Water hose hook up shark tank

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Hook up water hose yamaha waverunner

on a side note, i’ve got a feeling that ezvip is a big shark tank hit.

Hy-Conn: .25M Fire Hydrant Deal Fell Through After Shark Tank

tank would be that better if mark cuban and other investors would come on and explain why they did not do the deal.

HyConn - Home | Facebook

made a deal with hy-conn llc, a company that makes efficient connectors for fire hoses and hydrants, during a season two episode.

: 2wayz Premium garden hose quick connect shut off

-Conn is an adapter that connects hoses to fire hydrants in seconds.

How to Install a Water Heater Using a SharkBite Connector

have had a quick connect hose since the early nineties.

HyConn inventor Jeff Stroope on Shark Tank - YouTube

defense nasal screens, adhesives that block germs and allergens from entering the nose, drew the sharks’ attention during season two, when herjavec offered million for the entire company.

Shark Tank: When A Startup Gets Thrown Back

but even without the shark’s money, the company is going strong, with locations in texas, arizona, florida and arkansas.

HyConn on Shark Tank - Do you have a patent? - Inventing Patents

is chump change for a guy who’s a billionaire, he would have turned it into 50-60 mill just like he said after he walked out of the tank.

he also designed a hy-conn for the home –a connector that clamps onto spigots for garden hose plumbing.

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Water hose hook up shark tank

″ pro edition hydrant to hose connector is available on amazon].

so he designed hy-conn, a quick connector for fire hydrant hoses.

this was one of those pitches that were almost too good to be true….