Single person hammock tent

Single person hammock tent

best part about a lightweight hammock is that it’s an incredible addition to your camping gear even if you don’t sleep in it. i am trying to buy a hammock for my boyfriend who loves camping! i know you wrote this article in 2012 and i just wanted to make sure it is still your top pick of hammock.. but i figured if i got him a hammock he either would want a second one or love the one i got him and use that instead.’ve not tested the rock hopper hammock, but if i were hiking or backpacking, i would pick a lighter, more compressible hammock. the total weight with fly, net, and hammock and strapings/caribiners was just at 3 pounds. i’ve used tents and pads, very good ones, and some were light and shared weight when i wasn’t soloing, then several yrs back i matriculated to hammocks, in the 60s i had used mountaineering hammocks on climbs which left a lot to desire as comfort, and when i first began to look into usable comping hammocks, i was skeptical at best, i. i share my double hammock as a couple and sleep great and i’ve spoken with hundreds of customers who do the same – even one couple who hiked the entire at happily sharing a hammock after long days of hiking.  take a few minutes and read our how to sleep in a hammock guide and you’ll learn how setting your hammock up properly and lying in it the right way can make all the difference in the world. important thing for many people to realize is that leaving the tent behind and switching to a hammock isn’t about roughing it more or sacrificing comfort for the sake of minimalism – in fact, it’s just the opposite. a tent you lose the air flow (even with the windows open), you lose the stars, you can’t stand up to do anything and you can’t easily see what’s around you. of us are doing a simple weekender in late september this year in hammocks. not only that, it’s a hammock/chair you can take with you on your day hikes and set up next to that waterfall or after you’ve exhausted yourself on a climb.: share your hang ups: hammock camping bug free in the boundary waters(). there are hammocks in nearly every weight range, just like tents. through it all, however, i keep going back to hammocks as my primary overnight outdoor accommodations, so while i’ll be brutally honest about the downsides of hammock camping, i’ll share some of my own solutions. when you pull a hammock tight it creates what is commonly referred to as the ‘shoulder squeeze’. these are big hammocks, though, and getting a tarp or bug net to cover them will be an issue. i applaud those who can sleep snuggled in the same hammock; i can’t do it 🙂 i recommend folks get two hammocks and pitch them close together; it’s essentially the same thing.

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this next trip i take will be my first hammock hike. you could assemble a hammock kit for only 13 oz (367 g)!†i’ve personally reviewed these hammocks and you can find my reviews on this blog. hammock is your tent, yet it’s so much more than a place to sleep. you ever looked into sierra madre research products, namely the pares hammock and nubé hammock shelter? phrase ‘hammock camping’ itself has grown in popularity in the last few years – there are now hammock camping books (highly recommended once you take the plunge), entire message forums dedicated to the topic, and even how-to courses popping up at local outdoor stores. i’m anxious to give the hammock a test run, i should be receiving it wednesday! if the wind is drastically changing directions and there’s no way to pick the right side so to speak then i’ll usually end up just setting my tarp as low and tight on my hammock as i possibly can to minimize any chance of rain blowing in. if you typically need lots of space and sleep on opposite sides of the bed, then you should consider setting up your own hammocks side by side – you still get all the advantages of getting off the ground while still being next to each other like you would in a tent.  you often fall asleep in a cold box and wake up in a hot and stuffy box and, if you’re lucky, you didn’t roll over into that puddle that’s somehow accumulated in the corner even though your tent’s supposed to be waterproof. i’ve collected a thorough list of hammock manufacturers (am i missing any? the rocky slopes often littered with rock and shallow soil make life difficult for my tenting friends.  so did just about every one of you reading this right now – if you went camping and it wasn’t in a cabin or an rv, you slept in a tent. i imagine i am not tied to getting a hennessy tarp (modular — the beauty of hammocks, as you say! many times have you tossed and turned at night in a tent because of a badly placed rock or tree root that you didn’t realize was there when you set your tent up? this is a modern, western concept but isn’t how hammocks are traditionally (and appropriately) used. 10 unique tree tents will make you want to drop everything and live up in a tree.  you’ll string your hammock between two cars next time you’re tailgating, you’ll hang out in the backyard for the next bbq, you’ll take it on vacation, use it indoors during the winter, and you’ll set it up on your next summer lunch break and watch the day’s stress disappear in no time. in fact, if you’ve got kids, there’s a bonus reason here: hammocks are way more fun than tents!

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it’s like saying for hammock camping you need to bring along two poles in case you don’t have trees. once an encounter occurs there are often no rules or ways to predict what’s actually safest, so it’s just my opinion here – but personally i feel a lot safer in a hammock knowing that i can get up and out and move freely from my bed if i need to![read our follow-up post: devil’s advocate: are there times when a tent is a better option than a hammock? hope the point i get across is that, yes, hammocks can be lightweight — even lighter than tents when you want it. all told, my shelter hovers around 20 oz (567 g), which is pretty lightweight, even by ultralight tent standards. the hammock angle article really improved my comfort while sleeping. it’s a very good point that a full hammock kit can be heavier than a tent, i feel that the modular nature of the hammock lends itself to filling more roles than just a sleep system. of trek light gear’s accessories are designed as individual components which adds another great advantage over most tent designs: you can always camp as minimally as possible and just add layers when you need them. hammock has incredible multi-use abilities on a camp trip, but it’s also after and in between your camp trips where the hammock really shines and blows the tent away. hammock weighs the same as my lightweight tent, although using the hammock i end up taking a lot less gear ( like mat, pillow, small hammer, pegs) so the weight and space advantages of a hammock really add up when i’m cycle touring.”ve been planning to make the switch from tent to hammock, after reading your article , now i am implementing. the truth about hammock camping: claim #1 – hammocks are lighter than tents – the ultimate hang attached thumbnails   i love dogs more than i like most people. What are the benefits to hammock camping and why should you leave the tent behind? all-in-one, purpose-made camping hammocks can be some of the heaviest camping kits available, rivaling three-person tents. this is a big help for people who know nothing of camping hammocks.  hammocks are not all created equal by any means, so to avoid a bad first experience make sure you’re using a hammock designed for sleeping and not just grabbing the first backyard hammock you come across. me the best part about hammock camping, aside from the lighter weight, superior comfort, reasonable price point, and…well, everything, is the freedom of location. the short list of hammocks i mentioned on this post was to highlight some of the heaviest kits available.[…] hyperlite is the lightest, fully-featured jungle hammock in the hennessy line, and among the lightest jungle hammocks on the market.

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everyone sleeps a little different and you’ll want to figure out how you like to hang the hammock, how much insulation you need, etc. spend some time in natural shelters and you will love hammocks even if you hate them now.’m looking for a hammock for two that can serve as a hammock as well.  with hammock camping, just like tent camping, it’s easy to get all the basics you need at an affordable price. no doubt that i’d be warmer sleeping on the pad than in a hammock.  when you’ve got a hammock with you, you’ve also got a comfortable camp chair with you at all times, a place to sit and cook your food if necessary, hang out and tell jokes around the campfire, or just to relax and read a book while the day floats by. are some of the heaviest* kits (hammocks with bug net, tarp, and suspension):19 lbs (9 kg) – tentsile stingray tree tent (up to 3 people)†. is one of my favorite benefits to being in a hammock and sometimes the hardest to convey until you experience it for yourself. for the hammock, hennessy does sell hammocks that are rated for more weight, such as the safari. i have it available and would like to try it but that line through the tent looks so tiny.. i switched to hammocks more for the space reason over weight. a decade ago i started a small business with the goal of making the world a better place one hammock at a time. always had a hammock at our campsite but we slept in our tent. sorry so long, but the hammock and gear give added value to the adventure, my 1/2 cent, jim ps your book is better than great, as are your illustrations , we’re blessed with your talent. after all, i’ve had my fair share of misery in a hammock: cold butt syndrome, shoulder squeeze, mosquito bites, leg hyperextension, and more. as stated by someone above, it is a really personal thing.’, so let me explain what i mean:  a tent serves only one purpose while camping other than maybe changing your clothes or hiding from the rain – and that’s sleeping. there are tent campers who also pick up crafting gear but hammock geeks take this stuff to crazy levels. on the other hand, there seems to be little attention paid to volume, except as an incidental.

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when it comes to the idea of protection though, it’s important to point out that a tent doesn’t offer any actual protection from a bear – if it smells something it likes and wants to get in your tent, it’s going to! i have a number of tents that i love, but unless it’s a winter storm, i find myself somewhat disappointed if i choose to go with a shared tent and pad on backpacking trips, when my hammock is so much more comfortable and can act as camp chair, versatile rain fly, quick nap setup, and so on.. backsleeping and in a banana shape held little appeal, then on a trip i usually take each year i was in glacier np, and a couple, sadly didn’t even get their names, introduced me to the new hammocks, as i’ll call them, and showed how to lay flat, i’ve never looked back, but to my point of why no looking back, comfort, which provides rest and my body refreshed for the next days movement.  when you wake up you’ll feel the breeze on your face instead of the tent’s sauna effect and you’ll realize that you’re exactly where you want to be. heck, i slept 5 of the last 7 nights out in the hammock and enjoyed it./camp, hike, pack, hammock 101, tips and tricks/hammock camping 101: 5 reasons why you should switch from a tent to a hammock. according to claim #2 hammockers need a neck and knee pillow…. is hard to decide with so many brands i also saw dd hammocks and many more. i personally use a ticket to the moon hammock: double to lie down perfectly. use a tent after a natural shelter and you may think you have checked into the hilton. so while weight is important, what oz price for a truly rested trail body, i know the hammock has revitalized my life of getting out and more importantly enjoying the trip. lot of our customers have told me they’ve become hammock camping converts after a trip to the boundary waters so it sounds like the perfect opportunity to give it a try! weight is a valid concern for many, i personally think the outdoors industry is going a bit overboard on the subject. once an encounter occurs there are often no rules or ways to predict what’s actually safest, so it’s just my opinion here – but personally i feel a lot safer in a hammock knowing that i can move freely from my bed if i need to! am looking to go hiking in vanuatu in march, it’s the wet season so i want a good hammock with mosquito nets and fly. a hammock / how to / lighten up / packing / staying bug free / staying dry / staying warm / suspension. importantly, if you do try spending a night in a hammock and have any issues, don’t give up.  your trek light hammock isn’t meant to be stuck in the closet with your other camping gear, it’s a hammock after all. to make the list, these hammocks have to have an attached bug net and included tarp. Bewertung von dating seiten

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”  real campers use tents, not big trucks with kitchens and bathrooms and beds, right? need some help on finding a hammock for the louisiana swamp. it comes to the idea of protection from predators, it’s important to recognize that a tent doesn’t really offer any protection from a bear or other predator – any protected feeling you have in a tent is a mental one at best.[…] – saco cama – pode ser indispensável ou não… ai depende, uma opção extremamente válido em destinos amenos é dormir em cama de rede, vulgarmente designada no brasil só por rede, em francês “hammak” ou em ingles “hammock” e o incrível mesmo é que…. on the ground you have more insulation and in a hammock its just air. according to claim #2 (and my personal hammocking experience) you need something similar to prevent cold butt syndrome. i just wanted to know if you still recommend the grand trunk ultra lightweight hammock with the whoopie sling suspension.  the sun would quickly be turning my tent into a sauna and i’d find myself moving into a camping chair by the fire pit, waiting for other people to wake up and go through the same process so we could all sit around and talk about what rock or root had kept us up during the night (or marvel at the one person in the group who slept great and seemed to possess an almost superhuman ability to sleep through, and on, anything). hammock weighs the same as my lightweight tent, although using the hammock i end up taking a lot less gear ( like mat, pillow, small hammer, pegs) so the weight and space advantages of a hammock really add up when i’m cycle touring. you might also be interested in my book on hammock camping. having a hammock around the campsite is a sure-fire way to keep kids entertained, well-napped, and happy throughout any camping trip. g) — antigravitygear quicksilver system (hammock, bug net, silnyon hex tarp, 4 ti stakes! hennessy, for example, also sells hammock kits that are only 1. there’s even a strong argument to be made that a tent could be less safe than a hammock because it gives you only one exit (and that exit could easily be inoperable if a bear collapses your tent or is trying to get in thru the door). plus not having to try and find a spot for tent poles in my bag makes packing far less stressful. (i did sleep in the hammock with a sleeping bag though) however, after reading this, i’m definitely considering the hammock over the tent! truth is: a simple, gathered-end hammock can indeed be light, but to be compared with a tent, you’ve got to add a bug net and a protective rain fly. sleeping in a trek light hammock before a big race like that will likely be the best night’s sleep you can ask for – but if you’re doing it for the first time that night then you’re not giving yourself a chance for any learning curve.[…] on the brand purchased, hammocks can be lightweight or made with a heavier material. Single typ oder beziehungstyp

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🙂 if a bear smells something it likes and wants to get in your tent, it’s certainly going to, and a tent won’t help keep those smells or curiosity at bay. most hammock users will tell you that comfort is the number one criteria for choosing a hammock (see claim #2), and will argue that weight is less of an issue when you know you are going to get a good sleep at the end of the day. i’m talking about the sort of winds that blow down some tents.: devil’s advocate: are there times when a tent is a better option than a hammock? a second issue is how do hammocks do in wind and rain? luminair spherical tentluminair’s spherical tree tent is definitely a fort for grown ups. warbonnet didn’t make the list because they are fairly light in comparison, and good examples of well-balanced hammocks with all the features brandon sneaks in there.  with our lightest hammock weighing only 14oz and packing down into a pouch smaller than your nalgene bottle, you can easily bring it in addition to your tent and enjoy all the benefits the hammock offers without needing to commit to leaving your tent behind. about what you’re missing, because it’s all here: a hammock mosquito net, a hammock tarp, even a hammock gear loft for your belongings. if its not a hammock, then its a natural shelter of some kind and a tarp if i brought one. hammocks ( a british company) make the superlight range and claims the lightest hammock ever. i have looked into so many hammock tents and i don’t know a single person who’s had one so it’s hard to get all the info like what you’ve given, gratefully! when there’s lots of rain or wind, i’ll also won’t doubt to take my tent, to have the comfort of cooking or do other stuff without having to cope with wind or rain. the tent frame is made from steel and is covered by a weather-resistant tarp. in my tent days i remember going through a similar routine every summer: i’d wake up in the morning and feel like i needed to get up and out of the tent as quickly as possible even if i was still tired. reason why i prefer tents is that i am affraid of widowmakers. a group of guys that go to the boundary waters every year and have always did tents, but don’t sleep to good. a tent is on my gear list, since i don’t own one of my own yet. happy camper is a perfect introductory set for hammock camping and has everything you need to get started.

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’m hiking the north shore of lake superior for 2-3 weeks starting in late september and despite all of the hoo-ha i’ve read here about hammocks, i believe a tent is the better option for coping with the potential of heavy rain and night temperatures in the 30s or lower..6 oz (726 g) — hennessy hammock hyperlite (hammock with integrated bug net, silnylon aysm tarp, suspension). i stumbled across your blog while testing my hammock in the back yard and debating on which fly i really need. should definitely check out my post on hammock camping 101 and are hammocks comfortable. only issue is that with two of us in one hammock (no, we will not sleep separately;-) even with a dyneema structural ridge line it can get a bit cramped.  now, like so many who have begun camping with hammocks, when i climb into my bed after a weekend in the woods i actually find myself wishing i was back in the hammock instead. finding a level spot to pitch a tent is sometimes difficult, so a hammock has a lot of appeal, if i can convince myself that the much-discussed ‘banana effect will not give me a sore back. you include your pad, bag, and ground sheet when you factor the weight of a tent? camping 101: 5 reasons why you should switch from a tent to a hammock. i’ve been researching hammocks and crossing my fingers that it will address my concerns. honestly this whole issue is a person by person matter. i’ve deliberately picked out some of the heaviest kit hammocks to honestly acknowledge they exist.  to get there, you’ll need to understand the why behind hammock camping and that’s exactly why i’m writing this post. included, i think the majority of folks use hammocks because they offer superior comfort over sleeping on the ground.[…] hammock performance in rainy conditions and the belief that they are inherently lighter than tents (busted here).., insulation) hammocks can be very competitive in the weight category. so much detail and very convincing points on the awesomeness of hammocks! nice information about hammocks, a really nice hammock for outdoor,We build our own hammocks here in nicaragua, we use natural cotton for each one of them, we are planning to make potable hammocks for camping very soon. i keep an up-to-date list of hammock manufactures on my website if you want to see more vendors that are available.

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bottom line is that once you know how to setup your hammock and sleep in it properly you’re going to sleep better than you ever have camping and likely even get a better night’s sleep than you do at home. i happen to love my tentsile hammock and clark vertex hammocks. this would be for central to southern florida weather, and in about a year the appalachian trail, the only camping i have done previous to this has been tent camping. you fall asleep in your hammock you’ll fall asleep breathing fresh air that’s flowing freely around you and it’s almost impossible to truly appreciate the difference it makes until you experience it yourself. should string a hammock at least 27-42 feet high due the bear threat and belay down. great thing about hammocks is i see them as a gateway into diy crafting which is a valuable skill to have. you’re a tent camper you’ll often feel a strong sense of pride when you see someone camping in an rv.   with a hammock hanging kit like our rope and carabiner bundle you don’t have to look for two perfectly spaced trees, you simply adjust where you hook your hammock into the straps to accommodate for the distance and hop in. will definitely buy one of those straps to go with the hammock.[…] to see that hammocks are being recognized as a lightweight shelter solution, they are by no means the lightest shelter category.  as you go further down the rabbit hole you can always invest in lighter gear and 4-season options – there’s a constantly growing world of great hammock accessories out there to help you camp comfortably in any environment. but i always experienced falling down over tent lines while i’m rushing to get back in my tent. the ounces really add up, especially considering that most hammocks are designed for only one occupant. am probably asking this in the wrong place but at 317 pounds i wonder how safe a 300lb rated hennessey hammock tent would be? so, a hammock is really a solo type piece of gear. prototype hammock tent from tentsile is a beast at 40 lbs (18 kg)—not something you want to carry far. i lived in the southeast us and a hammock was easily a 4 season option most years with minimal additions of insulation. kg), and that’s only the hammock and tarp, no bug netting. this thread is ongoing i’d thought i’d comment on ground sleeping in certain jungle hammocks or even regular mayan hammocks.Hennessy Hammock: The Coolest Tent in the World would love to bring only a hammock and fly, so this info helps a lot! if you want to test out a hammock, be sure to review the basics on hammock camping on this site and perhaps get my book.  we hear from people every day that are ‘instant converts’ – like my own experience, one night in the hammock can be all it takes to proclaim it one of the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had and decide to leave the tent behind for good. i love love the idea of a hammock and you’ve sold me on it, i’m just so worried about some other hikers or hippies stealing my stuff. at home i can’t sleep on my back but it’s no problem in my hammock.  your hammock rain fly can be setup to reflect heat just like a tent and if that’s not enough there are plenty of additional options and accessories for hammock camping in cold weather.“hennessy, for example, also sells hammock kits that are only 1. when i do hammock presentations, i often hear claims about hammocks and i thought it would be interesting to look objectively at some key points. the tent slayer is our next option up, which also includes the gear loft, a hammock camping book, and a few other accessories. we would sleep in the hammock all day for hours and yet toss and turn all night in the tent and our parents never even thought of hammock camping. now that i’m out in co i have had the most difficult time out of all the places that i have tried to hang my hammock.  once you’ve made the switch you’ll wonder why we need to call it ‘hammock camping’ at all. the cocoon-like tent can be suspended from trees, installed on the ground or onto a platform.: hammock camping - sleeping in the air - omj outdoors().  i’ve heard some people ask about privacy for changing clothes – when you setup your tarp around your hammock you not only have privacy, you have something even more precious: the ability to stand up easily and change comfortably without being a hunchback. that’s because making a plain mayan hammocks is incredibly simple. my ‘comfort’ level thermarest pad makes sleeping on the ground as pleasant as sleeping in my bed at home — more so than hyperextending my knees in my hammock and its claustrophobic vibe which feels like a coffin at times.’m hoping that in your “truths about hammock camping”, you’ll address space. but from a basic point of view, the hammock has one small point center of gravity, and no matter how “double” it is, and its just not conducive to two people being in it. How to tell your parents you re dating an older man

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’s definitely an option to setup a bunk-style arrangement for the hammocks to help you remain as close as possible to your younger kids.  just as you change what clothes you pack depending on where you’re going and what the weather will be, you’ve got layers which you can dress your hammock up with or you can just put the top down and feel the breeze, it’s all up to to you. the trick is to get a wide hammock like our double and then hang it with a nice loose curve to it – you’ll be able to lie at an angle, get your body flat, and have plenty of room to move around and get comfortable! example- the lead time from a quilt manufacturer, hammock gear, is several weeks for an order, without custom requests for overfill of down in quilts or specialized lengths for non-standard hammocks; on the upside, however, if you want them to add a few extra ounces of overfill to your quilts near the feet because you’ feet get cold they’ll happily accommodate that request so you get the gear that suits you- and not the average. because the ground no longer matters, i’ve often got my hammock setup long before my tent companions have even finished looking for a perfect patch of ground to place their tent. about a two man tent vs a two man hammock they can’t be as comfy for couples., again as a newbie to hammocks, i am gravitating to a larger fly for the hennessy ultralite backpacker i am purchasing. i’ve ground slept in my jungle hammock a few times and it’s surprisingly easy to set up. i prefer sleeping in a hammock because you avoid wet and sloping grounds but also insects. if you are sight seeing for a couple days and want to go as light as possible then take a 3 day pack and a hammock., tents offer no more protection from widow makers than hammocks unless you camp in an open field, and then you become a lightning rod 🙂 you just have to be wise about your camp spot no matter what shelter you choose.’d be easy to go into an enormous amount of detail here, but i’ve already covered this subject pretty extensively in our sleeping in a hammock guide and posts like sleeping in a hammock is good for you or seven benefits to sleeping in a hammock. hammock and related equipment do you recommend for an old guy? i recommend looking up shugumery on youtube, he has some specific hammock travelogues and videos. tiffany – my best suggestion would be to get a hammock and give it a try a few times before the eve of your run. (quem quiser investir no conceito de usar hammock a sério vejam este site) […].  better yet, try tossing your sleeping bag (and pad if it’s chilly) in the hammock and falling asleep – if you change your mind at any point in the night you can easily climb back into your tent. to main content posted by matt alpertaugust 28, 2016 these 10 tree tents are the forts we always wanted as kids. this is my game plan: eagles nest outfitters doublenest hammock, kelty noah’s tarp shelter 12x12feet, eagles nest outfitters atlas strap, set of 2, eagles nest outfitters guardian bug net, this would be my first time motor cycle hammock camping, do i need to make any adjustments to this and which sz snake skin should i use? Profile for dating site sample | Tentsile Tree Tents - The world's most innovative portable treehouses i’ve been researching hammocks and crossing my fingers that it will address my concerns. at least in a tent you can bring it in with you and its safe, how about a hammock? hammocks are just a small selection for demonstration purposes only. i’m backpacking and counting grams, i pick a lightweight hammock like the grand trunk ultralight (about 10 oz/283 g) with whoopie sling suspension. i discovered hammock camping i found that i was finally coming home from each trip with the feeling that we all crave from a camping experience – the feeling of being recharged and energized. 99% of the time if a hammock feels restricting it’s because it’s being pulled too tight. more you know:  as we’ve mentioned many times on this blog and elsewhere,  there are definitely a few tips and tricks you want to know before sleeping in a hammock for the first time. camping 101: 5 reasons why you should switch from a tent to a hammock. the prettiest places i have been visiting put me above tree line- no trees no camping, and to be honest above tree line isn’t fun camping anyway, but with no trees there are less options about hanging my hammock. these are big and wide hammocks that allow two people to sleep in two separate pockets in the same hammock. they are very comfortable and lightweight: 200g for a double hammock. what they do down in south america is get a matrimonial hammock. a hammock you’ll never again care what the ground looks like underneath you. in my opinion, this is one advantage hammocks have over tents: modular components.  you’ll be comfortable, relaxed and ready to start your day when you’re ready and not when you feel like you need to escape the tent. lightweight yet as-strong-as-steel dyneema can be made into ounce-cutting whoopie sling suspension lines, replacing heavier cordage on stock hammock kits. some hammock tarps, such as those that come stock with most hennessy models, are parallelograms, or asymmetrically cut. important to note since your off the ground convection strips your heat away a lot faster so if you have a 30 bag and want to hammock on a 30 night better bring the 0 bag or use an under quilt.[…] this kind of hammock has a few different components to it that make it better suited for wetter or humid climates. Signs you need a break from dating | 10 Best Backpacking Hammocks of 2016 — CleverHiker think you’re right on target if you’re considering hammocks for their low-bulk.. i mean if i go up and camp in glacier national park, what stops a bear from just walking right up to my hammock and being like “hey man, you look pretty tasty” ? in many ways, it tips the scales (again) in favor of hammock’s simplicity. beats having a hammock around the campsite even if you plan on spending the night in your tent. i started making simple hammocks for my daughters who love them.  when you don’t have to worry about the rain or the cold you can ditch the tarp and sleep right under the stars in just your hammock or with the hammock bug net alone to keep the bugs out. i am 62y/o if it makes a difference, but mostly i am interested in the direct hammock camping gear,Seth haber | trek light gear. my whole point on the pack weight matter is that if you really like the comfort of your tent and its only a few pounds extra, take it. i’m looking at hammocks as an option because of the limited packing space i have on my motorcycle. i’ve been using rei quarter dome tent with a small inflatable mattress (15 deep breaths at the end of the day is exhausting, but doable). has anyone tried the rock hopper light weight hammock, it seems great for the price but i am it sure of the best i can get in the range. look up “matrimonial mayan hammock” and you’ll see several examples.. since you’ve typically got a tree at each end of your hammock the tree trunks will usually help block the wind and rain also. never seen any thing like that tree tent hammock thing. won’t make any claims here, but there’s a strong argument to be made that a tent could be less safe than a hammock because it gives you only one exit if you need to get out – and that exit could easily be inoperable if a bear collapses your tent or is trying to get in thru the door., perhaps hammock evangelists could pay some real attention to the subject. the tensile and vertex are multi-person hammocks and should probably have their own category. always ask if it’s harder to find a spot to setup a hammock than a tent. i got vacation in 5 days and i’m spending it at the summer place and i will spend a night or two out in my hammock. Explain the principle of radiocarbon dating | Hammock Tents at REI first off, when you hang a hammock correctly and sleep correctly (on the diagonal) you don’t sleep curved like a banana. if you routinely share a tent with a partner, there are only limited comparable hammock equivalents.  but, the first night you fall asleep and wake up in a hammock you’ll realize something instantly – you’ve been shutting yourself in a lighter, thinner, and more cramped ‘mobile home’ every time you’ve camped in a tent. love my hammock, but when i’m embarking on a physically enduring hike, i’ll always prefer my tent to ensure a good rest. then one day i discovered hammock camping and my life changed.  hammock camping is more comfortable, more enjoyable and even easier to setup and take down, without the sacrifices often associated with ultralight or minimalist gear. and i’ve been iffy about sleeping in hammocks because i tried it once and it felt a bit restricting. a lot of hammocks are used by weekend campers who “plop-and-drop” from a vehicle, so weight isn’t a problem. me hammocks were always a way to simply get a shelter with some comfort in a hurry. i thought it would be interesting to do a series and play devil’s advocate by punching through some of the more popular claims about hammocks as they relate to camping. other reality is that hammocks are comfortable, which is why we prefer them, especially to the ground. it’s by far the favorite multi-person hammock i have. quick word to the wise: in my experience a lot of the great gear that is out there for hammock camping and light weight and ul backpacking i think of as being a part of a cottage industry. truth about hammock camping: claim #1 – hammocks are lighter than tents. i assume my existing air mattress would work with a hammock for warmth and comfort. under quilts are really nice because they don’t impact the lay of the hammock and insulate around the shoulders as well. the switch back in 2000-2002 when i first learned about hennessey hammocks out of canada and their unique bottom entry hammocks!  a tent is the universal symbol of camping as much as a rod is for fishing. or a ladder, to be able to set up the hammock….