read vogue during the basketball game after a small amount of time. finn then goes to meet rachel in the auditorium where they have a sweet conversation with rachel singing how deep is your love followed by a kiss. kurt finally pulls away, out of the car and nearly crying. burt's advice from the previous episode, blaine still wants to propose to kurt, believing him to be his soulmate. with this brand new life, and this brand new friends, this brand new everything, and i'm going to be right here, by myself. finn watches as they sing and really doesn't show any kind of reaction. the two sing love is a battlefield as they practice with weapons. only in my version, he's there with me telling me to shut up so he can finish watching the american cinematheque salute to j. in never been kissed, kurt has the word courage made out of magazine letters, above is a picture of blaine in his dalton uniform. dynamic duets, when blaine talks about his and kurt's relationship, finn looks sad and understanding, maybe thinking about his relationship with rachel. though they are officially not dating anymore, finn looks extremely sad when puck & rachel are singing need you now together." blaine informs kurt that there is an impromptu performance of the warblers taking place and invites him along.—kurt and blaine to mercedes and rachel, the sue sylvester shuffle. walks into his bedroom with snacks to find blaine looking devastated with kurt's phone in his hand. (while blaine's kissing his neck): and even though this, this wasn't a fight, just, you know, a grown up, adult conversation, you know, we are now going to have the hottest make up sex ever. the couple is trying to come up with an idea of how to lose the duet competition. the rest of the glee club heads out to confront the warblers in the auditorium, finn asks rachel to stay back in the choir room. during tongue tied, finn and rachel kiss in the school corridor in front of a crowd of students. when rachel, finn, kurt and blaine go to a nyada student hangout bar, callbacks, brody and rachel sing and finn can see the chemistry between them. the two attend glee together, holding each other and interacting lovingly during the performance of my love is your love. during this encounter, blaine barely takes his eyes off kurt, while kurt barely makes any eye contact with blaine. blaine tells sam that he doesn't think he's in the right headspace to be in grease; since his break-up with kurt, blaine hasn't been sleeping, lost his appetite, and hasn't been gelling his hair on weekends. blaine and kurt's relationship is seen from within the hallowed halls of dalton academy. kurt refuses with a laugh, helping him into the back seat of the car.'m going to show them that it doesn't matter if they are yelling at me or whispering behind my back, they can't touch me. has a scrapbook with pictures of kurt as seen in the role you were born to play. sue comes up with an idea to force rachel to quit the glee club and ruin their chances at regionals by getting brittany and santana to seduce finn away from rachel. they admit having breaking away for a little to be a moment alone and realize their relationship isn't working ever since they are living together. first kiss was included in glee's top 5 on-screen kisses countdown. the beginning of the episode, kurt and blaine and dave run into each other at a music store and have an awkward moment before walking off. later tells rachel that she can love whomever she wants to (as a response to figgins' ban of gay and lesbian pdas) and that she is okay with the marriage. rachel, angry and heartbroken, gives an honest speech to finn that shows how well she knows him and how he is only dumping her because it is affecting his reputation. however, rachel claims that she is through with boys and that she wants to focus on her career. tina assures him that without kurt, he needs someone and somewhere to place his affection, which he agrees with. but the reason why i'm here is because he didn't want us to miss out on another important holiday tradition. kurt reminds her that finn let her go to give her space and because he loves her, rachel trying to take that in. brody and rachel's break-up, brody tells rachel how her ex-fiance, finn, gave him the red bruise above his eye to which rachel, feeling touched, asks, "finn came all the way here just to do that? she returns to her apartment and later in the episode is seen taking a pregnancy test. when santana offers to have sex with finn, finn rejects and says that he's waiting for rachel to lose his virginity to; however, santana reveals that rachel is still seeing jesse, and they are having some intimacy and decision-making themselves because rachel asked for advice from the girls earlier. rachel suggests something simple that won't distract from her face, before walking away with a saddened look. he says that kurt is his soul mate, and that they were planning to spend the rest of their lives together. blaine says, "i love you so much" to which kurt replies, "i love you too," they share a loving embrace and all is forgiven. she walks forward, placing a hand on his knee while he places a hand on her cheek. elliott understanding blaine's point of view, tells him that he just needs to let kurt breathe and to stop trying so hard. kurt, blaine and rachel are rehearsing for the invitationals in the auditorium, blaine recieves a call from (dave) asking him to come to their apartement immediately, when he arrives with kurt and rachel, they find a bear sent by sue in the bedroom. she tells him not to give up on his dreams. i got a gig singing baby it's cold outside in the the king's island christmas spectacular. she then walks up to finn and gives him a kiss. they sell their gifts for each other (rachel: earrings, finn: an ipod) to raise money for charity. finn also compares quinn with rachel a lot and asks her at one point why she can't be more like rachel; listening to him and respecting his feelings. the spanish teacher, rachel confesses to kurt and mercedes about her engagement to finn, who are both shocked. kurt says that he killed his audition because of him. schuester's tree, they share a look, and after rachel looks away finn holds his gaze several moments longer, implying that he is still in love with her. sometime after the performance, kurt texts blaine worriedly when he thinks the warblers' canary, pavarotti, is dying. kurt says it's difficult to have an alpha gay boyfriend who gets all of the performances. also, at the do something awards 2012, cory said that finchel is forever, and numerous times lea had said she stands behind finchel. a dinner date with a majority of the mckinley glee alumni, questions start brewing about rachel and kurt, and whether anyone has heard anything from them. you still love me tomorrow/head over feet by the shirelles/alanis morissette (jagged little tapestry). he looks wistful as if deep down he did long for home and pine for his ex-boyfriend. i don't give up that easy," which implies that finn is going to be doing the chasing now, instead of her chasing him. they later appear together in the teacher's lounge and then in the auditorium during the rise performance, as the couple and rachel hug happily. when she gets there (after they have dinner), they lay down in front of the fire, finn stops this from going any further because rachel was doing it for all the wrong reasons, (to improve her performance in west side story as maria. coming back another day, blaine invites kurt to have a cup of coffee, and is accompanied by two council members of the warblers, wes and david for questioning. finn and rachel also dance together during paradise by the dashboard light in which they hold hands numerous times throughout the performance. criss made out with a porn star - conan on tbs." touched by kurt's words, blaine's voice goes very soft as he wishes him a happy thanksgiving as well. it appears that blaine leans over to kiss kurt on the cheek when he is seen leaning over behind finn. the song ends with the two embracing tightly and passionately, and it fades back to reality where kurt is crying. also, in opening night, finn is mentioned throughout the episode and even makes a special appearance when rachel sings who are you now. he makes rachel "pinky-promise" that it'll be the best thanksgiving celebration. kurt says that he doesn't want to have sex at that moment, but blaine tells him that it's about them as a couple, not where they are. blaine, not seeming to care turns on the sodastream machine causing a lot of noise. the end of the play, kurt imagines a sort of fantasy where he and blaine are singing you're the one that i want together, both happily dancing and singing as if nothing was wrong. rachel then approaches finn with a list of things that she would like for christmas, requesting that he get her 5 of the things on that list; finn appears confused and explains to rachel that all he wants for christmas is her but rachel persists, leaving finn in the hallway with a kiss on the lips and her list. saturday night glee-ver, rachel makes up with finn and sings how deep is your love to him. in hopes of securing kurt the win, rachel stuffs the ballot box in his favor. in new york, rachel tells brody that she did not kiss finn. kurt states jokingly it is better than last time he was drunk and made out with rachel. later in the tire shop, finn questions himself and his future but rachel tells him she believes in him even if he doesn't believe in himself. this upsets kurt, and he yells at blaine telling him that artie is very fragile, and he doesn't have to use it right now. the two walk to his memorial, replace the roses, and stand there for a while with their arms interlocked and blaine's head on kurt's shoulder. he tells her that she needs to come clean right away, or else kurt will be suspended. and kurt are present when tina shows up at the new york loft to support rachel in her opening night. in the purple piano project, blaine transfers to mckinley to be with kurt, telling him that he can't stand being apart from the person he loves. later, finn and rachel are talking by the lockers, and finn tells rachel again that she's really unique. the glee club auditions, kurt and blaine are seated next to each other, but there is no real interaction between the two during that scene. at mckinley, rachel and kurt have an awkward meeting with finn and blaine. blaine also gives kurt an encouraging pat on the knee after telling him not to forget about choir practice, he stands and leaves kurt to tend to pavarotti. teenage dream kurt leaning on a mannequin during "silly love songs. i went over because it felt like kurt was moving on with his life and i wasn’t a part of it. blaine points out that he changed schools for him and gave up his changed life to be with kurt. both then exchange "merry christmas," counting this christmas as the first of many that they will spend together, and walk away arms linked together. rachel replies, "listen closely, because i mean every word of it. and blaine are sitting beside each other when brittany comes in to tell new directions that the theme of the prom is dinosaurs, and that one of the rules is that you can't wear hair gel, an idea blaine laughs and finds ridiculous. kurt laughs this off, saying that he has missed her insanity. throughout this scene, both blaine and kurt exchange numerous looks of love and affection for each other, and in some scenes, looked as if kurt was going to cry. james is back, and rachel is going to prom with him (as a group with friends). kurt is seen weightlifting, and it is evident that he has become very toned and he's getting a lot of attention, unlike blaine, who is eating goodies. immediately kurt says that if it's an engagement ring, he would say yes, but when he opens the box, he is presented a ring made out of gum wrappers (wrigley's juicy fruit - kurt's favorite) in the shape of a bowtie, and blaine tells him that it's a promise ring. finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a lima loser. blaine and kurt have instant chemistry and soon develop a friendship. kurt is surprised by blaine's appearance, and his face brightens up. this is the first time i've had a solo in front of a competition audience. in the episode, blaine along with the other new directions members and the alumni watches and smiles during kurt and mercedes' performance of i am changing. rachel explains, that glee is her one shot, while finn has everything with football and quinn. rachel, although she lives to compete according to finn, then tells him that competing is not the only thing glee club is about. at the end of the episode, finn proposes to rachel after a very passionate speech, telling rachel that she helps him get through the darkness in this life. it knew that our hands were meant to hold each other, fearlessly and forever, which is why it's never really felt like i've been getting to know you. kurt comments on blaine seeming a bit off, but blaine dismisses the comment, blaming it on a long flight. rachel's song, without you, the two share a loving look as this emphasizes the lyrics being portrayed in each other and expresses what they would do without each other.: (to barista) i do believe i have a new favorite holiday. since glee club was never created, finn never had the help of the club and will to graduate and rachel never found her true potential and talent to get into nyada, and they never dated. rachel is concerned about her reputation starting to fall, and both blaine and kurt try to help her with ideas, without any luck. and blaine sing perfect to show santana that they support her and accept her for who she is. but to reassure kurt, blaine starts singing you make me feel so young, with kurt joining him soon after. rachel wins as a write-in candidate, though in reality, santana and quinn faked the vote. he is extremely excited for the upcoming glee club auditions, and questions whether it's sad that he's more excited than brittany and blaine are. he tells kurt to give him his hand and to hold it against his heart, kurt making a light joke by saying "just like the song? blaine starts to talk, but gets all nervous (which kurt finds cute). regionals, both kurt and blaine bear witness to will and emma's impromptu wedding where the episode ends with blaine standing next to kurt, clutching the engagement ring behind his back. when cooper arrives, kurt is awestruck and recognizes him from his commercials. and i just feel so lucky that i found you so soon in this lifetime because all i want to do, all-all i've ever wanted to do, is spend my life loving you. interrupting the warblers' council, a tearful kurt asks for permission to sing a song in tribute to their beloved pet, as opposed to them "doo-wopping behind blaine in a medley of p! a few glee members, most notably finn, initially resent his presence in new directions. finn tells rachel that he didn't lose his virginity to santana because he's waiting for the right person. kurt admits he likes how chandler makes him feel and questions the fact that blaine hasn't made him feel special lately. being reluctant to join kurt's new band due to her plate being full enough as it is, rachel comes home from rehearsals - where she had to sing my man, a song she sung about finn two years ago, over and over - to find the rest of the band trying to come up with a name., kurt hummel, my amazing friend, my one true love, will you marry me? after a while, the waitress gives an ice cream to kurt, who says that he didn't order it, but blaine tells him it's just a little gift from him. it's no accident that we were together on christmas and again, on valentine's day. meanwhile attempts to get rachel back in glee, partly because he thinks that the new directions won't be able to win nationals, but also because he misses her." blaine says kurt's name with a lot of emotion behind his voice, pauses, and then reassures him that sebastian means nothing to him. blaine, affected by his previous experience, takes an unusually conservative view and agrees with burt. they decide to throw their own prom, called the "anti-prom," enlisting on some of the glee club members to join. after the performance, there is a cut to sectionals, where the new directions are getting ready to go on stage. midway through the song, blaine takes kurt's hands in his and they share a loving look. once again, their relationship is rekindled for a third time when finn kisses rachel in new york. as finn and rachel walk together, finn is slightly confused as to why rachel is acting the way she is and why she cares about winning.

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eventually realizes his mistake and rushes back to lima in hopes of earning blaine's forgiveness. kurt and blaine are shown to be trying to get a couch inside blaine's new home without rachel's help, who leaves very soon after. rachel makes a point of it being better to stay away from finn and brody, and kurt adds "and blaine," though he does not look quite as convinced as rachel. later in the episode finn is seen proposing to rachel, and the episode ends without her answering. an upset kurt then confides in blaine about his bullying situation in private, who is sympathetic and admits that he used to go to a school where the teachers did nothing to prevent the bullying that happened to him, which is why he transferred to dalton academy." kurt gives them a "round of applause" at the end of their performance of hungry like the wolf/rio. kurt reassures him that they are not related, and that sue wants them to break up, so they can get back together. rachel and finn talk after they perform, briefly talking about their kiss. in a later scene, rachel, finn and kurt are at breadstix, finn sulks, and says, "why can't i have anything in my life that's special or means something? this episode, sue decides to do whatever it takes to get kurt and blaine back together, when she tries to convince kurt he tells her that he doesn't want blaine back. and this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you. kurt gets angry for blaine not calling to tell him that, and even more so when blaine mentions that he made a kurt puppet. when they both walk away to get ready, kurt starts to break down and tell rachel that he can't do it and it was a mistake coming, but rachel tells him that it will be alright." he tells kurt that he was looking for a song that was a little more emotional. finn and rachel kiss, and walk down the school hall for the last time together in hold. elliott tells blaine that it doesn't matter if he did because kurt loves him, and never shuts up about him. kurt mentions how he wants to be tony while blaine dabbles about also auditioning for the role, but he steps aside claiming that he's a junior and he thinks a senior should get the role of tony. he tells him that it is no accident that the two of them were together on christmas, and again on valentine's day, and confidentially adds that they will be together for many more no matter how much kurt pretends that what they did didn't mean anything. he tells kurt how he never really felt like he was getting to know kurt, but more like he was remembering him, how his soul knew something that day that his mind and body didn't, and how he wants to spend the rest of his life loving him. blaine gives a heartwarming speech about his and kurt's love, before asking kurt to marry him, which, through tears, kurt agrees to. later, rachel convinces finn that the kiss in the auditorium was real, and tells him that he doesn't have the guts to admit it. after the christmas special, he gives he a deed to a star called "finn hudson" to remind her where ever she may end up he will always be looking down at her, he also gives her a pair of earrings, she admits she was to selfish and it was all to much for one girl; getting him, the special, all the gifts." when jesse transfers to mckinley to be in a public relationship with rachel, finn gets angry and believes people are just doing things to hurt his feelings. rachel tells finn that she's come to believe that it's the glee club as a whole - a group of students who've come together to be something better than they are individually - that may be new directions' true unique factor. sam asks what finn does when he needs to cool down and he says its easy which leads to a flashback of finn and rachel making out on her bed and he thinks of when he hit a mailman while his mom was teaching him how to drive. a very glee christmas, kurt reveals to will that he is in love with blaine, and that blaine is actually gay. blaine is quick to reply, saying that kurt isn't pathetic, just stuck. when the doctor appears blaine rushes, looking concerned, to hear the news, and although he is okay, he is sleeping, but allows the five of them to visit him. at the warblers regional meeting, blaine is distinctly trying to catch kurt's eye because kurt seems distant from the discussion over the competition—over who should get the lead solo. at the end of the episode they are then seen singing don't stop believin' together with the other glee-club members. finn later goes to find rachel in the auditorium and sees jesse kiss rachel. he abruptly switches from the music of the night to not the boy next door when he sees her reaction to his introduction. appear together in the video the club prepared for will, in which kurt say their children will be called little hepburn and tracy. kurt remains oblivious to blaine's feelings as the council finalizes the decision and congratulates him. blaine tells him he's the luckiest guy in the world, with kurt agreeing. this eventually bleeds into help, which includes a montage of blaine and the glee club going to vocal adrenaline, the haverbrook school for the deaf choir, and the warblers for help, to which they all enthusiastically agree. kurt immediately says yes and that he wouldn't miss it for the world and reassures him that he would have yes regardless. and rachel are going strong as a couple, and he is very supportive of her ideas and propositions for the glee club, such as performing a musical number (which will later be revealed to we got the beat) in the lunchroom. however immediately after, blaine realizes that they are meant to be and is devastated. blaine then orders both of their coffees, which comes as a surprise to kurt who asks, "you know my coffee order? when kurt is filling out his nyada application in the library, he is upset by how empty it is. kurt is ecstatic to see her and blaine seems interested. visits dalton academy with the intention of inviting all his friends to the mckinley production of west side story, but a problem arises in the form of sebastian, who is very much interested in blaine. barges into the april rhodes civic pavilion and confronts kurt and rachel for supposedly 'poaching' a girl, who initially had her sight on joining the warblers had now joined the new directions. : wait, this doesn’t mean that we’re back together, right? realizes his lingering feelings for blaine and runs to blaine's apartment to confess. later on when rachel is absent from glee club, finn tells the group that she is "dealing with things. kurt tells blaine that if he is uncomfortable at all, they'll forget about prom and go see a movie instead. rachel tells him coming here was a mistake, but still came to support kurt and finn. mckinley high, just after twelve, kurt has made the transfer official and is greeted by his fellow new directions members on the lunchtime steps. he looks hurt, but kurt quickly says, "i want to go to your house. paradise by the dashboard light, kurt and blaine sing a duet together and can be seen dancing together during the rest of the song. the two kiss for the last time and he holds her hand before she steps in the train. finn hints towards telling rachel about his side-project and brody grabs him, telling him he can't. kurt feels awkward after having an idea shot down by the warblers' council and blaine cheers him up by letting him audition for a solo for sectionals. then in silly love songs, kurt admits to blaine that he has feelings for him after blaine fails to serenade a guy he likes at "the warblers gap attack. i kissed a girl, rachel is worried that kurt wouldn't have enough big-ticket items on his resume to get into nyada if he doesn't win the elections for class president. out prom king and queen leaflets around school and is stressed about what to get quinn for a corsage. blaine looks relieved to hear this, and changes to topic to kurt's final song and how he would say goodbye. at the showcase, kurt sings i'm still here with the whole gang in the audience, plus burt who is sitting beside blaine." again, they start kissing, and blaine's hands are seen pulling kurt's shirt up revealing his back and boxers, but this time is interrupted by mercedes. the song is about loving someone always, no matter what. the beginning of the episode, they are being interviewed by jacob ben israel. and kurt broke up sometime before the beginning of the season." kurt reaffirms this and tells blaine "don't let any of those hideous warbler's win, alright? when santana proposes to brittany, kurt reminds them of his break-up and suggests against teen marriage, to which santana later comes to insult him.) during the performance, which features kurt and blaine on lead vocals, kurt makes weird facial expressions and movements that he thinks are "sexy. blaine hangs up the phone, the expression on his face implying that, with this huge weight taken off of his chest, he can finally breathe again. he emotionally starts to sing not while i'm around to the sleeping kurt, with a brief interjection of blaine back at nyada's. blaine apologizes again, but kurt then continues by saying he gets what happened. big parts of the fandom, kisses, cuddles and sex between the couple are known as "klisses," "kluddles" and "klex," respectively. however, isabelle sees through kurt's tough exterior, realizing that kurt is merely trying to ignore his pain, and advises kurt not to shove blaine away because people can only really deal with hurtful situations by either apologizing or forgiving the person at fault by accepting their sincere apologies. since it was deleted content and not in the actual episode, it was considered non-canon, until a scene in dreams come true, where kurt shows blaine his time-capsule locker and that he had kept that ring. kurt reassures him that he would never say goodbye to him and that they could make a long distance relationship work. finn is seen with his arm around rachel in the troubletones' performance. kurt sees his fiancé having difficulties and decides he can't let his new confidence erode blaine's. kurt, at first, is shocked and surprised at the same time and just stares at blaine in silence before telling blaine that he loves him too and he then says "you know when you stop and think about it kurt hummel's had a pretty good year. i can't stop you from failing, but i can promise to make it safe if you do. also during this episode finn whispers a comment to rachel during rumour has it/someone like you that, combined with his earlier actions prompts santana to slap him., kurt is called in to the principal's office at mckinley to talk with karofsky, karofsky's father, will, burt and principal figgins. this hints that he and blaine have communicated in some form after kurt left lima. kurt then leans in quite close, whispering that he'll see him downstairs and leaves. kurt encourages blaine to try to resolve his issues with cooper. when he finished, blaine participates in the standing ovations and goes up to congratulate him and attempts and fails to give him a kiss on the cheek, but participates in the group hug.: we all just looked at the top ten list for showcase and we all just went numb.'t go breaking my heart (duets)with you i'm born again (duets)damn it, janet (the rocky horror glee show)last christmas (a very glee christmas) (episode)sing (comeback)pretending (new york). when kurt reveals that he sleeps with a boyfriend pillow, he expressed that he if anyone found out, "god forbid, blaine," he'd be mortified. is seen with her arms wrapped around finn's during perfect and he shoots her a look during girls just want to have fun. because the episode ends with quinn getting in a car accident it is unknown if they continue the wedding. she collapses and is caught by finn and puck, but there is no hinted romantic connection between the two. initiates a conversation with a studying kurt about helping him practice baby, it's cold outside, which he has to sing for an event. and finn work together to bring sam back to the glee club to better their chance at winning sectionals since rachel cannot perform., blaine announces his plans of a marriage proposal to the glee club, who seem a bit wary of the idea, especially considering that blaine wants to recruit their rival show choirs to assist in the proposal of the century. confiscated this little guy to give to you, since there was no convincing you to coming with us. when it is revealed that finn's girlfriend, quinn, is pregnant, finn immediately stops his budding romance with rachel to focus on helping quinn with her baby. in the end, rachel opts against the nose job and tells finn to "next time, watch out for the schnoz," showing their relationship is still friendly. blaine characteristically stays very near kurt in all their scenes together and kurt seems relieved when he realizes he's pleasing blaine. kurt follows the brothers down the hall, staring at cooper saying, "blaine, your brother is the best looking man in the whole of north america. sam express his intention to take a std test and this opens the talk about this topic. brody then gets up as finn looks at him with confusion, then he understands what is happening and looks at rachel, looking very upset. during the under classmen's performance of in my life, finn and rachel are together, holding each other, sharing emotional and loving looks, and showing various forms of public affection. he continues by saying he's been distant because he's trying to get used to life without kurt, who he refers to as "the love of his life. blaine both laughs and cries as kurt shows it to him, because he knew kurt was the only person who would do something like that." after the performance, blaine addresses his misconceptions and proposes that they take the time to practice kurt's "sexy faces. blaine's expression is torn, and kurt leaves the room teary-eyed. three of the songs that blaine sings in the courtyard are for kurt. dance with somebody, when blaine says, "i love you so much," he is wearing the same cardigan that he wore when he first told kurt that he loved him in new york. with sue's help, they eventually realize their lingering feelings for each other. when blaine is done, the two hug tightly, and kurt tells blaine that he will miss him. at the lockers, when rachel is talking to kurt, she mentions that finn always sends her cute texts and he's always trying to get into her pants, like a typical 18-year-old boy. the purple piano project, kurt mentions watching 'the bachelorette' with blaine. tells kurt about blaine and karofsky's plan of moving in together and advices him to start seeing other people. kurt then says he doesn't want blaine to feel insecure or ashamed around him and asks him to tell him if he feels that way any time in the future. she tells them that the wedding is about to start, and the two crawl out." blaine realizes that kurt is right; the warblers have been relying too heavily on his vocals, and that they will not beat new directions or win regionals that way. at nyada, blaine and kurt talk again, but kurt doesn't want to argue about the website. as quinn and sam are ready to perform their duet, finn and rachel fist bump each other happily because they realized that their goals were achieved." and the scene ends with the two of them sharing a kiss. and kurt are once again at the lima bean, discussing valentine's day. when kurt is asked about new directions going to new york, kurt is obviously bitter about the warblers not moving on to the nationals. she says she just saw "extraordinary" and that one of them has a lot of potential, which makes kurt even more excited, but his expression changes after june reveals she was talking about blaine. while in booty camp, blaine and kurt talk about the school musical. once they reach dalton, kurt is brought inside by blaine and serenaded by the group of choirs with all you need is love while being hugged and cheered for by his friends and family. kurt, knowing his fiancé better than anyone, realizes that blaine is scared that he isn’t good enough and encourages him to audition, that he can’t let fear stand in his way. as rachel prepares for the tony awards, artie, blaine, kurt, mercedes and tina visit her in her home. returns to ohio to be with his father during his medical appointment. blaine notices kurt is in a funk, and tries to get him into the holiday spirit. in finn's truck, finn admits that he can't trust quinn, and therefore doesn't know why he is with her in the first place. she then walks up to finn and gives him a kiss. at the end of the song, sebastian attempts to throw a slushie at kurt, but blaine shoves kurt out of the way, resulting in getting a slushie (later determined to contain rock salt) to the face. kurt and blaine sing with rachel during the performance of big girls don't cry sharing loving looks throughout the performance. kurt was a cheerio member during the first season, while blaine was a cheerio member during the fourth season. she asks him how is college, finn says that is a dream come true especially the parties with puck and that college is amazing. finn, obviously nnoyedd at the fact that she is going to the prom with jesse, confronts rachel about it. the new directions strategize how to handle the disagreement over who will perform michael jackson songs, blaine has the idea to "take it to the streets" and the two show choirs perform a dueling version of bad in a parking garage. the truth is that kurt was only being supportive by donating clothes to sam and his family in their time of need. she claims finn finds santana prettier than her, to which finn at least admits that he thinks she is pretty. the play, kurt and rachel run into blaine, where he is caught off guard. when sebastian asks if they would like to attend a gay bar, 'scandals', with him, blaine immediately, but politely turns him down on behalf of himself and kurt, but kurt speaks up and says they should go - he sees a power play with sebastian that he can win saying "we have a whole bunch of firsts to start crossing off our lists. then sam suggests starting a new all-guys new york city abstinence club, which kurt, blaine, and artie agree to disagree with. kurt explains that he observed the couch and it ended up being infested with bed bugs. kurt kisses back and wraps his arms around blaine's neck, but still pulls away to whisper against his cheek "you take my breath away. during the scene, we can see blaine and kurt getting a coffee together before reuniting with the others. they begin dating in original song, after blaine kisses kurt, forming the first male-male couple on glee. is having a hard time coping with finn's sudden death and does not come to lima until the end of the episode for the glee club's memorial week.'s death was first addressed in the third episode of this season, the quarterback, which supposedly took place three weeks after the funeral. they sing and dance together with the rest of the alumni and the new directions members in raise your glass, valerie, keep holding on, and happy. then, she says "a kiss for the winner" and kisses his cheek. burt later arrives in the auditorium to meet blaine, who gives him a rainbow pin that he can wear at work to show his support for gay marriage. finn confesses to rachel that he kissed emma, openly expressing his guilt., blaine runs into jan, who at first mistakenly believes that he and tina are getting married, but blaine tells her that he's buying a ring for his boyfriend because he wants to marry him." he places the ring on her finger and the two share a kiss. the party following blaine's election as class president, artie asks blaine what kurt's response was to hearing about blaine's triumph, to which blaine says kurt was planning him a whole inaugural ball. burt, while happy that blaine is so in love with his son, explains to blaine that they are too young, and that they are meant to be together so he should just relax and everything will be ok. this can be seen as when brody talks about his failed relationship with his girlfriend, rachel quickly comments, saying that she'll never turn her back on finn. jesse is actually pretending to be with rachel just to break up with her at the end so rachel would not have the courage to perform at regionals. the song, after the first verse, we see blaine look up, but then double take at kurt as if he was awestruck. when rachel is talking to the club about getting a nose job, finn is against the idea and tells her that she is beautiful. kurt then adds that he can't stand not talking "because you're still my best friend" to which blaine tearfully replies that kurt is his, too. kurt then fills rachel in on what happened to artie. the song receives a standing ovation, and blaine playfully positions kurt in the spotlight prompting him to bow. he says that he would hate to see him go, but he knows that it's killing kurt to stay in lima, and that that's killing him. rachel starts to break into tears as she realizes finn is breaking up with her. though rachel is working for her manhattan destiny and finn isn't sure what he wants to do with his life, they are still happy as a couple. this episode was depicting a different timeline for the characters, all the previous events starting from glee, actually did not happen. morepin 62heart 18speech 1couples shipsglee couplescutest couplesfavorite couplesbenoist dishesbenoist 2017melissa benoist 女優reportedly engagedcelebrity sforwardmelissa benoist dishes on her romance with co-star blake jennersee morepin 57heart 34women’s fashionweddingstraveltechnologytattoosquotesphotographyoutdoorsmen’s fashionkids and parentinghome decorhealth and fitnesshair and beautygardeningfood and drinkeducationdiy and craftsdesignartarchitecturepicked for youlog insign uppinterest • the world’s catalog of ideassearchlog in with googleprivacy. humiliated, rachel confronts emma, who tells her that afternoon delight is about pie. the episode, kurt, blaine, rachel, and santana are reunited in a restaurant.: *looks like he's going to cry*kurt: and i can't stand not talking to you even if i'm mad at you, 'cause you're still my best friend. when the glee club finds out that they didn't win, the whole glee club gets furious at them for costing them nationals, especially santana. during their sectionals performance of hey, soul sister, blaine clearly sings some key parts of the song to kurt, another possible sign of his romantic interest. he's shown to be holding and comforting her as she cries at the end of the episode. rachel proudly tells him that she won, and finn tell her his congrats, albeit only halfheartedly. (i kissed a girl)let it snow (extraordinary merry christmas). is a scene of finn and rachel making out in the beginning of this episode, though it is just a flashback. at the conclusion of the song, blaine jumps to his feet in applause, shouting, "fantastic! blaine has moments of showing fear and concern, however kurt remains the most hostile and furious towards sebastian in particular, knowing that it wouldn't be out of sebastian's character to prove to him that he is better than kurt, and better for blaine. he tells kurt he loves him, which kurt returns and they kiss. kurt tells blaine he misses him too and reminds blaine that he is coming to visit in two weeks. blaine explains that he cheated because he felt that kurt was moving forward without him, and that maybe they weren't meant to be together. blaine's "i love you" is responded with a dial tone. as the song ends and blaine claims the song to be about kurt, no one believes him.(flashback to santana angrily yelling at rachel in spanish and being held back)." later, he sings against all odds (take a look at me now)as his guilty pleasure song, explaining that it was about kurt.

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she tries to kiss him, but he "officially" breaks up with her, as he's not ready to forgive her. rachel and kurt tell her that their high school is doing a musical directed by rachel's ex (finn) and starring kurt's ex (blaine). with the help of the cheerios, he serenades kurt with it's time. they go back to kissing and kurt even tries to get blaine's tie undone. in feud, it is revealed that it was just a false alarm and rachel isn't pregnant. blaine reminds him that dalton is about fitting in, hence the uniforms. speaks up, asking to have his name put on the audition list, but blaine interrupts him. he casually claims, "i'm sad to see you go, but we all know this is something that you really want" and "i'll still get you after school and on the weekends, but these guys won't. the comments before the renaming of the page, check out kurt-blaine relationship. blaine is in charge of the food, which happens to not be very healthy, and kurt tells blaine this. blaine notices kurt's unhappy response and asks if wes and david could give him a moment with kurt alone. they then play spin the bottle and rachel kisses blaine. they have been dating for over a year, their one-year anniversary was on march 15, 2012. rachel finds him and they share a talk about their kiss. blaine then responds saying that he thought it was their apartment and not every design choice kurt makes is brilliant. in new york, kurt tells rachel that he and blaine are planning to move to new york after graduation., back at dalton academy, kurt is seen drawing a valentine heart that encircles "blaine + kurt" when blaine approaches him and tells kurt that he has called an emergency warblers' meeting." then the person in the gorilla suit pulls his mask off, and kurt is shocked to see that karofsky has been his secret admirer all along. again, finn doesn't appear in the episode, but rachel still thinks about him. kurt denies it, but adam says he can’t compete with a fantasy. blaine is cleaning out his locker, sam comes up to him and asks him why he is going back to dalton academy. this real life event led to the show deciding to also have finn die. at nationals, rachel and finn sing an original song called pretending and get caught up in the moment and kiss heavenly onstage, expressing their true feelings for each other." finn sings jessie's girl after trying to convince rachel that he is better for her than jesse. is upset to learn of sebastian's blackmail attempt and invites kurt to the auditorium to listen to him sing cough syrup as a possible regionals song about inspiration. they discuss how they are going to manage new york, and just about to go to sleep; they realize it's time to go to sugar's party. in the episode, blaine helps kurt with his peter pan costume before the show starts. he also says that he liked the rachel he saw in the choir and that he thinks she is making a "comeback. finn replies, "we do have some pretty dangerous musical chemistry," leading to rachel's reply: "i think i can control myself. artie asks what blaine has to say about that to which kurt replies "who's blaine? attempting to be completely honest without hurting him, a perturbed and jealous kurt tells blaine that sometimes he feels they aren't "the warblers," but "blaine and the pips.," and blaine ensures that he will be there next year, but that it was kurt's time, and he's ready. blaine asks if kurt is happy to see him to which kurt replies that he is. at the party, rachel is hanging all over finn, and finn introduces her to the types of drunks, including her, the "needy" drunk, saying that it is not cool. it's there that all three of them express discomfort into attending the prom for their own reasons. the premiere of season six, blaine converses with rachel in lima and tells her that he and kurt broke up months ago due to the constant arguments that took place after blaine and kurt moved back in together. kurt tells him that he's never felt less like being intimate with someone and either blaine doesn't know, or he doesn't care. a happy rachel says to him that she knew he would remember and that she can not believe that moment is happening and she's worried about finding the perfect song for the audition, especially since it can not be a barbra song." kurt explains to blaine that he knows nothing about sex, and blaine tries to initiate a talk about sex so that kurt is educated, but kurt becomes exceedingly nervous and uncomfortable culminating in his asking blaine to leave. when blaine performs his number, i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you, for the prom, jesse and rachel get closer and closer while dancing, he starts kissing her neck, which annoys finn to his breaking point. nyada, kurt and blaine are sharing a stage combat class. they share a final "i love you," they kiss, and when the kiss is over, rachel covers her mouth showing she does not want to let go and is very hurt. his father comes to give kurt the letter from nyada, he starts to panic, saying, "what's wrong? winning sectionals, and after finn and quinn's relationship ends, rachel comes to believe she and finn are dating. later, the two are hunting for trees and sing last christmas. he looks a bit disappointed that blaine isn't there, but after cherish/cherish ends, sugar introduces the surprise guest, who is revealed to be blaine in a heart shaped eye patch. quinn is cleaning finn's face, rachel is staring at him. kurt then invites blaine to pamela lansbury's debut gig, and he promises to be there. the rocky horror glee show, finn feels uncomfortable with the scene he has to do in his underwear. as they try to provide encouragement and make him feel better, they join kurt in singing ben to him. after sam accidentally hits tina with one of the trophies, she has a dream about her and some of her friends, among them kurt and blaine, living together in new york. so the entire night was spent disinfecting the loft, and their bodies. blaine laughs to amuse kurt, but clearly still has a lot on his mind. blaine texts him "courage," which means a lot to kurt, who puts the word up in his locker to remind him of staying strong, implying that kurt really looks up to blaine, and perhaps also as an indication that he is in the process of developing feelings for blaine. after coming in 12th place at nationals, when the glee club is back in ohio, kurt and blaine have coffee at the lima bean, and they talk about kurt's trip. at the beginning of the episode rachel has a nightmare where many of her old glee club members and sue sylvesterare there in their old attire." kurt doesn't seem to like the song, while blaine is into the song. kurt says he worries that blaine transferred for him, but blaine insists it wasn't, it was for himself because he can't stand to be apart from the person he loves. you in this fey bowtie… dude, it’s my kryptonite. rachel fires dakota stanley, finn tells her he is proud of her. rachel says she can't make this type of decision on a deadline. they later "kissed and made-up" and then are seen in bed together. burt drives kurt to dalton academy, where blaine and all the choirs proceed to sing all you need is love, along with rachel, mercedes and santana, before finishing at the very staircase on which kurt and blaine first met. related topicsmelissa benoistcelebrity couplesblake jennercouplejennerscelebritydatinglifegleereal lifecouples and orglee couplescelebrity couplesmarley ryderglee marleyand or shipsjenner confirmsconfirms he'sjenner blakejennerforwardblake jenner confirms he’s dating ‘glee’ co-star melissa benoist in real lifesee morepin 124heart 43aka marleyjake and marley gleemarley roseawesome amazingamazing stuffjacob artist gleemelissa akasupercalifragalisticexpialidocius peopleand jacobforwardjacob and melissa on the glee setsee moreglee tv showsérie gleefavorite gleefavorite actorsfavorite peoplem m melissaallisonblake jennergleek 4forwardgleesee morepin 14heart 2melissa benoist ️benoist beccamelissa benoist blake jennerjoe gleeglee s2glee clubawesome amazingamazing stuffcriss glee castforwardmelissa benoist becca tobin samuel larsen blake jennersee morepin 81heart 28fun relationshipsrelationships trusperpinterest x3catherinepinterest xpiinkfun datingliterally blowseriouslykinda wannapenny funforwardthe penny date brilliant and funsee morepin 22kheart 11." in order to drown out burt, they have "the talk," during which burt tells kurt not to just "throw yourself around, like you don't matter 'cause you matter" and to wait until he is ready, indicating that for his 30th birthday it might be a good present to himself. jesse responds by telling him its none of yb (your business) his business, and she isn't his girlfriend anymore. the episode, downtown is performed by kurt, blaine with their friends and new roommates in new york. approaches blaine at his locker talking about which whitney houston song he's going to sing. grilled cheesus, rachel tells finn she wants their relationship to go the distance. they remain just friends until blaine realizes he is in love with kurt in original song (when kurt sings blackbird by the beatles). kurt thanks him - but declares that he'll jog home. in goodbye, rachel gets into nyada, but kurt and finn don't get into their prospective schools. then blaine places both hands on kurt's face and leans in for a kiss. rachel, assuming it's kurt, answers the door, only to see finn at the doorstep, grinning. rachel ignores her words and sings go your own way to finn, who plays the drums during it and seems to enjoy the performance and they shared looks, much to quinn's dismay. they walk down the hallway, kurt indicates that blaine seems preoccupied. kurt asks blaine whether he can hear him, since he is sitting on the balcony and there's some background noise from cars passing by. all three love his performance and begin clapping, though they cut themselves off, knowing it isn't appropriate during the audition. he calls her his moose and rachel tells finn that it's muse, but finn wanted to see her smile. the two are shown in a swiss chalet in the alps. at the end of the episode during the performance to do they know it's christmas? regionals, kurt and blaine join the show choir circle where brittany makes her goodbye to new directions, both visibly moved by the girl's speech. episode ends with kurt and blaine singing part of the scientist with a flashback to the day they first met. finn calls their kiss "the kiss of the century," and then jesse comes up. their wedding is cancelled when they receive the news about quinn getting in a car accident while on her way to the wedding. kurt mentions being careful not to ever have his framed photograph of both him and finn out whenever he thinks his roommate, rachel, might come into his room, implying that it would upset her. before the play starts, kurt is surprised to see blaine, along with rachel, sam, and artie in the audience, who greet him amusingly. much to his disappointment, blaine is already seeing someone: karofsky. at the end of the episode, blaine auditions for west side story with a smashing rendition of something's coming. and blaine meet in never been kissed, when kurt spies on the dalton academy warblers, due to a suggestion made by puck during a meeting of the new direction boys about how to beat the girls in the boys vs. schuester requests kurt to attend 'booty camp' due to his lack of dance moves.'t stop believin' (pilot)no air (throwdown)keep holding on (throwdown)smile (mattress)borderline/open your heart (the power of madonna)one (laryngitis)faithfully (journey). kurt proceeds to go on speed dates to get over his own heartbreak. they then get to talk about the loss of the new directions at sectionals, which depresses him, because the kids in the club all have dedicated themselves to other projects and forgotten about glee after they can't compete anymore. kurt walks in on the two of them having coffee and takes a possessive role over his boyfriend, taking blaine's arm and cuddling up against him in their seats. because of this, finn lies to rachel and tells her that they are about to get married. a move that disturbs rachel herself, the girls take the same drug, giving a wildly energetic performance of halo/walking on sunshine. rachel has the gay pride flag in her locker and a picture of her with her dads, while finn has shown support for his stepbrother kurt, who is one of the open lgbt characters on the show. in big brother, you can see a poster from kurt's campaign for class president in blaine's locker. rachel is supportive of finn in his inviting newcomer, rory flanagan, to the glee club. later, he tells rachel he doesn't want to be her boyfriend because he needs to figure out himself and get some time off before going back into dating. that week, blaine is singing an emotional version of all of me at nyada, when kurt enters. when rachel opts to withdraw from the presidential race, finn is proud of her decision. rachel is supportive until she sees a campaign poster of finn and quinn running together. blaine thanks kurt for knowing him so well and tells him he loves him, kurt returning the sentiment with an added hug. and blaine both grieve finn’s death; kurt as his brother and blaine as his friend. his phone had been buzzing repeatedly because chandler had been texting him. blaine keeps staring at kurt and, out of nowhere, tells kurt for the first time that he loves him, whilst kurt is drinking his coffee. kurt is noticeably disturbed by this as he says: "okay. during the make out session, kurt brings up that he is kind of seeing someone in new york (adam), but blaine reassures him that they aren't in new york and that those two aren't exclusive. a night of neglect, finn and quinn are together, but as rachel walks away after agreeing to see to mercedes' demands, finn holds his smile, which does not go unnoticed by quinn. tina's dream, they trade places with finn and puck - finn being kurt and puck being blaine. on finn and rachel's second stakeout, finn says quinn is so protective about her feelings, and that he always knows what rachel was thinking. sam tells him that exiling himself to dalton isn't going to make what blaine did any better, and that he has to try and forgive himself. although kurt says that the holidays bring him a sort of "melancholy," blaine immediately suggests it's because of the elizabeth taylor jewelry auction ended at midnight, and kurt admits to being outbid on everything and calling it "auction porn.—blaine and kurt at the rockefeller ice skating rink, glee, actually. james who happens to be the lead singer of rival team vocal adrenaline and they start dating. the end of the episode, the both of them attend rachel's new foundation's party and perform take me home tonight along with artie, santana, sam, mercedes, and rachel. this time she writes a song called only child, which finn thinks is better than my headband, but the song doesn't show the kind of emotion they need to win regionals. asks rachel if she's okay with him not being on the football team and she says that she is fine with it, because she won't have to think about what song to sing to him if he got injured on the field or if he ran off with some cheerleader. when quinn stands up in take my breath away, they pause their dancing to look at her, shoked with kurt mentioning it was a miracle. kurt explains to mercedes that while he's not sure what might happen between himself and blaine, he doesn't want to lose the friendship that he and blaine have started. helps rachel with a wheelchair repair, and rachel says that people don't really like her to which finn responds that he likes her. finn replies that he doesn't care about the song and is really confused with why rachel is suddenly denying him. rachel is clearly emotional and stands besides and confronts finn as he is also clearly hurt. kurt replies that there isn’t anything wrong with singing with each other, but blaine states how dave still thinks there’s something between them, and they both awkwardly state how there’s nothing between them. at the meeting, blaine tells the council of his intentions to sing a love song to his crush. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. they ultimately perform don't stop with sam, quinn, stevie, stacey, and the rest of glee club. blaine leaves and kurt is surprised by a visit from mr. episode opens with finn and rachel at the lima bean. extraordinary merry christmas, finn tells rachel that all he wants for christmas is her. worried, blaine finds burt and tells him that he should talk to kurt about sex, as he thinks that if burt waits until kurt is ready to talk about it, the conversation might come too late. blaine confides in sam that he feels alone because he only came to mckinley for kurt, and he did all of this for him and now that he's gone it feels like none of it matters. and blaine, along with rachel and sam, attend the streetlight memorial for russ, each singing a part from no one is alone." kurt (snooki) blaine (the situation) the two of them are at the mall in the massage chairs. burt informs kurt of his newly discovered prostate cancer, the two decide to focus on happy things, like their christmas traditions. rachel compliments finn on the song, saying that it's really good, because finn wrote about the two of them. he is frustrated that they only talk about new york, and he thinks that kurt can't wait to start his new life and leave blaine behind.—kurt and blaine as snooki and the situation from jersey shore on halloween, props. and it's like new york is the only thing we talk about now, kurt. a very emotional blaine laughs through his tears and hopefully asks, "so we're really gonna see each other at christmas? they successfully bring sam back to new directions and share a brief conversation before the glee club's performance at sectionals. finn is uncomfortable with the fact that he has to perform in his underwear because he is insecure about his body. last time they physically interact in the series is in i do. at the end of the episode, mckinley alums, students and faculty gather at the campus for homecoming night; blaine is sitting on the back of a pick-up truck with dave while kurt and rachel are watching. later, rachel's dads invite finn and his family over to their house for a dinner. never been kissed, sam and finn are having a discussion about their girlfriends not putting out, so they discuss what to do to "cool" themselves down. kurt then sings ben for him and is joined by finn and rachel while kurt and blaine hold hands. once he does and goes back to vocal adrenaline, he throws eggs at rachel, and although she feels sad and mad about the break up, she is even more determined to win regionals. colfer is gay in real life glee's chris colfer on gay kiss. after a short discussion between the four, kurt expresses his fear and how “none of it” (it being his and blaine’s relationship) matters. returns to glee to help out at sectionals and tells rachel that it's time for her to take the spotlight and perform. he introduces it by saying, "this song is for anyone that's ever been cheated on. later on, they are seen sitting in rachel's room, discussing ways for rachel to lose a sinigng competition." later that night, rachel and blaine share a drunken kiss via spin-the-bottle and break into don't you want me. she decides that she doesn't want to go to new york, as she doesn't want to leave finn and kurt behind, and wants to help them so that all three of them can go next year, together. at the end of the season five finale, rachel is shown moving out of the loft as a result of moving to los angeles, while blaine arrives there to move in. finn says that he just wanted to get the chance to kiss her one more time, which rachel tells him she feels the same way. he says, "all you wanted is for us to be together and i'm practically begging to be with you and suddenly you're not interested. rachel admits her feelings about finn to kurt- "i'm in love with finn. other than in flashbacks or deleted scenes, sweet dreams is the final on-screen appearance of finn, due to cory monteith's passing. once blaine has finished the song he storms out angrily. they discuss their lives and when it comes to discussing rachel and kurt's absence, quinn apologizes to finn about rachel and his recent break-up. when finn tries to leave the group, rachel works hard to convince him to stay because she knows that he really does like glee club but is afraid of being bullied by the rest of the school. i'm going to skype you every day, and you're going to come visit me in new york every weekend as far as i'm concerned. in the role you were born to play, blaine admits to sam that since the break-up, he hasn't been the same and is afraid that he lost the love of his life.: you know how hard long-distance relationships can be — we both saw the notebook." he also confirms that kurt was a great addition to the warblers and made them a better team. nationals, finn reveals he bought a glass mug of chicago to smash during the jewish portion of their wedding ceremony, as he wants it to symbolize the city where new directions went from losers to winners. mason and jane's performance of will you still love me tomorrow/head over feet makes kurt flash back to his moments with blaine, and accuses the pair for not putting enough work into the number before rachel tells him off. i mean, here you are up in this nest, which is the only home you've ever known, and even though your dna and millions of years of evolution are telling you that if you jump, you won't hit the ground like a stone, you can never really know. she then asked him if he saw fireworks when they kissed, and he hesitates, thinking., kurt and adam talk about what happened the night of the storm." burt mentions that blaine is not the only one "experimenting" and asks kurt to apologize for being inappropriate for having a guy spend the night. after a very blank duet on i don't want to know (which they seem to look pissed), quinn tells rachel to stop trying to steal finn from her and proceeds to threaten him with a break up if he even sings with rachel. blaine tells kurt that he doesn't belong in ohio anymore. finn looks over at rachel when rory sings, "i love you" and when he sings it again, this time rachel does the same and looks at finn longingly. they vote on the idea, and rachel's idea is rejected unanimously. later, at his mother's wedding, finn tells rachel she looks amazing and that he really loves her, and the two share a smile while burt and carole are reading their vows. having found out the truth about sam, they visit him and his siblings and apologize in the name of the whole glee club, giving him back his guitar, which he had to sell. after, she admits that she kissed brody, which leads them to go to sleep without speaking..(kurt and blaine both start to pull out their wallets). finn wishes rachel good luck and hands her a bouquet of flowers before her audition, and is stressed out after she chokes.

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isabelle remarks on kurt's mood, saying that he appears to be a bit more cheery than he had been during the preceding weeks and inquires whether kurt has had some closure on his relationship troubles. the episode special education, rachel finds out finn slept with santana during the power of madonna. he starts tearing up as he entwines their hands and apologizes for his actions of the other night. blaine hurries to his aid, but informs him that he's only malting and goes into a spiel about the bird's life cycle that can be taken as a metaphor for kurt's assimilation into dalton academy. he discovers that dave is a closeted gay when he forces a kiss upon kurt. he stops singing and simply stares at kurt ardently with a smile for the remainder of the song. at the loft kurt is seen pacing back and forth trying to help artie who had just been mugged. he agrees that it is about them, yelling, "right, it's about us! born this way, finn accidentally whacks rachel in the nose while dancing, causing her nose to be broken. later in the episode kurt confronts finn telling him he needs to think about his future more carefully, leaving finn to make his decision. 9glee summersummer breakglee kglee clubglee pistenovel overstockglee merchglee logonovel freeforwardglee summer break: an original novel, pink my friend got this for me and it's really goodsee morepin 68heart 20glee ️ ️ ️ ️ ️glee menglee spotglee guysjenner coryglee blake jenner06 photophoto posejenner yummyforwardi usually try not to have multiple of the same guy, but i couldn't not pin this one!" during constant craving, blaine looks at kurt lovingly and kurt is seen returning the look. in stage combat class, kurt and blaine, along with the rest of the group are asked to pair up. kurt takes it, and smiles as they walk away from beneath the tree of pavarotti's final resting place, holding hands." whilst moisturizing at his dressing table in the other room. tells blaine that at christmas, he wants a proper heart-to-heart conversation with him in person, and that he hopes they can ice-skate and have hot chocolate together, as long as it's not at the lima bean because he saw a mouse there when he worked there. this episode, the warblers perform animal to dalton's sister school, crawford, in order to practice being "sexy" in response to sue sylvester's information on the activities of new directions. karofsky gets up and walks with kurt to the dance floor, during which kurt suggests that perhaps this is the time for dave to come out to the school. and kurt arrive in the auditorium shortly before the end of the rather be performance. the fight is broken up and both of them are kicked out of the prom. warblers open up the episode with misery, in which blaine has the lead vocals and kurt and the warblers sing backup vocals. both their parents are afraid to stop this because they think that finn and rachel are so much in love, they will elope without even patti lupone being able to stop it. in the episode new york blaine tells kurt that he loves him for the first time, to which kurt replies that he loves him too. blaine explains his fear of kurt changing, revealing he is worried that one day kurt will probably stop loving him, which kurt denies. blaine notices this and asks why he's bothering to write down what blaine thinks is bad advice from cooper. kurt opens the number, candles and blaine soon joins in. kurt begins to perform blackbird by the beatles, blaine and the other warblers joining in with background vocals. when finn encourages rachel to be more optimistic about regionals, she ends up kissing him. disappointed and heartbroken, karofsky tries to leave, but eventually runs into his friend, nick, who suspects kurt and karofsky are hanging out for valentine's day. glease, cassandra tells rachel she should go back to lima to see the production of grease, but kurt manages to persuade her to go. are the only couple in the show that gets back together and gets engaged in the same episode. during in my life, blaine sings the song to kurt and the other graduating members, and they continue to share various amounts of eye contacts and smiles. he can't come to see that she's the only person who sees and loves him for who he really is, so it was his loss. we see blaine clapping with the other warblers and then flutter his eyes." artie storming out and blaine using the sodastream machine, it all becomes too much for kurt and he's seen once again feeling overwhelmed. however, rachel wants to remain in the race for class president, even though it is hurting kurt's chances of getting into nyada. kurt compares it to blaine contacting sebastian, but blaine says that he didn't like sebastian." later in the episode, finn tells rachel that he likes the way she dresses normally, rather than her new look. preparation for his nyada audition, blaine travels to new york with sam in tow to get tips from kurt and rachel. the next scene, kurt is helping blaine prepare for a meeting with june. kurt stops blaine on the stairwell at dalton where the students are hurriedly rushing past. blaine then invites kurt over to sing with him, telling the crowd that's the best way to get to know him. kurt asks for blaine's hand to hold across the table and proposes that they go to prom together. kurt, who believed and thought that mckinley students had accepted or at least learned to ignore that fact he's gay, is emotionally hurt after realizing the fact that the students decided to humiliate him by secret ballot using write-in votes, rather than saying it to his face. their relationship is once again tested by their new lifestyle and kurt's newfound confidence that puts them in an uncomfortable position, and blaine finally decides to move out to draw lines between them and learn how to live in the big city. sing borderline/open your heart together, and it is pretty obvious that they still have feelings for each other. comeback, finn is still pursuing quinn and this upsets rachel. and this duet would be just an excuse to spend more time with you. typically, it's a duet usually performed by two members of the opposite sex, which kurt notes.: (to kurt) i need you to sing with me, well, rehearse with me. during the sue's sister's funeral, when sue says (via speech) that she felt "tethered" to her older sister, jean, finn begins to think about it, and realizes that he doesn't feel that way about quinn, but does with rachel. artie's dream, finn is a bullying jock and rachel is a graduate librarian at mckinely. i know, i know, it’s-it’s… this is just bros helping bros. she says it is depressing to sing my man in her rehearsals for funny girl. kurt, mike, mercedes and will then decide to jump on stage and join the group, and he and blaine share a microphone. besides this, kurt and blaine took a backseat in this episode. however, when rachel is talking to kurt, she mentions that finn sends her cute texts like puns about her boobs and he is always trying to get into her pants, like a typical 18-year-old boy. after america, in west side story, blaine talks to rachel about how nervous he is about performing because they are both virgins. sebastian also rescinds his blackmail attempts, but kurt and blaine are skeptical until sebastian seems heartfelt in his declaration following the news of karofsky's suicide attempt. during tongue tied, finn and rachel kiss in the school corridor in front of a crowd of students. finn feels disappointed that rachel had to compromise on her husband as he feels she's giving off a weird vibe. kurt mentions that blaine and him haven't taken a std test since blaine hooked up with eli. pot o' gold, rachel is still working on her campaigns, though we don't know how finn feels about the dilemma of class president anymore. is pleasantly surprised by rachel's new look when he first sees it." finn continues talking to jesse, saying, "it was the superman of kisses. fed up with her manipulative ways, blaine and kurt agree to do as asked, agreeing that they were simply being forced to do so. before the conversation can completely continue, kurt is called over by kitty, who complains that her iced latte is "too cold. the two kiss for the last time and he holds her hand before she steps in the train. she also delivers to him a plaque to put up in the glee classroom that she made that is a framed photograph of finn captioned by a paraphrased quote he once said. finn then yells at her for making will leave the club after what she said about his choreography. he accepts, but also adds that they're not dating and that they're here as friends (which blaine says simultaneously). schue is having in the glee club for finn, implying that rachel is going through too intense a period of grief to handle going back. blaine, hesitating, tells him he has arranged another performance, this time for both, since supposedly she doesn't really hate him. kurt disagrees and says their friendship will survive the distance between them. sam tells him that he needs to say that to kurt, but blaine replies that kurt isn't talking to him, and he doesn't blame him, openly acknowledging that his actions broke the trust they shared. in the mean time, sam asks finn if he still has feelings for quinn, finn clearly responds that he is in love with rachel. but at the end of the episode, she paints over finn's name. after the initial surprise, kurt reciprocates the kiss, touching his hand to blaine's cheek. blaine tells kurt that they don't have to go back to the prom if kurt doesn't want to. in his room, blaine sits on his bedside and holds his hand. when kurt receives his nyada finalist letter, rachel assumes that she has not been accepted since she has not received one of her own." at this point kurt is staring at blaine, before quickly snapping back to reality as they move forward in the queue. during this song blaine sits next to kurt for a while, causing kurt to smile nervously, to which blaine seems oblivious. for advice, rachel tells him that she needs to tell him something, he replies that is about her funny girl auditiron. rachel had a crush on will (ballad) and finn kissed emma. kurt turns suddenly silent and looks away, indicating he would've done the same, and perhaps thinking back to the deleted box scene from extraordinary merry christmas where blaine gave him a promise ring. the end of the episode, the warblers including blaine and kurt sing silly love songs in breadstix to all the people that were in the cafe, mainly new directions members. at the end of the episode, blaine decides he is "100% gay" and this does not upset rachel. kurt ends up confiding in rachel berry that the dalton boys don't exactly want his panache. finn then takes advantage of the weekly assignment (to find a song that tells the story of your current life situation) and sings jessie's girl to rachel in front of the entire glee club, confessing his feelings to her. the warblers sing praises only for blaine to take the lead. makes a list of ways to get back at sebastian and santana gives out a few violent suggestions, but he decides he needs to take the high road. he also claims that he never used the beiste tactic on her. blaine is also shown wearing a button of kurt's presidential campaign, showing his support for his boyfriend. kurt, however, doesn't really like the idea of somoene crashing their monday night dinner. blaine gets drunk while kurt stays sober because he's still "trying to impress blaine." afterwards, she tells the truth and makes finn promise not to tell because they are still friends. blaine questions whether or not everything will be okay with him and kurt and is afraid he'll meet someone else. when kurt suggests he might just need more candles, blaine looks at the hundreds of candles on the stage and tells him that's definitely not it. colfer & darren criss how glee is leading tv's gay-teen revolution. during this song, kurt mimics a fishing rod to blaine and they share a dancing moment. as soon as blaine is seated, he pulls kurt down into his lap, kissing and licking at his neck. blaine then manages to reach kurt and they continue discussing about sam and the classes they share, which are way more than kurt expected. you know when you stop to think about it, kurt hummel's had a pretty good year. is revealed later that blaine has received the role of teen angel. the new directions are discussing the things they are looking forward to, blaine mentions he is looking forward to marriage equality in all 50 states, which kurt smiles at. the next day, finn and quinn confront each other about what they were doing last night, and decide to solve the misunderstanding in their relationship through a song. as they release, kurt and blaine share a meaningful look and kurt shrugs, almost in defeat." burt thinks that kurt should not wear the kilt, because he doesn't want it to be a target for bullies. once blaine arrives, rachel rushes up to him and before he can greet her, she kisses him. he performs piano man in the spotlight diner, with kurt telling the audience that they may not know blaine anderson's name yet, but they will once the name is lit up all over broadway. kiss in the hurt locker, part two lasts longer than any other kiss shown in the series. and blaine's relationship is tested when blaine convinces kurt to move to new york in the new rachel, by singing it's time to him. they also share a kiss under the mistletoe while mercedes sings all i want for christmas is you. kurt explains that they used to go to the same school, and they've just bumped into each other. when they walk off, blaine can tell kurt misses them and comments on it. next scene kurt and blaine have together is after the opening night - blaine is rehearsing a move that he messed up. night, blaine, kurt, rachel, and finn go to "callbacks" a local piano bar for nyada students. prom-a-saurus, finn is announced as a nominee for prom king. the song goes to the choir room, where rachel is seen singing to finn. at the end, she walks through a crowd as the episode comes to an end. rachel says finn has inspired her to become a better person and they share a kiss. this causes problems as later, finn and rachel have drama-causing rachel to say that they're done by kissing him and leaving the room, at least for the mean time. it's always felt like i was remembering you from something, as if in every lifetime you and i have ever lived, we've chosen to come back and find each other and fall in love all over again, and over and over for all eternity. he tells elliott that blaine brought to the loft a mid century knock-off couch because the furniture kurt picked out was too uncomfortable. kurt also says he is disappointed over their loss, and that he really wanted to win. kurt takes her to the broadway stage and the two of them sing for good. they smile at each other and while everyone in glee club is mad at her for (indirectly) pushing sunshine to vocal adrenaline by sending her to an inactive crack house. the judges' room, sister mary constance seems to think that dalton academy appears to be a gay school (kurt and blaine's body language during the song may have contributed to that observation), which immediately wins the disapproval of the conservative politician. nervously, blaine looks deep into kurt's eyes and says: "kurt, there is a moment. kurt then gets angry with him telling him that he can't just do whatever he wants, when he wants and that he should ask kurt permission to change something in his apartment. on the plaque is a quote from a night of neglect. finn sees brody and his eyes shift back at rachel, full of confusion and hurt. blaine promises to kurt that he will always love him, to defend him even if he's wrong, to surprise him, to always pick up his phone calls, to bake him cookies twice a year, to kiss him wherever and whenever, and mostly to remind kurt how "perfectly imperfect" he is. she notices he looks a little troubled, but he simply says that he really loves her. eventually moves back to new york to attend nyu while kurt goes back to nyada. later, after intermission, blaine tells sandy, who's been heckling new directions, that he is a horrible person. rachel is hesitant to go because she is in love with finn, but he tells her "we are just going to sit here and let go. finn tells her he needs help given how much he has on his plate and talks trash that the guys are going to win. blaine assures him that he doesn't have to do this right now, but kurt wants to do it anyways. when the proposal is accepted, kurt is utterly shocked and disappointed when blaine tells him that his crush is jeremiah, an assistant manager at the local gap store. Blaine-Kurt Relationship, most commonly known as Klaine, is the romantic relationship. kurt replies that blaine has sent him numerous texts, but he has told him to stop apologizing and contacting him, as he refuses to care for a cheater. they talk about karma, and rachel asks finn if he has given any thought to her duet ideas, but doesn't get his reply as they then see kurt walk out of sam's motel room, unnoticing that jacob ben  israel is photographing them at that moment. first time is the first episode where blaine calls kurt his boyfriend. finn and rachel sing pretending together and kiss in front of everyone at nationals. tibideaux praises kurt's performance, blaine looks quite proud of him. however kurt does bring up blaine to adam, where he admits that blaine was the better dancer in their relationship. mike speaks up saying that blaine has been texting him, but kurt has still not replied. at a sleepover with kurt and mercedes, rachel says she wants to marry finn and shows them her engagement ring. dave confesses that he is helping santana win prom queen by getting him back to mckinley. and blaine's first scene, accompanied by brittany, is in the lima bean, where kurt is on his shift. at the end of the song, blaine and kurt share loving and uncertain looks. blaine tells kurt about the date night and what sue said, kurt tells him that she is trying to get them back together, then he tells blaine that he has a date with a guy he met online named walter, blaine feels a little jealous but doesn't show it to kurt and they have a weird moment. their first stakeout is to find out if quinn is cheating on finn with sam. they share another kiss before rachel walks after giving finn her list.'supergirl's' melissa benoist on 'the flash' musical ep with darren criss & grant gustin. in yes/no, finn proposes to rachel, which she accepts in the following episode, michael. the performance of i kissed a girl, they film the performance with their phones, sitting closely together. they then link arms and walk off, where kurt says that this has been a wonderful week, and blaine whispers with kurt it'll be a wonderful life. when chandler asks kurt for his phone number, kurt hesitates for a moment, realizing what could be happening. they are dancing to more than a woman, kurt can be seen jumping about acting very energetic and blaine is grinning lovingly at kurt. she avoids kissing him for the same reason as well. later, finn and rachel are talking by the lockers, and finn tells rachel again that she's really unique. at regionals, kurt is nervous about performing in front of a competition audience for the first time as a soloist. they discuss the nd chances in sectionals and sebastian shows up. blaine takes kurt out of the seats and dances with him. are also the only couple to get back together and get married in the same episode. i do, they have sex in the hotel room number 206, similar to never been kissed (2. blaine changes from being distant to address the issue between them and calls kurt over to him. kurt tells him that "prom is about joy, not about fear" and decides that he is going to wear the kilt with or without blaine's company. rachel and mercedes' call-back, blaine and kurt can be seen sitting closely in the audience together and talking. i call that progress" which is likely a reference to his past with finn or alliance with sam. sit next to each other during will's assignment, with blaine cheering for kurt during his performance of defying gravity. and santana have indirectly sang a duet about how kurt or blaine feels while they are talking to that other man; a boy like that/i have a love for blaine and sebastian and so emotional for kurt and chandler. after figgins accuses kurt of stuffing the ballot box, he leaves crying and bumps into finn and rachel, telling them he lost the election and that he has to find blaine, knowing that he'll comfort him. kurt gets mad, screaming at him for lying to him again, not trusting him anymore. blaine tries to explain something to kurt, but kurt stops him, telling him that he need not apologize because he has done so a million times and he does believe in the sincerity of blaine's apologetic gestures. he eventually decides that he "kill two birds with one stone," by using one for the assignment and one for his upcoming nyada audition." noticing that kurt is still upset, he asks him what's wrong. when kurt praises him, june tells kurt he's a good friend, supporting blaine after everything that's happened. and kurt appear with the new directions members and alumni in the auditorium to invite themselves to brittany and santana's wedding. jan asks him if kurt is the one and blaine says yes, that he's his soulmate."klaine" was nominated for a people's choice award (2014) for favorite on-screen chemistry.