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the best websites don’t need to be created by flashy designers., it gives hiring managers a glimpse into your personality, he says. you’ll have less options, but many personal websites don’t require the extra tricks and clicks to do the job. to workfolio, a newly launched company that develops applications for professional visibility, 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website. “a website gives you creative freedom to express your personality in ways that are not be possible through your resume.

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are other popular sites including voyant, e$planner, mvelopes, geezeo and hellowallet . adding a personal touch, especially if you’re an engineer or designer, leaves a stunning first impression. out the 7 of the best personal websites and the top online portfolio sites where you can create your personal brand.“it's hard to keep up with a personal website, particularly if you don't need it or use it on a day-to-day basis,” she says. for personal web pages, blogs and picture galleries it's free!

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by determining your risk profile, personal capital will recommend an asset allocation that's right for you. think of the personal website as an extension of your resume and review it with the same level of scrutiny before submitting. personal website might also be essential to professionals working in a creative field, adds ryan kahn, a career coach, founder of the hired group, star of mtv’s hired, and author of hired! it works: clean categories deliver a personality without the mess. all readers need to do is scroll down to see her work, which shares the same layout as famous portfolio websites like contently.

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’s hard to become a sheep with so many website templates, candidate skill sets, and creative personalities showcased in personal websites and portfolios. it works: samuel doesn’t tell us what he does for a living, he shows us by creating an interactive website to tell us he creates interactive websites. says, like anything else you provide a company you're applying to, it’s critical that a personal website be done well., it's time to get a handle on your personal finances. here’s a quick list of the top contenders, and what they can do for your personal brand:Basic, intuitive, and elegant.