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till today, they're father and mother of many nations(the jews and christians). if a man can cheat on a woman like dillish (annoyingly beautiful + rich) and you just have your foundation layered face and red lipstick going for you. is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. to a somali man and a namibian mother who is currently based in angola, the otjomuise beauty should now brace herself for a tougher life outside the house. think dilish is even the cheating one not her boo but the guy is just covering up for her. must u send such msgs to a woman u aint dating. i took myself out to the movies, then i went to the stores to splurge, then went for a two hour fun body massage and scrub at the spa, then took myself to dinner and in a bit, i'll be getting some loving from my inanimate brown sugar i call idris elba. 100 percent they cant make it after her win but never knew it will come this way. nemesis will catch up with all of you, if u don't repent.

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this tweet to your website by copying the code below.,matured response,am not surprised,tiwa n nepabillz nxt,if u dnt post this ehhn linda,all ur val gifts go catch fire oooo. wonder,shez now with melvin in nigeria,,,,,even took a picture with melvin's mum. dont understand why some fat idiots here are bringing melvin into this? of africa may 2015  published on apr 13, 2015  essays of africa is a glossy lifestyle magazine that highlights the woman’s journey from being a girl to embracing womanhood. saw it coming but dis d chance for her to pick 1 of d hot naija dudes. so, which means to them any small issue can also break their relationship apart from flirt smses? defended dillish by saying people who claimed she was gold digger, who became rich & dumped him, were wrong about her. dillish even went as far as deleting all his pictures from her instagram page.

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    percent sure that @chilome_beyonce is the mole in nigeria that stephen gaeseb was hcontacting directly. has not been confirmed whether dillish’s prize money also qualifies for tax cuts. we shouldn't conclude and say dillish is dumb enough, we don't know what other things have transpired leading to their breakup . is a fool, y wld u want 2 justify ursef, by sayin ol guys flirt, u had a motive. returns home this week as namibia’s first big brother africa winner for season 8 after lady may and edward came close to the prize. happy for melvin cos they are together now dillish really love melvin, to those of you that think dillish is with flavour u are dead wrong cos she did that video for him and she got her money, flavour has his long time girl that no one can come between them delish +melvin =true love wish them well. does one exchange 'flirtatious messages' with a woman who isn't your lover and you say its not cheating? you pipo are jus so dumb, make she go date na, fine girl don finish? you see a tweet you love, tap the heart — it lets the person who wrote it know you shared the love.
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    this girl is a nigerian she had her group including @unclechidi and the rest but it was clear she was bought over by dillish's camp anyways. busia governor emerged with unrealistic figures forcing odm to act. and her fiance are still together despite the rumors rife that the fiancee spent valentine's with his close 'friend' dillish. dilish is a pretty girl and she wil just be fine. dumb comment ever, if a man can cheat on preety and rich dilish bla bla u are a mumu. matter the size of the winning prize, dillish has earned something more than nm; respect!, officials at the ministry of finance (mof) said dillish’s case is unique. is wat i call maturity;taking responsibilty for ur actions nd accepting ur wrongs. if she wins the money, they would definitely benefit,” dillish’a cousin, bertha mathews, said late last week.
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    that as it may, dillish, being the level-headed lady she is, the villager has already been informed she is likely to give all the money to the ‘family’ business with gaeseb. was dumb enough not to propose to dillish on that finale day! but u guys should try nd reconcile cos true lov is hard to find these days. and i'm sure osho baba will be happy with this news. pls pple shud stop giving dis men more power to misbehave by saying is in their nature to cheat. so anyone who supports melvin and dillish is a mellishian? reasons are best known to them, abeg make the guy go enjoy him bike, wish them the best in their seperate lifeyour comment will be visible after approval. that she is a celebrity, will dillish become a victim of her groupies?.see comments seems nigeria really wants melvin n dillish to hook up will be waiting to see melish becomes a reality.
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of churchill show's 'ayeiya' is mourning the loss of yet another member. it happened to lady may, it would certainly happen to dillish. oga melvin relaunch your bid to win her heart sharp shap, bcos d way deh look flavour nabania, he is on his way to win the trophy. and dillish, if u truly u re dating or flirting wt flavour, then just kno dt u re sitting on a long thn. that girl is a rookie that has zero morals i mean what woman sells herself short that way and wouldn't want to take over completely. won't be surprised if she hooks up with a nigerian.“one thing for sure, dillish has proven she is not a dirty kandeshi,” izinyoka confidently said last week, before dillish’s victory. stephen dude is just too old,shapeless,fat and ugly for beautiful dilish. in gaeseb’s already thriving business would be a positive option for dillish and of course, a few hundreds of thousands is likely to go to her own family’s upkeep.

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general rule is, every amount above n 000 - may it be income or prize - is taxable. communications regulatory authority of namibia (cran) has issued summons against mobile telec..dillish is everywhere in africa nowadays am suspecting they don't spend much tym together lyk they used 2,the guy is cool,he's still defending her after breaking up,that shows his love and respect 4 her,shit happens sha. β€ţţ€я τ̅☺ break up if d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ cnt get along cos marriage is τ̅☺ b enjoyed nt τ̅☺ b endure, †ђξ ealier †ђξ beta ψȋ§ȟ both of dem well. maybe you weave on is too tight thereby causing your brain to type wrong english. party has been in existence since 19 april 1960, and this year we are celebrating 27 y. are people known for seeking all forms of opportunities from celebrities. this video to your website by copying the code below. timeline is where you’ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you.

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*grabs pop corn and coke* to think i know the nigerian woman who stephen exchanged a flirtation text with shame on her. the only difference is that it’s the corporate communications who benefit, not the contestants, in most cases. melvin is the idle man 4 you ooo no fall him hand now u dey single. weeks now there have been speculations that bba 2013 winner dillish mathews and her boyfriend stephen gaeseb have broken up. the nm be taxed, she would attract 37%, which is n. is now living proof that with calculated decisions, all is possible even for a young girl who has only been labelled a gold-digger, yet is an epitome of a society we all long for; morally upright. anyway, dillish should plz marry melvin the docile guy or any other nigerian guy even if she's a namibian. when there is error, correct it immediately and move on. have been known to be extroverts, drunkards and sex maniacs, neither of which dillish was.

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kissed hakeem during a game of spin the bottle but it was boring and did not stir any feelings. this girl started a campaign of calumny against maria moved down to beverly. all the pics of her and flavor all over the web,i would be surprised if they start dating. dillish isn't just physically beautiful, she's amazing and i respect her" he told the paper. d devil u know is beta dab d angel u don't know. question is what has melvin got to do with this? Villager is a weekly Namibian newspaper dealing with socio-economic matters that our country faces. can switch location on/off before each tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. just talk sense now , i even feel say osho baba been dey fire the thing in between , who be stephen where osho baba dey?

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only girl that campaigned massively for dillish and started the mellish rumor just to get nigerians so interested in dillish is @chilome_beyonce abi @chilomebeyonce. not surprised i expected that, sorry stephen but dilish deserves a better looking guy u look like her father. do you mean by he will be there dillish will date three more? acquiring wealth cannot be compared with one who is full of wisdom! on the other hand,i say love is a drug, if they are meant to be they will eventually get married. well, if she can't read this, people should learn from this cos wisdom is the principality.! they wll never change frm cheating,dillish pls biko face ur life dnt be bothered u wll find ur real man.! people should know cheating is not only having sex or kissing someone who isn't your bf/gf, hubby/wifey but once you start hiding texts and deleting texts from that "said person" then you are cheating. is evidence enough that a deal had surely been struck between the two long-time buddies.

News ☛ Arvrils boyfriend addresses rumors that he has dumped Avril for dillishFriday, 14 february 2014. dilish respected him throughout her stay in the bba house, he couldn't do the same. just dey feel for stephen his next and i feel sorry for his next babe. photo of avril's south african boyfriend spending time  with former big brother africa (bba) winner  dillish mathews has caused online chaos. is a jaw man ,so local ,imagine that beautiful dilish he couldn't tost her . this cheat of a tin is everywere nd nobody is perfect. was easier to agree to that pact before going into the house than it could be now.'s not as if dilish wasn't flirting herself with all the parties her governor took her to. napembe aka dirty kandeshi dumped her boyfriend walla, a few weeks after returning home from the house, for reasons known to the former couple.

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peyavali “dillish” mathews has battled 91 days of no sex, no romance, bashes from hakeem and nando, beverly’s crucifixion towards the end and in return, africa has rewarded her with u0 000 (nm). a nation-wide addres this morning, president elect dr hage geingob announced the names of the . man if is all dos mumu men dey wil 1st condem her lik timaya bigest fool ever. today, her fiancee shared a post on social media calling upon his fans to vote for a 'beautiful' soul who deserved to keep shining. is havin a nice time in nigeria, n guess wat? she was stoic about her supporrt for dillish saw no flaws in her swiftly knocked off all oppositions and mazes on her way and did all the votes stealing for her. the only and last thing to break a relationship is death if the love is there., there are more opportunists in the name of corporate communications experts who are likely to hijack the beauty queen at every chance they get. dis ain't a publicity stunt den it's has got our vry own flavour n'abania written all ova it.

BBA winner Dillish Mathew's boyfriend confirms their break up

thnk god u got caught, nd as 4 dillish i won't spare u, ol em bba finalist hangin arnd 9ja, xcludin elikem, anytin wey una eye see make una collect ooo.“the nature of the nm will have to be studied before a decision is made,” the villager was told by mof tax official, nadine du preez.’s businessman boyfriend, steven “izinyoka” gaeseb, is sure to marry her. we saw it coming after the visit at oshiomole's villa, next pls! the rumors, this is what avril wrote on her boyfriends instagram amid break up rumors. in an interview with a namibian sun yesterday, he confirmed that he'd split from dillish but denied he's expecting a baby with another woman. all struggle with sin nobody can boast n say i cant fall into sin adam did, peter did,even me myself did show me a man who is above sin? start with, dillish and fellow housemate and best friend, maria nepembe, made a pact before going into the house to split the money 50/50 whoever won. flavour is ur chance,you said you don't have a girlfrnd and dillish has broken up with stephen,plus amazing chemistry on set and dinner dates.

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namibia statistics agency (nsa) launched the migration report based on data from the 2011 nam. the bba house, she was only know as the pretty girlfriend of business man steven “izinyoka” gaeseb, a model, ring girl and dirty kandeshi’s partner-in-crime. who is alleged to have snatched avril's lover has  addressed the rumors that she is  a husband snatcher saying:kenyans on twitter picked the news  and made fun of avril's supposed dumping..got diz feeling dillish is d happier of d two,cuz now she go awol wit flavour..The week before maria was evicted, she reminded dillish of the 50/50 pact, of which dillish remarked, “50/50? after dating her for five years, investing all and sundry into her, gaeseb will surely return the investment. i think the boyfriend is just defending her cos that chick has been flirting in person around naija while her guy is just flirting via sms. it has been the source of rumors that avril had been dumped for dillish. celebrates its 57th anniversary on 19 april at the back of discontent bah what they wi.