Single hammock vs double hammock

Single hammock vs double hammock

if you’re just going to be hanging out in the hammock and lounging you really can get away with an even wider spectrum (in this case narrower) and the hammock will still be plenty comfortable as a chair/swing.  does the width of the tree matter at all when you’re setting up the hammock? now, take a look at how much more room the same hammocks provide when the material is kept loose:Seth’s hammock wisdom: if the material of your hammock feels loose and relaxed, you soon will too. i am planning on putting a hammock up for sleeping full time in my bedroom due to lack of room and the fact that i love hammocks… drums and a gym, was wondering if you could recommend a fun time sleeping hammock. thank you very much for your love and passion for the hammock, my sleep will never be the same. i have never slept in a hammock before and i thank you for supplying so much wisdom. you’ve gotten this far, it means you now know how to choose the right hammock to avoid the dreaded human waffle effect and of course that the spreader bar just might be the devil that makes you spend more time trying to stay balanced in the hammock than actually relaxing and enjoying yourself. i got to use some string hammock (very comfy) in south america and had great fun in adequat company in them. now that i know it’s a single i really want to get a double eventually ha ha!  i made a trip to central park with some friends and i did a test set up of the hammock so i could get a feel for what setting it up would be like. you found the help you needed lj -thanks for reading and happy hammocking!  does the width of the tree matter at all when you’re setting up the hammock?  does the width of the tree matter at all when you’re setting up the hammock? the hammock responds by flattening out underneath you, gently cradling your body in what just so turns out to be an absolutely ideal sleeping position with zero pressure points. how can a hammock possibly keep you warm and dry in extreme conditions ? hammock style should you choose if you want to go camping? your other question, the double hammock is going to be the most comfortable model to use for nightly sleeping (or anytime really) because of your ability to lie at an angle across it and flatten out for healthy sleep and relaxation. is made of the heavier more durable fabric, but since it is a single layer it is lighter than the double layer 1. did they wake up every morning shaped like a boomerang but continue to use the hammock because they just couldn’t think of any way to fix the problem – like, say with a simple spreader bar? switched to sleeping in a hammock out of space needs and portablility due to my new traveling life and then found your article that made me switch semi permanently. being more durable and slightly lighter than the double layer 1.: you’ve been hammock brainwashed – part ii: the human waffle effect(). space between the layers  of the bb and xlc is the same size as the hammock body itself and can handle just about any sized standard camping pad up to the size of the exped 9 . i’m able to sleep great as a couple in my hammock and i’ve heard from countless customers over the years who comfortably sleep full time and camp, backpack, etc. because you’re sort of pointing towards the ’10’ if your hammock were a clock in which you’d normally point to 12.: why and how i switched to sleeping in a hammock instead of a bed. it comes to setting up a hammock, especially one that’s as quick and easy to setup as trek light gear’s, there’s honestly very little that you need to know in order to do it properly. the pad in half to insert into the foot end of the double-layer hammock. got my trek light double in the mail a couple of days ago! for reading and if you grab a trek light hammock don’t hesitate to share your story/photos with us – the kids will love it! it only works well with the cot-like ‘hammock’ you see in the picture, a real hammock will hang too low for a stand like that. know you want a flat (or fairly flat) surface to sleep on and just looking at the strong curve of the hammock is already giving you back pain. most versions come with double-layer fabric that provides additional strength, a pad sleeve, and color varieties.

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while a pad sleeve or double-layer can help hold a pad in place, they aren’t necessary, nor are they perfect at doing it. as i said in my first post here, i wasn’t sure my hammock was a cure for my chronic insomnia, and while it definitely helped dramatically increase the time i was “sleeping”, it turns out the quality of sleep i was getting wasn’t good.  hang the hammock so that “once occupied” the head end of the hammock is around 16″ lower than the foot end, and by end i mean the end of the fabric, not the attachment point on the tree itself. major functional changes to our hammock design that you’re missing out on – some aesthetic changes and quality improvements here and there but nothing crazy. david – glad to hear you’re loving the hammock so far. if you’re the writing type, i’d love to have you do some guest posts about your experience switching from a bed to a hammock – let me know if you’re interested! we’ve got some great new accessories as you’ve seen and we’ll also be introducing a new hammock size in the coming weeks – it’s more compact than the single. it’s of course one of those things that is much easier to experience than to explain, but what you’ll notice right away is that when you hang your hammock correctly the center of the hammock tends to be the tightest section while the sides remain loose (the exact opposite of what happens when you stretch the hammock tight). it or not, the natural curve of the hammock is crucial to getting the flat, zero pressure point surface that makes hammocks such a healthy way to relax, meditate or sleep. following are some pictures showing how a trek light hammock looks and functions when it’s pulled tight:The first picture is our single hammock while the next two are actually our double hammock. cassandra – the answer to that is definitely yes, you can have two people both lying at an angle across the hammock to create an ideal sleeping surface. my treklight double set up in my haus in switzerland. i am on disability because of the discs and how they effect the nerves to my legs, i tend to have to use about 6 to 10 pillows each night to be able to pile so i can find a position i can sleep in where it doesnt bother my back and i will have a decent chance at being capable of even getting out of bed and standing without assistance, after reading several of your posts i am wondering if a hammock might be able to relieve pressure enough to make a difference and help improve functionality as well as maybe decrease pain levels, i know laying on a flat surface is extremely painful and causes worse pressure on the nerves… i wish there were a way i could test out laying in a hammock.  but, after starting to write this chapter i realized that what i wanted to say about the single vs. they tend to stay put better in the hammock than air pads but they seem to buckle and poke more than air pads do as well. it comes to adverse weather you also have the added benefit of being off the ground – many times i’ve been warm and dry in my hammock during a rain storm watching water puddling up or flowing beneath me. focuses much of his article on the insulation options for double- or single-layer hammocks. werner’s recent post on choosing between a single- or double-layer hammock delivers some strong points about double-layer hammocks:The two layers form a pocket that can be used to hold a foam or an inflatable sleeping pad. my question is this, “at 6’4″, will there be enough room for me to lie angled in the hammock (in order to lie flatter) without touching the tarp, or does touching the tarp even matter during a rain? the double hammock you talk about in the posts only supports up to 400 pounds and, alas, between the two of us we exceed that weight. that’s typically around 18 inches off the ground, but at 6′ tall you may find it easy to get in and out of a slightly higher seat – the hammock hang calculator includes a field for chair height so you can experiment to see what works for you. comfort—while any hammock is subjectively “comfortable,” some folks who want to go lighter with their gear often pick thinner fabrics that stretch.   but, what you’ll read in this post (and the entire series) is advice based on my years of experience sleeping in a hammock, learning about the history of the hammock and talking to literally thousands of people from around the world about their hammock experiences.’ve always heard that it is the extra stitching that made a double-layer hammock stronger and more weight bearing and it is less about multiple layers of fabric. is an average number though that gets tossed around in the hammock world and that’s 101″ (a little over 8ft). i’ve tried to sleep in the hammock something like 3 months. pads are somewhat unruly under your torso and placing them inside the double layer generally makes them easier to sleep on, but even with the double layer, pads will still be somewhat uncomfortable as they will still bend and buckle and poke and feel too narrow in an end-gathered style of hammock (like the blackbird or xlc) and so the most comfortable option by far is an underquilt if you can afford one. one of the best ways to use a pad in a hammock is to just put it inside your sleeping bag. naturally, i was looking at those “flat” style hammocks thinking they would suite me the best. you’ll still likely want a top blanket to keep warm, but you can always easily remove that if you get too warm – the underquilt style means that you don’t have to worry about putting a blanket underneath you in the hammock and wrestle with it as you move around in the night. if you have a tough first night as a couple, don’t give up – adjust the hammock if necessary, try some different sleeping positions together and you should still be able to enjoy the benefits of sleeping in a hammock with your husband by your side. a side note and just general information to other users who are considering getting a hammock… there have been many instances where i was just über tired. really helped me out, just had one sorta quick question:Im looking to purchase a collapsible hammock stand for my apartment soon, and i was trying to look up different hammock angles with the trek light double hammock i am purchasing and a decent stand that will last.

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Single hammock vs double

  either getting a larger hammock is a waste of money or something isn’t right here. hammock bliss sky bed has a pad sleeve or pocket that fits specific pad size. i have yet to personally try sleeping in a hammock larger than our double design so someone else would have to provide feedback. marissa – hanging a hammock is always preferable only because it gives you complete flexibility in adjusting the hammock to hang exactly the way you like. the width of the trees won’t have any direct impact on how the hammock hangs, the only difference you’ll notice is that it uses up more rope to get around the tree so you’ll have less space to work with overall. thank you for all of the great help on how to replace your bed with a hammock. one problem is it can be difficult to get in and out of so i used to hang a rope above the hammock i can grab onto and pull myself up so i don’t have to do a situp. it’s going to fill a great niche for our customers but it’s really only an upgrade if you’re looking for the lightest and most compact hammock you can get. you need very little to go hammock camping, in spite of the marketing hype from some companies to the contrary.  if you place your body in the center, it’s going to follow the rigid shape of the hammock curve precisely. i love helping people get the most out of their hammock experience so please let me know what questions you still have about getting comfortable in a hammock, or what other hammock or non-hammock topics you’d like to see explored on the trek life blog! folks not needing a double layer for it’s increased weight capacity might choose a single layer 1. let me know if there’s anything else i can help with and enjoy the hammock on the porch this summer! blackbird if you want but there will be little gain in comfort by doing so but the double layer 1. got my trek light double in the mail a couple of days ago! i would love to sleep permanently in a hammock but know that’s prob the life of a bachelor speeking. started reading your blog then and decided to buy your double hammock. husband has tried to sleep his hammock (same one you sell) and he wakes up bc his knees hurt from feeling hyperextended. bill – the important thing to remember is that camping with a hammock doesn’t imply using a hammock on its own exposed to all of the elements. most folks, a single-layer hammock will be all they will ever need. do you have any suggestions on either a decent stand or a hammock angle that i should shoot for? ability to sleep two people in a hammock comfortably definitely depends on the two people involved and how you sleep – you will be in close quarters.’ve met lots of couples over the years who sleep great in the hammock together and i’ve also spoken to plenty who tell me they just need too much of their own space when they sleep and in that case they’ll setup hammocks side by side so when it comes time to sleep you’ve each got your own space to stretch out. if the hammock is weighted with the buckles turned sideways it can damage the webbing and potentially lead to failure.  there is really only one aspect to the setup where you’re forced to make an extremely important and not-so-obvious choice – how tight or how loose should you hang the hammock? any good/different tips for married couple that wanna try nightly sleeping in a hammock? a tarp, properly rated sleeping bag, sleeping pad and what’s called a hammock underquilt will keep you as warm and toasty as any tent but comfortably off the ground and sleeping well. this is actually the leading reason folks buy double-layer hammocks. i try to avoid sales pitches in this blog, but since we are a hammock company i would definitely suggest giving our trek light double hammock a try and seeing if that solves the problem. are not inherently more expensive, nor are double-layer hammocks inherently less expensive because they can hold a sleeping pad. here is an example of a few basic hammocks (no mosquito netting) as a quick comparison:Double layer 1.: how to hang your hammock: the only guide you’ll ever need(). if you still can’t fall asleep in a tlg double and you’ve got all the right knowledge at your disposal for setting it up and lying in it correctly then it may be that your body just isn’t into it!

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Choosing a Double- or Single-layer Hammock - The Ultimate Hang

break it down into two separate movements to explain it better, but all you’re really doing is shifting your entire body so you’re at about a 30 degree angle across the hammock instead of being straight down the center. you enjoyed it corinne – hammocks are a perfect way to sleep on a boat, consider me jealous! i’ve had the hammock for 4 1/2 years and have used it quite a bit; but not as much as i plan to. hammock angle: how to relax (and sleep) comfortably in a hammock, even if you’re a side sleeper. when i’m lying in the hammock it feels like my body is fully supported when i’m lying in all sorts of different positions which is key for me. my husband and i just bought two doubles (a different brand for now, though).’ve had my trek light double hammock since june of 2007 and i love it! of a bummer since i’ve been thinking it was a double for so long and i’m trying out using it for sleeping regularly and it’s doable but just not quite big enough. i want to clarify his point, however, that not all double-layer hammocks can hold all pad types (some even have the layers sewn together and can’t hold pads), or hold multiple pads.  in other words, if you’re pretty short not that tall a single hammock can wind up feeling like a double to you when you stretch out. for the note patrick – enjoy your new hammock sleep and don’t hesitate to keep me posted on your experience. setup is similar to the above setup in that you want the head end of the hammock lower than the foot end, but to less of a degree and you might set the suspension slightly tighter than as well. you’ve hopefully already got yourself a trek light hammock or at least one which meets the criteria for a comfortable and healthy hammock experience. i learned about hammocks years ago to save me the bother of opening/closing a sofa bed in a tiny bedsit.  i made a trip to central park with some friends and i did a test set up of the hammock so i could get a feel for what setting it up would be like. also carry our full line of double hammocks on amazon if you prefer to shop there. when i sleep in a bed i’m a side sleeper, but i sleep on my back in the hammock – a hammock has a big impact on how you sleep (in a very good way) and that means you can’t really make any assumptions on how you’ll transition until you give it a try. if the trees are really far apart you usually need to compensate by hanging the rope higher up on the tree, the angle will help reduce some of the tension that’s pulling the hammock tight.  by using the hammock angle, i’m able to comfortably sleep on my side in the hammock the same as i would in any bed. i had the same reaction when i first began learning that there was a lot more to the simple hammock than i realized. but, then i remembered that certain specialty shops sell a “sex swing” and then i read about hammock sutra and was “enlightened”. double wasn’t really the focus of the article and probably even merits its own separate post at some point down the road. by setting up a proper tarp over your hammock (we sell one designed for exactly that) you’re able to enjoy the hammock completely protected from the elements. most double-layer hammocks are built without gusseting, making the layers absolutely flush once weight is applied., the blanket was warmer but it’s difficult to fit unless you are already in the hammock i discovered. at least, that’s how i remembered it; but now after seeing all the size specs on here i found out its not a double 🙁 i don’t know if i got a single and just  remember it wrong or if i grabbed the wrong one off of where they were all hanging on the kiosk. a nutshell – get the right hammock, hang it the right way, and lie in it the right way. you were able to find this resource kate – enjoy your time in mexico and get some great hammock sleep! regularly inspect the hammock (and suspension) for wear, and always hang close to the ground. a bridge-style hammock (like our ridgerunner) is a different style of hammock that does work very well with a pad, in the rr a pad will be just as comfortable as an underquilt will be. i generally don’t use a pillow when sleeping in a hammock, but he may want to experiment with different size and thickness pillows (not just using the same one that he likes best on a mattress) to see if there’s one that feels right.  but, strangely enough, when i’m sleeping in a hammock i often wake up and realize that i’ve been comfortably sleeping on my back for hours. when i’ve put up my hammock, slept in for 30 minutes, it had felt like i’ve slept in it for 4 hours… it’s just that relaxing….

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Double Hammock: The Best Lightweight Camping Hammock

if you choose a double-layer hammock to hold a pad, be sure to check if it has a pad sleeve, two true layers, or gusseting to ensure your insulation of choice will work. ease of getting in and out is really the only reason the height matters, you can have your hammock setup so you’re only an inch off the ground when you’re lying in it if that works for you! the hammock angle is best described and executed for the first time like this:Begin by lying in the hammock directly down the center as you normally would. some couples prefer to each have their own hammock side by side, but based on the success rate i’ve seen it’s definitely worth giving a double a try as a couple! you pull the hammock tight it’s certainly going to appear flatter and more like something you want to sleep on. is there anything that i need to keep in mind with mayan hammocks as opposed to other styles, or am i just out of luck? got my trek light double in the mail a couple of days ago! that’s a measurement from one end of the hammock to the other when it’s setup, so imagine drawing a straight line end-to-end above the curve of your hammock. i share with you everything i’ve learned about the best way to setup and lie in your hammock, i’ll be quick to point that there really can never be a right way and a wrong way to enjoy your hammock. this is what increases the strength rating for a double-layer hammock. i generally don’t use a pillow under my head myself when sleeping in a hammock, but i almost always bring one in the hammock with me (or keep it nearby)- sometimes i find myself wanting it and other times i just keep it by my side. a sleeping pad—as philip mentioned, a double layer hammock is a great option for pinching a pad in place. maybe try to go to an outdoors store like rei and see if they have camping hammocks that you could try. amok draumr requires a thick, inflatable pad to even make the hammock work.  you take one look at the hammock and suddenly you’re staring at something that doesn’t make any sense at all – it’s curved! it does not refer to the weight or weight capacity of the hammock itself. for example, if a bolt of fabric is rated to 1,500 lbs breaking strength and the hammock made from that fabric fails at 1,200 lbs, a vendor will give the hammock a safe working load limit of 300 or 240 lbs. i know a lot of people who deal with sleep apnea and the combo of the cpap and the hammock can be a life changer.  i am now telling people that as long as the suspension “at one end” of the hammock is 30 deg or more then the suspension isn’t too tight, even if the suspension at the other end seems to be somewhat flat/horizontal. red – in a situation like yours a hammock stand is definitely the way to go. i’m thinking about just going to a hammock to save some space in my tiny 1 bedroom and i’m not sure what kind to get. i converted in august on a brazlian hammock and have not once gone back to my bed. a double-layer hammock provides a tighter cross-section of protection and is ideal in hot, muggy areas where bugs pose a real problem and you don’t need a pad or underquilt to stay warm. this last month was the first time i tried a double layer.  i’m not talking about the shockcord, but the small loops on the side of the hammock that the shockcord is ultimately attached to, your eyes should be basically even with the one closest to the head end of the hammock, the other will be at about your chest level. have fun with your new hammock and let me know if there’s ever anything i can help with. i just got a hammock made by one of your competitors before i came across this site. it better to hang a hammock than use a stand?  but, no matter how tight you pull it, the hammock will still dip down in the center when you get in it. i have a hammock in the garden which i love and today we visited a place with hammocks and i spent a happy half an hour in one. many people i’ve spoken with find that the hammock itself cradles their neck comfortably without any need for a pillow but i’ve talked with plenty who do use a pillow so it’s obvious that it’s a personal preference, just as people all have different preferences for their pillow size and density when sleeping in a bed. your husband’s height won’t be a problem at all with our double. wish there was an article on how to sleep with another person in the hammock if there is a way to do so.

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in mind, i’m not saying that pulling the hammock tight makes it immediately uncomfortable or will always lead to a bad experience. for that clear info, don’t know much about hammocks, but am in mexico right now and been told by locals that sleeping in a hammock is better, wasn’t sure they were just winding me up, but now reading all this i see they are serious! comfort-wise i know a lot of people also prefer the almost silky smoothness of the parachute nylon material over the woven texture, but obviously the mayan style hammocks have helped plenty of people sleep comfortably over the centuries so it probably just boils down to what style you prefer and how long you want it to last!  i’m about to share with you a small bit of technique and knowledge that, if new to you, can change your entire hammock experience forever. the stand we’ve used the most and recommend is called the byer vario stand – it’s extremely adjustable in both length and height which allows you to hang the hammock exactly how you like it. the material is much more durable than a cotton hammock and will last much longer with full time use. in a hammock on a scout camp out last night- it worked great! because of the unique way an under quilt hangs below a hammock, most can be adjusted to provide more air flow. as we’ve learned from our hammock history, the first instinct most people have is to do anything they can to eliminate the big curve of the hammock. a single layer of fabric is the norm for hammocks, even camping hammocks. if you are worried about using a pad, try the sleeping bag tip mentioned above or pick up my book to learn more tips on staying warm in a hammock without breaking the bank.   but, by just shifting your body a small amount you’re actually cutting across the curve of the hammock. i’m a hammock newbie also, and would like to know if there is a minimum distance between securing points that you’d recommend for the double hammock, and also how far up off the ground it should be? however you can usually just get creative and use a warm wool blanket or anything you’ve already got access to – you just need to find a way to clip it to your hammock so it hangs beneath you and surrounds you when you get in the hammock..The hammock angle: how to relax (and sleep) comfortably in a hammock, even if you’re a side sleeper. i started looking at hammocks with an intention of using one as a bed, having no idea what to look for or how to go about it.  but this blog series is about getting the most from your hammock experience and, most importantly, learning how to turn your next hammock nap or full night’s sleep into the best and healthiest rest you’ve ever had. since we just learned that the width of the hammock is what gives you the room to achieve a good hammock angle and sleep flat, a double hammock is what i recommend if you plan on sleeping in your hammock.: hammock camping 101: 5 reasons why you should switch from a tent to a hammock(). The secret to the best sleep of your life is to hang your hammock the right way & lie flat - find out how. an attached (or separate) bug net and a tarp makes a hammock a viable camping shelter.  i made a trip to central park with some friends and i did a test set up of the hammock so i could get a feel for what setting it up would be like. tight side ‘walls’ of the hammock will force you to stay pretty much right in the center of the hammock with little room or ability to stretch out or change positions (you’ll learn why this is such a problem coming up).; i’m now 7 weeks into sleeping in a hammock every night. there are definitely some advantages to a nylon hammock material like trek light gear’s – the material’s durability makes the biggest difference because the nylon fibers won’t rot or mildew and disintegrate over time like cotton will. seth, you should mention about a hammock ridgeline and how to use it makes setting up the angle easy. a decade ago i started a small business with the goal of making the world a better place one hammock at a time. protection—mosquitoes have been known to bite through single-layer hammocks (especially those with lighter fabrics) since the pressure from laying on the woven fabric can ease the fibers enough for their proboscis to poke through. simple, single-fabric layer hammock is the most-common and all that most folks will ever need. there pro’s and cons to a solid nylon hammock verses a rope or mayan style hammock when it comes to support and the quality of sleep you get? the comfort of the hammock is still awesome, once i settle in., i was wondering if the hammock angle is as easy to achieve with two people in the as opposed to one and are there any adjustments that need to be made? are some links to check out:I am 6’2 290 lbs and own a eno double deluxe and find it to be more comfortable than my friends double.

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the thing is, we find little to no advise on what hardware we should buy and the weight restrictions when hanging indoors a hammock that can take the weight of two human beings!: you’ve been hammock brainwashed – part ii: the human waffle effect(). article has been a definitive learning guide for me and sleeping in a hammock.  please don’t confuse it with a banana hammock though, that’s something else entirely (unless you’re talking about our cancer-fightin’ double banana hammock).” he set me up with a home sleep study (which i took over 2 nights while sleeping in my hammock – dr. the reason of my pains is that hammock’s fabric gets too tight under me, and i am very skinny person, thus it hurts my body. i had an ex-girlfriend who i could not seem to sleep comfortably with in the hammock, yet my current girlfriend and i sleep great in the hammock together and it just works. i am converting from traditional mattress bed to a hammock. other than laying on the diagonal so your shoulder is close to the entrance edge and your feet are close to the opposite edge, you will also want to position yourself correctly lengthwise in the hammock as well…you’ll want to lay so that your eyes are aprox.  in 5+ years i have yet to hear from a single customer who has ever managed to roll up and out of the hammock while sleeping. all parachute hammocks are not made with the same material even if they look similar, there are many different grades and quality levels which will impact the comfort level. to hear you’ve been having fun with your hammock and thanks for keeping in touch after all these years., single-layer hammocks are the backbone of any modular hammock camping system are commonly used for recreational lounging. van can be a bit different, but it’s definitely possible to setup a hammock in the back as i’ve seen a number of customers do it with success. double is extremely comfortable for a guy your size and will work great as a full time sleeping hammock. he makes valid points about sleeping pads and hammock under quilts, but i need to clarify a few things:You don’t need a double-layer hammock if you want to use a pad. i really wanted to do this topic justice by giving you a true guide to hammock comfort and not just a quick outline, so thanks for reading along and allowing me to share what i’ve learned with you. our double is big enough that you’ll be able to comfortably lie side by side in the hammock. having your head end set lower counteracts the tendency to be on an incline when laying closer to one end of the hammock. we also have one of those roly poly rope tattoo hammocks, but that one will be just for fun, now that i know the difference! the hammock bliss skybed and amok draumr hammocks have de facto “pad sleeves” that will only accommodate a specific type of pad. we are now using a simple size bed, but we are thinking about hanging a hammock to be able to switch from one sleep option to another occasionally – or definitely if we really enjoy it :).,can you recommend a hammock and stand to support us both? as i said in my first post here, i wasn’t sure my hammock was a cure for my chronic insomnia, and while it definitely helped dramatically increase the time i was “sleeping”, it turns out the quality of sleep i was getting wasn’t good.  i said the same rule of thumb, so if  you’re pretty small you should probably stick with a single – trust me, it’ll work just like a double for you. hanging the hammock properly with the right amount of sag and tension becomes even more crucial and may take some experimenting to get it exactly the way that works for you. want the lightest hammock available that still supports your weight and comfort needs. the double hammock and cpap, insomnia seems to be (for now at least) out of my life, and regular, nightly, real sleep is becoming a welcome habit. since condensation can form on any surface it’s probably best to keep the tarp surface away from you and your hammock, but it’s really a matter of personal preference and weather conditions that dictate how you setup the tarp. honestly, despite my own anxieties about “how”; it looks to me like physical intimacy would be better in a hammock, due to the “adjustability” of the fabric and more variety in positions. we learned in part i, this reaction to the traditional hammock design is exactly why the spreader bar came into existence. bb vs xlc…these are basically the same model, with the xlc being longer and having a removable top. i generally like to spread out at night and i’m worried that a double hammock will feel cramped.

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  the issue you are trying to avoid here is mainly if you are hanging a rr that has a spindrift sock already installed on it, in this case it is possible to over-stretch and damage the spindrift from inserting the poles and stretching the hammock out to much, even if you immediately loosen everything back to normal before getting in you may have already stretched the spindrift out enough during setup to cause damage (you’ll know you have done this if any of the grommets on the spindrift come loose). you can’t sleep on your side in a hammock?  the bb/xlc is designed to be laid in “off-center” so that your head is very close to the head end of the hammock while your feet are alot farther away from the foot end. question, the answer is that it probably boils down to the current sleeping habits of you and your hammock partner. stands are great when you want to use your hammock indoors or out and don’t have any other options to hang it from. may be able to find some cheaper hammock stands out there if you search around – many will be compatible, but without testing them with our hammocks we can’t confirm that they’ll be a proper fit so just make sure it has a good return policy if you run into an issue. the comfort of the hammock is still awesome, once i settle in. a road trip right now and just fell in love with the hammock i got for camping along the way. (i know i don’t need the double for myself but i often have friends over)., thanks for all the articles on using a hammock for sleeping! the first picture in the post showing the hammock hanging in a bedroom looks a bit shy of the 101″, but the customer loves it so it all boils down to what works for you. sleeping in a hammock require a pillow, or is the elevation from the curve enough to support your head?  a simple test can be done once you are in the hammock, if the ridgeline seems like it is guitar-string tight (see blackbird setup video to see me doing this test) then the hammock is probably set too tight and you may want to loosen the suspension some if you can. my husband and i are about to buy a canal boat to live on with our small children and it occurred to us that hammocks would be a great way for us all to sleep on the boat, i found this article doing my research about whether it’s a practical idea. using the webbing/buckle suspension, make sure that the buckles aren’t turned sideways, which can sometimes happen if you hang the hammock without ever adjusting one end (buckles can be turned sideways in the stuffsac and may stay this way if you don’t make any adjustments to correct it), be sure they are aligned properly before using the hammock. a double hammock really able to fit two people comfortably for a nights sleep? read this post after putting up a hammock in my bedroom last saturday.  but, the hammock had existed, not as a recreational backyard gadget but as a fully functional bed, for hundreds of years before the spreader bar was added. there, i have a couple questions and hoping you can give a recommendation for a trek light hammock setup. have an idea: let’s call the ‘hammock angle’ the “10 o’clock” position. i’m currently looking at la siesta – brazilian organic double hammock copa furia roja by la siesta on amazon. the tight frame of the hammock can even make some feel claustrophobic, a feeling you should never have to worry about in a hammock. with about the same weight capacity) if they plan on getting an underquilt eventually as pads can be used in a single layer hammock if needed. now that i understand hammocks, i’ve solved one large problem. there’s a good possibility we’ll have a triple hammock at some point down the road, but at this point the double appears to be the perfect size for sleeping in so we haven’t produced larger options yet.  when the hammock was introduced to european culture, the curve of the hammock was considered unacceptable and they did what was necessary to make the hammock appear as flat as possible (at the sacrifice of both stability and portability). but the construction of a double-layer hammock will use the same amount of stitching as a single-layer hammock. you use hammock as a ground-shelter, always use a ground-cloth underneath to protect the hammock body from abrasion. the article above (and the rest of the series) goes into depth on the specifics, but as long as you accomplish those three things you should easily be able to sleep in a hammock and get a great night’s sleep pain-free. the reason i’ve spent so much of this post telling you what happens when you pull your hammock really tight and why you should hang it loose is because you’re going to need to use the width of the hammock to your advantage to execute the hammock angle. well, ever since i got mine it i thought it was the double, when i bought it in denver the salesman convinced me to get the double as opposed to the single. want to hang up a hammock in my room but im not sure the best way to hang it up.. so single layer vs double layer has as much effect on hammock weight and weight capacity as fabric type does.

The Hammock Angle: The Secret To Sleeping In A Hammock

ENO Double Deluxe Hammock -

seth: i’m a hammock newbie and will be receiving a double hammock along with your bug and rain bundle soon. the hammocks there tend to be as long as wide and are the favoured playground of children.’ve got a question: i have a mayan hammock, of an unknown size (it was a hand-me-down from extended family), and i haven’t managed to fall asleep in it to date. now that my trek light double is on it’s way, and i’ve read these tips, i’m ready to give it a real shot. the hammock bliss tandem hammock—essentially two hammocks sewn together—can be hung as a pseudo-double-layer hammock with a variable amount of gusseting. i’m even more excited to get a hammock now. jeff – you’ve got nothing to worry about – because the tarp isn’t connected to the hammock in any way you can set it up at any height/distance from you that works for you. make sure the area you are camping in is free of overhead hazards (such as dead trees and branches) before hanging the hammock. portable stand you linked to isn’t intended for full-size hammocks like ours.  i hope you’ve enjoyed the entire sleeping in a hammock series and i sincerely appreciate all the great comments, emails and phone calls we’ve received in response to it already.” he set me up with a home sleep study (which i took over 2 nights while sleeping in my hammock – dr. chance that we can get a shot (picture) of what a trek light hammock should look like while hanging empty, at the appropriate tension? hyper-extension happens when your legs are still in the curve of the hammock, when you lie flat the material should be cradling your legs with no hyper-extension at all.!Thanks for the note – we’d love to see a photo of your hammock setup and share it with everyone!.) you can install eyebolts into the wall studs or ceiling joists to hang the hammock from.  here’s what else will happen if you pull the hammock tight:You’ll find yourself tightly ‘cocooned’ by the sides of the hammock.   i’ll leave you again with a quote from the sleep study i referenced in the sleeping in a hammock is good for you post:So what is considered the all-round healthiest sleep position? i have been debating on getting a hammock to sleep in in the house but i do not want to sleep seprate of my husband. see many native cultures sleeping this way, via hammock and other devices, rather than on flat surfaces as in the west. i’m able to sleep comfortably as a couple in my hammock and i’ve heard from countless customers over the years who comfortably sleep full time and camp, backpack, etc. hammock pulled as tightly as possible also greatly increases the amount of pressure and force being put on the objects you’re hanging it from. i recommend most beginners start off with a pad just to get a feel for how hammock camping works. what should one look for when purchasing a stand for a double hammock?  far from it, you still get the amazing feeling of being elevated off the ground, no rope tattoo on your back and, if you’re only spending a short period of time in the hammock, i’m sure you’ll still walk away happy and refreshed (those are some genuinely happy people pictured above! one of the few double-layer hammocks i’m aware of that has a gusseted second fabric layer is the dd hammocks jungle hammock. you saw in the pictures above, the tighter you pull the hammock the narrower it gets. blackbird will provide you slightly more support though, choose double 1.’ve been using a stand like the byer vario stand for our hammocks for a number of years and it works great. it’s extremely adjustable in both length and height, which makes it well suited for our hammocks (or others) – especially for getting the hammock to hang how you like it for sleeping, or for being used by different people who have different preferences. 🙂 enjoy your hammock and keep us posted with photos and stories! i’ve been sleeping in my hammock as much as i can since my injury (no where to set it up at home) and i have never once woken up feeling pain. will want to avoid pulling the suspension “tight” so there is little to no slack left, doing this will result in the suspension stretching more and the hammock height dropping by a foot or more once weighted, it is also said to over-stress the suspension. your options are almost unlimited, especially if you choose a cottage vendor who can make a custom hammock to fit your size, fabric choice, and suspension options.

! the banana sleeping shape issue is what kept me from being able to spend a longer time in hammocks so far, so i’m very curious how my life will change with this newfound wisdom and guidance. this keeps the pad in place even better than a double-layer hammock because the pad always moves where you do. i’ve been searching for a way to save space in my new apt i’ll be getting, and i’m not even sure how i thought of it,  but hammocks popped into my head, and i immediately thought, “yeah, my back is not going to appreciate that., blackbird xlc, traveler hammocks:The following describes a detailed setup method that should result in maximum comfort (vs simply hanging between 2 trees and getting inside). after decades of intuitively yearning to sleep in a hammock, i found the tlg double and all the great reviews and posts and found affirmation that it’s safe and comfy to sleep in a hammock, so now i’m awaiting deliveries of my tlg double & vivere universal stand and am excited to try the whole thing out. investing in an under quilt or a double-layer hammock shouldn’t be a barrier to hammock camping.: sleeping in a hammock: your complete guide to going from hammock fear to hammock love(). if you’re working with a tighter space don’t forget that our compact hammock is also a great solution for narrower areas (it brings that minimum distance down to around 7./everything else, hammock 101, hammock health, tips and tricks/the hammock angle: how to relax (and sleep) comfortably in a hammock, even if you’re a side sleeper. received an email about hammock camping 101 and imagine my surprise when i read your whole blog, only to find out that “you” reside in the same wonderful city, boulder, as i do. learned i’ve been hanging my tlg hammocks too tightly! man, i never knew there was so much science behind hanging a hammock!   without even applying the hammock angle trick you’re about to learn (no, that’s not it in the first picture), i think you’ll immediately find that any time you spend in the hammock is much more comfortable, liberating and relaxing – all thanks to the looseness of the material itself. but to be clear, that lack of quality had nothing to do with my hammock. we have land in new mexico with lots of trees and i think one of your hammocks would work beautifully there. adding a double layer of light fabric reduces the overall stretch, increases the comfort, and still keeps the pack weight lower than other options.[this blog post is part of trek light gear’s sleeping in a hammock series. claire – i’m not aware of any specific hammocks that i would recommend for sleeping that advertise to be stronger than the 400lb rating unfortunately.  generally you’ll want it setup so that when you lay in the above referenced spot that you are basically level/horizontal from hips to shoulders, if your upper body seems too inclined or declined adjust the height of one end of the hammock or the other to correct this (normally just raise/lower the strap on the tree if you’re suspension angles seem like they are already correct). bridge-style camping hammocks, like the warbonnet ridgerunner shown here, include a pad sleeve that is an ideal match for a sleeping pad. warbonnet blackbird hammocks can be ordered with either a single or double layer depending on user preference, which is usually due to the increased weight capacity of the double-layer versions. for example when one end of the hammock is set lower than the other and the hammock is alot closer to one tree… rather than being equally spaced between the trees. but to be clear, that lack of quality had nothing to do with my hammock. the hammock should conform to your body and be quite comfortable to lie on no matter how skinny you are! the double hammock and cpap, insomnia seems to be (for now at least) out of my life, and regular, nightly, real sleep is becoming a welcome habit. knowing the exact hammock you’re using it’s difficult to say whether that’s causing the issue, but you should definitely be able to fall asleep in a mayan style hammock, so the style alone isn’t likely the culprit. the hammock appears to be just wide enough for one (skinny) person to lie straight up and down in the hammock. basically wondering if i could put a hammock in the back of my cargo van to use when i’m traveling.   sleeping in a giant curve can’t be good, so did all of these early hammock users sleep horribly every night? one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try to pull your hammock as tight as possible in an attempt to make it flat. you have pretty successfully taken away every qualm i had about getting a hammock, i’ll be for sure ordering a double from you in the near future. the bb/xlc has 2 elastic lines on the side of the hammock, the rr does not. double layer ridgerunner is also appropriate but you’re getting close to the upper size limit of the ridgerunner and may find it too narrow.

under quilts are very popular with veteran hammock campers, but even the long-time hammock veterans started off with using sleeping pads. this is a complaint i’ve never heard with our hammocks so i’m not sure i can speak to the problem you’re having. i’m sure this conversation will help others as it appears to be the biggest problem with ‘bed replacement’ hammock sleeping. if you did it correctly, you’re now lying almost completely flat in a curved hammock. there’s no universal answer if you’re having trouble getting out of the hammock but i know some people have added something nearby that you can pull yourself up on, whether that’s a piece of furniture or something you actually install like a metal bar or rope attached to the wall. so hopefully my hammock is still as great as ever and im not missing out on toooo many new benefits. only issue is that i’m using the double with the recommended hammock stand (so i can’t go any higher), and have taken great care to make sure the ridge-line measurement and angle are correct, but still occasionally bottom out getting in, and still haven’t figured out a graceful way to get out of it (still using a combination barrel roll/army crawl/face plant). i recently received a beautiful woven cotton hammock from gyana, s. i do toss and turn alot which is what worries be with the hammock. i’ve followed every tip for sleeping in a hammock that i’ve seen (hanging it loose, using the hammock angle, etc.′-9′ as a good minimum distance from end to end for the double hammock. the rr is best suited for smaller folks, folks over 225 may have issues with the hammock feeling too narrow or constrictive and may be better suited for the xlc. you can definitely work with even shorter distances and the hammock will just have more curve to it, but at that point it just becomes personal preference – some people love it and some want the hammock stretched a little tighter.. i want to try a hammock because i have a lot of health problems and it makes it very painful when i wake up. goal is to hammock camp as simple, light, and fast as possible. i wrote the previous chapter of this series, i initially hinted that this post would be titled “the hammock angle: make mine a double”. is a side by side comparison between the Eno single nest hammock and the Eno double nest hammock. so when using a rr with a spindrift on it, be sure to hang the hammock extra loose initially so that no damage is done when you tighten things up by inserting the poles, then tighten more if needed after poles go in. (my temporary solution, a mayan with the dreaded “hammock leprosy”/rope tattoo, has a nice dip in it, but after reading this i’m thinking it might still be not enough / too tight).  you can immediately see how pulling the hammock tight causes the edges to tighten, narrow and constrict the amount of space and movement available in the hammock.  when you’re lying down you’ll likely have high hammock walls around you (unless you use your arms to hold them down like you’ll see in some of the pictures below). would love to try sleeping in a hammock but weigh 250 pounds and don’t have anywhere in my room that i can hang it from (plaster and brick walls not studs and drywall),You didn’t talk about hammock stands and whether they were good or bad. i must get one of these hammocks asap so i can try it. i can’t sleep in a mummy bag, want more freedom and do suffer from hot flashes/night sweats (much less so from hammock sleeping, gratefully! is set and ready to go: you’ve got your hammock setup, a comfortable pillow, maybe a nice margarita or a cold beer and you’re planning on taking a nap or getting a full night’s sleep in your hammock. when the hammock is set up properly and you’re lying at the angle described the issue with your knees being hyper-extended shouldn’t be a problem at all. the hammock angle to create a nearly flat hammock surface opens up a wide range of sleeping positions that just aren’t possible in a hammock otherwise (not comfortably anyways).  and don’t forget, trek light gear’s hammocks are designed to never spin or flip you out so you’ve got nothing to fear when moving around or shifting positions in the hammock.   if sleeping in a c-shape is bad for your body and i’m telling you to hang your hammock with a good curve to it, how the heck are you supposed to lie flat and get a good night’s sleep? also, can your accessories like a rain fly and such go with other hammocks? you can see, keeping the material loose gives you a lot more space to stretch out and take advantage of the full width of the hammock.  if the hammock you use and how you use it works for you and you’re as comfortable as you’ve ever been and sleeping perfectly then keep on doing it. stands are still great options though and plenty of our customers sleep in them nightly, it’s just that you’re limited by the height/length of the stand in terms of how your hammock hangs.

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