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only other party to win is each state is the liberal free democratic party (fdp), but it rarely wins big. moreover, the fdp remains a wessie party, gaining little ground in the east.

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merkel, green party, baden-württemberg, cdu, christian democratic union, germany. year germany held regional elections in five states: in baden-württemberg, rhineland-palatinate and saxony-anhalt on 13 march, in mecklenburg-vorpommern on 4 september, and today in berlin.

Single party baden

's chancellor has attacked her social democrat rivals over the migration crisis and the party's stance on social welfare. officials in the german state of baden-württemberg have debuted germany's first green-led coalition with the cdu.

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makes sense that if all parties loose most of the time and only one party wins all of the time, that party wins from all other parties. merkel, green party, baden-württemberg, cdu, christian democratic union, germany.

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greens, finally, also struggle, despite the surprise win in baden-württemberg, where they lead the government.) is identical to the average losses of the cdu - a party that it is usually competing with.

Single party baden wurttemberg

the current legislative period approaching its climax, time is running out for the social democratic party (spd) to push through a same-sex marriage bill. allen anliegen rund um das leichtbauzentrum baden-württemberg stehen wir ihnen gerne zur verfügung.

Merkel refugee policy faces first big electoral test

green party scored a resounding victory in baden-württemberg, but it is struggling for relevance elsewhere. mirror image is the left, the successor party to the communist party of the former german democratic republic, which remains an ossie party that is irrelevant in the west.

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two weeks of post-election negotiations, the center-left green party and center-right cdu cannot come to a deal. while the "afd versus merkel" provides a comfortable media frame, reducing a complex multiparty system to a two-horse race, it is simplistic and wrong.

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the stalemate has left voters worried that an unstable three-party government could come into power.'s christian democratic union (cdu) has lost in every single state in 2016, while the german social democratic party (spd) lost in four of the five states - and it's only 'win' was +0.

in this year's election campaign, this issue will be addressed by every major political party. green party state premier for baden-württemberg, winfried kretschmann, and merkel's conservative stalwart thomas strobl said their seven weeks of talks resulted in a deal, adding that they would present their cabinet on monday.

stolen limelight from afd their announcement late sunday stole the media limelight from the upstart populist right-wing alternative for germany (afd) party as it concluded its weekend conference - also in stuttgart - with an anti-islam manifesto. merkel's cdu ended up trailing on 27 percent, amid three state elections on that march election weekend that left germany's left-wing social democrats with large losses in baden-württemberg and saxony-anhalt.

Single party baden wurttemberg

to the results in the various 2016 state elections, as well as the opinion polls for the federal level, germany has developed into a true multi-party system in which more than two parties will structurally be involved in the coalition formation process. that coalition, formed in 2011, ended decades of cdu governance in baden-württemberg.

for the first time in any german regional election, the greens emerged the strongest single party in the state. chancellor angela merkel's conservatives will be junior partners in baden-württemberg's coalition.

from 2011 until its relegation into opposition in baden-württemberg's march election, the spd was junior partner beneath kretschmann's greens. with the rise of the greens in the late 1980s it became a two-and-two-halves party system, which was not fundamentally changed by the emergence of the left in the 1990s, as it is excluded from coalitions at the federal level.
green party scored a resounding victory in baden-württemberg, but it is struggling for relevance elsewhere. participants at sunday's joint greens-cdu party talks said there was hefty criticism of the future coalition's intention to trim state government staffing, partly stemming from pay rises agreed saturday at nationwide salary talks.