Single edge scheermes

Single blade scheermes

double edge razors continue to dominate the “old school” shaving niche’ there are a few new single edge designs, mostly by artisans in limited numbers. use several double edge razors and a couple of injector razors in rotation.

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edge (one blade with two shaving edges) razors (and blades) get most of the buzz in traditional shaving circles, but there are some single edge (one blade with one shaving edge) razors and blades, both vintage and modern, that deserve some love too.  these very early razors were all single edge and morphed into various brands such as the star, gem, valet, etc.

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other commonly found vintage single edge razor is the injector style razor. supply provision single edge razor, set for production in 2016, will be a new razor design that uses injector blades.

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box individually wrapped personna double edge razor blades usa 100+ blades. double edge razorsee more1969 o1 gillette black handle adjustable vintage double edge safety razor.

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gillette 1961 "fat boy" double edge 1-9 adjustable razor - nos? edge razor bladesgillette double edge razorsadjustable double edge razorsvintage double edge razorsmerkur double edge razorsschick double edge razorsdouble edge razor blades 100double edge shaving razorsdouble edge razor bladessee more new 100 personna double edge stainless steel razor blades-barber favored.

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more about top 10 double edge razor bladessee all guidesbrowse relatedsafety razorstraight razorsingle blade razorsingle edge razorrazor blades. more about how to choose the right safety razorhow to use a safety razor image2published byhow to use a safety razoralthough safety razors, also known as double-edge razors, have been around since the early 1900s, they ve only enjoyed a small contingent of fans until recent years.

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i find that the injector razors give a really good shave, better than some of the “lighter” double edges. it nowfree shippingpersonna double edge blades are made of high quality stainless steel, and are electronically controlled throughout the grinding and honing process to help provide smooth shaving performance and comfor.

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  single edge razors can also be angled at the head so the handle can be designed for a more natural grip and feel too. more about how to use a safety razortop 10 double edge razor blades image6published bytop 10 double edge razor bladessafety razors made their debut in the late 1800s as an alternative to the barber s straight edge razor.

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bids11 watchingup for auction is a very nice vintage 1963 gillette slim 1-9 adjustable double edge safety razor i-2. bidsvintage double edge razorsee morevintage 1949 gillette super-speed double edge safety razor w/new blade.

edge razor blades are typically thicker than their double edged cousins, relying on the blade itself for stiffness and stability, rather than the razor’s specific head design. double edge razorsee more1965 k4 gillette slim adjustable vintage double edge tto safety razor.

’ve been using a schick single edge injector razor since 1974. edge razors get most of the buzz in traditional shaving circles, but there are single edge razors, both vintage and modern, that deserve love too.