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bought the lager in sfo on a trip to the us last week for 0.’ve had my se lager for 8 months, and i love love love it! fuji's take on a dutch cruiser, the mio amore is one elegant ride. several months of riding the se lager for my daily commute, i’ll now give my final wrapup of my thoughts and impressions of it’s performance as a commuter bike. you’ll glide past parked taxis with purpose and pedal leisurely through your neighborhood on the lightweight, quick-handling steel frame that is complemented by nimble, aluminum wheels. second (technical) mod will be trying a chopped short flat bar. not the lowest price as i can see now from some comments.

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making this list, i see i’ve got more upgrades that i remember. was under the (possibly incorrect) assumption that quick release skewers can be dangerous for fixed gear, as they don’t apply as much pressure on the drop-outs. haven’t been on the new draft, but, if it’s anything like the lager, i’m sure it’d be a nice ride–and a good deal. offense to the late sr, but i don’t know that i agree about using a qr skewer on a fixed-gear wheel… there’s no reason that the qr should hold the wheel better than a properly tightened bolt….’d also like to see two sets of brake levers. to touch on the quick release, one advantage you now have is greater loss prevention. the ones i used were designed to go with aero bars and are made by profile (among other brands.

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- hi-tensile steel frame and fork - single-speed w/coaster brake - alloy crankset w/44t…. se's draft lite is the bike for commuting, heading to the shop, and tooling around the neighborhood. the thing roars pretty bad, and i’ve been met with the inconvenience of replacing either the bottom bracket or the entire crankset. other problem with qr skewer if your commuting or ever leaving the bike locked up outside is the ease at which someone can steal your wheel(s). racing's lager glides along on a chromoly frame and fork for a buttery-smooth and super-efficient ride you'll love for jamming across town or enjoying the city with friends. whether used on a velodrome or as a cool, simple bike for zipping around town, fuji's track is irresistible. i bought a brand new 2009 se lager in 2010 & still have it.

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i’ve since upgraded to mks pedals, soma straps & cages, easton ea70 stem and risers with good ole ourys. if anyone agrees, what type of brakes would you recommend because i know you’d have to switch them out entirely.. i went with shamano clip-less myself with a sidi shoe. regarding the brakes, i like them where they are, but i can see how either way would work. i fell in love with the look (black and purple,) but when i test rode it is when i knew it was meant to be. it can get annoying taking the wheel on and off as well as the seat when you lock it up and with a wrench release system, you have a much greater chance of a thief stealing anything. the steel frame, 1-speed (free or fixed flip-flop hub) drivetrain and overall streamlined features makes it a great choice for someone looking for a no-nonsense bike.

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i saw the first two installments and based my decision partly upon your comments. or you can run down to sears or k-mart and buy a 4. the chain itself will ensure the wheel doesn’t get pulled backwards. single speed design, butted top tube and down tube, cr-mo seat tube, integrated seat clamp, water bottle & fender mounts, wide tire clearance. i would appreciate having an additional set of brake levers mounted mounted on the bars though. horizontal dropouts require very high clamping force, otherwise the wheel will slip forward in the right dropout. deep section wheels with a flip flop hub lets you choose fixed gear or freewheel.


single speed design frame with fender mounts fixed/freewheel flip flop hub lets you choose your riding style 700x28mm tires improve riding comfort promax brakes improve stopping performance. sort of like the old style aluminum qr skewers, which can’t be used with older bikes having horizontal dropouts. took a test ride too of course, but ultimately agreed that, for the money, it’s a great bike. really knows how to build bikes for the urban environment, and the fixed uno riser is born of that commitment. also be sure to read the comments on those posts as several readers left their impressions of the se lager as well. the lager will take a beating, so i love it and recommend it. eventually i actually switched out for a narrower set of pursuit bars, and given the fact i have a pretty broad set of shoulders, the stock bars that come with the lager are way too wide and forced my shoulders to support my weight at an angle greater than 90-degrees.

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bolt on skewers need to be swapped for quick release. ed and others are complaining about the bmx bottom bracket on the much cheaper se draft bike, which has cheap ashtabula cranks. aboard the lager usa from se bikes and head across town for the weekend bikes and beers tour of your local breweries. it’s that good; sorry if it doesn’t have quick release tires but god forbid you have to buy a bike cable to lock it up that works just as good in the city!’s the solution to bolt-on hubs, that fits in a seat bag…. after the machines of a bygone era that were ridden to glory by merckx, coppi and moser, fuji's feather has the look and feel of a classic track bike while being perfectly at home navigating the modern urban cityscape. the steel frame sucks up vibrations and seems to flow the road better than an aluminum equivalent.

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commutes call for more than just a singlespeed, which is why se's tripel features three times as many gearing options in the form of a shimano 3-speed internal hub. the characters you see in this image:Top 5 reasons to claim the lane (and why it's safer)final review: se lagerfirst impression: sks commuter full fenderscommuting 101: learn your local "village"first impression: surly big dummy. i did swap out the stock tires for something with a bit more flat resistance, but other than that, the bike is wonderful, and i hardly ride my expensive carbon road bike after i got my se lager. judging by the number of creaking 3-piece cranksets i hear as i ride around town, if we ever get to a post-industrial, peak-oil, mad max type of world, astabula’s blacksmith technology will rule. i have looked at other commuter bikes and many of them use bolt ons.'s cyclerytest ride bikes by specialized, cannondale, giant, jamis, schwinn, gt, colnago, quintana roo, electra-townie, fuji, dahon, biria, se, surly, & haro at our chicagoland bicycle stores. bolts are standard on fixed gear bikes…this is because the chain must be held at a certain tension and there’s no spring loaded derailleur to accomplish this.

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i found a line on a cheap ss set but they’re offered in three sizes. others mentioned, you don’t want qr on a bike with horizontal dropouts, and if you need to carry a wrench for the rear wheel you might as well use track nuts on the front wheel for the extra security. bull horns (the type of handlebar on the se) are going out of style with the fixie crowd. came across an se draft for free so i brought it home and though i would make it a project bike.'s lager glides along on a chromoly frame and hi-ten fork for a buttery-smooth, super-efficient ride you'll love for jamming across town or enjoying the city with friends. i have used bull horns but not nearly as long as those.: three prominent cycling minds discuss how to get more people on bicycleshow to talk about cycling to a conservativethe very best bike locksthe slacker's guide to bike commutingtop 5 rules for riding on the sidewalk.

i added some lights and fenders, and, once the fall rains come (gets wet here in the seacoast region of nh), i’ll get some new tires (probably good continentals). se's draft lite is the bike for commuting, heading to the shop, and tooling around the neighborhood. do have a few issues with the lager that i would like to see changed on future models.) i’ve been riding the lager for a year and i love it. clearance for larger tires means that this bike rolls over potholes with ease, while also providing a more comfortable ride., so it isn’t the finest example of delicate frame building we’ve ever seen but on such a cheap bike the lugged chromoly steel fork at least looks the part. don’t see where the qr is a problem on a fixie if you use the brakes like you’re supposed to….

’ve seen a few se draft lites around boston (mass, not england)… it’s a hi-ten frame, so i wouldn’t expect it to be the most spectacular ride ever, but they look to be a decent bike for a low price. with these few issues, it’s hard to say to much bad about this bike. i ever pull the trigger on that custom frame i think i deserve, it will have a 2.! i actually just got an se draft lite and love it and i’m glad you are loving your lager. you should absolutely make sure you set the pursuit bars at a comfortable angle so your wrist sit straight with your hands, initially they are set almost parallel to the ground. handbuilt bike wheels are madeplease enable javascript to view the comments powered by disqus. if you’re looking to get the most bike for the least amount of money, i would look hard at the se lager as the answer to your problems.

Singlespeed se lager test

the current set hangs off the end of the bullhorn handlebars, but i’d like to see a second set added to the middle. wish list shopping cart my account homebikeswomen's cyclingclose outs & salesabout kozy'sresource centerbrands. applaud se for making a quality chro-mo frame with the large bottom bracket. with a tried-and-true chromoly steel frame, flip-flop rear hub, and stiff forged alloy crankset, this retro velo steed is just as capable on city streets as it is holding a line on the boards. please allow 4-7 business days for your order to arrive at the performance bicycle store you select. se racing wing grips on the bars show off the company's bmx heritage. additionally the alex rims wouldn’t hold the armadillo tires, and instead would cause them to peel off as they heated up.

i don’t mind where the brakes are at all, and haven’t found the need to add a second set of levers. can’t say i’ve ever seen a flip-flop or single speed wheel ever designed for qr, though. i’m sure you have your reasons based on your location but just thought i’d give you a pro on the topic. just had a set of interrupter brake levers installed horizontally while keeping the original ones. big advantage of the lager that has not been mentioned here is that all the logos are decals and peel of nicely for that silky-smooth look. for best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies.'s lager glides along on a chromoly frame and fork for a buttery-smooth, super-efficient ride you'll love for jamming across town or enjoying the city with friends.

se includes two handlebars: a riser bar for comfortable, heads-up…. for “using the brakes like you’re supposed to”… why bother riding a fixed-gear if you’re going to rely on the rear brake?  you will receive an e-mail from the performance store you selected when your order is available for pickup. please bring a copy of the e-mail and your photo id. (se is related to fuji, and i think they operate out of philly. anyone actually found a set of quick release skewers that will work with the lager’s standard axle?’ve been commuting on the lager for a couple months now, and i love it.
this light, lively chromoly machine gets up to speed with ease and handles the streets with ease., the lager has a normal cartridge bottom bracket and 3 piece cranks; the bike design came from se’s parent company, fuji. some speed in your commute with the se lager c city bike. its custom-butted fuji chromoly frameset is light, lively, and built to last. anyone have any opinions of the se draft lite 2009 edition? you’ll glide past parked taxis with purpose and pedal leisurely through your neighborhood on the lightweight, quick-handling steel frame that is complemented by nimble, aluminum wheels. several months of riding the SE Lager for my daily commute, I'll now give my final wrapup of my thoughts and impressions of it's performance as aTriathlon/time trial bikes.