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you can afford it the adobe analysis suite (or competitors from coremetrics and webtrends) will help you with better clickstream analysis (and a little or a lot of integration with other company data sources). go identify the best tools to collect and analyze those data sources.

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processes are isolated by process isolation, and do not share address spaces or file resources except through explicit methods such as inheriting file handles or shared memory segments, or mapping the same file in a shared way – see interprocess communication. this can create problems if a cooperatively multitasked thread blocks by waiting on a resource or if it starves other threads by not yielding control of execution during intensive computation.

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different sources of data, that require you to have multiple tools to measure success.'s interesting how often different metrics, from different sources, point to the same winners and losers – just like judges (on american idol?

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the concept was brutal in its simplicity: the web is different and the reason was the existences of multiple constituencies, tools and types of data sources.:Five important sources of data that give you a holistic picture about your website performance and empower you to make decisions that help your websites solve for you and your customers.

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enjoyed your post and thought it was an interesting take of using different sources of information to make valuable decisions. creating or destroying a process is relatively expensive, as resources must be acquired or released.

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metalle, eine quelle das single source cvd verfahren ein neuer ansatz zur erzeugung piezoelektr. kernel threads do not own resources except for a stack, a copy of the registers including the program counter, and thread-local storage (if any), and are thus relatively cheap to create and destroy.

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if multiple kernel threads exist within a process, then they share the same memory and file resources. do you see why a single source of truth is not possible?


these threads share the process's resources, but are able to execute independently. resource consumption: using threads, an application can serve multiple clients concurrently using fewer resources than it would need when using multiple process copies of itself.

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the multiplicity vs 'singlecity' front, you bet there are a lots of 'someone highly paid'out there with the dream of a unified source/tool and then exerting these [wrong] notions on their subordinates through their hippo edicts. carry considerably more state information than threads, whereas multiple threads within a process share process state as well as memory and other resources.

this needs a really tight framework to manage, relate and integrate the data from those 5 sources. resources include memory (for both code and data), file handles, sockets, device handles, windows, and a process control block.

took the above slide to crush my own dream of having a single source of the truth that was god's answer to everything, because on the web there is no such thing. i think there are many who are missing the value-add webanalytics and online measurement boat because their boss first wants to have a single source of data for all non-web channels and then one source for the non-web and web channel.

Single source ansatz

article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations.: concurrent computingthreads (computing)hidden categories: articles lacking in-text citations from december 2009all articles lacking in-text citationswikipedia articles needing clarification from february 2017all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from february 2015articles with dmoz linkswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifierspages using isbn magic links.

the goal should be to have access to the right sources of data and then to measure your critical few success metrics from each. the kernel level, a process contains one or more kernel threads, which share the process's resources, such as memory and file handles – a process is a unit of resources, while a thread is a unit of scheduling and execution.

fact that to make optimal decisions on the web i was going to have to be comfortable with multiple sources of data, all valuable and all necessary to win. can buy flash based software, you can buy other pieces of software, but at the end of the day none of these sources will cough up api's that allow you to "extract and display" automatically.
yes, i agree that the first step is to have all these sources in place…. strategy, for me, was two fold: go figure out what sources of data, web and non-web, were needed to make decisions.