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  the first issue is whether ashford's trial counsel provided ineffective assistance of counsel by heeding his client's advice not to produce evidence which would tend to mitigate his sentence. june 12, 1985, james ashford murdered four people in springfield, illinois and stole ,000 and a bag full of cocaine. the illinois supreme court also considered the aggravating factors present in this case:  the multiple murders, the deliberateness of ashford's plan as he executed each potential witness, and his lack of remorse in retelling his account of the murders three days later. direct review, the illinois supreme court affirmed his conviction and sentence, ashford i, 121 ill. letter itself does not relate any specific instances of bad conduct by ashford.

Singleton hall ashford

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  in hall, we noted that the aedpa “allows the state court's conclusion to stand if it is one of several equally plausible outcomes. ashford may well have nothing to lose by a display of this type which could become quite serious.   ashford reiterates this argument to us, adding that the decision of the illinois supreme court is contrary to gardner v. 2016on december 21, 2016adapted from an advent thought given on radio ashford on 7th decemver every christmas i have a ‘word’ which focuses my mind for the many.  gardner is distinguishable from ashford's case, and the illinois supreme court's denial of ashford's due process claim was not contrary to gardner.

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 however, the illinois supreme court found that the failure to share this letter with ashford's counsel was error.  the second issue advanced by ashford involves the security memo which the sentencing judge received shortly before sentencing.   the illinois supreme court held that assuming the failure to offer this evidence constituted deficient performance, ashford still failed to show prejudice. roberts [the prosecutor in ashford's case] about this matter and he seems to be in favor of our staff keeping hand-cuffs with a security belt and leg-irons on this individual throughout the entire process on the 16th. copy of this letter was also sent to the state prosecutor, but not to ashford or his counsel.

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to the website of St Mary’s in Great Chart and Singleton.   more significantly for this case, o'brien cites hall for the proposition that “for the writ to issue, the state court decision must be so offensive to existing precedent, so devoid of record support, or so arbitrary, as to indicate that it is outside the universe of plausible, credible outcomes. § 2254 authorizes the issuance of a writ of habeas corpus only if the challenged decision of the state court “was contrary to, or involved an unreasonable application of, clearly established federal law, as determined by the supreme court of the united states,” 28 u.   it also commented that the evidence showed that ashford acted with a cool and calculating demeanor, and knew exactly what he was doing when he committed the four murders in this case. this same analysis, we conclude that the illinois supreme court did not clearly err in holding that ashford had failed to establish prejudice.

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 strickland requires ashford to show that (1) his counsel's performance fell below an objective standard of reasonableness, 466 u.   under these circumstances, the illinois supreme court did not unreasonably apply strickland when it concluded that ashford would have been sentenced to death even if this evidence were presented.   the district court also denied ashford a certificate of appealability. on the south-western side of ashford, the parish is mainly rural in nature, although growing fast with new housing developments in singleton.   ashford contends that the illinois supreme court unreasonably applied strickland v.How to take it slow when dating someone

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  the record does not reveal whether ashford was in fact shackled at sentencing, but ashford's counsel at oral argument stated ashford was.   ashford contended before the illinois supreme court that the ex parte nature of the letter, and the concomitant denial of an opportunity to rebut the facts therein, denied him due process of law. george koowareeevent part sponsored by the mayor of ashford & ashford borough council.   contrary to advice of his counsel, ashford also waived a jury for the sentencing hearing, and the trial court sentenced him to death.   ashford has presented neither a sufficient factual record nor legal argument regarding the use of restraints.Absolute age dating vs relative age dating


- Folasade Ekeigwe-Bakare presents Health & Wellness Day - Saturday, 25 February 2017 | Saturday, 24 June 2017 at Singleton Village Hall New Extension, Ashford, Kent.   ashford related his version of the murders to janet and ramona walker, who then testified at trial:janet walker and her sister ramona walker testified that the defendant and mack alexander came to janet's home around 8 p.   therefore, the illinois supreme court was correct in applying a harmless error analysis to ashford's claim of a denial of due process.   moreover, while it appears that ashford used cocaine and other drugs shortly before the murders, we see no evidence supporting the view that ashford's judgment or memory was impaired by the drugs.   the guns' serial numbers identified the guns as being purchased by ashford, and forensic scientists testified that ashford's fingerprint was on one of the guns, and that the bullets which had killed the victims were fired from these guns.

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. 2052), and that the challenged conduct “might be considered a sound trial strategy.   this letter read:your honor, it has been brought to my attention that inmate james ashford has let it be known to another inmate that he intends or has at least made reference to the fact that he (ashford) is going to become a problem in the court, following his sentencing. st mary’s in singleton meets at 11am every sunday morning in singleton village hall. as a final matter, we reject ashford's argument that the ex parte nature of the security memo constitutes a structural error not susceptible to harmless error analysis.   ashford waived trial by jury, and was convicted of four counts of knowing murder, four counts of felony murder, and one count of armed robbery.

Singleton hall ashford

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  ashford has failed to establish that if the security memo had been provided to him or his counsel, he would not have been sentenced to death.   ashford's counsel argued against the death penalty based on the fact that ashford had never been previously convicted of a felony, and that in the alternative, ashford would have to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.   the outcome of this sentence, is of course known only to you at this time, but i submit that it shall be severe and mr.   the second issue is whether the sentencing judge's receipt of an ex parte memorandum regarding potential security issues at the sentencing pronouncement denied ashford due process of law..   the district court also concluded that ashford's counsel performed acceptably, and therefore, ashford could not meet the first prong of the strickland test. Mindless behavior dating omg girlz

  also, ashford claimed that a memo regarding security concerns, presented to the sentencing judge two days before sentencing, denied him due process of law.   therefore, unless the illinois supreme court clearly erred in applying strickland to ashford's claim, ashford's claim must be denied.)   the judge sentenced ashford to death on the murder counts, and to thirty years' imprisonment on the armed robbery count.   the illinois supreme court concluded that there was no reasonable probability that evidence of drug use would have changed ashford's sentence. we look to challenge our community with the love of christ, and believe that we have a significant role to play as the community grows and changes over the coming years. Best match making online software