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in murau in der westlichen steiermark ist das kein problem!

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, one interesting or funny or tragic anecdote from the days of wwii: murau was home to a.

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leonhardikirche is a small church that is part of the castle of grünfeld in murau.

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in terms of sightseeing attractions, there are a view things worth noting in and around murau.

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oldest church of murau, however, is the ägydikirche church that dates back to the.

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the festival tries to bring young actors and students from all over europe to murau for the performances.

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this means that there are all sorts of regionally important facilities in murau - schools, companies, administrative buildings.

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despite of its humble size, murau is a county town (bezirkshauptstadt).

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in fact, the red army was fooled, and spared murau until actual british troops came, occupied it and stayed until.

murau präsentierte auf der gast in klagenfurt neues produkt.

to learn more about the moved history of murau, the mur valley and the trade between italy and central europe (for which murau was a hub during the middle ages), go to the.

Singles steiermark murau

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dann statten sie den murauer museen einen besuch ab und mit ein wenig glück müssen sie bald nicht mehr allein durch die stadt streifen.

every year, schloss murau serves as a venue for the "european shakespeare days", a.