Ouran highschool host club dating quizzes

2 (the job of a high school host): what type of bird lands on haruhi's head when she first walks into the abandoned music room? at the end of the episode the rest of the school thought that haruhi was still a boy and she remained in the host club. mori and honey are seventeen at the start, yet again proving that they are the oldest members of the host club.

Ouran highschool host club dating quiz

·  all questions, answers, and quiz content on this website is copyright funtrivia,2016. because of her short hair and the way she was dressed, haruhi was mistaken for a boy at first by the host club. show begins with honor student, haruhi fujioka joining the ouran academy host club to pay off a debt.

Ouran host club dating quiz

the quiz score from the first time you took this quiz will be. quiz is about one of my favorite characters from "ouran high school host club", kyoya otori. only two official positions in the host club are president and vice-president.

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this quiz is based on the english dubbed version of the show. member of the ouran high school host club figures out that haruhi is a girl first (excluding kyoya, who figured it out from the very beginning)? questions and answers about 'Ouran High School Host Club' in our 'Television L-P' category.

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If there is any problem that you have with the quiz, . morestartrek happystartrek humorstartrek fanarthipster trekhipster starpsycho hipsterhipster spockhipster watchnyc hipsterforwardhipster star treksee moreoruan high school host clubouran high host clubhost club ohshcclub tamakiclub highclub darksideanimetamaki senpaitamaki ouransuoh ohshcforwardlove tamaki. haruhi fujioka's addition to the host club, how many "types" of hosts were there?

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they started the host club in their first year of high school. 8 (the sun the sea and the host club): what does the host club eat for dinner? 14 (covering the famous host club): who kicks the ball that injures the newspaper club's president?

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if there is any problem that you have with the quiz, than i will try to fix it, or whatever you want me to do with it. kyoya seems to be able to lead the host club better though, or at least that is what some of the characters in the show have said. 25 (the host club declares dissolution): where does tamaki plan to go when leaves japan?

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6 (the grade school host is the naughty type): where is the girl shiro likes moving to. think that you know your Ouran Host Club, better be sure. quiz is based on the popular anime "ouran high school host club".

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quiz will cover the first ten episodes of the anime "ouran high school host club".'"see moreanime dadanime manga otakuotaku confessionsconfessions seriouslyunderstand animeit's awsomehe's amazingawesomeknow the truthforwardbecause he's not dead he's not a deadbeat dad he actually cares genuinely for his daughter and his late wife i just really like him good work ouran authorsee morexd ohshcharuhi tamakiouran 3ouran hshcclub jpganime ️anime otakuanime and mangaquote ouranforwardday 30: (well this is it! type of lesson does renge tell her friend to skip in order to come to the host club and see haruhi with kasanoda?

they are the oldest members of the host club and are the first to leave it. this hour's trivia quiz: ouran high school host club - mixed questions. category is for questions and answers related to ouran high school host club, as asked by users of.

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Ouran highschool host club dating quiz

in order to pay it off haruhi had to work for the host club since she could not afford to pay for the vase. 23 of "ouran high school host club" is my favorite episode. who was the last member of the host club to figure out that haruhi was actually a girl?

in order to become a host she had to pretend to be a boy. their third year of middle school, tamaki got the idea of the host club and told kyoya about it. 1 (starting today you are a host): who is the first person to figure out that haruhi is a girl?

" the host club had to keep haruhi's true gender a secret on the day of physical exams other wise she could no longer be in the host club. tamaki is the president of the host club and kyoya is the vice president even though he does the majority of the work. because it was such a crazy idea, kyoya helped him found the club.
this quiz is based on the english dubbed version of the show. click the quiz link next to the entry and then select. was trying to find a quiet place to study where she stumbled upon the host club in an abandoned music room.