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special type of reed–sternberg cells (rscs) is the lacunar histiocyte, whose cytoplasm retracts when fixed in formalin, so the nuclei give the appearance of cells that lie with empty spaces (called lacunae) between them.

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–sternberg cells (also known as lacunar histiocytes for certain types) are different giant cells found with light microscopy in biopsies from individuals with hodgkin's lymphoma (a.

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–sternberg cells are large 30–50 microns and are either multinucleated or have a bilobed nucleus with prominent eosinophilic inclusion-like nucleoli (thus resembling an "owl's eye" appearance).

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the presence of these cells is necessary in the diagnosis of hodgkin's lymphoma – the absence of reed–sternberg cells has very high negative predictive value.

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reed–sternberg cells are cd30 and cd15 positive, usually negative for cd20 and cd45.

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rscs (compact nucleus, basophilic cytoplasm, no nucleolus) are also associated with classical hodgkin's lymphoma while popcorn cells (small cell with hyper-lobulated nucleus and small nucleoli) are lymphohistiocytic (l-h) variant of reed sternberg cells and are associated with nodular lymphocyte predominant hodgkin's lymphoma (nlphl).

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showing a "popcorn cell", the reed–sternberg cell variant seen in nodular lymphocyte predominant hodgkin lymphoma.

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are named after dorothy reed mendenhall and carl sternberg, who provided the first definitive microscopic descriptions of hodgkin's disease.