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i have been hanging on by a thread after what nbc did to ann curry and now tamron hall. The single "Last Word" host, 60, has been quietly dating the pretty m. in all truth, tamron’s and al’s show was horrible! so they obviously want to get their money’s worth. people says that nbc news offered tamron a multi-million dollar deal to stay, but she farted on that deal and chose to get the hell out of there. my houseld will move on as well, al will be next or should be! lester holt is getting to be the only great thing left on nbc news! she has so much class i pray she never looks back and lands bigger and better she deserves it she anit no dime piece. as if my faith in there being fairness at nbc has been taken for grant ! would like to see her move on to tv one and team up with roland martin she is among the best in media in the top 3 come on home tamron you’re always welcome and loved in dc fox and nbc i’m done msnbc i like morning joy and when they run her away i’ll be done with nbc and msnbc. i admire and respect tamron hall for her insight, credibility and journalistic integrity. my husband has moved over to gma and i will too as well as watching more of cnn.

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 sources said kelly’s show timeslot was still being decided by nbc, but it was expected that she would take over either the “today” show 9am or 10am hour; if it ended up being the 10am hour, kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, who currently host the 10 am hour, would move to 9 am. think she is too good to stay at amessnbc and its dysfunctional parent. hopefully tamron will join him and they’ll extend the show out, and possibly turn it into a full on today show rival for us. steven cohan on tca: pbs and henry louis gates, jr. may or may not have made up that last part. lady but she’s stiff and just not a fit with al, willie or savannah and never will b she’s just not the type … good luck today show u blew it ! think you have made a mistake by letting tamron go she is the reason i watch 9 am show i want be watching it any more. on review: netflix’s ‘burning sands’ and the pressures and cost of trying to fit in (premieres today, mar 10)i attended an hbcu where i was eventually asked to pledge by members of a sorority. with there being so many news outlets, i can still get my news information by not watching nbc or msnbc. now at nbc, she’ll be earning between million and million annually, according to the new york times and the wall street journal. corleone on thandie newton returns to british tv starring in bbc one police procedural, ‘line of duty’ (trailer)keep doing your thang thandie. the camera lens loved tamaron hall, she was an amazing icon to the african american community and others.

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nbc get ready to suck up and lose mega ratings you have really gone nuts lately. was the best thing today 4 hours had going for it other than hoda. but with today’s news, she won’t be hosting that anymore either.. looks like roland martin will be my only television news source. except for a troubling - and sadly, smug comment which dismissed as "mythology" that. tamron hosted the 9’clock hour with al roker, and nbc cut that hour to make way for megyn. sad day, …, sad times, …,Wake up – stay woke / i will ! coughed up some big dollars to draw kelly from fox news, where she was making a reported million to million a year. you are letting go of the people who made watching morning news great for megan kelly. this will probably be it for me and morning nbc – not only with tamron’s leaving but i refuse to watch anything featuring megan kelly. will continue to host the 9am hour of “today,” although solo, until the reshuffling of nbc’s morning lineup is complete by the fall. i never swayed even with the anne currie horrid treatment i stayed and swayed all my friends to it but just as i swayed them to watch they now don’t along with me.

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he said nbc was planning to get rid of tamron hall way back in 2014 and they did! will not be watching nbc news or the today show in the future. i have been a devoted and i do mean devoted today show watcher since college yikes 30 years! although hall’s contract with nbc was reportedly on its tail-end, and nbc was negotiating with her reps.“the last ten years have been beyond anything i could have imagined, and i’m grateful,” hall said in a statement.!It was a big mistake, in my mind, to let tamron hall go. she was the best thing about nbc, in my perfect opinion.!Yes, i agree that this probably does have something to do with demographics and audience since obama is out of office but i think nbc forgot something. please do not dismiss tamron hall because she is in my opion one of your best news achors you have , have you ever thought of giving her a show at prime time hour. was a co-host on today and also had her own show on msnbc. where ever she lands i will continue to support her career as a journalist. “gem” leaving, can’t imagine what the the networks will be without you.

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i read somewhere he drives heavily who goes and who stays!?I’ve grown up watching you for many many years. last word tamron hall news nation msnbc lawrence o'donnell last word. tamron’s last day on today and msnbc was yesterday. i am back to mostly watching cnn and if it keeps going this way, it’s only a matter of time until i go fully cnn. chez pazienza had an excellent piece on nbc’s latest move and its horrible history with its news stars. gma here i come as well as a slew of friends. she is not worth near as much as tamaron was. i especially won’t be watching fox alumni anywhere or anytime on nbc. “today” programming block is a total of 4 hours; the first two hours are anchored by matt lauer and savannah guthrie; al roker and tamron hall co-host the third hour (“today’s take”); while hoda kotb and kathie lee gifford co-host the fourth and final hour. will not watch that’s disgusting what nbc has done. how many viewers do you have to lose before you realize mk is a terrible mistake!

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love love you tamron you are one classy southern lady and represented us proud.“tamron is an exceptional journalist, we valued and enjoyed her work at ‘today’ and msnbc and hoped that she would decide to stay,” nbc news said in a statement..) or go way off topic when not in an open post, your comments will be deleted and you will be banned. i love love love jenna bush but jump jena they show no loyalty nor reality for their audiences preferences. i’m going to miss her because she was a lot of fun! roker will continue his weatherman duties during the first 2 hours, while hall would be used in some other capacity that was to be determined. addition to megyn kelly, nbc’s news division also poached greta van susteren from fox news, giving her the daily 6 p. kudos for having the courage to blaze your own trail. guess it’s time to look for a new morning show! correct, msmbc & nbc has turned from the people’s network and tamron deserves at lease equal. nbc wants to drink the trump juice and partner up with racist fox news. certain people can’t be replaced and to think anyone from fox can simply baffles me.

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hall is one of your best africian american news anchors! “we are disappointed that she has chosen to leave, but we wish her all the best. sorry a few more things now i really spilling my views, tamron your fashion rocks on top of being super intelligent and could cover fluff cooking spots on today as well as hard news. she can go over to pbs and fill the late gwen ifill’s spot! someone will snatch you up and make you more of a superstar than you are now. think you might be onto something; catering to a different audience. now i just cant believe you all did this to hall and roker i will not be watching this station in the am no more ! it seems this station is far less diverse and continues to eliminate minorities. first you insult us with hiring greta von fox, and next you throw the african american news personnel off the boat to make room for another from fox. is a talent that will land on her feet and be the better for it!’ve noticed that msnbc has started to add news show host who use to be on fox. so, maybe tamron hall knew that and busted out of that bitch before they made her permanently dye her hair blond, bleach her skin and rant about how santa claus is white, goddammit!

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…and i surly won’t be watching the today show with a racist…. it’s for monthly subscribers only but i shelled out 1. way in the world will i watch nbc with super racist kelly. i pray that god blesses her better than what you did. have been loyal fans of the today show for 30+ years. i guess nbc is trying to make “nbc great again” as the mandate of a certain person who will remain nameless, says. no matter which hour kelly’s show gets slotted in, roker and hall would no longer be hosting any hour of “today. for a 24 hour pass and it was worth the money:This. she has so much personality, funny, kind, smart and just beautiful in and out.! i will definitely miss tamron hall on msnbc and today and todaytake. i could see megyn asking tamron where is the best fried chicken joint and where can she get some curry goat. the duo have kept their relationship low-profile in the studio but have been spotted canoodling at downtown haunts.

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remember when al sharpton was on five days a week?? she’s a great journalist and you have lost a loyal today show fan! please do not dismiss tamron hall because ah is in my one of your best news actors you have , have you ever thought of giving her a show at prime time hour. still watched nbc even after the anne curry debacle and the giving of the morning anchor slot to savanah guthrie, who did not deserve it. the single "last word" host, 60, has been quietly dating the pretty midday anchor and rising star at the network for months. i can’t wait to see what she does next! get rid of joe and mika, that news program is awful! seems to me based on kelly’s overt racist past and the current far right political climate they will do everything to deny and diminish black culture. will truly miss the joy, life & professionalism you brought to those networks. think tamron’s talents were wasted on the today show but was impressed with her on msnbc, so i’m sorry to see her departure. team up for *epic* 6-hour documentary series on africa’s great civilizations (trailer)in general, it was well done. on the impressive profile of french film storyboard artist and painter elizabeth colombawow i have never heard of elizabeth colomba before, thank you ms.

i guess you needed make america great again’s friend he fought with during campaign season., at least we'll always have Tamron Hall's riveting performance as Vivian Ward in Today's revival of the 'It's Veeeery Expensive' scene from Pret. i stopped listening to morning joe (can’t take him any more) and i skip all the shows leading to rachel maddow and lawrence o’donnell, which i still watch. because she has decided not to renew her contract with nbc news and msnbc. hope no one watches kelly’s show and it gets low ratings to result in cancellation. also every since greta went to fox and came back i can’t watch her show. looks like the guy who’s in the white house is winning them over. why don’t he just run for something instead of running his mouth all the time. to all my great colleagues, i will miss you and i will be rooting for you. i pray that you are well in whatever comes your way. mat, tamron, and al helped build nbc/msnbc to where it is today. by comparison, matt lauer is paid over million a year.

’s new show will not fall under the “today” show banner, but will instead be kelly-branded daytime program. i am glad it is so easy to stop watching with a flip of the switch. she can work her way up from the bottom, too.-and for some people your so-call pres=equals=lucifer ways of making american great again! it was egg on nbc though i’m sure willie was secretly laughing…. definitely added a much needed flair to the show coupled with her style, good looks and professionalism. neither of the cable networks could survive w/out nbc’s deep pkts. i loved your professionalism tamron ever since fox chicago, many moons ago. wherever you land, you’ll be great and i’ll be watching. i wish tamron all the best and i know i will be watching her really soon on another network!” at the time of last week’s report, it was said that neither of them was leaving the “today” show or nbc. in short, nbc wanted her to stay, and she wanted to stay, but it all depended on how the negotiations went.

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seems to me character and integrity doesn’t matter to you. can’t stand greta van susterin, i’ve been watching msnbc a lot lately, but font see how she got the job. her leaving will force me to look elsewhere for my weekday news!?I am so sorry to see hall’s departure from nbc.. et timeslot on msnbc, hosting a show of her own titled “for the record with greta,” which launched on january 9, 2017. anchors lawrence o'donnell and tamron hall have a romance spicing up off set.…bbc three announces ‘the idris takeover’ – unique, ground-breaking season of…5 burning questions we have after watching the season premiere of ‘greenleaf’recent commentsl. should be a headliner anyway with her own name on her own show. with all due respect, matt lauer is not worth million! o'donnell, a "west wing" producer who has a daughter with ex-wife kathryn harrold, was linked to actress kerry washington in 2008.! very hurt of your decision what is it get rid of african american staff one by one. she also hosts a show on msnbc by the way, which airs weekdays.

i feel extremely let down so i will be taking my faith elsewhere. in all honesty, after matt lauer, tamron was the glue for the morning line-up. than a week after it was announced that nbc was axing the 3rd hour of its morning “today” show, which is hosted by tamron hall and al roker, to make room for the incoming megyn kelly (who left her station at fox news), it’s been announced this afternoon that hall will be leaving nbc and msnbc, the network’s news division has made public. anchors Lawrence O'Donnell and Tamron Hall have a romance spicing up off set. no matter what, the majority of the population in america is “minority/colored,” not white., i will not be watching the morning news with you. both roker and hall are said to have been earning less – in the single-digit millions, with hall in the lower singles. postscomprehensive ‘chasing trane: the john coltrane documentary’ will open april 14 (watch anetflix will tackle the 1969 4-hour armed stand off between the black panthers & lapd’s…weekend box office march 10-12: the new black cinema + why all the fuss over ‘get out’? hall is very professional, i was so engaged during her time with nbc. commenting rules are pretty simple: if you make any overly offensive comment (racist, bigoted, etc..tamron is worth three savannah’s and ten klg and 15 megan’s. was a loyal nbc fan for as long as i can remember, (i’m 63), but now, i’m out!

when the peacock lured fox news’ former sweetheart megyn kelly, it was reported that nbc news is giving her one full hour of today to host by herself. you are an outstanding journalist with so much to offer. related topicssearchgooglehall marrieddoubles applesinverted conecone shapessecretly marriedbody doublestime boyfriendtamron hallmy crushesforwardhas tamron hall married her long-time boyfriend lawrence o'donnell? can’t believe how bad you have handed down ms tamara. stands to reason their all owned, operated an controlled by 6 rich, right wing bigots, who believe anyone who does not look like them is a problem tamron is the 6th black host they have trashed even worst is their ratings were good no matter how bad the white host do as long as their rw they keep their shows the bar continues to move for us especially when your good. knowing nbc they probably wanted tamron to bring megyn kelly “up to speed as to what being black is and what is hot in black culture”. there was a time when i watched msnbc 90% of the time but it seems they’re beginning to go more conservative and as a consequence, i barely watch the station anymore. she was under paid she should join oprah on own. nbc is just owning a part of the racism in this country. the actors are good and i can not wait to see the series. tamaron is gone then so am i……she is excellent and the show is dry without her. they can take away the jobs from blacks all they want but in the end, who pays to watch these journalists?