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-dense, single-wavelength dft-spread ofdm pon with laserless 1 gb/s onu at only 300 mbd per spectral groupoptical communication (ecoc), 2014 european conference on , paper we.

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2010the capacitated single-allocation hub location problem revisited: a note on a classical formulationeuropean journal of operational research, vol.

KIT - KSRI -Über uns - Team - Prof. Dr. Stefan Nickel

Stefan Rotter — Bernstein Center Freiburg

2010single-assignment hub location problems with multiple capacity levelstransportation research part b: methodological, vol.

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Nature: Elementary Physics in a Single Molecule

neural computation 20: 1973-1999, 2008 tetzlaff t, rotter s, stark e, abeles m, aertsen a, diesmann m dependence of neuronal correlations on filter characteristics and marginal spike-train statistics neural computation 20: 2133-2184, 2008 nawrot mp, boucsein c, rodriguez molina v, riehle a, aertsen a, rotter s measurement of variability dynamics in cortical spike trains journal of neuroscience methods 169: 374-390, 2008 kumar a, schrader s, aertsen a, rotter s the high-conductance state of cortical networks neural computation 20(1): 1-43, 2008 2007 gürel t, egert u, kandler s, de raedt l, rotter s predicting spike activity in neuronal cultures in: si j, sun r (eds), proceedings of the ieee international joint conference on neural networks, orlando, fl, 2007 ehm w, staude b, rotter s decomposition of neuronal assembly activity via empirical de-poissonization electronic journal of statistics 1: 473-495, 2007 gürel t, de raedt l, rotter s mining structure-activity relations in biological neural networks using neuronrank hammer b, hitzler p (eds), perspectives of neural-symbolic integration, springer-series in computational intelligence, volume 77, chapter 3, 47-63, 2007 shin s-l, rotter s, aertsen a, de schutter e stochastic description of complex and simple spike firing in cerebellar purkinje cells european journal of neuroscience 25(3): 785-794, 2007 nawrot mp, boucsein c, rodriguez molina v, aertsen a, grün s, rotter s serial interval statistics of spontaneous activity in cortical neurons neurocomputing 70: 1717-1722, 2007 voges n, aertsen a, rotter s statistical analysis of spatially embedded networks: from grid to random node positions neurocomputing 70: 1833-1837, 2007 gürel t, de raedt l, rotter s ranking the neurons for mining structure-activity relations in biological neural networks: neuronrank neurocomputing 70: 1897-1901, 2007 kremkow j, kumar a, rotter s, aertsen a emergence of population synchrony in a layered network model of the cat visual cortex neurocomputing 70: 2069-2073, 2007 2006 and earlier rickert j, cardoso de oliveira s, vaadia e, aertsen a, rotter s, mehring c encoding of movement direction in different frequency ranges of motor cortical local field potentials the journal of neuroscience 25(39): 8815-8824, 2005 boucsein c, nawrot mp, rotter s, aertsen a, heck d controlling synaptic input patterns in vitro by dynamic photo stimulation journal of neurophysiology 94(4): 2948-2958, 2005 kuhn a, aertsen a, rotter s neuronal integration of synaptic input in the fluctuation-driven regime the journal of neuroscience 24(10): 2345-2356, 2004 mehring c, rickert j, vaadia e, cardoso de oliveira s, aertsen a, rotter s inference of hand movements from local field potentials in monkey motor cortex nature neuroscience 6(12): 1253-1254, 2003 gütig r, aharonov r, rotter s, sompolinsky h learning input correlations through nonlinear temporally asymmetric hebbian plasticity the journal of neuroscience 23(9): 3697-3714, 2003 nawrot mp, aertsen a, rotter s elimination of response latency variability in neuronal spike trains biological cybernetics 88(5): 321-334, 2003 gütig r, aertsen a, rotter s analysis of higher-order neuronal interactions based on conditional inference biological cybernetics 88(5): 352-359, 2003 mehring c, rickert j, cardoso de oliveira s, vaadia e, aertsen a, rotter s hints for a topographic map of tuning properties in primate motor cortex 1st international ieee embs conference on neural engineering 28-31, 2003 kuhn a, aertsen a, rotter s higher-order statistics of input ensembles and the response of simple model neurons neural computation 15(1): 67-101, 2003 egert u, knott t, schwarz c, nawrot m, brandt a, rotter s, diesmann m mea-tools: an open source toolbox for the analysis of multi-electrode data with matlab journal of neuroscience methods 117(1): 33-42, 2002 kuhn a, rotter s, aertsen a correlated input spike trains and their effects on the response of the leaky integrate-and-fire neuron neurocomputing 44-46: 121-126, 2002 gütig r, aertsen a, rotter s statistical significance of coincident spikes: count-based versus rate-based statistics neural computation 14(1): 121-153, 2002 diesmann m, gewaltig m-o, rotter s, aertsen a state space analysis of synchronous spiking in cortical networks neurocomputing 38-40: 565-571, 2001 nawrot m, aertsen a, rotter s single-trial estimation of neuronal firing rates - from single neuron spike trains to population activity journal of neuroscience methods 94(1): 81-92, 1999 rotter s, diesmann m exact digital simulation of time-invariant linear systems with applications to neuronal modeling biological cybernetics 81(5/6): 381-402, 1999 reimann s, fuster jm, gierer a, mayer-kress g, neumann t, roelfsema p, rotter s, schöner g, stephan a, vaadia e, walter h emergent properties of natural and artificial systems zeitschrift für naturforschung 53c(7/8): 770-774, 1998 rotter s, aertsen a accurate spike synchronization in cortex zeitschrift für naturforschung 53c(7/8): 686-690, 1998 baier h, rotter s, korsching s connectional topography in the zebrafish olfactory system: random positions but regular spacing of sensory neurons projecting to an individual glomerulus proceedings of the national academy of sciences (usa) 91: 11646-11650, 1994 aertsen a, vaadia e, abeles m, ahissar e, bergman h, karmon b, lavner y, margalit e, nelken i, rotter s dynamics of coherence in cortical neural activity: experimental observations and functional interpretations international journal of neural systems (suppl.

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“ fejér gábor, engineering, haiterbach "the teamwork and the respect everyone has for the other is what makes meva special.

KIT-IPF-Team - Hinz, Stefan

“ fejér gábor, engineering, haiterbach2"the teamwork and the respect everyone has for the other is what makes meva special.

Prof. Klaus Kern | Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung

], 2016 jovanović s, rotter s interplay between graph topology and correlations of third order in spiking neuronal networks plos computational biology 12(6): e1004963, 2016 (pdf | synopsis) 2015 lagzi f, rotter s dynamics of competition between subnetworks of spiking neuronal networks in the balanced state plos one 10(9): e0138947, 2015 (pdf | synopsis) sadeh s, clopath c, rotter s emergence of functional specificity in balanced networks with synaptic plasticity plos computational biology 11(6): e1004307, 2015 (pdf | synopsis) sadeh s, clopath c, rotter s processing of feature selectivity in cortical networks with specific connectivity plos one 10(6): e0127547, 2015 (pdf | synopsis) jovanović s, hertz j, rotter s cumulants of hawkes point processes physical review e 91: 042802, 2015 (pdf | synopsis) sadeh s, rotter s orientation selectivity in inhibition-dominated networks of spiking neurons: effect of single neuron properties and network dynamics plos computational biology 11(1): e1004045, 2015 (pdf | synopsis) 2014 lagzi f, rotter s a markov model for the temporal dynamics of balanced random networks of finite size frontiers of computational neuroscience 8: 142, 2014 (pdf | synopsis) sadeh s, rotter s distribution of orientation selectivity in recurrent networks of spiking neurons with different random topologies plos one 9(12): e114237, 2014 (pdf | synopsis)  yim my, kumar a, aertsen a, rotter s impact of correlated inputs to neurons: modeling observations from in vivo intracellular recordings journal of computational neuroscience 37(2): 293-304, 2014 (pdf | synopsis) sadeh s, cardanobile s, rotter s mean-field analysis of orientation selectivity in inhibition-dominated networks of spiking neurons springerplus 3(1): 148, 2014 (pdf | synopsis) kriener b, helias m, rotter s, diesmann m, einevoll gt how pattern formation in ring networks of excitatory and inhibitory spiking neurons depends on the input current regime frontiers in computational neuroscience 7: 187, 2014 (pdf) sadeh s, rotter s statistics and geometry of orientation selectivity in primary visual cortex biological cybernetics 108: 631–653, 2014, published online 2013 (pdf | synopsis) 2013 pernice v, deger m, cardanobile s, rotter s the relevance of network micro-structure for neural dynamics frontiers in computational neuroscience 7: 72, 2013 (pdf | synopsis) reimer icg, staude b, boucsein c, rotter s a new method to infer higher-order spike correlations from membrane potentials journal of computational neuroscience 35(2): 169-186, 2013 (pdf | synopsis) yim m-y, aertsen a, rotter s impact of intrinsic biophysical diversity on the activity of spiking neurons physical review e 87: 032710, 2013 (pdf | synopsis) pernice v, rotter s reconstruction of sparse connectivity in neural networks from spike train covariances journal of statistical mechanics p03008, 2013 (pdf | synopsis) 2012 ambard m, rotter s support vector machine using synaptic kernels for spike pattern classification frontiers in computational neuroscience 6: 78, 2012 (pfd | synopsis) deger m, helias m, rotter s, diesmann m spike-timing dependence of structural plasticity explains cooperative synapse formation in the neocortex plos computational biology 8(9): e1002689, 2012 (pdf | synopsis) cardanobile s, pernice v, deger m, rotter s inferring general relations between network characteristics from specific network ensembles plos one 7(6): e37911, 2012 (pdf | synopsis) reimer i, staude b, ehm w, rotter s modeling and analyzing higher-order correlations in non-poissonian spike trains journal of neuroscience methods 208: 18–33, 2012 (pdf | synopsis) pernice v, staude b, cardanobile s, rotter s recurrent interactions in spiking networks with arbitrary topology physical review e 85: 031916, 2012 (pdf | synopsis) 2011 deger m, helias m, boucsein c, rotter s statistical properties of superimposed stationary spike trains journal of computational neuroscience 32(3): 443-463, 2012; epub ahead of print, 2011 cardanobile s, rotter s emergent properties of interacting populations of spiking neurons frontiers in computational neuroscience 5: 59, 2011  kumar a, cardanobile s, rotter s, aertsen a the role of inhibition in generating and controlling parkinson’s disease oscillations in the basal ganglia frontiers in systems neuroscience 5: 86, 2011 voges n, aertsen a, rotter s structural models of cortical networks with long-range connectivity mathematical problems in engineering 484812, 2011 braun da, aertsen a, paz r, vaadia e, rotter s, mehring c online adaptation and over-trial learning in macaque visuomotor control frontiers in computational neuroscience 5: 27, 2011 pernice v, staude b, cardanobile s, rotter s how structure determines correlations in neuronal networks plos computational biology 7(5): e1002059, 2011 helias m, deger m, rotter s, diesmann m finite post synaptic potentials cause a fast neuronal response focused review, frontiers in neuroscience 5: 19, 2011 2010 helias m, deger m, rotter s, diesmann m instantaneous non-linear processing by pulse-coupled threshold units plos computational biology 6(9): e10000929, 2010 kumar a, rotter s, aertsen a spiking activity propagation in neuronal networks - reconciling different perspectives on neural coding nature reviews neuroscience 11(9): 615-627, 2010 deger m, helias m, cardanobile s, atay f, rotter s nonequilibrium dynamics of stochastic point processes with refractoriness physical review e 82(2): 021129, 2010 voges n, schüz a, aertsen a, rotter s a modeler's view on the spatial structure of intrinsic horizontal connectivity in the neocortex progress in neurobiology 92(3): 277-292, 2010 staude b, grün s, rotter s higher-order correlations in non-stationary parallel spike trains: statistical modeling and inference frontiers in computational neuroscience 4: 16, 2010 jarvis s, rotter s, egert u extending stability through hierarchical clusters in echo state networks frontiers in neuroinformatics 4: 11, 2010 cardanobile s, rotter s multiplicatively interacting point processes and applications to neural modeling journal of computational neuroscience 28(2): 267-284, 2010 voges n, guijarro c, aertsen a, rotter s models of cortical networks with long-range patchy projections journal of computational neuroscience 28(1): 137-154, 2010 helias m, deger m, diesmann m, rotter s equilibrium and response properties of the integrate-and-fire neuron in discrete time frontiers in computational neuroscience 3: 29, 2010 2009 gürel t, rotter s, egert u functional identification of biological neural networks using reservoir adaptation for point processes journal of computational neuroscience 29(1-2): 279-299, 2010; epub ahead of print, 2009 staude b, rotter s, grün s cubic: cumulant based inference of higher-order correlations in massively parallel spike trains journal of computational neuroscience 29(1-2): 327-350, 2010; epub ahead of print, 2009 rickert j, riehle a, aertsen a, rotter s, nawrot mp dynamic encoding of movement direction in motor cortical neurons the journal of neuroscience 29(44): 13870-13882, 2009 kriener b, helias m, aertsen a, rotter s correlations in spiking neuronal networks with distance dependent connections journal of computational neuroscience 27(2): 177-200, 2009 2008 helias m, rotter s, gewaltig m-o, diesmann m structural plasticity controlled by calcium based correlation detection frontiers in computational neuroscience 2: 7, 2008 atmanspacher h, rotter s interpreting neurodynamics: concepts and facts cognitive neurodynamics 2(4): 297-318, 2008 kumar a, rotter s, aertsen a conditions for propagating synchronous spiking and asynchronous firing rates in a cortical network model the journal of neuroscience 28(20): 5268-5280, 2008 kriener b, tetzlaff t, aertsen a, diesmann m, rotter s correlations and population dynamics in cortical networks neural computation 20: 2185-2226,  2008 staude b, rotter s, grün s can spike coordination be differentiated from rate covariation?

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The capacitated single-allocation hub location problem revisited: A

the town of haiterbach is about 10 km away from the nearest bigger town, nagold, about 40 km south of the state capital stuttgart.

2011hub and spoke network design with single-assignment, capacity decisions and balancing requirementsapplied mathematical modelling, vol.

2010single-allocation hub location problems with capacity decisions and balancing requirementsproceedings of the 12th wseas international conference on mathematical and computational methods in science and engineering, 51-56, more.

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