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    at the same time, the gabled forms cite the local architecture of surrounding communities and seem to pictorially frame the various residential worlds. roman control over the area deteriorated in 3rd century, and basel became an outpost of the provincia maxima sequanorum formed by diocletian. 1347, the plague came to europe but did not reach basel until june 1349. the new building contrasts appealingly with the dynamic contours of the opposite fire station by zaha hadid (1993) while corresponding to the factory buildings by álvaro siza (1992), which were also executed in brick. has an extensive public transportation network serving the city and connecting to surrounding suburbs, including a large tram network. bsc old boys and concordia basel are the other football teams in basel. in addition to the product arrangements and consulting rooms on the upper levels, the ground floor of vitrahaus comprises the vitra design museum shop, the vitrahaus café and a reception area where guests are welcomed to the vitra campus. 2008[update] there were 898 live births to swiss citizens and 621 births to non-swiss citizens, and in same time span there were 1,732 deaths of swiss citizens and 175 non-swiss citizen deaths. family-run hotel is centrally located beside weil am rhein train station, 1 km from the swiss and french borders. has five public gymnasiums (gymnasium bäumlihof (de), gymnasium kirschgarten (de), gymnasium am münsterplatz (de), gymnasium leonhard (de), wirtschaftsgymnasium und wirtschaftsmittelschule basel (de)), each with its own profiles (different focus on major subjects, such as visual design, biology and chemistry, italian, spanish, or latin languages, music, physics and applied mathematics, philosophy/education/psychology, and economics and law) that entitles students with a successful matura graduation to attend universities. its collection became the core of the later basel museum of art.
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Single party weil am rhein

any resident of basel allowed to vote can be elected as a member of the parliament. in 1662 the amerbaschsches kabinett was established in basel as the first public museum of art. its international fame, basel's population remains attached to zoo basel, which is entirely surrounded by the city of basel. city of basel, located in the heart of the tri-border region (called dreiländereck) is one of the most dynamic economic regions of switzerland. located beside the french and swiss borders, this 4-star hotel in weil am rhein serves mexican cuisine and provides free wi-fi in the brightly furnished rooms. the green-colored local trams and buses are operated by the basler verkehrs-betriebe (bvb). with a hammer, pair pliers and a screwdriver, it depicts the three main tools employed by upholsters who play a central role in the production of furniture. the rebuilt city became part of upper burgundy, and as such was incorporated into the holy roman empire in 1032. are indications joachim meyer, author of the influential 16th-century martial arts text kunst des fechten ("the art of fencing"), came from basel. booked in weil am rhein:1 hotel like hotel dreiländerbrücke was just booked on our site. how about a short walk to france over the rhein? Online dating when should you meet in person,

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it consists of an asphalt pathway bounded by two-metre-high hornbeam hedges.'ll use the same guidelines and standards for all user-generated content, and for the property responses to that content. in a great price for b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein – rated 8. the gabled roofs yield an array of familiar spatial situations in the interior – the architects prefer to use the expression “domestic scale”. note that the reception is located on the 6th floor of the rhein center shopping mall. b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein offers air-conditioned rooms with sky satellite tv and free wifi. through its history, zoo basel has had several breeding successes, such as the first worldwide indian rhinoceros birth[94] and greater flamingo hatch[95] in a zoo. these include the beyeler foundation by renzo piano, or the vitra complex in nearby weil am rhein, composed of buildings by architects such as zaha hadid (fire station), frank gehry (design museum), álvaro siza vieira (factory building) and tadao ando (conference centre). in the first phase of development, these include an s-shaped common area framed by hedges, the vitra slide tower by carsten höller and an archaic-looking double chamber formed from interpenetrating brick and granite walls. when consensus could not be reached on locating the bank in london, brussels or amsterdam, the choice fell on switzerland. here to see more properties near popular landmarks in weil am rhein. Funny first message example online dating

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three railway stations — those of the german, french and swiss networks — lie within the city (although the swiss (basel sbb) and french (bâle sncf) stations are actually in the same complex, separated by customs and immigration facilities). parliament, the grand council of basel-stadt (grosser rat), consists of 100 seats, with members (called in german: grossrat/grossrätin) elected every 4 years. since the late 1980s, various private collections have been made accessible to the public in new purpose-built structures that have been recognized as acclaimed examples of avant-garde museum architecture. a city with a percentage of foreigners of more than thirty-five percent and as one of the most important centres in the chemical and pharmaceutical field in the world, basel counts several international schools including: academia international school, école française de bâle, freies gymnasium basel (private), gymnasium am münsterplatz (public), schweizerisch-italienische primarschule sandro pertini, and swiss international school (basel). they are elected by any inhabitant valid to vote on the same day as the parliament and operates as a collegiate authority. inside look at b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein. schaudepot is fronted by a raised, public forecourt that ties the building into the architectural ensemble on the vitra campus. most recent booking for this hotel was made on mar 16 at 11:15 am from france. as one of three surviving examples of this type, it was reconstructed on the vitra campus in 2003. has two sister cities and a twinning among two states:[31]. among others the universitätsspital basel as well as the universitätskinderspital basel.

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from here, a series of narrow, carefully proportioned corridors and ramps lead to an assortment of conference rooms. located beside the french and swiss borders, this 4-star hotel in weil am rhein serves mexican cuisine and provides free wi-fi in the brightly furnished rooms. the university of basel is currently counted among the 90 best educational institutions worldwide. we could park our car freely and visit basel with tram and bus very easily. found properties like b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein that other travelers liked:Carathotel basel/weil am rhein. is the official star rating given to the property by an independent third party - the hotelstars union. campus1989since the 1980s, the vitra company has erected buildings in collaboration with world-renowned architects. participation in the programme requires meeting a specific set of criteria and takes into account feedback from previous guests.&b hotel basel/weil am rhein is 1,300 feet from the rheinpark (rhine park) and 2,300 feet from the vitra design museum. the greatest number of single family homes (3,474) were built between 1919 and 1945. of 2016[update], basel's executive council is made up of three representatives of the sp (social democratic party), and one member each of green alliance of basel (gb) (who is the president), fdp (free democratic party), ldp (liberal-demokratische partei of basel), and cvp (christian democratic party), giving the left parties a combined four out of seven seats.

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family-run hotel is centrally located beside weil am rhein train station, 1 km from the swiss and french borders. among others the mathematician leonhard euler and the bernoulli family have done research and been teaching at the local institutions for centuries. property is also rated for the best value in weil am rhein! for the centuries to come, a handful of wealthy families collectively referred to as the "daig" played a pivotal role in city affairs as they gradually established themselves as a de facto city aristocracy. bernoulli family, which included important 17th- and 18th-century mathematicians such as jakob bernoulli, johann bernoulli and daniel bernoulli, were from basel. a gym, a restaurant, a bar and free wifi access, the 3-star hotel maxilimian in weil am rhein is just 300 metres away from the swiss border. andres kristol: basel bs (basel stadt) in: dictionnaire toponymique des communes suisses – lexikon der schweizerischen gemeindenamen – dizionario toponomastico dei comuni svizzeri (dts|lsg). 1529, the city became protestant under oecolampadius and the bishop's seat was moved to porrentruy. the football club fc basel continues to be successful and in recognition of this the city was one of the swiss venues for the 2008 european championships, as well as geneva, zürich and bern. in 1459, pope pius ii endowed the university of basel where such notables as erasmus of rotterdam and paracelsus later taught. in a great price for b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein – rated 8. Married after dating a year

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it is also the home of the kammerorchester basel, which is recording the complete symphonies of ludwig van beethoven for the sony label led by its music director giovanni antonini. am fuße der dreiländerbrücke in hünningen/frankreich. thought the staff were lovely - i liked the family feel. bahnhof (geman baden's railway station) with fountain, bank for international settlements, blaues haus (reichensteinerhof) at rheinsprung 16, bruderholzschule (school house) at fritz-hauser-strasse 20, brunschwiler haus at hebelstrasse 15, bahnhof basel sbb (swiss railway station), bürgerspital (hospital), café spitz (merianflügel), coop schweiz company's central archive, depot of the archäologischen bodenforschung des kanton basel-stadt, former gallizian paper mill and swiss museum of paper, former klingental-kaserne (casern) with klingentaler kirche (church), fasnachtsbrunnen (fountain), feuerschützenhaus (guild house of the riflemen) at schützenmattstrasse 56, fischmarktbrunnen (fountain), geltenzunft at marktplatz 13, gymnasium am kohlenberg (st leonhard) (school), hauptpost (main post office), haus zum raben at aeschenvorstadt 15, hohenfirstenhof at rittergasse 19, holsteinerhof at hebelstrasse 30, markgräflerhof a former palace of the margraves of baden-durlach,mittlere rhein brücke (central rhine bridge), stadtcasino (music hall) at steinenberg 14, ramsteinerhof at rittergasse 7 and 9, rathaus (town hall), rundhof building of the schweizerischen mustermesse, safranzunft at gerbergasse 11, sandgrube at riehenstrasse 154, schlösschen (manor house) gundeldingen, schönes haus and schöner hof at nadelberg 6, wasgenring school house, seidenhof with painting of rudolf von habsburg, spalenhof at spalenberg 12, spiesshof at heuberg 7, city walls, townhouse (former post office) at stadthausgasse 13 / totengässlein 6, weisses haus at martinsgasse 3, wildt'sches haus at petersplatz 13, haus zum neuen singer at speiserstrasse 98, wolfgottesacker at münchensteinerstrasse 99, zerkindenhof at nadelberg 10. in the immediate aftermath of the fire, nicholas grimshaw was chosen in 1981 as the first architect to create a building on the campus. all guest reviews for b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein. football and ice hockey are by far the most popular team sports, basketball has a small but faithful fan base, with strongholds around lake geneva, fribourg, and the ticino region.&b hotel basel/weil am rhein was just booked on our site. of hotel is great: close too basel, tram and shopping area. the beginnings of a specialty chemicals company, campus verlag, frankfurt am main/new york 2012, isbn 978-3-593-39374-2. it consists of three diagonal columns that meet at the top, with a revolving clock mounted at their point of intersection measuring six metres in diameter.

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the icelandic name buslaraborg goes back to the 12th century leiðarvísir og borgarskipan. with the vitra design museum, gehry succeeded in combining two fundamentally different types of museum architecture.)), 10 the liberals (fdp) and its junior party, the representative of the aktive bettingen (ab) is associated to the parliamentary group (fraktion) of the fdp, 14 liberal-demokratische partei (ldp) and its junior party, 8 (7/1) christian democratic people's party (cvp)/evangelical people's party (evp), and 4 green liberal party (glp). the top division, called nla, is a semi-professional league and has one team from the basel region, the "birstal starwings". is a bus and tram stop just 50 yards away from hotel dreiländerbrücke. the vitra campus comprises a public and a private area.« the individual buildings contrast with one other, yet at the same time they blend in with their surroundings. 18 october 2015, in the federal election the most popular party was the social democratic party (sp) which received two seats with 33. the alamanni attempted to cross the rhine several times in the 4th century, but were repelled.눇hotel is next to tram stop to the center of basel. artist claes oldenburg and his wife coosje van bruggen number among the leading proponents of pop art.

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quick check in large family room even though directly on the border was quiet. the schola cantorum and the basler kammerorchester were both founded by the conductor paul sacher who went on to commission works by many leading composers. the small petrol station now located on the vitra campus was developed by prouvé together with his brother henri prouvé around 1953 for the company mobiloil socony-vacuum. city is known for its various internationally renowned museums, ranging from the kunstmuseum, the first collection of art accessible to the public in europe, to the fondation beyeler (located in riehen), and its centuries long commitment to humanism, offering a safe haven among others to erasmus of rotterdam, the holbein family, and more recently also to hermann hesse and karl jaspers., lionel (1983), orpheus philologus: bachofen versus mommsen on the study of antiquity, american philosophical society, isbn 1-4223-7467-x, retrieved 2015-09-02 – via wordpress. 18 october 2015, in the federal election state councilor (german: ständerätin) anita fetz, member of the social democratic party      (sp), was re-elected in the first round as single representative of the canton of basel-stadt in the national council of states (german: ständerat) with an absolute majority of 35'842 votes.“i thought the staff were lovely - i liked the family feel. tram 8 is also running in front of hotel, which leads you to center of basel (it cost euro 4. a provision of the charter accepting basel required that in conflicts among the other cantons it was to stay neutral and offer its services for mediation. has switzerland's only cargo port, through which goods pass along the navigable stretches of the rhine and connect to ocean-going ships at the port of rotterdam. a viewing platform at a height of 17 metres offers new perspectives of the vitra campus and the surrounding landscape.

basel und sammlung ludwig ancient cultures of the mediterranean museum[73]. in 2000, the building was installed on the vitra campus where it serves as a space for events. its raised position maintains unobstructed views of zaha hadid’s fire station from the entrance of the vitra campus. responsible for the basel accords (basel i, basel ii and basel iii), this organization fundamentally changed risk management within its industry. in reference to the vitra campus, the architectural critic philip johnson wrote: »since the weissenhofsiedlung in stuttgart in 1927, there has not been a gathering in a single place of a group of buildings designed by the most distinguished architects in the western world. of 2000[update], there were 5,820 students in basel who came from another municipality, while 1,116 residents attended schools outside the municipality.^ geoffrey rudolph elton, harold fullard, henry clifford darby, charles loch mowat, the new cambridge modern history, 1990, p. at the same time, there were 1756 non-swiss men and 1655 non-swiss women who immigrated from another country to switzerland. B&B Hotel Basel/Weil am Rhein offers air-conditioned rooms with Sky satellite TV and free WiFi. to get to b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein from basel-mulhouse airport. will use the same guidelines and standards for all user-generated content as well as the property replies to that content.

Schrader Commercial Properties » Beck House 100% Occupied the city limits, five bridges connect greater and lesser basel (downstream):Schwarzwaldbrücke (built 1972). red sandstone münster, one of the foremost late-romanesque/early gothic buildings in the upper rhine, was badly damaged in the great earthquake of 1356, rebuilt in the 14th and 15th century, extensively reconstructed in the mid-19th century and further restored in the late 20th century. these models were industrially produced and marketed by the company charter industries – as was the case with the dome currently located on the vitra campus. the resulting reconstruction provided an opportunity to produce various buildings with renowned architects, which accumulated over time to form the current vitra campus.^ "antikenmuseum basel und sammlung ludwig :: antikenmuseum basel und sammlung ludwig".: cultural property of national significance in basel-stadtbaselmunicipalities of basel-stadtcantonal capitals of switzerlandcities in switzerlandpopulated places on the rhineport cities and towns in switzerlandimperial free citiesgermany–switzerland border crossingsfrance–switzerland border crossingsfrance–germany border crossingsborder tripointsuniversity towns in switzerlandhidden categories: articles with german-language external linkscs1 german-language sources (de)cs1 errors: external linkswebarchive template wayback linksall articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from october 2016articles with permanently dead external linkspages using isbn magic linksuse dmy dates from july 2015use british english from february 2014pages using infobox swiss town without default 2015 mapcoordinates on wikidataarticles containing german-language textarticles containing french-language textarticles containing italian-language textarticles to be expanded from september 2016all articles to be expandedarticles using small message boxesarticles containing potentially dated statements from 2009all articles containing potentially dated statementsarticles containing potentially dated statements from 2016articles containing potentially dated statements from january 2017articles containing potentially dated statements from 2015articles containing potentially dated statements from 2008articles containing potentially dated statements from 2000articles containing potentially dated statements from 2003articles containing potentially dated statements from 2010all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from may 2015articles with unsourced statements from july 2007articles to be expanded from december 2015articles with unsourced statements from june 2011interlanguage link template link numbercommons category with local link same as on wikidatawikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifiers. is the official star rating given to the property by an independent third party, the hotelstars union. the team previously played in the nla and the nlb, but they had to fill a bankruptcy case after the 2013-14 nlb season. the yellow-colored buses and trams are operated by the baselland transport (blt), and connect areas in the nearby half-canton of baselland to central basel. and of course for families who can share a moderately-priced family room with up to four beds. there was a combined total (as of 2008[update]) of 8,443,643 books or other media in the libraries, and in the same year a total of 1,722,802 items were loaned out.

gehry1989 the vitra design museum building was designed by the american architect frank gehry as his first project in europe."willkommen in der basler zahlenwelt", statistisches amt (official site) (in german), statistisches amt, präsidialdepartement des kantons basel-stadt, retrieved 2015-09-02.눇i thought the staff were lovely - i liked the family feel. how about a short walk to france over the rhein? reasons to choose b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein.[99] the starwings basel are the only first division basketball team in german-speaking switzerland. with the vitra design museum, frank gehry created a gatehouse in 1989 with adjoining office space located at the entrance to the vitra campus.눉extractor over shower area not working which kept bathroom steamed up for to long. clean,comfortable and close to shopping mall where they do great food, opposite are the trams to the main centre. out of these almost classical-seeming elements, he created a dynamic sculpture in which the individual structures appear to break up into fragments and begin to move.&b hotel basel/weil am rhein takes special requests – add in the next step!

clean,comfortable and close to shopping mall where they do great food, opposite are the trams to the main centre. (bl), hégenheim (fr-68), binningen (bl), birsfelden (bl), bottmingen (bl), huningue (fr-68), münchenstein (bl), muttenz (bl), reinach (bl), riehen (bs), saint-louis (fr-68), weil am rhein (de-bw). a gym, a restaurant, a bar and free wifi access, the 3-star hotel maxilimian in weil am rhein is just 300 metres away from the swiss border. property is also rated for the best value in weil am rhein! property has agreed to be part of our preferred property programme which groups together properties that stand out thanks to their excellent service and quality/price ratio with competitive prices. would you like to stay at b&b hotel basel/weil am rhein? to his work on the vitra design museum, frank gehry produced a large factory hall in 1989, which is located directly behind the museum on the vitra campus. & de meuron2016following the vitrahaus from 2010, the schaudepot is the second building by the architects herzog & de meuron, based in basel, on the vitra campus. here to see more properties near popular landmarks in weil am rhein. name of basel is derived from the roman-era toponym basilia, first recorded in the 3rd century. at the same time the new craft of printing was introduced to basel by apprentices of johann gutenberg.

basel became the focal point of western christendom during the 15th century council of basel (1431–1449), including the 1439 election of antipope felix v. although the production hall is larger than any of the other factory buildings on the vitra campus, the façade gives it a light, almost floating appearance. the average amount of study in primary school in basel is 816 teaching hours per year. of the single family homes 1090 were built before 1919, while 65 were built between 1990 and 2000. humanism the city of basel has also always been very famous for its achievement in the field of mathematics.“friendly quick check in large family room even though directly on the border was quiet. currently, the grand council consist of 34 members of the social democratic party (sp), 15 members of the swiss people's party (svp), 14 grünes bündnis (gb) (a collaboration of the green party (gps), its junior party, and basels starke alternative (basta! arriving by car and using a navigation system should enter 79576 weil am rhein, am rheinpark 435 as the address. rheinbrücke (current structure built 1905, original bridge built 1225 as the first bridge to cross the rhine river). the nearest tram station is 100 feet away, offering public transport to basel and weil am rhein. we parked car at the parking called claramatte in basel and nice walk on the the shopping streets to the old city (about 10-15 minutes walk to munster cathedral).