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adrian had a one-night-stand with ben in retaliation, and ended up becoming pregnant with his child. amy decides to keep the baby, grace and adrian throw her a baby shower, where amy then goes into labor. her mother is a flight attendant and her father is a district attorney. two years later, she had ashley, and another 14 years after that, she had robbie. she raised adrian alone and worked as a flight attendant; causing her to be away from home a lot. pallo portrays marc molina, who was the school guidance counselor and was a big hit with the girls at the start of the school year. she also has strong feelings for ricky despite claiming she doesn't anymore since they stopped speaking to each other. after doing delirium, i got to see it and it turned out absolutely amazing. cindy and her husband are present for adrian and ben's wedding, and she later try's to comfort her daughter after the baby's stillbirth. she tells him that if he really wants to be with her, he has to stop sleeping around,and get tested for any sexually transmitted diseases or infections. from 7th heaven's brenda hampton, secret life turned heads when it debuted in the summer of 2008. i take my craft and work very seriously so it wasn't like after i left the set i screwed around. ricky tests disease-free, and chooses to not have sex with anyone other than amy.: amy decides that she needed to take a break from her life with ricky and john to focus on her future and believes that she still might have feelings for ben. you're only as good as your last project, so right now i'm only as good as my last episode on secret life. after sleeping at jack's guest room with madison and lauren, lauren is banned from seeing jesse. her first appearance was in smokin' like a virgin, although she was probably at dylan's party (before everyone ended up at the cabin next door, where jesse and everyone else from the main cast was). such as when he tells ben off for believing that he can support amy's baby with his money. for confidentiality reasons, he could not tell adrian that he had known the truth about ricky having been sexually abused. his parents amy and ricky break apart from their marriage plans and amy goes to college, leaving ricky as a single father. jesse throws an all-night graduation party, where he drinks too much and ends up in bed with madison after lauren makes it clear that she neither intends to drink or have sex that night. amy finds messages left by adrian, after telling her she's in love with ricky. he is put up to a blind date with ashley by griffin, and finds himself attracted to her. she is smart, practical, and seems to be the voice of reason for amy. amy is accepted into a music program in new york, but insists she can't go because of john and her remaining schoolwork. anne gets to know one of them closely and invited her to stay the night. like ricky, adrian is also known to use sex to deal with pain. she walks in her house one day when nora (ricky's birth mother) was having an aa meeting with all lesbians attending. when amy goes away to new york, she discovers that the music program is for teen mothers. grant and grace later break up and she begins to date daniel, but their relationship isn't smooth due to his greater maturity. than caring for john and being married to ricky, it was also revealed that amy's love of the arts led her to a career in documentary films while ricky is currently creating a high-end fast food chain with leo. finally, aided by grace and ben, amy makes the decision to return to her high school and continue her freshman year as a teenage mother (back to school special). then him and amy start getting closer and closer while amy and ricky get farther. eventually, ricky and john move to new york to be a family, and amy and ricky end up falling in love and getting married. once he got to the realization that it wasn’t what he thought it would be and that was okay, he became our old ben again, wonderfully romantic and charming. dylan then finds out that ben and alice slept together and doesn't really want to go out with ben anymore so she gives henry a chance.

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by her friends, pediatrician, and sister, who have all figured out that she is pregnant, amy reveals her pregnancy to her mother (love for sale).'s probable that amy's birthday is in june, as it is revealed in lady liberty that amy's family and friends forgot about her birthday. she has been to jail a few times due to drug possession and ricky often felt bitter towards her because she failed to protect him from his father's abuse. she has the beginnings of alzheimer's disease and recently moved to an assisted care home. the beginning of season 3, ben avoids amy due to adrian's possible pregnancy. is portrayed by cierra ramirez, introduced in the 100th episode as a new freshman who amy mentors as part of a senior project. it's been five years and the show has had its ups and downs with relationships and people coming on the show and off the show. he owns property there, he has friends and family there, he loves it. she is in 12th grade, she's one of amy's best friends, and her values are defined by her catholicism. familymtv: were adrian and omar able to stay together after moving to new york? amy then has a pregnancy scare, and ricky is supportive and takes amy to band camp so she can be happy. after shooting it, it seemed like it was the right thing to do and i get why they went the route that they did. kathleen and jeff's relationship is inadvertently discovered by jack when he is in a drug store and witnesses kathleen and jeff purchasing contraceptives. she feels ignored by amy because she is spending more time with ben than with her. he later sends camille flowers and a bracelet and invites her out to dinner. he meets amy after his best friend alice points her out one day at school, and they begin dating and fall in love. it was discovered in season 4, that marshall had a relationship with another woman while he was in zimbabwe and they had a son together named jacob. he tries to date by sleeping with a girl named clementine, who is an old friend of ricky's, but realizes that he still wants to be with grace. she shows up at amy's baby shower after being invited by joe. grace and jack get back together when amy has john. kathleen is a fund raiser for a church on the upper east side of manhattan and tom is the door man in their building and volunteers as a docent at the natural history museum. further on in the season, amy goes through a rough patch when a rumor goes around school that her mother, anne, may be gay. after a minor case of cold feet, cindy and ruben decide to get married the day before leo and betty's wedding in a judge's office. later after words with his father, ben goes to see amy in new york to tell her about adrian's pregnancy. during this time, amy's 13-year-old sister ashley discovers her pregnancy due to amy's recent weight gain and erratic behavior, but promises to keep her secret from their parents. in the pilot episode, amy takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant. ricky does have a knack for business and he and leo are in the midst of creating a high end fast food chain. she also explains that her marriage fell apart as well when her husband became an alcoholic. claims that amy told him she began playing the french horn because of her fear of the wolf (played by the french horn) in "peter and the wolf", and her wanting to overcome that fear by "becoming the wolf". grace becomes jealous of daniel's ex-girlfriend at the graduation party and daniel leaves. middle school, amy always got good grades and earned an award for perfect attendance. he even supported ben's decision to marrying amy since he met ben's mother when they were in high school. after jack and grace's relationship fizzles, jack begins to date madison. grace believed in waiting till marriage, and even wore a promise ring to prove it. after her parents find out that she and jesse slept over at jack's guest house and she lied about it, her father and mother ban her from seeing and being with jesse. by no means a critical darling, secret life had an audience and its growth in viewership showed that.

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but ricky had other plans - he ended up proposing to amy at their graduation. she becomes a widow after marshall dies in a private jet crash and began dating a younger man named dr. mimsy surprises anne and george with the news that she has married a gentleman named eugene levy. at her house, henry is mad at ben for sleeping with alice and plans to make revenge by going out with dylan for real. in season 1 during one episode he comes back to find ricky, and wants to sell ricky and amy's baby. when amy's mother anne tells that she must support her baby on her own, she changed her mind and decides to marry ben, as his family is financially stable. living alone with her mother after her parents' divorce, amy struggles to balance her new life as a teenage mother with her life as a high school student. ben doesn't know that alice told henry, and is mad at him for kissing dylan. marshall later admits to ricky that his brother was sexually abused by his neighbor and later committed suicide. thankfully for her, the whole situation blew over due to a situation between adrian and grace. angrily, she breaks up with jesse and tells madison that she hates her. tarver portrays mercedes, who is one of the friends of dylan, raven, and wendy. he and ashley clicked as friends when he asked her to sit with him at lunch. he and anne eloped shortly after discovering anne was pregnant with amy. then her and jack get back together move to new york. he and grace stay abstinent through their summer at med camp, and have sex after school starts when grant's parents are out of town. the secret diary of ashley juergens, amy apparently joined the band because she had a crush on an unnamed boy. it was a pretty substantial character in the show and i don't think they necessarily trusted me with the material, but brenda did. his father, bob, is a drug addict who beat ricky's mother nora and sexually abused ricky as a young child. she and madison are no longer friends because she took lauren's side after madison slept with jesse. adrian wants one last kiss from ricky, to see if she still has feelings for him. but amy really didn’t just disappear, she made a great effort to get back to john as much as possible, and ricky took him to new york whenever he could before moving there. later on in the season, the two begin to repair the relationship, however, she was unsure about telling him she has a girlfriend, but she later does, and is gratified when ricky seems pleased for her. the cast met up earlier this month to celebrate co-star megan park's wedding to "one tree hill" star tyler hilton, making all of us remember the trials and tribulations from the hit abc family show. ricky reaches out to amy during this time, saying that he wants to be involved with what happens to the baby. eaton portrays griffin, who is in 9th grade like ashley, and is her friend. when anne discovered she had become pregnant with amy, she reluctantly dropped out of college, married george and became a wife. we were told in such a short amount of time that we weren't doing another season so the writers had to scramble and come up with an ending that satisfied the characters and the audience members. grace and jack share a kiss the next morning after the party, which is captured on a cell phone by daniel's ex-girlfriend, raven. during this time, ben reveals to amy that adrian had gotten pregnant from their one-night stand, and that he had been keeping her pregnancy from amy for several weeks. ashley believed that amy's baby would reunite her dividing family and worked hard to discourage amy from adoption. ricky, ben, ashley, and amy's parents offer to help raise the child, with grace and jack offering amy a job at the church nursery, as well as a place for her child to stay while amy is at school. alice is very smart and knows a lot of factual information, while henry is a bit more social. he and cindy marry before a judge, "fast eddy", the day before leo and betty marry. jack is jubilant when grace's boyfriend breaks up with her, but grace's mother suggests that since he is going to college in a few months, perhaps he'd be better off just being friends with grace and taking advantage of new college experiences. their relationship escalates quickly, and upon grace's pretense at encouragement, they decide to marry.

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keeps an e-diary where she admits to still wanting to be with ben, being jealous of adrian, and believing that ricky and adrian could have been happy if they'd stayed together. later in the season, amy thinks she is pregnant again and becomes very moody. at the beginning of the show, grace was a devout christian and does her best to be stay true to her religion. madison, hoping to reassure jack that she is a "free spirit" and doesn't want to trap him, tells jack that she's not interested in children or marriage. by megan park, grace bowman is the biological daughter of marshall and kathleen bowman and the younger sister of the adopted tom bowman. the incident with ricky has already spread and causes ben and adrian to have sex for both revenge and comfort. ashley later reveals in a fight with their mom that amy is on the pill. george and anne still feel a spark for each other, but anne seems intent on seeing the divorce go through. she is further angered when she finds out ben has been offered a job in italy and plans on taking it. both george and anne say no to the idea, so she ends up running away with the help of her grandmother mimsy, who gives her ten thousand dollars. her father is very upset once hearing this, but ashley explains that they are in love and practicing safe-sex. after the stillborn death of ben and adrian's daughter, amy and ricky begin a sexual relationship. they married after both of them graduated and were all too happy to have george move across the hall — so convenient. it explores how the pregnancy affects her, her peers, and her family.: ben visited amy at her summer program in new york and told her that adrian was pregnant with his baby. but they were a safe distance away over the brooklyn bridge, and she remained in the dorm for a few years. he agrees not to tell grace, but kathleen decides to go ahead and tell grace anyway, knowing that her interest in another man only six months after marshall's death will deeply upset her. adrian goes to law school, and omar and adrian get married and have two children together. as far as her love life at the beginning, she just goes through minor obstacles such as trying to get ricky into college and to take her to the school dance. at med camp, he and grace became extremely attracted to one another because of all the time they spent together, and eventually they kissed. she got pregnant by her much older ex-boyfriend, and plans on giving her baby girl up for adoption. when ben sincerely apologizes for his outburst, she assures him that she has already forgotten it, and goes on to encourage ben to act on his feelings. though she didn't and was just saying that to make ben happy. you could have a hundred actors reading for one part and they could all be spectacular but one sticks out for some reason.: a lot of the fans wanted to know if ricky and amy will ultimately have a happy ending. when ben is ambivalent about being married, leo sternly tells him that he made the choice, and he now has to make the best of it.: as far as amy and ben, it only took her a short time to realize that she really did love ben, but only as a friend, what might have been had she not gotten pregnant wasn’t what she wanted at all. ashley passes her ged after a brief stint in home-schooling and travels across the us with her new friend, toby.: lists of american television series charactersthe secret life of the american teenagerlists of drama television characterslists of teen drama charactershidden categories: articles to be expanded from october 2016all articles to be expanded. marc believes he married the wrong person, but it is revealed that his wife is pregnant when she comes to amy's baby shower. (october 2016) (learn how and when to remove this template message). after amy comes home she explains to ben that she and ricky should try to be a family for their son. he and amy go on a date in the fall finale of season 3 and she makes him get tested before considering having sex with him. so, to get around having actual sex, madison and jack often have oral sex. not knowing this at first, amy thinks that jimmy broke up with her because she was a bad kisser, and asks ricky to kiss her just to be - Visit us for more Secret Life exclusives, gossip, and spoilers!

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he wrote his first novel while in college, a best seller based on amy and he continues to write while pursuing a doctorate in literature. when her dad gets an email from lauren, he forbids madison and jack to date. after ben left, adrian realized she still loved ricky, so she decided to date a guy named dante in an attempt to make ricky jealous. while amy is at school she sees ben who is still depressed, and asked if she could do anything to help him and adrian. five seasons and more than 120 episodes, abc family is closing the doors on the secret life of the american teenager. and amy togetherricky and amy togetherjimmy and amy togetheradd a photo to this gallery. she went over to ben's house with dylan and she smoked pot because she was depressed after her mom died and her mom had a prescription. amy makes plans to go with him, planning on taking john with her, but her plans are foiled by her parents and her responsibilities as a new mother. the two get illegally married (the secret wedding of the american teenager), though the marriage is deemed invalid by both amy's and ben's parents because of their ages and the fact that they used fake ids. then adrian looks surprised with just a bit of jealousy but quickly ignores and acts happy for them. woodley and miles teller talk the spectacular now and relationships - cute interview!: what came about with the grace, jack, and madison love triangle? after breaking up with ben, she develops feelings for ricky when he comes to visit. would they have amy be the bad mother who just took off? she dated lauren's brother, jason, and unintentionally spread the news of amy's pregnancy. despite his misgivings over being a good father, ricky is shown to love and care for his son john. with ricky's urging, ben and amy talk and decide that they would give their hopes and dreams to another after adrian tries to tell ben that she had a false alarm. so amy says that she is moving in with ricky and john. so they did it again, and it still wasn’t any good. later, grant's parents come to the bowman-tseguay residence and it is found that grant's father is quite old, but charms the hearts of both grace and kathleen. he is upset when ben and adrian discover they are having a baby, and tries to caution ben from marrying adrian just because she is pregnant. amy's mother initially teases the idea of amy living with her grandmother mimsy until the baby is born, but the idea is quickly scrapped after mimsy reveals that she has alzheimer's and her memory and sanity are deteriorating quickly. after a party held by leo and ben, grant finds interest in grace, and is now dating her. and now - the secret life of the american teenager. after george realizes anne really is gay and he has no more feelings for her, he starts to date his first wife kathleen (grace and tom's mother) again. grant high school and is a french horn player in the band. jack and madison reunite, and although they are back together, madison becomes very jealous that jack is living with grace's family. after they break up, ricky calls her and decides to comes down to visit her in new york. he begins dating kathy, who is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's child. later on though, she gets betrayed by the two who become friends again and bond over their annoyance toward amy. by francia raisa, adrian is the daughter of ruben enriquez and cindy lee, and the ex-wife of ben. she dated an architect for a while, and they planned to marry when she became pregnant, thinking it was his child; he later confessed that he could not have children, and she realized that robbie was george's son. after the baby was born, she named her nephew john since she thought it was simple and classic. amy mentors kathy, a pregnant freshman from texas who gives birth to her daughter in the episode "hedy's happy holiday house. by daren kagasoff, ricky underwood is the lead male character. would fans watch a new "secret life" without her character?

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he makes a cameo appearance to marry ben and adrian. they eventually break up after amy's baby is born and ben can't handle seeing her bond with ricky. lauren is now dating jesse, and plans to have sex with him when madison and jack have sex. shortly after the school year ended, ben took a job in italy, where he got space from amy and met maria mancini, with whom he had a fling. the next day, ricky is surprised that amy isn't in a hurry to marry, but is content with just being engaged until she feels the time is right for them to marry. the summer before ricky's sophomore year, he impregnated amy juergens after a one-night stand at band camp, finding out about her pregnancy a few months later. grant ethan is ricky's 14-year-old foster brother who ran away from their house a few years after stealing a knife from margaret and shaker. in the holiday special, kathy goes into labor on christmas eve and gives birth to a baby girl on christmas day. amy embraces engagement to ricky underwood and cancels their wedding, saying that while she loves him, she is not in love with him, nor is he in love with her, and he is only marrying her because of john. this spawns an argument between her and ruben since he's catholic. he cheats on grace in the first episode when he has oral sex with adrian, and is then caught kissing her at the school dance. they realize that they never tried to be together since amy was always with ben so they talked about trying to be together. his body was cremated and spread on a hole in a golf course. he later dates madison and they break up after summer vacation.: jimmy finds a condom in amy's purse and realizes that he's not ready to be in a relationship with her and her son. amy is thrilled to hear this news, but later at the wedding party for leo and betty boykewich, amy sees ben and adrian leave the party together to go to his room. through her pregnancy, amy's mother anne informs her that in order to keep the baby, she will have to find a job and daycare. hollywood reporter: the secret life of the american teenager was your first big gig. bissett, of melrose place fame, portrays kathleen bowman, who is the mother of grace bowman, adoptive mother of tom bowman, the ex-wife of george juergens, and new wife of jeff tseguay.: adrian and omar are very happily married and perhaps the most successful financially out of the group.: just knowing that i met some of the greatest people who have become some of my best friends and i'll always have that. and yes, jack did end up married to madison and they also followed the others to new york where madison found success on broadway and jack became a coach at st. amy, in spite, has a private birthday party for her and john in secret. he sometimes refers to ricky as "drummer boy" and cares deeply about grace. he is now dating alison 'alice' valko (who is portrayed by amy rider), who has also become a friend of ben's and some of the girls in school. madison lost her virginity to jack after adrian and ben's wedding, but because she and jack regret having sex, they decide to discontinue any sexual activity. later on, jack and madison break up, because he is still in love with grace. ashley is the first member in the juergens family to learn of amy's pregnancy. the episode concluded with amy (shailene woodley) leaving ricky (daren kagasoff) and john (matthew and joseph levinson) for new york. and at one of the last episodes of 2012 she shows up at the last few minutes of the show to pray while jack lies in his hospital room comotized. juergens is the main protagonist of the secret life of the american teenager. she and jack end their engagement and she moves to new york and becomes a doctor. later visits ben at his home and takes him to see amy in an attempt to get them back together. they soon fall in love, and the two stay together throughout the season, even after amy confesses to ben that she is pregnant with ricky's baby (what have you done to me? this causes jack to rethink the relationship because, as he tells her, the whole idea of dating is to find someone that you might want to marry. she also chooses to go to hudson university in new york, where leo offered her the basement floor and ben the top floor of a three floor apartment while she's in school.

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madison later tries to date her former supervisor, whom her father discovers lied about his age, and proceeds to kick him out of his home. their relationship ends again when a security camera catches ricky saving grace from two men after jack left her in a bad part of town. amy tells everyone that ricky and her eloped in the season 5 premiere, keeping the fact they changed their minds at the last minute and are in fact not married a secret. adrian finds out she is pregnant with ben's baby after a one-night stand essentially ruining ben's chances of a relationship with amy and they eventually get together. at a graduation party, ricky kisses adrian one last time; something amy allowed. familygiven the renewed interest in the show, mtv news reached out to series creator brenda hampton to ask what in heaven's name actually happened with amy and ricky's on again/off again relationship — as well as the fates of ben, jack, grace, adrian, omar and everyone else on the show! ruben enriquez (adrian's father), as a da helps ricky get his mother out of jail, as he is willing to try and forgive her. talks to thr about starring on secret life (his first big hollywood gig), the final day on set, whether ricky/amy fans will be happy with their resolution and what's next. while in labor, amy flashes back to the first time she met ricky, as well as the events at band camp that led up to their having sex (one night at band camp). in the last episode of the season, amy accepts her mother for being gay. while in the hospital, amy reprimands ricky for getting her pregnant, but then realizes that she was equally responsible for what had happened. dylan's parents are very protective over her and it takes a while for them to be convinced that it is okay for them to date. this is the reality of producing a long-running series, it’s very difficult to keep all the actors together over the years. amy and ben break off their relationship shortly after the new school year starts. his mother becomes concerned and bursts in on the couple talking in bed, much to jeff's chagrin, kathleen's embarrassment, and his mother's interest. jeff invites kathleen to join him in africa for a few months, and although tempted, she doesn't feel that she can leave tom and grace. ricky was taken away from his parents after the abuse came to light, and put into foster care. kathleen and jeff are so excited that grace suddenly seems to be in favor of the marriage that they impulsively decide to marry right away. said amy's favorite food was beef jerky covered with cheddar cheese. the next day, she realizes that she has made a mistake, and repeatedly calls omar, who does not answer her calls. as a result, amy and ben get married using fake ids, but they learn afterwards that the marriage was void since they were both underage. later, he meets tammy and wants to marry her, despite having only been on one date with her. they later make up and support adrian's decision to have the baby.(brenda hampton actually asked and answered this question): could we ever bring the show back and do these stories? ben decides to get engaged to amy after finding out about the pregnancy, thinking it will help her situation. however, when he doesn't return her call, amy turns to ricky for "kissing lessons," which her sister sees the beginning of. she fought for me and said she wasn't going to do the show without me, so that's how i got the job. amy's life is further complicated when her mother reveals that she is pregnant, possibly with her boss and boyfriend david's baby. he disappeared before the season break, with people saying that he ran off with adrian, but no one really knew why he was gone. also, leo got ricky a job at a neighborhood butcher, and after awhile, with everyone else in the old neighborhood, leo packed up and moved to brooklyn heights too. she is initially wary about talking to amy because unlike her, she chose to raise a child as a teenager. she spent the summer prior to the series at band camp, where she met drummer ricky underwood and lost her virginity to him not realizing it after 2 seconds. at the graduation party, she receives the kiss and is happy to discover that the kiss leaves her unmoved; however, omar is at the party and is offended by adrian kissing ricky, and leaves. although amy's father george juergens knows that they are sleeping together he refuses to let amy go and live there. kathy explains early on that even though her baby will have an open adoption, she has no plans to be involved in the child's life. ben then realized he didn't enjoy spending time with amy as much as he used to, and after several weeks of struggling to work things out, he and amy ultimately broke up.

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she is mature, observant, and sarcastic, tending to speak in a low, monotone voice. with the normal drives of a young man, he is interested in sex—at one point, he calls an "escort" service and a prostitute named betty comes in response to his call.: ricky explained that sometimes the daddy stays with the children while the mommy goes to college or works. tv scorecard 2017: complete guide to what's new, renewed and canceled. amy plans to go live with her grandmother mimsy, but is unable to go after discovering that mimsy is suffering from alzheimer's disease, and is moving into assisted care living. she confesses her pregnancy to her two best friends, madison and lauren, who are fake because they spread the rumor that amy had sex with ricky. when adrian eventually finds him, ruben tells adrian he wants nothing do with her, but later decides to help her turn her life around for the better. hirson portrays mimsy, anne's mother, amy, ashley and robie's grandmother and john juergens great-grandmother. ricky then proposes to amy in the 13th episode of the season, and circumstance. leo takes ricky under his wing by allowing him to live in the upstairs apartment. yet, soon enough they get into a huge fight over amy snooping on ricky's phone to listen to the messages he saved from adrian (who was trying to seduce him). on the night of his graduation he is valedictorian he calls her up and proposes to her and of course she said yes. sam stone, jack's stepfather and the minister at the local church. the cross-country travel while taking on college was just too stressful for amy, but no one wanted to see her abandon her dreams so everyone came to her. amy is surprised, since she assumed that her mother would stay home and look after the baby, as she had with her daughters. this incident causes another conflict between them when amy realizes the custody agreement mean ricky will get john for his first birthday. adrian chose to keep the baby, and ruben couldn't have been happier. she was also unaware of adrian's affairs and her moniker as the "school slut" until ruben told her. amy's family and friends are also torn on the issue, with ricky, ashley, and george convinced that amy should keep the baby, while anne stands behind amy's decision to put the baby up for adoption. his stepfather, reverend stone, is the minister of the church where he and grace first met. though she gets support from her friends and family including ricky who decides to stay at her house while shes in new york to watch john. the day after the wedding, jeff talks to grace and tells her that he feels that they got off on the wrong foot, and, as her new stepfather and as an obstetrician/gynecologist, invites her to talk about her misgivings. he and jack share the bowman's guesthouse for a while when tom is impatient for more independence that kathleen is willing to allow him. amy lies to ricky and her own family, as well as their friends saying they are married. ben tells her that she could visit adrian and try to make her more happy. she made out with ricky one night in his car. he gives ben and ricky jobs at the butcher shop as a way to help support amy.: did she share any particular reasons why she was gravitating toward you for ricky? madison unintentionally spreads gossip and rumors, though she is a well-meaning girl. jack moves into the main house when tom begins dating a woman with two children that he met on the bus on his way to work as a vice president of human resources. i went in and read, and ended up reading for the creator of the show. as an actor, you just want to be working and i'm just so thankful for that time. the one-hour drama, featuring breakout star shailene woodley, focused on the relationships between families and friends and how they dealt with unexpected teen pregnancies. the relationship doesn't last, though, and after a night of binge drinking (with the purported intent of convincing ben that he shouldn't drink) she moves out of margaret and shakur's home and moves in with george juergens, who initially tries to make a play for her, but remains pals when he discovers that she is a lesbian. margaret and her husband love ricky as their own, and are proud to be his parents. adrian and ben are both absolutely devastated by mercy's death.

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amy told everyone that ricky and her eloped in the season 5 premiere even though they pulled out at the last minute. john started to school at a neighborhood kindergarten and continued in school there, walking distance for john and grandpa george. juergens (son)ricky underwood (husband)ashley juergens (sister)robert scott johnson (maternal half-brother) george juergens (father)anne juergens (mother). in return, grace introduces griffin to peter, a guy she knew from church, and it was an instant connection for both couples. he is taken aback to discover that grant is not gay, but decides to trust ashley not to make the same mistake that amy did. after school ends, madison sleeps over at the bowman guest house (where jack stays) and lies about where she spent the night. my main focus is doing stuff i'm passionate about and that i want to do. betty and leo are married in a lavish wedding with ben inviting all his friends to celebrate. eventually, ricky and john move to new york to be a family and amy and ricky end up falling in love again, resulting in them getting married after all. ben sees this and becomes jealous, but realizes that ricky and amy are john's parents so he calls amy in order to reveal his feelings for her, and apologizes for his actions. in season 5, ashley takes advantage of her alzheimer's and convinces mimsy to give her ,000 to run away to italy for cooking school. amy and ricky later have an altercation when ricky asks for more time with john, and equal custody. madison quickly recants and tells jack that she is interested in a family and children, but not for a long time.: my parents called me and they said that they would love to watch the finale with me, so i'm going to watch it with them on monday. in season 4 henry breaks up with alice and the two try "shared custody" of ben, which is awkward and doesn't work out. when she finds this out, adrian tries to get pregnant again, believing that they will fall back in love and be happy again if she has another baby. adrian and her parents now live next door to the juergens family. amy then decides to attend a school specifically targeted towards aiding teenage mothers, but is talked out of it by her father. after a moment of anger, cindy shrugs and she and ruben are married, with adrian as a witness. it is stated that she likes everyone better than anne, and anne is reluctant to tell her about anything in her life, such as her marital problems with george as well as her pregnancy. anne intends to get a job to replace the loss of her husband george's income as they prepare for divorce. the start of the show, amy is a freshman at ulysses s. despite her pregnancy, amy starts dating ben boykewich after he asks her out. they marry and move in together before their baby is born with the financial support of ben's father. she is furious that ben waited so long to tell her, and that she was the last person to know. they married after both of them graduated and were all too happy to have george move across the hall — so convenient. they realize they still have their spark and that they are still in love. and ricky run off to get married but don't go through with the wedding because the director of the chapel they go to is crazy. he moves out of the guest house and into the big house (where grace lives) because tom's new girlfriend and her children move into the guest house with tom. we later find out that his wife was his crazy girlfriend that he talked about with ben and also that he was once a cop until his wife made him quit the force. it should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. adrian later finds out that she is having a baby girl, which both she and ben are excited about, and she and ben later get married. amy ultimately decides to keep the baby shortly after finding out that the baby is a boy (that's enough of that). raven texts the picture to daniel, and he breaks up with grace, realizing that she still has feelings for jack. amy soon confronts jimmy about him not calling her back and the two make up, but it is too late for everyone else. it is revealed in season 4 that like ben and adrian, she lost a child when her baby died of sids.

mimsy is reported as having suffered a slight stroke and therefore, anne and george miss john's first birthday to go to her side. in the process, she meets dante's brother, omar, and begins dating him, because dante left the country without an explanation.: well grace is now in medical school, at nyu, and she’s very happy there, tired but happy, and she still manages to see her old friends whenever she can. after a couple of years, ricky and john moved to new york, along with george, amy’s dad and john’s grandpa. hightower, which is how he found out about amy's pregnancy. by molly ringwald, anne juergens is the daughter of mimsy and robert, the divorced wife of george juergens, the mother of amy, ashley and robbie juergens and the maternal grandmother of john juergens. that’s right, grandpa george, ricky and john all in an apartment in brooklyn heights, all so amy could be with john more often while getting her degree. remove the custom ad blocker rule(s) and the page will load as expected. after some convincing they are allowed to go out again but they accidentally burn down dylan's school, and they are forbidden to see each other again. amy at first sets her mind on giving the baby up, and has an arrangement with donovan and his partner, but the latter two back out at the last minute, preferring to remain foster parents. by greg finley ii, jack pappas is a college freshman and quarterback on the football team. henry thinks that there is something going on that he doesn't know about and pressures alice to tell him.: 'secret life of the american teenager' to end after fifth season. and amy and ricky fell in love with each other and with new york. adrian was infuriated after she found out that ricky kissed amy, believing that it went beyond kissing, even though it was a mostly innocent encounter. she and jesse break up, but then get back together when they realize they still care for each other. later, he is caught with drugs and sent back to prison. she lived with her mother for a while after her separation from george, but when her mother went into a home for alzheimer's patients, she was on her own, and began to see a high school sweetheart for companionship, but the relationship didn't go anywhere. when adrian reveals that she's pregnant, cindy tells her daughter that she will stand behind adrian, whether or not she decides to have an abortion. he just kind of lost himself in trying to obtain the unobtainable amy. while talking in the car on the way to dinner camille kisses leo, and the two are later seen together at graduation. after offered a job at his alma mater in phoenix, arizona as the head of the philosophy department, he gives up the church and moves with his wife, leaving jack to complete his senior year. by mark derwin, george juergens is the estranged husband of anne juergens, the father of amy, ashley and robbie juergens, and the maternal grandfather of john juergens. eventually she breaks off the relationship and goes to college in new york, leaving john with ricky. amy tries to get ricky to propose by doing "wild" things such as giving him a milkshake and a bath. they have and discuss sex quite often, but fairly maturely. happily married herself and traveling the world singing in jazz clubs. she and george made an attempt to get back together and she took over the design portion of his furniture business, but again she finds poorly-hidden evidence that he was unfaithful, and resumed divorce proceedings. ruben is an assistant district attorney and is married for the third time. secret life of the american teenager airs its series finale at 8 p. in season 4 she decides that she realizes that leo is not happy and tells him she wants a divorce and wants to go to college. but in season 3, episode 7, she comes back into his life, to spend time with her son before she gets put back in jail. his mother died earlier in his life, then he was adopted by the bowmans. more specifically, hampton said, "and amy and ricky fell in love with each other and with new york. along with madison, lauren also accidentally spread the news of amy's pregnancy. ricky eventually apologizes to amy and they get back together.

she is very proud of ricky's accomplishments in spite of his shaky childhood. winbush portrays lauren treacy, who is also in the 12th grade and one of amy's best friends. ricky takes her back to where they first met and amy begins to become a little more happy and appreciative of ricky, and more excited about his proposal to her. the kiss is captured on a cell phone, and the picture is sent to grace's current boyfriend, daniel. margaret decides to take him in again, and forces him to go back to school. she then completes summer school and shows signs of still being in love with ricky. he is shown to be clearly jealous over ricky, which prompts him to tell grace that he only started dating her because his step-father asked him to. the adoption fails due to ricky's interference, and she ultimately decides to keep the baby due to the love and support of her family and friends. after their baby is born stillborn ben can't handle adrian anymore and decides to divorce her against her wishes. margaret decides to take in one of ricky's former foster brothers, ethan, who ends up in juvenile detention after sexting nude pictures of an underage girl to his friends when she breaks up with him. despite his actions, ricky still tries to install sense in him remembering his early days before he met amy.: how did ricky manage to explain to john why his mother suddenly went away? she is married to ricky underwood (as stated by the creator o all. she tells her two best friends, lauren treacy and madison cooperstein, who accidentally spread the news around school. shortly after amy discovers her mother is a lesbian, she tells ricky that they should just run off and get married, to which ricky agrees.'secret life of the american teenager': daren kagasoff on series finale (exclusive video). an interview with the secret life of the american teenager's creator, brenda hampton, it was revealed that, after the series ended, amy was attending college in new york when ricky and john moved to the city to be with her. in season 4 he is forced to go to summer school and immediately gets into trouble for stealing condoms from the nurse's office. three months later, amy moves herself and john into ricky's little apartment over the butcher shop where he works. in one of the last episodes of the season her mother dies and while awaiting a flight on her soon-to-be ex-husband's private jet she is approached by a divorce lawyer.. scott caldwell portrays margaret shakur, ricky's foster mother and john juergens' foster grandmother. amy then decides on adoption, and discovers that her father's longtime employee donovan and his husband leon want to adopt the baby. callen portrays robert "bob" underwood, ricky's biological father who has been to jail for drugs and child molestation. they end up broke in florida and stay with his grandmother, earning money with various part-time jobs. after they get back together, grace discovers his recent relationship with clementine, and has trouble trusting him. but adrian tells her to say something happy about her life. so he forces her to stay home and have a real date. she is a responsible, practical, and naturally independent woman who tries to install the same virtues in her daughters. adrian is both book smart and street smart, hard-edged and emotional. secret life of the american teenager - all the ricky/amy kisses (s1-4. ben proposes to amy after finding out, because he genuinely loves her, and feels he would be a better father than ricky due to his family's financial stability. their first time having sex occurred in the wake of dealing with the news of ben and adrian's stillborn daughter. he also helped amy find couples to adopt her unborn baby (john) when she was pregnant. and ricky's now three-year-old son whom they conceived on a night at band camp when amy was a freshman and when ricky was a sophomore in high school. it first premiered on abc family on july 1, 2008 and ran until june 3, 2013. she meets ethan and they start connecting about their histories and even go on a double-date with amy and ricky.

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soon meets jimmy, her mother's high school boyfriend's son, on a trip to visit mimsy, her grandmother, and really likes him. since she says she doesn't want to marry, perhaps he should be dating elsewhere. ricky wants to know when amy wants to get married, and is taken aback when amy doesn't seem to be in a hurry to plan their wedding. amy returns to school, but is uncomfortable with being known as "the pregnant girl". throughout the years, everyone has been rooting for ricky and amy to be together and end up together and i can't say if they do or if they don't. however, shortly before the party, amy goes into labor and is rushed to the hospital (whoomp! the beginning of season four, amy and ricky are together and are trying to be a real family for their son. madison seems to have a crush on jack and might have done something with him over the summer. she stays away from ricky, for benefit of amy and ricky, but is told to back down by amy so that she and ricky can see if they can try to be a couple. this leads the students to start a rumor that amy herself may be gay as well, because they thought it was genetic. at the end of the series, ben follows amy to new york, only to give up on her after amy realizes that she was never really in love with ben, and he was never really in love with her. "it's been five years and the show has had its ups and downs with relationships and people coming on the show and off the show. so i want to thank all the fans who watched us for five seasons and for still caring what happens to ricky and amy and everyone in "the secret life of the american teenager" family. upon entering high school, amy begins a relationship with ben boykewich (also 15), a supportive classmate with whom she falls in love. life in real life: who's dating who on secret life of the american teenager? leo is one of the first people to suspect amy's pregnancy due to her huge appetite and nausea. this causes conflict between ruben and his wife, who supports adrian's decision. later, ricky's birth mother, nora, moves in with margaret and sanjay when starting her life over, and they have become good friends. angrily, she tells ben what she found, and ben tells henry he is no longer welcome in his home. then the two go to an all night party at lauren's boyfriend lake house and the next morning she and lauren discover that madison had slept with jesse and that was their last moment of friend ship. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. ashley (amy's sister) is the one who suggested john's name because "his life was going to be complicated already, so we might as well give him an easy name. george is a comically blunt, somewhat immature and often oblivious man, but one who loves his family and tries hard to protect them and keep them together. by shailene woodley, amy gets pregnant after a one-night stand at band camp before her freshman year of high school. great people, great learning experience and i'll always have secret life under my belt. although she is a straight-a student and a majorette, she has a reputation for being a drama queen and the "school slut". grant high school, where he was the drummer in the high school marching band and had a reputation of being a promiscuous bad boy. the party that ricky was throwing for john is later rained out and after learning of amy's deceit, ricky decides that john should have a party with just them, and allow amy to spend the night as friends. amy finally gives birth to her son (and unto us, a child is born), whom she and ashley name john, ashley saying that it's "a basic name for a complicated life". they get married in the fifth season, and decide to take in a young girl who was the under-aged prostitute that jack helped. at the start of the show, she and george jurgens had an affair that ended around the time george found out about amy's pregnancy. however amy later realizes ricky is john's father and he has just as much right to him as she does. they are expecting a baby around the same time as amy. he offers to marry amy when he finds out she's pregnant, but she declined his offer at the time. amy then persuades ricky to ask her and john out on a date to try and make their relationship work. and if so, were she and ricky able to rekindle their deep love for each other and/or have another child?

kagasoff, who plays bad boy ricky, hopes that viewers will be happy with the way things end for all the characters. before the baby's birth, amy struggles with deciding to put the baby up for adoption or raising the baby herself. also exclusively debuts a tense scene between amy (woodley) and ricky as they encounter ben (ken baumann) in the school hallway.: did amy eventually come back from new york to live full-time with ricky and john? adrian finds out about the kiss, and sleeps with ben in order to get back at both of them (however, adrian believed it was more than a kiss until ricky informs her after adrian and ben's one-night-stand. amazingly, everyone lived happily ever after — i guess that does happen sometimes in life. though the series "the secret life of the american teenager" ended two years ago, it's recently been on the tip of everyone's tongue. she currently lives with her grandmother because her parents kicked her out.: ben and amy's relationship grew increasingly strained after the birth of amy's son. in the second season opener, she and jack decide to have sex. and she does, she visits adrian who is very sad about mercy's death. she and her husband tell jack about his new job in arizona, requiring jack to find a new place to live to prevent him from relocating during his senior year. this is complicated by the fact that amy's mother and father's marriage is on the rocks, and that the two are on the brink of divorce. anthony-rodriguez portrays ruben enriquez, adrian's father and the ex-boyfriend of cindy. the final moment of the show is ricky reading john a bedtime story, telling his son, “and she lived happily ever after. is revealed that two years after the show ended amy and ricky got married and the two reside with john in new york. along with grace and her new boyfriend, grant, he also attended the young healers camp again the following summer. adrian's decision to keep the baby received a lot of positive support from her father and even amy, who had called her to let her know that she was giving adrian the same offer of a friendship between them that she had given her in the past, because their children might end up becoming friends. when amy hears about this she gets into her taxi crying and drives away. she and jack later break up after he has oral sex with adrian. he eventually breaks up with grace and moves in with tom in grace's family's guest house, even though he still loves grace. and yeah, i think they did have sex to find that out. grace eventually forgives him, and they start to date in secret because of her parent's disapproval. they moved into an apartment together, even though amy stayed in the dorms for most of the time. he was not involved with adrian during her childhood years because he and cindy made a deal not to see each other. in the first episode, alice pointed out amy to ben. she then reveals to ricky that she would be willing to marry him whenever. one evening, kathleen is at jeff's house and jeff decides not to answer a phone call from his mother. leo locates her husband, only to find that he has died, and he proposes. amy decides she wants to marry ricky, but he thinks she's moving too fast. amy wanted to be married to ricky and she does so much for him but ricky had already had a ring for her." -Amy to Ricky Amy Juergens is the main protagonist of The Secret. would they kill off the character of amy and have ricky become a widower? being accepted into a summer music program in new york, amy decides to go but is surprised to learn that the program is for teen mothers. she and george separated after she became tired of his womanizing and realized that she was not happy in the marriage. if they had stayed together in high school, she probably would have realized this much sooner and he would have too.

as soon as amy got everything she wanted she wanted more. he tried, unsuccessfully, to make grace see that she and jack having sex had nothing to with her father's death.'s friends offer to throw amy a baby shower before the baby arrives. he's a member of the grant high football team and portrayed as an excellent student, proven by the fact that he was the only other student besides grace bowman to be accepted into the young healers camp program, for students who aspire to be doctors. they resume their relationship, and while madison is seriously considering having sex with jack, she confesses that she isn't quite ready, wanting the occasion to be special and wearing a pretty dress and having her make-up done. jack is in critical condition after a pimp beat him with a baseball bat in his dorm room for paying an underage prostitute without sex and helping her escape. after the series, adrian and omar move to new york. secret life of the american teenager is a television series created by brenda hampton.) amy and ben quickly reconcile and get back together around the end of the year. for the majority of the first season, she is a distant character in ricky's past. as a result, she randomly picks a date, the 4th of july. to jack's dismay, ricky pretends to be dating grace as a cover for her parent's. amy then feels pressured by ricky, her friends, and her family to set a date for this wedding. adrian and her best friend grace are fed up with boys, and decide to enroll in summer school together. after amy tells her parents, she contemplates having an abortion, as she is afraid of her peers' perceptions. grant and grace bond over their shared desire to become doctors, and strengthen that bond over a summer at med camp. she gives birth to their son, john, whom she lets ashley name, and begins to struggle with motherhood. the last moment of the season shows amy, ricky ,and john eating dinner at ricky's apartment sharing yet another day together. in addition, secret life features multiple guest stars each week, some having larger roles than others. breaking up with ben during her sophomore year, amy briefly dates jimmy, the son of her mother's ex-boyfriend, but their relationship ends after he finds a condom in her purse. our amy has become so successful, we would not likely find her on the set of "secret life" again. soon she and ricky get into an argument and can't go back in the apartment. even though her friend, wendy, told her that she overheard ben telling amy that he still loves her, she still wants to date ben. ashley returns home the day after ricky's graduation and announces that she will be attending college in florida in the fall. when everyone moves out, he invites ricky's mother, nora, to move in with him as a roommate. he continues to revolutionize education, and she is finishing law school, and they have two of the cutest kids ever! familymtv: what happened to amy while she was in new york? when it is first announced that adrian is pregnant, tom proposes to her, and promises to take care of her. after this, ben realizes he no longer loves adrian, and that he may never have truly loved her. she is pregnant during the first season of the show and gives birth to her and ricky underwood's son, john juergens, at the end of the season one. jeff later joins a medical team working for an extended period in africa, where grace visits him and meets daniel. when the baby is stillborn, leo tearfully breaks the news to ben and adrian's friends at the hospital, and then later supports ben's decision to get a divorce. at the graduation party amy allows ricky to kiss adrian one last time to give closure to her. mcfarlane portrays jason treacy, lauren's older brother and madison cooperstein's ex-boyfriend. he owns the local butcher shop, and is known as "the sausage king". lauren tells her that she hates her, orders her out of her house when madison comes to apologize, and rips up a photo of the two of them.
by india eisley, ashley juergens is the youngest daughter of anne and george, and amy's younger sister. the beginning of season 4, amy decides that she and john should officially move into ricky's apartment since they were practically already living there. his mother was both a drug addict and an alcoholic who never helped him out of fear. the "ship" (relationship) name for ricky and amy is ramy. she becomes a great brodway singer and jack becomes a coach. amy at first decides to have an abortion, but backs out at the last minute and decides to keep the baby. she is often forgotten by her family and remarks that she could get away with anything. harvey portrays grant, griffin's awkward but engaging cousin, who is not gay and is interested in ashley. ricky ends up being the valedictorian, and at the end of his speech he proposes to amy. by ken baumann, benjamin "ben" boykewich 15-year-old son of leo boykewich, is amy's high school boyfriend and first love. and now coming up to the finale of five seasons and more than 120 episodes later, it's crazy. out what happened to the "Secret Life" characters after the show's open-ended series finale. you - secret life of the american teenager (full performance). she had her mind set on abortion, but she eventually backed out and decided to keep the baby. i remember reading it and [i had] that sense of, "it's really over.: was the end of ricky's story the way you had imagined it? cindy and ruben later reunite after he leaves his wife, and she declines a job promotion in new york so they could get married. quickly the argument is reas and she and john go back and are happy again. jack is chosen to give the invocation at the graduation ceremony, and grace helps him write it. she ends up moving to new york city for college and leaves ricky and john in california. when [shailene woodley] walked in and read for her role, the second she saw her, she knew she was the girl. she briefly becomes involved with ricky, but breaks up with him after discovering that he's still sleeping with adrian. francis college in brooklyn heights to help ricky transfer and finish his degree, and leo helped john as well! during all of this, she has a hard time during summer school balancing her large amount of work with her friends (from chicago that she met in new york) and having fun. he fixes ashley up with his cousin, grant, and brings his date, michael, to leo and betty's wedding. plot focuses on the character of amy juergens after becoming accidentally pregnant at band camp. since then, characters have left the show, with new main characters having both been written in and out of the series. after talking with both his father and griffin, peter comes out as gay, and pursues a relationship with griffin. the two get a divorce and remarried and separate again. later, margaret and sanjay have dinner with anne and george to discuss ricky's custody case, and expressing a desire to be a part of john's life. before amy reveals her pregnancy to her two best friends, lauren and madison, they gab about the new counselor, asking if she has something better to talk about than him. they do not have sex, but she spends the evening talking with him and allowing him to confess his frustrations. betty later decides that she wants a divorce and leo agrees to it. kathleen tries to balance supervising tom's special needs with his desire to be independent, and tries to get grace to behave responsibly when it comes to sex. they come up with this idea that her parents could meet henry and pretend to go out with henry, but instead meet ben. hampton: no, amy did not come back from new york.