The red pill online dating

The red pill online dating

gold[–]entropy-7 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child)when i was 39 i met all sorts of 20-something girls online. know, i actually agree that, generally speaking, people have to find a romantic partner physically attractive to enjoy dating them. please show me a example of hate on the red pill(that is a post, not a comment). if you look at the statement of principles on /r/theredpill, you may notice something: there’s nothing in there about men. once you find a profile that works, the ease with which you can go from sitting in your room to being on a date with a stranger and later having your dick in said stranger's mouth is incredible. i can't imagine what i could bring to the debate other than perhaps to explain why i haven't married red pill with the idea that rape is fine and dandy. red pill might be more transparent than thetans but any movement that uses buzzwords in place of thinking is worth examining closely before you repeat it. he should also stop making dating a priority in his life, and instead focus on his own personal happiness while maintaining a respect for all genders. so it's less a gendered thing and more that there are terrible people everywhere). gold[–]entropy-7 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children)tinder is in its own category and can't be lumped in with other forms of online dating. but if matt were dog ugly and could do all the other stuff like read chekov, chances are she wouldn't be dating him. get screwed on this one, too, because we're basically shown that success in dating for us should be us waiting and resisting, but being talked down by the man who is worthy of us. word travels through the grapevine and the dudettes make a mental note in the backlog of 'potential predators', but face-to-face positive interactions often overwrite that rather quickly. certainly wish i had an answer better than "stop dating assholes" but i'm afraid anything i say is going to boil down to that. you gotta bang those hundred sluts to bag that hb9. according to the report, "intimate partner violence can be perpetrated by current or former spouses (including married spouses, common-law spouses, civil union spouses, and domestic partners), boyfriends/girlfriends, dating partners, and ongoing sexual partners. like we need a women's approval before we can read the red pill. he should also read books about healthy masculinity like man up: reimagining modern manhood and even confessions of a pick-up artist chaser, which helps break down why so much of the techniques the red pill advocate are so abusive from a woman’s perspective. it's basically the same old 50-year-old dude who keeps cluttering up my online dating inbox in his younger incarnation.) yes, and the girls who did it, you referred to as being "really amazing". is how the hot natural alphas see the dating market. just reasons why women are bitches and why the red pill is the light, the truth and the way. “you’re right,” says the red pill community, “it is unfair. keep in mind that pre-selection by other women is one of the most powerful signals of sexual eligibility for men, and when you use online dating you're suggesting that you haven't been pre-selected. the majority of the women i know and have known dismiss me as a dating option because of my looks. i think you can be darn certain that emma watson would not be dating a guy who did not respect her as a human being. the women on tinder or any other dating site have already burned through all the men in their life, facebook, family, friends, coworkers, bars, . online you either lie, sort of lie, or basically write off about 80% of attractive women who are - in theory - young enough to be your daughter. when you strip away the gaslighting and the abuse, red pill tactics just don’t work."so, in short, the red pill philosophy says all the things you say you disagree with and that annoy you (that the way you behave and present your personality has a major impact on whether women like you, that you can work on yourself to become appealing to women, that non-appearance factors can compensate for a lack of looks)". so even if we can reasonably say that watson wouldn't be dating her boyfriend if she wasn't physically attracted to him, there's no reason it couldn't also be true that she wouldn't be dating him if he wasn't intelligent, or if he wasn't feminist, or if he didn't treat her considerately, or a gazillion other criteria that might be just as vital to her as his looks. continuing to insist that you have to have this question answered, you are either:1) self-limiting yourself to only dating women who like jerks or. is required but it's not the whole technique, or even the most important bit. hell, redefined masculinity and not being an asshole don't have to overlap.% of being a red pill is about finding a quality mate through real self improvement. all of these suggestions are helpful, but there's one major flaw:The letter writer is his sister, not him. is a myth that you have to be good-looking to get laid with online dating. can't help but feel like even if i bought into the red pill thing, i'd still rather be a beta. his status as a college student who is only known for dating someone famous. the red pill ethos is predicated on misdirection; as long as the person is distracted, they never notice the flaws in the logic. a red pill is not about rape or forcing yourself on anyone. love trp, i introduced it to my friends and brother, we now are empowered. in my experience, people actually tend to be more sympathetic to a good redemption story than is prudent, and that even people who are careful about observing actual change tend to be pretty forgiving. one of the reasons why i write about feminist issues or bad behavior within the geek community is because, frankly, getting better at dating is a holistic system.) find out who the person listens to the most and find out was to discredit them. gold[–]nomad-oz -3 points-2 points-1 points 1 year ago (3 children)my nephew 40 recently returned to the dating market. do think the jury is out on to what degree biological sex effects one's personality, so i wouldn't say coding things as being *generally* masculine or feminine is *necessarily* bad in the abstract as long as there's room for flexibility for individuals to mix and match and defy gendered generalizations. they turn self-hatred or circumstance-hatred into hared of the other. i'd be reluctant or would outright refuse to deal with someone who's a potential predator or emotionally abusive person. every year dating will get worse for the average men. at the time, no one called it "mgtow", and i simply termed it as putting dating on the back burner and focusing on me. appeal of the red pill ethos is simple; it’s all about taking someone who feels they have little power and convincing them that they have the only way to get power. gold[–]pua_wanna_be 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (4 children)any recommendations to learn online game?"just that dating success, in my view and experience, comes down to 80% looks (for the guy).'ll point out that the 'good' advice given by the red pill forums is advice that's existed long before red pill, or the internet was invented. gold[–]endorsed contributorrp-doctor 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (1 child)i use online game (aside from tinder) to fuck good girls, not sluts (they're all sluts, but you know what i mean). this cute little redhead on tinder, her pictures made her look about an hb8. i met one girl worth fucking online, most are troll looking hamplanets. just because you hadn't heard of the red pill at that time doesn't make those kinds of comments/attitudes not toxic, or mean people were being unfair to call you out on them. take this exchange: i post on a redpill forum about having difficulties with dating. pill theorythe problem with tinder/online dating for most men. i made a mistake walking away from the med student despite the fact that in all likelihood she would have much preferred the guy with the looks and the full head of hair she spoke to after me. don't complain to me when the only people willing to date you are just as manipulative and borderline abusive as red pill asks you to be. my default stance towards dating and relationships are adversarial at best. red pill should never be used as a justification for raping someone. flash should have had really hot indian guy play director singh, but noooooooo… (which pisses me off because i was looking forward to sexy, i-am-so-tired-of-your-crap-barry, dapperly-dressed singh. never had anyone ever show me any post that hated women on red pill. i knew little of red pills outside of general ideas and this was a good run down of what to look out for and avoid.: actually, could you link to some positive things red pillers have said, because i can't find them myself and it would be really interesting to see the community in a different light, the light you and your girlfriend seem to see. they are then left alone to drift through the vast sea of internet dating advice because there isn't a social framework for many men to learn dating skills from male role models or peers. a asshole to a women doesn't work, the red pill clearly states you need to lift, work out, eat well, become social and dress well. gold[–]endorsed contributormonsieurhire2 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (4 children)"because having pictures on online dating websites with tons of girls doesn't count as preselection? of course, dating coaches specialise in that, but social coaches can also do that if you specify that's what you want/need. and we wonder why the red pillers have endless debates in which they question if women are even capable of love or empathy., for the rest of us, don't get me wrong, you can definitely get laid on tinder and online dating, but for most men you will - as a rule - receive women who are a lower smv than you would otherwise be able to land in real life. think the red pill works depending on what you want. people born and bred with confidence (as family upbringing is a huge part of it) are typically naturals. i mean, it's conceivable that you could find some people who find one set of advances more attractive than another, but insisting that there's no value in experience-based approaches that some in the redpill pickup sphere have used seems premature also. things that actually matter in dating things which have been studied by researchers. but that's just what i've seen/heard from my experience as a non-asian dude, and obviously not from a dating standpoint– if there's anything you've like to elaborate, contradict, or add on, that would be great.

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emma watson hasn't posted first hand accounts of her dating life and her dating preferences, unlike meyer. but it might be helpful to consider that she might also perceive it as a manifestation of sexism, because of all the men she's encountered in the past who wanted to be cared for when they were sick but didn't expect to reciprocate. and it just doesn't help your cause by doing that, considering a lot of red pillers just trash women all the time. and why does answering this question somehow mean that you will know more about either dating or women? so i don't think that emma watson dating him makes the "all women are hypergamous bitches who just want handsome/high-status guys! no one becomes a bernie madhoff by saying a a kid "i want to screw retired people over and take their money". after doing the whole redpill routine, you feel slighted that women aren't as invested in the latter as you, and are generally flaky and indecisive. many people take the red pill and use it negatively but are they entirely to blame? even if you haven’t been gifted with a face so beautiful that makes the baby jesus weep at it’s glory (like me), you can still get laid with online dating using just your words. many people who get into red pill stuff have been conned out of a lot of money by the magic skills lot. when you were sick, i covered the work and your nursing. what sits in the way of this is the villification of dudettes who actually do take charge as trying to out-alpha you, and a normative standard which all women must adhere to(which leads to bitching instead of finding the segment of society that does fit your preferred gender pattern). was depressed as hell after this, and i admit that during this weak stage, i could have very easily bought into the whole red pill thing, until i realized something. only positive thing i picked up on in my brief time browsing various "red pill" forums and facebook pages is the concept of ghosting. i'm not comfortable with the way these things often get measured but more is better in this context. if looks were the only thing that mattered to her, she could just hold a casting call, pick the most attractive aspiring model from the horde of fans who would show up, an be done with it. gold[–]reigorius 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (5 children)if they find you attractive online, what you say is not that important. it's yet another device females use to get ahead in this world and it's been made incredibly easy for them. i used online in my 30s, fucked lots of bitches too. people look at the red pill reddit they see a lot of anger, because these young and old men find out that everything they know about relationship dynamics and how to have a successful relationship is a load of crap,“oh you haven’t found the one yet"..These four photos, correctly lit and shot to make you look attractive, will get you laid. as if your red pill relationship model isn't the only way for people to be attracted to each other. pill clearly states, women are what they are, you can't change nor judge their nature., yeah, none of those things have anything to do with me not being "red pill friendly". acting red from the start puts her off then showing up red later isn't going to change her mind. you think you are brave and strong; but you actually scared and very weak. i have seen literally hundreds of guns bought by ca residents in az. he eventually got a girlfriend (not his crush) which “proved” red pill worked. red pill is for men by men and is growing every day. right or wrong, many women will (consciously or unconsciously) assume that you're going online because you can't get any in real life. some their “dating” advice is basically descriptions of abusive relationships. as for your dating coach example– i would actually have a lot of skepticism about using a dating coach who hasn't had successful long-term relationships for anything other than teaching me how to get casual sex. much of the red pill philosophy is about regaining the upper hand because women somehow unfairly control the sexual marketplace. at some point, it seemed like she kind of outgrew it, and started dating people she had more in common with (both asian and not), and seemed to be seeing asian women more as people. that's why the blue pill/red pill dichotomy is so valid. gold[–]redsugarpill 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (2 children)perhaps, but the fact is they were carpet bombers before they were cruise missile platforms. having pictures on online dating websites with tons of girls doesn't count as preselection? for guys that aren't heart throbs, don't try to text a lot via online. there are women out there, believe it or not, who are not on tinder or online dating, and they tend to be not only hotter, but better. interaction i have had with redpillers makes me feel like i'm traversing the globe and yet they're still insisting the earth is flat. didn't address any points i made, you just made up scenarios , you found my comment and replied which is typical the only argument against the red pill is , "your gramers is badzors". i tested probably hundreds of combinations of my profile/pics/opener (which was a big thing in okcupid) and used to ask for advice all the time on rsdnstion., we have a lot of married men and a lot of men in long term relationships, nice guys do get girls,They just want to know why they are being abused and being cheated on by guys that are assholes. lesswrong for deconstructing of study methodology(because let's face it, the doc's like for sex at dawn is also faulty evopsych), cognitive biases and special pleading, patheos blogs for a plurality of alternative models of self-fulfillment, moodgym for self-cbt while on the shrink waitlist, sex worker blogs for models of consent that embrace sex-positivity with a pleasant raw tone that appeals far easier to the redpill types, and so on and so forth.-forward to 2016 and online dating is strictly the preserve of shallow people who value looks above everything else. i want him to spend a few months in prison as a scared-straight thing. issues surrounding the geek community – especially in the way women are treated – are directly related to dating issues. do wonder how meyer knows so much about the men emma met and the dynamics of her dating life and current relationship. i have been physically assaulted with a weapon, barricaded a door while recovering from extensive surgery, watched on as a loved one self-destructed by attempting to violently slit her wrists in front of me, and my birther is a severely ill person with a disordered mind; someone who has threatened me with homelessness beginning as i was a prepubescent child. so i'm referencing stuff that red pill websites actually talk about., the battle cry of every other single guy your age who has trouble dating but still wants to justify only being interested in very young women who are just so mean for not finding you attractive. in the other, he's looking at a screen of matrix code and tells neo "eventually you don't even see the code, its just blonde, brunette, redhead. think that redpill sites are full of gross generalization and anger, but i also think there’s a lot of truth and useful information they have.'m sorry, but i'm going to have to trust what actual red pillers say they believe in over your interpretation about what you think they believe in. primary difference is their underlying assumptions about women and i think enough digital ink has been spilled about both sides that it would be a waste to reiterate. why is writing online about yourself different from saying it on the phone or face to face? red pill philosophy is heavily influenced by the neil strauss’s the game and the mystery method school of pick-up; scroll through the field reports on the red pill subreddit and you’ll find it festooned with pua jargon like “dhv” (demonstration of higher value”), amog (“alpha male of group”) and shit tests. when i got into the dating life, i had a difficult time approaching girls, i'd be very nice to girls, but i wouldn't ever make my intentions very clear to them out of some fear which i thought back then was respect. not only are girls online a minority, less attractive, and more actively pursued, but the top girls who look down for sex are probably getting more messages than they can even read. tinder is for the 'hornies' -- and you're right, the quality (looks wise) of tinder women is not nearly as high as when you meet them at my preferred 'meat' locales (classes at universities, meet up's, et cetera). if the true nature of women weren’t so drastically different to what they pretend, men that swallow the pill would feel so let down and angry. gold[–]dislocatex 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (4 children)ok, was this post about getting laid as quickly as possible on dating sites? or if she meets two cool respectful people, to justify her feminism, is she required to date the less good-looking one? any flaw she has just makes her stronger in the dating world. and as for status – let's be clear, she's dating down in status.. i've run into that logical runaround too many times before; oddly, no one ever seems to consider that there may be more than one useful source of information about what's desirable in terms of dating. while i can give him some help, i have no dating experience, and i’m not a man who has faced and overcome difficulties with women.'s dating life is not our business and she should never receive hate for her choices or her views. larger question of everything else you've been talking about is much more complex (though i do think some people do have predilections towards certain personality traits)..What i mean is that about 1-in-6 divorcees are incel while another 1-in-6 are getting 4 or more women a year (the top category that they measured). she also happens to be the most incredibly stylish person i've ever seen anywhere. you're implying that to prove that she's a good person and a real feminist, she should be dating an ugly guy., i suspect, you are looking at only specific groups of women and ignoring all those who don't fit either your dating criteria or your bias., whenever i see a picture of a guy online in a profile and he has hot chicks on his arm, i assume that he's posing and doing it for image purposes. i think it is a natural bad habit for "nice guystm" and natural bp-ers because they (and i, in the past) are so bloody keen to avoid looking 'predatory'. all the creepers who insist on dating women in their early 20s because ~fertility are going to have to find another way to back up their preferences. guy #2 has a hard time getting dates online, but he has a very high "kill ratio". at the screen and neo seeing the code in the climax was a revalation to young-adult me that has colored my experience with video games ever since. the notion that red pill circles only attract broken men is weird. so, for example, his personal presentation always has a lot of texture (layers of clothing, textured fabric, etc.

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most of online dating is complete fuckery anyway, i don't know why anyone would waste time analyzing it to this degree. you guys tarred me with that brush months before i ever heard of the red pill. potential for cheating isn't an issue "men face specifically when dating women. if he's so deep into the redpill bullshit that he's internalized the idea that rape is okay i think he needs to get a major shock before he'll be receptive to change, and jail time will shake just about anyone to the core., in short, the red pill philosophy says all the things you say you disagree with and that annoy you (that the way you behave and present your personality has a major impact on whether women like you, that you can work on yourself to become appealing to women, that non-appearance factors can compensate for a lack of looks). so you have two data points from women who are at an entirely different stage in their lives (med student who was moving and one starting university) who are at an age where men in their mid-thirties in the workforce might see them as dating prospects, but the feeling is often not mutual.[–]entropy-7 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children)going in the wayback machine, i tried telephone dating back in the early 90s. they're loud, they stink, i hate drinking, i don't like drunk women, you have to yell, not talk, it's late, they're 'pre-selected' for alcoholics and douchebags - this whole side of red pill is not for me. your very small credit, here, you seem to be blaming other men for your romantic failures (they stole the good wimminz) instead of other women (who are just so stupid), but it all comes across as extremely patronizing, like you are trying to teach us what we actually think and feel and respond to. if you don’t do online dating, these principles apply to any writing or storytelling you do, in person or in text. you know nothing else about this guy or their relationship, but you immediately bank on the idea that she's dating him because he's hot. gold[–]onepill_twopill 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (2 children)please do. being hot isn't enough to get you laid, but it is required. if you go into texting with the redpill mentality, it doesn't really matter what you say. no part of the red pill does it say rape a girl. i wagered i can't really win whatever i say so will just comment and reply to people as best i can. time i see the word "mangina", i always think of this scene from the tv show new tricks when the police caught a murderer who, in terms of how misogynistic he was, fit the bill for a red piller, and the last thing one of the cops said after describing how the culprit committed the murder was something like "and if that makes you a man and me a mangina, then go ahead and give me a brazilian". i don't like its hate and anger towards women and those women who post on red pill forums. and look, it goes beyond the intentions of the socially-awkward guy: the creeping will happen anyway; like the reddit thread mentions the reputation will be tarnished anyway, and like i showed already, apologizing for these sort of offenses will accomplish nothing anyway. to clarify, there is nothing wrong with dating white men or many men. it's a sarcastic jab at the contrast between his views and the fact that he's trying to talk about them with women, a group of people whose opinions he gives little credit to. have absolutely no academic credentials to back this up, but i've wondered if this is the result of us both loathing and loving ourselves. depending on what it was, i'd agree this might both include accusations that were not false and that the sample is very dependent on the interest of that police department in pursuing rape cases and the guidance offered to rape victims by district attorneys and support groups in the area. she's dating him because she finds him physically attractive and that's all fine and dandy as her private life is her business and she's allowed to date whoever she wants within all laws etc. i know that people's circumstances can differ (and are not always in their control) but i don't want someone taking my house and my money and sitting on their ass online shopping with my card number all day while i work a 50 hour week. reply to the main content material of the article, the letter, i would wholeheartedly advise the guys like the red pill guy to read dr. i would say that things like "the rules" are actually very similar to the red pill– they assert that people of the opposite sex are essentially terrible and untrustworthy in certain ways and that you need to combine a particularly ugly performance of gender norms with a lot of deceptive behavior, emotional unavailability, and manipulation to achieve baseline romantic success.'s not dismissing people's experiences to point out the truth of someone needing to fancy the person they are dating. has it never occurred to you that people might also refuse to date someone who they find physically attractive but who doesn't meet certain personality criteria? you're quite possibly the most privileged being in the dating universe.. you claim that the asshole guys who bullied you were the most successful with women–that they'd "always be dating really amazing women. i get too much further into this, allow me to share the email that prompted all of this:My brother’s gotten caught up in the red pill philosophy. my experience, though, in many cases it can happen because people do not live in areas where there are many asian/indian people to date and then move to a more diverse area and start dating a more diverse group. women jerks aren't scared off or grossed out by men jerks; they are in fact compatible. there's also a strand that focuses on how women have been historically pressured to deny sexual attraction and should be more free to acknowledge what they want. the particular case of red pill, kkk, al qaeda and other groups, they do create assholes. if you want to stop someone in the red pill fold from potentially turning into a rapist it makes sense to understand and hear from why some guys have embraced red pill concepts. i'd say giving off a sexual vibe when most of the women i meet judge me as "not a dating option" fairly instantly would be a minefield and likely to come across as creepy which would alienate people. and you all seem to want the fantasy of dating for five years, being engaged for another, and then being married for three more before having biological children. they used a modicum of critical thinking they would see the logical fallacies of the whole red pill thing.'s definition of what the red pill is doesn't sound quite right to many people in the red pill world. she's not dating him because he's smart, or funny, or nice, or anything like that. women has hurt me, and i not married but have a ltr, and she is a member of red pill women. while insisting i must be making up how difficult dating is. that they're encouraging men to view women as 'the enemy' or 'the other' so they can justify their hatred and mistreatment of them. you're talking to someone who sides with a lot of the red pill stuff. don't get me wrong, i'm not successful in the gay dating world, mostly because i'm looking for real connections, and if i actually tried such alpha things i'm sure i'd be successful. as i’m fond of saying, dating success is 80% attitude and 20% skill, and a lot of that attitude involves both issues of masculinity and also understanding and empathizing with women. i recognize my biases and people's behaviour is often unpredictable. if she was dating ron weasely, that would be because of his money and status, right? frequently held up as pillars of feminist theory alongside mckinnon and dworkin. entire nice guy in pop culture is seen as a social retard, geeky, mild mannered. on that traditional metric she is dating a lower status man., i can't help but wonder…how does red pill view lesbians? really believe its about trust, shared interests and mutual respect. here are some links to some positive statements red pillers have made. after all, you don't constantly worry about your friends leaving or try to keep them scared of you. i don't always agree with him, but he seems like a pretty alright guy, all things considered. on the bright side, they are decent, ethical people who are capable of both empathy and compassion, unlike the redpillers., do they not realize that straight women are not in fact their dating competition? invariably, many of these guys grew up listening to the "just be yourself" brand of dating advice for men only to find it ineffective.'m going to throw this out there then walk away, kind of like a hand grenade:Let's take it as read that being a dick or not is immaterial to your dating success.(1) just using tinder or an online dating site is a demonstration of lower sexual value for men.) obliquely related, as a man i personally am annoyed by men, red pill/manosphere or not, who are so obsessed with what women that they aren't with are doing with their genitalia. i'd be bullied by these guys and they'd always be dating really amazing women. i stand with some of the concepts of the red pill without the hate. whereas, just being on online dating is a dlv for most guys ('he needs to come online to get a date'), simply approaching a woman with confidence in public is a dhv for most guys ('he must be really confident to be so bold and decisive about approaching me'). it's just sometimes very painful to realize that no matter what i do, i don't get a chance to be seen as a dating option by women."a strong, intelligent, outspoken feminist woman is publicly dating him. you're coming at this from a "you guys pushed me into the arms of the red pillers by not accepting all of my views" standpoint, then i'd say it might be time to head back to whatever your usual forum is. do hope you closed her that night but if not let us reminisce on the lost opportunities of our blue pill days, cringe then smile knowing that shit is behind us and the world is now our oyster. why your father gets the credit for being hard-working when your mother is the breadwinner? and as i said, i don't know him so i can't include him in the guys i know who are dating women. i read about the red pill on reddit for the first time, i was little bit …concerned, i would say. if you take someone who's already an asshole in a fairly specific way and surround him with a bunch of similar assholes, i think it's fairly predictable that they might all be worse after a sustained period of time. i want to argue isn’t that he should be a red piller, but that he should be nothing at all. red pill is, for all intents and purposes, what happens when the pick-up community decides that it hates women. could have said, "look, i know there are problematic elements to red pill, but there are some good things too. i don't know if you really did just miss it or what, but let's try again:There are certain jobs like teachers (but only through high school), librarians, and nurses that are perceived as being "girl jobs. a guy being assertive and actually asking out women is a jerk in redpill land, when in regular personland, that just makes him… a guy who asks people out.

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80% of men using these sites are essentially wasting their time, since 80% of men, before they've even said one word have demonstrated that they are: (a) below-average looking, and (b) can't get any in real life so they need to go online (not pre-selected). would also like to see greater exploration of the racial differences because nonwhite men are the most likely to be assaulted as compared to white men but the pattern is different for women.'re not going to get downvoted because this isn't a red pill friendly audience., all the things you're quoting i took directly from the "red pill constitution" dnl linked to that's posted on the red pill reddit and associated websites, which that reddit claims "contains a lot of generalisations which embody fundamental beliefs of the red pill philosophy". watson does for me what her boyfriend does for you, so i think she's dating up. one of the key tenets of the red pill philosophy is that women are instinctively hypergamous – that they only date men of “superior” status and are quite literally incapable of loving men unconditionally – and thus men must be as “alpha” as possible at all times.'ve encountered the whole idea that learning social interaction at a later age comes at the cost of poor feeble maidens having to serve as test subjects mostly from dudes and very little from feminists(and the ones that did entertain the notion were inevitably of the women-can't-possibly-enjoy-flirting moonbat variety). i don't want to be an 'alpha male' , and i feel so strongly about that as to say that i would gladly die alone over playing that sort of status game, at least as the red pill crowd has broadly defined it. just that you would often find very attractive women in that school environment dating the bullies. obviously, i can't go head first into a life changing concept such as the red pill so i started to read opinions.'m making a hot buttered rum apple pie this weekend! don't have a huge abundance of women interested in dating me because (i feel) the way i look. pua, red pill, doc's advice and a number of other resources work depending on what you want. further what about me who is dating a guy who loves dancing and musicals, things that are coded typically feminine?) modelling a desired caregiver (judicious questions mixed in with the listening can tell you who to model on. you have any advice for him and all the other young guys who grew up with only porn and red pill for role models? or should i take from it that he personally is a horrible human being and that i am incredibly lucky to have found my sweet, hunky guy who makes me tea and who i am pining over despite the current distance? take away the looks part she likes and it's likely she would not be dating him. it is about online dating, and the period of time between you meet a girl on okc, pof or tinder and before you fuck her. pill forums and websites talk a lot about the importance of looks.(and before anyone mentions the fact that he could just apologize, try to think about how serious his offense was -or the one the reddit user mentions-, and think about when was the last time you’ve seen people actually forgive and forget that sort of offense. and the only way to do that is to take away this general hatred of women you've been espousing here. it is what the red pillers themselves are saying defines their philosophy."), though it's become ingrained enough in our society that some women do subscribe to it as well (although apparently according to you, some women subscribe to the red pill, which is just heartbreaking). i don't side with the hate of the red pill forums but i like that unlike pua land, red pill forums do recognize that attraction is not something someone can control or create through magic spells. i forgot you had some incredibly disgusting opinions about women.'ve read a looked at much from the red pill and mgtow circles, and while i think self-improvement is a wonderful thing, i don't particularly think vilifying women is a healthy means to do that.'m not sure sweet reason will be of much use, unless we are looking for him to demonstrate more of what's terrible about red pill while thinking he's making it look good. she was a man would you feel it necessary to comment that he was dating someone who was more attractive than average? note: if your going to be blunt online and avoid word fodder (and through text) she's going to expect you to be more blunt in person, which people often call ''charm'' when it comes from a don huan. was browsing the internet and i saw this article, so i figured i'd pop in. dark side1  of the red pill is that it’s not about being a better man; it’s about hating on women. of the women here, having read your views on women and dating, would describe you as whiny, entitled, and a little bit scary (not maybe in the physically threatening sense, but someone who it would be very uncomfortable to have to interact with for long periods of time, or about anything remotely relationship-like). still not physically attractive enough to be a dating option. would someone with real academic credentials like to find a counter argument? be it from me to suggest that perhaps said red pillers have their own issues with cognitive dissonance, but hey, if the exercise wheel fits…. online is a waste because i can get far better looking and younger girls in person, and the work it takes to get a fat old chick to suck my cock is too much online.'s brother could look at his red pill experience as a boost to rethink his life, but now he should further that and examine what kind of a life he wants to lead. she's dating a rugby player so everything she says about feminism is bullshit? some punters advise to update your profile every few hours, message a hundred bitches a day and otherwise make a time suck of it. i mean, a lot of the primary dating scenes around me expect women to be girly-girls, or southern gals (girly-but-outdoorsy), and look down on nerdy girls. guy who asked me for online dating advice had this on his profile:I’m certain that was an interesting experience, but without a story, it’s just a fact.. don't cock block yourself and over text, dont kill tension by being too accommodating and 3, challenge her a bit to gauge her interest in you. i have no interest putting effort into arguing with you, so i'm gonna mock the stupid things that come out of your mouth until you get bored and leave or (more likely) get offensive enough that dnl banhammers you. said, you know i totally support you if you just want to wait on the dating front – please don't take what i'm saying as any pressure to change your mind. they feel that women have somehow gained an unfair advantage in the world, making it virtually impossible for a heterosexual, cisgendered white man to get a break. no one inquired once how i feel about what happened or how it happened. it starts off with more dating stuff but becomes more and more about self-emprovement in many ways, about learning to become a generally more confident, social person. – red pill men call women "emotional" and "not logical", yet – the made-up statistics about 20% of men get laid; that is violently irrational. i do know a few guys who are not so good looking who are dating/in relationships but they're not the hugely successful with women types. part, though, his posts are perfect examples of everything that is illogical and wrong with the red pill malarkey. if you could find a dating coach or social coach with dating expertise, that person could observe you or help you role-play dating situations and show you how you are coming across.> sure many people take the red pill and use it negatively but are they entirely to blame? ambigious loses out to clearly-red guy because where red guy stands on stuff is clear from the start. trixnix, i don't know why that comment was downvoted, and i'm sorry to hear that you have not been able to connect with a dating or social coach who can help you. (sorry if i am stereotyping), american girls compared to czech are stronger feminists, czech women are still considered to be "meeker" and many men still think we only belong into kitchen looking after kids. girls have a different personality on tinder than they have on traditional dating sites. i feel growing up in another country has allowed me to acknowledge my own privilege as a white cisgendered male, and appreciate the diversity of other less patriarchal cultures. mgaiusscaevolusmodmachiavellianreddo not send modmail to my personal inboxcrazyhorseinvincible∞ mod | rp vanguardbsutansaltmodredsovereignmoldmuckyterrahawkmsoftharem. gold[–]redsugarpill 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children)oh my god, they just keep getting fatter and dumber..The theory that face is most important and overshadows all other qualities when it comes to dating. red pill does talk about the importance of status but it also talks about the importance of looks and looks creating status. online dating is like shooting fish in a barrel for me. its 2016 and this is the way dating is done now. one where the victim recanted or where there was fairly obvious evidence no rape occurred? You are here: home / advice / what’s wrong with “taking the red pill”you may have noticed over the years that i cover a lot of topics that don’t seem to fit squarely in this blog’s mission statement of helping nerds date better. pill theory"the red piller's guide to online dating:" word fodder (self. the idea that to get better at dating or making friends, you need to try have a healthy body and mind and interesting stuff to talk about. the suggestion that you are a feminist but want a guy who makes equal or more than you do (and has similar educational credentials) will get you yelled at on most sites i've been on, feminist and non. i do stare sometimes when i'm really tired, though then i'm just as likely to stare at people i'm not attracted to. just bitter and angry when he is really just sick and tired and confused. but the bright side, if you're really interested in online stuff, you'll learn how to take better pictures. have not made any comments about the letter writer nor her brother, who quite frankly, sounds like he has suffered from some form of ptsd from growing up in an abusive household and needs some serious help. did you realise they were narcissistic before you started dating them, but thought for whatever reason it would work out? it's the idea that women are shittier than men and therefore deserve to be treated the way they are by red pillers that makes no sense. do we really need to spill thousands and thousands of more words about why no woman will ever like you but also about how it's perfectly normal and okay for you to ask out women 10 years your junior? i tried to talk about decoupling red pill from those who want to rape people and think that's okay but i get told off regardless of what i say on here and it would not be polite to simply not reply when people ask me questions on things. and this as a man, thinking about predative, emotionally abusive women. my brother, who also had a long time crush on a female friend that was not reciprocated, “took the red pill” two years ago. this article is about the issues with red pill philosophy and how it encourages men to think of women as objects and enemies.

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you care too much about whether the girl on the other end sees you as "overly-abrasive", "overly-aggressive", "too to-the-point" or too predatory. you can be good socially and ignored dating wise and vice versa. yet all you do is make excuse after excuse as to why your situation is so allegedly impossible to change — without doing any reflection about the women you choose (nope, just ruminating on those two, when you're not chasing down students ten years your junior), without letting go of that experience of that dude who "took" that woman from you (seriously, dude, don't you get bored with that narrative yourself? the point i was trying to make (in general, not just for you) is that it is difficult to get valuable information about how you are coming across sexually or in a dating social interaction. the catch is that you have to be willing to actually listen to the person if he or she is telling you that (just for example) you come across as aloof or snotty or bored or condescending or socially terrified or predatory or whatever. who are *you* dating that this is all you've seen? ''taking you out, pick you up at 8'' if she can't or has a problem with it she will let you know, there is no reason for word fodder or being indirect, all it displays is being scared of rejection which isn't attractive in a man, and within the context of virtual communication will set you apart from the crowd. they're basically expected to use some logic on dating sites and they don't do it very well. honestly, if that's not enough for him, yeah, the rest of the world is better off with him out of the dating pool. so when someone is feeling like he’s been cheated by life, that it’s unfair that other people have an easier time getting dates or getting laid, the red pill ethos is there to validate those feelings." it's because socially, those are both considered low-status jobs that only women would take, and it's "weird" for a man to "lower himself" to a woman's job, like childcare or nursing. after reading this, the red pill seems to be a way when in past i had none."word travels through the grapevine and the dudettes make a mental note in the backlog of 'potential predators', but face-to-face positive interactions often overwrite that rather quickly. after all, red pill-ers want to fuck the hottest women, yet these women are also the ones who are, in their words, “on the cock carousel”; so they want to fuck hot women and then turn around and shame the same women for fucking them. pretty much everyone was hyperaware of their own appearance and incredibly indifferent to whether their classmates were sloppy or dressed up on any given day., and huge amounts of dating advice for women comes from cosmo. gold[–]becredible 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (1 child)this is true. also refers to us as fake online alphas in the foreword (he's not so subtle on who he's talking about). i don't side with the hate of the red pill forums but i like that unlike pua land, red pill forums do recognize that attraction is not something someone can control or create through magic spells., i'm saying i can understand why someone who grew up the way he did and who marinated himself in red pill bullshit would eventually get mentally twisted enough to think that rape is okay, but that doesn't mean i agree with his logic or that i'm sympathetic to him in any way., but you can also look at it the other way now: we know red pill is pretty nasty so it would take far more than a little push to get us there. i ended up always being in the friendzone and never being a dating option. also think it's worth noting that about 95% of the body shaming and fat shaming discussions don't involve dating at all, but instead focus on not calling people names, not offering condescending advice, not stigmatizing fat people for going to the gym and then wondering why they're fat, maybe making some decent-looking clothes in their sizes, and so on. red pill: discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men. in which case, i don't see that as so much of an endorsement of the red pill as evidence that it's a philosophy for jerks who wish to remain that way. red pill doesn't emotionally abuse women in anyway, if your gf/wife is not giving you sex you have every right to let her know you can get it else were if she doesn't want to make you happy. has several threads marked "my friends tried to blue pill me" and including the terms "red pill". but i figured it out by guessing that the pretty scenery cop show was hawaii 5-0, and it's daniel dae kim, and the character i was thinking of was jin from lost. might not be the best place to try to introduce people to the red pill…., it seems like your definition of dating success is kind of odd. know i don't have the level of trust built up with you that you can take my word for something that is invisible to you, so i don't think this will reach you in any meaningful way, but… if you're sort of bewildered by the flip in how people react to you here, by the hostility, and not quite sure how it happened, please think about the possibility that maybe there's something in your way of thinking about the world that's built on top of a really problematic base, and it's skewing how you come across and how you interact with the world in ways you can't see. she is of course free to date who she wants and it shouldn't really be a topic of discussion but the guy she is dating is basically your stereotypical good look, masculine guy. i read one article praising the red pill and one stomping on it. emma watson dating him is not at all an indicator on whether he's a feminist. gold[–]kranos33 6 points7 points8 points 1 year ago* (4 children)tinder (and most online dating tools) disproportionally favorite guys that: 1. if i weren't a huge douchecannon, i probably wouldn't need dating/attraction advice.: shirtless ripped jeans washing the mud splattered suv with scattered sports equipment on the lawn. i would pay money, actual money, that there are plenty of cool guys with girlfriends/wives that you are ignoring because 1) the cool guys don't stick out 2) they might not make it known they have a girlfriend 3) they are dating women you don't find desirable 4) they are in a different social group than you. can mock me all you want i don't really mind trolling since it helps create a discussion so i can introduce people to the red pill. was intrigued by the doc's in-depth description of "red pill" and figured i should visit the reddit to see for myself.[red pillers don't think a long term relationship with a girl is really something that is good, rather men should have lots of girls they can have sex with at any time. dating a guy who's a couple years younger and who's still studying kind of goes against the general cultural narrative for a financially successful working woman in her age group, doesn't it? are some of us-i'd even say plenty of us-to whom "status and power" matter not a drop, and that's what makes redpill so damn insulting… that it assumes negative, shallow, horrible traits about all of us because they decide to laser-focus on a select few women that they deem to be representatives of us all. lots of people who are not at all associated with anything that is at all red pill criticize feminism. it's obvious what it is but they don't know because they've never bothered to look. much of the red pill concept of “game” is focused on emotional manipulation and coercion. moreover, when you go through the red pill subreddit, you’ll find plenty on why women are awful, why you should never date american women, how women are cheating men out of their wealth, why women are shit and where a woman’s true value lies. a lot of what red pill website says does support my views on looks. it's usually referred to as the "nawalt" fallacy, meaning not all women are like that. it's why i do day game and haven't bothered with online in two years. you want to play marty's hypothetical straight so that it's a comparison to the odds of emma watson dating whoever people think she ought to be dating, it would be claiming that a handsome male hedge fund owner was shallow because he doesn't date truck stop waitresses. put up shredded ab pics, x number of likes a day. that is a huge issue men face when dating women, because what kind of woman would want to date a guy like that without being either tricked or coerced?’m actually slowly working on a piece that expands on some of what i’ve written about understanding women’s desire for sex, including talking about how the study that established “eggs are expensive/ sperm is cheap” was incredibly flawed. film examining the nature of reality, the limits we impose on ourselves and the system that derives strength from it, gets used for selling dating techniques.“take the red pill, and i’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. gold[–]marplaneit 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (1 child)i'm downvoted cause these new 16's redpillers. red pill: discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men. i was originally the "nice guy" who pretty much struck out all over, but some grounding/growing had improved my dating into my 30s. women fear running into this man in the dating market for many of the same reasons that trigger your anxieties – after all, if your partner brings many emotional needs and weak points and few strengths, that means you have to be the strong one in many different ways and most of the time. it never occurred to me that a relationship could actually feel good. (the stark dichotomy between the dating advice philosophy given to men and women is interesting, though. i'm pretty sure that women from well-off families didn't marry the hired help any more than they do now, only now they themselves are the one earning the paycheck, not their daddies., me either… i've yet to see any hate that is endorsed as a defining maxim of "the red pill". are rarely paid well (mainly because it's considered women's work, although with pay equity here that actually was balanced) and that's another reason it's seen as a vocation and not a real profession. and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. you're framing your comment as if the red pill community supports your views, even though the "red pill constitution" dnl links to talks repeatedly about what red pillers believe attracts women: being rich, being well educated, being "popular", etc. started sending texts like "meet me 5:30 ricks wear red dress. i don't think generally mocking everyone who supports red pill theories is the way to go. the red pill world, it’s true: only certain men get laid: alpha males, according to the red pill philosophy, 20% of the men fuck 80% of the women., not like that at all, i find it funny when people discuss the red pill they never ask a red pill member what it means to them., you have to be dating a muscly jerk who doesn't respect you…and makes you make him tea. even if i'm discussing the proposition of sex with a guy, i much prefer to keep the conversation casual, intimate, and open, as i'm not able to have sex with mysterious strangers, i'm just not wired that way, i have to at least like them slightly as a person. and it's often an ideology ridiculed on red pill forums., but you said she was dating him instead of a feminist guy. and that red pill does this is part of the problem. like, seriously, which seems more likely: that every single woman who struggles with dating does so because she doesn't fit the cultural narrative of attractive (dumbo ears, single mom, weight issue, etc. mention all of this because one of the things i’m always pushing against are the toxic philosophies that so often masquerade as dating advice. extremely hot and cold – being incredibly romantic one day and incredibly distant for three days after. if the character doesn't have a racial designation, usually only white actors are considered for the role.

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    ” they offer secret knowledge, helping you “wake up to see the real world”, unlike all those blue pill manginas. if matt was dog ugly, would emma be dating him? of the popular themes in red pill is the idea that men who want sex should “just go for it”." even if these are all lies, she can't call you on it specifically because you are online. that's a comment on what i believe a guy needs to succeed in dating. thing is, if we step outside of dating, you see this in business all the damn time. has it ever occurred to you that these people might be exceptionally bad at enforcing their boundaries, and that your impressions might be caused by that? the straight-forward 'alpha' sentences are in fact how many no-strings-attached, discreet, 'straight', or married dudes proposition guys for sex online. to write an online dating profile that gets you laid. since i don't know you, this is only a guess, but i would be willing to bet $$$ that in potential dating situations, you do no exude sexuality. i stumbled upon the red pill yesterday although i knew about it for a few months now and i always thought nonsense of it. in my opinion, examples of guys that were born and bred naturals aren't very helpful to us when it provides no insight., the dating lives of two people i don't know are not my business. a young asian man, i just had to say that the only people i have seen trying to address the demasculinization of asian and indian men are redpill and pua communities. tweet reddit317 share stumble54 +16 pin14there are approximately three of you who see what i did there… [↩]. sweet fancy moses, and this guy thinks he is making red pill look like anything but a bunch of delusional, irrational hatemongers? i did hear about it, it was through reddit threads hating on it (the streisand effect i guess), so i took a look at it., anyone that says "i will not date $group" at any point in their life earns a major side eye and is off my friend list, much less my dating list. know, there is this blog that manages to give advice everything that red pill does without demonizing women. its an easy (red) pill to sallow because now all the bad things in your life are not your fault. i think that, sadly, the study is probably circulated as "evidence" within the red pill community. wouldn't be a crazy idea to think i could have easily become a red piller given the right (well, wrong) circumstances. so it obviously talks about red pill/blue pill concepts., i linked to the permalinked statement of "what the red pill is about" post on /r/theredpill. not everyone views dating the way you do, though i'm not surprised you mostly know people who do – other people very likely find this view repulsive. every post shouldn't be "haha :) yeah", but it should be in your repertoire, mixed in with the redpill mentality. gold[–]retiredtimeho 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children)i'm a below average looking minority, under 5'7, went bald in high school. this comes up in other relationship forae; the red pill's talking points are so mainstream and fringe at the same time. i know many men who are like that "girls see me only as a friend" "i don´t have money to have a girlfriend" "women are only using men to get what they want…" and so on and it actually scares me that when the whole "red pill" thing will come to czech, there are so many who would identify with it. red pill talks about your value to women largely being fixed by how good you look, your relative status etc. take charge, observe your surroundings, and above all, be adaptable in your framework(read different dating philosophies and pick 'n mix). gold[–]becredible 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (2 children)how well does that work for you? you've swallowed the pill, so you know that all girls are sluts. probably shouldn't joke like that actually, since i have discovered that some dude people do not think that misogyny is a thing..What bad boys know that nice guys don’t447 the secret to dating incredibly hot women444 how to talk to attractive women335 ask dr. an asian woman who faces a related, but different set of stereotypes and dating challenges (don't get me started on the number of guys who've tried to "china doll" me, jesus fucking christ), i'd really love for you to elaborate a little more on what you feel is the "demasculinization" of asian and indian men, and how the red pill addresses that. response to a post that quoted some of the nastier elements of red pill theory which does generalise that all women are one particular way and thus deserve to be treated the way they recommend. if my looks are fine, why am i ignored as a dating option, referred to by women sometimes in public as "physically unattractive", given the impression by women that my looks put them off dating me and have strangers in public bully me because of the way i look, my weight etc?” is a question that can be answered without objectifying the potential partners in question. gold[–]contretoutchacal 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago* (0 children)the best resource there is for "lifestyle-oriented online game". am still trying to figure out why the looks of the man she is dating are relevant at all. this month popular how to write an online dating profile that gets you laid. claims of "hatred" remind me of the anti sex league from orwells 1984. see that they were lied to by society and needed to improve, that they could have avoided painful backups and handled things a lot better with this now information, some guys have gone through divorces in there 40 then found the red pill, then gone oh i could have really used this information in my teens. doesn't make him a bad person or her a bad person for dating him. the way she used it, it seemed to mean suddenly disappearing from the person you were dating without a trace. needs is to find positive relationship role-models in his life – people in happy, equitable relationships, not ones predicated on abuse and manipulation. of the more vocal subsets of this particular philosophy is known as the red pill."if she was a man would you feel it necessary to comment that he was dating someone who was more attractive than average? reddit, downvotes do result in a comment being hidden unless a user goes out of their way to view it. but for some reason men can care about a variety of traits in their partners and still be considered decent, reasonable people? i have also seen similar discussions about straight women and gay men dating trans men.) modelling a desired caregiver (judicious questions mixed in with the listening can tell you who to model on. my father would spoon feed me this redpill dogma at a time when the internet was utilized by the military alone.<>. but if you're only using tinder and you're not approaching girls in real life because "it's 2016 and this is the way dating is done now" you're just being a pussy. the world of the red pill is one of “us vs. want to start calling pua and redpillers the wonderland advice givers because of all the wacky logic. mean, really, from the very beginning of this, you've been pretty gross, but you are seriously committed to the idea that emma watson is a shallow person who primarily cares about looks in the person she's dating (that she probably doesn't love, according to you). by stripping away the judgment and in turn the bias, i was able to start shifting through what specifically about my parents' dynamic bothered me, and thus have more concrete leads on what i value and what i qualify as "healthy for me. course, seeing marriage as an endpoint of your personal upkeep will make both men and women decide to leave you, this has little to do with the dating marketplace. i'm fairly introverted, and i often find that a red flag for narcissism is never being able to stop talking long enough to listen to a quieter person's carefully considered reply to a question. pill without the hate, what's left of it, looks a lot like doc without the feminism. also seem to, if i may speak frankly, model your dating ideas off a much younger crowd.[–]retiredtimeho 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago (1 child)game only works if you're attractive.'s gonna jetset, but assholes don't score on assholishness alone, and the dating market place, as you define it, isn't a single shop. i've countered that with having all my pictures with a hot bodied girl ( i blur their face ) on my online dating sites.'ve been reading the comments and bits and pieces of this article – as someone who's hung out a while on a particular redpill pick-up blog, i have to say that i don't quite understand why going in to the dating world with certain expectations about the other sex is really such a bad thing. is a bizarre assumption, especially if you know anything about her dating history. and my dating life has reflected that (not that it should matter but i almost always date someone who has less status and money than i do, and it doesn't bother me one bit). avoided reading about red pill stuff when i found out about it because, frankly, if i want to see something depressing i'll watch the news, but the philosophies dnl mentioned read like a checklist for my dad's (vehemently expressed) views on women. you'd think this wouldn't work, but online game is about getting your foot in the door. have crazy self-esteem issues, i'm incredibly self-centred (i prefer self-focused but i've been told that sounds wanky) and my empty track record should also propel me to frustration. post also received gold and highly up voted so you can be assured it is how the community feels as a whole. general, our communication is full with redundancy, pc shit and social filler. it won't be long before 90-60-90 is considered hot--in inches! he is what red pillers call “beta” and earlier generations of men called “pussy whipped., you'd think we'd know better what with being coloured and all. in mind that pre-selection by other women is one of the most powerful signals of sexual eligibility for men, and when you use online dating you're suggesting that you haven't been pre-selected. i know because you leave your magnum condoms littered all over our shared bathroom.
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    in person i find i do much better than i ever do online, but i don't get as many chances to hit on women i don't have any connection with in person as i do online. a lot of what red pill website says does support my views on looks. same thing is certainty not sleeping with new girls every week, the red pill is not pua., my post disappeared before i had the chance to edit; i meant perpetuators, as opposed to adherents. she appeared to be approaching her final years and placements of study so i could guess but i have no real proof. have always sort of thought this when it came to online dating, but i've come to realize that predators hunt where there is food. i know you have complicating factors that might make this impractical, but i do know women who either don't want a first-priority relationship at all, or are in situations like yours and don't want to wait until they're out of school to do any dating. as an actress she is going to come into contact with more above average looking people, so i do not see why it is surprising she is dating someone who is better than average looking. i'm constantly amazed that my sweetie tells me that i'm smart and beautiful because the guy i was dating before only commented on how tired i looked and asked what the f* it would bring me when i landed my dream internship… the fact that my sweetie thinks that i'm important enough to merit bringing tea and regular texts and a thoughtful card is… well, i'm a little smitten. predictably, rich, famous, and powerful men enjoy the most reproductive success in our society."but i think you can be darn certain that emma watson would not be dating a guy who did not respect her as a human being. about 2 years ago he adopted red pill philosophy and the guy now has sex with multiple girls every week." they feel that women have somehow gained an unfair advantage in the world, making it virtually impossible for a heterosexual, cisgendered *white* man to get a break. if not, then even if she does have some mental disability, she's clearly not being sensitive to how it's affecting the people around her, and yeah, that's a red flag. speaks more to me because i've never found anything in relationships or life where you can just take a pill/read a book/hear a talk and you're done. but there's a myth that women go for looks less than men do and that when a man fails in dating it's because of his attitude or his skills or whatever. big difference in my thinking versus the logic of red pill/mgtow is i chose not to hate women. maybe search for social coach or dating coach and narrow it to people who will do that and not try to sell you sight-unseen on some expensive program. how much more bored must you be with it having lived with it this long? what i do like about red pill is it's honesty compared to pua when discussing certain topics.) he likes to bring baked goods to people's houses to show them how manly he is, which i find incredibly charming – and if they don't see it as masculine, then screw them right in the eye. which, as someone who sits with the red pill ideas without the hate. you seem to be either ignoring the many women who don't appreciate or put up with asshole behavior, or deciding that those women aren't worth dating anyway for some reason so why should you count them. this is something i did a lot when i was younger, not so much as a technique but as a combination of really liking to hear about people and having weird availability; basically being in two dating pools, each an hour from home in opposite directions. i'd be interested in knowing how they figured that out. i've rarely met anyone who treats women really well who is successful dating women.) red pill does talk a lot about looks and i'm not using this as opportunity to wax lyrical. forward about 2 weeks, i run across a little redhead while at lunch with co-workers. "the red pill" primarily exists because there is a vast gulf between the kind of the relationships men want vs the practical knowledge of how to get there. because, i'm a gay guy that uses online dating tools for dates. the arrogant guys who disappeared up their own rear ends. "i was nice but that got me relationships where i felt used, so now i date different men/am more cautious about giving in relationships/decided to stop dating" and "i wasn't attracting men so i lost weight/got a makeover/lowered my standards" are ones i hear. "i don't *hate* women/gays/black people/etc…" is a pretty common statement to hear from people who don't get that hatred isn't always frothing at the mouth rage. that means he's got at least some self awareness and sense that reality doesn't match the game plan that red pill types have given him., reality is that women tell men to be vulnerable and to "redefine masculinity" because that maintains womens' beta orbiters. the vast majority of men can get hotter girls in real life than they can through online dating. by being a red pill man, you’re proving yourself superior to others.'re paragraph of describing red pill recruitment techniques sounds eerilly synonomous with another recruitment movement: nazism. i mean, apparently the only way i can demonstrate that i'm not the person described in the red pill nonsense is to go out and find the least conventionally attractive, least fit, and least employable guy i can find and parade him as a counterexample?'m also annoyed by red pillers who show up to loudly announce that they have no use for feminists or women in general–"did you guys hear me say that i don't like you? problem is being a white, hetero male in society what i see as "being a good person" is filtered through the schema of someone who can't fully appreciate what it's like to be in the shoes of someone who doesn't have the same privileges i do. he doesn't have time to 'pander' to girls whims online, or text, and is short to the point, which works great in real life with girls, but not online. long time ago, i had been frustrated with my own dating life. i have been in touch with a dating coach but since pua is a load of nonsense most of the time it's hard to find someone. that's still an attitude primarily fostered by men, both in media and in social interaction ("dude, don't be a pussy. because i suspect you'll pick at this:There is a damned big difference between being sad and hurt by rejection and asking the person who rejected you to explain in detail why they rejected you. you know nothing else about this guy or their relationship, but you immediately bank on the idea that she's dating him because he's hot., as your fellow ugly poster, i share your frustration with feeling that what people tell us online and what we experience in real life is contradictory. gold[–]bradpill -4 points-3 points-2 points 1 year ago (1 child)crap, omlala! dating coaches get evaluated on how many people they've been with not on whether they had one successful relationship. i mean i agree that there are certain traits that are generally considered unattractive, but by and large, not everyone considers the same thing to be hot. don't think rape is ever okay yet i do support some of the red pill ideas. i had some non-dating-related issues that kind of forced me to get better at all that self-awareness and emotion-management stuff. gold[–]joseph_the_carpenter 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (0 children)there are people who don't use online dating and assume whatever they assume about online dating, but a casual glance is all it takes for them to figure it out it's a hookup/women's validation app. i told my bf what i just read and he waved his hand (he spends lot more time on reddit so he is much more familiar with the stuff) and told me not to read it anymore, that those men are completely fu**** up. gold[–]becredible 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (1 child)another big difference that omlala didn't explicitly say but implied is telling/commanding the girl instead of asking. so yeah, what a kid will remember is a harried teacher who's working with too few ressources who scared them. bad thing about the red pill is that its repackaged nlp, which is pseudoscience. while there is a cliff of dating advice geared towards women that sells the "be yourself" advice, the vast mountain of articles, self-help books, and by-mouth advice given towards women is all about a road map of change to catch the guy. i think there are plenty of feminists who think that men who choose physical attractiveness over any other criteria in dating are . you are spending more than 15 or 20 minutes a day online then you are doing it wrong. gold[–]laredpill 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (3 children)gonna try it, spanish version, will report back.> if the true nature of women weren’t so drastically different to what they pretend, men that swallow the pill would feel so let down and angry. online with the best pics i send out messages in roughly a 300:1 reply ratio. but online with the numbers there not matching what they think they want, they ignore what the programming in their subconscious wants. the problem isn’t that he can’t relate to women without the red pill, it’s that he can’t relate to them with it. continuing to dating someone despite them behaving badly is implicitly supporting that behavior."fat shaming" doesn't really have to do with dating, it has to do with not mocking people or, well, literally shaming people for their bodies. internet dating didn't really come into its own until the new millennium. almost all of the women i fuck now, i meet online. fun things with me is cruising around in my hotrods, scary fast, loud, obnoxious, sinister looking v8 powered muscle cars, or getting fucked by a wild animal, sometimes both. you see, i disagree with many of the red pill crowd's stated values and goals. those guys were, and it was sad that i had to experience them, but i learned what i didn't want, and i kept my integrity and now i'm dating an awesome very non-shitty guy who respects me as i respect him. from the red pill subreddit:The point in a woman’s life where her ego and self-assessed view of her sexual market value exceed her actual sexual market value; the beginning of the decline. personally would have made a footnote or something pointing that out, since i do recognize it was off topic, and i do recognize that there was enough stuff about red pill to write about to fill an entire bookcase, and some stuff had to be cut. but part of the appeal of the red pill is that it stokes that anger. a lot of ways, what red pill seems to me to be selling is the message that all that work you do to be a decent human being is holding you back, so you should just let go and redefine social morays to be what's easy and simple, and never bother trying to view other people as more than the disposable props in an action film. in reality these women are either clueless that tinder is a hookup app so it's just another dating site or they know and want to ride the cc hard. is considered to be really successful in business: the guy with one company or the guy with many? of this rp bullshit: you are going to choke on that red pill, and when you do no one will be around to perform the heimlich.
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      not like you, red pill devotee; you know the truth. a typically seeming feminine beautiful woman is dating a typically seeming masculine beautiful man, news at noon! gold[–]swisspablo 3 points4 points5 points 1 year ago (2 children)15 years ago online dating was a genuine alternative to real-life dating. outside of the dramatic "we have lost another one", what concrete changes have appeared in how you treat chicks? red pill websites do talk a lot about the importance of looks. reason i think online dating is a great supplement is it does give you a false abundance mentality."also, it seems like your definition of dating success is kind of odd.'m not sure if i agree with johm milton here, but… everyone seems to be focusing on this guy and how bad they feel for him and i find it incredibly difficult to think he can fix this. the only people who are giving positive* insights on being a heterosexual man in society today are christian fundies ala mark driscoll/mars hill, robert bly hippie-folk-drumming-naked-in-the-woods, and mra/red-pill people. using tinder or an online dating site is a demonstration of lower sexual value for men. always be better than the ones that will swipe right, you just may not get as many so easily as with online dating. does the brother in this story's values really reflect the red pill ideas or is he just looking for something? know what you know by what was posted online and filling in the blanks. the pick-up community, for example, can be of use to men wanting to do better at dating, in theory… but so much of pick-up is based around mistaken ideas regarding gender roles and female sexuality that it’s difficult to sort the gold from the toxic, rape-y dross. _____ # **"The Red Piller's Guide to Online Dating:" Word Fodder** _____ ______ **Word Fodder** (werd fod. was pretty annoyed earlier in the article when the doc made not-so-subtle accusation that mystery and style are strongly responsible for the red pill. the name derives from the scene in the matrix where morpheus offers neo the choice: he can take the red pill and wake up from the matrix and live in the real world, or he can take the blue pill and forget ever knowing that the matrix is an illusion. (and even though he uses this as an example of someone liking him as a friend but not seeing him as a dating option–based on the fact that she suggested inviting another friend to join them–he later admitted that she ended up blowing him off even on meeting for drinks, which kind of suggests she wasn't that into him as a friend either. thing is, all these guys online are trying to fuck sluts. the red pill ethos is seductive because it plays on a person’s desire to be special, to be told that he’s uniquely special. being ambiguous (not leaning heavy-red or heavy-blue) gives you some time to work with. hence the engagement with people such as myself who feel the the red pill has some truth in it. you go, the red pill saying the world nor hot girls owes us anything and we must earn it. i also think that they are a red haring when it comes discussing the value of the red pill crowd's philosophy., dude, just because you don't want to believe that you have some seriously toxic attitudes towards women and dating doesn't mean you don't. you know that emma watson is dating matt because of his looks, not, say his ability to read chekov or recite in the original?? you mean the vast majority of people out there have: a) never heard of the red pill and b) end up in relationships? i've never seen a guy use or talk about this as a strategy for dating. red pill mostly talks about looks and status being more important than behaviour.[–]1constructiveasshole 13 points14 points15 points 1 year ago (1 child)i photoshopped a bunch of your online dating photos awhile back. red pill hates people who complain because we aren't feminist. however, i prefer the path of bang hundreds of hb9s and not get locked down by any of them. i mean, who is more alpha: a guy who bangs a hundred sluts or the guy who locks down one hb9 in perpetuity? tells a guy, "you should of made a move",The guy says, "i didn't want to scare you i respect you". also find that doing stuff has the happy side effect of reducing the amount of time i have available to mope about never doing stuff. know that you are the top rp reference when it comes to online game and you know a lot more than i do about this. you've turned yet another post into an excuse to complain about how important looks are when it comes to dating and how it annoys you when this "fact" is dismissed, even though it actually isn't relevant to the post. at least red pill (without the hate) shows why this happens or why this can happen. the redpill crowd insist i must just be picky and only want to date super models (see juggernaut law, above. think your right, but to add to it, i think a lot of bitter red pill people missed an important point from "the game" and they have become frustrated. i have become kinder to myself thanks to the red pill. while i can't say 'feminist', he has the setup for a guy who is respectful of women with high-powered careers. heard someone use the term "ghosting" in a dating context.” it’s a neat rhetorical trick – trying to claim both the identity of a persecuted minority (cisgendered, hetero men) while also proclaiming themselves inherently superior to the “blue-pillers”, white knights and “betas” because they see the truth: that they’re supposed to treat women like shit., there is already a very heavy cultural lean towards telling women to not have standards; that women should "give a guy a chance" regardless of her attraction level to him, that a woman should prioritize "shared values" and "compatibility" over all other things, and that if she doesn't she deserves no pity for having a hard time dating. it's as likely to say that if he weren't smart, emma wouldn't be dating him. and yet here you are again making incredibly global statements that assume your experiences define "women" and "nature" at large. thinks they know about emma's life because of what was posted online and in various magazines and filling in the blanks. some people will take your stance, some people will be less forgiving, and i think he should be prepared for both outcomes. opinion is the red pill is sort of an overreaction to what a lot of guys have tried before. i'm a muscular firefighter and martial artists, so my less-than-masculine pursuits are highlighted as breaking stereotypes, but not everyone has that sort of "street cred," the ability to get it, or the desire to keep up its maintenance. just that dating success, in my view and experience, comes down to 80% looks (for the guy). for you, another statement that doesn't even try to attack the points i made about what the red pill is about and how the dialog and conversation is framed as a nice guy thinking he is owed something when in fact he just wishes for something. gold[–]laredpill 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (1 child)nothing special so far, actually, fewer matches than usual, for a weekend, so we can say it lowers my ratio. put some effort in some good pictures, but still you will never do as well as guy #1 online, but you overall will do better in real life. that if he weren't a feminist, emma wouldn't be dating him. is not a predictable thing, so 1) your question is useless, because whether or not any of us would be attracted to this "most ugly guy" is not a thing any of us could know, even if we saw a picture, and 2) the question is not fair, for the same reason. in some sense, using a dating strategy based on power and control (these include both the red pill version of pua and things like cosmo's dating advice or the rules which advocate being withholding and manipulative) can feel easier and safer. for this article, it complicity misses the point of the red pill, it’s not about hating women, it’s about understanding yourself and what you are capable of, though disciplining parts of your life and therefore growing your masculinity. so what exactly qualifies these women as "really amazing" and the women who weren't dating the bullies as somehow lesser? he is or is not a feminist is likely to have no impact on her dating him. growing up, moving out of their house, reading more online about other people's lives (blogs, mainly), reading feminist books and magazines, meeting adults who weren't in my parents' circle…it all kind of opened up my world. taking the red pill my life has improved dramatically as well as my friends that have also taken it, don't start bashing it till you have tried it yourself. but i've been on and off dating a guy who's been seriously mean to me in the way rp encourages for a few years now (i keep thinking he's changed, i keep being wrong). you are earning, learning, lifting and glowing with the light that a decent life provides, a girl will want that successful alpha to be predatory. i disagree with generalization and want to focus on issues men face specifically when dating women. how my post is down voted and yours is up voted, men's issues get censored and down voted. the red pill philosophy does more than offer the illusion of strength. a charisma coach i know charges over a hundred pounds an hour and i'm not convinced he doesn't do so well because he looks how he looks..In all my time in the pokey bits of the world i have seen incredibly acts of cruelty and incredible acts of honor, self sacrifice, and bravery by both genders. know this is going to get down voted on here because this isn't a red pill friendly audience. it occurred to you that you might suffer from the halo effect in the same way that we mere mortal females do and that the best-looking women in your school weren't as kind as you thought they were?’m also interested in what units “alphaness” is measured in. gold[–][deleted] 3 points4 points5 points 1 year ago (1 child)omlala you shouldn't label this explicitly for online dating. matters to me because these jerks are so often what i find to be my competition in dating. using tinder or an online dating site is a demonstration of lower sexual value for men. gold[–]2 senior endorsed contributorvengefully_yours 6 points7 points8 points 1 year ago (6 children)i don't have tinder, but i have used other online dating sites because i love in a sparsely populated area. i seriously am glad i dud not stumble on that red pill site, or who knows what kind of horrible person i might have become, blaming women for the rest of my life and having superficial relationships and still suffering from my deep rooted esteem issues.) modelling a desired caregiver (judicious questions mixed in with the listening can tell you who to model on. pill is not part of slut hate nor do we promote or allow any form of hate.
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      his actions were wrong but not a reflection of the red pill communality, yes there is anger within this communality, because guys need to vent once they see the reality of relationships and there place as individuals in society, but they can and do get passed there angry phase's. limiting it to the online dating series makes it easier to swallow. might seem strange to people here but i factored in the other guy she spoked to. for me, this was the toughest part of the pill to swallow. and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc., are you saying red pill is the new math of relationships? but then, as the red pill shows, there are men out there who make it a life philosophy to take advantage of women. the red pill philosophy isn’t big on internal consistency. this is a false dichotomy: one can oppose elements of both red pill philosophy and feminist philosophy. after reading the reddit red pill debate i actually had to ask him if he thinks i´m using him. you should always be improving your social skills with both men and women, which in turn will also help you with online dating. here’s how:The classic writing advice “show, don’t tell” also applies to online dating. one of the popular red pill themes is that men should be dominant over the women in their lives, and sex and sexual acts are the metric of dominance therefore worth as a man. red pillers don't think a long term relationship with a girl is really something that is good, rather men should have lots of girls they can have sex with at any time. a whole book could be dedicated to this topic (and is; self-help dating books aimed at women are filled with tips and long advice pieces pointing this out), but at the end of the day, you're still demonstrating enormous bias by demanding to discuss it, instead of trying to examine and wonder if your belief holds up in all scenarios. of course she's going to end up dating someone who is either good-looking, rich, or incredibly smart-she's all 3 of those things, and her entire social circle is dominated by those types of folks, both men and women. but i bet my bottom bitch that if you talking to an some hot little thing compared to your run-of-the-mill ugg-wearing chia-drinker you're likely over-packing your sentences with word fodder. interestingly though, only some women can control it as, in the red pill philosophy, women are only of worth from the ages of 16 to 25; afterwards they hit “the wall”. when education was offered massively rather than specifically, it was generally something given over to women and religious figures who were not paid for that time. you know for a fact that she's dating him because he's good-looking, and that his personality or behaviour have nothing to do with why she loves him?"red pill forums and websites talk a lot about the importance of looks. i can ever find a redpiller who isn't a huge douchecannon, i'll be more likely to consider their ideas. was reading the red pill manifesto thing that was linked and while most of it made me roll my eyes, some of it made me overtly laugh.'m getting a little of that, and a little feeling gross and pressured. it's okay to use tinder every now and then, but if it's the center of your dating experience, it's stunting your growth, bigtime. the wachowskis intended the scene to be a metaphor for the buddha receiving enlightenment and no longer being bound by worldly concerns, to the red pill philosophy, it means “the recognition and awareness of the way that feminism, feminists and their white-knight enablers affect society." so rape by friends, acquaintances, people you happened to be at a party/bar/club with, possibly even new dating/sexual partners (e."for some drinks"is redundant as well: most people go to a bar for drinks - unless they are lawyers. red pill constantly says don't hate women, and improve yourself, but that is being ignored. it will also help to direct him to more positive masculine role-models, ones who help him see what true masculinity is like instead of the toxic stew that he’s been mired in., obviously, there are some generalizations and expectations that are neither accurate nor helpful, but i'm talking strictly about the set of social skills that the writer i follow encourages based on his experience with approaching women, not about the cesspool of filth that i see coming from reddit or from the twitterverse. i think the red pill does have a point about women wanting men to be vulnerable and then punishing them when they are. but when i see people with the hypergamy views, they both ignore that sort of status and don't give any credit to the status of women who have traits associated with high status men – women who work as doctors or ceos or who are aggressive and ambitious are told these traits are irrelevant or unattractive to men and that men of similar status would rather be dating 19-year-old students. if you couldn't get a date in real life then you'd head for some dating site. he frequently asks me if i have a girlfriend yet (despite how many times i tell him i'm not dating yet) and when i tell him that i don't he either tries to commiserate with me about how all women are deceitful or yells at me to get off my ass and 'start hunting'. there's no way he can have these kind of views (and not just have this kind of views, but constantly insist that they're not disrespectful at all), and interact with a woman in anything even leading up to a dating scenario and she doesn't pick up on it., i'm not saying you shouldn't use tinder or online dating. the red pill-er in the letter seems to think that's true, though, evidenced by lifting weights and dressing well (perfectly fine) while being a grade a ass.'re not the only one that thinks online dating/texting is annoying as hell. i have received bewildered glances with the question of why a person like me is single. it's almost as though the trp notion of masculinity is simplistic and reductive. on cis/trans — “cisgendered” and “transgendered” are no longer in polite usage in the trans community. gold[–]vodkatankerspill 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (1 child)try replying is medium length, coherent sentences and you can feel their pussy wither through the phone. i'd be happy to connect you to feminists who are dealing with this issue, but you need to be prepared for the fact that an uncritical "remasculinization" within the current paradigm of masculinity isn't really the goal. accepted being the over looked guy dating wise a long time ago. huge amounts of dating advice for men is about being "the alpha" or "being in control" "being in control of your emotions" etc. mgaiusscaevolusmodmachiavellianreddo not send modmail to my personal inboxcrazyhorseinvincible∞ mod | rp vanguardbsutansaltmodredsovereignmoldmuckyterrahawkmsoftharem. he recognizes that he tried to rape a girl and that that was wrong, but he doesn’t understand how to have healthy relationships with women without the red pill. i have trouble believing that all of the women who you aren't classifying as "really amazing" who weren't dating bullies were doing even worse things than supporting bullies. is how conspiracy theories work: all logical until facts that do not fit are presented and then said facts are a) ignored or b) taken as disinformation and are part of the conspiracy. you don't see how this is incredibly offensive towards women? i subscribed to the red pill some time ago, and while i think there's a lot of toxic and extreme ideas there, i agree with the gist of their content.“take the red pill and spend a lot of time yelling on the internet. in some circles it's considered rather offensive to say you'd like to date a man who has a job. lot of the emotions that drive the redpill and pua communities are real and underdiscussed, and i sympathize a great deal (especially the past few days, believe me), but they mix in so much hate and bad philosophy and bad psychology that i can't take them seriously. that if he weren't kind, emma wouldn't be dating him. the red pill feminism has its' radical branch aka dyke feminism, suggesting men are less intelligent, they should be castrated, they should be used for labour. gold[–]reddeadlift[🍰] 5 points6 points7 points 1 year ago (7 children)did you notice a difference? short: how to get people out of the red pill mindset or reduce anger or hate. gold[–]joseph_the_carpenter 4 points5 points6 points 1 year ago (2 children)online dating is a big part of the 'career' woman lifestyle, the rationale being they are so busy they will do online because it's quicker or more efficient. how taking the red pill was meant to symbolize the buddha's enlightenment. gold[–]tb87670 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago* (0 children)i'm calling hypergamy, she had many red flags one of which is never being with someone long. everything else in the red pill philosophy led to his abusing every woman in his life and chasing them all away. in an online conversation, all of these aren't an option and you are limited to things like demonstrations of intellect and a good sense of humor, and even then it's harder to crack a joke with written words than in person, especially if it's taken the wrong way. between the periods of 'ghosting' on dating sites, you should hopefully see improvements in social skills, gym, etc. you're young, tall, ripped, or have great symmetry, online works great if you apply it. any flaw she has just makes her stronger in the dating world."who is considered to be really successful in business: the guy with one company or the guy with many? you apply this immaturity to the entire red pill community and ita fairly obvious that both you and this guys sister, as well as the kid himself, know significantly less than you’re all pretending to. he was pretty detailed about his friend circle, dating history, etc. gold[–]becredible 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (4 children)how long in advance do you set up your "dates"?" outburst and a "leave my house and don't talk to me til you've figured your shit out". i mean, damn man, that's a double-bitchslap to the critically endangered masculinity, no? those three things, not simplistic in themselves, are quite emotionally manipulative and seductive… when you notice an attempt to push on your boundaries, then begin to covertly punish and reward their behavior based on your desired outcome. gold[–]sarsaparillacorona 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (0 children)not only that but if you apply everything in that book and stick to it, you can become self calibrating, meaning that when placed in a situation not covered in the book, you have the ability to react in a way that at minimum is good enough to get you there. i highly suggest all "red pill"ers to re-read the book. gold[–]smilingwatermelon 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (1 child)the only time i ever got a girl off a dating app, she gave me chlamydia., no, i don't even…it's so gross trying to talk about this like you can mathematically quantify why a person is dating. they do it step by step by convincing themselves that everyone else is worse, by (red pillers take note) learning to see people as targets, marks, dupes, robots or anything but thinking, feeling human beings. what about all of the uncountable muscular, wealthy, high-status guys that, as a high-profile actress, emma watson must have met over the years that she didn't end up dating?