Park min young and lee min ho still dating 2016

he chooses words and actitude that make them fall for him. keep up the good work and please taking care of yourself and your family. chai , john lee, kuo guo puoo & the rest of your names,whatever;. i don't know how many tissues i had to use for it! are the most handsome guy ever alive in this world. lotbs is my most anticipated and long waited drama of oppa since heir. will always love you lee min ho, im your ultimate fan :) hope i can see you personally here in the philippines . ofcc its his job in every plot theres a negative part if he doesnt go for it just because of a part then he would have by now sleeping on streets so u guys should seperate between job and reality and if u guys were in his place u would have been doing the same. min hoo oopa kip moving av really missed ur films n i heard u n suzy(go hye mi) frm dream high are dating is dat true oopa.'ve also watched 'boys over flowers', 'personal taste' & 'city hunter' and i have to say that your a versatile actor. i love him most with his kim tan and go jun pyo character. however, lee min-ho still keeps up with football and mentions nal-do ho as his favorite player. all i can say is that the plot is way more similar and better than hana yori dango (japanese version). min ho oppa saranghae <3 :* i love your acting, your style of walking, your cute eyes and kissable lips and your charming smile. min ho is such a great actor and i do hope that he will surprise us with a great acting together with park min young again. i’ve told a lot of my family about city hunter and now they are huge fans of lee min-ho and city hunter. jan 30, 2014, lee became the first korean celebrity to perform on china's cctv lunar new year gala. now after that of appreciation of lee min-ho i am watching over his other drama & movie starting from personal tast, city hunter, faith/great doctor etc. catya is just a sad and ignorant person who has nothing better to do but to bash lee min ho and his dramas. hoping to see you in more such good quality dramas. please love your family and don't forget about them when you on top .-min-ho you did a very good job in your films they are very intresting just keep it up dont let people discourage you about your future,just try to work herder and i pray that you will reap the fruit of your labour by for konw take care of yourself. you are very talented and i hope to meet you one day! sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen. min ho you are a perfect actor among the rest , please continue and catch you dreams , do not change you attitude that you fans meet .[30] lee also received the "prime minister award" at the 5th korean popular culture & arts award for his contribution to hallyu., lee min ho, i love ur drama series because of you i became a k drama addict. honestly, you are a bankable superstar in the universe:))) its because you made us or everyone happy through your passionate smile, acting, versatilities in many ways. his personality is very down-to-earth and honest, and from seeing his interviews, it seems that he has very ethnical moral values. can freely say that lee min is one of the best young korean actors . is really a good actor i enjoy watching his movies, and am expecting more of his movie. then after fell in love with all your tv shows. lee min ho u are the best best best actor and the most handsome one,heart of seoul,i love u so much. thinking i love 'bof' more than 'the heirs' and must say lee min ho has the best acting skills ever and he is very charismatic. city hunter but did not understand the ending i would of loved to see 2 season! favorite lmh's characters:Yoon sung -> young -> tan -> jun pyo :3. he is so handsome, cute and his acting is perfect. you have a diehard fan in me and i am looking forward to your next project. you have a natural gift and talent as an artist. your goodness reflects in your face and on how you act. are and will always be my one and only star. i love your whole nature nd i guess you are perfect. am sure lee min ho ♥♥ ha ji won can have great chemistry if they pair up! love his song "painful love" even though i don't understand korean but i listen to his song give inspiration to all of ur fans and im one of those. i wonder if it would be better for him to enlist in the military service soon, and reflect on where his life is going. i just hope they make more dramaas with him as the main character. it's my first time to watch korean tv series and followed by the grest doctor . you know i've started to learn korean language because wish to come korea and then see you there,so wish me luck.^ "lee min-ho, big bang, kim na-young win social media awards". in my whole life is a first time to love an actor like you. i will never understand, why he is always in top 3 of sexiest korean men.* asami usuda, taiga, joe odagiri cast in live-action film "pumpkin and mayonnaise". hope lee min ho will have another series with park min young. min ho oppa, i am your fan ever since i started watching boys over flowers. idol, my favorite actor, my endless love & respect to you, lee minho ssi, you are truly da best korean/asian actor, even better than some called great actors in hollywood, i love your way of acting, in love with all your dramas starting with faith (omg da best) & like how you express the moment with all your body, i love your voice & bought your 2 albums, your eyes are the window of your soul, & what a beautiful soul it is, your heart is full of love & hope, your tall sexy legs are killing the love outta my heart, your lips are, omg is there even a word for them?. good luck with the rest of your coming dramas and shows.^ "thousands turn out for lee min-ho's fan meeting in japan". omeged i love you so much lee min ho <3 hope you come back here in the phillipines. we may share the same last name but i'm the 4th generations of lee born and raised here in the usa. are very very handsom,cool,awesome n cute i watched your all dramas n i loved ut all n i want to meet you n i love you leeminho so much it by force to love someone,if you don't like him stick whoever you like,and what did you expect to come here and see people hate him? did not watch bbf, he is a cute young guy though..and i was first seen u in boys before flowers series im a big fan of uu iee good bye take care of ur health. i miss your drama lee mi ho i love you and i love your drama the heirs. personal preference,,,,,, "the chemistry" is really there,,, wow,,,Sandra oct 05 2010 6:07 pm. expect to see more drama and films from him and i hope he lives a good, healthy and happy life.[6] the series attracted high viewership ratings and buzz throughout south korea during its broadcast,[7] lee's new-found popularity gained him many endorsement deals and created another korean wave throughout asia which made lee a hallyu star. i am still in search of the reasons why i am so into this actor. i wish you can give me a photo with you signature on it. i know you must be enjoying tremendous success in korea and asian, but i hope asian stars like you will be seen more in america, too. legend of the blue sea | pooreun badaui junsul (sbs / 2016-2017) - heo joon-jae / dam ryung. even though i may have to read subtitles the whole time.! u r soo talented and i am so addicted and i just want more dramas. you because you fulfill me and inspired me to study and work hard.'m a fan of yours fro city hunter and faith.^ "lee min ho – all my life (2dvd + photobook) (limited edition) (korea version)". as with his previous album, he stated that the tracks were recorded for his fans and that he had no ambition to pursue a singing career. happy belated valentine to lee min ho,'it was so good to see you in my dream as my val'lol. thank the lord of the world that all your ex-fans have kim soo-hyun, park yoochun, lee jong-suk, lee junk-ki and your other better peers..and also thanks for giving a smile on peoples' lips. lee min ho, you are really one of the best actors in the world! luck with your drama, their is 4 episodes left i hope it keep collect love, :).[28][29] he was also invited to the third conference of the south korean presidential committee for cultural enrichment as the representative for the entertainment industry, to share and contribute to the discussion of issues related to developing korea's cultural content.)his portrayal of jun pyo is so believable and convincing. please keep up the good work and don't ever forget that many people (multitudes) look up to you.!i hope you can visit here in camotes island this is part of the philippines,,because i want to see you in,lee min ho,is not just famous,but extremely talented and insanely handsome and is loved all over the world. (my dad was a korean and my mother is a filipino)..i know your filipino fans will be so excited and are still waiting for you. wish he could do some show here in las vegas, and could meet him in person, but that will be impossible. there are millions of devoted lee min ho fans worldwide and they watch anything if lee min ho is in it.^ "2012 mj 3rd event -lee min ho with winter symphony- product info" yesasia. hope am not offending but i think u guys make the best couple in the world. your curly hair in the bof was interesting:-) wish you the best in your career and future. ho i may say never disappoints his fans and i myself is a fanatic of big budgeted historical films and i can say lee min ho fits it all. i have watched many of your dramas and heard many of your songs too.(fans)don't forget to study too for the one who still went to school. i hope one day i can see u in real one day :). saw your amazing dramas i love you and psh too love u both i wish you all the best and keep going.^ "lee min-ho donates w50 million to mark world water day". wish you long life and full of happy moments and beautiful i hope that i am honored by your presence to visit my house with your famly .. and i wanted more and more of the dramas you starred in and i've grown to like you alot.. i hope i can meet u one day i really hope u come 2 california. 1st moment was when gi cheol stabbed to choi young. as a young child, lee min-ho hoped to become a football (soccer) player, but an injury in the 5th grade of elementary school ended those dreams. very love this emotional movie where i got big fun, sadness and big tears. wish you the best wishes and keep your perfect smile forever! wish u more succes and good will in ur acting career.

Park min young and lee min ho still dating

we don't know much about you,but if somethings bad happens to u as fans we feel sad and it's natural. er great lee min ho, i love ur movies especially city hunter my regards to kim na na! the works which you have done deserv more and it can be easily found your fans all over the world it means you pay attention to each detail of the episods. :) i fell in love with this guy in city hunter, and loved both faith and heirs.. but watching ur dramas makes me fall in love again and again with the one and only man in my life. with city hunter, you had proven that you can tackle any role given and rise above people's expectations.@jamila,you are clearly disturbed,you don't like him,you think he is local and you still want him to call you? wished they could be back together again <3 i wouldnt mind if he gets married to her :p city hunter is the best drama so much better than poseidon. but "the heirs" and boys over flowers" were much better. maybe not his fault, maybe the director thought it would attract more are an inspiration to me since i was in middle school up to now that i am in college. lee min ho , i like your work , your acting is amazing i hope to see you more in succeful work , you have many fans in morocco who support you ,keep working . happy new year to you and your family and friends! do like and respect ou so much lee min ho i,m looking forwardto your new project film . some people can be crazy,so he should go to the military cos he is dating and reflect on his life why and how? to visit srilanka cause i wanna see u so badly min ho! it really shocks me how excellent & handsome he is as he portray the role of kim tan via the heirs., the plot of this story (faith) seems be adapted from a historical story "outlander" by diana gabaldon. i still sing suddenly from that drama's ost and tear up!: cd+photo cards+polaroid+draw to meet artiste (type i), cd+dvd+photo cards (type ii). just saw boys over flowers recently and i fell in love with it and lee min ho. you should be awarded the best korean actor in the world. u minho workhard and big up wish u the best hope we will meet. reading other peoples comments, i did not know what to say again but what i wnt to say to u is in my heart and it is too heavy. really love watching lee min ho's drama not only because his story line's are next to perfection but because it inspires people. love ur smile ur walking steps ur everything oppa i hope u will come to nigeria love u very much. he portrays the characters well and that's what i admire about him. hope u read dis and know dat derz someone who loves you like hell in nigeia. are a great actor and you have quite a few fans here in the us. of viewers and supporters are always talking to the drama..i hope you given me a chance to overcome my dreams. and i want you to know that you are my inspiration because someday i want to be actress in seoul south korea like you! lee min-ho, it meant alot for me to watch your dramas somehow it brings hope in my life again . can't wait for "the heirs" to be out, hope to see you someday:* fighting! much he is wonderful beautiful actor i love him and his look his handsome. projects to come to my one and only korean idol saranghee oppa daisuki. besides you gotta smile that melt our hearts not only my friends but also those people who loves you and your acting unconditionally. handsome, keep the good work going i love everything about you.. and i want to see him in a mature role again like choi young in faith.'ve typed and deleted several times now cos i just don't know how to explain it. more of love,alots more of sex,alots more of tongue,alots more of kisses,alots more of hugs and alots more of hearts :);)$ 900,000 xo's,900,000 tongue,900,000 kisses,900,000 hugs and 900,000 hearts i love you baby. everyone is getting a litlle over the top don't ya think guy, i mean sure he is a great actor and he's good looking but that doesn't matter. of you l fell in love with korea an is now my dream land.[92][93] proceeds from the sale of promiz merchandise are given to the selected partners to execute the charity projects. oppa min ho i am a fan i love all your movies which to see you as well,i also love to act too please can u help me. although heir just finished, which i absolutely love that drama so much!. i watched all his movies and tv series and im looking forward for his latest show "faith" does it really feel to have a million female fans who like you and declare their love for you. and i hope you could a movie with "yuri" of girls generation that all. please korean directors should always end their films well at least show an end clips they live hapily afterm but i really love korean films.. you seems so perfect, even if i can't date you should aleast be with someone nice. anyways, leeminho, you're awesome in bof and city hunter and faith! i hope he will visit the philippines again the soonest.. you are the most beautiful and handsome guy in this whole world. loved him in all of his dramas, but i loved him best in city hunter :) i loved lmh and pmy , they portrayed the best chemistry :). if i could think of my dream guy it would be kim tan (lee min ho)<3 perfect combi with park shin hye. he shows that it can be done, that a person can do what they set out to do with dignity..and remember that you have lots of fans in kazahstan . also announced his return to television with a new drama titled the heirs, a teen drama written by kim eun-sook[22] on why he decided to take on the role of a chaebol heir in high school four years after playing one in boys over flowers, he answered "before i grew past my 20s, i wanted to play a more upbeat character, one that would allow me to return to that feeling of simple, uncomplicated innocence that i had when i was younger. i can't remember anymore how many times i've watched every episode which are english subtitled, how i wished i know korean language so that i could fully understand every word that a character would utter. he is no hero in real life, just a talented, skinny, long legged, feminine, korean actor. really an honour 2 b one of ur fans n flora kings admires ur personality,status n sense of humour. it is really impressive to see good doses of personality, talents , looks and class blending well and creating an interesting collection of work. lee min ho and park min young 4 ever in ever1god bless! keep up the good work and am looking forward to chat with you sometime. min ho, you are hardsome and a charming man, i first saw you in city hunter and just finished watching faith. my top four of ur movie are heirs,city hunter,faith and boys before flower. really like the way you act and being child like in some scene in the heirs i hook on that series you and park shin hye have good chemistry hope you two end up together you are so handsome and down to earth i saw some videos in you tube you love to interact with your fans even though there is language barrier lots of fans loves you because you treat them well keep your career souring high saranghe minho god bless!.your eyes, your hair, your face and i love your best acting drama. both have beautiful eyes so they could make it thorough in intensive emotional scenes & also crying scenes! keep your feet on the ground and you will go places..' hope that you can find woman that will love you forever. maybe your fans are too young to afford it; maybe there are just too many concerts of very popular singers recently; maybe its exams period; maybe many are overseas as its the end of the year. i loved acting too since i was a kid that's why when i saw your tv show "boys over flowers" it really impressed me! i watched faith onetime and got interested in the storyline and was. famous people have both haters and lovers that's what makes them famous,but the fact that you are all over his comment feeds says alot,it depicts envy,if i don't like an actor/actress,i don't bother about anything on them or stalk their pages. i really hope that they will have another tv series with goo hye sun. he is the south korean celebrity to appear on that show. min-ho, you are the first male lead from korean drama and you did korea a big favor. love watching all your movies and dramas and i super duper enjoy our eye to eye contacts! fell in love with lee min ho as i watched boys before flower. min hoo i cant believe i did not post a comment here. coworkers are asian, they r my second family which i hang out with, and no too long ago my boss introduced me to korean dram "city hunter" since then i fell in love with lee min ho. i love the heirs so much that i re-watched it several times and i couldn't get rid of it! can u be such a great actor u are so handsome. min ho i don't speak good at english but i am learning it for you sorry for mistake lee min ho i watch all your dramas and movie one of your movie i saw is the heirs i like it good luck lee min ho. the (girl) teenagers in my family often call him “lee min-hot”. have the right to hold your own opinion, but you can not impose it to the others. hmmm do u know what lee min-ho i like your movies an also you can do to make people know u more you are a celebrity well done keep it up thank you. really really hope that some days you'll kome to kazahstan. you are very likey person coz lot of people are love u , l like your qute smil my friend take care god blees you good bye. i look forward to watching the heirs and your future movies. coz i like & love your drama, & your chemistry with cheong ho play the roll mermaid is good. days the drama the legend of the blue sea makes me and my day complete.%, and internationally, having over one billion hits on the chinese streaming website iqiyi.[41] later in the year, lee made his small-screen comeback in the fantasy romance drama the legend of the blue sea alongside actress jun ji-hyun.. only some people can show their feelings / acting through eyes.'m so a big fan of you lee min ho. lo lee i i starting watching you in city hunter, and i won't stop watching as long as you will be in this bussiness of entertaining us. min ho is a great actor and i love his style,i love all his dramas and hope he keeps up the good work. and i’m quite sure that it will gain positive feedback from the filipino viewers. and i'm very like your acting in the heirs movie, it's so romantic. my family and i think lee min-ho is absolutely the coolest guy ever! and did i say that lee min ho is so sexy! min-ho you're doing a great role as general choi young in the great doctor kdrama. i have like 45 photos of you cause you are handsome, charming and cute! but when i grow up, and become a director and make dramas and movies, i will definetly scout you for sure! actor, pure, optimistic, happy and work hard to his goal! great reasons to be his fans. am so impressed with him more in this drama and please keep the good work.

Is lee min ho still dating park min young 2016

[1] in his second year of high school, lee turned to acting..You're such a perfect guy with a gene of good physique and height. would like to see another action series for lee min ho of course w/ park min young.. and i know this may not be even remotely possible-but i really hope you will come to read this and will bring a smile to your face. a herbal tea could be useful and usually helps with stomach-ache and sleeplessness.. love you gu jun pyo and ge um jan di. lee min ho i love you se much wanderful actor korean. acting by lee min ho because kim tan is so different from his past roles.!A hard working actor like lee min ho is keeping up the good work & gaining a lot love from around the world. he is one of the best actors in hallyu, and is extremely talented.[17] although the drama garnered viewership ratings around the 10% range, it was a commercial flop due to its high budget. and by the way am i the onley belgien fan?[4] in 2008 he appeared in various roles on television (dramas get up and i am sam) and two movies, public enemy returns and our school's e. always watched your movies, and you're such a brilliant actor , your facial expression, your emotions in every character you portray oh my god! and he is not overrated, he is one of the best korean actors out there. btw lee minho i love your acting in the heirs. the television series became immensely popular and regularly received ratings of over 30% in south korea. i just want to know if he can really fight like it is shown in the series. 2016-17 skilled occupations list (sol) announced 10 of the best: david stratton romper stomper: the movie david stratton famously refused to rate. lee's chinese fans planted 510 trees in inner mongolia, while his mexican fans donated to children stricken with cancer with proceeds earned from selling plastic bottle caps to recycling companies. can we have a moment of silence to thank the lord for your looks and talents? hopefully someday in the future i'll get to come visit or live in south korea and get to meet you. me my husband, but i am super duper insanely in love with lee min ho. i collected all your movies and dramas, and always watch it again and again. waiting eagerly for more of your works in fact i cant wait to watch land gate, gangnam 1970. wishing you a happy new year 2014 and may you have a wonderful life always. good comedic timing from its actors esp lee min ho and kim woo bin in their scenes with park shin hye with the rest of the cast made it an entertaining watch. think you are a good actor and you take your job seriously which is a good thing.. i hope you can pick up a better character and also advance your acting skill. i still have to watch his other dramas or movies. really support you lee min ho but not bae suzy. also your portfolio of achievements and activities are really impressive. the drama was a commercial success[11] across asia,[12] and contributed to lee's growing popularity, most notably in japan, philippines, china,[13][14] and parts of europe. usually don't ever & i really do mean ever leave comments about actors but you brings things together & i like how you seem to be able to pull off all emotions very well. love the movie that you're performing with park shin hye eonnie the most ! min-ho=gorgeous, fine, amazingly talented, sooo good-looking, intelligent, heavenly handsomeness, humble, and he can sing too! am damn crazy abt him n keep deaming abt him always. am a great fan,i've been inspired by u and other korean actors to come visit one day:)i even started learning hangul. min-ho, i just love the way you look at the main actress in your dramas, that looked just makes me have butterflies in my stomach. i love acting, and watching you act so wonderfully and having some fun along side has reawakened that part of me.. anyway im super fan of you and yoon eun hye, i support you always fight fight ! just started watching city hunter as well and its so awesome. i got attached to your drama city hunter and from there i watched the rest. hoping that this drama will be one of the best rated one ever!, i loved you so much, you very handsome, i very like your acting in the heirs movie, that's so romantic. he and his friends in boys over flower made m fall in love with korean films. from your fans in australia (yes you have fans down there as well, and we appreciate that you are learning english so that you can communicate with those fans). has an older sister, lee yong-jung, who is also the ceo of mym entertainment, lee's current label. hope to get to meet and know the real you one day. "lee min-ho and suzy in relationship, seen dating in paris, london". the love of god, please please please come to england, or at least great britain!. lee min ho you're the one my favorite acktor, because you until i hooked watching korean drama . without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of hangul and hanja. my first show that i've watched since my accident that left me permanently handicap was city hunter..and i didn't skip even a second of every scene. ladies, u might think this is sexy but hell no to fighting over makeup and the mirror with my male lover or husband..i love your smile, the way you cry, the way you seem so possessive about your girl in dramas, the way you act and everything about you. and i hope lee min hoo want to do it a second time (city hunter 2) . i really like all of your movies,dramas and your singing. since then there were rumours that the 2 may get back together, especially after they took to the stage together in 2010, but for now jay chou is happily married to hannah qunlivan. love lee min ho so much and i love his actions in the drama! am really inspired by your movies and the roles you play in them. will stay here and be your fan till the end. oppa lee min ho come to nigeria you have many fans over and we will be delight to meet you. u bring so much of emotion ,charm and charisma to your character.)his portrayal of jun pyo is so believable and convincing. watched city hunter and i noticed that his acting skills in thrillers is really poor, i liked him in personal taste, but in city hunter i hated his acting it wasnt intriging at all..because of you i am learning how to speak korean. like koo hye sun for you because she is very talented and a good actress. u lee min ho coudnt believe that you are best friends withy jung ll woo. don't show korean movies in our cinemas here in south africa,so i might not get to see gagnam blues,lee min ho fighting!! you are by far my most favorite actors ever and i've watched almost all your shows and movies! love lee min ho very much and i like his drama ana his voice and i like f4 and i will love him forever.^ "gianna jun and lee min-ho to star in korean tv series 'blue sea'". actor, my daughter never ceases to see the movies and all of its programs, 13 year old girl from israel managed to interest her mother to see the film and series of this guy. because i don't understand arabic, i decided to check the internet for any english subtitle. i love you so much , my first drama i watch was the heirs , and i try to search your profile , and your dramas . can't wait your another drama its been long time already when you maked the heirs hoping for new drama soon! love lee min ho oppa for his kind,warm & humble personality not because of his good looks!! lee min ho i am forever fans since i wacth the hiers until the latest movie im addicted to you because you are handsome also the way you act as a korean actor i love you so much and stay humble. you should consider enlarging your world tours as you have many fans from all over the world! my wish was if i can meet him,bcos i love everything about him,d way he act,d way he talks everything about him,most espically in faith and boys over flowers. heard he's gonna be in a new romantic comedy show with jun ji-hyun. your contrasting emotions in boys over flowers has me hating you initially and falling inlove with you by the end. i have seen lee min ho's image with his beautiful mom in one of his fan pages! its like this person read my mind, word for word.!The kiss on the forehead is gentle, protective, and grateful- the three best qualities of love.********** lee min ho, i dont want to say that i love you. character here was damn good, totally love it,I really like taeguk drama,and you are not bad, i mean really really good, haha. so, as le min ho' true fans, i wish minzy couple happiness and have a longlast relationship. hope that he play new drama in 2015 i can't wait to see him again. min ho drams are suprb and his acting was natural . you really doing a great job those awards means well done ! i hope u can come to nigeria(africa), we really love u here. lee min ho gently,calmly & sexily takes off her apron as if he is taking off her clothes! you look a lot like my oldest son who's so macho and at the same time childist. it up best of luck for you future works and hope you reach the fullest success. 2016, lee starred in the action comedy bounty hunters, directed by shin terra with an estimated budget of million. ever since i was introduced to him, i was surprised that how could a person can be that perfect. min hoo im really crazy abt u plz keep on your steps ,ill love u for ever xoxoxo..i hope you give me a chance to meet you personally. please be true always to the person who is inside your heart.. im not done watching it and i hope it will never end but as you know all movies/siries had endings hehehe . but lee min jung and lee mi ho look amazing on the screen in drama. "hallyu star lee min-ho and his fans donate ,000 to help dig wells in africa". they dated for 5 years and when she tied the knot last year, he wished her all the best. learn english and go big in hollywood,u r so perfect,forget kim hee sun comment on ur kiss i knw shes lying. you make the story appears like a real one and your facial expression is just a killer. i almost watch all of your drama series and hope see you in your next drama.

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actually, i first watched "faith", and i can say that your acting skill is highly commendable. :)) i hope that it will be a big hit in korea box office!. i am a huge fan of yours and korean drama. really got me into watching korean dramas, was your tv show "boys over flowers". u actually don't talk in your sleep like i read about you. name is anastasia i am from greece and i am keen on your movies. lee min ho i wish good health for you now 2015, and would become ku hye sun opportune you we love you gu jun pyo ♥♥♥. your super cool attitude and fine acting, just love the way you did. your movies are great but i haven't watched heirs yet,i heard your learning english lee min ho..,we minmin fans want to see lee min ho and park min young together in one drama or they can make a season two of city hunter. min-ho oppa i really really love u and i don't know what am saying now but thx to let me know u just know u only it enough but i hope one time i meet u am rwandans.^ "lee min ho – 2013 global tour 'my everything' in seoul (dvd) (2-disc) (korea version)". started auditioning and landed minor roles in several television dramas such as nonstop 5 and recipe of love. miss you heo joon jae (lee min ho) you will always be my dream boy :*.! your so nice looking guy,Perfect actor, perfect features and everything. and once that hapen i hope the entrance fee would be cheap. a good son it's make their parrent happy and peace where ever you go. i only dislike that feminine image which allot of the most popular asian guys now seem to adapt and portray. his so handsome, yet adorable and kind i hope i can see you oppa..most of us,can stay in the comfort of our homes and bad mouth actors and actresses not knowing the hardwork they put in what they do,and for the fact that he has lots of fans who acknowledge and love him is enough for him to shine. you a very happy new year and be success be happy . your movies are great but i haven't watched heirs yet,i heard your learning english lee min ho. lee min ho , i think you are very good actor . i mean why are so cute, hot, attractive, and amazing like so much it hurts dx. love you oopa i'm from sri lanka i love your performence in boys over flowers and city hunter. as a asian woman, i know asian men are handsome, funny, kind, tough, and sexy, but hollywood still does not seem to see them as that. realy luv lee min ho,u re so cute,nd handsome. lots of love and support from a fan from st. know that your a famous in gorgeous person in this world and no time to read this message but i want you to know that you're very special to me.! i really love your dramas specially city hunter and faith! of the comments below show how good you are as an actor and maybe, as a person as well. but i'm 18 years old, i'm here in fort worth, texas and i would love to have you as my prom date for my senior year. you are my mentor lee min ho, i have watch all your movie lee mee ho you are a great actor bye i love u and make sure you call me with this number 08185292696because i am cute like you lee min ho. wish you,ll have a new drama soon so we can watch you more and more. although i dont understand the language but i love the song very much. i so wish lmh will learn english & star in a hollywood movie!(for the fans)don't call him your husband,boyfriend or yours.^ "lee min ho's 'bounty hunters' hits big in china box office". my goodness i love you and love the way you act, in short i dont joke with your drama, boys before flower, city hunter and faith, now waiting for heirs. love u and it's up to you that you are gonna make them cry or not. would like oppa to work with eminent scriptwriter "no hee-kyung". know you are strong hearted person and really believe in u. es starts to cry, and tears fall on both es and tan’s cheeks, mirroring each other. oppa you are so cute i love yours movie (faith) i am waithing eagerly your new movie in your future life you can able many difference type of action in your movie may god bless you lovely lee min ho oppa. and if god gave you a such a great gift, i pray him to give you also all sort of feelings who fulfil your heart: inexplicable love, endless joy, hopeful tears and an eternal life beyond this one. and i love to watch korean dramas specially lee min ho's dramas, he is a great actor with great appearance. lee min ho,you are the most popular k-drama actor in my country. min ho i am cris mae i am one of your biggest fan i watch all your movies i have so manny collection about your movies like the heirs,city hunter and perfect match etc. consider this and let director lee byung-hoon do the work! if you are lee min ho's true fans then you should be happy that he already meet someone that he loves, no matter how young she is., if one day you want to know how much god loves you email me ok. i can't wait to see his upcoming movie kangnam blues. i hope your new drama hits the #1 ratings and that you be safe as you join the army and that you will be happy as i am with my husband after you married the woman you love. can see it when he's sad (even without the tears) and the way he stares and gazes at his female co-stars. you, and your cast is one among the best cast that could ever be selected for a series! love your drama series "faith"even my 3 years old son likes your character as general choi young. poll: who do you want to see at kcon australia 2017? really really like oppa lee min ho because he is so cute. min ho i really love you to death wish i could see you . lee minho was a hallyu star he found love in the arms of co-star park minyoung while on the set of "city hunter. i'm soooo in love with all the dramas and movies you've made. lee min ho i don't speak good at english but i am learning it for you sorry for mistake lee min ho i watch all of your dramas and movie one of your movies is the heirs i like it so lee min ho good luck. don't sell your soul for goal and fans try and remember he is only human. one of the better drama series in quality of writing , acting , storyline and production. will never get tired of saying this,i love you lee min ho oppa.. i hope the heirs was his last high school kid role, and also chaebol, if you please. a great actor, hope to see more of your films. he is such an incredible actor and every single role i've seen him in has been super believable. love you,i hope you read this,i hate you if you do not come to indonesia. jun pyo,jeon jin ho,lee young sung,woodalchi general choi young,kim tan. can someone be that good looking and amazing at acting at the same time ! park ming young, she really went through 8 plastic surgery to look like what is now? min ho has 'it' that i can hardly find in others.,Specially#me,#hopeyoucanreadthisismymessagefromthebottomofmy#heart, im idolized you since#mackerelrun until #gangnamblues!'m just a teenager but i reaally hope that you will always success in your future undertaking . in fashon so far so good his still the best. love ur f4 dramas and i love u lee min ho oppaaaaaaaa. the nice drama up, you have made korean movie more interesting, and i also appreciate the characters you displayed in the movies you are extraordinary, you are good keep on the good work, lee min-ho./s: my idol has acted 73 films and how about this guy. thanks to that silly saleslady who forced me to buy your dvd (heirs), that day i bought 3 dvds (one piece / hobbit / heirs) & the least i'm interested watching is your's. every kdrama i watch with you shows me that you are not only a professional but also a very talented actor who has a bright future ahead of you. and only if he's english was no t so poor. loved all your drama series, boys over flower, the heirs, personal taste, faith and city hunter… i really admire you especially when you care about your leading lady in your entire drama episode. hopefully, we will be able to watch more movies and dramas. love all his dramas i hope that he could continue bringing us much more and that they could show more of his dramas and movies on netflix. i support his from italy every day and will do it in the future. i watched some of your series :) and really liked it. i love your smile, your charisma,your action moves and the expressions you give when acting. i believed so, he was created for a purpose and reason that will give. talent no one will reach this level at this young age., i'm libeth your fans, i hoping you red this message. i watched the heirs and now i'm hooked and have watched all the dramas you starred in it. all your characters,hope to see more of your series.'m a fan of mu lee min ho, i hope and dream you can go to indonesia to see myself, i love you, you thoseperfect men, i hope you can read my message is, you're handsome and you those perfect sweet. for your more dramas hope you become more famous in the future. i think he has real promise as an actor and will be happy to seen him succeed to the highest level possible. are such a great actor lee min ho, you are my idol. hope for you to enjoy your life and live happily! hope that you can find a woman that will love you forever. ðøñt get depressed if you make mistakes because generally everyone in the world are still learning,read lots of novels α̲̅πϑ keep an oxford dictionary with you so you can check some difficult words α̲̅πϑ there meaning so you get to know how to place them in a sentence. cannot wait to see what genre his drama will be,which scriptwriter will write his drama and which lucky actress will act alongside oppa! i dont like you and i dont like what your fans are doing to other k actors. has millons of fans,you are obviously jealous but ur bitterness can't get you to see it,your hatred for him is that he has acted in just 15dramas/films and incredible famous and am sure i don't even know your idol with his/her so called '73 films' but that does not mean i will start talking badly of him. oppa i love youuuuuuu <3 you are the best and very handsome <3 saranghae <3 oppa fighting : * :* :*. anyway don't judge someone on his looks because i did that once with another actor, i met him and he turned out to be a real jurk and a total ass.! so beautifuly he expresses the feeling of love, sadness and anger. love lee min-ho's films,i don't find any other film intresting again even my own country films because of lee min ho,i choosed boys before flower as my best film,followed by city hunter and the heirs,lee keep the good work going,sky is your begining. he had portrayed well his roles on every movies and drama he has but here on faith i can't just help but to be in love in every single episode. enjoy new year with your family and your gangnam team members.

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only hope lee min ho can reflect jang-dong-gun as actor. but in 2007, after 5 years and 10 months together, the two announced their breakup. can someone be that good looking and amazing at acting at the same time ! by the time of lee min-ho's senior year in high school he joined starhaus entertainment with the help of an acquaintance. i could meet you personally and wish you all the best in life because you really deserve it :). lee min ho , i am one of your secretly fan ,Im a single mom in a younger age , im 24 years old ,I love ur movie the faith and the heirs ,, i wish i can see and meet u personally :)). cause i really want to see you, your my inspiration :) hope to see you soon <3 <3. Their hectic schedule ended up getting in the way though. i believe his chemistry with lee min jung in "boys over flowers" is amazing. we live in america, so there aren't very many asian actors and actresses on television and movies here, which is such a shame! but i'd rather be the moon so i can shine on you during your darkest hour when your sun isn't around. lee min ho, i dont know whether you are reading this or not, but i just want to tell you boys over flowers was an all together new type of drama for me and i really liked you as gun jun pyo. min young and lee minho broke up last year because of their busy tight schedule..wish you come to me and give me a hug_ night my have great acting and all those drama were great too, you deserve it. know lee min ho so i know korea and it's beautiful culture. lee min-ho is currently majoring in film & art at konkuk university. hope old minoz and new ones will continue to respect his works and privacy and please don't get mad if he falls in love he is human too,and let's anticipate for his new projects and hope it becomes a success. have fell inlove with the way you act ever since i watched bof,and ever since then have always wanted to see more of you in every korean movie.’re not only a beautiful human being, an wonderful soul and a great actor, but you are also an inspiring person. his family consists of his mother, father, and one older sister. min ho you always give me joy anytime i watch your movie. hopefully you can make a drama with moon geun young too xddd. like you in boys over flowers and city hunter i wish you a very good health so you can produce many movies. i am curious how does it really fee when you have a million female fans who love you all around the world. min hot, i prefer calling u this because of your handsomeness..his charisma and appeal is why i'm attracted to him. i first saw lee min-ho about six months ago in boys over flowers. you oppa ^^ i love boys over flowers, personal preference and city hunter! really like lee minho is most since i like kpop stars they can't compared with him. to see lee min ho in mature rolls like he did in personal taste. i hope someday i'll go visit my aunt (who teaches english in south korea seoul) and get to see you in person!! keep up the good work handsome guy ❤️❤️ we'll be always supporting you. he is noted for his leading roles in city hunter (2011), the heirs (2013) and the legend of the blue sea (2016). i hope he will visit the philippines again the soonest.” considering this statement came 7 years after their breakup, we wonder if they should patch things up. i like his both dramas my love from star and moon embracing the sun.. his acting got matured in personal preference and city hunter. has millons of fans,you are obviously jealous but ur bitterness can't get you to see it,your hatred for him is that he has acted in just 15dramas/films and incredible famous and am sure i don't even know your idol with his/her so called '73 films' but that does not mean i will start talking badly of him/her..because of you, i badly wanna visit korea with a hope that i can see you. oppa iam your super dupper fan lee min ho in love to you as general choi young to faith lee yun seong to city hunter and kim tn to the heirs and specially you like like. ( fyi, iam not a staker, just lee min ho's biggest fan ). had a great hard time while watching the heirs coz it still not allowed to our country. to who you like,and leave those you don't like alone,don't watch his dramas if you don't like it,people who loves him will watch it,and praise him and ask for more and in the end he will always smile to the bank,while you waste your time looking for overated and underated actors! he's a good actor that will get better and better and i look forward to being one of his fans for all those years. i always follow your drama like city hunter, personal taste and city hunter. mark the 10th anniversary since his debut, lee's fans participated in several charitable causes. respected minho oppa even more for taking on gangnam blues! i love his charisma in personal taste and boys before flowers. my classmate are also in love with u cause u are too handsome. :(( lee min ho oppa ♥ ha ji won unnie will have great chemistry on screen! i've seen the shows you've done since then and believe you're really progressing as an actor. min ho is very fitteed with his role in city hunter (lee yun seong). cast lee min ho as a king for a historical drama series like dong yi, empress ki or jang ok jung. min ho you are the best take care and love you so much. min ho, you become the best man in all women heart, you make all women falling heart ( tangkap cintan ) in you. min hot, i prefer calling u this because of your handsomeness. as fans i hope lee-min-ho could portray the role much more serious and severe. so if you are up to the challenge i am in seoul until october 31st with my husband celebrating our 31 st wedding anniversary. moment i watched faith i began to fall inlove with you and become my inspiration. min ho hyung i love you so much,Chikaiqoi jan 22 2014 6:11 am. i'm ur big fan hope one day i will see u in nepal. min ho your perfect that's why i like verry much. his eyes, nose, mouth, teeth and omg his smile are all perfect, that make our beloved lmh is so unique, a one of a kind. luck for the coming days for you and i hope that you could continue searching for your dreams, even iff you dint get a chance playing soccer when you are in your 5th grade? min ho i really love i am a very big fans of your how i wish i can see and i really love your movie. of faith where choi young and his men follow yoo eun soo to her time. gu family book i was floored but choi jin hyuk. up the good work,you make people happy and inspired. really admire you lee min ho,wish i could meet you,you are my star! so young with so much talent quite my kind of guy. lee min ho ❤️ i love ur style in personal taste and i like ur role in faith but wht i did notice its the same personallity wich u had almost in all series and i do like it , ur self confident , brave , talentive , and u are serious about women. your biggest fan and i have watched a lot of your dramas. i never thought that i have a chance to meet you, but i did. can a young and playful boy like you acted so well as a matured, seasoned warrior? there are jackie chan and jet li, but they never made leading man status--even in their own movies. min ho im from trinidad and tobago and i absolutely love you oppa. is so talented and hope to see many movies with you in it..Thank you for existing in our world and in our life! cute and i fall in love with u each time i see u! think possess na ako sa kanya but still undercontrol ko parin i just wanna say to him(lee min ho)take care as always,enjoy what you have now,just be yourself-thats all i think. is there any possibility for a second season of that show? like you so much i hope i can see you someday when i will go to korea you are my favorite actor ever. here is wishing all the success in that concert and for good health. they’ve started watching more of lee min-ho’s dramas. this is a comment,not from just anybody,but from an upcoming star just like you. keep on the good work, and keep inspiring youths around the world. really think you are an enjoyable character who really draws people into the movie or series that you maybe acting in. park shin hye is younger than oppa but i didn't like her in heirs :((. he also revealed that his ideal type is someone ‘whose skin is as white as fluorescent light, petite build, and is elegant and pure’. i hope you can visit and stay in indonesia for a few day. u look like a gay and also ur hair is like a ramen so i will eat it when i will come back to korea arossou ramen gay. my only experiences so far is "boys over flowers" and "city hunter". 2010, lee starred in romantic comedy personal taste, in which he played an ambitious perfectionist young architect who poses as a gay man to become roommates with a young woman, leading to romantic complications. i saw lee min ho for the first time as yoon seong in city hunter. two more episodes of heirs but watch out because you knew know when the show will take a spin. not saying that lee min ho is like that, totally not. he was so believable and the role fits him like a glove. before flower,heirs,faith,personal taste and my best korean drama of all time city hunter,what do all these drama's have in common,lee min ho's charm and charisma. tan’s forehead kiss is very appropriate in this moment of this drama as tan treats eun sang a little more delicately than before, he is protective of her, and he is grateful for her love and her courage. challenge lee min ho that he can't acting without his hair down like that,he looks so bad when he didn't. min ho ♥♥♥ song hye kyo in a "noona romance comedy" :)). he can stir up emotions in a way no one else can, not even anyone in hollywood i know. thus, havent noticed early how handsome and hot this guy is. lee min ho i am a big fan of your i started seeing your dramas when i saw boys over flowers i love it sometime i will come to meet u when i reach high school in south korea. i hope there is more new drama that min ho do :d and min ho is super handsome. have never watched a korean serial ever in my life and this is my first time and u made me fall in love with it! throat* anyhow, yes, let's add to the "fan list" here. and will continue to do soso hope that one day i get to meet you and that day would be the best day of my life.

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. boys over flower was the 1st korean drama i watched and become fan from that very moment. matter how bad his drama is, it's baffling how he brings in high ratings for them. a new project for lee min ho and park shin hye together with kim woo-bin =) i will never forget the novel of the heirs. i promise you that i "ll be right here to encourage u and make you strong.!hope to see u in more diverse roles in the future and grab all the "best actor" awards with ur versatile acting skills<3<3 love u soo much and will keep on supporting u for all the good work! how many adjectives i used to describe this wonderful creature.) but i think that you're the sexiest man alive, and surprising enough i got my brother to watch city hunter and he won't stop watching.[15] he participated in a popular chinese variety show happy camp in december 2011. really love the way he act and he also have a very wonderful skill when it comes to dealing with ladies. he knows how to adjust and adopt what kind of character he is doing. i hope i can visit your country and be able to see you in person. good to know that there are still people who are in the film and acting career are finding time to study. guys whoever this catya person is just ignore him or her. you make us laugh and my mom cries in some scenes. i don't know if i should learn korean or not, because the only reason i would is to talk to you! hope you would change stay what you are and i wish i can meet me soon but i will study first before i find you. is xo xo handsome, beautiful eyes, long legs ajassui ,What's a wonderful man huh. lmh fans open your eyes and see that there are more good actors out there and handsome too. i hope that god will give you , good health , success in life , good carrier and many more . will get kim tans love,choi youngs warmth,lee yung sungs protection and lee min hos whole world. ji won is a top notch actress who has proved her ability in acting in "historical" & "melodrama" dramas. am so happy that after all your hardwork for 9years that you still remain your humble,selfless person and i heard your recent 'news'and am so happy you have someone aside from your family and fans,who you can share your difficulties with and can understand how busy you always are,everyone deserves that and hope you too last long. song hye kyo has started filming her upcoming movie "my palpitating life"! as good as you are and as bright as the path appears before you please remember, never believe your own press. may you have a great year ahead and looking forward to many more of your acting in movies/dramas. anne better hop to it though, miss universe pia wurtzbach recently said she’d like to work with sam milby! though i know that u don't read this i like to invite u to visit us. wish you a very nice smile and be happy always have a smile on your lips. i love your music even though i don't understand it! like his eyes and his lips it give full attraction to viewers like me . "lee min-ho gives gifts to staff to celebrate his birthday". some of you lee min ho fans overhype this guy way too much and you give him praise too much and he doesn't deserve it. the previous years, his chile fan club donated to the humanitarian organization patagonia compassion; and also participated in several other charitable causes. lee min ho dont know if u will read this msg - am from mauritius island just to let u know i recently discovered you in boys to flowers.!Actress kim sung-ryoung who played kim tan's mom in "the heirs" has recently said that "lee min ho is the most handsome actor". congratulations for making another superb acting and interpretation on the role; just like you did in bof. you are a versatile actor bcos your acting were not the same in all your roles in each past dramas and movies. i wish i could come to korea just to to see you , but i have to finish my study first for you :* iloveyou lee min-ho :)). i love you, oppa min ho :') wish you good luck <3.'re simply the best,love ur smile,ur walk,and ur sense of dressing,cant wait too see more in heirs. he's perfect in all kind of way,good-looking,charming, and a very handsome asian guy. days the drama the heirs makes me and my day complete. are my favorite and best actor u r mine hehehehehe <3. before, i ignore whatever appreciation about lee min-ho, the good news about him when it comes to entertainment.@anh,thank you very much i am really happy to hear that,but i have good news for you too if you search in the internet there are some photoes that he is in military uniform. min ho name on it because he is a good actor and of course. although shows like faith and city hunter aren't my type of shows im totally gonna watch them because of him..still i idolized all cast,the tandem, the staff, the creators, the writers and most of all i'd love to watch the perfect match teamup of lmh & pmy. min ho is the most talented actor in korea, i think..but why you don't answer us to make sure you get the message and read it? i hope to watch something from you sooner than later. min ho your so handsome i love you so much. like your all dramas i like you with park shy hey and also cheong ho i m waiting for your next drama., am crazy about your movies i hope one time i can see u please put it into consideration to visit east africa one time coz we love you too keep up the good work., after that waiting is over and we can watch "the hairs" first episode. and plus that playful smile on your face is just contagious. ur music (favorite song-my little princess)-lee min ho fan! he could make millions of girls happy just by filming a show of him doing normal activities. was recently introduced to korean drama, i started with "the heirs" and i must say brilliant acting. he was selected for the youth football class of south korean manager and former professional player cha bum-kun, but an injury in the 5th grade of elementary school put an end to this aspiration. the first show i started watching because of friends who are asian, and the other i found because i used him as a reference for other korean tv shows. minho's agency has come out to say that lee and suzy from miss a are still dating.[33][34] the album release coincided with the start of his re:minho fan meeting tour which spanned various asian cities. i am a very realistic person, and i don't like to be played by production companies, agencies, nor the media. hope i can lee minho in real life but i guess its just a dream. min ho you are best ever and you will always continue best from your huge fan.! i'm going to come to korea and hunt you down! i love every drama you make and the versatility of it too.'m always watching your different drama eventhough i already watch it. i am from uzbekistan but i always try to find his dramas though in our country it is very difficult. his major breakthough came with min-ho landing the lead role in the kbs2 drama "boys over flowers" as ku jun-pyo. on ur favorite and leave those you don't like cause it clear you are threatened by him. and enjoy yourself for what you like, without damage your feelings by displeasing things/persons/situations.'s just a perfect actor and he played every role very well ! like his acting so much even when he cries and laughs he made me to understand what love is i was really satisfied and understood what real love is thanks to him. i dont fancy kim tan but i really love the fact that lee min ho is so amazingly talented. moving and go ahead althought there is so many obstacle around you. i have just finished watching "personal taste" and skipped episodes half way because it was a boring story.'m in love wid de series "city hunter" n most of all i wl like to communicate wid lee min ho. he deserve to be someone that he loved, and that person is suzy, no matter how young she is. future is so bright as a actor i hope u put more effort producing action films all d best..and i hope you will always be my favorite actor. first saw him in boys over flowers and then in personal taste, but i didn't know it was my god lee min ho (so ashamed) ! keep it up with the good work and take good care of kim na na. want to see both lee min ho and park min young together in one drama. i from africa and i'm like your amazing from asia to africa.. i really love your movies, you act so real and natural. first korean drama i watch was boy over flowers and in the first place i know you will become an great actor because you reach a success in life. i love you lee min ho you are the best actor inthe world please visit my country kurdistan in iraq please visit my country good luck bye bye ilove you sooooooooooo much. when i started watching boys over flowers,after seeing your natural and talented acting you became my favourite actor. i hope one day you can come to kota kinabalu, sabah & enjoy yourself here. oh well i hope he comes to belgium soon or when he has time. i don't know how you do it but every time i see your smile makes me grin. lee min ho, i'm one of your biggest fan here in the philippines, i really like you and the way you speak filipino language. realy fall in luv with lee's serries i swaer mostly "the heirs" i luved that en am egerly waiting for "the heirs season two" i luc him. since, i have searched for all your movies and watched personal taste, city hunter and faith which i found very interesting and fantastic acting in your different characters.! jackie and jet are awesome, but we need something fresh! honestly do not understand why people love this guy so much because i think that he's overrated and nothing really special. just want to see how handsome you are in person. lee starred in his first leading role in film with gangnam blues (2015), followed by his first china-produced film bounty hunters (2016). hope i can go to seoul, korea to see lee min ho there .'s been more than two months since your last drama ended, and my heart is still fluttering when i accidentally see your picture. min-ho =p i hope i could go to korea to see you there and all the other cast of boys over flowers ( bof ) .^ "chun wan says lee min-ho as 'the most wanted actor'". love your movies/dramas, you are a very good actor and i hope you get the opportunity to act in an american movie/drama.. like others i have to read the english subtitles to know what's going on, but watching these shows has definitely intrigued me enough that i need to learn korean. but if one's soul is touched when looking at someone who performing an artistic act, it means that he is loved. having leading ladies who are older than you is not a hindrance for you to play/portray the character given to you very well.@iluvleeminho: all my friends don't like him, so i and my friends aren't on the earth, huh :))).

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love lee min ho oppa and jun ji hyun unnie. i dont wanna belive its just a mobie and ur a different person in real life when ur the main actor in the move. "kim nam-joo, han hyo-joo win grand prize at mbc acting awards".^ "lee min-ho to get top honor at bucheon film festival". and when i watched him starred a historical drama film "faith" (but titled on lbs as "the great doctor"), i know for sure that he really "in" to the characters he acted. love his acting in boys over flowers,personal tast,city hunter and faith is so talented. know you are working really hard but don't overwork your self,because we need you in one piece and always eat healthy and always get enough sleep. hope you go out with kim na na (park min young). and also the fact that he always wanted to act in hollywood and some other facts about him liking manchester united. wanna see minho oppa & "park bo young" in a drama or lee min ho & "song hye kyo". u and goo hye sun will get married as soon as possible. lee min ho has said in his interview,"song hye kyo" is his ideal girl.. he is very handsome and i like boys over flowers god bless you. been a year past still city hunter is always in the air. has her/his own opinion, and you should respect other's opinions. it is my all-time most favorite show out of all movies and dramas in the world. i have'nt see him in person and that is my ever wish! min ho - jun ji hyun hope make amazing chemistry in the next drama! although i knw it's not possible but i hope i meet you in person either in a dream or in real life. you are the most versatile and handsome guy i have ever seen in my life..i hope that you keep doing kdramas that will inspire us.. you and park shin hye were the best partner ever. i live in a small island of marinduque here in philippines.[42] lee also co-starred in the promotional web drama first seven kisses by lotte duty free. eventhough we are far away but still we're connecting through social networking. they were at the pinnacle of their fame, a paparazzi shot of the kara and beast member was leaked. cutest eyes and sweetest smile that i'd ever seen in my life.[94][95] it has also raised funds and contributed donations to several causes; such as world water day, the "transparent umbrella project" and the “making warm winter for both bodies and hearts” campaign. really luv lee min ho a lot just wanna meet him once in life tym. your acting was so heartfelt and deep and your character so well portrayed that you could not help fall grow to live him. love you so much and i watched all your series but faith i still watching it now adays i loved all your dramas and love you soo much oppa fighting ~. every actress he had worked with,he shared the best chemistry with ku hyu sun,they seem to have so much fun and very comfortable with each other during their bof days,please do another project with her,i wish you every success oppa,fighting! my favorite show is city hunter and boys over flowers. love oppa minho lee min ho please be healthy and more more drama. next drama saw was gu family book, i was floored by choi jin hyuk. however, any project with goo hye sun/gum jan di in the near future? i love you so much and i wish that same day to see you. i just got back into kdramas and noticed i missed out a lot (bts taehyung was the reason).,oppa you are so talented and handsome and i love you! he's got talent and wish him good health and energy for him to continue the wonderful work he is doing! watched him in boys before flowers and i love him!.can't wait to watch him in other shows and is role in city hunter is really fantastics and faith also. some of you lee min ho fans overhype this guy way too much and he's just bland to me! that is the reason why we filipinos love lee min ho, he is always welcome to our country. i love u lmh keep them coming and hope to meet u in boston or maybe someday in korea. i m living just 5 min from the there, my plan is must stalking him tomorrow, good luck to me :-). love watching your movie lee min-ho, whenever i want to buy a movie i always check if i will see your movie because i love watching your actions, actually i have watch some of your movie which you acted some of them are city hunter, faith, personal taste, heirs, i am sam, and boys before flowers and so on, am waiting for new movies of you..lee min ho, you are an amazing actor with great talents. i like him in city hunter/faith and and (don't like the girl there) bof. is busy filming for his upcoming action movie "gangnam blues" & he probably won't star in a drama in 2014! now, understand a bit of lee min ho's great fandom. lee min ho is the most famous actor in asia now. a nigerian and the first korean movie i saw was "boys before flowers". to hollywood, they either know martial arts, are nerdy, or goofy. the sound of your voice and the songs you sing music stirs my heart. you r best in that category and that's the reason i like u. i hope one day we can meet once again i love you so much  :). heirs was a well written rom com drama with witty and funny lines which is fresh and not not run of the mill dialogue like hk drama serials. you seemed like you were interested in bettering yourself and being taken seriously for your craft. min ho is much better actor than kim soo hyun,if anyone to blame then blame the writer for poor script not him. i'm looking forward to your new movie in january and i wish that you will carry on doing great work in the future. lokk at kim and his new drama he is growing up i think it's time for min. wanna see lee min ho & ha ji won in a noona-romance-comedy! thank you so much for updating the biography of my ultimate idol!'s funny how people want him to go to military right now just becos he is dating! u are such a whiz kid who slowly and patiently reach up to ur dreamzz.[40] local response in china to the movie have been positive, and the film earned 9 billion won (. if i have time , i will watch other movies and series from lee min hoo. lee min ho,korean dramas and movies makes my day always good and makes me inspired..maybe the cast and the staff has a purposed why the story ends like that.'re the most unique and coolest actor i've ever known! korea has being an amazing experience and i plan to return but the thing that would make it perfect would be to some way i could have you to say hello to me. gosh, faith was so amazing aihdisjxhishc and i loved personal taste and the heirs, i hope you can keep up doing dramas with my favorite actresses which are park min young and yoon eun hye. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. thinking of you and your birthday and wishing you happiness always. please keep appearing in many dramas because we are still your biggest no.. really wana use this medium to appretiate and congratulate you on your acting.! i really love him a lot and beside look at him ! min ho, you are the best, i had ever seen in the world before. for minoz from indonesia, please contact me on my twitter : @mydnaermwt. started dating south korean singer and actress bae suzy from miss a in early 2015. i reaaaally like all of your movies and k dramas ! dream is to shoot movie 2gether and i"ll never give up i"ll keep on fighting utill i make it come true i really like the way u :alway smile and the way u walk i luv your step and the way u talk i really luv everything about u ;but always remember my word luv hurt so much don't go into luv u ll only get hurt the best way is for u to wait for the right girl to come your way and when she come u ll know thank u. hehehehe i hope youll have more projects to come, blessings and keep healthy always. 2005 the pair broke up after chou was photographed with another woman. i read korean star news and watch videos about him and his interviews and he is not only humble but. we are also his fans and his coming movie g. she has big hit movies like "speedy scandal","a werewolf boy" & & her latest movie "hot boiling youth" is on big screen & she is done acting! is the word is actually defined for "lee min ho". love everything about you from my heart right from the 1st time i saw you,you drove me crazy and since then have been loving you. they would realize how popular they are as a couple. god after reading some comments i thought to myself "do i sound/look like this?. i hope i can see you again in another drama with park shin hye :) im so inlove with the heirs. i'm really happy to leave lee minho in the past. i love you both and i love your drama "the heirs"! a very big fan of u min ho keep up the good work. he first gained widespread fame in korea and parts of asia with his role as gu jun-pyo in boys over flowers in 2009. though i'm not a korean but i'm so proud of your personality. plays different type of character in your different dramas and you performed very well.!oppa its been long you haven't been coming online on facebook,oppa please update your page..t class and if i pass i can work there in south korea. that image, and hope this drama is happy ending,Don't really know another word, you just great actor. iminho salang haeyo aidol keuleosi nae ultimte hahahahah dangsin-eul salang . us lol but the fights were great and the quarrels between tan and do and won was intense so it wasnt all bad for me too haha! because of him i beleive in myself and in my dreams. i alway wish to meet you again, love you oppa lee min hoo.! because lee min ho is so handsome that he is so different from narrow eyed & typical korean faces! i would love to have the honor of meeting him but i live in america." it's the only show that i can watch many many times.

Lee Min Ho : KDramaStars

. don't mind the haters 'cuz they will always be there trying all their best to bring u down. let the joy of the others to love and appreciate lee min ho without being judged.. i knew your work since mackerel run and already fallen immensely in your acting since then.:* mah charming prince ever never blink a eye whenever watching you go ahead with love. you sang very well and looked very good on the chinese cctv new year your biggest fan from philippines but currently working here in macau china, hope i can watch your concert. people may disagree that kim soo hyun or lee soo hyuk or lee jun ki or song joong ki or even jo in sung are handsome,, but no one can say that lee min ho isn't handsome. nice to know you in drama "the heirs" and "city hunter". over flowers was recently shown on mbc4 dubbed in arabic.^ "[photos&video] lee min-ho gets most popular star award at 36th blue dragon film awards".! keep up the good work handsome guy ❤️❤️ we'll be always supporting you. also keep in contact with other f4 members, geum jan di, park gae in and yoo eun soo+dae man as you have a bond with these ones in all your movies. had already been getting into korean dramas before i saw boys over flowers, but your acting in that show made me really interested.. your my inspiration, i hope and i wish i will go there in korea soon. i liked the drama 'faith' not because of min-ho, but rather because it suits with my taste :) a pretty good actor min-ho is, even though the first impression was that he looked like a girl :p enough said. love the way you act lee min-ho, keep it up. am a great fan,i've been inspired by u and other korean actors to come visit one day:). we love the way you smile and the way you gaze to lead actresses. ilove lee min ho to deth and i love korea more than anyone is these world no one can love korea like me understand and lee min ho i will kill my self for sure and iam korea fan 1. one compelled you to see his drama and asked you to comment here. lee min ho was crying probably the most uninhibited tears i have ever seen him cry on tv. also added that ""i think lee min ho's beauty is the top out of all of the korean celebrities. need to know how it feels to see you alone. and as for your relationship with park min-young you guys really suit. you're such a great actor, and a great person, for helping nepal children victims of earthquake, most of all im so proud to be your fan because you put your donation under the name minoz..he already said he is going to the military next year,so if you are his fan then respect his decision and always pray for him to be the best he can be,he is human after all., looking forward to your oncert, annyeong#minho lee~the#1hottie in asia :-). are still young and energetic so you can still round up so much. i love ur heart and ur smile and childish activity even now u can't change that right. like his way of acting and i always look forward for his serial..i hope you won't get tired of us your fans! i believe there is a wisdom behind your eyes and that million dollar smile that enlightens the screen. i am his biggest fan or should i say an crazy fanatic of lee min ho from the first day i've watched his acting career in boys over flower since then i always watching his movies/tv series, woohhh! love u oppa and i hope u come to india. i hope that the leading ladies in your future dramas will be top notch & talented actresses like "song hye kyo","ha ji won","han hyo joo","park bo young" or "yoo eun hye"! 8 things you didn't know about twice's momo 5 times k-pop appeared in tv and movies. you should expand your tours as u have fans from all over the world.'s truly a good actor and is passionate with his work.. and now after seeing several episodes of legend of the blue sea? anyway but i hope you could star or take part in more tv series drama and movies! lee min ho,you have a very good smile keep that smile always on ur face. are the person that made start to watch korean movies and dramas you are so cute .. i can't wait to see another drama of yours lee min ho! you have such a bright future ahead, so please stay grounded and do not get caught up in anything bad. telling him that he will not be happy just because he's dating suzy and you fangirls want him to breakup is stupid as f. ha ji won is currently filming her mbc drama "empress qi"! i hope to see you more in dramas or movies given different roles to venture on. is my favourite actor and wish him good luck from my deepest heart for a good future as a film actor.'m not a fan of lee min ho so sorry min ho fans. have seen every thing you are in so far and i always love your performances you are an amazing actor. min ho, i love u so much as your fans. thinking about his upcoming new movie 'gangnam blues', my heart is pounding!!i just wanted to say that even though you don`t know me i know you and i want to tell you i will always love you and be the best you can be. really like lee min ho movies and he is a great actor keep the good work lee min ho. ♥ ♥ i love him so much he is my favorite actor i watched all of his films and i liked boys befor flowers so much it was perfect ♥ . hopefully, we will be able to watch more movies and dramas..:* :*(and i'll be really sad when u go off to the army :'( ). min ho i am from lithuania am your not a fan i'm 18 years i want to say that you are very good actor. lee min hoo is one of the most over hyped actors ever, and i really don't get the hype! i love u so much and i love the show u r in boys over flower and evean city hunter evan though city hunter was kind of sad because the prosicuter had to die in their and jyn pio too. min ho was outstanding as kim tan as others below mentioned in their comments, this character is so different from his previous characters. i have watched all your dramas and movies ,please come up with new ones. the plot was excellent and never got sloppy for a moment. don't really care about your looks but i am so much unloved with your acting especially in bof and am looking forward to see more of your acting.( :( i cannot wait no more to see who will be the leading lady!! lee min ho, you and kim hyun joong are my favorite koreans ever. min ho is so talented and has very good manners. they are very much excited to see yhe minmin couple reunite soon. lee min ho is deserving to win the best actor for his portrayal of jun pyo. i’m looking forward to watch your newest movies and kdrama when it comes out. oppa,i love you and wish to meet you someday![103][104][105][106][107] in 2014 and 2015 lee topped an online poll organised by a chinese entertainment magazine to be crowned as the "asian male god".. mr lee min ho i love and like the drama series in the heirs i like your role as a kimtan and i like your leadinglady yoon eun hye super best couple the two of you :) you two look like real boyfriend and girlfriend i hope it's true ^_^. love you baby,i love everything about you sweetheart,i love everything that you do honey and i love how talented that you are with everything my love..i would like to meet you in person if i have a chance to meet you that will be a dream and prayer that will come true if ever but i know that you are a busy person. min-ho was born in heukseok-dong, dongjak-gu, seoul, south korea on june 22, 1987. hope his next movies could sharpen/improve his acting to be perfect & sharp. wish and hoping to see both you and park shin hye in real life not in dreams, you are also my greatest actor in korea.@catya no offense but you are dumb,oh because he is overated to you others are not allowed to love him,it does matter if you don't like his dramas cause i know millions do and appreciate him everyday for city hunter and bbf he show that how talgent is he. most love your song 'my everything' 'song for you' is all too great and those others in that album! since i knew you ever thought that every day you ever thought of god..because jang-dong-gun is one of korean actor who is trully man. god bless you with a handsome face and i'm glad you are not conceited like other stars but you remain humble, respectful and gracious to all your fans. min-ho will release a special album for his fans in may, 2013. is just so amazing,and he never dissapoints, i hope he keeps the good work,i will continue loving him.^ "first special album, my everything (korea version, cd+dvd+photobook+poster) product info". btw boys over flowers is my favorite show of any and all languages, places and genres. their hectic schedule ended up getting in the way though. hope he will be more popular and successful in his life.' however, when i watch lee min ho, i fall in love with him and can't help being immersed in the fantasy land he is in. this actor is young and to please fans, he may need more exposures in many projects but unfortunately these are forgettable ones.^ "actor lee min-ho named goodwill ambassador for 2018 pyeongchang winter games". competition for the leading role was very intense and lee only got to know he was cast from the are my favorite actor in the whole world so keep it up.. though u dunno me, i'll always include you in ma prayers nd continue to be a good fan of urz! are a total star to be loved & cherished lee minho!.i love to watch your drama even though i watch it many times. just like they said min ho oppa's comedy side was revealed. i wish you the best in the future and will be love to expect seeing your next movie or drama. a buddhist i wish u tomorrowlive longer and may tripple gem bless you min. have heard so much about lmh being the hottest male actor in south korea. i won't add details since i don't mean to harm and hurt. on your projects and good luck for the coming one. wishing you all the best and keep up your good work. your time to pick any drama that makes you happy and comfortable and we your fans will love and support you in everything be it dramas or movies,you are a good person minho and that is all that matters. don't really like korean drama but the moment i watch faith, i fell in luv with this guy after then i watch ch, bbf and the best out of the best the heir,omg this guy is supernatural, i totally become his fans, oppa come to nigeria you have a lot of fans here, i wish i could meet u one day, me, my family, and my friends really likes you, you are the one make not to watch my coutry film because of your true acting skill. ^ ^ min-ho oppa has now more than 20 million followers in his weibo account & 13 million friends in face book because of the wildly hit drama "the heirs"!. love lee min ho he's the brightest most talented & handsome star!

Lee Min Ho

i watched all of your dramas and now i haven't any drama to watch. after that i looked him up and found out he's my birthday twin!!Hee lee min you looks handsom only in long and curl hair, like gu jun pyo. the outset, let me say that truly lee min ho can boast of his good looks and he doesn't appear "girlie" unlike other handsome male stars. min ho is the handsome korean guy like seriously i want to meet you personally and i want to finish my time just for you. you are the guy who made me love korean dramas. if you know how many fans are there in sri lanka for you? accidentally came across bof on mbc4 and i had to look for subs. lee min ho you are my one fun and inspiration i just wished to see you once,,,,,. wish the universe will allow me to see lee minho i have never liked a man like dis in a movie everyday i watch ur movies i shed tears wishing to see you. is different between reality and fiction respect his private life and decisions. love to sleep around16 hours in my free days,but if i do so uri omoni will get mad.!" lol well idc i admit he is not the hottest korean actor but he does have something that none of them do i still dont know what it is but i fell in love with his character goo junpyo in bof even though i hated him with all my heart at first lol. can't stop my self on my daily routine, and that is watching bof over and over. way he walks is a bit weird, is it because of tight clothes and pointed shoes?. i love u some much, i want to ur next movie with d f4 and ku hye su and ur next movie with park min young and ur next movie with park shin hye.'re so handsome, you did very well in the heirs.'re pretty much the hottest asian everrrr and i kind of want to marry you (:Mhariz jun 28 2009 6:00 pm. min ho i love youuuuuuu sooooo much and you are my favorite korean star and we like see you with ku hyen sun again because in morocco we love see the best coupl award minsun and don't forget we love you so much. right now the only way for you is to go up and go higher. jun pyo, jeon jin ho,lee young sung, woodalchi general choi young and kim tan. he's at that age where the roles he should portray should match his age. i cannot wait to watch "gangnam blues" & i hope that i will hear about his upcoming drama soon. i'm from india and i know chances of meeting you are near to nil :p. its so "bitin" (i do not know how i used some words to described) since via our channel it only aired i think 20 mins per day to its timeslot so, what i did i go through online just to satisfy my eagerness to finish the story of the heirs. both you and park shin hye could be the cutest couple in the world (unfortunately it is just a drama..if you don't like his dramas/movies don't watch it,his fans will watch it,and will love it,and will ask for more and at the end he will smile to the bank for making other people smile too. hope you and yoon eun hye will be in a drama together :) everybody will love it ^_^ <3. hope this simple "hi" that comes from the bottom of my heart would let you smile. an actor of the same name, see lee min-ho (actor born 1993). i love everything about you and you made me fall in love with korea and it's people. your lips finally gave it away after 15 minutes into it (; this level of acting & charisma has made me a fan - will go back for your other shows & grestly look forward to the new one, the inheritors. hope min ho will be a guest in running man. look is what you should proud of because you're mom give birth to you and she see your original face first. there is just something about him that makes people crazy, i cant put my hands on what it is about him that make people like him more. april 2013, lee's wax figure was unveiled at the madame tussauds in shanghai. (i live in the us) i was inlove with city hunter and since i watched that i've been trying to learn korean. min ho oppa has always had awesome chemistry with his noona-sonbae actresses. really love watching your drama's not only because of the story lines are next to perfection but because it inspires people, am proud to be a fan of yours lee min ho..but i think is tine to do more dramatic rules and quite high school dramas ,the stories are now getting too boring and predictable . in the class of sungkyungkwan scandal, the fugitive plan b (which was also funny in certain scenes) - productions which were well casted - rights camaderie between cast members. min ho is the best with ku hye sun just . please be always humble yourself even how successful you will get. in each of these drama's you've given so much of importance to understand the character, change your physical appeal to show a difference, but most importantly you seem to have connected with the character. wish u can visit ur fans here in hongkong ☺ we miss ur last drama “legend of the blue sea” u and beautiful jun ji hyun is undeniably has a strong chemistry. baby boy,heard gagnam blues is starting this april,am so excited,please take care,and be careful with the driving and stunts cause i don't want you getting hurt and stuffs..Be safe,be happy and we will always pray for u..and me and my friends started watching korean drama because of you! we were all crushed to find that none of us would stand a chance unless we were your ideal girl. was when i watched city hunter that i started to idolize him, and faith was amazing as well! far, i've seen two of your movies, "the great doctor, and city hunter". may be as good as always and i'm sure i'll be proud of it . lost my interest to watching tv shows in recent years. your acting style is different and your facial expressions are great. really i fell in his love ♥ i love him so much and i hope to see him in real ~~~. the 2nd year of his high school career, lee min-ho turned his attention to acting. on the other hand, he has not signed for any dramas for almost two years, he performed in gangnam 1970 like a newbie showcasing his beauty,He died beautifully. one dayyy please cast lee min ho and lee min jung as leads in an well-written drama. ho,i am new fan i love all your dramas,and have a way of putting a smile on my face you are my best korean celebrity. you all the best and waiting to watch your new series. are one of heaven sent gift who brings nice smile to us. what's best is it really gives lee minho the opportunity to shed his 2nd generation chaebol image." since then he's moved on to conquering asia and the heart of miss a's suzy. your kdrama, the hiers, got me through one of the toughest break-ups i’ve ever had, and i want to thank you for sharing that movie with us. you ccan say u love him when u know him for who he is not who he is on tv!. and he is the actor i like the most his acting is good and he very handsome :d..i really-really like you_maybe someday we can meet and had to close (impossible) but i wish that. do challenge yourself by accepting new characters and unique roles. a fan from nigeria and i really wish id see you,ive watched all the dramas you acted as the lead actor. u minho workhard and big up wish u the best hope we will meet.! i wanna see you romancing the heroine not only with expressing romantic words,but also romancing & emoting emotions with your beautiful honey eyes!@ alister and @flo, both lee min ho and kim soo-hyun are great actors in their own respectful way. like a lot the simple way that values and ideals are presented through your movies as well as the way that they captured the audience and focused on the highlights. minho seriously i really like you i have been wanting to see you and because of you i will become an actress a verry porpular one and i will be your friend i am a nigerian your number1 nigerian biggest fan. is acting is awesome even thought he is so young but he knows how to act as good actor. every actress he has worked with, i find gu hye sun suits him the best, i wish they can real couple, they should do more dramas and films together. haseyo ,i'm really glad to see your new drama now ,it is really interesting and funny . are a very good actor, i like u in boys over flower, i like u in city hunter and i love u in faith, u are doin really great please keep it up to make your fans more proud of u . but i would love to see him in military uniform though :-). lee min ho im a fan of your show the heirs i wish they have part 2 someday.. you got it all (talented, handsome, funny, tall) i now love korean movies because of you. must say that his acting is so amazing and i really hope to see him in a new drama as soon as possible ❤. the only thing that is lacking is the 'bad boy' attitude of tsukasa domjoji( sorry can't remember the korean name ='( ), i wish he was a more violent and impulsive. natural and real that's what i like most about you.. you're so cute, best actor in korean dramas and films.? i thought he has the same age as me, instead, he's alot younger than me. min ho is the most handsome guy i have ever seen and the best actor wish for him the best <3 <3..your my inspiration everyday to pursue my studies and i would like to know your language and culture so that we can easily close and your my #1 fan here in cebu,philippines.^ "first special album, my everything (korea version, cd+dvd+photobook) product info". min ho,though you see this or not,i want to wish you a good luck. im alway by ur side and support you until the end! lee min-ho because of you i became a certified kdrama addict i continued watching the series i realize that he's really handsome. how i wish and hope i could meet you in person. i loved his chaebol characters but to me his best drama role is and always will be lee yun seong-ssi from city hunter. min-ho is one hell of a guy, he's so handsome and very good at acting.'m your fan, because of your perfect acting in your series especially in 'the heirs' and "the boys over flowers' . find a topic you’re passionate about, and jump right in..where ever you are always know that there are a lot of people looking up to you and please keep up with the good work. it feels like the character sent it to the viewer how he really felt on that very moment. he's always paired with his co star girls because he is a very good actor so people tend to mix reality and fantasy. 'm trying to learn korean now because of him and i wish if i can visit korea :). there will be a part two of jang geum that min ho may fits, please do. :d i want to see them in comedy-romance as well-written as "full house" or "secret garden" or "attic cat" please,keep your fingers crossed for this pair-up!'m really hoping you'll play one day along with kong hyo jin unnie or song hye kyo! to be honest,i feel sorry for him everyone is on his neck right now and i don't understand why some shippers are hating on him because he is not dating there favorite actresses,they all came to do there jobs satisfy the fans and get paid and not everyone who works together fall in love some become friends and some just part ways after the project they are not robots that you can control with your imaginations and delusions(no offense),there is no wrong in shipping tho but don't become a monster because your ship did not sail. this is my first time writing long on celebrity wall, love you and happy new year.'ve been so crazy watching city hunter with my favorite stars lee min ho and park min young. you and goo hye sun make a really cute couple.

and sorry that you couldn't be come a soccer player.. hoping to see u in person(of-course tears fall for overwhelmed on seeing you on that day). she looks at him silently, feeling what he feels, as he struggles to breathe with the tears rising in his throat and his chest squeezing in pain. i live in england and over here all my friends like u. by lee min-ho, written by composer and producer hwang chan-hee. over flowers cast lee min ho has chosen ‘everyone’s lover’ song hye kyo as his ideal type of woman. love minho oppa's penetrating & piercing eyes,cute dimples,high cheek bones & brilliant acting!, debbyvicks, please do not take offense, why are you blaming lee for your favorite actor receiving insults?.You have no idea how much you make me happy! nurses friends and i were supporting your movies as well as your dramas on tv. oppa minho,,you are so handsome and i am your huge fan i am always watching all your drama series,,,you are one of the versatile korean actor i really like the way you act,,,am so happy you visited again in our country philippines last time but since our island is quite far from manila so i didn't have a chance to meet you in person i was just watching you on tv screen,,,you have a very good eyes and i am looking forward for your next drama series hope you and song hye kyo will be working together in the future i am longing to see you both on screen i am sure you are a perfect chemistry,,,good luck to your career and love hopefully,,,godbless you always,,,saranghe oppa,,,,,Kalai jun 29 2014 4:15 am. but i still love that angry and unmatured 'gu jun pyo'..hope you'll continue to have a prosper and successful life and career .,i heard that actors who have born in the years 1985-87 should go to the military service actors like song jungki,kim hyun jung,jung gyun sook,lee sung gi,park yuchan and the most important of them you,please tell us that this isnt true,you know that we will wait for you but if i want to be honest i should say that it is very hard not seeing you for two years and hear the news about you from others.. i almost cannot finish the show that u played too..looking forward to watch all of your series and movies..i always enjoyed watching my american films and dramas but some of my friends enjoyed korean dramas and they challenged me to try watching the heirs because parts of it was filmed in a beach here in california where we used to go during summer break. my mom and i became your fans after watching "the heirs". you are one of the artist that make me enjoy watching korean movies and dramas and gradually learning korean." the drama was based off a japanese manga by tsukasa hojo. hunter is the best but istill think why korean artist do surgeonto change their face structure. my wish is to become and actor, even though i'm terrible hahaha!^ "lee min-ho, lee joon-gi, hwang jeong-eum get top honors at 10th seoul drama awards". have some interiority and remember acting is just that, you are in love with the character he plays but you have no idea who lee min ho really is. the movie, which co-stars kim rae-won, marks lee's first leading role in a feature film. ðøñt get depressed if you make mistakes because generally everyone in the world are still learning. anyhow, we all die someday and i won't go crying over this guy (min-ho). 2014, lee set up the promiz website, a fund-raising platform to raise awareness and encourage donation for social and humanitarian causes. 1year remaining i will be graduated and 2years from now i hope and i wish.. and so young,enjoy your life inside the parameters but with modest! ur so gorgeous, those figure and those face is so perfect, your good in acting too;-) i am your number one fan oppa. your performance and that of the other actors and actresses were incredible. you should have know the different between reality and drama-life..his charisma and appeal is why i'm attracted to him. for the information i love min ho he is the most handsome guy i have ever seen i like to meet him one day. for next episode's faith,, :* where choi young meet to yoo eun soo,, and how story in next time,, :* :*. guess among every actress he had worked with,he shared the best chemistry with ku hyu sun,they seem to have so much fun and very comfortable with each other during their boys over flowers days,i wish he will do another project with her. lee min ho i don't speak good at english but i am learning it for you sorry for mistakes you know i watch all of your dramas and movie one of your movies i saw is the heirs i like it lee min ho i know sooner or later we will meet with you so good luck lee min ho i love u. i love you so much min hoo , to be honest i miss boys before flowers aaa i miss everything in that scene .#lee minho :-),& gomawo for being such a humble,down to earth,nice person to all of us, specially to your very diehard fans arround the world"hope that, even your on the top,don't forget us,#fans loves you,#take care&keep sape always,:-)[god&buddha] blessed you more,good luck :-) to your movie#gangnam blues! really love how lmh's emotions can be seen through his eyes. favorite dream genre for his future drama is "suspense,mystery,romance,melodrama" my favorite dream female leads for oppa are: song hye kyo,park bo young,han hyo joo my favorite dream character for oppa: serious,rash,cunning,clever,manly & not rich. min ho u are just too much, i luv watching so many of ur movies keep it up dear. don't really like korean drama but the moment i watch faith, i fell in luv with this guy after then i watch ch, bbf and the best out of the best the heir,omg this guy is supernatural, i totally become his fans, oppa come to nigeria you have a lot of fans here, i wish i could meet u one day, me, my family, and my friends really likes you, you are the one make not to watch my coutry film because of your true acting skill. talented,sexy,gorgoues,handsome,with a beautiful smile that can melt the heart of any one compelled you to see his drama and no one asked u to comment here. anyway it is a fact that one day you should do your service and in that day all of your fans and i will tell you"aja aja fithing"..And try other roles as well being always rich and snob it's a bit tiring.. i'm very like your drama, i'm happy to watched and my day to complete. i first watched lee in faith and he made me think he is some ancient guy in real life. really like this guy he s so full of energy , very good looking guy in and out. watching korean series i didnt know any thing about your country and your excellent people but now that i realized a few i wanna know more. from 'i am sam' to 'bof' to 'personal taste', 'city hunter' and 'faith', i have loved every second of it. we can not survive a year without you in a drama. minho i'm your big fan from ethiopia i love ur dramas boys over flowers,heirs,faith and city hunter . says that he loves to visit england more or less because fo the fact that people dont care much here? anyways i love me som lee min ho, can't wait to see him in gangam blues! i had or have the time i will catch up and watch more of the older kdramas (which i might not do since i'm catching up on other things).! i love you so much you should totally do more romantic comedies!'re a good and versatile actor, that is what makes you different from other korean actors, i am so much a fan of yours and i am currently watching all the korean dramas you have done before.^ "lee min-ho's wax figure unveiled at madame tussauds in shanghai".^ "lee min-ho, park shin-hye, lee jong-suk win most popular awards". regardless, i am definitely going to start searching for and watching more asian movies and dramas that are available on the internet or dvd's. i love you:) you're one of the most handsome and cutest korean i've ever met and i really wish to meet you in person. how to speak korean tho cus am definately cming over. when the happiness chases after you be kind and greatful to him otherwise he will get sick of you and dissapear from your sight . min-ho is superb in his acting skills in city hunter. lee min ho is vastly overrated and he doesn't deserve a lot of praise! count me as your true fan and more power in your career. he's so handsome every time he smiles i feel like melting. has millions millions fans and he do his best to make them happy and glad and they appreciate him and love him a lot. though i dont know korea,with the help of english scrollings i watched your dramas..may be late and last but not very least wishing you many more happy returns of the day. i've been waiting a long time for a plot like this, and min ho acted out that role perfectly. since i love history and diverse cultures it peeked my interest. i've read this post and if i could i wish to suggest you few interesting things or. and hey i'm a fan too but not because of his great looks. even more that adoring fans, managers and publicists can take. you can go far2 away to make your life and dream came true. love u lee min-ho have a wonderful xmas and new year. just annoyed and irritated to see the lead girl, really poor screen charm. taiwanese and hong kong fans fans also made donations to profit organizations world vision and unicef. the range of his expressions, his vocals and overall charisma is great. saw your dramas,really you are a good actor min ho,i know you have fan all over the world. korea has been awesome the last 20 days that i visit and always hoping to have a glance of you. i never seen before korean movies but now i'm real fan of korean culture and history. my aunt teaches english in korea and so she sends these movies to me.[19] he then released his first album "my everything" in may 2013 and went on a fan meeting tour in asia. loved the dramas lee min ho has been in but i didnt love him as an actor until i watched faith! there have been no sightings of the pair together in a little while, but we keep hoping. i really hope to see you someday and i hope its soon. i will still be your fan for the rest of my life. power and god bless you always, stay humble and kind. i love history and diverse cultures, after watching moon embracing the sun it peeked my interest. of love from nigeria and from a whole lot of ur fans. is the first time that i admire someone and that's you lee min ho. keep up the good work and we will keep supporting you. what excites me even more is that i can see he still has so much more potential inside him. i don't eat and sleep just to watch your movies :). hope you and miss eun yoon hye will make a series soon. i hope someday we could meet in person and can chat together.^ "[photos] lee min-ho wins best new actor award at 52nd daejong film awards"., i have always enjoyed lee min ho because he one of the best actors whose made me fall in love with korea. min ho causes sensation & craze phenomenon with his dramas no matter what! i come back to korea(south korea),i'll start my acting career,following your guidelines,and my own way of acting. anyways lee min ho is the best and i love him. lee minho approached suzy first and he has admitted her as his ideal type. lee min ho, i really love you and i hope that you can came to america(boston) visit me if you can. handsome always pls keep it up your fun from uganda.

watched your recent movie gagnam blues and it was so good happy to see another side of your acting i have never seen before,it is so obvious you worked so hard for that role that it sure paid off well.?The reason why i'm asking you about the drama "cat on the roof" is that lee min ho oppa has recently said in his interview that he likes 2 play a casual role like the one kim rae won did in "cat on the roof"! lee min ho working with the screenwriter of "full house" & "attic cat" with song hye kyo! any rumors as to who will be the leading lady? a brilliant mind he has, but he's gone, may you rest in peace kim jung-hak. if you don't like k-drama then gtfo cos we love k-drama and completely love lee min ho! lee min ho, im a big fan of you and your movies/drama. it looks like you act better with noonas than younger girl.,cheerful,blissful,handsome,smart,superb,adorable lee min ho, we love you. ambassador for the chilean campaign "reforestemos patagonia" organized by minoz chile (2013). love your movies and i love the way you act. love minho oppa's penetrating & piercing eyes,cute dimples,high cheek bones & brilliant acting!. he is the only one actor i have ever loved and i am crazy about him. i know you are and will be even bigger with or without hollywood, but i hope hollywood realizes your talent, too. i watched him the first time in the drama "boys before flowers", he acted pretty cool and i quit enjoy to watch the story. "filmart: showbox styles yoo ha's 'gangnam blues' for pre-sales debut". hope is that u will never quit acting but always keeps your fire burning. i really think you should cut off smoking and drinking of alcohol bcos it is dangerous to your health and is a sin against god almighy. am a filipino living in las vegas for 40 years, an older woman but crazy about this very, very good looking and a good actor. to you& to your#movie that coming soon in our#countryphilippines! down people,he is just dating not getting married lol. and kim hee seon got a great chemistry in the movie series hope both of u will be together again in another movie .?so because he is inlove you cook up lies against him,lee min ho is and always will be humble to his fans k netizens and everyone who has meet him knows that and my friend who meet him in paris said he was super kind to them,even though he was with his family for vacation. lee min hoooo i love you so muchhhhhhhhhh ''saranghae'' goo jun pyooooo i hope to see you soon!'s me your wife claricia and thanks for the pictures of you baby. it's really rare to find such a good equilibrium between managing career as an actor and building a strong good will at the same time. for a young star like you, you have accomplished so much and roused so much audience thus your popularity!! i am a sri lankan who's watching your tv series boys over flowers and loves your acting. like u guy;) hope u to have a girl who deserves u. you got so lazy and careless and picked the easy role just to appease your fans and make money. this will surely captures the heart of everyone considering the success of faith and the heirs or i may say his popularity to the world is unstoppable even today.. i am like all your million fans and have a wish to met you. i want to see that my favourite actor will bcome the best and the most well-known actor in the world ! u are a great guy a woman will love to marry u are my role model the first korean film i watch was boy before flower u are good and i love everything about u.) i really hope one day i will be able to come to to your country and meet u in person. i love you so much you hot peice of asian sexinessssssssss. you and lee shi young for city_hunter isee this film alot and when i find out you dont loveher . after the completion of "city hunter" the couple dated more seriously and were involved as couple. knowing you min-ho,hope we will meet in the future. 2015, lee donated w100 million to unicef to aid victims of a devastating earthquake in nepal. a nigerian and the first korean movie i saw was "boys before flower". i admit that you are handsome, but you always play a character that i dislike, sorry. realy hope can know other minoz from indonesia or world ! min -ho is so adorably handsome and i feel he is a beautiful person inside and out! it is because of his amazing acting in city hunter that i fell in love with korea and korean dramas. are very special and the gift you share with us gives us a sense that there is hope, peace and kindness in individuals throughout this world. to make us happy, cry,smile,for giving us a chance to live this emotions with you so thank you min ho ;). and plus that playful smile on your face is just contagious. am a great fan ibellow sandra from nigeria and will like to communicate on facebook. i guess u like sleeping cuz u slept a lot in faith so so funny. one of the handsome actor i came across, loved your act in personal taste heirs and lotbs. a happy new year 2014 and may you have a wonderful life always. are so cute and just so beautifully made by god. hoping 2 see u, but i guess it a dream dat can never come 2rue. i hope he plays the role of a more intelligent, multi-acting and serious. watched legend of the blue sea, and i dropped it, somehow your expression is so plain so that i cannot feel any of your emotion in your movies. min ho oppa,,,,,,i love u soooooooooooo much and now i. im very sad to here the korean news that your soon to be father and soon to be married :( anyway stay healthy stay handsome stay kind goodluck and godbless! i started watching kdrama since last fenruary and have not stop since and because of my curiosity about the real korea i am here today. love you min ho, i'am a fan of yours here in philippines <3. don't know what he's like in person but i bet he's awesome and nice. good luck with your career and i wish you all the best. i hope you will relationship with park shin hye(cha eun sang) :). please do not allow the western film culture to contaminate your beautiful culture. but he should reflect on the following 2 young actors in conquering a big character . Nichkhun – Tiffany A boy band member and a girl group singer. i love the man he has become and his dreams for the future. this is my first time writing long on celebrity wall, love you and happy new year. i also am looking forward 2 your upcoming drama,maybe in 2015! player, an excellent game, please come to israel holy land. can't believe am actually crazy about someone i may never see but all the same,keep up the good work and god bless u for me..the shoul'd have work on his accent instead of surfing! lov u so so much lee min sweet and the way u are actin so keep it up aja aja figthing. don't use kettles and australians are completely floored standard of australian football 'pathetic', says youth football guru want to migrate to australia? two apologised to fans, and surprisingly, a lot of fans accepted their public relationship. you're such a great actor and i love to see more of your films/dramas. it is obvious that you are a little bit stressed,but you can't avoid those moments. know oppa when uri omoni tries to wake me up i used tell her that" amme(that is a word for omoni in our language) popular korean actor lee min ho sleeps around 16 hours,so why can't i try? how i wish that you could come and be a guest there, even for once. start like him when he acting as lee yun seong on city hunter. flowers over boys and city hunter, found them on netflix, would love to see the heirs but not available, but this texas girl loves your acting and your music! thanks for the one times in a year drama that you had and for chosen a great script and for conveyed a great acting. i hope you can come here also in canada (calgary, alberta) to visit us! more power to his career and we filipinos really love him and will always support him! i jus wished to see you once,,, any how good luck for your every next movies. boys over flower,you're not so hansome because you're nose is big and you're hair style just dont suite. min-ho 'i love you so much, the king of my heart. and i thought liam payne from one direction was hot! love you lee min ho best wishes in your life. i am the kind of person who get easily bored but never got bored with lee min ho even a minute. it's me, i am also visiting this site daily, this web page iss truly fastidious and the viewerds are inn fact sharing niuce thoughts. though the story was not taking place in scotland but in korea. i've watched boys over flowers,city hunter,personal taste,heirs,and you are such a good actor. you are such a gr8 actor, and i'm astonished by your work :d. ,but i hate his name for it the same of lee minho(shinee)who i really heat and heat. subsequently recorded and released his second ep song for you in october 2014 under universal music. so plz be real i liked min ho but i think he must change the image that he is just a beauty face. has revealed a lot of childhood & teenage photos from himself & everybody knows he is natural beauty! min ho is awsome i wish that i can meet him in personal to me its ok that we meet in just 2 seconds! i only want that you being happy and be success. to meet you in person and take some pictures, take care of your self and stay being handsome ^_^. love you lee min ho~ <3 (n-n) your so amazing and you greatly inspire me to become a better voice actress! you all and ill keep watchin more of korean movies.@char i was just bluffing as i cant see someone saying bad about my favorite actor, and i also like kim soo hyun. you see a tweet you love, tap the heart — it lets the person who wrote it know you shared the love..s dont ever say we loved u at first and now we hate u because if u loved him u wouldnt be hating him by any circumstances! i have done watching all your drama series and movies. just remember jun pyo to always keep your feet on the ground and you can be more than what you are thinking now that you can be. lee min ho i like u very much i like ur smile.

Park min young and lee min ho still dating 2016

from then i've watched alot of lee min ho movies. thank you for giving me the time to express my opinion and concerns. dont give up and continue to be a good actor oppa! love you and the way you act, you are a wonderful actor and i wish u can come and shot some of your movie here in nigeria. you are the person you made me start watching korean dramas and so far i am not disappointed. i can't wait for the new drama to air so i can watch it as well  :) keep up the amazing acting lee min ho! my husband like you when we watched the "the city hunter". wish to watch more of your movies lee min ho. actually lee min ho happen to be my best actor so far. it feels like the character sent it to the viewer how he really felt on that very moment. someone please tell me something about lee min ho's new drama "love line (or one line romance)" released in 2014, because i can't find anything about it ç_ç. love you lee min ho you are the best actor, model and singer,You and park min young is very beautiful together your my fevourite actor. i've watched bof for about 100 times and i'm never bored. even this new year but for my whole life l'll remember u. the most important is his personel character how he acts in real life. are the handsomest among all the actors and your acting is also superb. teetee - if you feel that way, why do you bother to come here and make a comment? hi love your acting skills and yeah esspecially when your like in personal taste and how they thought you were gay ahahahahhahah crack me up anyhow loved boys over flowers its was good especially whe you couldn't swim it was cute anyway :p how did you pass acting besides your b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l fine looks?.but im this huge,hopeless fan of yours and i just love u to the core. 2006, his acting career was put on hold for a year following a serious car accident, while riding with fellow actor jung il-woo.. hope youwill visit here in phillippines together with other f4 member. favorite dream genre for his future drama is "suspense,mystery,romance,melodrama" my favorite dream female leads for oppa are: song hye kyo,park bo young,han hyo joo my favorite dream character for oppa: serious,rash,cunning,clever,manly & not rich. if that happen,it would be the an honor for me.. then i watched city hunter, the show is not bad, but i don't like yoon-sung character, somehow it's not convincing. when asked about why he chose the role during an interview he responded "i think i would do a better job playing heavy and more defined roles when i am older. do you think you are, telling lee min ho to break up with suzy? i bet that who don't like k-film will hate this guy, and you know that. up the wonderfull good acting and i hope the series will continue coz i just can't get enought i am totally hook up to this show. sarang-hae your so handsome owesome your my idol iwant to see your face everyday . talent no one will be reaching this height at young age.* tetsuji tamayama & shosuke tanihara cast in wowow drama "hanzai shokogun 2". i know that is almost impossible but what can i say i am a dreamer and believe that dreams can come true. think you are very optimistic and tries to bring out the best in all the roles you play. journey with this sweet and talented actor is a lovely one. i have watched faith and i just started watching personal taste. and they reason why i haev started to love you even more is that you are now suzy´s man..keep the flag flying, we love you and have a happy and prosperous 2014! he did a great job in heirs,faith and city hunter. family and i finished watching city hunter and absolutely loved it. how much i love woodachi choi-young,i love you,lee min-ho. luv u lee, im not only a fan of you im a great follower of u[my dream is atleast once i should hug uuu] be what u r and stay healthy for hundred and hundred of years. made me love u more than jks is your handsomeness! love you my handsome,talented baby,you are loved by many. min ho your acting is really mature i like how you play your role in every of your movie. i wish and will love to meet you one day. meet you at huntington beach two times, you are very kind and lovely guy. of all i have to say that i'm not korean or from that region, but i am south asian who is having big eyes and high nose, but i like korean look he he heee. ;) he is a rare one who makes fans feel appreciated and happy. i sure hope to watch more new drama series and movies. hoping to see a lot of action from mr lee min ho and maybe speaks english in a few scenes.^ "lee min ho – 2013 global tour in japan-my everything- (japan version)". i loved the way you acted in the movie boys over flowers; towards jandi. like the hiers and i started to be a fan of lee min ho oppa. hope to see you soon in person ang hoping for more koreanovelas with you..when i first saw him on boys before flowers i thought to my self what an ugly guy. love the way you act, your calmness, gentleness and simplicity. has fans all over the world(asian,europe,america and africa)i wonder why this pains you though. shame for a big super star who is popular asian wide . had been waiting long 2 hear about lee min's brand new drama. are the best and i hope you will be the best foe ever. awesome actor and really good looking, how i wished i already watched his movies prior to his philippine tour i should have attend one of his shows, i' am very eager to see him in person, i was so hooked with the heirs that i started watching all of his previous movies, now i'm done with city hunter and boys over flowers and about to watch faith. i am a big big big fan of yours especially your movies and songs omggggggg god bless and more powerrrr see you very very very very very very very very very sooooon! love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu lee min ho <3 stay blessed uk loves you xx. this is my preference: choi young ( never get enough of this general), kim tan, lee yun seong, jeon jin-ho, gu jun pyo. really love your acting , how i wish i could meet you in person. the only scenes that i like was when it was tense between the two male leads and the brother. wont be able to meet you in these short tern of life journey. go ara has been cast in the upcoming dramas "all surrounded"!. i like your drama, im happy to watched and my day to complete. want a movie from lee min ho oppa & park bo young ^ ^. thumbs up and more projects to come for lee min ho! like to see lee min ho oppa pair up with park bo young again in a cute well written & original script!! i"ll be with you and ur side always with trust. i think "personal taste" was perfect because it is bright, cheerful but you can also laugh and cry over it as well. is that every body at home is crazy about your movies.! i really love him a lot and beside look at him ! however, as his stage name was pronounced and written (hangul) in the same way as the korean word imin, which means "immigration", it made it hard for him to show up on internet search results.. and he is the standard of my choosing dramas, movies, and all the merchandise. of the comments below only show how good you are as an actor and maybe as a person..he look so sweet with kim na na (park min young). over the years, u get more cooler and handsome and honestly your hair is so impressive. <3 :d hope i see you in personal :* i'm your big fan ! you act out your roles with great ease and portray the character in a wow-some manner! lee min hoo is a fantastic actor in gu jun piyo role. lee min ho im from trinidad and tobago i absolutely love you oppa! it is mediocre as an actress and has a faint voice as a singer and your friends can dislike him,no one cares. he has many reasons to not enlist in his country's military service, he is outreaching for contracts away from his country, and he is now involved in a scandal, which has brought out a couple of negative things about him especially his attitude towards international fans in paris and london, his agency is speaking out for him, but he does not say anything himself. drove 2 hours one way to watch gangnam blues at cgv in la.^ "korea's lee min-ho confirmed to star in 'bounty hunters' action adventure". "lee min ho: coming to phl doesn't feel like work". he's only 2 years younger than me,,but he looks so georgeuos. minho ssi, i respect & cheer for you as im a true minoz, we are so proud of you & of what you have accomplished trough the years, we all know that a big & successful celebrity like you have a lot of haters, but they are just stupid ones who are jealous of your success & fame, or people with not enough taste to be your fans, (well obviously they have no taste at all :p) we see in you what they can't as we have a clear vision that allows as to see your heart trough your film & dramas & hear you soul sound trough your songs, thank you for always thinking of us when you sing, act & do charity, thank you for your kindness that made us all be one big minoz family, thank you for just being lee minho, the asian male god of our heart <3. love all your movies i have story and i want you to actthe move if you are inteseted you call me on this number 07067210622. you know i even go about telling my frnds u are my husband and i'm carryin ur baby. are the best i love u very much lee minho. i think this actor should be given better roles to punch out his potential as a good actor. like the hiers and i started to be a fan of lee min ho oppa.! you are very cute, charming and handsome actor:) i hope to see you soon:). according to management agencies for lee min-ho and park min-young they developed feelings for each other while filming city hunter. really admire your acting skills and the way you are so serious about your career. will min ho oppa be back with a new drama?.i was introduced to the world of korean drama through boys over flowers and jun pyo was just amazing. i could have this man in my life it seems that i'm always at peace because he is my knight of shining armor, whatever happened to me i'm sure general choi young would always come to save me! the success of lee's television dramas throughout asia established him as a top hallyu star. i hope i can see you doing funny things with rm members. up the good work,you make people happy and inspired. love all his dramas and watch them again and again. make a visit to sri lanka and we as your fans will be ever grateful to you for making that tour to sri lanka.

believe the girl whoever reach up to your heart is the most lucky person in the world. your acting is really good especially in action movies or shows."kim woo bin" also praised lee min ho's beauty & figure in his fan meeting! my god lee min ho oppa have gone too far , i really love him so much, hope i will see you one day and have a picture with you. so just be a fan and show your support respectfully. my next book will be for you, with you and about what you brought in to my life: joy, sorrow, love, grace and hope (even if it will be in a language that you never could understand).. and take me to another place when i'm having a hard time, i really appreciate it . but could you kindly let me know the conclusion whether you and the doctor were united. well why dnt u just think of him as an actor and how good is he in acting , i luv lee min hoo nt because of his look but because of his acting skills he really knows how to attract pp by his work :) xd go lee min hoo. just love everything about u oppa, you are just perfect, everything about you is perfect, you are really a flower boy, anything you do makes me go crazy, you stand still i go frozen ^_^ <3.! he can always make my heart flutter ❤️he's a legend and he's just amazing at what he's doing ! i hope that you continue to make amazing movies, dramas and songs so that i can continue to be addicted to them. min ho and hye sun pair is wonderful like romeo & juliet..bcoz there is someone that believe minho's life is precious than her life. his ability to play different roles and also his style seems to bacome more attractive. i know that can never happen lee minho wherever you may be know that someone in nigeria loves you do much. you really hoping to see u soon in more matured dramas . can switch location on/off before each tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. lee min ho,korean dramas and movies makes my day always good and makes me inspired.!you are so freaking handsome in and out and love all your tv characters,you slayed every freaking role. also my son looks like you and also have same height! wherever life leads you i hope you do your best.^ "lee min ho and kim soo hyun nab prime minister awards".'m waiting for a new drama with lee min-ho in it, and he should be the main character ! lee min ho,you are a great person and very passionate about your work and fans,keep been an amazing person and thanks for the charity you have been giving to less privileged and thanks for acknowledging your fans.. iwatched all of your dramas and now i haven't any drama to watch . wish is to meet you one day and tell you face to face that you've been a huge inspiration to me, i live in a country that's faaaar away from you but i still believe or at least hope to meet you once. just wanted to say that you are a very good actor and of course handsome :) keep it up & god bless you more. love all your movies and i ought to see you one day. forward for lee min ho to be paired with korean superstar haji won it will be a blast.! well i should say that i'm realy addicted to korean movies and one of these great movies is boys over flowers. care, god bless u and love u (gu jun pyo). hoo was a best actor when he played bof but now after 5 year he still plying the same role in bof. he was such an honorable and virtuous man and you portayed that perfectly. is all i can say take care and god bless you always. i just read the news about you and suzy hmm..l repeat it over and over again ,thanks to you lee min-ho for the superb performance.! oppa u r the best, im an italian girl and the first korean movie that i watched was boys over flowers this made me fall in love with korean a nigerian and i have a huge crush on you..he is still young and i bet that he will go far in his acting career and become one of the best korean actors ever. i will always look forward to u and support u. i picture them together in my mind,suddenly i flip & i have good feelings about their pair-up! love you lee min ho come to los angeles i mean i know your acting here but come do a meet and greet in hollywood where you get to talk to your fans pleaseeee. and there are no actors or actresses could out shine lee min ho. i watch all your movies and totally love n enjoy it. still have a lot to tell u if i happen to meet anywhere any time. when people looks at him, they will think "oh, he's a handsome fellow. like to see lee min ho oppa & go ara in melodrama-romance genre drama in 2015![1] upon recovery, lee received his first leading role in the high-school drama mackerel run in 2007, but the series was reduced to only eight episodes due to low viewership ratings.” tan steps closer to es and gently takes off her apron, her hair tie, and puts a corsage on her wrist. congrats and also keep your head up nd your flag flying.!it really made my heart wrench just because of how perfectly you played the role. to army i will miss u soooo and mooo than much see u 2019.'m from america and i absolutely love you, min ho. keep up the great job and we do appreciate all the effort that come with during the job that you do. i love you in city hunter and personal taste it's no wonder i love you sooooooooo much.!im ur fan from australia and i truly love all the dramas and shows you're in i especially love 'boys over flowers' and 'faith' ! i read somewhere that you take some time before shooting new drama few months off to prepare, and to be honest - it really shows that you do 100% at your work and you take seriously your work i honestly like that! u̶̲̥̅̊ girls av abandoned our home hot guyz f̶̲̅õ̳͡я̅ minho. am also happy that lee min ho's wish has come true! are a really born star,i love everything about you,your mode of dressing,styles and your way of life. lmh, every week for any updates,Now my wish comes true in this christmas 2016. i'm looking forward that you follow me back on instagram and twitter(lheenlee minoz min ho) i also done a page for you lee min ho philippines by lheen minoz dee. :)) wish you all the best i hope you'll continue doing awesome projects! so if i can master spanish, lee min-ho, korean is one of my next 3 languages to learn. during the shooting of the latter he became good friends with actor kim su-ro, who later praised him on a variety show: "i recognize a star when i see one.!just continui ur career and continui your love life in suzzy bae!'t wait to see your next project in 2016 making my heart boom boom doom doom titok titok. and two questions: what is the reason of not acting any series in 2014? lee min ho meet korean president(president park geum hye). over the profile pic and click the following button to unfollow any account. eventhough we are far away but still we're connecting through social networking. are my best actor in korean lee min ho you got it all,i also love the way you dress especially the heirs,you have been an amazing and incredible actor. as a child, lee had hoped to become a professional football player.[23][24] lee experienced a resurgence in his popularity, particularly in china. he cups her face in his hands and softly kisses es on her forehead. have followed your new drama series, city hunter, and hats off to you. when he is standing with other people, he definitely stands out. wish the universe will conspire and i'd get to meet lee min ho up-close. but after i watched "faith" starred by lee min ho, my eyes could not leave the character (choi young). we hope you will continue to improve your career & you will love your fans not just in korea but all over the world! lee min ho i,m a big fan of you ai watched all your drama they all my fevorait ."especially best drama ever the whole story was just so real no..he is still young and i bet that he will go far in his acting career and become one of the best korean actors ever. the intensity and the style of kissing is so different in each of these drama's, it shows the effort you've put in to show a difference. i love to play that song " my everything" when i go to bed every night although i don't understand the language but i love the song alot. as for me i'm live in russia,on island sakhalin, but i'm a korean girl, and if you read this message i think that it will be a best luck. your movies are great, and i liked the character woodalchi choi young in faith. it is about 4years that i know you,the first drama i watched from you was boys over flowers and you were wonderful in that drama i should say that i have watched it about 12times and between 100korean dramas that i have watched this is the best one,you were also great in personal taste that i have watched it 8 times,city hunter and faith too and the best thing about your actinng is that it isnt important the role thant you are playing it is in which age you play it awsome and unbelieveable,im a real fan of you that search and save all of your photos videos and musics and i should thank you because of suh wondeful album that you made in order to thank your fans,i had prayed alot that you play another roll like two previos years(city hunter and faith)for sbs maybe icould find a chance to come to korea and be in that programe to see you from near and in the midel of spring when i found from asianwiki that you will have the heirs for sbs i was really happy and i told it to all of my famiiy and friends that it is a chance for me to come to korea and find you but things aren't going well so i cant come this year but one day i will come and i really try to find you and see you from near untill that time i should be calm and love you and be a good fan but ireally should say that waiting for the heirs is really hard i wish you to win the top actor award like two previous years for city hunter and faith untill that time''aja aja fithing! i hope "the heirs"has a happy ending for oppa. it was my first ever korean drama and honestly it's one of the best i watched till now. min ho you are the best actor in the world i love you so much. i really enjoy watching your dramas and your hansome face makes my day! bless you and don't forget we your fans love you and will always support you. the fans that are complaining about his movie and saying they disappointed, like wth u guys should grow up its not like its what he really does in reality its just a movie (acting) and also u mentioning him doing it just for money! besides you gotta smile melt our hearts not only my friends but also those people who loves you and your acting unconditionally. hope you have a wonderful day,a fantastic day,a lovely day and a goodnight my love. i heard you are touring around asia to visit your fans and it is so unfair..and makes us giggle and happy every time we're watching u on screen. have always imagined that if i were to meet a famous person i wouldn't go all crazy and just be like hi wat up but if i saw him (min-ho) i would go insane to the point where i would pass out. actually lee min ho happen to be my best and sweet actor so far. hope lee min ho can play a drama together with moon geun young. i saw my mom watching the rerun of boys over flower and i just got hooked! im from california i love ur shows my favorite one is boys over flowers! i like your song and your attitude to the pilipino fan., i love d way you act and your charisma when your on set. i am aware that lmh has a very large fanbase, he is one of the best korean male models, that he has made good and interesting dramas (my favorite will always be faith), that his charisma is overwhelming, and i don't blame anyone that goes crazy for him. nurses friends and i were supporting your movies as well as your dramas on tv.^ "lee min ho is the ′best korean actor′ in france".

my dream movie would have you and yoon eun hye as the lead actors. am going to watch the other of your dramas and when i am done, i hope to see new ones. min ho, u̶̲̥̅̊ u̶̲̥̅̊ are such a wonderful person have even seen, i love ur movies, the way u̶̲̥̅̊ acted keep it up.., i knew that lee min-ho would become one of the top actors in the country".! naega dangsin-eul salang jigeum-eun deo manh-eun deulama leul mandeul-eo , nal tteona jima! well hopefully you could make more dramas and all the best in your life! he is charming, down-to-earth, witty, straightfoward, humble and yet confident, humble, sexy, boyish, manly, and yet beautiful. lee min-ho :)) i'm such a big fan of yours since then . i like to see you in a drama with song hye kyo with an exiting script such as bof, full house etc.* eriko hatsune & kengo kora cast in movie "moon and lightning". min ho's acting is amazing and he looks so handsome with his sweet smile. am also learning korean language , i really wish to see you and all my other favorite actors . is handsome in a masculine way unlike most of the korean actors. can't believe that in just a hair cut how come you are so different . lucky me, i was able to see all episodes, and loved this tv drama, romantic comedy a lot ! i just wanted to say that there are more handsome and talented actors in korea even though he's one, but i'm not satisfied with it. wish to see lee min ho in medical drama i think he will be very good. you all,let's not fight our boy is kind and adorable and i hope we love him for him and nothing else. tan’s house has a wonderful ocean view, the sky is crystal clear, and the sunlight twinkles through the air. i think they should stop dressing him like a girl and stop doing his hair like a girl with all the make up. you in heirs,personal taste,city hunter,bbf and faith. i am nigerian and i speak a little bit of korean. awesome actor and really good looking, how i wished i already watched his drama series prior to his philippine tour i should have attend one of his shows, i' am very eager to see him in person, i was so hooked with the heirs that i started watching his previous drama series, now i'm done with city hunter and boys over flowers and about to watch i becam more intrested in u tru ∂α̲̅† ur song in city hunter ∂α̲̅† said goodbye dnt cry and sime i love ∂α̲̅† song so mush and also in faith. i bought city hunter tape so i can play it again and again.! <3 you're so cute and you're such a great actor :d.'s just a perfect actor and he played every role very well !.i envy all the girls who get to act with you. are the most wonderful and talented person i known in my life, love u a lot. 2011, he played the titular character in action drama city hunter, which was loosely based on tsukasa hojo's popular manga. here's cheering you on; congratulations and thank you for giving us your best on every performance. are very talented and i'm hoping to see and meet you personal someday if god's willing. korean people are born with natural talent in acting and so sexy the men or most lead actors anyway! i hope someday i would get to meet him personally. keep waiting and waiting and waiting but you haven't appeared in any new dramas:-(. oppa how are you,i love you have a good time and take care of yourself.! (reunion,they worked together in "secret campus" & "our school e. to know when is your tour to intl specially in japan so i can see you and get autograph from you . think you should come to israel you have a lot of fans. stay sweet as you are and am glad you are into miss a's suzy. i thought k-dramas were lame,until i saw one episode of heirs. the site has since raised us,000 from him and his fans to help create wells in malawi through non-profit organisation charity: water. i have never been in love for any actors in my life but minho..whenever you feel down just know that there are millions of fans ho truly love you and support you.!I hope soon♥♥♥grant my request,,-:)god bless you all :).! he can always make my heart flutter ❤️he's a legend and he's just amazing at what he's doing ! he will then begin a world tour that will take place in south korea, china, japan, taiwan, thailand and the philippines from late may, 2013 through july, 2013. i've never had someone who treated me with so much love and care like you did. min ho i wish to see you in person you are my forever love cant stop staring on your very pretty face and i cant stop smiling whenever you laugh you will always be my favorite forever iloveyou so much . min ho is the best actor i have ever seen. min ho lütfen türkiyeye gel konser ver saranghe oppa. its nice to be my super crush because you are the best and the best for all time. my cutie oppa,i really miss your drama like the heirs because it's more about love,,,encouragement,,and being true to your self,i've learned that no matter what happen just hold to the one you love and it will be fine. after going through training, min-ho started auditioning for roles and landed smaller roles in several television dramas. i did not like the violence and the sexual part of the show but the story is good. what i have seen so far of lee min-ho's acting. more importanly loving city hunter and the play boy act done by him! 2015,i wanna see lee min ho with "song hye kyo"in a drama with an original,refreshingly new & exciting script. there minho,i'm 30 and still i am one of your fan. realy hate his smile, it's a bit weird and scary! love lee min ho for his actings in bof, faith, heirs and city hunter tv series. favorite dream female leads for oppa are: song hye kyo,park bo young,han hyo joo. i hope you will be together in one film or drama.. it's completely understandable that young love is unconditional and you've done an amazing job in putting it forth to your fans.^ a b c "life graph of lee min ho, "actor's job is to give hope and courage"". crush man everyday, i love u so much min ho oppaa. ho your movies are quite intresting have watched a few and i really enjoyed them can't waite to watch your new movie the heirs ,so when do we get to see you in nigeria,you have lot of fans here too. glad this scandal came out cos it showed a lot of things,min ho keep been your amazing self and happy if you are happy and i will keep praying for you,even if everyone leaves you,i will always be here for you and i know your next drama will be great. i pray u will excel in anything u lay ur hand on, keep on moving. my cutie oppa,you know i love korean drama and movies ,your a superduper great actor,,hope i see you in personal,hope it will come true. since i haven't watched any other dramas beside the ones lee min ho is on, i only interested on watching his dramas,he's handsome, his acting role is on point, he gives me goosebumps when is falling in love with those girls on the scene, feels like im on them,my haitian family thinks im crazy watch them, by saying how do i understand them, thanks good for tge subtitles. this guy is so modest, and i appreciate the fact that he doesn't act arrogant and has a conservative fashion sense. an excellent artist ( actor, singer, handsome, good looking, sweet eyes, long legs, cute. min ho ,fighting;-) i wish you everything is ok & keep your success for long time:-) bye bye! of the best actors i am from mexico but i live in usa and even not knowing korean he makes me cry, laugh and fall in love that's what a great actor does ❤️❤️❤️. these fangirls here that hates you because you were dating with suzy is just lmao. he is the person who makes a strong first impression. moment i read on one website that he would be acting in a new drama i got excited and happy,because i passionately love lee min ho and i immensely enjoy watching lmh's dramas! am addicted to korean's shows because of lee min ho. love u so much u are so cute and amazing. lee min ho this is a message from iran a country full of minoz that love you so much and wants to say saran hyyy and please come to iran :((((((((((. have a husband,he is korean and his name is lee min ho and he is very talented and handsome,and am in love,lol. have inspired me to learned a new language, visit a new country and meet new people. looks so cute, esp when he smil like this pic and in boys over flowers ! min-ho will appear on chinese lunar new year tv program "cctv new year's gala" on january 30, are my best korean actor and i love you to the moon and back. i hope that u guys get married with park min young.'re the best minho <3 i hope you make more melodramas and all the best in your acting career !&good for you :-) hopefully you won't forget us,even your on the top being#famous,#tired of your hectic schedules, you know how much happy are we,by waving your#hands with your beautiful#happy face :-),just by that,its makes us shaken&#smile too :-)! favorite korean actor lee min ho is you, you're wonderful and competent . for me, lee min ho is the most charismatic south korean actor. the way how u act can make me laugh,smile.! chinese authorities have said that "lee min ho is a mysterious phenomenon & chinese people haven't shown love 2 a foreign person this much before! min ho is the best actor i know in south korea.'ll meet you one day, and that's a promise from me . that you can change your look & you whole style so completely is a great achievement. min ho your are my favorite actor since i started to watch asian dramas, i pick up from you someone with a beautiful spirit and what we see is what we get. i am sorry miss ashlie i did not have any intention to hurt your fellings for lee but if ur hurt then i am sorry but i'll pray to god that if u like him then u should get a chance to meet him. i really want to see you in a variety show(it's possible right? but you must know, i love you so damn much :$ hihihi lee minho fighting ! and park min-young unni has a perfect combination,hope someday you and park min-young end up with each other because you two has a good chemistry. all the very best for all your upcoming tv series and movies! but i love you so much, and i want to go to korea to meet you! lee min ho u srslyy should come to australia plz and your hairstyle looks cute and better if its curlllyy :)) u have lots of fans in australia. i don't think there's a girl who didn't fall for him :).'s life is dirt cheap, an orphan who does not know why he is born and one who cannot love. remember that im your biggest fan and will always be. i know you may be in korea and i'm over here in fort worth, are my everything and i wish you love,happiness and great success and happy mother's day to your mum she give birth to a great human being and thank you for using your wealth and fame in helping and donating to the poor.
't forget to laugh,enjoy your life with friends and family,fall in love and do what makes you happy cos your fans will always be there to support you and as for the naysayers(haters) ignore them because ''people throw stones at things that shine' i will keep praying for you and hope you make all the right decisions regarding your career and life in general,stay blessed.,oppa make another drama please,a year without seeing you in a new drama will suck.’s now married to the hunky actor huang xiaoming, but there was a time when angelababy was crazy about william chan. she sees tan standing in front of the café with a dazed look and tears brimming in his eyes. faith will remain dearly in my heart forever because of choi young. love to see lee min ho oppa & ha ji won in a cute,well-written & original script noona-romance-comedy in 2015! he was chosin the best because he have an army of girl fans they will ador what he will do..and i hope you get along with little adorable cutie suzy for a long time. my gosh you're so handsome with lovely height and beautiful smile. and i realy hope can see min ho oppa with another minoz!,this guy is driving me insane,i have never felt this way about an actor before,am insanely addicted to him and love him so much. she so pretty and cute and your the most handsome korean guy that i have ever seen. he is also eloquent and at ease on all his interviews. in faith it's a big difference and a develipment in his acting as he is playing a matured role as agoreo warrier and a captain of army choi young. the good job and look forward to watch more from you..they're beautiful and perfect partners on screen make another blockbuster in the screen.!:) oh yes i'm from the navajo reservation and many of my friends love lee min-ho ❤️. i liked lee minho just as much as you did once upon a time. note: lee min ho's crying was the most searched in korean network the day after & the rating of that very last scene went up. rocks being an assy person and yet still so sweet <3. im from madagascar and i like your films and you song this is very very nince oppa saragheyoo i like you answer me alwayse i writing for you but no messange i love you so much oppa i like im your fans love you.” to add fuel to the fire, fukase went on to reply that it was a joint decision and to leave him alone. like each of your dramas i have watched,there are some which are not that super hot but i admit you always do a good job young man and that is why your number two in my list of best actors. ho is one of the most talented actors on this planet., you've been awesome,great,wonderful and different all the way.. i've watched this drama over 5 times now, even though it feels 'if such a love actually exists'. i am a 26-year-old working at ezset tonglung in philippines, and i just wanted to say what a big fan i am of your work. i can't wait to see what he does after faith, he is so talented and can pull off any role! oppa im your biggest fan i hope i can meet you in personal coz i've dreaming to see you in personal i love you oppa <3 <3 <3 <3. anyway, as he matures, he will learn to choose his roles ( if by then producers allow him,) good luck to your career. i like to see a cute,childlike & playful character from ji won unnie & a cool,cheeky & homeless boy from minho oppa! joo won and kim woo bin are better actors than him. skill of oppa lmh is so much greater and greater now. and i do think you look so good as gu jun pyo, the character suits you well. i didn't spoke to him i just saw him passing by and i waved and he waved back but then i didn't knew that he was an actor (i was like 7 years old and now i'm 14). continue building your career because succesfull people like you are a great inspiration to we the young generation.. and the most meaningfull he also has married and be lover husband. want watch lee min ho and kim sang joong play together again. i hope you come to kuwait , i really want to see you.. i came across this show and i want to say you have made me a very big fan of yours. i have enjoyed everyone of his performances with heirs and faith being my favs so far..Its weird but b4 i sleep i always think of you. i am an avid fan and will be waiting for more good films and series from you :-). am watching all your tele series and waiting to see the your movie ganganam blues, oppa.[2] early in his career lee went by the stage name lee min because his agency thought his birth name was too ordinary. wow, lmh, you are super in acting and in appearance. kansameda 4 showing your face not only in asia but 2 the whole word. a mi gato min ho porque me gusta lee min ho y asi lo apapacho todos los dias. i hope through the years he gets to explore different parts as an actor, because he's not just a pretty face, he's quick to learn and quick minded.. or another love and power kind of drama just like the drama series i mentioned above. all dramas are all good and really need an accomplishment by your acting. have watched many korean movies but have not seen anyone as handsome as lee min ho. hope moon geung will be your next partner in drama. love lee min ho much you is a soul mate. your smile :) i don't know it is soo lovely and cut and handsome. min ho i am one of your most avid fan from the philippines. wonder how he express his feeling so cleverly while acting. i always tell my friends how much i wanted to be there or be your sister. honestly, you are a bankable superstar in the universe:))) its because you made us or everyone happy through your passionate smile, acting, versatilities in many ways..i do my very best to see and meet you personally if did that its okay for me to die because my dreams do come true.^ "lee min ho – encore concert 2014 my everything in japan (2dvd + photobook) (korea version)"..lee min will and always have been nice and kind to his fans and knetizens loves him for that and my friend who meet him in paris said he was super kind to them even though he was on a family vacation and for some one who said he/she is his fan cook up lies against him just because he is dating or you don't like his role in a particular film then it means that you were never his fan! pls understand, i'm a realist and i know i may never get to meet you but it doesn't change the fact that i love ur movies. continue inspiring us :0 i hope i can watch some of your concerts soon. if not a melodrama genre,i like oppa to work with the popular scriptwriter of "full house" & "attic cat". and i hope you will relationship with park shin hye (cha eun sang).,general choi young, jeon jin-ho, kim tan and d most i love so much is koo jun-pyo u can't believe it we love all ur films in this nigeria am proud 2 be a nig. i like the way you act and how easy you make it seem. drama should be with sandara park,they have chemistry, i'm looking forward to it,. your acting is really nice and cute,and i love your movies especially faith, boys over flowers, and you' ve got a cute smileand i think your so coooool! funny that i even imagine min-ho's song, my everything, as actually inspired by the tv drama and is dedicated to hye-sun. really love your drama series, especially, personal taste, city hunter and your recent drama series, the heirs. role of choi young here is totally different from the heirs, city hunter, boys over flowers and others. love the heirs as kim tan (lee min ho), i hope they will be a new drama series of lee min ho for 2014. life happens and it's not the end of the world if someone no longer appreciates your "oppa". am learning how to speak korean in order to communicate with you so please could you learn english as well? when the relationship came to an end and fukase was revealed to have moved on, a fan on twitter asked, “what happened to you protecting her?. but omg i'm in love with boys over flowers and i will continue watchin more and more of them. like him because he has something remind me of jang keunsuk whome my no. i really just wanted to meet you and to know you more. and i must say lee min ho did a great job, i love that emotion he managed to portray - a gangster. just imagine if you be a one frame (in a film/drama) like : ghost : in your arms again, with japanese actress nagasawa masami. on ur favorite and leave those you don't like cause it clear you are threatened by him. beyond in the stardom and kudos to him because a lot of fans felt happy because of his..Because a lot of fans out there who expect the continuation of city hunter drama and love city hunter, the story made ​​me laugh, cry and tense. and yeah nice voice and nice pronaunciation, good for someone like me to learn korean pronounciation für my tests at university! am your fan and love your movies, nose, mouth, hair, and your smile.'s army will be the hottest and weakest army in the world all this flower boys in a same army will make great view but not a great army. well, hope we can hear from you both the true relationship between you two. lee min ho, i know your busy for you career right now, i just want to say i like you as a actor because of your handsome face and good attitude, we meet at hotel during of your commercial of bench. so obssesed about u and i hope tto see u someday. are so good best of your movie is boys before flower and city hunter. love u and will support your work as much as possible. though he played a student's characters as gu jun pyo and kim tan his appearance is so different with his hair style. lee min ho, i love you very much , i wish i can see you in personal..i love your smile your eyes and nose lee minho forever! and most importantly, i am not blind to the truth. your hair in city hunter and heirs was so cute! i don't know how you do it but every time i see your smile makes me grin. seeing him cry like that reminded me of when i cried like that, and it hurts. min-ho (hangul: 이민호; hanja: 李敏鎬, born june 22, 1987) is a south korean actor and singer. are so cute and also very popular in the arab world . there a possibility that lee min ho & han hyo joo act alongside each other in a drama or movie? lee min ho,i hope you are not over working your self,always eat well and rest,we need you in one piece. my favourite dramas from you are boys over flowers and city hunter. min ho i really love you and i will always pray for you to java the best life ever. best of luck and learn english fast so you can do some hollywood films! he's so attractive xd and i loved loved city hunter. keep at it and my regard to your collegues i wish you all the best.