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at any time, anyone can set up a new dating website using global personals service, and gain access to their stock of profiles. sites used fake men as well as fake girls' profiles #datingscam***@artfor how many females use these dating agencies & hide their aggression?

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that is because it runs dating websites on behalf of other companies.&a: online dating scam channel 4 news producer geoff white and correspondent sarah smith answer your questions on the #datingscam.

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White label dating discount codes

however this trust is often abused as our special investigation into one of britain’s biggest internet dating companies has found. personals is one of the uk’s largest internet dating companies.

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Channel 4 News investigation reveals one of Britain's largest internet dating firms hired staff to trick customers into handing over more money - abusing their personal details in the process.’s called “white labelling” – a well-known company can launch a dating website with the company’s branding all over it, but global personals runs the back end.