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have noticed a very small hard lump that seems to be free inside the scrotum. above in detail about the various causes of bumps over the scrotum. have found a small lump about the size of a pea just under the skin of my scrotum and i am very concerned about it. need to be concerned if the bump becomes attached to the underlying tissue, that is you are not able to move it freely., if it is hard or fixed to structures below it, you need to go for an examination.

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.I had what looked like a small pimple on my scrotum but the white. i am not very, and will eventually get around to a clinic, but i do not have a car right now and it is hard to arrange for discreet arrival at one. i noticed i also had the bumps on the other side of my shaft too, so they are on the left and right, but nowhere else. i noticed my breathe has been bad lately, no matter how much i brush and i looked up bumps on the back of your tongue. have no need to be concerned, the hard white bumps are actually clogged sweat glands.

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    the bumps which are already there are likely to regress gradually with time. noticed a lump on my scrotum sack for about 3 years ago. (it’s only 2 hard ball shape, they are the size of a pea. there, i have a small bump on my scrotum skin on the left hand side. they are painless but hurt if a lot of pressure is applied, then i have a white lump the size of a garden pea on the right side of my scrotum, i'm so embarrassed and ashamed about them.
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    are these bumps, and what course of action should i take with them? one puss actually came out and the other is hard. and now it’s june 2014, again at my left armpit, there is this red with white dot thing same look like my sebaceous before. the bumps arent painful, but i’ve had them for awhile.'m 14 and in my scrotum area i have a big collection of lumps on my left side of the scrotum , i read up saying if it's cancerous it would be on my testicle and not in my scrotum , on my testicles there's no bumps or anything just the outside on the "sack" there's a huge amount of lumps and i really don't know what it is !
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    was not pain or anything and it was not inside of the scrotum it was on the skin. any of the bump becomes painful, you may need to apply antibotics over it. i have small white spots on my scrotum and if i squeeze them white cream stuff comes out. the bump is likely to go away on its own. i’ve noticed a very small hard lump in the scrotum that seems to be attached to whatever tube like structure is in the scrotum.
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Single white pimple on scrotum (~ 3 months) - Sexually Active Male

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when squeezed, the head of the pimple feels a little hard. have had a lump on my scrotum for almost 5 years. the 'pimple' was white, about the size of yours and felt hard when squeezed.’s normal to have such small bumps over the penile shaft. the rest of my scrotum is clear of any variance in the skin.

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’ve been checking my scrotum recently again and i’ve still got this small white lump., i am 14 and have a lump with a white head at the underneath of my penis and top of my balls, the lump is large and hard under the head of the spot. doctor, i noticed a small painless swell by my scrotum close to my upper right thigh. it’s on top of my scrotum on the right side. i know it's not herpes, because i have had herpes for 20+ years and know what that looks like (btw, you can get herpes outbreaks on the scrotum as well as the penis).

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just avoid friction over the bump while moving and other activities. i recently masturbated when wearing tight boxer and since then a small lump has formed on top of my right testes inside my scrotum. two of these bumps have grown substantially due to me trying to pop them. these steps would lessen your tendency to get those bumps on the scrotal region. On my scrotum, right side, mid-way from the top of the front, there is a small white pimple, measuring .

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.i am 20 years old and last month i noticed a white pimple like thing one my scrotum. advice (q&as) on “scrotum bumps and cysts – causes with management”. have a grouping of these small whitish bumps on my scrotum. and last but not least, just the other day i noticed i also have like 5 or so skin colored bumps at the back of my tongue, and i have had bad breathe and i believe it’s caused from that. other signs of concern are any pain or discomfort in the bump.

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i had other occur throughout time but i could just push out white puss, but not the larger one i have. sometimes the skins grows over the block sweat gland making it hard to pop, but when it does a white dry substance (like a seed) can be released followed by a little blood, and maybe even some clear substance then it heals. have these hard lumps on the bottom of my testicles when i get in the mood the left one is there and when i finish the right one is there and the left is gone shortly after this is normal. doctor, actually i seen a pimple like structure which is round and little hard on my scrotum, which is attached with only skin and it’s colour matches my skin colour of that area, it didn’t contain any pus or water. cysts are smooth round lumps filled with a white substance called sebum.

testicular cancers are very rare, it would be better to examine your scrotum for any suspicious change. i have tried to pop them, and a solid white pus comes out, but this is then proceeded by the bump growing in size. i have had multiple whitehead looking bumps on my scrotum for years now. it is kind of hard, white in color is movable and not connected to testicles. it was protected, but a condom doesn't protect the scrotum obviously.

White Spots on Testicles: Pilar Cysts Could Be the Reason

bumps are unlikely to be infected and so unlikely to cause infertility. a small lump on the right side of my scrotum. few months ago i noticed a hard round lump on my scrotum (not attached to the testes) roughly the same size as a pea which is visiable from the outside but can be felt inside the scrotum aswell i left it and after a while it seemed to of reduced in size slightly i assumed it was just an ingrown hair however recently it randomly increased in size i tried to squeeze it as i can see a tiny white spot which i thought was seebum however no liquid came out and it has increased more in size and is now slightly painfull could you please tell me what you think it is and what i can do to help it go. have a soft bump on the upper part of my thigh. on my scrotum, right side, mid-way from the top of the front, there is a small white pimple, measuring .

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white thing was a mystery, but the a blocked sweat gland/hair follicle sounds most likely. first up is jameel, who is concerned about a few unsightly lumps on his scrotum which both he and his girlfriend find unpleasant. it feels quite hard now but initially it felt more like a liquid. i also later noticed i have about 4 white pimples i believe on my ball sack, spread out. the bump seems to be under the skin and it is not at all painful or discomforting.

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saturday there was swelling on the skin of my scrotum only on the area with the pimple. i have a hard small pimple on the lower end of the testicle. the bump still appears to be there, but it has reduced in size greatly. i read something about bumps on the back of your tongue causing your breathe to smell bad. i just discovered it it’s non painful and a little hard.