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dwp letter: single fraud investigation service (sfis) project (pdf) last updated: 21 october 2014 contact us info@local. dwp-run sfis will be less able than local authorities to investigate." it believes that dwp's decision,Following the 2013 pilots, to locate sfis within dwp and transfer.

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fully believe in weeding out fraudsters, but we ourselves came under investigation because of a falsely made report made by a person with a grudge against us, and for a period of time lost our benefits and rent payment until it was over and the allegations proven to be indeed false. this has changed the ways fraud can be committed as people do not always have to attend offices to receive their benefit. to inept investigation my partner was falsely accused of benefit fraud on flimsy evidence.

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Single fraud investigation service

've since joined the fraud team, which expanded this year to incorporate local authority investigators to become the single fraud investigation service. a daily basis i review my investigations to ensure there are no delays and to ensure swift justice. of the most intense investigations we carry out are those around disability living allowance.

Single fraud investigation service dwp

fraud investigations have a one track view; that every one is guilty they continued to persecute him despite medical evidence, and failing to follow pace regulations. tax support schemes and other types of fraud against local. have only one member of staff to cover the range of fraud.