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through the centre of the ruhr runs a segment of the loess belt that extends across germany from west to east. historically, the western ruhr towns, such as duisburg and essen, belonged to the historic region of the rhineland, whereas the eastern part of the ruhr, including gelsenkirchen, bochum, dortmund and hamm, were part of the region of westphalia. the ruhr: a study in historical and economic geography (1952) online. in addition, the city boroughs of the ruhr region have outlying districts with a rural character. the ruhr region is well-integrated into the national rail system, the deutsche bahn, for both passenger and goods services. cecil and philip hauge abelson still write in 1967: "in the first place, the average person uses the term 'ruhr' indiscriminately as the ruhr river or the ruhr district, two entirely different things.-westfalenmülheim an der ruhrkontaktanzeige single chat single chat in mülheim an der ruhr du suchst nach einem flirt in mülheim? even after world war ii, the term "ruhr" may not have been in general use for the region: it was defined in documents on american foreign relations (1948): "for the purposes of the present agreement: (i) the expression 'ruhr' means the areas, as presently constituted, in land north rhine–westphalia, listed in the annex to this agreement.^ other colloquial names that are used include ruhrpott, revier or kohlenpott. each year in spring time, there is the klavier-festival ruhr in the ruhr area with 50 to 80 events of classical- and jazz music.

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ruhr has one of the densest motorway networks in all of europe, with dozens of autobahns and similar schnellstraßen (expressways) crossing the region., germany and the struggle for the war-making natural resources of the rhineland describes the contest for the ruhr and saar over the centuries. god answered my prayers and an year later i got an ausbildung opportunity in mülheim/ruhr. of its history, the ruhr is structured differently from monocentric urban regions such as berlin and london, which developed through the rapid merger of smaller towns and villages with a growing central city. from 1860 onwards there was large-scale migration from silesia, pomerania, east prussia and posen to the ruhr. in 1920, the international labour office published a report entitled coal production in the ruhr district. this geological feature played a decisive role in the development of coal mining in the ruhr. the name preferred for the region in this dictionary is "ruhrgebiet", followed by "ruhr valley"., roy, tour the ruhr: the english language guide (3rd ed. the cold war, the western allies anticipated that any red army thrust into western europe would begin in the fulda gap and have the ruhr as a primary target.

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creech-jones and samuel warren's the ruhr: the report of a deputation from the transport and general workers union (london 1923). "essen for the ruhrgebiet" archived september 15, 2008, at the wayback machine. "ruhr coal miners and hitler's war", journal of social history vol.[6] impressive and expensive railways were constructed through the hilly wupper region, to bring coal, and later steel, in from the ruhr, and for outward transport of finished products. "employer response to unionism: ruhr coal industrialists before 1914" journal of modern history vol. the french monnet plan pushed for an internationalization of the area,[19] and the subsequent ruhr agreement was imposed as a condition for the establishment of the federal republic of germany. on a map, the ruhr could be considered a single city, since—at least in the north-south dimension—there are no visible breaks between the individual city boroughs. most important autobahns have six lanes, but there are no eight-lane autobahns in the ruhr. the population density of the central ruhr is about 2,100 inhabitants per square kilometre (about 5,400 per square mile)—low compared to other german cities. simulating the impact of urban sprawl on air quality and population exposure in the german ruhr area.

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world war ii, the bombing of the ruhr in 1940-44 caused a loss of 30% of plant and equipment (compared to 15–20% for german industry as a whole). 1850, there were almost 300 coal mines in operation in the ruhr area, in and around the central cities of duisburg, essen, bochum and dortmund. in january 1923 the whole ruhrgebiet was occupied as a reprisal after germany failed to fulfill world war i reparation payments as agreed in the versailles treaty. industrial heritage trail (german: route der industriekultur) links tourist attractions related to the european route of industrial heritage in the ruhr area. world war i the ruhrgebiet functioned as germany's central weapon factory."many industries were built in the ruhr region, where both iron ore and coal were found" (lane 2001, p. public transport companies in the ruhr are run under the umbrella of the verkehrsverbund rhein-ruhr, which provides a uniform ticket system valid for the entire area. west to east, the region includes the cities of duisburg, oberhausen, bottrop, mülheim an der ruhr, essen, gelsenkirchen, bochum, herne, hagen, dortmund, and hamm, as well as parts of the more "rural" districts of wesel, recklinghausen, unna and ennepe-ruhr-kreis. likewise the ruhr steel industry went into sharp decline, as its prices were undercut by lower-cost suppliers such as japan.[16] a second battle of the ruhr (6/7 october 1944–end of 1944) began with an attack on dortmund.

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"industry, state, and electrical technology in the ruhr circa 1900", osiris 2nd series, vol. ruhr was at the center of the german economic miracle of the 1950s and 1960s, as very rapid economic growth (9% a year) created a heavy demand for coal and steel. the first autobahns in the ruhr opened during the mid-1930s. the bergische industry ordered more and more coal from the new coal mining area along the ruhr river.^ christian berndt, "ruhr firms between dynamic change and structural persistence. in 1924 the english and american press was still talking of the "french occupation of the ruhr valley" or "ruhr district". 1926 encyclopaedia britannica, in addition to its article on the river ruhr, has a further article on "ruhr, the name given to a district of westphalia, germany. yet "the report of a deputation from the transport and general workers' union which spent a fortnight examining the problems in the ruhr valley", published in the economic review, volume 8, 1923, is still using the traditional term. simulating the impact of urban sprawl on air quality and population exposure in the german ruhr area. thus the ruhr is described as a polycentric urban area, which shares a similar history of urban and economic development.

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, amos (july 1955), "the ruhr authority and the german problem", review of politics, 17 (3): 345–358, doi:10. the ruhr region was hardest hit, as the easy-to-reach coal mines became exhausted, and german coal was no longer competitive."the territory through which the ruhr flows is called the ruhr district" (osmańczyk & mango, p. sites zur partnersuchesingle-chat mülheim an der ruhr gay dating mülheim an der ruhr reisepartner. ruhr has an oceanic climate in spite of its inland position, with mildening winds from the atlantic travelling over the lowlands to moderate temperature extremes, in spite of its relatively northerly latitude that sees significant variety in daylight hours."[5] according to merriam webster's geographical dictionary, a standard reference on place names around the world, the name "ruhr" refers to the river. passive resistance was called off in late 1923, allowing germany to implement a currency reform and to negotiate the dawes plan, which led to the withdrawal of the french and belgian troops from the ruhr in 1925. 2010, the ruhr region was one of the european capitals of culture. parallel to the question of political control of the ruhr, the allies tried to decrease german industrial potential by limitations on production and dismantling of factories and steel plants, predominantly in the ruhr. single-männer aus mülheim an der ruhr startseite mülheim an der ruhrkontaktanzeige aufgeben mülheim an der ruhr.

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"explore the ruhr on an entertaining rowing-trip on one of the nicest parts of the river between essen-kettwig and mülheim water station! management and labor in imperial germany: ruhr industrialists as employers, 1896–1914.[3] it consists of several large, industrial cities bordered by the rivers ruhr to the south, rhine to the west, and lippe to the north. ruhr (german pronun­cia­tion: [ˈʁuːɐ̯], german: ruhrgebiet), or the ruhr district, ruhr region, ruhr area or ruhr valley, is a polycentric urban area in north rhine-westphalia, germany. the rhine itself runs through the heart of the ruhr district. the ruhr area also contains the longest tram system in the world, with tram and stadtbahn services from witten to krefeld. skilled mineworkers were recruited from other regions to the ruhr's mines and steel mills and unskilled people started to move in. for example, quite a few locals prefer to call the ruhr either "pott", which is a derivate of "pütt" (pitmen's term for mine; cp. the inclusion of four mainly rural districts in the otherwise mainly industrial ruhr helps to explain the large proportion of agricultural and forested land. the 19th century the ruhr attracted up to 500,000 ethnic poles, masurians and silesians from east prussia and silesia in a migration known as ostflucht (flight from the east).

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ten largest cities of the ruhr:Essen is the second largest city of the ruhr. this is a belt of low and level land on the northern edge of the uplands, known as the sauerland through which flows the ruhr from east to west" (dickinson 1945, p. it is considered part of the larger rhine-ruhr metropolitan region of more than 12 million people, which is among the largest in europe. in 1923, the canadian commercial intelligence journal, volume 28, issue 1013, includes the article, "exports from the ruhr district of germany".: ruhrcoal mining regions in germanyregions of north rhine-westphaliametropolitan areas of germanyhidden categories: webarchive template wayback linkspages with citations lacking titlespages with citations having bare urlscoordinates on wikidataarticles containing german-language textall articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from january 2013articles to be expanded from october 2010all articles to be expandedarticles using small message boxesarticles to be expanded from february 2011wikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierspages using isbn magic links., alan j (1992), "second battle of the ruhr", the strategic bombing of germany: 1940-1945 (illustrated ed. mülheim an der ruhr partnervermittlung mülheim an der ruhr casual dating mülheim an der ruhr freunde finden mülheim an der ruhr seitensprung mülheim an der ruhr. airport in the eastern ruhr is a mid-sized airport, offering scheduled flights to domestic and european destinations and its approximately 1. the ruhr area has no administrative center; each city in the area has its own administration, although there exists the supracommunal "regionalverband ruhr" institution in essen."the heavy industrial belt' is commonly, though inaccurately, referred to as the ruhr.

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instead, the individual city boroughs and urban districts of the ruhr grew independently of one another during the industrial revolution. "entrepreneurs in heavy industry: upper silesia and the westphalian ruhr region, 1852 to 1913", business history review vol. locks built at mülheim on the ruhr led to the expansion of mülheim as a port."few foreigners know that in fact 'the ruhr' is the name of a 150-mile-long rhine right-bank tributary which, after meandering through the industrial basin now named after it, enters its parent near europe's greatest inland port, duisburg" (gi staff 1966, p. before the coal deposits along the ruhr were exhausted, the mining industry moved northward to the emscher and finally to the lippe, drilling ever deeper mines as it went. industry and politics in the third reich: ruhr coal, hitler, and europe (1985) (isbn 0231062605)." the use of the term "ruhr" for the industrial region started in britain only after world war i, when french and belgian troops had occupied the ruhr district and seized its prime industrial assets in lieu of unpaid reparations in 1923. in the same year, "objections by the united states to discriminatory regulations on exports from the occupied region of the ruhr" was published in papers relating to the foreign relations of the united states. urban landscape of the ruhr extends from the lower rhine basin east to the westphalian plain and south to the hills of the rhenish massif. this park connects strips of parkland running from north to south, which were developed through regional planning in the 1920s, to form a green belt between the ruhr cities from east to west.

city of essen (representing the ruhr) was selected as european capital of culture for 2010 by the council of the european union.üsseldorf airport is the intercontinental airport for north rhine-westphalia and is within 20 km of most of the western ruhr area." thus the name "ruhr" was given to the region (as a short form of "ruhr district" or "ruhr valley") only a few years before the publication of this edition of the encyclopaedia britannica. it has been claimed that immigrants came to the ruhr from over 140 different nations. a 62-page publication seems to be responsible for the use of "ruhr" as a short form of the then more common "ruhr district" or "ruhr valley": ben tillett, a. the middle ages, much of the region that was later called the ruhrgebiet was situated in the county of mark, the duchies of cleves and berg and the territories of the bishop of münster and the archbishop of cologne. the verkehrsverbund rhein-ruhr we are committed every day to making your trips by bus and rail as pleasant and easy as possible. town in the ruhr: a social history of bochum, 1860–1914 (1979) (isbn 0231043007). the coal seams reach the surface in a strip along the river ruhr and dip downward from the river to the north. billion passengers a year – the vrr stretches from the lower rhine to the eastern ruhr area and is not only the transport association with the highest number of residents in europe, but may rightly call itself the largest local transport conurbation.

1911 edition of encyclopaedia britannica has only one definition of "ruhr": "a river of germany, an important right-bank tributary of the lower rhine. by the end of the prussian kingdom in 1870, over 3 million people lived in the ruhrgebiet and the new coal-mining district had become the largest industrial region of europe. in some places, the borders between cities in the central ruhr are unrecognizable due to continuous development across them., hey Wiki, the vikings… … are exploring the Ruhr on an entertaining rowing-trip on one of the nicest parts of the river between Essen-Kettiwg and MülheimVerkehrsverbund rhein-ruhr. the ruhr river is only one of half a dozen rivers in the ruhr district, in addition to the rhine.[18] in addition to the strategic bombing of the ruhr, in april 1945, the allies trapped several hundred thousand wehrmacht troops in the ruhr pocket. corporate germany between globalization and regional place dependence: business restructuring in the ruhr area (2001). however, the occupation of the ruhr caused several direct and indirect consequences on the german economy and government. Hier können Singles aus Mülheim kostenlos flirten und chatten! local dialect of german is commonly called ruhrdeutsch or ruhrpottdeutsch, although there is really no uniform dialect that justifies designation as a single dialect.