When did tony and ziva hook up

Does ziva and tony hook up

really do hope that tony and ziva are reunited and start a life together…they have chemistry!. especially tony had less storylines, or at least the worst ones. the walking deadwhat's new on netflix: movies and shows added this month. why you guys complain and complain all of the negative things people said? grow a set and tell the truth, don’t fill them with false hopes just so you can keep them around to keep your numbers large and the show on the air. the easiest plan b the producer could’ve done was kill ziva off or have her marry adam, but out of respect for those who love the character, they didn’t do that…and from what i’ve seen, have gotten little appreciation for their efforts., i’m sure all ziva fans fall in those three categories. tony does have to go, it should to be with ziva.. i mean that they could end the storyline of season 10 and then write her out…. she asked me why did i watch the show after ziva left to be so sad. he found her last time and he’ll find her again.” that way tiva fans can imagine he’s talking to ziva, jeanne benoit fans can imagine he’s talking to her, fans who want another pairing (or don’t want any pairing at all) can imagine he’s talking to whomever they want and everyone can be happy, not just one segment of fans. actors received their characters singular send offs, surely for all these years of work michael deserves the same in his persona of “tony”. has been a part of the show before ziva and after ziva. are not getting the fact that sometimes what online fans want and what the majority of the viewing public wants are two very different things. i know every actor has his time but he is young and funny and really makes the show..If they want to make this about tony they should built the whole thing about him… i don’t think that if ziva comes will make it less about tony. his exit should be about how all those people influenced his life, how he touched theirs, and how it made him the brilliant agent he is today. this is his swan song and his story and that is how it should stay. would be tremendously happy, if sometime in the future they reveal that tony, tali and ziva are all living happily ever after. spoke with showrunner gary glasberg about uncorking this huge (but adorably wee) twist, as well as the possibility that tali’s “imah” is in fact alive and well. not loving the new girl, she seems too much like a dork and doesn’t fit with the other agents. his finale episodes were a joke and overshadowed by ziva. a go bag for a child (old training) and a single mom does not sleep on the opposite end of a large house from that toddler.- rescue ziva & come back - tiva - (log in - kenji kawai, avalon ost). the only good thing for me is that they finally killed ziva off. i wonder, now, if that was a hint about what’s coming for tony. hope they do reunite tony and ziva so they can have the proper exit we were denied in october of 2013. and characterwise there’s no way ziva would do that to him. in any case, he remains part of the ncis universe in good standing. pablo’s contract had finished, and she chose not to sign a new one. lol, just say it, you don’t want ziva there ;). and, seriously, if tony doubts that ziva even loved him, why are you trying to hang on to that ship like it’s some epic love story waiting to resume? he is serious, funny and so many other emotions this man can play, he just draws you in. and the only thing that we could come up with was this idea of someone for whom he was suddenly responsible. i find saddest about the tiva craziness is how many professing cote fans are unwilling to respect her decision, and how many professing ziva fans only really give a crap about ziva in relation to tony. honestly hate seeing michael leave but i think it would be awesome to see him be written off by leading his own team and being reunited with zeva. you’re an actor on a long running show, and you choose to leave to do something else, i don’t see any reason why the actor shouldn’t have the option to come back on occasion. otherwise her ghost would have haunted the whole team, just like kate did, right? they may have asked her back, and she may have said no. he’s grown up and evolved and doesn’t fit into the little box ziva put him in anymore. something for shallow fans like…its called fanfiction and there are websites devoted to it. no, gary, you didn’t go “all in” if you’re still teasing that ziva may be alive. this is tony’s ending not ziva/tony but tony and that is how it should be.! and contrary to what some people say the majority do want to see tony and ziva end up together. i for one did not care that ziva left, however still do miss kate! [showrunner] gary [glasberg] and the producers are working on that right now,” geller told tvline. liked ziva and i did want tiva to happen when cote was still on the show, but i’m so sick of people bringing that relationship up when they talk about tony’s character and also tony/michael leaving… there’s more to his character than his relationship with ziva. so an action filled finale where ziva showed up… maybe even helped out… and helped tony off into the sunset. that on the last episode where he showed up to tell her that the original search was not based on her dad and that he was sorry her dad ended up being involved.

When will tony and ziva hook up

if she shows up alive, then that’s exactly what she did and the writers destroyed her character even further. keith, you initially proved suzi’s point by cracking on ziva supporters, while making an inaccurate point based on insufficient information. this should be tony’s story and should honour the character and the actor. would have liked it more if tony wasn’t actually the father, but he was the only person ziva trusted to raise her daughter as his own upon her death. they need to buy a vineyard in the country somewhere, and live out a peaceful life surrounded by a whole lot of israeli security.’s early goings yet, but there are “not currently” plans for cote de pablo to return to ncis to help exit michael weatherly’s tony dinozzo off the canvas at season’s end, cbs entertainment president glenn geller said tuesday at the television critics association winter press tour in pasadena. guess i need help to tony and ziva should have left the show by getting married and being together for there daughter that would have been a better way my opinion i love ncis hope they bring them back to marry and then leave the show to raise there daughter. let the powers that be declare ziva officially dead, and let’s be done with it. i can handle any other ending for him but that.' — watch and…545ask ausiello: spoilers on the leftovers, walking dead, grey's, bates…51. could have been knocked unconscious and by the time she came to, orli had already left to take tali to tony, so she stayed in hiding for a while because it wasn’t safe.” glasberg just like options, and i doubt he’ll fully decide until we get to the series finale. watch his reaction when he remembers when ziva told him that her sister tali had died in a bombing, the look on his face immediately following that flashback. the only one that was a constant was magee and “boss”. dont know why but the one scene that stood out for me but i enjoyed tony getting angry the most. she’ll have ballet on mondays, krav maga on wednesdays, and fridays will be movie night. would and it would be so disheartening for tony to think she kept something so great from him. tony saves his daughter ziva tony and babby sail off into the sun set. reason i do not think ziva is dead is because tony said that he was going to israel to get some answers. just didn’t ask her to return, because they felt they didn’t need her too. and then in talking to michael, talking with the other writers, the other producers, this was the direction we decided to go. this is his swan song and no one else’s. are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. 110% – this is about tony dinozzo (michael weatherly) only – he’s had to share the limelight for 13 years withh either ziva or gibbs.’s time for them to be equals and friends and to get back to one of the main foundations of the show. wasn’t the tiva fans who were negative, it was those who blamed ziva for everything they didn’t like about the writing for tomy., there were also 24 % wanting to see ziva with his child and more then 5% who wants just hear he went after her, right? central relationship on the show has always been tony and gibbs. there’s a reason why i and most others don’t want the tiva fan fiction to become a reality.’s not — tali was played by the twins emelia and layla golfieri, who played edie on grandfathered (just canceled by fox). bringing back cort as the bad guy was not very creative and the whole slew of mi6 agents and their storyline has been confusing the last few episodes. the show is busy catering to a group who doesn’t watch, they end up alienating fans who do watch and they walk away too. we pray that ziva is alive and has the complete family with tony and their daughter in future, the boss didn’t get his family back by way of wife and child but with his family team. love mark harmon’s gibbs, abby, husband and i would watch every tuesday and the re-runs when he was dying.‘most of the fans’ on the sites i frequent want tony’s swan song to be about tony. while it was generous for the producers to let the character ziva live on off camera the past 3 years, i see now that it would have been better to have had closure then instead of presumably killing her off last tuesday. she should have manned up and been honest with tony about their baby instead of slinking off like the coward that she’s so totally not! when he said he had never been someone’s everything before, i believed that this little girl will be the making of tony the grownup. i think that there was more in the go bag, some communication from ziva, or the moussad director told tony more in private, or led him to believe that more information is coming but that the little girl needs to be protected, and he needs to leave ncis. nope i would say suzi is correct here and you sir are the one in need of a better defense. has always been a huge part of tony’s story. i’m on the verge of no longer watching la because of kensi and deeks and if you put percy with lasalle together in new orleans. i respect the show, and you for what you’ve done with it, but come on. and i can’t believe that people were sad over ziva’s considering she’s been gone for two years, lol :d technically, she no longer existed and we knew she was never coming back. there was tremendous conversation back and forth about nuances of dialogue and specific moments and lines that were chosen. this way mw gets an exit worthy of his character and not overshadowed by anything or anyone else. someone on that show needed to step up and let people know that ziva isn’t coming back. when asked about things he’d like to do in the future, he mentioned ncis and michael weatherly’s upcoming exit. maybe she is still alive and they can be a happy family. notice they did not say they don’t want her to return or they haven’t made her any offers.

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Did tony and ziva hook up in paris

do ship tiva and ideally i would like to see them together; however, i know not everyone feels that way. for ziva lovers, she lives on through tali or is possibly alive somewhere., why would she allow her daughter to be in a house that was destroyed and on fire? tony and the show had to move forward without her. michael is an original cast member and deserves a send off that honors that ~ rather than have his farewell lessened by someone who didn’t even have the courtesy to give two weeks’ notice to the rest of her teammates… i will miss him and his portrayal of very special agent tony dinozzo, but i wish him every success.. i just believe that like jeanne, ziva has to be a part of it in a way that, it will still be about tony and only tony….’ll say it again: i hope the show’s producers are smart enough to bring ziva back for tony’s farewell. he had been in the role for 13 years, and i completely understand it, and i wish him well. bishop, the first season of floor sitting – the writing just didn’t pull me into that character & it’s improved but just don’t see the fit. a character like tony, that has been with the show since day one, deserves his own ending and it should be awesome, not involving a character who left the show three years ago.. i’m thrilled that ziva is dead, and until/unless something changes, she is dead. photo of tony and ziva in paris that was in tali’s bag was ziva’s message to tony that she’s alive and well and in paris. could truthfully say there are not currently plans for ziva to return if cote hasn’t signed the contract yet. now, i want him to go to europe with tali, and ziva finds them there and explains herself, her reasons, her excuses, and why now was the time to give tali to tony, while she faked her death to protect them all. the idea with the child just shows that ziva never changed and was still that selfish drama queen she always was. and ziva together for tony’s departure is my cup of tea. heres hoping the writers do not pander to the tiva and give tony his own ending thats for him alone. and gibbs seemed to case more about the periphery characters than his ‘family’. | one of the reasons i ask is because ducky said no remains were found, tony used the present-tense “ziva loves paris,” and then, “you gotta believe what you gotta believe”…. this is his swan song and no one else’s. for some fans, not leaving her out seems to mean she and tony must be together and there is no other way of including her. according to gary glasberg and even michael weatherly, she was only available for one day. problem is, they never got around to allowing tony to show off his detective skills and be a real contributing member of the team like he was in the past, after ellie had already settled in. think it would have been much better if zivz had made contact with tony about their daughter, maybe ziva sick or even better the daughter need a body part from tony, a course they have to get tony over their under some other pretense. is a total pro and was on board and working with us…. the show will never be the same, but i hope they come up with a brilliant new story line to keep us watching because my tuesdays nights will never be the same, either, if they don’t. else she could have developed amnesia from the explosion and doesn’t remember who or what she is. no disrespect to the rest of the cast, but its not the same without ziva’s witty remarks! btw, i’m a ziva fan and i still watch the show. i believe tony and ziva will travel together to live in paris. watched a fan question-and-answer session with bailey chase, formerly branch connally on the netflix (formerly on a&e) show longmire (also recently on chicago pd and in the recent past on the tv show saving grace). we need our ziva, tony and their daughter to help heal people. and ncis -does- have a habit of killing both regulars (kate todd, jenny shepherd) and recurring characters (way too many to mention — and i don’t just mean the bad guys). biggest thought is if he leaves to head up his own team, then the door is open for him to return in a guest star/recurring capacity in a year or two if he wants to do that. if she did come back it probably would only be for a 60 second cameo. would like to see a spin off where zina, tony and talli were together on a new ncis and the others would come visit. love cote, she’s one of my favorite actors, but she’s never coming back, and they need to face it. gibbs and abby and ducky are an even bigger part of tony’s story. this set up tony’s spinoff as part of a two episode ncis the next fall. we knew all along that we had to come up with something enormously significant, that would make tony leave his ncis family…. have a point here… but that is not just happening with ziva. you seemed to lay the foundation for the theory that ziva is in fact alive. as to ziva being alive in paris, the chances of that are as equal as tony one day taking tali to a cemetery, looking at ziva’s headstone, and saying something like, “you’ve always been dead. it’s been a couple of years, if cote wanted to come back and they wanted her to as well i think it would have happened by now. if she (or the show) were willing there would have been multiple return guest spots, for which she’d have made several hundred thousand dollars, before now. i’ve enjoyed him from the beginning and i hope the writers will give him a great storyline. watching a recent episode on usa and gibbs brought up tony’s refusal to take his own team when jenny offered it to him (rota, spain), then asked him why he seemed to not want to move upward. he could protect the group and he has contacts that would help him keep them safe. if this is the way they go, they won’t bring back ziva., we put tremendous time into choosing some of the dialogue tony says.

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i think somewhere down the line there will be a special episode where dinozzo returns and we will get “closure”. i do think the writers intentionally left the door open to “could ziva be alive”. are so right, his leaving is and should be about tony and only tony. she had a part but so did everyone else on the team. no matter how much tiva haters whinge about it, tony has a daughter and she is ziva’s. don’t know tony seemed pretty happy before ziva and he is happy after ziva. was disinherited by senior when he was a child according to several episodes, and senior has no (or little) money. their chemistry over the years what made us watch and look forward to ever season of the show. you pay attention on the end of ziva & tonys good bye.’s nothing that makes sense in this last episode and it’s an insult to all tony, ziva, tiva and ncis fans.'s hottest stories1ask ausiello: spoilers on the leftovers, walking dead, grey's, bates, b99, arrow, originals, quantico…2scandal recap: huck's fate revealed3grey's anatomy recap: mourn this way4jimmy kimmel breaks down in tears during touching tribute to don rickles52017 renewal scorecard: what's coming back? the op wasn’t talking about michael, she was talking about tony. appreciate the many breadcrumbs that for me, lead to the inevitable conclusion that ziva is alive and tony’s going to ‘find his girl’. we gotta to believe what we gotta to believe i’m going to hang on the hope that ziva is well and alive in paris and that she would reconnect with tony and tali off screen and those two birds will live happily ever after and make many more little dinozzo’s. suck on that for a sec and decide for yourself if she will be back or not….” that way fans who want tiva can imagine/infer it’s her on the other end of the phone, those who want tony back with jeanne can imagine/infer it’s her, and those don’t want either can imagine/infer it’s whomever they want. lol, i’m sure the anti-ziva brigade only vote one time and have only one account for comments, i mean they are the most honest people around, right?(i did wonder about that you gotta believe what you gotta believe line. have in fact gary glassberg made it clear ziva david will not return this season. ziva told tony she wouldn’t go back with him because she wants to be a better person for gibbs. may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area. everyone doesn’t want to see tony end up with ziva, despite what some people might think or say. would definitely tune in live to watch tony and ziva reunite and leave to start a life together. and i love what mr gellar said about michael, and that he made it clear it was his decision to leave, and that cbs respects this and seems to be supportive. it’s become a show that’s catered specifically to the tiva relationship- especially with these last couple seasons, and i’ve stopped watching because of it. the only way to satisfy pretty much every viewer is to leave the possibility of a reunion with ziva up to the imagination. ziva replaced kate and within a season i was “ok” with it. don’t know the name but it was 2nd or 3rd year for ziva and she was undercover, the pretend boyfriend took her to a parking garage and they had her “afraid” and scrambling.’s pretty much up to the powers that be who write and run the show., you are saying the ziva fans vote over and over, and have multiple accounts to comment? i of course want ncis to continue but would be comfortable knowing that tony could make an appearance from time to time but most of knowing he finally got with the love of his life. tony is going back to find answers and he will find her! he and ziva know each other like nobody else does. we came up with this child storyline, there was never specifically a conversation about cote coming back this season, so we just proceeded along those lines — that we would probably use flashbacks and do the things that you actually saw. it came out of left field and i think the rest of the episode was sub-par. entire polling industry and many who had believed the polls were shocked and astounded when the conservative party won a solid majority, not the hung parliament expected. help for your daughter if she’s this caught up on a stupid tv show. i know some ziva/tiva fans don’t like the truth, but at some point you have to accept it. the show’s moving on, as are the actors, and prob some fans; but leaving doors open seems like a good idea to me. there are just too many unanswered questions and i’m sure that is intentional. the writers so stupid and drunk to think that that was their best work? do realize there is just as many fans out there who do not care about tony/ziva? is just not like ziva to just suddenly blow up, you know?’s character has developed over 13 years by his interactions with all the other characters: gibbs, ziva, jeanne, abby, kate, tim, ducky, his dad, even palmer (hope i’m not forgetting anyone). she wasn’t, tony had a story before and after she left.? wasn’t ziva’s exist enough for the tiva fans? i wish they had done the finale with tony leaving ncis to go to ziva, without knowing if she would have him or not, and he went to the farmhouse to find her, and met his daughter there. exiting with ziva would be great more then likely jeanne benoit would be a better fit long term as she has a good standing with the show and possible guest appearances even with out tony could aid in future ratings. have a little fan-theory that tony will bring little tali to an opera in paris one day, on the day of her namesake’s birth, because ziva always used to do that and tony would want to raise her knowing who her mother was… or is? where exactly did i say that i want tony and ziva to have the entire hour for themselves?

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hope is that tony gets his own team, perhaps somewhere foreign (or in hawaii, so he can make a few magnum pi references? a month ago i was hoping for tony and jeanne to reunite, though, and that could still happen, and i would be ok with that. i really thought the writers had turned mw’s character into a useless extra, or a buffoon/cartoon right around the time they were propping up the newcomer bishop. is character driven show, that solves crimes or prevents them so what happens to those characters shapes the show tony is a huge part of the show, they best ride him off into the sunset or the show is over, if they mess with his character well….'NCIS' showrunner Gary Glasberg answers questions about Michael Weatherly's exit story, the possibility that Ziva is alive and more. of course tony’s exit should be about him but his character was so deeply intertwined with ziva for 8 years, i think would be a great disservice to fans to deny them a happy ending between those two. bottom the worst thing ncis could do is kill tony, it would taint all the years of syndication as it would be a reminder of tragedy, an nobody wants to rematch reruns to get bummed out. of the ziva/tiva fans have stated, quite loudly and often, that they don’t watch the show anymore. history is not going to look kindly upon the early years of social media. did however love it because the acting was top notch, they finally gave them some meat, the first time in many seasons. also, why the hell did it have to be in any way tiva related? if you play a person for 8 years you start to think like that person and you know that person much better than those writing for her.” that way tiva fans can imagine he’s talking to ziva, jeanne fans can imagine he’s talking to her, and fans who want another pairing (or none at all) can imagine he’s talking to anyone they want. a few comments here and there online does not mean the millions of fans who watch the show and don’t have an online presence, want the same thing. gary glasberg certainly hasn’t helped the matter by suggesting afterwards that there may still be hope that ziva escaped harm and is out there somewhere. all of these “polls” and “web sites” are 100% accurate and clean with no certain few voting over and over again to win–right? especially when some “fans” get it into their heads how some things should be, or what they think they see or worse, start demanding certain storylines. of all after ziva’s departure made this show all about gibbs. tony by no means should be killed off the show we as fans could loose interest. and…783prison break recap: did fox thriller's revival hit the ground running? 13x24: tony finds out that he has a child with ziva #1., well, to kill another woman of color, to cause man pain is lazy and chauvinist. yes, his finale should be all about him and the great work he has done throughout the years with his work family: gibbs, abby, ducky, palmer, mcgee. loved ncis and am very angry and sad that we have lost a great show. tony’s leaving after that character was so ably portrayed for thirteen years by michael the actor should be about that character without resort to characters years years and years gone from the show and no longer relevant to the character tony. the bullies got what they wanted and not wanted while the loyal and true fans of the show didn’t get anything. i do not want tony and ziva ending up together. for tiva lovers, their love for each other was acknowledged, there was at least one night of passion, and baby tali has her aba and grandpa wrapped around her finger. – that would make the episode be about ziva’s return and not tony’s departure. financially talia will be ziva’s heir and i don’t think the david family struggled – so that burden single parents face in the real world is eased. we started talking about that very early on, and we started to do a little research and have conversations with agents, law enforcement officers who are single parents. i totally do not agree with not putting the slow burning attraction between male and female characters together, because you can see it coming and when they don’t get together. “i will definitely miss — as i’m sure the fans will, as well as my mother — special agent tony dinozzo. this tells me that nobody would have even needed to tell tony where to find her or anything! i hate that he is leaving but i understand creatively.? ziva was an important part of tony dinozzo’s story. it was the scene when he returns to this desk and glances across to where bishop now sits. frankly, i’d like to see them leave it ambiguous – a phone call at the end with tony saying “i’m done.. but they decided to rewrite the episodes and kick her out of the show sooner. i think they were lazy, stupid, dumb, drunk and high and couldn’t think of anything, so they copied some fanfiction, added their own parts and called it tony’s exist. not do both, similar to what er did when julianna margulies left. during that final conversation between tony and gibbs, they both know she’s alive and that tony has to go find her, but the dialog was written very carefully and subtly so as to not give it away. did anyone interview david dayan fisher about how he felt when the showrunners told him: you killed ziva; prepare to die? the scenes where he was grieving ziva and saying goodbye to gibbs and abby were excellent. kinda wish they would :-/ love ziva, but some of her fans…. idea that ziva is alive would make me hate glasberg and the show for going full blown fan fiction/soap opera. her and tony still had a lot of chemistry in the recent episode she was in. tali was adorable and exactly what i picture tony and ziva’s child would look like. i have had a gut fealing thta ziva isnt dead even though they keep saying that she is. you read all her interview , it is clear she wanted to be more time for giving good closure to her storylineshe wanted to kept her more time fore it , but they didnt let , but you and i dont know the real truth behind the scene how she was treated , but someone point some ppl wanted the things keeping the same way, for me in ome point the misogeny in hollywood industry and specially to seudo conservative network like cbs keeping it… i respect you opnion.

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    once we came up with this storyline, once it was all about the daughter, that was the storyline we stuck with. are so right, his leaving is and should be about tony and only tony. watching since day one and i was not happy about the episode at all. -_- they didn’t have to turn tony’s into a tiva something, it could have been all about him and the team only, especially since ziva’s been gone for like over two years! that creates future story possibilities with ziva showing up alive. and there’s no way he’d just up and leave because he just wasn’t feeling it anymore as per the convo in the basement. i never wrote fanfiction, but i most certainly could have written a better exist story for tony. but you went and brought on her and tony’s daughter. but when ziva david left, he seemed to be floundering except when his dad would come to visit those were always funny. tiva haters just couldn’t let the fandom have their ray of hope. agreed, this storyline had mostly run its course by end of season 10, and both characters probably should have left the show at that time. only way tony and ziva could be together is outside ncis. god’s sake, just by not having tony dinozzo there for season 14 the show will be at risk. all ppl who said if ziva back the last episode of tony will be abt her , it is so wrong, bc her and tony storilines are tied, but i could say the same, bc ziva last episode was more abt saint gibbs and our dear tony more than abt her and please dont come with excuse abt they had to hurry up wit new scripts bc she left in the last minutes … the greatest producers always has plan b , if his stars let the show…but i hope the last episode of tony will be better develop and good storyline, bc michael deserves it.' — watch and…545ask ausiello: spoilers on the leftovers, walking dead, grey's, bates…51. most of the fans want to see ziva back on the show. in my family, from grandparents, parents, children want ziva to be alive we need that hope. weatherly has an idea of how tony should exit the show and hopefully the writers can work with his ideas. will miss them both very much and hope to see them working together again. if the writers have a brain he should get his own gig, didn’t didn’t jenny offer his own team at one time, yes. de pable said that she didn’t like how miserable they were writing ziva and that after building a character for 8 seasons, you become protective of them. they took some liberties last night that didn’t really fit with what we’d learned about the characters over the course of the show, but i accepted it because mw’s acting was terrific. picked on what tony said and concluded that ziva is not really dead. agree his decision leave, put in 3 good years, and we all enjoyed him. couldn’t you just kill her and be done with it? i’m okay with it, but if ziva turns up a season from now i’m going to run full speed into a brick wall. sets season finale dates – find out when your favorite shows endfind out the season finale dates for the big bang theory, ncis and more.” this is a huge deal for the show, and michael leaving is huge, so we felt that at the end of the day we needed to do this properly. how about developing that instead of reaching back to try and mine a long dead ship? thought jeanne benoit had much more chemistry with tony than ziva. come on… we obviously can’t ask every single ncis fan what they want, that’s why you make polls and follow the tendencies on social media. if the writers have a brain he should get his own gig, didn’t didn’t jenny offer his own team at one time, yes. do people want to tie tony’s leaving with someone else? i know ziva is alive; she’s just gotta be. ncis boss says ziva "certainly will have an impact" on tony's departure. think jeanne benoit would be a better match for tony there was definitely chemistry flying on recent episodes. i agree with others that think the original plan was to use jeanne as the vehicle for tony to leave ncis, but then decided to go the “tiva” route instead.. every since gg is in charge of the show, it was always all about gibbs and occasionally ziva… and especially since ziva left, tony is pretty much out… i miss those episodes where it was about the team. i watched the episode twice in a row and cried both times.’m not surprised that right now there’s no plans for ziva to return but they may not want to spoil her possible return to soon either because this season of ncis still has 4 months to go,so what people are saying now about ziva not returning may not be true in a few months. comment makes total sense and explains while “ziva’s surrogate father” gibbs showed no emotion when told she was dead and throughout the show. gibbs said they could do it without him, and tony just gave it back. the ending be his story, not some retread dug up from the dust of years past. not telling tony about her pregnancy and their child was stupid. we gave it our all, and lot of people participated and were invested in coming up with this storyline. so leave it open – flashbacks with ziva and other characters who were important to tony as a farewell montage, and a phone call with tony saying “yeah, i’m done. think they will kill him off and i will be pissed. so, now, michael weatherley has his own new show and an additional opportunity to guest star in future ncis scripts. he could have taken a job overseas to be with them but it would not have had the emotional tug this did. i love mcgee, abby, ducky, palmer and gibbs (vance is ok).
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    and then, somehow, ziva would happen to be at the same opera in paris. now it’s his turn and that’s where the focus should be. did they have to have ziva die, why couldn’t they have a happily ever after for ziva, tiny and tali? the 2015 general election in the uk, all of the polling agencies came up with results that broadly agreed with each other: that there was no overall consensus among the electorate and that the uk was headed for a hung parliament, a continuation of the situation for the previous 5 years. a fan of the show i think we deserve to see tony and ziva reunite. stop the teasing, and concentrate on salvaging what remains of this once entertaining show. we had seen her shoot two intruders simultaneously with a gun in each hand at a safe house in another episode, for pete’s sake! let the his final episode be about tony, not anyone else. probably, but your comments seem to infer–every fan wants the same–tony ending up with ziva–they do not. instead you trolled the article where gary for once is honest and then can’t handle when you’re called out. i am so sad to see one of the last original cast members go…and i was never a tiva ‘shipper…but i love this season finale.(i should add that i know a lot of ziva fans who aren’t awful, but it’s a great shame a vocal minority has made the ziva fandom, and indeed the ncis fandom, look like a bunch of crazy people who are so disrespectful to the remaining characters/actors/crew etc., i’m just going to keep believing that ziva is alive and probably already reunited with tony and tali. not that i care much about ziva but i do care about tony and the show. i am extremely disappointed in the writers’ lazy and poor writing for the episode. mcgee, too, in those first few episodes of the newcomer’s arrival, had his contributions seem superfluous. kort said he didn’t even know she was there when he ordered the bombing, and i actually believed him. 14 year old daughter loves ziva and was heart broken that she may have died. i was obsessed with nciis and when ziva left-i just couldn’t get into it like before. (tony) put in thirteen years on this show: to honor that he shouldn’t have to share the spotlight with anyone let alone someone long gone. everyone wanted to see her end up with clooney’s character. this show is not all about tiva, but that’s what the writers did- they made it all about tiva. perhaps he was even thinking ‘why didnt i just leave when ziva did? it’s a bonus if ziva reunites with him with cote de pablo appearance. closure for ziva and tiva fans, as well as tony fans (those who don’t hate ziva). they literally couldn’t bring ziva back because her fans were so negative it would kill their creative juices. i think weatherly takes next year “off” as they create the vehicle, and then bring tony back, next feb, for a few eps that establish the spinoff. agree, even with mw leaving, tony can be heard thru the voices of his friends still in dc. i’m remembering correctly, ziva wasn’t a target – her father’s files were. are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. i do think that if tptb came up with a good enough exit story, cote would come back for a cameo, but it’s her and their decision. to this day, we believe that the correct choice was really focusing on this little girl, the love that tony develops for this little girl, and what she represents to him as family and as the living part of his relationship with ziva.’m confused how tony is going to pay the bills, now. only tony and ziva should reunited one last time and head off into the sunset. they don’t want to bring back ziva, or maybe cote doesn’t want to come back. hence my comment about leaving it ambiguous, that way everyone can imagine their own happily every after for tony. the ones who claim they stopped watching when ziva/cote left? it should also remind us of his most important and life-changing cases. just once, let it be about tony for all 43 minutes of one episode! i thought that there was a love child in the works, because tony having his own family that needs protection, is the only thing that could take tony from his ncis family. an immediate announcement of a spin-off would have created buzz for the new show — instead we’re all worrying that tony will be killed off. how many horrid fanfics have there been with random children turning out to be tony’s and worse, ziva’s secret child. he has his ‘vision’ and then gibbs wonders why he is there. and, when he turned it down, ej barrett got it instead. so include her – show flashbacks of her and tony in the bullpen and on cases, along with flashbacks of other former teammates that were a big part of his life, like kate, jenny, dorneget, paula cassidy. it would be disrespectful to tony to leave her out. cote could have come back and tony and ziva could have left together but that could have complicated should one of the actors decide to return to ncis because then the show would have to explain where the other character. michael weatherly deserves to have his exit focused on him and only him after 8 seasons focused on either tiva or on the david character alone. if they’ve got two brain cells to rub together, they’ll have a cliffhanger impacting ncis-the-mothership, and one that features tony’s new crew.’d say since the ‘procreation’ of the daughter was never explicitly stated but had been similarly implied in the earlier episode at ziva’s family farmhouse, once again, the implication was ziva is alive, and tony’s headed to israel to find her, then off to paris to live in freedom.
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    • Michael Weatherly Leaving 'NCIS' — Will Ziva Return, Cote de

      the only person who can give him answers is ziva. so very sad he was really fun and funny to watch.. the remaining episodes should all be about tony, and his feelings and point of view that will lead to his departure (if they won’t kill him).) and any romantic stuff they want to put in is left purposefully ambiguous – a phone call, perhaps, where we don’t know who is on the other end and he says “it’s over. decided to leave, it seems she was the disrespectful one so why should tony’s story be about her again? would’t leave ncis if ziva was alive – he needed the push of a single parent, all talia has now to take that step.. LovedCbs’ ncis went “all in” on tuesday night, crafting a storyline that would understandably usher special agent tony dinozzo off the canvas, in original cast member michael weatherly‘s final episode. how far into the process of breaking this story did you latch onto the tali idea? it seems like some of the cast/crew were perturbed at the way she ended her run, and cote hasn’t seemed to miss her old stomping grounds., that’s why you use polls and web sites, to see the tendencies. can just imagine ab’s voice and disapointment demeaner expressing your comments. the only “joke” i see are, malcontents spewing their sour grapes all over these boards because they didn’t get their ending–boo hoo for you, and get a grip…smdh. am so annoyed that they killed ziva, that the way i am dealing with it is through believing it isn’t true, from the attention-stopping and perhaps telling “ziva loves paris” statement which caught my attention at that moment, because i was doing the “she can’t be dead, they didn’t find a body, how was the little girl and her go bag safe, but not a speck of ziva found” – i’m going with the idea that the little girl was delivered to tony, but that even now tony knows that he is going to meet ziva in paris. are just two ways to justify why she could be alive and not in the episode if they want to bring her back in the future. she’s gone and she took that storyline with her. the writers are not stupid enough to write something that cliche. (always wonder if it was paying the females less) i did like seeing on social media that the actors, cote and michael were together when the final episode aired tuesday night. first reported by tvline, weatherly will make his final appearance as special agent tony dinozzo in the season 13 finale, one of four remaining original cast members. are a very few positive things in last ep: mw’s oscar-material performance; the children who played tali; tony’s scenes with abby and gibbs though too short. a recent tvline poll, 32 percent of respondents expressed their wish that tony reunite with former agent ziva david (played by cote de pablo) before riding off into the sunset, while 22 percent preferred to see him leave d. maybe mw doesn’t want his exit to be about ziva. was a part of tony’s story, that part ended when the actress who played ziva quit almost three years ago. but i cant recall a time that tony really got truly angry to the point where he was slamming the desk.’m quite certain tony’s exit will be better developed. loved the watermelon toenails and the new additions to the cast! and this finale was not about whether we liked ziva or cote but it was about how tony felt about ziva. i’d love to find out in a future episode that ziva survived and they all lived happily ever after! really hope before tony leaves that they fix whatever it is they’ve been trying to this year. i figured we’d get some “token” ziva references, maybe a scare that she’d been killed, and that would nudge tony to do some introspection. all the hoopla when ziva left, that she would not be killed, i am very disappointed in the ending . this story line had been predicted on imdb, at least, for a time now and it’s apparently a straight out of fan fiction plot.’m at the point of thinking killing off ziva (like criminal minds did gideon) is not a bad idea to end the tiva craziness once and for all. at least this way, attention can now focus on the new and continuing characters and fans who never liked ziva or tiva get to watch more of what they like maybe. 13 years is irrelevant, and ziva is important to tony’s story. a satisfying ending for me would be one that is about tony, where his accomplishments and his support of the team are finally recognised, he’s finally given his own team, and he “rides off into the sunset” as his own person. i like her character but she moved on and so should her fans. always thought this is what he would end up doing, cc. plus i think the door will be left open for michael weatherly to come back as tony one day even if it’s just for ncis’s last episode because i don’t think any bridges have been burned. it might have been her intention to stay longer, but most employers don’t let you decide to stay employed for a couple of months when you have just turned down a contract for 2 years. for ziva, i think the show left the door open for her to be alive somewhere. ive seen sarcastic tony many a time, ive seen joking tony, happyish tony, a little bit depressed tony. let’s just focus on michael and leave the past in the past.! happy that it looks like tony’s goodbye might actually be about tony now. hopeless romantic in me wouldn’t mind one bit if ziva were alive after all! the diversity of fan reactions helps me to appreciate that ziva wasn’t definitively killed off.’ve always subscribed to the “ziva inherited money from her mother/her grandparents/ari/eli” because she always seemed to have money for clothes, weapons, safe houses, etc. ncis is an aging show, it has years left but they need to be able to keep the idea of tony alive, as a connection to the past a a possible return here or there to help ratings. sometimes, you get the sunshine and sometimes you get the tornado. there’s just as much (and some might say more) evidence that tony being with jeanne benoit would make him happy. that’s why tony is taking tali to paris after taking her to israel to get answers, and why he said “ziva loves paris” in the present tense.
    • News & Features'NCIS': Tony and Ziva visit Paris

      , she left the child in good hand before going into the hiding. i’d seen that on-screen, both deserved a ‘happily ever after ending’ as did viewers. everyone imagine their own happily ever after and leave it at that. and i doubt “most of the fans” part, as evidenced by the comments here thus far. remember, even when gibbs believed tony would never find ziva when she left, he did. agree that both mother and daughter have problems separating reality from fantasy, but for you to characterize all of us who have enjoyed the tony and ziva story over the years as being delusional is a bit over the top. since i’m a ziva, tony and tiva fan, i really hoped ziva’s character wasn’t killed off. wants tony to be happy… and tony being with ziva would make him happy. i tend to believe that mossad did not reveal the secret to tony and that he figured it out himself. so tali inherits everything and tony is executor and doesn’t need a job right now. cote did not refuse to come back, and ziva may be alive. the tiva fandom hijacks just about every social media post related to ncis and it is so disrespectful; especially to the actors. this will be about michael weatherly and his thirteen years on the show. cote de pablo and michael weatherly both left the show to pursue other career options. she was a bore and her acting wasn’t that great.’m going to miss tony… and ncis for that matter. how hard is it to be honest to the fans, the actors and yourself(ves)? honestly, i’m glad mw’s gone- he’s onto better things, and maybe now they’ll shut up about how ‘tony needs to be with ziva’. that tony was awesome in his character but why would you cancel him out like that and why not bring ziva back in. up with a kid that she withheld from him for 2 years would make her a really awful person. i still haven’t forgiven them for not renewing her contract, and now tony is gone. it was bad enough to lose ziva, now we’re losing tony too :(. i was a weekly live viewer and used to rave about the show. would so love it for ziva to come back and be with tony. does not want tony’s final appearance on the last episode. much more interesting than the drawn out drama with ziva. and…783prison break recap: did fox thriller's revival hit the ground running? it was ridiculous and disturbing to portray someone as brave and capable as ziva suddenly becoming a simpering, inexperienced and frightened woman; totally out of character for her! this was absolutely a group process, and we came at it not only trying to satisfy our own needs but michael’s needs, the other cast members’ needs and the viewers’ needs as well. problem is that ellie has almost completely changed as a character—remember, she was the wizard, all-seeing pattern data-mining genius, and now she almost never does anything remotely like that during investigations., tony has to be the father, for him to make the circle of family – with ziva, i hope. the whole team and fans need this in today’s world. i think they are perfect together because of the differences and explosive chemistry! gives us great second half of the season and let dinozzo shine! “dinozzo is a wonderful, quixotic character and i couldn’t have had more fun playing him over the past 13 seasons,” the actor tweeted out to fans. thought it was a great exit for michael weatherly and one he deserved. we asked them, “does it change your perspective when you go to work and strap on your sidearm every day, knowing who is waiting for you at home? | if i may fittingly evoke “dayenu,” it would have been sufficient to mention ziva, it would have been sufficient to dramatically kill her….’s a novel idea – how about focusing tony’s final episode on tony, and not on a character that left almost three years ago? still, it would be so much better if the ziva part is done in flesh and blood ;). a série ficou moribunda com a saída da ziva. weatherly is just tired of doing the show/character, and wants to count his money. i just hope there is always hope he could come back and i will be happy with that idea and send off! the inevitable craziness starts: tony should go off and do his own thing. am not a “ziva-nutter” as mentioned in the first comment but the notion that ziva sent talia to tony when she realized she was a target did pop into my mind and would totally be something she would do. – i think you and i are going to have to agree to disagree on that one. i’d love to see vance offer it to him again, and have him take it this time – it would be a nice symmetry. the possibility that ziva is alive is awesome and offers lots of opportunities for the future. she’d go down fighting and take that lame cia guy with her. for tony lovers, he matures and moves forward in life, has a family.