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, stove and range (“bsr”), birmingham, alabama: bsr manufactured many pieces of kitchenware. the company won many awards, and at one point had a 60% market share in cookware. textron sold the wagner and griswold lines to general housewares corporation (ghc) in 1969.

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wagner ware cast iron skillet; marked only with b on the bottom of the skillet and on the underside of the handle. these pans were manufactured by the wagner ware manufacturing company in sidney, ohio. wagner was active between 1891 and 1952, and at one time dominated the cookware market, selling in europe and the us.

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and dating of vintage and antique unmarked or unknown maker cast iron skillets. gate marked pans are the oldest of the old cast iron cookware; almost certainly antique. it made products for domestic use such as frying pans, casseroles, kettles and baking trays, and also made metal products other than cookware. Singles in leipzig kennenlernen

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[3] the company acquired their competitor sidney hollow ware from phillip smith in 1897. ware sidney -o- stylized logo, centered (1924-1935, heat ring & c/n)⁹. manufacturing company, sidney, ohio: unmarked wagner pans are commonly found. Single wohnungen wien umgebung

is fun to learn the history and origin of old cast iron cookware.[1] as of 2014 american culinary continued to market products branded wagner, wagnerware, magnalite and griswold. spider skillet is one of the most – if not the most – collectible of griswold cast iron cookware.

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medium block logo or late large tm is believed to have been a planned replacement for the small block logo, but whose development was possibly cut short by the acquisition of griswold by wagner ware. so-marked are considered to be from the period during which wagner owned and produced hollow ware in the shw foundry. especially as i began my adventure into the world of vintage cast iron cookware, collectors on the forums of these sites were more than generous with their time and expertise in helping me identify and date vintage and antique cast iron cookware that i came across.

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are also very knowledgeable and passionate long-time collectors out there who have a vast amount of information about vintage and antique cast iron cookware. information dating it to as early as 1955 has been found. griswold and wagner ware cast iron cookbook: delicious and simple comfort food.Evolution of the Wagner Trademark - The Cast Iron Collector [1] in 1894 wagner was one of the first to make aluminum cookware., wagner ware, national, long life, wardway and ward's cast iron. in addition to cookware it manufactured furnace grates, feed troughs, rubbish burners, kettles, and chemists' mortars. Singles saarland 100 kostenlos

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the name ‘wagner’ is cast on the bottom of each piece of ware. “go-to” reference materials for dating and identifying pieces for which i know the manufacturer are two much-used reference books: smith & wafford, the book of griswold & wagner, favorite, wapak, sidney hollow ware (5th ed. wagner manufacturing company was a family-owned manufacturer of cast iron and aluminum products based in sidney, ohio, us. Do i hook up positive or negative first | Identification and Dating of Vintage and Antique Unmarked or . cast iron hollow ware-producing foundries of the late 19th and early to mid-20th centuries.[1] the company said in its early advertisements:We do not strive to manufacture hollow ware as cheaply as possible, but as good as it can be made. page › cast iron collecting › identification and dating of vintage and antique unmarked or unknown maker cast iron skillets. Free online dating south africa | Cast Iron Cookware Trademarks & Logos - The Cast Iron Collector in addition to skillets marked favorite or favorite piqua ware, favorite manufactured skillets with the word miami outlined by a diamond on the bottom between about 1916 and 1935. manufacturing company, sheboygan, wisconsin: vollrath manufactured many items of kitchenware from the late 1800s until today. we cannot afford to put on the market ware that will not sustain our reputation. Ano ang tawag sa dating kaalaman ng mambabasa | Cast Iron Chaos: The Wagners 1891 Original Cast Iron Skillet first producing only cast-iron products, the company added nickel-plated ware in 1892. cast iron collector - information for the cast iron cookware enthusiast. of the unmarked pans you may come across in your cast iron travels were made by griswold, lodge, birmingham stove & range (“bsr”), vollrath, wagner, favorite stove & range, and chicago hardware foundry.