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"janelle monáe channels the '70s with new song 'hum along and dance'". she’s worse than babs now, and what she does is her own responsibility, but i’d shudder to see barbara at jenelle’s age. teen mom 2 star announced in august via social media that she is expecting her third child in january. a baby who isn’t his… who is is just ‘dating’ the mother of. Monáe answers questions regarding sexuality and dating on Sway In The Morning, and talks about collaborating with Prince.”he pleaded not guilty, but a judge found him guilty and sentenced him to prison.’s absurd that a nice baby photo isn’t just as bad as this? i don’t condone what she does and just because i think people having the constant need to bitch about someone you know is this messed up, that those people could do better things with their time… maybe helping causes that relate to these issues… doesn’t mean anything other than it get old really quick. i hope barbara does something about this, she should have custody of this child too. we can all agree she has shady friends that would sell a story attached to this picture in a heart beat. the first album she was running because she had fallen in love with a human and she was being disassembled for that. i only know about this site because of twitter but most people seem to have searched for this site. he end up serving his sentence while evans, 24, is expecting their first child together, it won’t be the first time the mtv personality has been left alone while pregnant as her beau sits behind bars.) that “innocent enough, they all do it” pic… is a non-issue anymore. because you know i’m right when saying it’s odd that people go out of their way to find a page like this, to even have a page like this made, just so people can bash on them. what i’m saying is just trying to understand why everyone seems to think this is so ok to do… that’s far from a lecture, sorry you couldn’t tell the difference. however, the series puts fritz lang's 1927 silent film metropolis, which monáe referred to as "the godfather of science-fiction movies," in special regard.’s followers chimed in, with most blasting the inappropriate post, along with the highly disturbing hashtags. this sadistic twist in the story reveals much about an mtv star, who will use anything to deflect, taunt and bully anyone who calls her out. "janelle monae's roots in one of kansas city's most historic – and troubled – neighborhoods".#southerncharm thomas ravenel supports craig conover after the kathryn dennis supporter slammed his parenting! "janelle monáe collaborates with duran duran on the band's forthcoming album". her physical stuff that was going on in the show seemed to be quite the example of panic, anxiety & mental health issues. chastain, viola davis, bryce dallas howard, allison janney, chris lowell, ahna o'reilly, sissy spacek, octavia spencer, mary steenburgen, emma stone, cicely tyson, mike vogel. i find it disturbing that no one had issue with those pictures but i also have issue with people going out of their way to hit one person over and over, even if the seem to deserve it. this is what this site is for, blogs on reality tv. henson and octavia spencer; the film was released in december 2016. eason is already dad of a little girl named maryssa, who has appeared on mtv’s hit docuseries, as well as a little boy named kaden. if there are other sites out there where people can expose this kind of thing, i’m sure there is outrage going on as well. dressed in her trademark starched shirt and tuxedo, hair immaculately coiffed, monáe's face is an opaque mask of perfection: all silken smooth skin, button nose and glassy brown eyes. the ones who stick up for that stating that their little boys do that too- you’re missing the point. "rnb sensation janelle monáe is here because we need her". of deleting our comments you could delete the photo…this could be used on child porn websites…please remove it, this is extremely concerning. my bio is short, but my snark is endless, and i love writing for the sharpest posters in the world.

Jenelle Evans Goes "Muddin" on a Date With New Boyfriend: Pics

i cringe every time her and janelle start screaming at each other.. and jenelle’s reaction is equally as sick trying to insinuate nate was molested as a young boy.? kiddie porn scum peddlers maybe, but i have never seen a photo like this–or even heard of a parent taking one anything like it.العربيةcatalàčeštinadanskdeutschespañolفارسیfrançais한국어հայերենitalianoעבריתlatinamagyarnederlands日本語norsk bokmålਪੰਜਾਬੀpolskiportuguêsрусскийsimple englishsuomisvenskatürkçetiếng việt. "janelle monae at antonio berardi show during london fashion week"., janelle knows how to play the game, that’s for sure. do you seek out all the pictures like this so they can be removed? i don’t think any of it is ok at all either… i have seen other people famous or not that have post pictures like this, or worse… and no comments in the way they are here. this guy is not kaiser’s father, and that alone, should trigger an investigation…and the fact that jenelle isn’t bothered, speaks volumes about her crap parenting. monáe has stated that she has an alter-ego named cindi mayweather who according to monáe is from the year 2719., he was found not guilty during his court date on july 24. people respond because she is mtv glorified, while manipulating and abusing those around her.^ "janelle monáe enlists prince and miguel for 'the electric lady': exclusive". the label gave an official and physical release to the first suite in august 2008, which was retitled metropolis: the chase suite (special edition) and included two new tracks. warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was picked up by cops nearly a month later on may 12. i can’t imagine exposing children to this kind of thing.: exclusive: jenelle evans’ twisted explanation for releasing disturbing sexual photo of baby son(). didn’t post a pic of his face, but it gave us an actual reference to what was posted…. help (2011): jessica chastain, viola davis, bryce dallas howard, allison janney, chris lowell, ahna o'reilly, sissy spacek, octavia spencer, mary steenburgen, emma stone, cicely tyson, mike vogel. it is not the image…it is what the image turns into with those disgusting hashtags. with this industry recognition, the album has also been more successful commercially, officially reaching the number 17 spot on the billboard 200., who also has a history of drug and domestic violence-related arrests, and wilmington-based welder eason began dating last month, and have been posting lovey-dovey photos ever since. "photo: janelle monáe voicing as the doctor in 'rio 2'". maybe you could do some fundraising for all children in these situations instead of attacking just one?^ "janelle monáe on being a former maid and why she still wears a uniform". this:click to share on twitter (opens in new window)share on facebook (opens in new window). think one of the many key things here, tho (that even you mentioned many times) is… many “parents ” posting. snapping the pic is suspicious enough, but to post such a photo shatters all boundaries of appropriate content, and raises huge questions of influence, and motive. is in the public eye–which she chooses–and to equate this pic with a simple nude baby photo is completely absurd. having people say it’s ok they comment because that’s what’s this page is for, i find that a bit disturbing… a page made for people to bash those in the line light. but, it wasn’t, otherwise it wouldn’t be all over the internet. The toddler is the son of […]From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. site’s like this cause people to feel they are validated in their anger and treatment of someone like jenelle.[79] monáe has been known to distribute her ten droid commandments which encourages her fans to be individuals.

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Janelle Monae on Her Oscar-Buzzy Film Debut 'Moonlight' & Dating

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eason and jenelle evans attend the 2016 mtv video music awards.: 1985 births21st-century american actresses21st-century american singersactivists from californiaactresses from atlantaactresses from kansas city, kansasafrican-american actressesafrican-american female singer-songwritersamerican film actressesamerican rhythm and blues singersamerican mezzo-sopranosatlantic records artistsbad boy records artistscalifornia democratsgeorgia (u. "why janelle monáe put her music on hold to take hollywood by storm". lord of the rings: the return of the king (2003): sean astin, sean bean, cate blanchett, orlando bloom, billy boyd, bernard hill, ian holm, ian mckellen, dominic monaghan, viggo mortensen, john noble, miranda otto, john rhys-davies, andy serkis, liv tyler, karl urban, hugo weaving, david wenham, elijah wood. she is the daughter of a janitor mother and a truck driver father, michael robinson summers.. the only way to tell this story is with the pic.“defendant was in the same location as his child … who was out with his grandmother … and aunt, when defendant approached same and hugged,” the document states of the incident in which eason allegedly violated the order. will pay the ultimate price for her, idk what it is… irresponsibility, to say the least.áe later appeared on outkast's album idlewild, where she is featured on the songs "call the law" and "in your dreams". affleck, alan arkin, kerry bishé, kyle chandler, rory cochrane, bryan cranston, christopher denham, tate donovan, clea duvall, victor garber, john goodman, scoot mcnairy, chris messina.. after nate tweeted his outrage over the pic of his son, jenelle responded to him with nasty insinuations. i think most of us here on this site are everyday normal people and come here to comment on what is presented. enjoy it if it’s what makes you happy but i’d think instead of attaching one, maybe put your mission to all. and not to forget this world is full of sick tickets. responded to the disgustingly out of line post, via twitter. shouldn’t have access to this child, when he’s not allowed access to his own children. "check out janelle monaes irresistible new track, what is love from rio 2". i’m not saying it’s ok that a picture was posted but i can say it probably not the only picture ever taken by a parent of their child doing this.áe then went on to say that she is first and foremost an advocate of love. ffs his entire half of his body is cropped out.’s that it was posted by his mom’s boyfriend on social media. don’t know one parent who would even take a photo like this—this is normal, natural and private–even for a one year old. october 2016, monáe made her big screen acting debut in the critically acclaimed film moonlight, alongside naomie harris, andré holland, and mahershala ali. so, once again i will say i don’t agree with her actions, you all firing back at me seem to want to miss that part."[64] she was also on the tracks "isn't this the world" and "jalapeño" for the hidden figures soundtrack.[23][24] aside from sharing a name, they also share visual styles (the cover for the archandroid is inspired by the iconic poster for metropolis), conceptual themes and political goals, using expressionistic future scenarios to examine and explore contemporary ideas of prejudice and class. galifianakis, michael keaton, edward norton, andrea riseborough, amy ryan, emma stone, naomi watts. took the time to find this site and seem to know jenelle’s history.. reid[51] announced that monáe's independent label wondaland arts society has signed a "landmark joint venture partnership" to revamp the label, now known as wondaland records, and to promote the artists on the label. henson, aldis hodge, janelle monáe, jim parsons, glen powell, octavia spencer.! so you are okay for this site to make money off this baby?’s the thing shannon, you keep missing the important facts that surround this unfortunate event. jenelle is endangering kai with having him around that scumbag dave. boston city council named october 16, 2013 "janelle monáe day" in the city of boston, massachusetts, in recognition of her artistry and social leadership.

Jenelle Evans Goes "Muddin" on a Date With New Boyfriend: Pics

'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Sentenced to Prison

"'rio 2' soundtrack out march 25, features janelle monae, bruno mars". this girl needs to be sterilized stat and her children should never have contact with her for the rest of their lives. this has absolutely nothing to do with the chances that in the past someone else has innocuously taken a similiar photo of their own child.., bradley cooper, jack huston, jennifer lawrence, alessandro nivola, michael peña, jeremy renner, elisabeth röhm, shea whigham.. i've been in vogue, now, and different publications, which is cool, because i think that it just shows a different perspective of how women can dress. now once again i will say and hope that people will see this since i said it several times now…i dont agree with what they did, they shouldnt have posted it, im only saying peoples reactions are very hypicritical. mom 2 star, jenelle evans, has hooked up with the wrong guy, and the trashy love affair has taken a shockingly disturbing turn. no he isn”t as if it wasn’t bad enough, she adds this garbage? big boi told his friend sean combs about monáe, whom at the time combs had not yet heard. he asserts that janelle monáe is innovating the genre. you have these two who posted this picture, and let’s say that the saints that people seem to think they are, brad and angelina post the identical picture of one of their kids with the exact words under it. or (the unexpected virtue of ignorance) (2014): zach galifianakis, michael keaton, edward norton, andrea riseborough, amy ryan, emma stone, naomi watts. her & farrah should just be shipped to an island somewhere far far away! but i’m trying to understand the need to attack all the time, this one person for her wrongs… and she had many, she’s far from perfect… but i try to understand how so many attack one when there are so many doing the same. "celebrity hairstylist caprice green dishes on janelle monáe's met gala wondabraid". their children, raised by normal people w/ a moral compass of some sort. who in their right mind would think sharing an allegedly funny photo with a series of adolescent hashtags such as #deeznuts is worth chancing some sexual predator seeing this child and at best sticking to masturbating and at worst being so excited that he decides to act out on a child he knows because that is the real danger of putting children on the internet in this way.[19] monáe told mtv about her concept for her new album and also discussed her alter-ego named cindi mayweather, she said:Cindi is an android and i love speaking about the android because they are the new "other". "michelle obama teams with missy elliott, janelle monae, zendaya & more for new song". basterds (2009): daniel brühl, august diehl, julie dreyfus, michael fassbender, sylvester groth, jacky ido, diane kruger, mélanie laurent, denis ménochet, mike myers, brad pitt, eli roth, til schweiger, rod taylor, christoph waltz, martin wuttke. telegraph published an interview with monáe, talking about her first studio album, in which the journalist bernadette mcnulty said, "i begin to worry for a moment that monáe may not just be a humourless science-fiction nerd, but actually an android herself, created in a laboratory as a super-musical cross between james brown, judy garland, andré 3000 and steve jobs, invented to test the desperate incredulity of music journalists. "grimes, janelle monáe smash patriarchy symbols as warrior queens in 'venus fly' video". lady, janelle monáe, was recently a guest on sway in the morning show and opened up about her much speculated-about sexuality – as well as her thoughts on love, business and what it was like collaborating with prince. april 14, 2014, monáe was the recipient of the inaugural harvard college women's center award for achievement in arts and media for her achievements as an artist, advocate and feminist. "music review: janelle monáe – newsweek and the daily beast".: jenelle evans shows off pictures of her newborn son kaiser. grant, tom hollander, derek jacobi, kelly macdonald, helen mirren, jeremy northam, clive owen, ryan phillippe, maggie smith, geraldine somerville, kristin scott thomas, sophie thompson, emily watson, james wilby. eason maintains a horrible track-record in the parenting department, and does not have custody of his own children. and i want men to still be attracted to me so i have to be political in this. flaunted photo of an innocent baby exploring this body, is disturbing on all levels.: exclusive: jenelle evans’ permits boyfriend dave eason’s criminal & racist family to care for her son kaiser #teenmom2(). is not eason’s child — and eason is not married or even engaged to kaiser’s mother. it is horrendous to think about there are people who undoubtedly got a thrill from the sight of a baby touching himself in this manner. we have a great group here and if you would like to join the open posts at night, where we can discuss anything, you are more than welcome, we’d love to have you.

Janelle Monáe on Dating and Sexuality - Sway In The Morning

maybe this is the income she only receives for jace?[71] in her first ep she gave her alter-ego a back-story stating that she was on the run after breaking the law in her home town of metropolis by falling in love with a human named anthony greendown. site is reporting news, the parents are the problem for creating said news. but no one can tell me that if this wasn’t someone in the media, especially for all she is, would you all still be attacking her like you do? "janelle monáe on dating and sexuality – sway in the morning okayplayer". the teen mom 2 star’s beau has been sentenced to 60 days in prison after violating a domestic-violence protective order, the new hanover clerk of court’s criminal office in north carolina confirms to us weekly. i wouldn’t know that kid or his cretin parents if i saw them tomorrow. people on this site are merely commenting on the article at hand. w/ kaiser being a minor that is not his & w/ whom there are issues going on regarding custody… & nathan. any man that shows her attention is instant “father material”. i made a comparison of two people doing the same thing and not one person could respond to them actually doing it. it is dangerous,disgusting, and dumb because in the time it has been online it likely has been viewed by at least one creep who now has it forever saved in his spank bank which is why i really wish aatht would remove the photo. "sergio mendes keeps the 'magic' alive on his latest album". the girl has some major issues, we know this, we get this, it’s clear as a bell. josh duggar still in sex therapy years after cheating scandal rocked his world! guess you are happy to make money off this poor child! it’s because of their history, their record, who they ar on tv, how they act that gets people’s reactions going. just maybe, something that is more than a bunch of people constantly complaining about the same person over and over and over…. don’t get me wrong- the uproar is huge because it’s jenelle and people hate literally everything she does (most for good reason but some for not) but the pic and especially the hashtags along with it were just inappropriate. thus you keep missing the point of what others are trying to tell you. he’s not around his own kids for a reason. wasn’t enough for sway, who – looking out for the fellas – needed to find out who had a shot at dating monáe. what kind of weirdo hovers over a baby and snaps a pic like this, then posts it on social media? i think it reflects poorly on janelle’s judgement and ability to protect her son. when a million + people see a child being sexually exploited–they get angry–it is not complicated., if you think i am going to post my private life and work i do on a blog you are sadly mistaken. or is it because of who the parent is that everyone is causing such a stir? grief–spare me your simplistic spinning in circles lectures, and run back to jenelle. what i want is for people who feel oppressed or feel like the 'other' to connect with the music and to feel like, 'she represents who i am..and as we speak, she is defending dave, not standing up for her child. although it did not place highly on the billboard charts – reportedly only 400 physical copies were pressed – it did showcase her vocal abilities and unique metropolis concept that would also figure in her future releases. they said they were to clay, and that jenelle is just scum."[74] on her album the archandroid, especially in songs like "cold war" or "babopbyeya," monáe relates "the dystopian cityscapes depicted in metropolis to the boarded-up projects of poverty-wracked kansas. mistakes like that can’t happen because of someone else’s mistake & choices.

  • 'Teen Mom' In Danger? Jenelle Evans' New Man Once Arrested For

    ) who is having another baby now… w/ that very douche-bag! if you are honest though, you will admit i’m right and that only one couple would be treated this way and the other wouldn’t. that is a real danger regardless of who the parents are. love is the purest thing and one of the most important things that we can possess for ourselves and for others. i haven’t seen a single thing stating you or anyone else is doing anything other than bashing one person over and over and over again. they advise me of being on her side, of thinking it’s ok, of telling me i should do this or this…. the outrage for janelle and her loser boyfriend, that is who you should be mad at. earlier today, jenelle’s live-in boyfriend, david eason, posted a photo of one year old kaiser, with his hand down his diaper, on his instagram page. (2005): christopher "ludacris" bridges, sandra bullock, don cheadle, matt dillon, jennifer esposito, william fichtner, brendan fraser, terrence howard, thandie newton, ryan phillippe, larenz tate. little boys do that all the time but ive never seen anyone on my fb or ig post a pic of their kid doing this- and ive seen pictures of babies taking shits lol. seems like on the show he is always frustrated with kaiser and does not really like watching him. the cd album itself is extremely rare in its original compact disc format, and as such is a valuable collector's item. just find people’s reactions to be that of a bad actor showing their disgust for something and not doing it well. addition to kaiser, evans is mom of jace, 7, with ex-boyfriend andrew lewis. didn’t even cut his bangs…they washed his hair. miss sunshine (2006): alan arkin, abigail breslin, steve carell, toni collette, paul dano, greg kinnear. i found this from a link attached to a twitter post."[72] chris champion of the observer described metropolis and the archandroid as "psychedelic soul with a sci-fi twist". radar previously reported, eason began serving a five-month prison sentence for prior drug, larceny, and breaking and entering charges on july 30, 2014— just six days after his domestic violence court date. her creep of a boyfriend posted a pic of kai like this and she’s okay with it but nathan, the father of kai trims his son’s bangs and she threatens nathan can’t see his own son until they go to court. i think one of the things about that is that i want everyone to focus on my music and also i don’t want to let anybody down. thing is, they wouldn’t post a photo like that or with those creepy pictures. ((said somwehere else, she & farrah from the other teem mom show… should be shipped off to some island far… far away! jenelle insinuating nathan was involved in molestation is just as disgusting..Janelle monáe robinson (born december 1, 1985),[9] known professionally as janelle monáe (/dʒəˈnɛl moʊˈneɪ/),[10] is an american singer, songwriter, actress, and model signed to her own imprint, wondaland arts society, and atlantic records. no right to even post an appropriate pic let alone a disgusting one like this.‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend, David Eason, was recently sentenced to 60 days in prison, Us Weekly can confirm — details Posted 4 years ago by dayfloat. the label's chief role was in facilitating her exposure on a much broader scale rather than developing the artist and her music, because in the words of mitchell, "she was already moving, she already had her records – she had a self-contained movement. that is what the outrage is all about, janelle and her poor choices, nothing else. fighter (2010): amy adams, christian bale, melissa leo, jack mcgee, mark wahlberg. i knew, right from season 1 that janelle would never be a fit mother, and clearly she has proven me right. sure it was deleted from his account, but it’s everywhere now. monáe’s album has already generated positive reviews and only seems to be getting better with every listen. linings playbook (2012): bradley cooper, robert de niro, anupam kher, jennifer lawrence, chris tucker, jacki weaver.
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    "[53] with this move, monáe has become one of the few black women who run their own independent record label in conjunction with a major record label. it is normal for young children to explore their own bodies. toddler is the son of jenelle and her ex-fiancee, nathan griffith. i hope this puts a bee in barbara’s bonnet! links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page.’s march on washington: see videos of janelle monae, madonna, more. it’s actually kind of insanity to go out of your way to find things wrong with people on a constant basis. wouldn’t have anger issues with a daughter like that!‘moonlight,’ janelle monae win big at this year’s aafca awards. and not one consideration about kai having a relationship with his own father. you can see in photos after that his hair was the same length. nancy grace runs this story, she will show the pic.. on april 11, 2014, and her song "what is love" was featured on the soundtrack.áe's roots in kansas city, kansas, where she was born and raised, are evident in her lyrics and style. i think barbara has some serious anger issues that she needs to deal with. but i should go find a different page because having my own opinion about their reactions to this girl i find a bit odd and of putting.] after moving to atlanta, georgia in 2001, she met outkast's big boi, and then founded the wondaland arts society with some like-minded young artists. is a portion of the image with the child’s face removed, all about the tea chose not to repost the entire image due to the inappropriate nature of the photo.[72] the telegraph also commented on her image as an artist saying "sitting in a grey, airless record company office, this slight, stiff young woman delivers her speech in slow, deliberate tones, utterly expressionless.^ "janelle monáe's wondaland records and epic records launch landmark joint venture partnership! personally don’t think barbara is not financially set, remember when her darling daughter made fun of her job @ walmart, i do. totally changes if/when posted by a public figure… with a criminal, bad parenting, ongoing custody, whatever… issue… with those hashtags (even if, as i’m sure it was, to him… just being a ‘guy… comical’, nothing bad intended) who is the same sex…. in 2016, she had major roles in two feature films, hidden figures and moonlight, for which she received widespread praise.… no she never should have posted the picture and i don’t agree with the things she does but how is a child doing what all little boy and girls do about this age make anyone a paedophile? Earlier today, Jenelle’s live-in boyfriend, David Eason, posted a photo of one year old Kaiser, with his hand down his diaper, on his Instagram page. a guy clicking and posting provocative pics of a child he is simply shacked up with, is disgusting. you know damn good and well it wouldn’t be this tragic if it were someone people don’t have any issues with…i don’t agree with what was done…. after the release of the first part of the series, metropolis: suite i (the chase) in mid-2007, these plans were altered following her signing with sean combs's label, bad boy records, later in the year. i’m not missing anything that’s said by anyone…. "the future of janelle monae's wondaland records is very bright". there is no shortage of stupid when you’re from the trailer park. a tux is such a standard uniform, it's so classy and it's a lifestyle i enjoy." she also compared monáe to artists such as annie lennox, lauryn hill, and corinne bailey rae. regardless of her sexual orientation, there’s no denying that this girl’s got real talent.
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      his criminal past, mother of two evans, 23, has vehemently defended her new man to friends. (2007): nikki blonsky, amanda bynes, paul dooley, zac efron, allison janney, elijah kelley, queen latifah, james marsden, michelle pfeiffer, brittany snow, jerry stiller, john travolta, christopher walken.[69] in an opinion piece for the quietus,[70] john calvert places janelle monáe within the afrofuturism movement, pointing out her similarities to sun ra and george clinton. it’s not so normal to find sites like this to comment on…. "elton john and janelle monáe to appear on new chic album". is so beyond disgusting, but guess what, i wouldn’t expect anything less from a boyfriend of janelle’s. "janelle monae songs, net worth, boyfriend news: 'electric lady' r&b singer pays tribute to david bowie, covers 'heroes'". think it is pretty safe to say all of this has gone straight to nathan’s lawyer. and yes people are reacting because it is janelle, she is one of the most unfit parents on tv i have ever seen. point blank, no matter what kaiser or anyone was doing in that house, he shouldn’t be posting it “publicly”, esp considering everything to do w/ them, mtv, parenting/kids, legal, etc… & esp. hibbert, naomie harris, andré holland, jharrel jerome, janelle monáe, jaden piner, trevante rhodes, ashton sanders. would never date a man that could not love my child as his own or that showed favoritism. it doesn’t make it right but i’m trying to understand the constant need to always attack this one. a disgusting representation of a “mother” (she should be on permanent birth control imho! people tend to respond better to calm, polite discussion than shit talking comments – i have learned from personal experience lol. (2008): josh brolin, joseph cross, james franco, victor garber, emile hirsch, diego luna, denis o'hare, sean penn, alison pill.. state)songwriters from kansaswriters from kansas city, kansasoutstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture screen actors guild award winnershidden categories: use mdy dates from december 2016articles with hcardswikipedia articles needing clarification from june 2015all articles with vague or ambiguous timevague or ambiguous time from june 2015wikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with isni identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifierswikipedia articles with musicbrainz identifiers. i’d love to see a post, a single post, that is talking about helping children in need. jenelle is seen by millions as an example of poor and abusive parenting. janelle and david aren’t the first stupid people to post something that shouldn’t have been posted and they won’t be the last…. am the same, i have given her huge kudos for taking on the responsibility of raising jace, but there is a reason janelle is the way she is, and barb is part of that equation. monáe explained about cindi, saying "the archandroid, cindi, is the mediator, between the mind and the hand..jenelle tweeted out a link to this image to over 1 million people. always the class act, she first made it clear that there was nothing wrong with being bisexual, lesbian or gay and stressed how she was a firm supporter of the gay community:“i am an advocate – i have friends who are in, you know, same-sex relationships and i think that love has no sexual orientation. "rnb sensation janelle monáe is here because we need her – life & style – london evening standard". where metropolis android maria is the evil, havoc-sowing double of the messianic figure to the city's strictly segregated working class, monáe's messianic android muse cindi mayweather represents an interpretation of androids as that segregated minority, which monáe describes as ". is beyond common sense now, the girl has fried every last one of her working brain cells if she thinks this is even remotely appropriate. if anything, that makes it worse and tells me that this creep is molesting this very young child! think about that and how so far from normal that is.‘teen mom 2’ star jenelle evans’ boyfriend, david eason, sentenced to 60 days in prison. and janelle monaé are not here for kim burrell’s bigotry. or is that not possible because they aren’t jenelle?. state) democratskansas democratslgbt rights activists from the united statesliving peoplemusicians from kansas city, kansasmusicians from atlantascience fiction fanssingers from georgia (u.. but also guidance when needed, direction, teacher & disciplinarian… their kids are the ones i feel really bad for; since they sacrifice the most.
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      ., bradley cooper, jack huston, jennifer lawrence, alessandro nivola, michael peña, jeremy renner, elisabeth röhm, shea whigham. "janelle monae bringing a diverse pop platter to the tower". that’s the point –no healthy parent would ever think that this is ok. evans has not allowed griffith in kaiser’s life for months — and the couple is gearing up for a custody battle. but it’s fucking disgusting and extremely alarming that some scumbag boyfriend of two months who isn’t the babies father posts that on social media with weird hash tags., on which monáe appears as a guest vocalist, reached number 1 on the billboard hot 100 chart, her first appearance in the us top 10. esp being a ‘mom’ myself; knowing how precious, what a gift, a priority… what my job is, as a mother is to him. this guy shouldn’t have that much access to her son. what isn’t normal is a grown man taking pictures of it and posting it on the internet with more than inappropriate hashtags, #cantouchthis, #notashamed. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. i said, i don’t agree with things she does but it’s not the only picture of a child like this.[22] the metropolis concept series draws inspiration from a wide range of musical, cinematic and other sources, ranging from alfred hitchcock to debussy to philip k. actually have seen many talk about how cute it is and how funny kids are. i don’t watch the show and i’m glad the pic is there so i can see just how depraved these people are. combs soon visited monáe's myspace page and according to a hitquarters interview with bad boy records a&r person daniel 'skid' mitchell, combs loved it straight away: "[he] loved her look, loved that you couldn't see her body, loved the way she was dancing, and just loved the vibe. not one person could even see that parents taking nude pictures of a baby on a rig to be worse because all they can see is what she’s done.[39][40][41] in april 2014, monáe was invited to perform along with tessanne chin, patti labelle, aretha franklin, jill scott, ariana grande, and melissa etheridge at the white house as a part of their pbs-broadcast "women of soul" event, which celebrated american women artists whose work has left an indelible and profound impact on american national musical culture. Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, has hooked up with the wrong guy, and the trashy love affair has taken a shockingly disturbing turn. the second and third suites of metropolis are combined into this full-length release, in which monáe's alter-ego, cindi mayweather – also the protagonist of metropolis: the chase suite – becomes a messianic figure to the android community of metropolis. "'snl' taps edward norton to host, with musical guest janelle monae". by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. both jenelle and david have a history of either criminal arrests and/or convictions. am ok with this site call attention to this horrible mother and if the police/cps get involved, great!, but you sound very foolish considering jenelle tweeted the photo with her child’s face. i wonder if the pic is still up, or if he has taken it down. nathan griffith — with whom evans shares son kaiser, 2 — was jailed for driving with a suspended license while she was expecting in 2014.-it takes about 3 seconds to save this and use it as kiddie porn for those who like that crap.^ "janelle monáe's wondaland records and epic records launch landmark joint venture partnership! (2002): christine baranski, ekaterina shchelkanova, taye diggs, denise faye, colm feore, richard gere, deidre goodwin, queen latifah, lucy liu, susan misner, mýa, john c. after making a mark with her first unofficial studio album, the audition, she publicly debuted with a conceptual ep titled metropolis: suite i (the chase), which peaked at number 115 on the billboard 200 in the united states.^ "janelle monae dubbed 'girlie grace jones' in gq newcomer spread". i’ve seen so many pictures parents have posted of babies in the tub, nude on a rug, like this one she posted, and many other ways. march 15, 2016, first lady michelle obama proclaimed that she had assembled a collaborative track featuring vocals from monáe, kelly clarkson, zendaya and missy elliott, alongside production credit from pop songwriter diane warren and elliott, titled "this is for my girls". omg, my blood is boiling just thinking about it, tbh) poor judgement is what janelle is usually guilty of too (hence, why he’s even there… or nathan… or keifer… or.