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d1, d2, d3 have progressively more regen and are excellent for single pedal driving in traffic. would expect that a driver could react to changes in traffic better if they always had instant access to strong regenerative braking.

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the greatest potential for near-term electric drivetrain development will come from the synergy of single-pedal speed control, adoption of dual motors, and improved regenerative braking. operating in a regenerative mode, precise and efficient control is obtained using state-of-the-art mosfet technology.

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early i3 owners reported what seemed to be a “sudden acceleration” of the car when they were using regenerative braking in low-traction situations (say, downhill turns on slick roads). i recently read comments on model s regen on the tesla forum, and it was revealing that there was no agreement even among owners about how their regen worked.

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* this chassis ultra-compact, full-wave regenerative drive is capable of operating dc pm or shunt motors in a bidirectional mode.“a bmw i engineer told me they programmed the level of the i3’s maximum regen as a function of speed.

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in fact, the faster the motor/generator spins, the stronger the regen can be—if it is programmed to do so. d has no regen and is great for coasting on the highway.

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besides greater traction and improved regenerative braking, tesla has found that by separately controlling the power sent to each of the two motors to suit changing driving demands, they can attain greater efficiency (and longer range), and greater performance. bmw i engineer told me they programmed the level of the i3’s maximum regen as a function of speed.

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kbrc-240d dc drive is a full-wave regenerative drive housed in a nema 4x / ip 65 washdown/watertight enclosure for indoor or outdoor use. would more powerful (and reliable) regenerative braking mean to the driver?

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is no established convention for how ev regenerative braking should work—it tends to be different from one manufacturer to the next. the i3’s single-pedal speed control, the driver is able to seamlessly control the level of regen from zero to maximum by the amount they lift up on the pedal.

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let the driver go into the menu and select values for a range of parameters, such as the maximum level of regenerative braking at both city and highway speeds. the four-wheel regen could be as effective and consistent as friction brakes, and without the need to shift your foot between pedals.

evs, there is another very important advantage to having dual motors—greatly improved regenerative braking (“regen”). leave it in a coast mode (low regen mode) and have regen-on-demand buttons like the cadillac elr and gen 2 volt.

driving a 2500-pound mini-e with dual-motor power and traction, aggressive four-wheel regenerative braking, all seamlessly controlled by a single-pedal, coming up on a twisty stretch of deserted road . at lower speeds, maximum regen would be strong, but as the car’s speed increased, maximum regenerative braking was reduced.

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