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is an american reggae pop band from sequim, washington, consisting of brothers wesley stromberg and keaton stromberg, and drew chadwick.

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stromberg hangs out with tyler case & david scarzone, not wes.

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on february 1, 2016, emblem3 released their first single titled "now" since getting back together.

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photo posted by wesleystromberg (@wesleystromberg) on nov 28, 2016 at 1:49pm pst.

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to drew chadwick, emblem3, keaton stromberg, lukas graham, music, wesley stromberg.

Emblem3's Wes Stromberg Gives Viewers A Behind-The-Scenes

guys – drew chadwick and brothers wesley and keaton stromberg – took on lukas graham‘s chart-topping single “7 years.

10 Things You Don't Know About The X Factor's Emblem3 - In Touch

feeling might be mutual, as keaton stromberg has also found a new group of friends.

Emblem3 Make Plea For 'Summer' Love With Breezy Acoustic

looks like wesley stromberg and amber montana are still going strong!

Keaton Stromberg - Bio, Facts, Family | Famous Birthdays

wesley stromberg celebrates birthday with three new songs - listen now!

drew chadwick rapped, wesley stromberg sang the chorus, and keaton stromberg sang background vocals as well as producing the song.

attending middle school in sequim, washington, drew chadwick and wesley stromberg began doing sessions together as american scholars.

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21-year-old fosters actress and singer brought along boyfriend jeff wittek for the premiere and the two were joined by emblem3‘s wesley stromberg and social star amanda cerny.

emblem3 fandom is going through another upheaval after brothers keaton and wesley stromberg appear to have ditched each other – in favor of new friend groups.

stromberg often hangs out with kenny holland, nash grier & co – without keaton.
the lead single from the album is "chloe (you're the one i want)".