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    first official public appearance since leaving the military occurred during mcm's store opening in singapore at the shoppes at marina bay sands[32] followed by the bazaar men style people of the year award ceremony in beijing, china.[5] in 2002, she starred in the short film living in new town and the sitcom let's go, followed by screen and a problem at my younger brother's house in 2003. again, we thank you, and we wish you good fortune in the new year. rain and kim became friends first, and later on something more. jan 2013 k-star : kim tae hee and rain date place [link]. dispatch saw the two get together on the 2nd and 9th of december, in which rain was spotted in his military outfit, foreshadowing that he needed to return to his post soon. without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of hangul and hanja. on christmas, the couple enjoyed a date in rain’s house on the 23rd and 24th, in which rain took 5 days leave to enjoy his time with his girlfriend fully.“as the current times are unstable, we will be as quiet and humble as possible with our wedding ceremony. how did rain win over kim tae hee’s heart? 2013, it was announced that rain would appear alongside bruce willis, jason patric, and john cusack in the film the prince. one of rain’s comrades revealed that an average soldier typically receives 3-5 days off when they perform for a concert/event for the military, and since rain is a singer, he is entitled to more breaks than the other performers. 2005 to 2007, rain donated money to have 50 drinking water wells and playgrounds built in cambodia. july 2014 our neighbourhood arts and physical education : lee wan replied about rain [link]. love story first broke on tuesday, when an online entertainment site released a photo of rain and kim on a date. on the small screen in 2009, kim played an nis profiler in the spy action thriller iris. however, he breaks through the difficult barrier of work to meet his lover, kim tae hee, in which their relationship sprouted after he joined the military. is the full translation of kim tae hee’s letter:Hello, this is kim tae hee. one line during the song says “your name forever will be the biggest happiness” which is a secret message to kim tae hee.
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[36] the new album, titled rain effect, was released on january 2, 2014 with music videos for double title tracks, "30 sexy" and "la song". wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. june 2015 ytn news : rain & kim tae hee at jvjq event [link]. the two have built up their relationship of love and trust as a couple over the years, and that relationship has finally yielded its fruit.^ "rain to set up a one-person agency and join h entertainment! the concert was marketed and promoted by the asian concert production company rainstone live. rain's coming world tour began on december 15, 2006 at seoul olympic stadium in seoul and was scheduled to continue through 2007 to various parts of asia,[11] australia, united states, and canada. announced with the release of his song that this song was very special to him because he thought of kim tae hee constantly while working on this song. september 7, 2015, rain announced through his facebook page that he and the ceo came to a mutual decision to not renew his contract with cube entertainment. to the agency, it's been around one month since the 31-year-old rain, whose real name is jeong ji-hun, started dating kim, a 33-year-old actress who made her debut in 2000. tune entertainment, and it is viewed as a strategic alliance between the two companies.“now i, as the oldest son in my household, also seek to become a great husband. on november 23rd, 2012, rain and kim tae hee attempted to date invisibly, trying to blend in with the environment. june 2014 rain and kim tae hee spotted together on a restaurant date in gangnam. jan 2013 arirang kpop ; rain’s attractive qualities that captivated kim tae hee [link]. the film won the alfred bauer award at the 57th berlin international film festival,[46] and was selected as the opening film for the hong kong international film festival. "it is true that they don't have enough time to meet each other and there are limited places where they can meet. news web site said that the two had been dating for three months, although they first met back in november 2011 when they shot a commercial together. and foremost, i would like to thank everyone for their congratulations and support despite the suddenness of the news. Do you think online dating works,

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she is involved in various charities to help out underserved youths and broken families in the ulsan area.[current mainland chinese web drama 2017] i love my president though he is a psycho 总裁在上我在下. sept 2015 rain and kim tae hee fell in love at first sight? ji-hoon (hangul: 정지훈; hanja: 鄭智薰, born june 25, 1982), better known by his stage name rain, is a south korean singer-songwriter, actor, and music producer. while on tour, rain delivered a special performance at the 2013 mama, where a trailer teasing an upcoming reality show and new album was revealed. 2008, he starred in his first american film, the wachowskis-directed speed racer, where he played racer taejo togokahn. they both are so popular that they are the icons of korea, but as of now, rain is currently serving his mandatory military term. his voice can be described as smooth yet husky [62] in songs such as "love story", "love song", "nan" and "i do. over the years, he endorsed brands such as hyundai, lotte, kb card, pizza hut, thailand dairy company dutch mill,[68] chinese pastry fu mu cakes, pantech, lg electronics, sk telecom and pepsi. 2013, kim starred in her first historical period drama jang ok-jung, living by love as the infamous royal concubine hui-bin jang. april 2015 rain and kim tae hee pass the two year dating mark and k-ent spots signs of impending nuptials..  :-bd rain & kim tae hee, first couple of the new year romance blossoms as a new year approaches. (including sk tv news reports) dedicated to kimbi couple [link]. he began taking up causes related to children by participating in the love photography exhibition to help find adoptive parents for children in government care, donating a percent of his 2006 and 2007 world tour concert proceeds to children orphaned by aids and participating in the green ribbon hope walking campaign to raise funds for prevention and to help find missing children. due to their popularity and age, the couple has constantly been surrounded by marriage rumors, prompting rain to state that he will tell his fans directly about any marriage news in the future. feb 2014 y-star : kimbi couple’s date in the amusement park in la, usa [link]. on november 24, 2008, the commission of youth protection deemed the album inappropriate for people under 19 years old because the lyrics in the song "rainism" were considered problematic due to their phallic and sexual references. you may want to add tags like 'kimbi' and 'bi rain' too. jan 2014 y-star : rain - kim tae hee is a very good girlfriend like a best friend [link]. Dating mga pangalan ng pilipinas

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. ( english korean )----------------------------------------------------hallyu gets a mega couple in rain, kim tae-hee  2013/01/02 rain, left, and kim tae-hee filmed a commercial for social commerce site coupang in 2011 way before they began dating. considered one of korea's most beautiful women,[2][3] she is best known for her roles in korean dramas such as stairway to heaven (2003), love story in harvard (2004), iris (2009), my princess (2011), and yong-pal (2015)..now our kimbi have their own thread already :x   thank you @ebulli3nt   :-h ^^. ❤ kim tae hee - from this moment you are the one and i will love you untill the end."it is true that [kim] is meeting [rain]", the agency said in its release. and kim tae hee confirmed their romantic relationship in january 2013 and have been dating since. any questions and concerns there may be, we will answer as soon as we come to a decision on each situation. returned after a 3-year break with the “the greatest gift” – a song composed and gifted to him by his long-term friend: psy. two singles were released from the album - the eponymous title track "bad guy" and "handshake". kim tae hee is currently preparing for her return on the silver screen with sbs’s new drama, jang ok jung, the person who lives for love. rain on the other hand, has been serving in the military since october 11, 2011, as a promoter for the military. [kim tae hee] would like to thank everyone for their love and attention, and will put in all her efforts into living as an exemplary family. all images used in the fan arts above and other images : owners. to the initial report, singer and actor rain and actress kim tae hee left for a trip to jeju island on may 15 with their family. newlyweds got married at gaoe catholic church on the afternoon of january 19 with many celebrity friends such as jyp, psy, and honey lee as witnesses. feb 2014 couple rain and kim tae hee spotted on a date. 2000, an advertising executive saw kim riding the subway, and offered her a modeling job. july 2014 rain reportedly gets baptised as a catholic so he can marry kim tae hee. the couple is the first official celebrity couple of 2013, and it was revealed that the two have been together for roughly three months (officially dated since september).

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in a cnn interview and also in a discovery channel documentary called discovering hip korea,[4] he recalled being repeatedly rejected because of his looks: "in fact, i was told after one audition that my singing and dancing was great but i did not make it because i did not have double eyelids. 2010, rain returned to the small screen after 5 years with kbs action drama the fugitive: plan b, in which he plays a young, rich and cunning korean private investigator. jan 2013 y-star : rain & kim tae hee, their ideal type [link].[★breaking] kim tae hee and rain release images from their wedding.          [★BREAKING] Kim Tae Hee And Rain Release Images From Their Wed.[6] the series was broadcast in various parts of asia as well as the united states, garnering much popularity and establishing rain as a hallyu star. within that same year, rain was recruited as a trainee for jyp entertainment, led by recording artist and producer park jin-young.[2] the band did not garner much attention, though they released two albums.^ esther kim lee -seven contemporary plays from the korean diaspora in the americas - page xv 2012 "for example, the singer rain performed in madison square garden to sold-out audiences, and south korean television soap operas have inspired women in southeast asia to undergo cosmetic surgery to look “korean.^ "(2nd ld) rain, kim tae-hee become top celebrity husband and wife".[70] "memory in my hand" and "any dream" were used in campaigns for pantech and samsung, respectively, in china. would really like to see, is a top asian artist emerge strongly from the asian market, and then go on to succeed in the u. and kim were married on january 19, 2017 after five years of dating.[15] however, kim expressed her desire to be valued properly as an actor, preferring to succeed based on her acting skills rather than her image.[21] it was one of the most expensive korean dramas ever produced and was a critical and commercial success with an average viewership rating of 30%. his booming popularity throughout the world, he has been deemed a "cultural ambassador" as he has represented south korea in inter-asian musical events and has appeared in a thai published textbook. jan 2013 arrange kpop : hot search rain and kim tae hee’s relationship [link]."[15][16] in 2007, rain topped time magazine's online user poll, defeating stephen colbert by 100,000 votes;[17] colbert jokingly retaliated by producing a parody of rain's music video for "ways to avoid the sun" called "he's singin' in korean", and challenged rain to a dance-off or a "cuddle-off", or a "spoon-off".[20] in a press release, rain stated that he was honored to be on the list, and also noted that it will be a great boost to his efforts to raise his public awareness in the united states.

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the line was discontinued and the online mall closed by the end of 2010. in the near future, the agency will focus on finding talented rookies and recruiting stars.^ "[eng trans] rain at 2013 mama and filming "the prince", in asia al día magazine". fans and reporters swarmed the exterior of the venue attempting to catch a glimpse of the power couple, heavy security prevented anyone uninvited from entering the premises. june 2014 y-star : kim tae hee and rain visit baekga’s restaurant [link]. rain and the shareholders were acquitted of the charges in december of that year. i shall now populate with all my past and current artworks . in his career, most of rain's material was handled by jyp for many years along with other songwriters and sometimes, rain.[8][9] starting 2004, kim was cast in leading roles in her succeeding projects, including the supernatural kbs series forbidden love and the sbs campus romance love story in harvard. jan 2016 kim tae hee speaks candidly about dating rain with instyle magazine. jan 2013 hallyu gets a mega couple in rain, kim tae hee.'s musical career includes seven albums (six korean, one japanese), 28 singles and numerous concert tours around the world..now our kimbi have their own thread already :x   thank you @ebulli3nt   :-h ^^. the tour, titled the squall,[41][42] starts from china and south korea, with the potential to expand into japan, europe and america. the news of rain and kim tae hee’s marriage – rain’s recently released single: “the greatest gift” takes on a deeper meaning. shared that “the best present” was a proposal song made by rain and it was a song full of everything rain wanted to say to his soon to be wife: kim tae hee. 2013, actress kim tae hee and solo artist rain rang in the new year by publicly confirming their relationship.[92] in january 2013, rain confirmed that he was dating actress kim tae-hee, which then caused an investigation into whether his dating had broken military rules during his mandatory military service. and kim's relationship became the most-searched item on naver, the country's largest search engine. Dota 2 see matchmaking level

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[29] kim later encountered backlash from some japanese netizens for her participation in a 2005 rally in switzerland supporting south korea's claim in the dokdo islets territorial dispute.’s hani and jyj’s kim junsu were the new year’s day couple of 2016. rain’s song for kim tae hee “the best present” down below:Credit : 1thek (원더케이). is considered a 'world star' due to his popularity, not only in south korea and japan, but throughout asia, europe and north america with fans in countries like china, singapore, thailand, canada and united states. his music activities will be handled by longtime manager kim yong bae while his acting venture will handled by park jong sun. final thing psy revealed was that the song had a secret message for kim tae hee from rain. lost his mother as she struggled with diabetes and died in december 2000..After a report that stated that celebrity couple Rain and Kim Tae Hee were on vacation together in Jeju Island, a representative for Rain’s agency confirmeExisting user? today, an exclusive report claimed that rain and kim tae hee, a well-known celebrity couple celebrating 4 years together, would be tying the knot this february. jan 2014 rain finally opens up about year-long relationship with kim tae hee. "still believe" was used as both an ad and a music video for bmw korea's "meet the truth" campaign with appearances by rain as well as jyp. "'말아톤' '파리의 연인' 백상예술대상 대상 (종합)" [marathon, lovers in paris are baeksang arts awards grand prize winners]. rain was nominated for and won the best new actor award at the 43rd baeksang arts awards. jan 2013 y-star : kim tae hee admits her scandal with rain [link]. without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of kanji and kana. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. march 19, 2009, a federal jury in honolulu found that rain, his former management agency jyp entertainment, and two other promotion companies were guilty of breaching a contract and defrauding honolulu promoter click entertainment for million (originally just over million) after the hawaii concert was canceled and the promoters were not refunded the 0,000 licensing fee. rain ❤ kim tae hee ~ a beautiful couple inside and out ❤. november 2007, rain told the korean media that he had left jyp entertainment and started his own entertainment company, j.

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[12] his tour incorporated the talents of producers and stage designers (such as jamie king and roy bennett) who have been involved with the concert tours of other artists such as u2, michael jackson, ricky martin, madonna, britney spears, and the rolling stones. on may 5, 2008, rain appeared in a surprise guest segment at the end of the colbert report, and proceeded to engage colbert in a dance-off on a dance dance revolution machine. before landing his role in speed racer, he had expressed the desire to expand beyond the asian market when he stated in an interview, "the reason i am active in japan, hong kong, china and around asia is that i want to succeed here and then go even more international. june 2014 y-star : behind the love story of kimbi couple [link]. 11, 2011, was given more leave and special vacations than regular soldiers.[26] it continued with concerts in various parts of asia and concluded at the colosseum at caesars palace in las vegas, nevada, on december 24–25, 2009. to a media report on tuesday that rain and kim are dating, kim's agency, lua entertainment, officially confirmed later that night the two top stars have been a couple for the past month. nov 2015 k-star : rain talks about his wedding rumour with kim tae hee [link]. it was launched on december 23, 2008 and was followed by a "fashion show–launch party–mini-concert" to introduce "six to five"..-based system, his chinese activities will be managed by h entertainment and jason jang[77] while his american agency will still be wme. rep continued, “after the trip, rain is scheduled to leave the country to perform in malaysia on may 19; therefore, they decided to take the time to take a break and vacation. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. the couple is still together, and as of january 1, will have spent four years dating in the public eye. jan 2014 [star of the week] rain’s love story with kim tae hee. initially, the source did not expect the two to be dating, but as time passed on, the truth could be seen through their eyes. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. our trust and love for each other is as strong as ever, and we’ve decided to take the leap. october 2015 k-star : kim tae hee follow rain’s sns [link].^ a b "김태희 부친, 알고보니 '한국통운 김유문 회장'" [kim tae hee’s involvement with youth hope fund charity revealed].

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the two departed at 11pm on both of the dates, and rain left by a taxi. however, after one year and nine months together, the actor and idol parted ways, announcing their breakup in august 2015. hallyu star kim tae hee (33) and world star rain are currently sharing love together. announcing their marriage, psy was eager and relieved to finally be able to congratulate rain publically in regards to rain’s marriage via twitter and to share some truths regarding the “the best present. the big success of stairway to heaven and love story in harvard, kim became one of the most sought-after faces in the tv commercial industry., actress kim tae-hee are dating 2013/01/01 rain and kim tae-hee it didn't take long for the k-pop gossip of 2013 to start.^ a b "kim soo-hyun, kim tae-hee to headline korean drama fest".[current daily drama 2016-2017] the shining eun soo aka still loving you 빛나라 은수, mon-fri 20:25. rain dj’s a military radio station on late saturdays, thus, after he gets off work, he gets picked up by kim tae hee’s car. news spread quickly through blogs and social networking services, with some internet users congratulating them while others raised questions over how rain was able to get out of the military so often to date kim.[official] ♥ lee joon gi x iu ♥ || joonu [2016 sbs best couple & hallyu star awards! in 2008, rain made his hollywood debut in the film speed racer and starred in ninja assassin (2009), the latter of which made him the first korean to win an mtv award. october 2009, in support of his fifth album rainism, rain kicked off his asian tour, the legend of rainism tour with two shows at olympic gymnastics arena in seoul on october 9 and 10.[60] on may 2016, rain is cast alongside victoria song in the chinese drama endless august.[38] after parting ways with cube,[39] on october 11, 2015, he announced through his official website that he had created his own one-man agency with the aid of his longtime manager and other entertainment figures. will respect each other and make up for each other’s failings as we live our fullest. many stars came to support him, such as lee hyori, kim sun-a, chae rim and girls' generation's seohyun. her father, kim yoo moon who established and is chairman of hankook union transportation company in 1984. on in the song he also sings that “your name will forever be my greatest happiness” and listeners could not help but love rain for his heartfelt lyrics in this song towards kim tae hee.

jan 2015 rain and kim tae hee spend time together in china.‘tae’ in chinese means ‘big’ and ‘hee’ means ‘happiness’ so the line “your name forever, the biggest happiness” is a line which in actuality says “your name forever, tae hee. ❤ kim tae hee ~ thank you for sticking through it all. in 1999, kim moved to seoul to attend college at the prestigious seoul national university, where she became the president of the snu women's ski club." however, he finally got in as producer park jin-young saw his drive and persistence. that year, she also played a horse jockey who dreams of winning the championship in the sports film grand prix. [kim tae hee] has always been there for me, unmoving, in sad times and in happy times, and she never fails to amaze me. plan on carrying out their ceremony as quietly and as piously as possible under the guidance of the catholic church, and to honor the wishes of both as well as their parents, we cannot reveal the time and place of the wedding, for which we apologize. after boyfriend rain blew up the media by delivering surprising news of his upcoming marriage, actress kim tae hee also took to words to address her fans, via a message from her label![11] love story in harvard was also reportedly well-received by japanese viewers and contributed to kim's popularity in the country."rain has been dispatched to serve in the military's promotion department, and unlike others, soldiers there have a lot of preparations to do to stage performances around the country", a ministry official said. news outlet stated that its photographers first captured the two back in november and that at least three cars were mobilized for the date with countless security guards on site. judge bae kwang-kuk ruled in favor of rain and blamed the plaintiff for poor preparations surrounding the cancelled u.'s all congratulate the rain-kim tae hee couple one more time! the two had been dodging dating and even marriage rumors since 2010. july 2015 k-star : rain & kim tae hee dating at cafe [link]. can see this immediately with the initial lyrics of the song going:“whenever i’m tired and in distress, when i start to give up on everything – it was you who caught me. next starred in the sbs drama please come back, mister, which began airing in february 2016. "kim tae-hee: south korea's 'most beautiful woman' on shyness, beauty and guns".

Celebrity Couples Who Went Public With Their Relationships On ninja assassin was directed by james mcteigue, and produced by joel silver and the wachowskis. hidden message in rain’s new song proves it’s a proposal to kim tae hee.[54] the film premiered in select theaters in 2014, and was also released as video on demand. sweethearts lee seung gi and yoona commemorated 2014 by revealing their relationship as well. it was also revealed that the couple went through extreme measures to keep their relationship a secret, using three cars to cover their tracks by distractions and various secret hiding place. and kim tae hee‘s wedding ceremony is now over and the couple released a few pictures of the event for their fans as well as kim tae hee’s hand-written letter. (bi) and his angel (kim tae hee) - are they fated to be together? tune entertainment artists1982 birthsliving peoplehiv/aids activistsdankook university alumnienglish-language singers of south koreak-pop singerspeople from seoulconverts to roman catholicismsouth korean male film actorssouth korean male singerssouth korean military personnelsouth korean music industry executivessouth korean pop singerssouth korean record producerssouth korean rhythm and blues singerssouth korean roman catholicssouth korean singer-songwriterssouth korean male television actors21st-century south korean male actorssouth korean expatriates in the united statesrunning man (tv series) contestantscube entertainment artistsjyp entertainment artistsmnet asian music award winnerssouth korean idolsknowing bros participantshidden categories: cs1 korean-language sources (ko)cs1 uses korean-language script (ko)webarchive template wayback linksuse mdy dates from october 2013articles with hcardsarticles containing korean-language textall articles with failed verificationarticles with failed verification from december 2011all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from january 2009official website different in wikidata and wikipediaarticles with korean-language external linkswikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with isni identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifierswikipedia articles with musicbrainz identifiers. july 2016 rain and kim tae he rank 2nd for modern day lovey-dovey k-celeb couple [link]. kim tae hee could be seen in her toyota camry while rain brought his bmw mini cruiser, in which, kim tae hee transferred over to rain’s car. when rain, who is currently serving in the army, was relocated to the public relations division in september of last year, the two apparently began dating. he was scheduled to be ceo of the company, but told the media that he still kept in touch with his mentor and long-time trainer park jin young. tae hee's label conveys message of thanks to fans about her upcoming marriage. special congratulations and dedication to kimbi couple on the occasion of their marriage.^ "has kim tae-hee found a part that suits her at last? the fans that were with me all that time have become beautiful women and mothers. million each in punitive damages, million for damages related to the fraud, and . was around 12 hours later that kim's entertainment agency officially confirmed the two as a couple. the drama achieved good ratings and he won the most popular tv actor award at the 2004 baeksang arts awards.

[26][27] later that year, she starred in her first japanese television drama boku to star no 99 nichi, where her character is a korean wave star who meets an ordinary japanese bodyguard and he somehow makes her fall head over heels in love with him. the album sold a million copies in asia, and established rain as an international star. the success of iris, she again drew positive reviews in the romantic comedy series my princess (2011); kim played an ordinary college student who discovers that she is korean royalty. ji-hoon was 16 years old when he debuted as a member of a boy band called fanclub (팬클럽). rain addressed the report personally by uploading a handwritten letter to fans on his instagram, and now, kim tae hee's label lua entertainment has also released a message for fans of the actress. they will hold a small and meaningful ceremony with only their families present, and have not yet made any plans for a honeymoon afterward. they were meant for the couple after all and in support of this thread! jan 2014 rain praises kim tae-hee for standing by him against controversies. thematically, many of rain's songs deal with the subjects of love and heartbreak in the case of "i do" and "love story. kim appeared in television commercials and print ads, before making her acting debut with a small role in the 2001 melodrama last present.'s time for actress kim tae hee and (singer/actor) jung ji hoon to become bonded as each other's most valuable partners, so we want to summarize the current situation. after five years of dating, they were married on january 19, 2017. besides the chinese cities shanghai and nanjing, filming for the drama also took place in belgium and korea. what may be one of the biggest stories of the year leaked yesterday with news of actress kim tae-hee and singer rain officially dating. dec 2015 mydaily : audience screamed kim tae hee’s name to rain at min 0. this was followed up by the release of his fourth album, rain's world, which also sold over a million copies in asia and further established him as one of the top musical acts in southeast asia. "rain and f(x)'s victoria to headline new chinese drama". july 2015 k-star : kim tae hee talks about her wedding rumour with rain [link]. the last event at the staples center was canceled only two hours prior to opening: rain's producer blamed the situation on financial problems of the local promoter, while the local promoter blamed wellmade star m calling them too "incompetent to handle the situation.

i will continue to move forward with my career, both as a singer and actor, with responsibility and modesty. is the first day of the long journey ahead of the two of us, and i would like the first step with the blessing of all of our fans who have loved and cherished us. "kim tae-hee's scheduled appearance in tokyo exhibition canceled for her activities for dokdo". his debut, rain has primarily been influenced by r&b and pop with "bad guy" and "how to avoid the sun" being categorized as the former while "cassiopeia" and "lack of space" are closer to the latter. will also live life as someone my partner can lean on and count as support. without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of hangul and hanja. then turned to film, starring in action fantasy epic the restless (2006),[16][17] and the romantic comedy venus and mars (2007).'s family moved to ulsan when she was a child, and she was raised in that city.^ "rain to film 'the prince' with bruce willis, john cusack, and more". pray that this year is full of happiness and joy for all of you and please be careful not to catch a cold in this freezing weather. rain and kim tae hee met through their kyupang commercial in october 2011, forming a friendship, in which strengthened into the point where the two began to regularly communicate with each other. december 12, 2016, rain company announced that rain would release a new album in 2017 with a series of promotional activities to accompany his musical comeback.[10] the latter drew solid viewership ratings nationwide throughout its run with a peak viewer rating of 20 percent and won kim the most popular actress award in tv category at the baeksang arts awards. 17, rain posted a sweet handwritten letter on instagram announcing his engagement to kim tae hee. with the wedding over and the couple pronounced husband and wife, the newlyweds have released photos and a hand-written letter to thank their fans.[22] kim shed tears at the kbs drama awards when she won an excellence award in a mid-length drama; which was her first acting award, excluding newcomer and popularity awards. is currently serving in the military as a corporal, while kim is preparing to appear in a new sbs television drama starting in march.^ fredrik härén the developing world -2010 page 73 - "the south korean wave has already washed over asia: south korean soap operas are extremely popular in china and singapore; the singer rain is a hit in asia and the girls go crazy when he visits bangkok. this allowed the wedding to be carried out in a very private and intimate manner.

[56][57][58] the drama premiered in july 2015 and achieved huge success, earning high ratings throughout its 60-episode run.[28] the fuji tv drama, which aired in japan from october to december in 2011, raked in 9 to 10 percent of viewers’ ratings on average, launching kim into a household name in japan.[80] in recent years, rain has been an advocate for environmental protection going as far as to volunteer in the taean oil spill cleanup and donate 300 million won for clean water and clothing for the residents in 2008. rain ❤ kim tae hee ~ you are the love of my life. jan 2015 y-star : kim tae hee dates with rain in shanghai, china [link].[27] in october, rain represented korea and performed at the 7th asia song festival, organised by korea foundation for international culture exchange, at the seoul olympic stadium. will repay you for the warmth and the moving moments you have shown me through your overflowing love as a wife and a more mature actress. january 1, 2015, dispatch announced the relationship of actor lee jung jae and daesang group heiress im sae ryung. provided by coupang it's official: singer-actor rain and korea's sweetheart kim tae-hee are an item. according to a source, rain’s military set mind allowed him to stand out amongst the others, attracting kim tae hee to him. terms of singing and dancing, rain has been influenced by michael jackson,[64] janet jackson,[65] usher and justin timberlake. a report that stated that celebrity couple rain and kim tae hee were on vacation together in jeju island, a representative for rain’s agency confirmed that, “rain and kim tae hee have left for a two night and three day trip to jeju island with family and friends. his world 2007 tour, his scheduled concerts in shanghai, toronto, san francisco, and hawaii were cancelled, followed by the last concert in los angeles.[35][36] the show garnered strong ratings and kim won a top excellence acting award from the korea drama awards. kim has since been one of the most popular and in-demand product endorsers in korea.[1] she has an older sister, kim hee-won, and a younger brother, lee wan; the latter is also an actor and appeared in her television series stairway to heaven. march 2013 arirang kpop : star couple (rain & kim tae hee) [link]. jan 2016 rain ♥ kim tae hee spotted on a romantic new year date! rain also texted/called kim tae hee whenever he could, connecting the two together in which was complimented by his unique/weird personality that showed affection and warmth.