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 hamburger buns are inherently orange/yellow/brownish, that leaves purple and green yet to be explored.

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(screen grab from bus hotel)now, the bus hotel in reykjavik has the burger on display.

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: the 16 craziest mcdonald’s locations around the globehow did this burger spectacle come to be?

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"modern china burger" shit got real at the shanghai mcdonald's #shanghai #china #qingdao #modernchinaburger a photo posted by trinh (@trinhnis) on oct 2, 2015 at 7:17am pdt.

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and with the founder—a biopic that details the life of mcdonald's founder ray kroc—coming to theaters on december 16, micky d fans are abuzz with more excitement about the brand than ever before.

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1999 the fiba asia basketball club champions, sagesse club went to participate in the mcdonald's championship, it was the first and only time asia was represented in the tournament.

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ginsberglead editoryahoo travel•february 4, 2015reblogsharetweetsharea mcdonald’s in iceland before the chain shut down in iceland in 2009.

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's no word on what color this burger will turn your poop just yet, but while we wait on the results, let's recap recent color options that have been offered up lately, shall we?

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each of the nine years the mcdonald's championship was held, the title was won by a team from the nba, but twice by a close margin.

mcdonald's restaurants in china have introduced a new sandwich dubbed the "modern china burger" that boasts a gray reminiscent of concrete.

month we were treated to a spooky black halloween bun via burger king.

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호기심에 먹어본 "모던 차이나 버거" 대륙의 맛이 그대로 전해진다 #맥도날드 #modernchinaburger #모던차이나버거 a photo posted by 오대산 (@daesan5) on oct 17, 2015 at 5:24am pdt.

giovedì 9 aprile a milano in zona corso como, la speciale hamburgeria “single burger” è stata aperta da due chef di alto livello, andrea e maurizio direttamente da passate edizioni di masterchef che hanno prestato la loro notorietà per rendere possibile questo esperimento.

on may 15, 2015per dimostrare come spesso il gusto degli hamburger mcdonald's sia influenzato da ambiente e pregiudizi, tbwa\italia ha proposto un'iniziativa davvero speciale: l'apertura di un temporary restaurant.
day before McDonald’s closed down it’s chain in Iceland in 2009, one guy bought a burger and fries.