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airline sas has reportedly been violating safety check regulations, with the company's technicians accused of skipping regular checks by postdating vital controls of aircraft's landing gear, brakes and tyres.

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accused of violating safety check regulations - reportthe latter, surely, since one is a cow-pattern gateway computer box: long postdating its '60s contents, it must have been packed recently, not back then.

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wolfe; luhring augustine gallerythe book would have benefited from more careful revising, which might have better assimilated the impressive documentary material and permitted the avoidance of some errors of fact, such as the postdating of lorenzo de' medici's death by eight months (151) or the inexact definition of the biblioteca moreniana as a collection of the biblioteca riccardiana instead of as a library in its own right (x and 38, n.

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[1615–25] postdatepast participle: postdatedgerund: postdatingimperativepresentpreteritepresent continuouspresent perfectpast continuouspast perfectfuturefuture perfectfuture continuouspresent perfect continuousfuture perfect continuouspast perfect continuousconditionalpast conditionalimperativepostdatepostdatepresenti postdateyou postdatehe/she/it postdateswe postdateyou postdatethey postdatepreteritei postdatedyou postdatedhe/she/it postdatedwe postdatedyou postdatedthey postdatedpresent continuousi am postdatingyou are postdatinghe/she/it is postdatingwe are postdatingyou are postdatingthey are postdatingpresent perfecti have postdatedyou have postdatedhe/she/it has postdatedwe have postdatedyou have postdatedthey have postdatedpast continuousi was postdatingyou were postdatinghe/she/it was postdatingwe were postdatingyou were postdatingthey were postdatingpast perfecti had postdatedyou had postdatedhe/she/it had postdatedwe had postdatedyou had postdatedthey had postdatedfuturei will postdateyou will postdatehe/she/it will postdatewe will postdateyou will postdatethey will postdatefuture perfecti will have postdatedyou will have postdatedhe/she/it will have postdatedwe will have postdatedyou will have postdatedthey will have postdatedfuture continuousi will be postdatingyou will be postdatinghe/she/it will be postdatingwe will be postdatingyou will be postdatingthey will be postdatingpresent perfect continuousi have been postdatingyou have been postdatinghe/she/it has been postdatingwe have been postdatingyou have been postdatingthey have been postdatingfuture perfect continuousi will have been postdatingyou will have been postdatinghe/she/it will have been postdatingwe will have been postdatingyou will have been postdatingthey will have been postdatingpast perfect continuousi had been postdatingyou had been postdatinghe/she/it had been postdatingwe had been postdatingyou had been postdatingthey had been postdatingconditionali would postdateyou would postdatehe/she/it would postdatewe would postdateyou would postdatethey would postdatepast conditionali would have postdatedyou would have postdatedhe/she/it would have postdatedwe would have postdatedyou would have postdatedthey would have postdated.

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