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(e) shows an example for an image where two cells would enter the droplet. as wga can lead to the preferential amplification of one allele and allelic dropout (ado), we also sequenced snps that were identified by cnv array to be heterozygous in the bulk sample and located in close genomic proximity to the respective mutation loci. representative gene variants identified in bulk specimens were sequenced in single-cell wga dna. these features of the scp and the prior identification of candidate variants in bulk specimens, which then can be studied for co-occurrence in relatively few cells, also demonstrate how meaningful results are obtained from single-cell genotyping at relatively low costs. & softwareblast (basic local alignment search tool)blast (stand-alone)cn3dconserved domain search service (cd search)e-utilitiesgenbank: bankitgenbank: sequingenbank: tbl2asngenome protmapgenome workbenchprimer-blastprosplignpubchem structure searchsnp submission toolsplignvector alignment search tool (vast)all data & software resources. however, this bioinformatically inferred data may only give an approximation of the definite clonal architecture. gene mutations in the cell lines were selected via the cosmic mutation database [17] and confirmed by sanger sequencing (u-2 os, kasumi-1) or miseq-based targeted ngs (kasumi-1) of bulk specimens.

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. not containing a cell, as verified by the scp image data) from a cell suspension and subjecting these droplets to wga. the number of cancer samples, cells per sample and mutations per cell that we analyzed is relatively small; the analyses of more cells and mutations would allow a more profound insight into the possibilities and limitations of our technique as well as into the clonal architecture of the samples. this indicates that free-floating human dna in the droplets is, if at all, a rare event, which clearly improves the reliability of the single-cell data gained from scp experiments. plos one 11(9):Introductionintratumoral clonal heterogeneity may impact treatment response to chemotherapy or targeted therapies and hence the outcome of cancer patients [1,2]. a subset of the printed cells of each specimen was subjected to wga and genotyping (as detailed below). the sterile single-use cartridges can be operated with sample volumes as low as 5 μl, have a minimal dead volume, and avoid cross-contamination, as they are the only part that is in contact with the sample. the images can be also used for interrogating basic morphological properties such as size and roundness of the printed cell.

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for this, droplets are dispensed on a glass slide that is imaged by a digital camera attached to the microwell plateholder (fig 2). Here, we present an efficient workflow based on an advanced Single-Cell Printer (SCP) device for the study of gene variants in single cancer cells. the aml-derived cell line kasumi-1 was received from the research group of michael lübbert (university of freiburg) who obtained it from dsmz (no.. truly a single bead has been ejected from the nozzle) was determined through the images automatically stored by the scp that show the nozzle before, during, and after the dispensation (fig 3a–3e). sampling and research were approved by the ethics committee of the university freiburg on 13. & expressionbiosystemsdatabase of genotypes and phenotypes (dbgap)e-utilitiesgenegene expression omnibus (geo) database gene expression omnibus (geo) datasetsgene expression omnibus (geo) profilesgenome workbenchhomologenemap vieweronline mendelian inheritance in man (omim)refseqgeneunigeneall genes & expression resources. this makes single-cell information readily accessible to a wide range of applications and can provide insights into clonal heterogeneity that were indeterminable solely by analyses of bulk specimens.

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& medicinebookshelfdatabase of genotypes and phenotypes (dbgap)genetic testing registryinfluenza virusmap vieweronline mendelian inheritance in man (omim)pubmedpubmed central (pmc)pubmed clinical queriesrefseqgeneall genetics & medicine resources. sample loading and instrument preparation took on average approximately 5 minutes. at the time of sampling, the peripheral blood of the patient contained 82% blasts as assessed by cytomorphology. in order to control for ado of the mutated allele, we analyzed cases with the detection of wild-type only for snps that were heterozygous in the bulk specimen and located in genomic proximity to the mutation site. here, we assessed gene mutations and polymorphisms in bulk samples and individual cancer cells, which were isolated using an improved version of the scp. d, lee h, im dj, kang is, lim g, kim ds, et al. this led to several studies which revealed deeper insights into the clonal architecture and evolution of various types of solid cancers and leukemias, all of which highlighted the importance of single-cell analyses [3–10].

Molecular Genetic Characterization of Individual Cancer Cells

previously demonstrated that the scp allows for the isolation and deposition of individual cells with minor impact on cell integrity [15]. Representative gene variants identified in bulk specimens were sequenced in single-cell WGA DNA.. a single bead was successfully delivered to the bottom of the well) was concluded from fluorescence microscopy images (fig 3f). order to allow accurate cell deposition, for the present study, we improved our established scp by an automated dispense position measurement system which ensures that the droplets are accurately dispensed onto the specified target positions without any additional user interaction. electrostatic charges on the plates were neutralized with an ionizing air blower (minion2, simco-ion, the netherlands). a microscopic vision system monitors the nozzle of the dispenser chip and provides the image data for cell detection, classification and isolation (see below). the single-cell genotyping allowed verifying the co-occurrence of variants in a given cell, which is essential since only variants that co-exist in a cell can indeed impact together on the biology of this cell.

Single-Cycle-PLL Detection for Real-Time FM-AFM Applications

consecutive images are stored automatically for each printing event: (a-c) a cell (or bead as cell equivalent) is transported towards the nozzle of the dispenser-chip, where it is detected and classified within a region of interest (roi, green area). displayed are the nucleotides identified by sequencing of the bulk specimens and the individual cells (annotated for example b1 or c1). This makes single-cell information readily accessible to a wide range of applications and can provide insights into clonal heterogeneity that were indeterminable solely by analyses of bulk specimens. in order to minimize the odds for contaminating dna that would be co-amplified by the wga, we worked with dna-free cartridges and plates and reduced the hands-on steps during cell isolation, lysis and amplification. complex molecular genetic abnormalities involving three or more genetic mutations are important prognostic factors for acute myeloid leukemia., our study for the first time demonstrates how the scp, that we had previously established and the precision of which we have further improved for the present study, is used to isolate individual cancer cells in a highly automated manner for molecular genetic analyses. (b) the actual droplet position is extracted from the image data by image processing with opencv.

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analysisblast (basic local alignment search tool)blast (stand-alone)blast link (blink)conserved domain search service (cd search)genome protmapgenome workbenchinfluenza virusprimer-blastprosplignsplignall sequence analysis resources. & rnablast (basic local alignment search tool)blast (stand-alone)e-utilitiesgenbankgenbank: bankitgenbank: sequingenbank: tbl2asngenome workbenchinfluenza virusnucleotide databasepopsetprimer-blastprosplignreference sequence (refseq)refseqgenesequence read archive (sra)spligntrace archiveunigeneall dna & rna resources. in addition to such automated methods, single cells can be also picked manually with high precision by a microscope-assisted device but only at limited numbers. here, we further improve the droplet placement of the scp to facilitate precise cell deposition into the center of the wells of standard 384-microwell plates. this implies that snp and mutation sites are present in the same wga fragments. the image series can be used to provide direct evidence that truly a single cell was ejected. however, these are limited in their flexibility of applications due to a determined chip design.

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(d) a final image confirms the absence of the cell in the nozzle after droplet ejection. h, pfeifer d, afonso jd, nimer sd, veelken h, schwabe m, et al. addition to previous reports by us and others [6–9] we here display examples on how information at the single-cell level can complement and extend the genetic information derived from bulk specimens. the ejection efficiency is determined from the scp images and is therefore independent of the target (e. given the flexibility of the scp and its improved precision in cell deposition we were able to reliably use the instrument in combination with routine downstream genetic applications. snps rs1391438 and rs7655890 are located in close genomic proximity to the tet2 mutation and show heterozygous patterns in the cell bulk (left).(a) for this, droplets are dispensed on a glass slide that is imaged by a digital camera.

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single-cell containing droplets that are ejected from the scp are very small, as mentioned above; they are approximately 20x less in volume than the droplets typically produced by facs. this minimizes the possibility of free-floating dna in the medium that surrounds the single cell. the droplet position is extracted from the image data and the algorithm automatically calculates the correct dispensing position to target the center of the microwells. in addition, the four-fold reduction of wga reagents, that we applied in our protocol, implied a profound reduction in costs. we decided for this approach since no c-allele was detectable by sanger sequencing of the bulk specimen and since, as indicated by fish and cnv array, the aml harbored one or more clones with loss of a chromosome 17p allele (including tp53; s4 fig), and chromosomal loss of tp53 in cancers preferentially affects the c-allele of rs1042522 [25]. for each experiment, a new sterile cartridge with a 40 μm nozzle was filled with 30 μl sample and mounted on the scp. moreover, the image data that the scp collects and stores during each experiment, allows for verification that truly a single cell was ejected from the nozzle.