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the girls charged with the challenge of unmasking "a" at the school's masquerade ball, emily is on edge. you are aware that the pretty little liars dvd are age rated 12 so there is nothing wrong with cheryls kids watching it. believing that maya corrupted her daughter, she holds a grudge against her, eventually discovering marijuana in maya's bag and having her sent away.'Pretty Little Liars' EP Marlene King discusses Alison's new husband, Charlotte's future and whether or not the show will end with Season 7. in the season 4 finale, alison reveals that mona helped her the night she was hit over the head and convinced her to go into hiding. marlene, she said that flashbacks like the toby and ali one was from their perspective and could have been when they were much younger, solving the time line issue, yeah i know, lame, but just go with it…i’m ignoring the blatant disregard for cannon they chose to foolishly ignore and just enjoy it…. but it was an integral part of the story, and once the transgender movement really started happening a couple of years ago, we had to be even more sensitive. it was revealed in the third season that he had been visiting mona at radley, because she had discovered he was selling test answers and was blackmailing him into working on the a-team as her personal assistant. hanna makes appearances in ravenswood and hints that she has a psychic element to her that she doesn't realize. she attempts to blow up radley for cece, as red coat, but is caught and stopped by the liars. she admires emily and her swimming talent and would like to adapt her style to suit that of emily's. the reveal brought to surface so many plotholes and writing inconsistencies and did nothing to change the fact that this a arc dragged on far longer than it should have. she then reconciles with the other liars when they realize paige is innocent. "a" drops its phone in season 2, and the girls enlist caleb's help. in season 4, toby learns more information about his late mother. aria frantically tries to find him and when she does he tells her that aria's friend alison picked him up. i think it’s safe to say that an 80 year old man is much older than a 24/25 year old man. in the second season finale, it is revealed that mona is "a". he divorced hanna's mother, ashley, after having an affair with isabel, his current wife. both jason and alison understand the damage that was done to charlotte by the lifetime of neglect she got from her family. he tells emily that he is okay with emily and talia having an experimentation with each other because he knows that he will get to love her forever.. 5 years is a lot and crazy to base something on in only 30 episodes so there better be more then just 30! links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. he is described as a sophisticated-yet-approachable 27-year-old working in the fashion industry. i don’t know what i will do with my life after pll is over. marshall (season 7): revealed in the seventh season, jenna is anonymously working for "a. hastings (nolan north) (seasons 1–present) is the biological father to spencer, melissa, and jason dilaurentis. the books progress with the four girls trying to figure out who "a" is and facing many dangerous obstacles and twists. in the episode before the fourth midseason finale, it is revealed she's on "the a-team" and it is revealed she is red coat. harvey (seasons 3 - 6): revealed in the sixth season, sara is cece's ally and a decoy red coat, as well as the black widow. was a friend of alison dilaurentis and deeply attracted to her. in the second season finale, she is in fact revealed to actually be "a" when she and spencer travel to the lost woods resort to uncover "a"'s lair. when maya goes missing and stops responding to emily's calls, texts, and emails, emily makes attempts to track her down, but is unsuccessful. the episode said it was because they didn’t seem that upset about ali’s death but ali was the first one to receive texts from a so why? it’s the whole “this is a family site” comment that i thought was weird. she has mentioned that she doesn't want to push into aria's private life, and she thinks that aria should be allowed to keep secrets. the detective returns in season 2 episode 12, when the girls are arrested. she wouldn't look her in the face and assumed that it was alison whom she thought spencer had killed. in the season five mid season finale, she is killed by big "a" after acquiring information that proves alison is big "a". in "what lies beneath", emily and hanna discover that maya had been hiding in noel kahn's (brant daugherty) family's cabin, and had never actually left rosewood. such a build up for 6 years and then it kind of just ruined it:/ and i really don’t believe in the storyline it felt so rushed there i couldn’t relate and i just do not buy into ceces motive to be so horrid tot he other girls. a perfectionist and the favored daughter, she was spencer's rival for most of their lives. she is still depressed over maya's death, but is at the same time angry at being treated like she is "made out of glass". at the start of the series, he was stationed in afghanistan, and when he returned home, emily came out to him. in season five she has a brief affair with jason dilaurentis. i don’t know who is with ali it’s kinda hard to tell . marie montgomery (lucy hale) (season 1 – present) is considered the "alternative" one of the group. on the security tape noel sent spencer it shows that jenna was dating noel. in the season 3 summer finale, toby is revealed to be a member of the "a" team. there is so much more to be explored now that the 5 year jump ahead has been introduced. later, jessica dilaurentis (andrea parker) offers emily alison's old room to stay temporarily. however, his body is eventually discovered with his death staged to look like a suicide; leaving melissa with his unborn child. tom later moves back to rosewood with isabel, and kate is enrolled at rosewood high. at the end of the second season, it is revealed that a body had been found, and they think it's maya's.[6] however, eventually emily begins to hate alison; jordan's death at alison's hands sends emily into a spiral of rage and deep depression. five years later, sara returns to rosewood after charlotte is killed and reveals to alison that she lied to the judge and was actually very close with charlotte, considering them to be like "sisters". after "a" blackmails emily into giving samara's friend her phone number, samara thinks emily is flirting and ends the relationship when emily doesn't give her an honest answer. toward the end of the episode, emily and the liars are confronted by jenna marshall and noel kahn. the team consists of lucas, melissa, jenna, sydney, and various other people that were treated badly by alison. charlotte is the real wolf of wall street; she took that money and built an empire out of it, which is another thing we’ll explore after the time jump.. so i was a little disappointed about cece being a, however, as long as the story line for this gets put into a better view point i will be totally excepting. so be satisfied we at least got something decent on pll. i will give her credit because i am sure she had to deal with pressure from the network and all the other downfalls of satisfying egos as a show-runner, but she has a very influential position. one night emily and talia are both working late and talia reveals that she has feelings for emily and only mentioned ezra to find out emily's sexual orientation. mike reveals to aria that the only reason he punched ezra was because after ezra and aria announced they are a couple, he feared what byron would have done to hurt ezra judging by the look on his face and thought, "better i do it, than him. reynolds (yani gellman) (seasons 1–3) is a police officer investigating the case of alison dilaurentis' death, who is initially assigned to trail spencer, a suspect in alison's death. angry at emily for "taking" maya from him, lyndon reveals he has kidnapped paige and plans to murder her in front of emily. pll was never and will never be quality television, but the mystery was at least interesting to a point. heartbroken by this, hanna starts dating travis hobbs (luke kleintank). when emily finds out, she tells her that she knew jenna from when she volunteered at the blind school that jenna attended prior to season 1. she is quite popular at school, but feels as though she's not close with anyone. emily is also superstitious, although most of her superstitions are unique only to her; for example, making a wish at "4:56" instead of "11:11". when aria threatens to reveal his affair to his boss, he backs off from her but gets ezra fired from hollis. she becomes a double agent after finding out that toby is on her side and begins helping the girls, which ends up getting her kicked off. we later find out that his secret is more serious than it seemed at first when he accidentally reveals a very large bruise on his stomach, but he tells aria not to worry about it. emily breaks up with paige after paige becomes jealous of samara flirting with emily. the aftermath of the liars' abduction orchestrated by "a," emily befriends a former missing girl, sara harvey (dre davis), who was also charles/"a's" prisoner. jealous of emily's perceived ease of accomplishments, she makes homophobic remarks towards emily and physically threatens her. in the premiere episode of season 4, mona reveals that even though she was "a", she was not the one who killed ian, confessing she doesn't know who did. when emily relays this information to officer garrett reynolds (yani gellman), who has been assigned to "watch" the girls, he later pays off reed to keep him quiet, preventing emily from doing any further investigating." emily and paige rekindle their romance, which is rapidly ended when paige is forced to move to california. never found out who really killed ian spencer’s sister boyfriend.[12] after maya stays over emily's house for a night, ben (steven krueger), emily's boyfriend, senses that emily is losing interest in him; he attempts to rape her in the school locker room, but is stopped by toby (keegan allen).

Who is emily from pll dating in real life

it is revealed that they have joined forces with ali. ezra later tells jackie to get out of his office when she comes by his office and to stay away from aria after jackie makes a comment about his relationship with aria being "a terrible mistake", and that he wants nothing to do with jackie again. after all the incidents with malcolm, aria decides that it is best that her and ezra break up just after kissing him on the school stairs. i will be intersted to know what life is like without a. cece was born charles but later transitioned into charlotte dilaurentis and uses cece drake as an alias. a highly competitive swimmer, she is considered the star of rosewood's swim team. becomes depressed after watching old videos of maya on maya's website, but is cheered up by paige. concludes that emily is the "weak link" in the group and begins to torment her as much as possible. from then on she and emily begin a relationship and all is well until emily sees talia's file, which lists her surname as mendoza. and mindy (melanie and monica moreno) (seasons 5–6) are twin sisters who attend rosewood high. she starts to work as a bartender in los angeles, but returns to rosewood at alison's request, and also to depose on charlotte's release from psychological hospital. jenna returns in the 100th episode where she is revealed to be a part of mona vanderwaal's army and is friends with sydney driscoll. ali told her she going to have to tell her and emily said she knows but its eaiser to talk to paige about what's going on, saying paige understands it. john is a good example and you are correct that the pll reveal was at least done better than the one on the mentalist. in the third-season finale it is revealed that melissa is working with jenna and shana. he works with her and encourages her to send ezra to finish his book. after being turned down romantically by emily, lyndon subsequently kidnaps paige and tricks emily into leaving rosewood with him, planning on killing paige in front of emily as "revenge" for "taking" maya from him. tanner (roma maffia) (seasons 4–6) is a lieutenant working with state investigator gabriel holbrook in rosewood, pennsylvania.[19] emily's father is sent to fort hood in killeen, texas, to help with military training, and emily's mother reveals to emily that they are moving down to texas to join him. in the 100th episode, it is revealed that sydney is in league with jenna and mona to take down alison.[16] emily's relationship with her parents soon becomes very strained due to the truth about her sexuality, although her parents attempt to accept her by inviting maya over to dinner. after returning to rosewood, maya and emily attempted to rekindle their relationship, though their new relationship is shaky.[24] emily then reunites with maya, who is now living a few towns over; they both decide to take things slow and see if they are interested in rekindling their relationship. dilaurentis was unaware of cece/charlotte's existence and charlotte eventually began dating jason to get closer the family and became cece drake. in "stolen kisses", she learns that on the night she was drunk, she had visited paige, kissing her before leaving. he was the one who gave emily a massage and also left behind ali's diary in the basement. he is revealed to be a double agent in the third season finale and is kicked off the team. lonely and heartbroken over paige's departure, emily starts a relationship with her new co-worker talia (miranda rae mayo). is imitating art for ashley benson and tyler blackburn, who play teen sweethearts hanna marin and caleb rivers on abc family's pretty little liars.! thank you marlene, i love you and the cast of pll! he later learns that wren kissed spencer and had a one-day fling with her. after their breakup, melissa rekindled her relationship with ian and the two eloped; after which melissa confided in spencer that she just wanted the fighting between them to stop.| nationality = american | lbl21 = residence | data21 = rosewood, pennsylvania | lbl22 = status | data22 = alive | lbl23 = seasons | data23 = all seasons; 1–7 }} emily catherine fields is a fictional character created in 2006 by author sara shepard. her relationship with her family is strained, predominantly due to her bisexuality and "a" related events. in season 5, paige moves to california with her family, and asks emily to come with her but she refuses. soon after, however, paige apologizes to emily, explaining that she was jealous of how "easy" emily's life seemed. spencer disapproves of their friendship, believing that toby is alison's murderer. when they found out it wasnt ali in the ground they searched for girls missing around that time that looked like ali. officer reynolds suggests there could be a raise in this for him, as he had his suspicions of the girls to start with. he later tells emily that he has been assigned on another tour in afghanistan. they rushed to emily’s house and sara was just getting out of the shower? 1, a is for alive), the scene was a flashback to before alison’s disappearance, so contrary to what you’re asserting, marion was not alive in season 4. she is also thought to be one of "a's" minions, due to the fact that she is protecting them. scene with toby and alison kissing, did we forget about that you whore of a liar! to convince her mother to stay in rosewood, emily considers faking a letter from a college swim scout; deciding it would be wrong, she rips up the letter. emily is largely motivated by matters surrounding family, romance, and ambition. it’s so sensitive and such an important issue, and one that i’ve been conscious of on social media — i’m supportive of the whole transgender community — yes, of course. he returned to rosewood shortly after melissa broke off her engagement with wren; after a small courtship, the two eloped and took up residency in the hastings' renovated barn while their apartment in philadelphia was being renovated. realizing it is a set-up, the liars create an alibi for themselves and cover their tracks. possibly unbeknownst to big "a", she secretly gives maya's website to hanna in code, leading them to eventually discover that nate killed maya. that day, she is outed by detective darren wilden (bryce johnson), who accuses her of destroying alison's memorial in the park (when, in reality, emily had been trying to salvage what she could from the wreckage). he is brought back to rosewood by lucas, who wants hanna and caleb to make amends and reunite. he has feelings for aria and briefly dates her, ending things when he discovers that aria is seeing ezra..", this new "a" wants revenge for the murder of charlotte, and is trying to seek out the person responsible. i applaud marlene king for this episode, everything about the reveal makes total sense to me, thank you. in the show, she is of irish/scottish, korean and filipino descent, with long dark hair and brown eyes, and her dress style is more fashionable. i can ily see it getting more ridiculous and unrealistic. she is more outgoing in fashion and what she sees as acceptable behavior. she begins to question her sexuality because of her feeling for alison, but later accepts the fact that she is a lesbian and starts to date girls, including maya, samara, and paige. when maya's family moves into the dilaurentis' former house, the two quickly become friends, and their friendship gradually develops into romance. it is claimed that charles committed suicide at age 16 so that cece could transition into charlotte dilaurentis. although hanna is friendly to kate at first, she begins to resent her. 1) work on expanding that tiny world view of yours; 2) take the “how to comprehend that women don’t need men to exist even if they are straight 101” class. emily admits to being somewhat obsessed with alison, priding herself on knowing everything about her. emily later finds out that she couldn't go back because her soon-to-be killer was there and wanted emily to go with her to san francisco to save her. hastings (torrey devitto) (seasons 1–present) is spencer's older sister, who was engaged to wren at the start of the series, but later returns to ian. mind is blown that you wasted your time and ours making this comment. he confesses to ella that he loves aria (though she misunderstands and believes he is talking about spencer) when he comes to comfort aria after her arrest. (ryan merriman) is found dead of an apparent suicide, but emily realizes that ian's suicide note is actually a mash-up of lines from a's messages. this leads to conflicts with the girls, who feel guilty about what they did to jenna, and having let alison pin the blame on toby.[1] she dated a boy named ben coogan before realizing her true feelings were for girls. emily then rebuffs nate's further romantic advances, stating that she just wants to be friends. lucas is not seen after this but is revealed to have attended prom with jenna marshall. believing that emily and toby were involved romantically, emily's father confronts her about it; after denying that anything is going on, she ends up coming out to her father, who is shocked. in season 4, it is revealed cece was expelled from college, because apparently alison pushed that girl down the stairs at the frat party shown in season 1. later, wilden confronts ashley and when he reaches for his gun, she hits him with her car and flees the scene. their relationship at the end of season 4 however appears to be over due to paige telling the cops that ali is alive and thus breaking emily's trust in her. alison kisses emily, causing emily to pull away, claiming that ali is vulnerable. he then soon breaks up with hanna when he's preparing to leave rosewood to live in his new life in ravenswood. mona soon reveals to the liars that it was he who gave emily the massage as "a". the television adaption, emily's personality is almost the same as her book counterpart. he does however, have a twisted fascination with the liars for undisclosed reasons. i feel as if the seasons ended the liars would have nothing else to watch their back for and the memmories would trick them into thinking that it was still happening and that would be a great twist to show that they were so tramatized by the situation that the were all put in a different psyc ward like radley just to be put in meds to get rid of all of the pain of thinking about it.

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i think spoby got married and aria is dating someone bot sure though!, not everything you read on the wiki is true, because there are a lot of holes in their seemingly flawless logic… like the fact that in 2010 jason was 23 and he graduated in 2005, meanwhile charles/charlotte is only 15 months older than jason, so in 2010 she was 24 – on the wiki it states that jason is 29 and “charles” is 25. he explains to aria, whom he has romantic feelings for, that he can't remember what he was doing on the night of alison's murder and that someone sent him a note afterward with "i know what you did," written on them causing him to fear he might have killed alison. when she discovers that caleb originally tried to get close to her while working for jenna, she dumps him, feeling betrayed. in the halloween episode, it is revealed by garrett that byron may have seen alison on the night she died. when her son, mike, is depressed, she doesn't feel he needs medication, and remains somewhat in denial about his illness. however, "a", who is revealed to be cece, reveals that sara was actually red coat and the black widow, working alongside her. here, someone known as big a takes the "a" game away from mona and starts an "a-team", consisting of mona, toby, spencer, melissa, wilden, and lucas. when the liars later suspect paige of being "a", emily staunchly defends her, causing a rift between herself and the other liars. you think the show is so bad then don’t watch it! they could have filmed cece in a male form or as the female she is now. are you visiting this site and reading comments with your children? mean it’s so blatantly obvious that this woman had no plan in mind. jessica dilaurentis had an affair with peter hastings which produced jason. harvey (dre davis) (season 4, 6–present) is a young girl from cortland who went missing around the same time as alison did." throughout the rest of the series he appears to have improved after going to a therapist. when he comes to rosewood to visit hanna, he begins to grow close to ashley once more, something which is encouraged by hanna. when spencer and him go there, there is a long roof that goes around the whole building and spencer thinks someone may have pushed her and covered it up to make it look like a suicide. having crushed on sean since before alison's disappearance, motivated by insecurities about her weight, hanna puts a lot of pressure on their relationship. their relationship becomes strained after melissa plants doubts about spencer's feelings for him in alex's mind, leading alex to think spencer is using him. later caleb confronts lucas and asks him why he nearly set fire to his girlfriend and why he is he acting so strange; lucas says sorry and walks off leaving caleb wondering. on a tip from "a"/alison, jordan is arrested and set to prison. aria creates a profile for her on a dating website under the nickname "hot mamma. she is visited by a and attempts to reveal a's identity to the girls; a subsequently finds a way to keep her quiet. are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. when he grabs a cupcake his wrist is exposed revealing a stamp from that night and noel kahn's party. however, he later returns to rosewood to help melissa out with ian, who at the time, they believe to still be alive. nothing was heard about sara after it was revealed that bethany young was the person in the grave, but in the sixth season premiere, it is made known that sara is alive and being held in "a's" dollhouse, forced to pretend to be alison. having been frequently tormented by alison, he often expressed his happiness at her death, going so far as to destroy alison's memorial, believing her cruelty shouldn't have been forgiven posthumously. he paid a private investigator to look into ali's disappearance, as he was afraid that melissa had something to do with it since he found out melissa had been sending ali threatening text messages. nicole (rebecca breeds), the supervisor of habitat for humanity, offers emily the option of moving to another country in order to help new people, and emily gets forced to make a decision on her future. it is revealed that byron didn't kill alison, even though she was blackmailing him about the affair. this show had years to drop hints yet they waited until last nights finale to cram every last detail into one episode? germain (sterling sulieman), maya's cousin, who has recently moved to rosewood to attend hollis. emily's mother explains that maya has been murdered and her body found at the dilaurentis house. the five of them are in the bathroom discussing their plans when cindy and mindy enter. germain (bianca lawson) (seasons 1–3) was emily's first girlfriend and her first love. they break up when emily expresses dissatisfaction with having to hide their relationship and after paige gets jealous seeing a girl from another school, samara cook (claire holt), flirting with emily. she dislikes caleb and makes attempts to break hanna and caleb up, though to no avail. problem with wiki as a valid source is that any one of us can go in and edit a page. it is hinted that she may be scared of wilden as he was seen in a heated argument with her before she skipped town. lauren rollins (née dilaurentis) (sasha pieterse) (season 1 – present), was the former "queen bee" of her clique and the most popular girl in school before her disappearance and alleged death. his surprise birthday party later gets ruined because lucas has something to tell hanna but hanna takes it the wrong way and they both end up falling out the boat. i thought this had been pretty clearly established earlier, but given the number of comments i’ve seen online asking the same question or demanding answers about it, the story wasn’t told very clearly or satisfactorily. byron finds out that ezra is involved in a relationship with aria after they tell him and ella and is furious about it. he also refers to this person as "babe", and she is revealed to be none other than jenna, as we see jenna's glasses and cane. in the beginning of season 3, "a" forces aria to reveal a past secret that aria and alison trashed byron's office and framed meredith for the crime when aria believes an earring she found proves that byron and meredith were still together after aria found out about the affair. drake (seasons 2 - 6): revealed in the sixth season, cece is big "a" and red coat." in the season finale, alison appears and they finally get some answers about the night ali disappeared.[18] highly competitive, paige lashes out at emily with homophobic insults, later even physically threatening her. wilson (edward kerr) (seasons 3–5) is a priest at the local church in rosewood. he revealed to spencer that alison blamed the accident where jenna was blinded on her, though spencer believes jason knows this to be a lie. jenna was nearly drowned by an unknown person at emily's birthday party. sydney was volunteering at jenna's blind school and when jenna found out that alison was returning she called sydney for help. i agree that cece just was never an interesting character for me so yeah majored down:/ not a total waste as i like most of the seasons plots and creepyness but season 6 is a write off for me. she is also the "a" who stalked alison before her disappearance. after getting a teaching job at hollis, she hints at wanting to reconcile her relationship with ezra. this leads him to leave rosewood and seek out maggie and his son; ezra is back in rosewood but only one day after he's back he gets a phone call from maggie; mrs. she became "a" in order to get out of radley and also because the liars were happy that alison was gone. after mona (janel parrish) is revealed to be "a" and subsequently arrested, emily and the other girls come home to find the police at emily's house. alison claims that's not the reason why she kissed her, causing emily to lean in and kiss ali. like lucas or caleb is who i really wanted it to be., these big reveals are never as satisfying as you hope. and the other girls plot to try and trick "a" by pretending emily is being frozen out of the group. in the summer finale, it is revealed that child was spencer. calderon (travis winfrey) (season 6) is a police officer that works with toby. upon the police discovering that mona is alive, alison is cleared of her charges and has now returned home. later, the girls discover alison's innocence and try to clear alison's name and free hanna. although emily's father soon warms to maya, emily's mother tells her that she is disgusted by emily being gay. "i've always been in relationships," benson said in seventeen's april 2013 issue. earlier, lucas has some problems and starts to be a bad boy at school; when he is given a letter to give to his parents he drops it into a bin and sets it on fire. spencer suggests that wilden was blackmailing her, but melissa says he was being told what to do. she eventually takes off the friendship bracelet alison gave to her in an attempt to let go of her feelings for alison. i also don’t think this was planned 3 and a half years ago. however, he reveals in "free fall" that he is writing a book about alison. veronica is initially uncomfortable around alex, which spencer thinks is because of alex being of a lower economic class, however, alex explains that he comforted veronica after her cancer scare. he returns to rosewood in season 5 and begins helping mona to take down alison. the two date for a short period of time, but samara states that she does not want to be exclusive, causing emily to doubt her feelings. drake (andrea parker) (season 6–present) is the twin sister of jessica dilaurentis and the birth mother of charlotte dilaurentis.[6] as a senior in high school, she accidentally meets kelsey, a girl who spencer framed for drug possession the past summer; emily ends up falling for her, but the relationship is ended when kelsey attempts suicide. he seeks hanna out for dating advice after he becomes involved with a girl named danielle, however, it is unclear if any relationship developed between them. spencer later finds a body and assumes it is toby from the tattoo. he had an interesting relationship with his late sister; though they often fought, they were both conniving and willing to keep each other's secrets.

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meanwhile, emily is forced to deal with her new relationship with maya, who is desperate to avoid getting sent back to true north. mike accidentally discovered that jenna and garrett knew each other when he stole a pot made jenna from garrett's house. however, the mystery surrounding "a" and alison's death begin to take a toll on their relationship and that, combined with sean's treatment of lucas as well as his attraction to aria, leads to their breakup. in "game over, charles", it is revealed that cece is actually "a" and was born as charles dilaurentis. she is constantly searching for a "best friend" to take alison's place. wilden (bryce johnson) (seasons 1–4, 6) was a detective investigating alison's murder. can you please ask marlene to at least let us know if we will find out what is with the plot flaw. furey (nicholas gonzalez) (season 7) is a new detective at the rosewood police department who hooks up with spencer at the radley hotel bar the night he arrives in town. five years later, alison petitions the court to release charlotte, asking the girls to testify in her favor. the liars discover that jenna can see after emily remembers being in jenna's car, leading them to confront her. it is later revealed that lucas had gambled away thousands of dollars of caleb's savings. emily, unbeknownst the other liars, fakes her own suicide in order to trick alison. germain (bianca lawson), her new next-door neighbor whose family has moved into the old dilaurentis house. after maya's death, while pretending he didn't know she died, he approaches emily with the intent to befriend and then kill her, assuming the false identity of "nate", maya's supposed cousin. in the season six finale, it is revealed that he is actually working with mary drake to drive alison insane and take her half of the carissimi group funds. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. having met maya while the two of them were at true north, he was angered after maya broke off their relationship, and proceeded to harass and stalk her once she returned home and rekindled her relationship with emily.. if i had to guess it’s something to do with her causing his family so much trouble and for messing up his son jason. i think when it comes down to it, a show is better off having one big mystery that ends at the end of a season and than having a second one for season 2, than trying to keep things going for 5-6 seasons. gottesman (seasons 2 - 3): revealed in the third season, lucas was blackmailed by mona into doing her dirty work, after she discovered he was selling test answers. marin (ashley benson) (season 1 – present) is the diva and it-girl of the group, having taken alison's place as the most popular girl at rosewood high. emily is known for her description and shyness, as well as for being member of a conservative family, the fields. lamb (reggie austin) (seasons 3–5) is a nurse at radley sanitarium. in the season six finale, it is revealed that charlotte was actually adopted and is the actual daughter of mary drake, jessica's twin sister. he attempts to kill paige in revenge for taking maya away from him, but emily escapes to the top of the lighthouse leaving paige behind. toby drops her off at the hospital before running away; he is later caught by the police, who had been tipped off by jenna. sara told emily that she ran away from home the night she was taken and was hit over the head. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. she is committed to a mental institution, radley, after being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. we deliberately decided not to answer it because it’s such a gray area and sensitive issue for people. aria found out that ezra is writing a book about alison and used her in order to uncover the mystery of who tried to kill alison. when the liars reunite after their time apart, emily goes missing during the night and is later found by the other girls standing over alison's dug-up grave, unable to remember the events leading up to that point. after emily's parents move to texas, ashley invites emily to come live with her and hanna. emily is dismayed, feeling as though she has only just begun to fit in at rosewood. she is the jock of the group and participates in competitive swimming. he tells emily that there's an opening spot for a swim coach on the team. after alison's trial, she moves out to california and begins a new relationship with a girl named laura, finally feeling at peace. after caleb is contacted by his birth mother, he leaves hanna to stay in california for a while.", when aria is sick, meredith plays mom by taking care of her, when in reality she drugs aria's tea to search her house. at her school, emily is recognized by the students for her achievements in swimming. came across this after hours of diligent fan-googling spoiler articles, and i have a lot to say about this. ultimate christmas shopping list for every pretty little liars fan. an accidental witness to lyndon james' kidnapping of maya, she leaves town after he discovers this. in addition, emily's mother is suspended from work because emily stole a key from pam's desk in order to invade officer wilden's office to find evidence about alison, and the p. he finds videos of ian, garrett, jenna, and melissa in alison's room that night. emily escapes, but is caught by lyndon in a nearby lighthouse while attempting to call 911. cece was admitted to radley sanitarium as a child, after a misinterpreted incident involving alison as a baby. when ali is ruled as guilty for the murder, cindy and mindy stood up in shock, but then began to smile. mary visits alison in the hospital and pretends to be jessica, to fool alison into thinking she is dreaming. spencer challenged him to a strip version of quiz-off in order to get his vote to keep her on the team. after mona's supposed death, lucas begins helping the girls to stop alison, who they believe killed mona. think you should do yourself a favour and take a good 5 minutes browsing around the internet and even the pll facebook comments and you’ll see that this show is anything but planned out very well. paige confesses to emily that emily visited her one evening, and the two shared a drunken kiss. emily confronts talia about her marriage but she tells emily that her husband, eric, is aware that talia is interested in woman and that they love each other but no longer in that way. when melissa finds ian's phone in spencer's bag, (although "a" put the phone in there), she believes it was spencer sending the texts to her phone and vows she will never forgive spencer for this. fallen in love with alison in seventh grade, emily strongly believes that alison is the love of her life and frequently fantasizes about alison still being alive and loving emily back. charming and manipulative, alison was skilled at finding ways to blackmail everyone, and many people hated her. toward the end of the second season, melissa makes some odd statements that implies she knows some secrets about alison and/or the n. emily realizes that she wants to move on from maya's death and rekindles her romance with paige. i’m happy for you that you enjoyed and can choose to move past the poor writing, but it does bother many viewers who feel like this entire show was a waste of time watching. she originally disguised herself as red coat and was the leader of the a-team, and she was also the blonde who attacked mona and kidnapped her. toby drops her off at the hospital in rosewood, which convinces emily that he is innocent. goes with toby to homecoming, much to the dismay of her friends; emily later admits to toby that she really wanted to come with maya. "are advertisers quitting pretty little liars because of lesbian character? montgomery (chad lowe) (seasons 1–present) is aria's father and a history professor at hollis college. little liars: vanessa ray defends finale’s biggests twists, previews charlotte’s future with alison in season 6. as of "close encounters", she reveals that she is helping alison and they knew each other since they were kids. she is a character of both pretty little liars' books and television series, and initially appears as a "jock girl" and one of the main protagonists of the stories. when ashley begins to worry that someone is still trying to get to her daughter, she goes to darren for help, asking him if he had anything to do with hanna's police report being released. the day is the same as the day garrett was arrested, and it was after midnight meaning he did not kill her. in addition, she is a lesbian, and has not been shown to be superstitious. recalls a memory from the day alison went missing: alison visited her and gave her a snow globe, which, unbeknownst to emily at the time, contained a key to a storage locker. emily is rescued by her friends, but remains uncertain if alison is really alive or if it was just a dream. alison's dad does not approve of her and lorenzo, so he takes back the binder alison was going to use to coach the girls' soccer team. she discovers that aria and ezra are in a relationship, and uses this as leverage when aria attempts to force her out of ezra's life by threatening to expose a paper that jackie plagiarized. it is then shown that she is in a relationship with shana, to whom she reveals that her eyesight is getting worse and she will eventually lose her vision again. tom later reveals that he will be moving back to rosewood with isabel and kate so he can be closer to hanna. the first book, emily is introduced as loyal, sweet girl who struggles with her sexuality. i’m still a teenager myself, and if my teacher hit on me, i don’t care how old he is, i would report his ass, no student should go through that. things are soon complicated by paige; having recently come out, she hopes to rekindle her and emily's relationship. "pretty little liars star dishes on lesbian character, anti-gay bullying & "mind-blowing" season finale". when ian goes missing, melissa refuses to believe spencer's claims that he is dead, thinking that she is receiving text messages from ian, who is in hiding. as soon as she touched it sara distracted her by kissing her .

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'this is us' season finale: five things it nailed — and two it didn't. shortly after marrying ian, melissa becomes pregnant, which again causes a rift between her and spencer, who suspects melissa is covering for ian. his real name is archer dunhill and he stole the real, deceased elliott rollins' identity. little liars is a series of novels which follows the lives of four teenage girls nicknamed the pretty little liars or simply the liars, whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their queen bee leader, alison dilaurentis. but i really want mona to be in the time jump. when sean refuses to have sex with hanna, she becomes upset and wrecks his car, though sean understands and forgives her. spencer mentions to melissa that wilden was blackmailing her to do so, but melissa never confirms this suspicion.!" the liars also find out that melissa was sending ali threatening text messages, and had worked at a law firm that ali had suspected of assisting "a" in messing with her life. meanwhile, caleb becomes obsessed with finding out who "a" is, which causes "a" to hack into caleb's computer and plant secure school files, which lands him in trouble with the police. holbrook (sean faris) (seasons 4–5) is a pennsylvania state police officer and the detective assigned to darren wilden's murder case. the girls try to hide the truth from hanna but when she finds out she is angry at them but reconciles with the a while later. for kids watching, 12yr olds are exposed to way worse in music videos…i’d rather my kid be educated, than not and not then less prepared for the real world…. hanna tells caleb about this causing caleb to break off his new relationship with his father, only for "a" to later reveal it was all a set-up. later they begin receiving various messages from someone using the name "a" who threatens to expose their secrets — including long-hidden ones they thought only alison knew. sara is then diagnosed with stockholm syndrome after painting charlotte in a bad image. although i completely understand the trans community (my brother in law is trans) marlene king, you really need to clarify if cece is male or female physically it’s only fair for your dedicated viewers to have all their answers. a lacrosse player, he suffers from a mental illness, which has causes him to burst into fits of anger and later leads him to break into people's houses for fun, before he begins to shut down emotionally and withdraw completely from his family. really hope that aria is dating ezra, spencer dating toby, and hanna with kaleb . while trying to console emily, who is upset about maya's disappearance, paige tries to kiss emily, but is rejected. i think that either a member of the hastings or dilaurentis family killed jessica, and omg yes you have to make more than 7 seasons! (ryan guzman) (season 4) is a martial arts instructor in rosewood. clark is later revealed to be an undercover cop, hired to protect aria. that was really just about having a lack of time to follow up on that storyline. it is just like an 8 year old boy watching spiderman which is also a 12. once the liars discover who she is, she ends the game..", surfaces, and steals emily's eggs, which she donated in order to gain money for college. toby used his name as his alias while he was working with mona. in the season finale, emily and the others are arrested as accomplices to mona's murder; however, on the way to prison, their van is hijacked by "a.[laughs] i think they got out of the basement after the end of last week’s episode; the police found out they were down there. confused about how mona killed bethany thinking it was alison. noel attempts to blackmail ezra with this information, but ends up getting framed by a (for apparently stealing mid-term exams). however, she ends the affair when she realizes that tom will never change. in the winter premiere for the fifth season, alison is arrested for mona's murder after evidence is provided against her, but it is later revealed that mona was working with "a" to frame alison because that's what "a" wanted and mona wanted to find out "a's" identity. hanna then finds out that travis was a witness to the confrontation between hanna's mother and wilden that landed her mother in jail. after mona is revealed to be "a", wren develops a friendship with hanna, as he volunteers at radley sanitarium where hanna goes to visit mona there on a regular basis. most likely because he's spencer's ex and she's secretly dating caleb again. | will charlotte remain a part of the show, or is that story over? hobart (david coussins) (season 6–present) is hanna's fiancé after the time jump. she is revealed to be alive and on the run from "a". she is later murdered by someone paid by alison, who had jordan killed out of revenge for "stealing" emily from her. have absolutely no idea where you are going with this, but i really hope you go past a 7th season. scared and confused, sara is rescued by the police and taken to the hospital. in season 3, she and byron have divorced and ella tries to move on with her life not knowing how. their plans go astray when a kills ian and take his body from the crime scene, leaving the police suspicious of emily and her friends. also in this season, emily befriends sabrina (lulu brud), the new-in-charge at the brew, which in the following season lead to a brief hook up.. i know that is unavoidable but i am seriously in love with it! ezra turns up at the last minute after a student tells him to 'be bold' and the two kiss in the rain. even though melissa didn't take the gun, her parents still feared that she killed alison through jealousy, so her mother hired a private investigator to watch her. we kept her in the dark, as we did with janel parrish when she was “a.^1 nia peeples was only credited as a main cast member in the pilot episode. rivers (tyler blackburn) (seasons 1–present) is a rosewood's resident "bad boy" who hanna seeks out for help in hacking emily's phone so that she can call maya, her girlfriend at the time. she feels tremendous guilt over her actions, especially so after alison once again returns as "a". after alison's disappearance, mona befriended hanna and they underwent an "extreme makeover" together; as a result, they both became popular students. three years after her disappearance, the girls begin receiving threatening messages from an anonymous character named "a," who threatens to expose their secrets, including long-hidden ones they thought only alison knew. "that girl is poison" emily discovers that her flask had been drugged with a sleeping pill, causing her to black out. she befriends and starts dating the owner of the brew who is much younger than her. the two twins are recruited by mona to join her army against alison, as they were bullied by her in the past. she was with alison and detective wilden in cape may the summer ali died. fields (shay mitchell) (season 1 – present) is the "jock" of the group. i know, i’m 12, i watch it, and basically everyone else in my form,its our choice, just because we are younger doesn’t mean we are going to continue the curse words and everything in our real lives, and for the memo, this show was based around teenagers in a highschool, not grownups lives, kids. before alison's death, she and alison discovered that aria's father was having an affair with one of his former students, meredith, who became his coworker at hollis college. after witnessing toby being taunted in the street, spencer begins to sympathize with him, and they bond even more when they realize they are both being framed for alison's murder. because she is just now coming to light doesn’t mean it won’t be explained in the future. maya plans to run away to san francisco to live with some friends and she attempts to convince emily to join her, but to had no luck.[15] although devastated, she doesn't confront emily about it, instead later showing it to emily's father (eric steinberg) when he returns home from his tour of duty in afghanistan. on top of that, she finds herself involved with her high school english teacher, ezra fitz, after making out with him in a pub bathroom and discovering he was her english teacher on the first day of school. maple (jim titus) (seasons 1–6) is a local police officer who is good friends with the parents of rosewood. paige and emily connect once again, though it is revealed that paige has become obsessed with emily., this was the best episode yet, it was so cleverly thought out and it was so suprising. in the sixth episode in season 3, he attends the same church party as hanna and when emily arrives, he runs into her and sparks a conversation. she is also afraid of being sent back in part due to her "stalker" (a boy she dated while at true north who had begun to harass her). least jason wasn’t forcing his sisters into having sex with him like jenna. after paige's homophobic and demanding father accuses emily of getting preferential treatment, emily's mother stands up to him, which helps to repair the relationship between emily and her mother. in the end, this a arc was overall too long and poorly done. the girls are then arrested soon after, having been caught with a piece of evidence the police suspect to be the murder weapon used on alison. bumps are soon formed in their relationship when aria learns of ezra getting his high school girlfriend maggie pregnant and his mother paying her to disappear from his life, even though he wanted to do the right thing. for a brief period of time, when alison comes back as "courtney", the two have a romantic relationship; emily is heartbroken when alison reveals it was all a lie. they just found the wine locker down there and they’re really having fun. am up-to-date with the show and have watched each episode and i know what happened with regards to that, but i’m not ashamed to admit that i don’t always remember every single small detail of this show like some people who act like this is quality television that we’re watching instead of the convoluted, inconsistent mess that this show actually is. fitz (fitzgerald) (ian harding) (seasons 1–present) is a former english teacher at rosewood high school and later teaches at hollis college. is correct, mona helped ali escape after ali was dug out of the grave the night everything happened. cece also learned a lot about the other girls from alison. although she is divorced from tom, hanna's father, ashley still has lingering feelings for him; when he comes for a visit, they end up spending the night together.

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plus you can date a teacher as long as you are not in his/her class. when spencer finds this out, she knows something's up, and she looks back on memories. will watch the next few episodes though and see how it goes. believing that ian is a/alison's killer, the girls make plans to confront him. his wedding to isabel is interrupted by hanna, who reveals his affair with ashley to isabel. really ant there too be alot of seasons and clifthangers becuase they are sooo good i bet he is the new a! in the july 15 issue of us weekly, multiple insiders confirm the costars are dating in real life. a couple episodes later it is revealed that they are back together in secret, unable to tell anyone. she was a patient at radley sanitarium, where she gave birth to charles drake, but allowed her sister jessica to adopt charlotte as a child. issue i took with marion’s death is we see bethany push her when she and charles/cece are kids, preteen at most. at the beginning of the school year, emily befriends a girl named maya st. dilaurentis is more connected to "a" then we thought, when spencer finds a video of a young jason and charles, who is "a". after this he approaches spencer and tries to kill her, stating that he's doing it for melissa's benefit, but is killed by "a", who surprisingly intervenes. after a suspension, he returns to school and becomes somewhat romantically involved with mona, but eventually breaks up with her and starts dating jenna.? you don’t need to be so nasty…you do realize it’s a tv show and not real, don’t you ? later, he is seen making coffee for someone and says he's sorry and that he "screwed up".[5] although they break up soon after, emily learns she's pregnant and secretly gives the baby up for adoption during summer break.[9][10] mitchell had initially auditioned for the role of spencer and then tried for emily.“he” is not charlotte or cece or anyone related to that particular name. montgomery (holly marie combs) (seasons 1–present) is aria's mother, as well as a teacher at rosewood high. i honestly thought that was a way better reveal than the other recent big one i can think of — red john on “the mentalist. in the season 2 finale he admits that pretending not to love her was the hardest thing he has ever done, she then approaches him and gets ready to slap him but before she has a chance he pulls her close to him and kisses her. whats with all this hate i thought that last nights episode was amazing and i thought the whole storyline behind it was spot on so dont hate people. secretly wants their favourite TV couples to be dating in real life — it’s practically part…Barron trump makes rare white house appearance. a lawyer who places a great emphasis on winning, he destroys evidence that he fears will indicate spencer's involvement in alison's murder. but i have way more important things to do with my life rather than memorize every single little detail of the show like some people have done. marin (laura leighton) (seasons 1–present) is hanna's mother, who worked at a bank in rosewood and later for jessica and jason dilaurentis. and even if he stopped his writing and investigating because he fell in love with her, the fact is this man who is a school teacher specifically got himself employed at a high school with the plan to seduce and romance one of his students and use her and spy on her and her friends for information. when shana is killed, who they think was "a", ali returns to rosewood. in season 4, ashley is framed for detective wildens murder by "a", and is arrested. her relationship with emily becomes extremely strained after this, but begins to heal when pam stands up to paige's father for being homophobic and accusing emily of getting preferential treatment. "a" is stalking and torturing the liars in relentless and creative ways and also threatens their friends and family. it was revealed in the season four finale that noel is helping alison. wren tends to get an unrequited crush on hanna after the kiss and tries to woo her at times, but gets rejected. having grown close despite their rocky start, emily and paige begin to secretly date.[29][30][31][32] later, emily goes to pepperdine university, but drops out later when her father dies. people this attractive with this much chemistry need to be together irl.[33] the florida family association has condemned the character for her sexuality, and general motors has subsequently pulled their advertising. dilaurentis (née drake) (anne marie deluise, later andrea parker) (seasons 1–2, 4–present) is alison, and jason's mother and charlotte's adoptive mother, who spearheaded a charity fashion show in alison's memory.’s girlfriend mya was killed by mya’s jealous ex-boyfriend/stalker, nate, who emily in turn killed in the lighthouse at the end of season 3 after he attacked her. jenna was engaged in a power struggle with alison before her death; after jenna's accident, alison visited her and blackmailed jenna with the knowledge of her affair with toby.’s pretty little liars finale made good on its promise of answers — including the true identity of “charles” dilaurentis — but as expected, it also left us with a slew of new head-scratchers. who is the “he” that’s coming for alison after the time jump? randall (natalie floyd, later natalie hall) (seasons 1–2) is isabel's daughter and hanna's stepsister. woman really embodies the liar aspect of this show in real life. later that night, alison lets emily stay at her house, where she confesses to her that she's pregnant, presumably by archer dunhill. he asked aria to keep his affair with a student, meredith, a secret after aria witnessed them kissing. is it possible for charles and bethany to be portrayed as kids during mrs kavanaugh’s death? might be started out as a way of getting info for his book, but when you meet someone, you can’t tell your heart who to fall in love with. se was way too devious and creepy when she left using alis passport. garrett then gets arrested for alison's murder in front of melissa. wells yes there is but as i said said lots of “kids” watch this and know about sex, drugs and bad words they don’t care and many of them use this type of language in school. in season five, he starts dating aria, after he had been tutoring her. toby talks to his mother's therapist, the one she talked to the day she died. upset by this, emily and nate comfort one another, only to end up kissing. another noticeable difference between the two versions are the physical and psychological characteristics. in the season 4 premiere, wilden was killed and his body was found next to his car. it does not tell when or if he was still seeing his therapist. in a deleted scene for "game over, charles", it is revealed that barry actually helped cece drake/"a" escape the night she was detained in "a is for answers"., this discrepancy along with the incest aspects of cece’s relationship with jason are what i find most problematic with the cece is charles/a reveal. it appears that kate actually wants to be friends with hanna at school, but she was really trying to look like an innocent victim, even sending the school a naked photo of herself and framing hanna for it. she knew everybody's secrets, but since she's been gone her friends are beginning to realize how little they really knew about her. the liars believed that she was "a" and believed the game to be over, until the real "a" returns. ezra later explains to aria that he was engaged to a girl named jackie when he was in college, but that she broke it off; jackie later returns to rosewood after getting a teaching position at hollis. alex breaks up with spencer for good after "a" makes him believe spencer applied for him to go to europe for a tennis camp after he asked her explicitly not to. later, she finds out that aria and ezra are still together, and decides she is going to try to understand their relationship.. when the viewers theorized that a could be a transgender person, she flat out promised that a is not a trans person. when alison returns to rosewood, she greets cindy and mindy, while emily and the liars watch from a distance and emily reveals that ali used to call them "gayrons" (standing for gay morons). want to know more about alison being married (so weird. however, after being warned to "get out" by "a", emily discovers that nate was in fact at true north with maya; nate admits that his real name is lyndon james. though initially annoyed and frustrated by caleb, she becomes more sympathetic towards him when she discovers his poor home life as he is in foster care. burned, while on a school-hosted cruise for spring break, emily begins a new relationship with jordan, a criminal who is on the run and being pursued by the fbi. it is also revealed that jenna truly cared for shana. (october 2013) (learn how and when to remove this template message). when emily's mother moves to texas, emily goes to live with hanna. ezra would still do anything for aria, as whenever she is having trouble he still steps up to help her. but i was really hoping ezra was a for some reason i don’t know why. after ian's death, jason returns to rosewood, moving back into his old house and papering up the windows, apparently looking for something that alison hid. he had an uneasy relationship with spencer, who became suspicious of him and believed he was alison's killer. though she is well-liked by the other liars, they are often annoyed by how sensitive she is and her devotion to alison, especially spencer. off, in the scene with marion, bethany is supposed to be about 16/17 years old and charles is supposed to be 15/16, but i read earlier this evening that their actors flaked out at the very last minute and they were forced to make due. we were all questioning every episode and the episodes left us baffled. it is hinted that he (caleb's father) stole money from the church as hanna notices a bill in his wallet with the same red dice as the one she had donated earlier that day.

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her parents ask her to come home, stating that they will learn to accept emily for who she is. in season 4, it is revealed melissa ordered shana and jenna to go to the lodge to spy on the liars to see whom they were meeting, and that they didn't start the fire, wilden did. however, there is an apparent discrepancy between the information we previously learned about the date of marion’s death (per the pll wiki, toby stated in ep 13, s 2 “the first secret” that his mother died in october 2007) and what we saw in the season 6 mid-season finale. once she returns home, she runs away again and was living with emily and her mother for a short period of time before returning home to cortland to stay with one of her friends so she and emily could have a real shot at a romantic relationship. alison apologizes for the way she treated emily in the past, and they kiss; however, any possibility of romance is squashed when emily starts to think that alison is "a. the suspense of not answering all the questions right away is what kept the show interesting. kate pretends to accept the apology, but makes comparisons of how to break in horses and how she would break in hanna. paige feels guilty about what happened, believing she took advantage of her, and emily is shocked and confused about this new revelation.’m sure the moms said their goodbyes but they were showing the girls saying bye to each other instead because the show was about their friendship and how important it is to have someone you can trust. he struggled to accept emily's homosexuality at first, but took a liking to maya after she came over for dinner. fans, let’s talk: who do you think the girls are dating (or married to! it’s like reading a book, you get through the the first half or 3/4 of the book, you still kinda wanna finish reading just to see how it ended. aria was dating noel, however, she kissed ezra while meeting each other to talk. however, a makes an unaltered, undamaged copy and sends it to emily's mother. cece stumbled upon alison and hit her, believing it was bethany. later, he takes her away for a trip near a lighthouse and it is revealed that he was maya's "stalker-ex-boyfriend" from true north, and that his real name is lyndon james. caleb promises to help hanna take down this new "a". it is revealed in season seven that mary gave birth to a second child while at radley. dilaurentis (parker bagley, later drew van acker) (seasons 1–present) is alison's brother and spencer and melissa's half-brother. later when spencer joins the "a" team she finds out that toby is alive and that he joined "a" team to find out about red coat. sometime after this, cece hired sara harvey to become her accomplice by dressing up as red coat and the black widow. the person who pushed ian is revealed to be alison in the season finale of season 4, though she says she wasn't the killer.[28] she is trying to help sara adapt again into society, with the cost of denying her own stuff. their relationship is often strained by the fact that spencer has a habit of crushing on melissa's boyfriends (first ian, then wren). his body goes missing and he is presumed to be in hiding. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. is a monster, even though people say that they’re tired of it. ella is aware of a, and tries to send aria to a boarding school to get away. she manages to escape and while he is chasing her down, the liars accidentally hit him with their car and kill him. at wilden's funeral, she is shown wearing her sunglasses and holding hands with a man. hey no n no non no you guys are not stoping there i mean it’s good cause it’s like a clif hanger but plz don’t end i love you guys and this too much for it to end here and now if you end at least start again next year i want my kids to now how good you guys are so yes plz do have a season 7 thank you i mean you have just made a new story line don’t torture us if you really do love us as your fans i’m sure everyone who’s a fan will agre with me on this one hundred percent. you tell people not to watch if they didn’t like it and i get where that’s coming from, but with this type of show, people invested time into the mystery and i’m sure many like myself continued to watch just to find out the answer. spencer is revealed to be the biological daughter of mary drake and sister of cece drake. then on her buzzfeed interview she was talking about how she thinks the biggest backlash against the a reveal is because of the fact that a is transgender and that some people still aren’t ready for trans characters on tv. and let’s not forget the way he lied to all of them and how before he fell in love with aria, he took a job at rosewood high and orchestrated his meeting with her and dating her to get close to allison for his book. as an example, emily's parents on the screen have different names from the books ones; and, in the books, she has siblings, while in the television series she doesn't. aria is then seen trapped in a box, next to garrett's dead body. when mike becomes depressed, byron reveals that his brother scott, who committed suicide, also suffered from mental illness; byron feels guilty for not doing anything to help his brother. sullivan (annabeth gish) (seasons 2–3, 6) is a therapist whom the girls are forced to see to deal with alison's death. later on the season andrew becomes dark and shady, leading the liars to assume that he is in fact "a". when "a" outs emily to the whole school, her parents force her to go to tree tops, a "de-gaying" rehabilitation center. the plan is only moderately successful; however, the girls are able to get access to a's phone. u don’t want people to swear on this site but u let your 12 year old watch pretty little liars." ella is furious at aria but later she likes the idea and starts dating again. i replied to your other comment above, if you take a few minutes to browse the internet and read other people’s opinions and posts about it you’d realize that poor writing and planning is most definitely one of the big reasons for the backlash. alison is later seen at the mona vanderwaal's crime scene. but cece being a did not surprise me- at all. ian dated melissa prior to alison's death, although he was secretly having an affair with alison, he also flirted and tried to get with spencer, who had a crush on him. peter strongly dislikes the dilaurentis family, who he claims are "always crossing lines". however, there are some perceptual differences between the two versions, since the television series usually doesn't follows the books' scripts. because the writers spun their romance to make ezra look like one of the good guys till doesn’t mean their relationship is okay. failing that, emily is shipped off to iowa to live with relatives; deeply unhappy there, she runs away. she was paid a large sum of money to disappear from ezra's life and to take care of his unborn child, whom he doesn't know about. they later have sex in his apartment after ezra finds out that he has been fired from hollis. phillips (kara royster) (season 6-7) is toby's girlfriend and later fiancé after the five year time jump. commented1the 100's eliza taylor details clarke's 'beautiful' relationship with…1102criminal minds: shemar moore returns — find out why and for how…983tv's 15 best musical episodes, ranked (plus the one absolute worst)804iron fist poll: was critical clobbering warranted? ezra later tells jackie, who comes into his office trying to convince him it'll never work out for him and aria due to age difference and the fact she's still a teenager, to get out of his office, saying he will not let her do anything to harm or hurt aria ever again and that he wants nothing more to do with jackie herself. added that she would be open to dating again if the right person came along. after his departure, emily's mother makes plans to return home to rosewood. however, once it revealed that paige was being framed by "a" to look guilty, the liars reconcile with emily and accept paige. abc family teen drama pretty little liars is based on the series of young adult novels by sara shepard. during one of the sessions, aria kisses him and apologizes. that, combined with the added stress and guilt from the fake college letter, lands emily in the hospital with a stomach ulcer. spencer's biggest rival is her older sister, melissa, and the two are constantly fighting over something. in the eleventh episode, aria pays her a visit at her school, where she reveals that she has a son named malcolm. due to her controlling attitude, she is estranged from ezra. emily then stumbles upon logan reed (tilky jones), the messenger who had been sent to pick up money for ian, after the girls blackmailed him in an attempt to reveal him as alison's killer. a senior, emily has spent the last five months away from her friends, helping build houses in haiti as well as partying and drinking heavily to the point of blackouts. when ella found out aria was dating ezra, she was angry, but she believed aria when she said she had broken it off, and tried to win her back her freedom, which byron didn't think she deserved. also why was it made so relevant if it had nothing to do with a or cece, is cece just a decoy or is she actually the real thing and has been ever since mona went to radley? right after emily's confrontation with nate/lyndon, he comforts emily but is shot by the gun that caleb put down beside the tower light assuming nate was dead.[14] "a" later mails emily's mother (nia peeples) a copy of the same picture of emily and maya kissing. she returns once mona ("a") has been caught and explains that mona threatened the life of her son to get her to disappear. he is attracted to hanna's mom, ashley, whom he once drove home after she had been drinking and asked for a ride, later sleeping with her to make up for not charging hanna, who was caught shoplifting. "sara harvey is red coat on 'pretty little liars' & she was in cahoots with cece". emily tracks down alison and alison's mother, who are in hiding, and after a confrontation with them, is able to expose them as criminals. grateful and not wanting to deal with her homosexuality, emily grows closer to toby, despite the warnings of her friends, who believe him to be "a"/alison's killer. really don’t understand the dumb “if you don’t like it don’t watch” comment.'s closest friends are the other liars, and during the periods when they are not associating with one another, emily is very lonely. driscoll (chloe bridges) (season 5) is a member on the rosewood high swim team, having recently transferred schools. strict and traditional, she expresses great anger and sadness when she learns that emily is gay. she has boobs,obviously you can see them lol and her “lady parts”, i remember an episode where she’s in a bikini with ali or something like that and not only that i remember cece telling ali about some hookups she had so obviously once again,she had a full change and is now a happy-ish girl. she is the one who kidnapped malcolm and set up the lodge party so red coat could meet the liars.

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he quit his teaching position at rosewood just before noel threatened to expose aria and ezra's relationship. even called him her “baby love” in the caption to this photo:My baby loveeeee @tylerjblackburn. emily's guilt over what happened distances her even more from the liars, and she finds comfort in nate st. hit bethany with a rock thinking it was alison and left her then she saw her walking down the road, and she asked her if she was okay, after that she helped ali and tricked her into leaving rosewood by saying first if this a person bashed your head in with a rock what makes you think they would do it again and secondly says make a (aka mona at the time) think your dead. after a while spencer becomes aware of toby's affiliation with the "a"-team and she slaps him, as a response to his betrayal. in the darkest knight, emily told ali that her and sabrina are on a break and that she can't talk about what going on. fields (eric steinberg) (seasons 1–4) is emily's father and an officer in the military. yes he is older, but age doesn’t matter when it comes to love. melissa discovers that jason is their half-brother and says that she can't be around their parents because they lied to her and spencer. ali asked her to wear the red coat to distract "a" so she could turn off the saw. agreed with ashley i strongly believe spencer’s dad killed mrs, d he wasn’t a very nice dad and causing trouble with his son jason i want hannah and celeb back together there so cute i knew cece was charles sent season three getting all the beers for jason habit that is terrible i want the show to do other season 8 9 10 it is so good. what is her connection to cece and why did she want to take part in torturing the girls?. there are two final twists, and we’ve got 30 episodes to deliver them. mona tells aria that she now has proof that alison is "a". maybe aria needs to be the one that’s single, i mean she’s dated more people than emily has dated girls, and god knows she needs to shake that creep ezra..", drop the emojis and kidnap hanna, whom they believe is responsible. she eventually enters a relationship with sara harvey, until she discovers that sara is red coat and the ally of big "a". mary's whereabouts after that are unknown but she returns to rosewood after her daughters death, where she is working with elliott rollins and possibly uber a to drive alison insane and get charlotte's money. she is the one who hit alison that night, believing she was bethany. she finally receives her wake-up call when he attacks her in his bedroom. yet we see a flash back scene with marion alive when alison and toby were at least preteens. since last night’s finale people have been been finding plotholes and inconsistencies left and right. when spencer confronts ian about alison's death, he claims he only pushed her, not intended for her to hit her head. she dislikes toby and his relationship with spencer in the beginning, but she eventually becomes more tolerant of it. in "how the 'a' stole christmas", ali gives the twins a makeover and they attend the ice ball with her, wearing matching (but different colored) dresses. mitchell was cast in the role of emily fields in a regular capacity in december 2009. i get she was protecting ali but it just isn’t strong enough a motive. near the end of the second season, emily starts hanging out with paige once more, who has finally come out to her parents. where on earth is the link from sara to cece? are several other great shows out there for you to check out, some of which you might find to actually be infinitely better than this one. soon afterward, due to a series of misunderstandings and coincidences, the liars suspect lucas may be "a"'s helper. mary is also currently the owner of the lost woods resort. however, when she is sent to radley sanitarium, she is visited by cece drake, who offers her a partnership and takes over the team of "a's", known as the a-team. jenna attended a school for the blind in philadelphia before returning a year later when alison's body is found. this is because the story lines of the second part of the season is missing.." and was working with archer, though her reasons for this and what she has done to assist them are currently unknown. can’t confirm or deny if there’s a new “a,” but yes, “he” is prospected to be the show’s new baddie. he is shot by someone in a black hoodie, whom he claims was shana, in the season four finale but survives and later rekindles his relationship with aria and begins helping them out with "a". kahn (brant daugherty) (seasons 1–5, 7) is a popular jock and friends with sean and mike. it was always clear she was operating without a plan just based on how many times they revealed something only to take it back but making two important characters in pll mythology, sara harvey (a character introduced this season) proved it. Little Liars stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn are dating, multiple insiders tell Us Weekly; "He makes me laugh," Benson saysFrom wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. noel is revealed to be a member of the a-team in season 7 and was the person who poured blood on spencer in the dollhouse. in the third season, the liars discover more about maya's death with help from mona, who tells them about maya's video blog site. at that thinly veiled (nah, jk) discrimination… you know what you could do with yourself when this show is cancelled? emily goes to homecoming with toby and later confesses to him that she is a lesbian; her openness makes toby try to confess to her about having a thing with jenna, which emily misunderstands, leading to a physical confrontation. someone who knows the final outcome of such a hugely significant arc such as who the hell a actually is would not have done such a poor job planning and writing it. she comforts alison and tells her that elliott is a good man for her. following characters are all family members and acquaintances of spencer hastings, one of the protagonists of the series. for a short time emily lives with hanna, after her mother moves to texas to live with emily's father, who is stationed in fort hood. following characters are all family members and acquaintances of emily fields, one of the protagonists of the series. little liars costars tyler blackburn and ashley benson are dating. there are questions that are asked and some are answered in our first episode when we come back. it is later revealed that ian liked to secretly videotape the girls when they were getting undressed, and other videos such as jenna threatening toby to sleep with her. after the liars abandon her, she forms her own army consisting of jenna, sydney, holbrook, cindy and mindy, and seemingly cyrus. afterwards, sean seeks out emily's help in pursuing paige, unaware that paige is a lesbian. kahn (season 6-7): revealed in the seventh season, noel was working for charlotte previously, spying on alison for her and helping her out in the dollhouse. in "escape from new york", shana is revealed to have been the "a" who shot ezra on the rooftop and admits to setting the lodge on fire. in season 4, it is implied he knows about red coat. the liars suspect paige of being "a" in the mid-season finale, "the lady killer", emily steps in to defend her, putting up a wall between herself and the other girls. hanna theorized that sara may have been the one buried in the place of alison and contacted her friends to visit them.) (season 6) is a friend of aria's whom she met in a photography class at hollis. when emily attempts to escape, the two get into a physical confrontation which culminates in emily stabbing lyndon in self-defense, fatally wounding him, and he dies. emily believes maya has run off to san francisco to stay with some friends, and is distraught. garrett is arrested for alison's murder, and it is assumed he killed maya too. i really really really hate sara harvey as red coat and black widow i don’t want her to be either one but i could’ve been alright with her being redcoat if someone else like melissa was black veil. didnt come up with this crap in season 3, when in marion was very much alive in season 4. in the fifth season, it is revealed that melissa is bethany young's killer. after telling this to spencer, melissa flies back to england and it is revealed that she and wren are seeing each other again. sorenson (amanda schull) (seasons 1–3) is a former student at hollis whom byron had an affair with. raymond (will bradley) (season 5) is a painter who spencer met at the brew.. she said a was in the pilot episode and thirdsseason premiere. his car was later found in hanna's garage and she takes it to the lake and dumps it. in the summer finale, she pays ezra a visit, leaving aria out.! marlene… is just a big liar like the name of the show. soon, emily begins receiving mixed signals from talia, despite her previously commenting on ezra's "buns". hackett (john o'brien) (seasons 3–5) is the vice principal at rosewood high. his relationship with aria is often strained by the fact that they have to hide that they are together. prior to alison's death, she and jenna had been rivals after jenna turned down alison's offer of friendship. in the fourth season premiere it is revealed that she was the queen of hearts that drugged aria on the halloween train and put her in a box, along with wilden. also, it was revealed that he is one of the people dressed as the queen of hearts in the halloween episode "this is a dark ride" along with melissa hastings. he left rosewood after alison's disappearance, but returned after alison was found to be alive. alison stays behind to take care of her, and we’ll see how far she’s come when we make that time jump. spencer tells hanna that she could spend life in prison.

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upon hearing this, emily breaks down, comforted by the other girls. emily and maya instantly bond, and the next day they kiss when emily walks her home. a long time ago i looked up who a was (lets remember this is a book series even if the show has gone off the story line) and it said ali had a twin… well. so cece decided to take what mona knew and torture them as a way to protect her sister. and it’s pretty clear from her recent interviews that she also doesn’t really understand why there is so much backlash against the show now. after some prodding, hanna convinces him to meet with his actual father who was portraying himself as "uncle jamie". after alison and the liars become enemies, the liars ally with mona. kingston (julian morris) (seasons 1–4) is a medical student who was engaged to melissa. (steve talley) (seasons 3–5) is the former owner of the brew and used to be engaged to ella montgomery. shortly after the messages begin, alison's body is discovered buried in her yard. after the discovery of ian's body, melissa becomes depressed and apologizes to spencer for choosing ian over her. in the third season, hanna has trouble telling caleb about what is going on in her life, causing him to break up with her. mona became "a" because of the bullying she suffered from alison, but became "a" again out of fear of losing hanna to the liars. alison gives cece her plane ticket and cece boards a plane to france, under the alias "vivian darkbloom". rollins knows the relationship with ali is unusual, that's why he's always thinking of her wellness before taking a decision. they are broken up by pam, who discovers marijuana in maya's bag and as a consequence, her family sent away to "true north," a camp for juvenile delinquents. they think wilden is the father of alison's alleged baby. jenna claims to know "exactly what kind of person [alison] really was," hinting that she knows things about alison that the girls did not. even though hanna stopped isabel's wedding to her father, kate still becomes hanna's stepsister when their parents get married at the courthouse. she is angered by hanna's shoplifting, and has an affair with detective darren wilden in order to keep hanna from being charged. he stopped being rebellious and more focused of his family's problems and helping them out. the night of the fire cece had her act as a decoy red coat for alison and she was the one who rescued the girls from the fire, leaving hanna inside. he is also board shorts but is not the guy alison met with at cape may known as "beach hottie". by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. in fact the writing and planning of this show has been criticized loooong before this reveal. and regardless of age or whatever, i still think they are gross together and it’d actually be great for aria’s mental health and future to move on with her life and completely start over brand new. mccullers (lindsey shaw) (season 1–5, 7) is a former captain of the swim team and the star swimmer in emily's absence. alison back in rosewood, emily gets supportive and protective of her. in the season five finale, it is revealed that mrs. that evening she returns to paige's house and explains that she realized there was a reason she ended up at paige's house when she was drunk: she wanted to be with paige. really want to see who is the next -a and who is coming for allison. it is unknown why she become an ally to cece. during this revelation, mona realizes that she was the one who hit bethany young with a shovel that night, believing she hit alison, but discovering the truth once cece reveals that it was her who hit alison. the liars find a picture of wilden, cece, and alison on his boat in cape may the summer ali died. despite spencer's parents distrust and dislike of toby, they begin to date. was disappointed about cece being a marlene king needs to clarify things a little more so we understand more i think she is a girl but she is obsessed with looking like her sister. it is revealed in the seventh season that he is not actually elliott rollins. main characters of pretty little liars (from left): troian bellisario as spencer hastings, lucy hale as aria montgomery, shay mitchell as emily fields, and ashley benson as hanna marin. cece was also red coat, being the one to watch mona dig up the grave, don the emily mask and attend the hoe down. in the season four summer finale, the liars find a lair that they believe belongs to "a" and we see that ezra is the owner, leading fans to believe him to be "a". 2×13, toby says, “it was a year ago last week…” which means it was… 2009 when his mom died? however, charles could not have been a child of that age in 2007, since the “present day” events of the show [at which time cece is in her late teens or early 20s] take place from sept 2010 [beginning of junior year] to sept 2012 [labor day weekend following senior year].[22] emily's relationship with samara begins to suffer when samara tells her she isn't interested in dating exclusively; they later break up after "a" forces emily to give samara's friend her phone number as a sign of flirtation. she chooses to stay in rosewood and move on with sara, only to betrayed when sara is revealed to be "a's" right-hand woman. emily re-joins the school's swim team after a brief hiatus, she finds herself in a rivalry with paige mccullers (lindsey shaw), an excellent swimmer who had taken emily's place in her absence. when aria is forced to confess and apologize to meredith, she returns the earring "a" gave her, which was taken from alison's grave, only to find out the earring is not hers. i believe hanna is married to caleb, and spencer married to toby. she is engaged to a new character named jordan :(((((( but they get back together later in the show. i’m sure it will make sense as the episodes progress. is she married, or did she just change her name for safety purposes? emily is then visited by alison, who explains that she knows the identity of a, but can't reveal it to emily, shortly before kissing her. and i would love this show to keep going way beyond season 7. believing maya has corrupted emily, she is able to have maya sent away to "true north", a camp for juvenile delinquents, which causes emily and her mother's relationship to suffer even more. jenna was accidentally blinded after alison threw a firecracker into toby's shed, intending to play a prank on him. following characters are all family members and acquaintances of aria montgomery, one of the protagonists of the series. dunhill, alias elliott rollins (huw collins) (season 6–present) is charlotte's psychiatrist, and later, alison's husband. have enough story to take us to the end of season 7, and we’re going to let the fans tell us if they’re ready to say goodbye to this world and these characters. at the time, jenna had been in a physical relationship with toby (it is later discovered that jenna had forced toby into the relationship, threatening to tell their parents he had forced himself on her if he did not). wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. this show is so far fetched is just blows my mind that people buy into this b/s! in the second season, jenna undergoes surgery to fix her eyesight, and subsequently lies about the success of the surgery, leading everyone to believe she is still blind. it is revealed that man was a pilot named nigel wright, who flew red coat the night of the fire. curious, emily asks ezra about this and he informs her that talia's maiden name was sandoval and her married name is mendoza. when emily was hospitalized after getting an ulcer, he came to visit her, apologizing for pressuring her into getting a swimming scholarship and explaining that he won't mind if emily gives up on swimming, as long as she is healthy. fitzgerald (mary page keller) (season 3) is the mother of ezra and wesley fitzgerald. i think she’s making up poorly executed excuses because she’s trying to be “on trend” which is wrong. she tried to steer it away from the books but not sure about some of her decisions. when hanna's mother falls upon financial hardship, she steals thousands of dollars from the bank she worked at, which hanna is forced to keep a secret. he has shown a liking towards alison and convinced her to be a coach for a soccer youth group for girls. the two later rekindle their relationship when aria leaves him a voice mail telling ezra that, if he doesn't meet up with her, their relationship is over for good. she becomes romantically involved with noel, much to hanna's disapproval, but is later dumped by him for jenna. convinced by her friends that toby is dangerous, the two get into a physical confrontation; as emily tries to run away, she trips and hits her head, falling unconscious. starts to struggle to know if alison is alive or not., some of that is mystery moving forward as we make the time jump so i can’t really tell you that much about it. (lulu brud) (season 6-present) is the manager of the brew who has been known to dabble with marijuana, though its later revealed this was due to a previous cancer diagnosis. aria tracks maggie down and discovers that she kept the baby, who is now a healthy 7-year-old boy named malcolm, whom ezra finds out about from a distraught spencer. true, he should’ve confessed he was researching his book.. sullivan (annabeth gish), the girls' therapist, goes missing, and the girls are forced to go on a mission to save her. upon meeting her, emily is initially attracted to samara because of the fact that she is out, unlike paige, who emily was secretly dating at the time. it is later learned that the blonde may possibly be cece drake. "a" sends emily to a barn in the woods; she ends up getting locked inside and passes out due to carbon monoxide poisoning. jones) (seasons 3–6) is a secretary of the decathlon team of which spencer is a member. cavanaugh (keegan allen) (seasons 1–present) is jenna's stepbrother, who forced him into a physical relationship with her through blackmail, and took the blame for the liars accidentally blinding jenna.

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this however, turns out to be false after he was apprehended by police and released due to evidence proving he isn't.[8] unbeknownst to the other girls, emily attempted to save alison from the dilaurentis' burning poconos house. specifically, in the finale, we see that charles and bethany are clearly children [age 12 or 13 at most] at the time marion is killed by bethany. in the second half of the season, it is revealed that mona never thought alison was big "a" and instead, it was a plot by her and big "a" to get alison into jail. she is also the daughter of veronica hasting's opponent in the race for pennsylvania state senate. hastings (lesley fera) (seasons 1–present) is spencer's and melissa's mother. you’ve pointed out all the things that have been discussed in my household over the finale! ella tearfully tells aria how ashamed she is, and how she doesn't know how to save their relationship. want this show to continue as long as it can. she starts to investigate sara, who is free from jail, believing she's the new stalker. if you recall, there was a scene where ali and toby were teenagers and were kissing and mrs kavanaugh came in. this new "a" does not use the alias "a" at first but instead signs their messages with emojis. i think the writers knew what they were doing and marlene isn’t lying in her interview. realizing alison had hidden something away, the girls use the key to discover a series of videos that ian thomas had filmed. she still loiters around the house and spencer and her friends begin to suspect that melissa knows more about "a" and ali's disappearance than she is letting on. though their relationship has a rocky start, maya eventually helps emily to come to terms with her sexuality. is a sophomore at rosewood high school in rosewood, pennsylvania, and a star competitive swimmer. the majority of the people bashing this finale and reveal from what i’ve seen couldn’t care less about the existence of a transgender character but rather the inorganic way it was written and the writing inconsistency. however, when emily discovers that talia is married and their relationship is calming down, she breaks up. she was the person who got off the plane, meant to be a decoy, and rescued the liars during the thornhill lodge fire and went to wilden's funeral to ensure his fate. the backlash is because of the poor writing the show has been suffering from a long time. later, she also apologizes for her father, who causes problems for emily at school, as he believes emily is getting preferential treatment for being gay. aria is furious, and blackmails her mother into not going through with it. i have been watching pretty little liars since the beginning and i am always so excited every week, i’m a real dedicated fan. alison encourages aria to tell her mother the truth, but instead, aria reluctantly agrees to keep her father's secret. a professional chef, she and emily initially get off on the wrong foot but eventually form a friendship., i’m not ready to say goodbye to pll yet, plus, there are some things about a that i still don’t get it, like, why the game started with the messages to ali and scaring her when her sister actually wanted to take care of her ? after mona's death, sydney and jenna join alison, believing she killed mona and fearing what she would do to them if they opposed her. didn’t mona help allison run away and fake her death? aria and spencer see garrett watching them after they talk to the guy who alison owed money to prior to her murder. the series follows the lives of four girls — spencer, hanna, aria, and emily — whose clique part after the disappearance of their leader, alison. stressed over the liars' constant insistence of paige's guilt and garrett's upcoming trial, emily joins nate for the weekend at a secluded cabin in the woods. throughout the season, emily, hanna and spencer start to investigate ezra in order to discover if he is or not "a. she dates caleb rivers until season 4, when tyler blackburn is moved over to the spin-off series ravenswood. a year prior to the start of the series, emily had been best friends with alison dilaurentis (sasha pieterse), a cruel popular girl who went missing one day. emily stays in the dilaurentis house for a while until she moved to spencer's, due to the house's creepiness. also, jason’s made out with 2 of his sisters, albeit unknowingly, and his mother let him do it. is that the definitive end point, or are you waiting to see how it plays out? emily volunteers in a dance competition when hanna, who was waiting money, loses. when he is discharged he begins to act cold towards her. tom eventually sleeps with ashley, but she breaks things off with him when she realizes that he will never change. is everyone so dramatic about the age its called a 12 for a reason ! he returns in time for tom's marriage to isabel, accompanying hanna to the wedding.“i wouldn’t know what to do with myself if this show ever ended.[1] she is described as having hazel eyes and a strawberry-blonde hair that is tinted green due to chlorine. got pll mastermind marlene king on the line to answer some of our biggest questions, including: did charles fully transition into a female? in season 2, episode 19, it is revealed that peter did have an affair with jessica dilaurentis, that he is jason's father and that jason, spencer and melissa are all half-siblings. santiago (diego boneta) (season 1) is an employee of rosewood's exclusive country club. and when you have a couple as adorable as hanna and caleb on pretty little liars, the thirst is real. when noel tries to attack the two, emily punches noel, causing him to fall down and be decapitated by an axe he had dropped earlier. later when spencer is part of the a-team, she picks up malcolm from his karate class but is actually kidnapping him. she is part of the group known as the liars; and is best friend to the four other members, whose are also protagonists. so i wouldn’t be surprised if she also killed mrs d as revenge for alison. drake (vanessa ray) (seasons 3–present) is an ex-girlfriend of jason dilaurentis, who was also friends with alison. it is revealed that ezra was paying cece for information which is why she was in ravenswood.^4 in season one, jason dilaurentis was portrayed by parker bagley. he eventually tells her that he is doing tae kwan do, a korean martial art, and that his parents forbid him to keep training, that is why he needs a cover. they find a video taken inside alison's room the night she disappeared, and melissa is shown throwing open the door and yelling "where is she? hastings (troian bellisario) (season 1 – present) is considered the "de facto leader" of the group.[26] emily's father returns to rosewood briefly to attend a father-daughter dance. she feels betrayed by her father, who has remarried, and does not get along well with his new wife and daughter, kate. emily and the girls show up and confront her about it, disarming the bomb. when a tornado warning traps everyone inside the high school, emily finds herself haunted by memories of alison. secretly wants their favourite tv couples to be dating in real life — it’s practically part of being a tv fan. although he appears to be sympathetic towards the girls, in reality he is secretly dating and in an alliance with jenna marshall. kate is shown to possess a malicious streak, with a willingness to use manipulation for her own purposes. she returns in season 4, and it is revealed that she was the one that buried alison in order to protect the identity of the person who hit her with the rock. she smirks and walks away, implying that alison may be "a". is married to a doctor from radley, and yes this show should go on forever! the liars find out she was staying at noel's cabin, and he hands over security camera footage of the night she disappeared. in the third season, paige and emily find it hard to remain just friends. this show has tough me so much and i feel so independent because of this show. i knew charlotte wouldn’t want to tell her story directly to the girls; it felt like she’d engineer this scenario where she could hear this story. later in season 3, garrett is willing to tell spencer everything he knows and tells her he will leave town right after. cutler (larisa oleynik) (seasons 3–4) is ezra's ex, who was impregnated by ezra after high school. it’s a different person the girls are coming to warn alison about. | what can you tell me about this “he” the girls seem so afraid of? prior to alison's death, hanna was a bulimic girl who alison frequently teased for being overweight. she made her first appearance in pretty dirty secrets, a series of mini webisodes. in the season four finale, she is killed and buried by "a". following characters are all family members and acquaintances of hanna marin, one of the protagonists of the series. he begins torturing alison inside welby and takes her out one night as part of his plan. she was taken into police custody where she admits to knowing who killed the girl in ali's grave and tells them ali is alive and that she can prove it.

sara attempts to run but emily grabs her and punches her. hanna and caleb from pretty little liars dating in real life? then in 2008, labour day weekend, bethany died and alison disappeared. after his death, it is revealed that he is also in league with jenna marshall.[1] the list only contains characters that appeared in five or more episodes. however, emily discovers sydney is a friend of jenna and breaks all ties with her. fring (aeriél miranda) (seasons 3–5) is a clerk from the rosewod halloween spooktacular store. the last book, emily and the other liars are later put on trial after alison fakes her own death and frames them for it (setting it up to look like the liars took revenge on alison for everything she did to them). dilaurentis had an affair with bethany young's dad and alison found out and lured bethany to rosewood. she initially disapproves when hanna starts dating caleb, but eventually warms up to him even saying how she sees "herself" in him. no wonder there is so many teen pregnancies and other issues. kate has the ultimate french-chic moment in this dress in paris. however, in the next episode, she disguises herself as a deceased jessica, while elliott dresses up as wilden, and together they scare alison into committing herself into a mental hospital.… suspend disbelief, you’re gonna upset the kool-aid drinkers with that logic. emily's insistence that alison is alive often causes problems for them as a group. strauss (shane coffey) (seasons 2–3, 7) is a childhood friend of aria's who returns with his family from a year abroad in portugal in the middle of season 2. pair were first linked in april after they were spotted kissing at the coachella valley music and arts festival in indio, calif. when hanna and emily check on aria, they too are tricked down into the basement. that means alison and toby were younger than preteens when marion was killed. hanna accidentally kisses wren from happiness when she finds out mona will not be transferred based on hanna's testimony., there’s nothing new about ashley benson and tyler blackburn liking each other in real life — they briefly dated back in 2013 while ashley was off-again with bf ryan good. so the most surprising thing for me was when we found out a was actually their brother charles, and when they brought it round full circle i went. she confesses to paige about kissing nate, who explains that emily is simply confused over her connection to maya through nate. while there, it is revealed that "a" secretly dosed emily with hgh, forever ruining emily's chances of getting a swimming scholarship. of twelve year old watch this stuff but also know how to swear alot. he was attracted to spencer and later kissed her, which resulted in melissa calling off their engagement. with the appearance of "a", it is revealed that emily is questioning her sexuality and may have been in love with alison. however, the next morning her body is found, seemingly having jumped from the bell tower, until the police discover that charlotte was already dead upon "being thrown". he is distrustful of the girls, frequently questioning them beyond normal means, such as when he humiliates emily by outing her to her friends.'s characteristics and stories have the same methodology in both books and television. her motive is that she wants justice for jenna after ali blinded her. however, her hand twitches, and her body disappears, meaning she survived the fall. mona later reveals she actually doesn't know who "red coat" is, and is basically expelled off the team for letting spencer and toby trick her. paige apologizes for her father later that evening and comes out to emily by kissing her. also, using the technique of withholding answers and revealing slowly in order to keep viewers’ attention is okay up to a point and pll reached that point 2+ seasons ago. for example, if ‘a’ is taller than spencer or not in certain episodes; like that is completely irrelevant to me and not something i would commit to memory. initially he disapproves of spencer and toby dating, he warns toby after her begins to work for him. after some financial hardship caused by the divorce, ashley falls behind on her bills and resorts to stealing money from the safety deposit box of a client; the money is later stolen (by "a", unbeknownst to ashley) and hanna is forced to slowly earn it back by hurting lucas. although initially angered by hanna's rejection of his romantic feelings, he eventually accepts it and even befriends caleb. vanderwaal (janel parrish) (season 1 – present) is a former unpopular girl at rosewood who longed to be accepted into alison's group and was continuously mocked by alison. emily is able to stay in rosewood, but feels guilty, confiding in samara, her new girlfriend. sandoval-mendoza (miranda rae mayo) (season 5) is ezra fitz's new cook at the brew. when she remembers ali telling her weird things on a night when her parents had been fighting about jason and melissa kissing, she figures out that ali had subtly told her about jason being her half-brother. severely depressed and increasingly desperate, emily contemplates committing suicide and very nearly attempts it; she is only talked out of it when the liars remind her that that is what alison wants: for them to die. charles is clearly older than toby’s mom so how is this possible? i view the show from more of a broad perspective taking in all of the main events that happen, and not how tall someone was in an episode 2 seasons ago! love this show and don’t want it to end in all honesty. this is a sensitive subject and she could have properly included it within different parts of the plotline. their competition led to spencer kissing both ian and wren, which culminated in melissa breaking off her engagement with wren. dilaurentis (jim abele) (seasons 3, 5–6) is the biological father of alison and charlotte dilaurentis and the legal father of jason dilaurentis. after asking byron to move out, and his refusal, she left the home. cook (claire holt) (seasons 1–2) is the president of a local private school's gsa.: pretty little liars characterslists of drama television characterslists of american television series charactershidden categories: wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism.^2 in season one, jessica dilaurentis was portrayed by anne marie deluise.[4] emily comes to discover that she's actually bisexual, when she falls for and eventually sleeps with a boy named isaac colbert. she met cece, who escaped radley in 2009 (mid season 3) and then spend a year in killing reynolds, wilden, playing dollhouse, ruining the girls’ life, you know, the usual. she later travels with the liars and mona to the carissimi group building and helps the get into "a's" secret room, but waits outside the door on them. following jordan's death, emily swears revenge on alison and remarks that she would not mind killing alison. so what he does is come back and try to hurt ali because he thinks it all her fault that they not dating anymore. in the following episode, a man comes into the brew looking for talia and is revealed to be her husband. in season 5, she starts an army of alison haters to prepare for ali's return. he seemed to forgive aria and their relationship is better. mona begins helping ezra with his book in 4b due to him blackmailing her because of her illegal "a" activities. she then is the one to explain mona's mental issues to the girls in the jail before mona is put in a mental facility. but not giving us all the answers each episode is what kept watchers on the edge of their seats. after he returns to rosewood, he strikes up a tentative friendship with emily after saving her from ben. spencer and melissa's father's gun goes missing, and spencer fears melissa took it. during the ensuing struggle, emily stabs nate, fatally wounding him. at the end of the season 4 summer finale, she reveals malcolm is not ezra's son. following characters are all family members and acquaintances of alison dilaurentis, one of the protagonists of the series. he asks aria out on a date, and discovers that she only agreed so she could get out of the house unsupervised and try to meet ezra. she gets along well with her older sister caroline, but later chooses to sever ties with her family at the end of the series. mona was to fake her death as part of this plan, so that she could find out big "a's" identity, and in the fifth season finale it was revealed that mona is really alive and being forced to "be" alison inside big "a"'s dollhouse. hastings (seasons 2 - 3): revealed in the fourth season premiere, melissa was the black swan and the queen of hearts. following this, his friendship with hanna and caleb is severely strained, and lucas grew increasingly more troubled. emily tearfully confesses to her friends that she was in love with alison; although surprised, they are instantly accepting of her being a lesbian. caleb is the first person other than the liars to help figure out who "a" is. i wouldn’t know what to do with myself if this show ever ended. despite hanna ruining tom's wedding to isabel, ashley reveals to hanna that tom still married her. they hit it off and hanna manages to get caleb's father a job at the church so that he could be near his son. she later apologizes to emily, stating that she can understand if emily hates her, because she hates herself. comes to visit emily to prove that he is innocent, but when cats is arrested, he believes that she is responsible for it. they have a brief struggle with lyndon trying to stab her, but emily grabs the knife and kills him in self-defense.

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