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England on Twitter: "The teams are in! Here's how the #ThreeLions

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schwarzenegger went full terminator on a troll who mocked the special olympics.

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booker and mindy kaling just set up a date on twitter and we need this to happen.

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who went viral for confronting cheating ex-boyfriend updates the internet on her love life.

How Does Your Relationship Hold Up On This 1930s 'Marital Rating

Someecards dating how about we

jeong answered twitter's most common medical questions and made us feel stupid for asking them.

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" and you sure as hell better not wear red nail polish (this is real!

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here are the funniest tweets memorializing its short, troubled life.

An Entire Relationship, As Told Through Someecards | The Date

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officer returns call from phone scammer who pretended to be irs—just to make him sweat.