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you know, just like you need for your single-handed rod., bucket, imow, opst, poly leader, riffle, rio, run, sa, scandi, scientific anglers, skagit, spey, spey accesories, switch, trout spey, versileader, wulff. skagit is a system of both fly rod and fly line that is intended for sinking tips.

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terms that i have learned and am still learning include poly leader, anchor point, running lines, scandi, skagit, long belly, d loops, snap t’s, double spey, single spey, cackhanded, t-18, mow tips…all new learning. we also carry the skagit switch g2 line, the skagit compact g2 line, and the airflo rage compact. i have moved through the ranks as recreational angler, commercial fly tyer, certified single handed fff casting instructor, full time fishing guide, outfitter, and for the past 7 years co-owner of headhunters fly shop on montana’s missouri river.

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bevy of skagit casts relies on a sustained anchor to develop the cast. wulff ambush fly line is one of the most versatile fly lines made, and is useful as a primary line for both single handed and switch/spey applications. so are single-handed lines, but the industry has decided to assign a general weight identifier to them.

Sa single hand skagit

as in single-handed casting, 2 handed casting success is based on loading the rod with the line. if you want to use it as a switch/skagit line, go up 2-3 sizes (8 or 9 on a 6 weight), and add sink tips up to 20 feet. so how do i know what skagit line to put on my sparkling red method 6126?

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scandi cast, or underhanded cast, is based on the touch and go cast. when you begin to discover the magnitude of depth within 2 handed world, your eyes will be forced wide open. not only am i a novice caster, i am a novice in understanding and negotiating the entire 2 handed game.

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the scandi system does not achieve the depths that the skagit system is designed for. skagit heads are large in diameter, bulky, relatively level meaning un-tapered, and turn over heavy objects like sink tips and heavy flies. controlling the drift is imperative and the skagit system can be manipulated throughout the drift making this an effective tool.

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, scandi, short head traditional spey, scandi veritips, trout spey troutmax, and single handed spey lines. put one of these awkward long rod in your two hands and move it wildly around. if 3 years ago the trout spey buzz was about the rio skagit troutmax, last year about the opst commando head, this year it is certainly centered on the airflo skagit scout head.

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but by the time you arrive we will have a handle on the performance level of these coated medium-stiff powerflex shooting lines. i grew up on the skagit river of all places. a 6 wt single-handed line weighs 160 grains, give or take 5% or 8 grains.

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if you want to fish bigger rivers, get your fly below the surface flirting with the bottom, then the skagit system is your program. switch rods are generally under 12’ in length and provide another misunderstanding point in the new world of 2 handed rods and lines. sometimes you may tie on a tip like you would with the skagit system.

you and i certainly did not learn how to chuck a single-handed streamer cast into the wind at 80’ the first couple of years. a 6wt spey line can range from 400-600 grains depending on length of rod2 handed spey lines are measured in grains as well. 2 handslets start with the parallels between single and double handed fishing.

”look at the rio products web site for spey line recommendations for nearly every 2 handed rod on the planet. first hurdle you may encounter is to understand the differences between skagit and scandi. have been using these commando heads on their single handed rod.

get your inner opst on and try these on your skagit rod. skagit scout head is the spey line that the entire staff is talking about this year. the polyleader from airlfo is a long standing favorite of not only two handers but the single handed gang has been a fan for many years.

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are the nuts and bolts of the skagit system as i see it now. if you want to fish big rivers with sinking flies, to get down to fish of which live on or near the bottom, you may find that the skagit system is your preferenceskagit systema skagit system is a heavily weighted line with a sinking leader or tip attached to it. a great first question might be “hey i overheard in a bar that i could add my scandi to a skagit…?

i assume that many of you became familiar with single-handed rods and fly fishing first. a powerful shooting head to add excitement to your single handed streamer game! the scandi line is designed more like a weight forward single-handed fly line.