Single chamber icd implant

Single chamber icd implant

the icd monitors your heartbeat and delivers electrical pulses when necessary. you cannot find the icd you are looking for, please search our manual library. furthermore, patients with atrial tachyarrhythmias might benefit from the arrhythmia detection capability afforded by the atrial lead in the av-icd, which might help prevent delivery of inappropriate shocks for supraventricular arrhythmias (5; 9 ;  10).

Medtronic single chamber icd

a listing of pacing leads approved for use with medtronic icds. the atrioventricular (dual-chamber) icd (av-icd), approved by the food and drug administration (fda) in 1997, is indicated for patients who are at risk for ventricular tachyarrhythmias and also in need of pacing for bradycardia (5 ;  6). patients without an apparent need for dual-chamber capability at the time of implant, the optimal approach to initial device selection—single- versus dual-chamber—has not been investigated.

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universal implantation of an av-icd is a potentially attractive strategy, because it might minimize inappropriate icd shocks for supraventricular arrhythmias while concomitantly avoiding the need for later upgrade from a single-chamber device should bradyarrhythmias develop. first portfolio of icds to be approved for use in the mr environment, when mr conditions for use are met. at a 5% upgrade rate, av-icd remained cheapest if the device cost-differential narrowed to ,568.

Overview of Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators

Single chamber icd placement

cost for a single-chamber icd is less than an atrioventricular (dual-chamber) icd (av-icd); however, some patients without clinical need for av-icd at implantation might require a later upgrade, potentially offsetting the initial cost advantage of the single-chamber device. & implantable defibrillators: how are they implanted and what is their function? implantable cardioverter defibrillator (icd) - this device can save your life!

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and acronymsacc, american college of cardiology; aha, american heart association; av-icd, atrioventricular (dual-chamber) implantable cardioverter-defibrillator; avid, anti-arrhythmics versus implantable defibrillators trial; chf, congestive heart failure; david, dual-chamber and vvi implantable defibrillator trial; eps, electrophysiology/electrophysiologic study; icd, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator; madit, multicenter automatic defibrillator implantation trial; mustt, multicenter unsustained tachycardia trial; naspe, north american society of pacing and electrophysiology; scd-heft, sudden cardiac death in heart failure trialthe implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (icd) is the standard of care for patients at risk for sudden cardiac death (1; 2; 3 ;  4). therefore, it is the primary -- and hopefully most frequent -- task of the icd to give you confidence that your heart is not beating too rapidly or too slowly on its own accord. clinical base estimates were obtained from retrospective review of all patients receiving icds between june 1997 and july 2001 at a single university hospital.

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Single chamber icd pacing

a second approach would be to implant av-icds initially in all patients, regardless of clinical need for dual-chamber capability at the time of implant. to determine which of these three strategies for device selection in patients requiring icd therapy would be least costly, we constructed a decision-analysis model with retrospective data from our institution on device usage. upgrades entail repeated surgical procedures, with rare, although serious complications such as infection, which may be more common with re-operation than with initial implants (11 ;  12).

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the icd monitors your heartbeat and delivers electrical pulses when necessary. the most common approach in these patients is to implant a single-chamber device and subsequently upgrade to an av-icd should the need arise. sensitivity analyses demonstrated that universal av-icd implantation remained least expensive with upgrade rates as low as 10%.

Ellipse™ Single-Chamber ICD CD1411-36Q Non-Coated

& implantable defibrillators: how are they implanted and what is their function?™ xt icdprotecta™ icdsecura™ icdvirtuoso™ ii icdmaximo™ ii icdvirtuoso™ icdentrust™ icdintrinsic™ icdmaximo™ icd. david paltiel, phd†, rachel lampert, md⁎, , (facc)⁎ school of medicine, yale university, new haven, connecticut† school of epidemiology and public health, yale university, new haven, connecticutreceived 25 june 2004, revised 29 april 2005, accepted 17 may 2005, available online 16 august 2005objectivesthe purpose of this study was to determine the least expensive strategy for device selection in patients receiving implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (icds).

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Indications for dual-chamber cardioverter defibrillators at implant

of icd recipients, 15% to 20% require antibradycardia pacing, owing to intrinsic sinus node dysfunction or conduction system disease, or use of medications with negative chronotropic properties (7 ;  8). a third approach would be to use information on potential subclinical sinus node or av node dysfunction or predisposition to atrial arrhythmias gained from electrophysiologic study (eps) as a means of predicting the future need for dual-chamber capabilities, thus employing electrophysiologic-guided assessment as a determinant of device selection. strategy of universal av-icd implantation, which provides the benefits of dual-chamber capability while obviating any potential need for future upgrade, is the least costly strategy for most patient populations receiving icds.

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only single chamber icds with a traditional lead that enable physicians to continuously monitor, diagnose, and manage atrial fibrillation (af) patients. by contrast, the choice of an av-icd removes this risk entirely. therefore, it is the primary -- and hopefully most frequent -- task of the icd to give you confidence that your heart is not beating too rapidly or too slowly on its own accord.

designwe developed a decision analytic model to estimate the economic costs of three alternative implantation strategies in icd recipients who do not demonstrate the need for a dual-chamber device at time of implant: 1) initial implantation of a single-chamber device in all patients with later upgrade to an av-icd as clinically needed; 2) initial implantation of an av-icd in all patients; and 3) targeted initial device selection on the basis of the results of electrophysiologic testing. many patients demonstrate the need for dual-chamber capabilities at the time of initial icd implantation, others develop sinus node dysfunction, av nodal conduction disease, or atrial arrhythmias later, thereby necessitating upgrade to a dual-chamber device. is not a complete list of our previously marketed implantable cardioverter defibrillators (icd).

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