Probability of dating a supermodel

Dangers of dating a supermodel

’s of list of things that probably won’t happen to you, but are still more likely than winning powerball’s grand prize:• the odds of dating a supermodel are about 1 in 88,000, according to gregory baer, author of “life: the odds.

Rules of dating a supermodel

everyone in America seems to know, the Powerball jackpot has reached new heights, with an estimated annuity prize ofWhat dating a model taught me about chasing opportunities.

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Odds of dating a supermodel

no way does every human being have the same chance (1 in 80,000, says someone) of dating a supermodel.

The Odds of Dating a Supermodel - ABC News

Chances of dating a supermodel

the perfect March Madness Bracket is more of a long shot than becoming a professional basketball player, dating a model, and three other unlikely things.

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for example, in this article, we are told that our chances of winning the powerball jackpot are less than, for example, the chances of dating a supermodel or being elected president of the united states.

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You're more likely to experience many things — like sainthood

• the odds that the person you're dating is a millionaire, 1 in 216, baer wrote in the book.

5 Things More Likely Than Having a Perfect March Madness Bracket

well, the chances of dating a supermodel, according to abc, are one in 880,000.

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