What's the legal age limit for dating in florida

however, if you are under 18, you still may be able to sue to enforce a contract, but the other party may not be able to sue to enforce the contract against you.

What is the legal age limit for dating in florida

this means that when you turn 18, you gain almost all of the legal rights that adults have.

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if you are underage, committing certain criminal offenses can result in prosecution as an adult.

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if you are under 18, you may be able to get some rights normally reserved for adults if you are legally emancipated.

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however, a number of other factors can affect the age of majority, including marriage and emancipation.

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table below is a summary of florida law on the matter, while more descriptive coverage follows.

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in florida, marriage is a form of emancipation, which means that you will get many of the rights and responsibilities that come with being an adult.

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if you are not, you must have your guardian or personal representative sue on your behalf.

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turning 18 also comes with responsibilities, like the ability to be sued in court, and serving on a jury.

this means that a court declares you to be a legal adult even if you are underage.

some crimes, like truancy, can only be charged against minors.

What s the legal age limit for dating in florida

this means that people under 21 get an automatic dui if they have any alcohol in them, regardless of what the dui blood alcohol content is for adults 21 and over.

florida, and the rest of the united states, you must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol.

the overwhelming majority of states, the age of majority is 18.
almost all states, including florida, have zero tolerance alcohol laws, for minors caught driving with alcohol in their system.