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and sam, while i may be an extremely stupid, ignorant, racist, humourless, clueless bigot (yes, you clever little word-smith you did get all that in a post the size of your obviously lacking penis), but, at least i don’t take pleasure in taking people down because of their obvious misunderstanding of a particular blog.” (6) the globe crossword crafter fraser’s simpson’s panoply of torture devices includes this elaborate letter-shift clue.; to seek a clue; how -comes,-happens, - is- it? haha you should post a blog on how white people like quasi-satirical blogs about they’re own culture because it shows how open-minded and laid back they are about racial tension.) and the private schools are all either catholic or fundamentalist christian, and as everyone knows, those religious groups espouse narrow-mindedness. that’s what a lot of this stuff reminded me of. reminded me of the word sale that had meant to me lower prices., asians see that in this country (usa) or whichever country in which asians and whites are neck to neck, that despite sharing almost the same economic status with that of the white population, the standard for hipness, wealth, and whatever is considered “cool”, fashionable or trendy is basically “stuff that urban, progressively-minded white people like”…not stuff that “rich, successful, science/engineering background-minded asian people like. but that said, the crossword will survive in a digital world because it’s such a good puzzle. scientists believe that the high-level stimulation crosswords provide connects with the brain’s survival strategies and links back to the ancient riddles of oracles and sphinxes.

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Single minded preoccupation crossword clue

alas, there is no research that yet confirms the widespread belief that the mental exercise of the crossword can ward off dementia – doing crosswords simply makes you better at doing crosswords, and whatever joy and self-esteem you get from that should be seen as an end in itself. can’t i shake the feeling that most people reading this site are white and think “ohmygod this is funny i’m so open minded because i can take this joke! the best crossword constructors take pride in their cultural flexibility and willingness to break down the barriers imposed by earlier generations of class-conscious word guardians – somewhere, someone is eagerly filling in the three-letter word for a kardashian, first letter k. “with cryptic crosswords particularly, you’re always trying to spot ambiguity and realize that what somebody appears to be saying may be the exact opposite of what they mean. a second read – i think it should be changed to stuff american white people like … truly your not that clued in to european whites (who don’t carry the american guilt) or canadian whites – who are pretty much the opposite of every one of your entries…. blog can be seen as racist, yes, if you’re a narrow minded conservative 😉. shortz, well aware that amazement at the crossword level depends on some combination of discovery, surprise and newness. i absolutely hate it when people don’t have the brains for abstract concepts like satire and instead process things in a narrow-minded “black-and-white” “good vs. if i were to spend a good amount of my time finding little pictures to go with my scathing, racist, small-minded, and wholly base and crass digs at another culture?. stephenson, who regularly blogs to his community of readers on such subjects as the americanization of british crossword language and the legitimacy of new words that haven’t found their way into official dictionaries, fields complaints from a global network of guardian readers who question why they need to know abstruse cricket terms to solve an already daunting puzzle.

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best clues, crossword fanatics agree, are those that don’t force you to make a wild guess, pore over the dictionary, bother the internet or phone a money-making 1-900 answer line. “i’m trying to write clues that are novel and interesting, and later in the week” – when the times puzzle ratchets up its degree of difficulty – “i want clues that will twist your brain in a fresh way. i want my clues to be elegant, and every once in a while they’re going to be hard anyway.-pickles, crossword puzzles, saying things like “what’s up”, “you tried your best”, and “see you later”. people also love lol cats website, crossword puzzles, documentaries & extreme sports.-at-home moms/wifes is a must-have career for women to wish for the good ol days before the rise of feminism and to cut down on waves of undocumented workers whose skin is a shade of brown to remind us the shame of racial subjugation & colonialism we don’t want to be reminded of. unless, of course, it’s a white soccer-mom in an suv she has no clue how to drive. if i have no black friends, i’m a closed-minded racist. is it meant to show a hidden affinity between the staid bartlebooth's single-minded obsession with puzzles and the sexual hijinks of les revenentes? here are some samples:anagramthe magic of rearranged letters is a favourite of crossword maker fraser simpson: “dog in wild” (dingo) – which shows the pleasure we can get from “messing with the tricky ruse and leap of language.

Single minded preoccupation crossword

.The small minded cunt says you don’t get it at all! and there may be new things that can be done with online clues that can’t be done in print, like sounds and pictures. distinctions between the british tradition of hidden-meaning cryptic clues and the more straightforward american definitionals in the arthur wynne style now feel like dated cultural stereotypes. for the hundreth time, get a clue – this blog satirically pokes fun at the “npr crowd” slice of white culture (for lack of a better all-encompassing term). director, conductor,Pilot ; mentor, monitor, adviser,Instructor, counselor; clue,Ant. a sense of humor…and a clue, while you’re at it.”he had just finished writing a clue about the band modest mouse, a pop-music reference that wouldn’t have impressed the old-school classicists who found superiority in knowing the names of all nine inspirational muses from mount helicon (but probably still wouldn’t have liked the modern five-letter anagram for the lyre-strumming erato, “tore a new one for virgil”)., deep, strong-minded,Sound, sagacious, wise, prudent,Judicious, eligible, calculating,Footing. i love this list and reminded me of the certain town and annoying people where i went to college, i feel that it mainly picks on rich, liberal, yuppie, white people. democratizing of puzzles over the last generation – in content, though not in degree of difficulty – has blunted that critique, making it easier for crossword fans to wallow in the pleasure of personal cryptology.

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white people laugh at themselves because society has coached that they are more “broad-minded” if they do. forget ikea, dyson vaccums, david letterman, volvos, crossword puzzles, beer and wine tastings….” he believes that a well-crafted clue can become “like a poem, a beautiful piece of literature. maybe, since the clue reveals its intent only in the answer, which does feel kind of senseless, if not pointless. don’t forget awkward, dysfunctional sex lives with our open-minded spouses. you seem to be implying that to have a sense of intelligence and individuality, liking wholesome or tasteful things, liking intelligent humor that goes beyond lowbrow bathroom or cliche race jokes, being open-minded or liking anything deeper than something that’s “gangsta” is acting white, and that nonwhite=philistine.“the crossword is the most flexible form of puzzle ever created,” says will shortz, legendary crossword-puzzle editor for the new york times, and guest star in a famous episode of the simpsons that linked directly to the same day’s times puzzle. indiginous native american sisters and brothers here in the continental united states are reminded of the generational and genocidal — racisit colonialism of white anglo-saxon power on a daily basis, so much so that, many people i speak with are actually suprised when they hear that native indian tribes still (though barely) exsist. people like to speak in terms of statistics & percentage ratios even though they have no clue.“a lot of crossword people think, ‘i want my clues to be hard,’ ” says fraser simpson, a toronto math teacher who constructs the globe and mail’s cryptic, a puzzle couched in layers of syntactic playfulness.

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brain that loves puzzlesthis dedication to detail pays off in pleasure when solvers manage to unravel the puzzler’s tangled clues. it’s all a part of the mystery of life at the crossword level of telling detail, where the simpsons and modest mouse and three-letter australian birds and a cryptic english game can all share a home inside a tiny grid that tantalizes us with its pains and pleasures. when reading an article about the film gone with the wind, he noticed that the character suellen consisted of sullen wrapped around an e – which, in the crossword’s all-embracing world, is bound to come in handy. white people get more credibility for buying sandals from companies that use strictly recycled products (see patagonia or ocean-minded)., magnanimous, chivalrous,High-minded; sumptuous, rich,Magnificent; difficult, onerous,Hard, burdensome, grievous ;.”if he finds he has to clue the word “ate”, he eschews straight synonyms for something shiftier like “downed a sub” or “had wings”. when a white person does this it shows their other white counterparts that they are in the know, like minded, and of the people. crossword has since occupied a century’s worth of brainpower, and it wouldn’t have lasted so long if it didn’t caress the minds it simultaneously toys with. there was the crazed phase in the 1920s, when crooners sang crossword mama, you’re puzzling me and novelist p. alot of them might have no clue what the guy did aside from music or anything about his life in general.

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a neat hidden word from the daily telegraph: “how some answers may be found in clues, some of which i’d denoted. i read your blog entry, and the tone of your blog entry, i realize just what a narrowed minded and dellusional haole statistical mastermind you are and i laugh and laugh at your ignorance. there’s a crossword for every type of person – hard and easy, topical and general, large and small.’ll be happily living my life, and will continue to ridicule narrow minded douche bags like you while actually living my life instead of conforming and trying to live a life that i was told was cool by other douche bags with nothing better to do than ridicule normal contributing members of society like me. some early trend-spotters felt bold enough to predict that, like all mass outbursts, the crossword would fade as fast as it flared, leaving mahjong as the 1920s diversion most likely to endure.’s globe and mail article reminded me that another thing white people like is to to talk about their time at mcgill.” but wynne still managed to make word-crossing hard for himself and his readers by forcing letters to fit into both vertical and horizontal answers – a highly demanding framework, subsequently perfected by the geniuses at the new york times, that in lesser hands can lead to the obscurities and banalities of what 100 years of complainers have learned to call “crosswordese.“the crossword puzzle is ever-present in north american and british culture over the last 100 years,” says mr. lock opener; clue, guide,Solution, explanation; keynote,Tonic; wedge, clamp; lever. someone already asked me that a couple days ago and i was without clues.

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“the whole point of a challenging crossword is that it can never be automatic,” dr. since i could not do that in this small space i can present a brief list of what these like minded trend following persons do or have done., groveling, fawning, squalid,Base-minded, slavish, beggarly,servile,Cringing, low, wretched, sordid.“get a clue – this blog satirically pokes fun at the “npr crowd” slice of white culture (for lack of a better all-encompassing term).”a crossword for everyonelongevity wasn’t the first priority when an english immigrant named arthur wynne created his diamond-shaped grid as a space-filler for the christmas edition of the new york world – he called it a word-cross puzzle, played it straight, and asked his newbie solvers to come up with the three-letter plural of “is. one of the favourite clues of all time, for wordies in the know, is “e” – meaning senselessness, because sense less the letters ness leaves you with only an e. the crossword evolved alongside the newspaper, a medium that is questioning its delivery mode. i have nothing against equality, but what i hate is when white people hate their own race just to try and look as if you’re equal and open minded to every other race. taxonomy of cluesgetting beyond the definition-driven clues of traditional puzzles expands the pleasures but also the challenges.“for me, the dopamine hit comes when a clue that looks utterly baffling turns out to be entirely fair,” says alan connor, a screenwriter and author of a wide-ranging history of the cryptic crossword, two girls, one on each knee (i.

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however, for someone like myself (white)who grew up in an area that was nearly all white and filled with many openly racist and close-minded people who had absolutely no desire to seek or understand anything that had not personally happened to them, i sought to, well, not be them. i have also been unpleasantly surprised and repelled by the negativity and narrow-mindedness of the site’s detractors. the post cut off my last line which should have sigged “dumb clueless white broad”. petty, mean, paltry,Little, flat, beggarly, ordinary,Small-minded, tawdry, unim-.-minded social arbiters later worried about the proletariat being distracted by “a primitive form of mental exercise” when they should be devoting themselves to good honest toil.. narrow, restricted, confined,Limited, bigoted, prejudiced, illiberal,Narrow-minded, reserved, veiled, enig-. shortz at the times, have become much trickier, both with punning misdirection in the clues and a hidden-letter preoccupation that would challenge the best wartime cryptographers. do not know what other color people like, but i like :Science, archeology, ocean, tropics, blond hair, avocado, pretty classy things, art, smart people, intelligent people, children, laughter, tolerance, shoes, cats and dogs, oleander tree, tulips, hydrangea, lilac,apricots, blueberries, sea salt, acupuncture, yoga, yogurt, movies, water, this planet,Ballroom dancing, 24, lost, good sense of humor, not to get upset when someone calls blond girl “blondie”, blue sky, great food, other people, computers, and other gadgets, my parents, my kids, and other kids, open minded people,But this site is sooooooooooooo funny. people love to vote for obama so that they can seem multicultural and open-minded. he’s a big admirer of what he calls a rebus clue, such as “out in spring,” which gives both the definition of the answer and the cryptic method of finding it: out inside spring, meaning sprouting.

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however i do know many self-righteous people who actually consciously try to cultivate all 120 points as their “culture” and, for the most part, these are irritating small-minded asses to be near. of your sexual prowess, you don’t have a clue about grammar. narrow minded “species” who still think like others did 1000 years ago! but at their best and most generous, crossword clues can also be simple and beautiful and productive of miniature delight. your ideas are pretty narrowminded for someone who is white. it’s weird because they love to demonstrate how tolerant and open-minded they are, but apparently they’d much rather demonstrate this using a black or gay person than a mexican. shallow minded people like: list up stuff tagged under stigmatized grouping of people. it’s to show off to your guests that you’re so well-off that you can not only throw a “circus” themed party for your 1 year old, who hasn’t got a clue what the heck is going on, or why – but have so much disposable income, that you don’t really need more gifts, and instead choose to give them gifts, because some fool came up with the idea a long time ago, and now it’s a gosh darned tradition. it’s like once they leave home, they don’t want to be reminded of it. but instead of the heroic existentialist writer holding the line against nothingness, we encounter a beguiling magician, a brilliant prankster preoccupied with word games and puzzles, a master illusionist with an introspective bent: georges perec, that inimitable amalgam of kafka and the daily crossword, whose sensibility spans opposing poles of profundity and artifice.

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, didn’t have a clue, should someone had just have explained it instead of insulting me, that would have been nice.” a double-definition clue is used for a single spelling with double meanings: “small insult” could be a slight. it weren’t for a few clues here and there, i’d almost think this whole blog was one big onion-esque mockery of liberals by some conservative in disguise. some of the best entries reminded me of douglas coupland’s ‘generation x’ in the way they caught middle-class white american culture, but it also left me wondering if white people will still find it funny to be laughed/hated when we become a minority ourselves. but even when the upper classes and superior beings appropriated the new word puzzle, investing it with classical references and knottier clues that made the exercise more sophisticated, the crossword couldn’t escape the naysayers – it stood accused of being the escape hatch of the leisured classes, a private club of well-bred language that only the verbally adept could enter. but i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to daydream your way to a crossword solution, which is why a puzzle is more fun than driving.”homophonewords that sound alike but are spelled differently can produce a two-part clue where the hint is in the sound cue: wurst is “said to be inferior sausage. at the guardian in england, says crossword editor hugh stephenson, the monetizing of the puzzle has been less successful, but the word-game’s crafty appeal is just as strong. you want a good life (i think you do) then dont be so narrowminded towards breaking down barrierers (sorry spelling, im danish). thanks to arthur wynne’s devious successors, this almost unimaginable euphoria of trickery has been harnessed for human good – assuming, as crossword solvers do, that there is something wonderful about whiling away large parts of life sorting out hidden enigmas.

”thus, in wynne’s inaugural attempt at gridding the english language, there were two separate clues (a bird; a pigeon) for the same word, dove, the vowel-rich neif turned out to be a four-letter synonym for fist, and readers who expected to wallow in cruciverbalizing fun could only do so by realizing that the fibre of the gomuti palm had to be the word doh. farmer’s market-going-grey water system using-berry picking step mom just started a workshop for all her like-minded friends that teaches “self publishing. cruel, savage,Ferocious, murderous, bloody,Bloody-minded, gory, barbarous,Inhuman, ruthless, sanguinary. word “fun” looms large at the top of the first crossword that appeared out of nowhere on dec. i mean, besides the fact it’s narcasistic and narrow-minded.”he also has a complete list of two-letter abbreviations and phrases that might be needed for a segment of a longer answer – “taking a left,” in the conventions of crossword phraseology, could be used to clue a word that incorporates (“taking”) the common letter combination al. the site’s labeling coast upper middle class whites as “whites” and ignoring everyone else, he knows that; this site is a sly put down on self important educated but clueless coastal yuppies. need to laugh at liberal jokes no matter how conservative the listener is because if they don’t they look like narrow minded bigits. please re-name this blog “stuff narrow-minded arrogant liberal affluent white people like”. this gives them the chance to sound intelligent at dinner parties as they can have an ‘informed’ opinion on almost anything, even if in reality they have no clue about the issues they are discussing.

comments about websites or books of which they take the message way to personally, so as to try and separate themselves from or give themselves way more credibility as an open-minded or worldly whitey, but by commenting negatively discredit themselves and admit guilt of swpd.“to which my answer,” he says, “is that you’re going for an english crossword, and i’m afraid cricket is a part of being english. they have also been taught by their older more liberal minded professors at university, that they are the sole bearers of responsibility for urban decay, the crack epidemic, 15% lower average iq rates for african americans compared to white counterparts, 50% incarceration rate, and just about every other negative thing to inhabit minority culture.”crossword puzzles in themselves don’t help us in daily life. shortz is not shy about saying that the seemingly traditional crossword now makes millions of dollars for the new york times in online subscriptions, spinoff books and syndication – the brain’s high-order addiction to challenging wordplay is that powerful. certainly there are few mental pleasures that can rival the sensation of walking away from an impossible clue – “of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of, of” – and then suddenly realizing you’ve found the 10-letter answer, or the answer’s found you: of ten times, oftentimes. the times also goes in for thematic groaners, like the puzzle titled m-m-m, which produced slightly off answers like crazy as a loomcontainersput sh (quiet) within mary (a lady) and you get marshy, and the kind of head-scratching sentence that sounds like a cryptic clue – “lady keeping quiet describes a wetland. log onto different sites to find other like minded white people with which to exchange information." but for this riddle, unlike the notoriously challenging crosswords he created for the weekly magazine le point, whose clues yielded solutions for those diligent and clever enough to work them out, no definitive clarification really exists. when i ask them do you like sashimi, udon, real ramen, tonkatsu, or whatever they are clueless.

but by becoming a part of a newspaper’s daily architecture, it starts to mean a lot to people, and they build up strong relationships with the people who write the clues that goes drip-drip-drip for decades. substitute ‘known terrorist safe house’ & locate it in your neighborhood see how you’d feel you simple-minded cracker-ass motherfucker. it’s easier and faster to jump around a grid on paper where you can see all the clues at once.”it makes sense that riddles and puzzles have always been with us – wynne’s innovation simply elaborated a constant human preoccupation into a new level of consciousness. interesting, who’d ever thought that these liberal minded atheists, just a few yrs ago, would ever get religion? i absolutely hate it when people don’t have the brains for abstract concepts like satire and instead process things in a narrow-minded “black-and-white” “good vs. to believe how clueless so many of the commenters are. and so the crossword ends up being this wonderful quiet part of the century. the puzzle is the non-obvious: it presents a situation that seems chaotic, and we have an innate instinct to restore order to that situation, to bring the clues together. honest, upright,High-minded, illustrious, noble,Great, just, fair, trustworthy,Conscientious, virtuous, esti-.