What to expect when you first start dating a guy

20 Things You Should Never Do When You First Start Dating

What to expect when you first start dating

don’t change your life overnight just because you’re dating a guy. the opposite can be a problem too, especially if you’re money-conscious. i have dated two guys long term but had to let them go because of life changes, but by holding my self worth ( including not having sex until i felt exclusive and they had also discussed marriage)..How to let a guy know you like him without approaching him. better response, in my opinion, is to let the infraction pass and the next meeting be very blunt about your feelings on the matter and then judge his worth by the response to come. Follow these 16 tips on the dating girl code to do just that. perhaps worst of all, lola does have nice things to say, but only about your appearance, or your possessions, and doesn’t show any interest in getting to know you personally. but this is exactly what makes you become fearful and worried about whether he’s going to call and what’s going to happen next. have the best relationships of your life, you need to understand these dating girl codes. if they seem to spend endlessly or don’t value money the way you do, that’s a bad sign too. first stage of dating someone can be exciting, invigorating, and intoxicating—but it can also be perilous if you’re not careful. his ability to meet these expectations are the make or break for him so you’re watching closely. anything romantic beyond those first couple of months, you’re in the relationship phase. manipulating girls spoil it for themselves in the dating phase itself and very likely end up with people with low self esteem who keep on wagging their tail behind girls no matter how they are treated.! love the “dating code for girls” thanks to this site i’ll do it ryt nxt tym 😉 😉. first stage of dating someone can be exciting, invigorating, and intoxicating—but it can also be perilous if you’re not careful. but, as commenter there wolf, there castle points out, you should watch how they relate to all people in your vicinity. to be desirable, irresistible, and oh-so-awesome in the eyes of any guy you date?, don’t let one red flag ruin everythingred flags are generally bad, yes, but you also can’t just give up every time you see one. reader bettere offers some good advice and recommends you give someone a few dates before you pull the plug.

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What to say when you first start dating a guy

best ways to break the ice and get to know someone on the first date. you walk into this date and potential relationship filled will expectations; you want him to pick up the bill, open your door, take interest in your life, and so on. really like this guy a lot, and we’ve been chat online for few months. when you devote time and energy to a man, you are, in a way, trying to make something happen with him. sending out a simple text asking how their day has been goes a long way in getting you to the top of their list. or you might realize they have so many, good qualities that you don’t care if they’re not into the same things you’re into, or you don’t like how they handle their money. if greg is pushing you for commitment early in the dating process, nerdlove explains it’s likely because of his insecurity or lacking emotional intelligence. act irresponsiblyif your date isn’t capable of handling some of the basic responsibilities that go along with being a dating adult, or worse, totally shuns them altogether, you should re-evaluate your relationship with them. his calls for a day or two if you must. nerdlove about dating red flags, and he recommends you watch out for “boundary-pushing behavior:”. if joey is being rude to your server and making rude comments about a couple at a different table, he’s probably just a rude dude. experience a happy relationship with a guy, you need to understand the two phases in romance. play games with youno, not the fun kind of games.” your date says and does everything perfectly, as if they were in a cheesy romantic comedy or romance novel. is a simple test: are you being open and honest with him, or playing childish games? to be desirable, irresistible, and oh-so-awesome in the eyes of any guy you date? he’s created that way by you and the way you behave around him. there’s nothing wrong with being a child at heart, but according to lifehacker readers, here are some examples of “peter pan syndrome” red flags:Financial irresponsibility: they blow off their bills, they pay for everything with one of their dozens of credit cards, they expect you to pay for everything (or ask you to pay for things like their bills, debt, etc. if you’ve both established that you want to wait, that’s one thing, but if you broach the subject at a reasonable time in the relationship (a la, not the first date) and they change the subject or never show any interest in discussing things with you, something is up. believe it or not, a man can sense when you’re caught up in your head about him.

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the focus on you and keep your options open:once you’ve found a man you think is a potential keeper, it’s tempting to clear out your calendar for him and not even consider other dates. if you place him on a pedestal and devote all your time to him, he’ll treat you just the way you’re behaving, like a slave. the first few months when you’re dating a guy you like, keep these 16 codes in mind and follow them. either way, there’s no reason for you to spend time in a sexually unsatisfying relationship.. send the unsolicited picyou know how i feel about men asking for pics without any real context (i hate it) . if you can make a guy realize just how awesome you are right at the beginning of the dating phase, he’ll fall harder for you, be more loyal to you, and will respect you a lot because he’ll truly understand your worth. don’t shift your schedule around to make room for a certain man at the last minute. things to expect when you start dating someone who has been single for a while. he might be all smiles toward you early on, but that’s because he’s still trying to impress you. you have less energy for the other things in your life – the passions and people that made you the person he was attracted to in the first place. advice » dating, dating tips, dating tips for women » are you ruining relationships before they even start? guys like a challenge but if you dangle the string in front of the cat then snatch it away too many times, eventually the cat will stop reaching. love games, dating games, pick-up games, they all lead to people wasting their time and getting hurt. the more you have fun in your own life, the more desirable you’ll be and the easier it’ll be for you to treat this guy as a part of your life and not your whole life. as commenter improbablejoe explains, if sally is telling you extremely personal things over your first cup of coffee together, there could be some more serious emotional issues at play. keep your eye out, but don’t abandon ship every time you see one flapping in the wind. by letting a guy you’ve been dating for a month know that you miss him or need him in your life, you’re letting him see that his hook’s caught deep in your heart. to ask a guy out like a real classy girl. [read: how to keep a guy interested in you in 30 super sexy ways]. as it is girls are super complex and can hardly make up their mind, this just worsens the situation so that the shop of dating gurus remains open. Jungs kennenlernen gute frage 

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to be assertive: 17 ways to speak your mind loud and clear. respect yourself and don’t let him take you for granted, either by making you wait for an hour during a date, or when he cancels a date to be with his friends in the last minute. like this:picking up first date cluesavoiding the first date disaster5 lies we tell ourselves about dating. if their parents are dropping them off for your date, however, and are reviewing your plans for the evening, that’s definitely a red flag. if you reveal everything about yourself at once, you’ll start to get boring and predictable within the next few dates. as commenter the knitigator points out, if greg is looking for you to “restore his trust” in people or undo all the damage done to him by previous significant others, that’s way too much pressure on you early on. but one thing’s for sure – you’re thinking about him all the time. [read: why flirting isn’t really cheating when you’re in a relationship]. if a nice guy has a huge crush on you and follows you like a lapdog everywhere you go, wouldn’t you treat him carelessly compared to another guy who flirts with you, but doesn’t try hard to please you? so, what do you do when you’re feeling very drawn to one particular man so you don’t inadvertently sabotage things? are your biggest red flags when you start dating someone? this may sound traditional, but you don’t really need to follow the three date rule before having sex with the guy you’re dating. happens when you start dating a man you’re really attracted to?  to learn specific ways you can step out of the “doing” role in your relationship and into the more feminine energy “feeling” role that is so alluring and magnetic to a man, subscribe to rori’s free e-newsletter. like guys have the code of chivalry to impress women, girls too need to understand this dating code to impress a guy and experience better relationships. then again, a girl’s appearances may give her a second glance, and her attractiveness may draw a guy to her for a date or two. first dates are less about trying to make sparks fly and more about getting a feel for who….” or “i’ve been busy are taking advantage of a guys self respect and show that your just not that into him. date doesn’t have to act like a fuddy-duddy grown-up all the time, but the last thing you want is to pick up their slack, date someone emotionally your junior, or have to teach them how to be an adult. but beyond that, there’s something a lot more crucial that you need to know to keep a guy interested in you.

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odds are you’re not a teenager anymore—you don’t need to date like one. either you’ll be sexually frustrated, hoping they’ll finally come around, or you’ll be constantly pleasing them in hopes they’ll eventually return the favor. guy got high on 52 drugs then drew these trippy self-portraits. and commenter the artifaq suggests you watch for those who want to use you as some sort of tool or exotic fling:How fixated she seems about race. don’t stop talking to a guy who’s flirting with you, or don’t stop talking to an ex just because the guy you’re dating says so. he just wants you to listen to him sometimes, just like he has to listen to some story about your friend’s cousin’s daughter. when you’re in a new relationship, always leave the man guessing about where the relationship is heading. is some good advice here but, as a guy, i have to say that there are some things that will get a girl dropped so fast it would make your head spin. if he really is trying to impress you and not just sleep with you, the fact that you seem so unbothered will threaten him and even scare him. that’s because the minute you make a man the center of your universe, you go off your center. show no interest in your interests (or worse, deride them)the early stages of a relationship are all about getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes, but that can’t happen if your date only talks, thinks, and cares about themselves. when you do get into a relationship with him after a few months, he’ll love you more and respect you more because he had to work so hard to win you over in the first place. they only care about their pleasure and not about yours. you become anxious, and you become emotionally drained from all the analyzing. you are never going to be able to please a body-negative jerk like that. you’re dating should be interested in spending time together and getting to know you, not using you for an experience, a story to tell, or more interested in “the chase” than actually connecting with another person. result: you can’t stop thinking about him, and he’ll pick up on the fact that you’re hinging on his every move. as commenter book club babe explains, disrespect can be veiled as well:A pretty specific example is when a guy asks you how you “take care of yourself. likewise, avoid talking about your past and your exes too. right, he’ll realize he needs to step up and schedule time with you.


The Red Flags to Look Out for When You Start Dating Someone

and you won’t even have to think about it. you try to figure out what he’s thinking about you, or why he said this or did that.’s like you throwing it out there that you are actually interested ,but not too available at the same time. by doing that, you’re only letting the guy you’re dating know that he can manipulate you and control you.[read: 20 reasons why a guy may never really like you back]. you’ve been seeing a guy for less than a couple of months and haven’t given the relationship a real name, you’re in the dating phase. commenter g101010101 suggests that if your date is genuinely kind to people around you, they are probably a genuinely kind person all around. at the beginning of a relationship, the guy you date will test the waters. he’ll assume he’s done his part in wooing you, and now it’s your turn to please him and keep him happy. it’ll make him realize you’re not an easy catch, and that would make him take you more seriously. if they can’t respect your boundaries this early into your relationship, you don’t want to be with them. but here’s something you really need to know: even though he might not know any of this is going on, it starts tipping things with him against your favor. are so many great looking girls who are bitter in love and are walked over by guys all the time..dee recommends you also look out for people who show a little interest, but expect you to insist on a date so they can always feel wanted. you transferred too much of your own personal power over to him, and he felt it. but it’s irrelevant when you’re still dating and evaluating each other as dating potentials. commenter larpkitten suggests amanda may be trying to break down your self-esteem and gain the upper hand so she can control you. red flag you noticed might not actually be red in the right light. you’re meeting joey for dinner, and he’s rude to your server for no reason, it’s a good indicator of how he treats people in general. your date may be judgemental about your appearance or lifestyle.

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you’re checking his facebook page…or doing some research on him online. [read: how your self respect affects the kind of relationship you have with a guy]. yet, most guys walk all over a nice girl when they fall in love with one. they may have been really nervous the first time they met you. and the girl code mentioned here will help you do just that. you know that the men you date have expectations of you as well? or maybe they acted selfishly at first because they wanted to impress you.’t bend over backwards and try to please him within the first few dates. when you first start dating someone, you want his or her undivided attention. if you leave it unchecked, it could lead to an abusive relationship down the line. if you ask sally if you can buy her a drink, for example, and she declines and explains that she has a bad history with alcohol, that’s okay.’t hide your emotions or feelings to much, yes don’t overwhelm the guy with them, it can be scary, but he still needs to be in the loop if he’s to treat you right.) photo: weheartit the 2 magic words that make men commit instantlyphoto: weheartit 5 sneaky ways to discover what your man really fantasizes aboutphoto: istock the 1-night challenge that totally revolutionized my relationshipphoto: weheartit the truth about how men choose the woman they're going to marryphoto: istock if you’re sick and nobody knows why, here’s what you need to knowphoto: weheartit the kind of woman he falls for hard, according to his zodiac signphoto: weheartit 3 mind games all narcissistic men play in relationships photo: weheartit do not say 'i love you' until you can honestly answer these 5 q'sexpert advicephoto: weheartit 3 mind games all narcissistic men play in relationships watch out for these signs. [read: how to make your boyfriend want you more when you’re in the relationship phase]. but when we think about him too much, we start to do what i call “leaning forward” – that is, we move in on the space he needs to come forward..this way both the guys were high quality guys and i had everything i ever wanted in those relationships!. he told me he like me too much but never say the ‘i love you’ or make me as his gf. even if they’re not playing pua [pickup artist] status games, they’re still indicating a lack of respect for you. they’re not always as obvious, but through my dating journey and the feedback of clients, i’ve learned that there are 6 things guys want you to do but won’t tell you, when you first start dating. what most people say were to be true, that guys fall for only a girl’s appearance all the time, then every single good looking girl in the world must be experiencing the best relationship in the world, wouldn’t you say?

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tend to see this most often around sex - someone trying to convince you to do things you’re not ready for or interested in yet - but it can show up in a number of different ways. 8 things you didn't know about cheatersclick to view (8 images) amanda chatelblogger heartbreak read later. in college, “i’ve never been with a black guy before. don’t be easily available to him even if you’re idle. you keep dating the same type of man with no success? many of you pointed out this obvious red flag, but selfishness can actually manifest a lot of different ways.[read: 30 subtle, obvious and sexual flirting tips to tease a guy and make him desire you]. rori raye, author of the best-selling ebook have the relationship you want and free newsletter. the longer you wait, the more you’ll build the sexual tension and the attraction.. call or text them first sometimesmen know that they should pursue you, but in a world full of so many options, it’s nice when you show some actual interest in them. yosefexpert 249 shares + more juicy content from yourtango:25 date night ideas that aren't cheesy10 dating tips i wish i'd followed while i was single8 modern dating rules every single should knowphoto: weheartit. try to push past your boundariesfinding love should never mean being uncomfortable and doing things you don’t want to do. brown griggsexperttom burnseditorvideophoto: unsplash when you’re really in love, your brain does this (who knew? before going any further into these dating codes for girls, let’s spend a few lines on what attracts guys to a girl and make her desirable. when you’re so easy to get and so eager to please, the guy you like start to take you for granted even before both of you are in a relationship. if you don’t like doing something or don’t want to do something, stand your ground. don’t do stuff you won’t respect yourself for! is already dramatic enough, so save yourself the struggle and look for someone a little more level-headed. you wouldn’t believe how many guys complain to me about how little interest women take in them during their date. go beyond the first, awkward coffee date and try to get to know someone.

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i, for one, know that i (nor any of my friends) don’t like to work *very* hard to get you. give them a chance to relax and get comfortable being themselves around you. stoneexpertphoto: weheartit whatever follows your "i am" is what you attract into your lifeit's all about the law of attraction. being single for an extended period of time gets you into the habit of acting alone. this article does have some valid points, but with this kind of teasing, manipulation, and “playing hard to get” your phone number will end up in the trash quickly (or maybe the electronic trashcan of my cell phone). the art of conversation is huge and will keep you in the game a lot longer. this article gave you the confidence to find your match, try eharmony today! their research suggests that healthy, long-lasting relationships rarely click on the first or even the third date. us on facebook if you 'like' us, we'll love you! even if he knows you’re lying, your behavior will make him feel insecure and work harder to make it up to you. when you start dating a guy, even though you feel like you’ve fallen madly in love with him, don’t say it out just yet. as your relationship develops, so will your partnership with them. if you’re at all like i used to be before i met my husband, suddenly you feel a surge of excitement. it’ll help you understand a guy’s mind better, and make him fall harder for you. [read: how to make a guy chase you the right way]. anatomy of loveexperttom burnseditorvideophoto: weheartit 3 big ways you can stop your arguments from getting out of controldon’t lose your head. they ask you to do things that they refuse to reciprocate, like oral sex for example. let him ramble on about his quarterback, even if you don’t love that team (or sport all together). if your date seems openly immature or oblivious to major social norms on your first few dates, it will likely only get worse as they get more comfortable with you. or they may assume things about your culture or background, regardless of what you tell them.

Girl dating a younger guy, thing , some guys are so insecure and intimidated by beautiful women that sometimes it ok to say “i miss you” and then disappear for a little…. doing this means you’re not playing hard to get – you actually are filling your life with all sorts of fulfilling things. i’m not saying jump into bed on date three or whatever, i’m saying once you’re certain you are o.#14 self respect is very important, however playing games like “oh, didn’t call you? do you know the signs that make a man relationship material? make sure first, take your time with this, but once all doubt is gone and it has been long enough don’t be afraid to say it. there are 17 things you should consider when you start dating someone who has been alone for a while. nice girls leave a good ‘first impression’ which stays for a long time. davinexpertmust-see videosvideophoto: unsplash 6 ways monogamy can make your sex life so much betterno, really! davinexpertphoto: weheartit 5 signs you're in a toxic relationship (and how to get out)it seems like you can't do anything right. be nice to him, but don’t bend over backwards to please him, at least not for the first few months. they’re so flattering they lure you in and try to make things serious as fast as they can. nerdlove recommends you watch for negging or other disparaging remarks:There’s playful, flirty teasing and then there’s backhanded “compliments” and straight-up insults. dating tips for a guy who's into a busy girl. example, your cute date lola might shrug off the things that matter to you, all the while expecting you to show interest in the things she likes. as long as you create a really deep emotional connection with him, get him to talk about things he wouldn’t share with others, then you don’t really need any of this crap. much like doing things without letting you know, this is how a single person operates. connorexpertphoto: weheartit 8 deep mistakes you make with him that kill his attraction to youif you keep finding yourself in heartbreaking, dead end relationships, listen up. I mean even on the first date, they want to feel special too. if they’re really bad, or showing any of the more blaring warning signs we mentioned, don’t waste your time with them. Aitken m j thermoluminescence dating academic press london 1985 - you want to experience a perfect relationship with a guy, it’s very important that you play your part well in both these phases. nerdlove notes a few other ways to spot a “drama queen/king”:if they are always having some crisis that’s never their fault, if they expect you to provide constant reassurances, drain the emotional energy out of you, or they get upset at signs that you have a life outside of them, then you should ditch them immediately. unless you’re in a serious relationship where there’s a lot of mutual love and trust, avoid talking about the future together with the guy you’re dating. i’m not looking for a damn tourist, and i’m not a tool to make your mother clutch her pearls. infind an expert featuredexpert supportexperts advicethought leadersbecome an expertexperts faq love quoteslove stagessingletakenengagedmarriedstarting overcomplicatedaboutabout uscontactfriends & partnersmedia buzzfaqadvertisingsitemapprivacy policyfeedbackjoinjoin our communitywrite for usjobsmore categoriesdatingmencouplehoodchallengesbreakupscelebslifestyle follow us sign up for newsletter follow us sign insearch articlesfind an expertvideos categorieslovesexfamilyheartbreakselfbuzzvideosexperts featured expert support experts advicethought leadersbecome an expertexperts faq love quotes love stages singletakenengagedmarriedstarting overcomplicated about about uscontactfriends & partnersmedia buzzfaqadvertisingsitemapprivacy policyfeedback join join our communitywrite for usjobs more categories datingmencouplehoodchallengesbreakupscelebslifestyle sign up for newsletter 6 things guys really want you to do when you first start dating 249 shares + ravid yosefexpert love, self november 24, 2014. leave your cell in your purse and only take it out when he goes to the bathroom. like us on facebook twitter pinterest and we promise, we’ll be your lucky charm to a beautiful love life. he sensed you were putting all your hopes and dreams on him before getting to know him, and that feels like pressure to a man. marin, licensed marriage and family therapist and lifehacker contributor, agrees that someone pressuring you to have sex is a major red flag. message:Thank you this is very informative, but isn’t waiting for too long to have sex might be a turn off too? the more you whine, the easier you are to read. if you see too many of these red flags flying instead of fireworks, you might want to look for love elsewhere., this is the girl code on dating that’s meant to be used for the first few months of the relationship. guys value something only when they have to work hard to achieve it. if a guy knows you’re madly in love with him even before he’s fallen for you, he’ll always take you for granted, even if he doesn’t realize it himself! don’t give in easily, and make the guy work harder. If you see too many of these red flags flying instead of fireworks, you might want to look for love elsewhere. us on facebook if you 'like' us, we'll love you! dating girl codes may seem harsh, but you need to remember this. by sticking to this code, you’ll let him see for himself that you’re a catch not worth leaving..

all other guys think a girl is attractive, he’ll think she’s attractive too. when he does come by to your place with a bunch of flowers to apologize to you, pretend like his behavior didn’t bother you at all, and you’ve been so busy you haven’t had time to think about him. and refusing sex because you can’t be taken seriously otherwise? you’ve ever had a man go cold on you after a seemingly promising start, this may be the reason why. you free up space in your calendar in case he calls. her sharing things isn’t necessarily bad, but if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s definitely a red flag for you. at the same time, keep doing all the things in your life you enjoy. bonarrigoexperttom burnseditor see more videos explore yourtangolove heartbreak sex family self buzz. to get your boyfriend to propose: 10 hints to get the ring. that’s the real secret code behind the game of romance and making a guy fall hard for you. he may avoid calling you for a couple of days or he may ask for favors *sometimes sexual* just to see how compromising and accommodating you are. on these expectations and you will be the keeper he’s been looking for. you for all of your advice love panky you will really help me a lot for this guy i have a crush on tyler shields at my high school… it is time to step up my game and tell him how i feel i’ve liked/loved him ever since elementary school and we went to summer school together and rode the same bus and always had nice chats but i am a shy girl even sometimes around my family… wish me luck! however, if you only notice a few red flags, or they’re not glaring, they may be a product of nervousness or circumstance. if he doesn’t call you for a couple of days or if he cancels on a date in the last minute, don’t sulk or let him know you’re upset. if he truly likes you and is interested in dating you, he’ll try harder to please you. changing all your plans just to accommodate him will only show him how crazy you are about him. when we asked you what your biggest dating red flags were, this one was mentioned the most. you’ll discover even more effortless ways to let a man know he’s lucky to have you. your self-esteem takes a hit:putting all your focus on one man does something else.

or lola won’t stop bragging and talking about herself, and when she does give you a chance to talk she’s just waiting for a chance to cut back in. one way people will try to push boundaries is to use silence and disapproval, sometimes known as a “freeze-out” in order to get you to agree to what they want. best ways to break the ice and get to know someone on the first date. i’m just a dude who felt your game and liked your verbs. [read: how men fall in love – the 7 stages of love for guys]. follow these 16 tips on the dating girl code to do just that. “if you loved me you would” and “if you loved me you would wait” are the exact same emotion from opposite genders. that’s his cue to sit back and take it easy, so he can watch you do all the hard work now. if billy keeps making and breaking plans with you, or always seems unavailable while giving you just enough attention to keep you stringing along, end it and find someone who respects your time. you start worrying that you might do or say something to mess things up. you go from the carefree, spirited woman you are to a fearful, worrying creature. a guy definitely does fall for a girl’s appearance. also, if greg tells your landlady that he’s moving in without you knowing, or gives you a key to his place after only three dates—run. greg is trying to “lock you down” before you have the chance to recognize his flaws.’s with the obsession of women making us work and invest so much into dating them? but the only girls guys actually desire and fall for madly are the ones who leave men hanging without any reassurances. a girl ask a guy out before he asks her out? aware of your date’s expectations of you as well.” that’s essentially code for “are you going to get fat on me? it’s nice of you to take that on sometimes and introduce him to your favorite things or try something completely new together.  Brand new 100 free dating site- your date sharing too much personal information too soon can be a boundary-pushing red flag as well.. take interest in the things they lovewhether it’s a sports team, activity or their new favorite band; you should take interest in their interests. marin also suggests you watch for your date acting possessively, checking in on you, and wanting to know where you are all the time. but if sally is telling you her deepest, darkest secrets just to make idle conversation, it may signal that her definition of personal boundaries is much different than most people’s. most nice girls try really hard to please a guy, and go all the way from calling him over and cooking him a four course meal to spending all weekend shopping for his clothes. everyone has flaws, yourself included, and people deserve second chances to show you whether they’re really raising a red flag, or they just haven’t opened up yet. sweet ways to tell a guy you like him and win him over. you’re only dating him, he doesn’t have a say about the way you lead your life, at least not yet. [read: when should you say ‘i love you’ for the first time? block yourself emotionally to him so you seem harder to read, which makes you harder to impress, which then makes you a lot more desirable and attractive. the dating phase, you need to make the guy fall for you, and you need to make him fall hard. and this goes against the very core of what you want as a woman – and what he wants as a man. according to nerdlove, if someone is actually interested in you, they should show it fairly consistently. if you want to make a guy like you, don’t go all out and try to please him. guys may claim they hate girls who can’t commit within the first three dates. you start talking about him (or maybe you don’t because you worry you might jinx it).’ve met a nice guy and he’s asked you out. in your pursuit to impress the guy you’re dating, don’t shove your self respect under the mat. they're just not in a rush to be married to you. have a life and keep yourself occupied all the time.