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in 1860, the eldest of the smith sons, joseph smith iii, said he received a revelation to take his place as prophet/president of a "new organization" of the latter day saint church.

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smith, acting in his capacity as mayor and head of the municipal court, responded by having the newspaper declared a "public nuisance" and by ordering the destruction of the press.

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in addition, he created a new inner council of the church — containing both men and women — called the anointed quorum.

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to the website of the democratic republic of the congo permanent mission to the united nations in new york.

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the help of sympathetic non-mormons in illinois, in the spring of 1839 the latter day saint refugees regrouped and began to establish a new headquarters in nauvoo.

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meanwhile, new converts to mormonism continued to migrate to missouri and settle in clay county.

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in 1841, construction began on a new temple, significantly more elaborate than the one left behind in kirtland.

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therefore, he proposed that the quorum of the twelve apostles be constituted as the new presiding authority.

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based in kirtland, the church changed its name to the "church of the latter day saints", and added a number of new doctrines and leadership offices.

latter day saint movement arose in the palmyra/manchester area of western new york, where its founder, joseph smith, was raised during a period of religious revival in the early 19th century called the second great awakening.

people of western new york, like the rest of the united states at the time, were also influenced by folk religion.

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the writings on the golden plates, according to smith, contained an account of the various nations that inhabited ancient america, and described how they were led to the new world by jesus, but eventually lost their christian faith through a series of wars and corruption.

during this time, the area was seeing so many christian revivals that western new york's most well-known revivalist charles grandison finney later dubbed the area the "burned-over district".

of joseph smith's early revelations prophesied that the latter day saints would build zion, a new jerusalem, a religious utopia centered in jackson county, mo.
he and several followers prayed about the issue, and joseph recorded a series of revelations, which included a description of several real spiritual gifts, a statement that only joseph smith, as the prophet, could receive new doctrines and commandments for the church, and a warning that not all supernatural experiences come from god.