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during one show, byers smashed his guitar over dammers' keyboard.

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would dammers' plan to create "a weird new music that was a jamaican-british crossover".

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"everyone was getting under pressure and the band was getting tired," says dammers.

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ghost town offered a loping reggae beat topped with eerie, jazz chords, stabbing horns influenced by soundtrack composer john barry and instead of a chorus, a harrowing wail, which according to dammers was "supposed to sound a bit middle eastern, like a prophecy of doom".

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"after more or less getting on my knees and begging them to do the song, i thought, after it got to number one, i've proved myself to the band, they're going to respect me and realise i knew what i was doing," says dammers.

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"the specials were a really unique combination of people," says dammers.

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specials formed as the coventry automatics in 1977 when jerry dammers, the keyboard-playing son of a clergyman, asked a fellow student at lanchester polytechnic, bassist horace panter, to help him record a set of self-penned reggae songs.

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by the scenes dammers had glimpsed in glasgow, ghost town was powered by despair and anger at everything from the state of the nation ("government leaving the youth on the shelf," intoned neville staples, his voice gloomy and thick with west indian patois, "no job to be found in this country") to the specials' decision to quit touring: "bands won't play no more, too much fighting on the dancefloor".

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the next day, ghost town reached number one, developing a terrible currency not even dammers could have predicted.

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released in 1984, it spawned the hit single free nelson mandela, leading dammers to form artists against apartheid, but otherwise its dark and foreboding songs about war, agoraphobia and racism sank without trace.

not every member was enthused by dammers' attempts to fuse reggae with easy listening.

"in bracknell, the sham army turned up, got onstage and attacked the lead singer of suicide, the other support band," says dammers.

at cambridge, hall and dammers attempted to intervene to stop fans battling with security guards.