Single cylinder thumbturn

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Single euro cylinder thumbturn

that single cylinder dead locks (with an unlocked twist mechanism on the inside of the door) do not have this problem, and therefore are most commonly used on fire exits.

Single cylinder thumbturn

the single cylinder deadbolt is operated by a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside.

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up to 25% of burglaries believed to use lock snapping, lock bumping or cylinder snapping as a method of entry, it's vital to get the right security for your buildings access points.

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single cylinder deadbolts increase convenience by use of the thumb turn on the inside, removing the need to have your key with you when opening your door for someone.

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double cylinder locks are sometimes banned from areas because they can be difficult to open from the inside and violate fire safety regulations.

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astral s series 10-pin euro double cylinder 35-35 (70mm) nickel-plated.

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double cylinder locks will accept a key on both sides and therefore do not require (and often do not have) any twist knob.

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deadlock, if it is cylinder operated, may be either single cylinder or double cylinder.

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a single cylinder deadlock will accept a key on one side of the lock, but is operated by a twist knob on the other side.