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he was dressed in a plain black hoodie, and black jeans looking as handsome as ever. just give me a shout if you need me,” he smiled, and with that he preceeded out of the door. his hand slowly pushed the door open, a sight he hated to see coming into view. just an idea- but what if you were going in for an audition for ldn(or where ever) fashion week and h was one of the people who helped choose the models? tears piled in my eyes, but i shook them away. let me just pour you some water,” he smiled, placing two of the sickess pills into your palm and grabbing an old plastic cup that had your toothbrushes held within it, filling it with water and immediately handing it to you. “i’m trying to fucking tell you what happened and you’re just jumping to conclusions. i threw on a black pair of heals, and looked at myself in the mirror. you groaned, put the bowl of popcorn on the table, lifted the blankets off your body, and finally got up. i’m not letting you walk around as if you didn’t have a soul anymore, y/n. you were sat upon the edge of the bed, a flannel held to your forehead in one hand and another picking at the fraying material of your pyjama shorts. you sat in the big waiting room alongside hundreds of models, all of whom were equally stunning in their own unique ways. it was at that point, though, that you thought you had a chance. creation of the two of you after a night filled with passion and love. you can’t be happy at all, knowing that the love of your life is getting married. you hoped he couldn’t hear the sadness behind your words.” ann grinned, and (y/n) could see the obvious similarities between harry’s and ann’s smiles. on the screen was the love of your life, down on one knee, proposing to the girl that took him away from you. was fully sobbing and whimpering as it all hit him hard. my body was reacting to every thought about their future, and it seemed to be the worst reaction to anything i’ve experienced before.’s like a fire in your chest that keeps burning you, telling you that you’ll never be good enough.                when she turned around, you saw that she had your gift.#1: getting permission (his pov)#2: engagement ring ( his pov)#3: proposal outfit#4: the proposal#5: telling someone the news#6: announcing the engagement (his pov)#7: engagement party#8: wedding thoughts#9: he tweets a picture#10: dress shopping (highly requested)#11 bridezilla moment (his pov) (requested)#12 you tweet a picture#13 final planning (his pov)#14 bachelor party (another boy pov)#15 bachelorette party#16 night before (yours and his pov)#17 something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and silver sixpence in the shoe#18 the wedding liam louis niall harry zayn#19 morning of#20 present or letter he gives you before the wedding#21 cold feet (yours and his pov)#22 walking down the aisle (his pov)#23 vows#24 you may kiss the bride#25 before the reception#26 speeches#27 first dance#28 another boy tweets a picture#29 removing the garter (his pov)#30 his favourite moment (his pov)#31 her favourite moment (your pov)#32 wedding night#33 honeymoon destination#34 magazine articleafter the wedding series is the pregnancy series.”(y/n) smiled bashfully before letting her eyes meet harry’s. “i don’t want to leave you, and i don’t want to be ill,” you added, a small sob leaving your throat as harry felt a tear wet his skin. he looked at them, so confused and hurtful, making everything come to a hault. growing up with you and all, i just can’t believe you had found somebody you really love. i won’t be angry,” he whispered as he grunted lightly when falling to the bed, his head hitting the pillow and his eyelids feeling instantly heavy and almost magnetic to one another. which he would have to give a plethora of mumbles to defend why he made the decision he did. this is yours,” he whispered, his eyes teary as he handed you the engagement ring you gave him back the day before. tell me what i’ve read is not true, sweetheart. #hirehim #heneedsajob #hewasamazingatnursingme #imfine*thecurlyguysbetterhalf: so, baby styles was the reason for my sickness.” you asked, looking up at harry who was staring down at the paper that had ‘mr and mrs styles’ written in scrawny writing along the top. i just need some peace,” you mumbled, a little louder than necessary, your hand covering your forehead as your eyes remained closed. a nod was given your way as he stood himself back up, helping you back under the covers and tucking your up tightly before he made his way back around the bed. you nodded your head even though he couldn’t see you.                you rolled your eyes at his absent-mindedness, earning a confused look from him. “i’m telling you, your husband is here on a regular basis to give blood or to make sure he’s up to health. your hand met your mouth and you gasped, “they are getting married? i think he took the brunt of my mood swings. especially when it was harry’s first week home from tour and you had both agreed that this week was to be spent in bed, intertwined in each other, no distractions. if you can’t trust me then there’s no future here for us. it was unusual for you to be sick at anytime of the year since you’d been the one to take care of the way you lived - you were forever making sure that you weren’t around anyone ill for long, with sincere apologies being given when they knew the reason to your want to leave, and you were forever making sure that you bundled up warm in the wintery months to save yourself from getting a cold or the flue, or even pneumonia at the extreme. your face had lost colour and your nose was slightly running, your lips were wet and moist and your body was tensing and shaking slightly under his touch. you thought confessions would be made and a relationship would be rebuilt but you were wrong. there was a video of kendall being interviewed so you clicked on it and watched it. i may not be a midwife, but i can work along side them,” she added, handing you the envelope and watching as your shaky hand took hold of the paper. i’m here,” he repeated, his palm pressed to your back as he rubbed around in soft and soothing circular motions. logged in and saw “ripy/n” as the main trend and he felt his knees so weak that he almost fell of.”moments later a soft knock comes at your door seconds before harry walks in, “hey, um, mia said you wanted to talk to me.

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i’ll come sit with you, make sure you’re okay,” harry smiled, digging around in his pocket for his wallet. november 2014preference #63: he’s getting married to someone else (part 1)harry: “(y/n), you have mail! he could picture his mother now - a dressing gown tied around his waist, her pyjamas on her body to keep her warm as the back door was opened to let the fresh air into the kitchen, her slippers on her feet and a sizzling breakfast cooking upon the stove. whether it was back in his school ages and he was having problems with girls and asking girls out on dates, or whether it was in his singing career where he would call up his mother on a day where he felt particularly bad and was in dire need of comforting words - those of which that could only come from his mother. “wait,” louis said a minute later, his eyes widening slightly.”“yeah, but it’s different now,” he stutters awkwardly his eyes focused on the floor as he fights not to stare at you; “you’re pregnant. i’ve barely seen her,” harry commented, and (y/n) stretched her neck to where she last saw her boyfriend’s mother. so you took your anger out on yourself, and grabbed the bottle of whiskey your dad kept under the sink, and you drowned your sorrows until you couldn’t feel anything, and you passed out. the sky was a dim grey, and specks of snow fell to the ground. you got up and paced the bedroom as the phone rang. i can’t picture him taking her hands, vowing to her that he will always love her with as much love as he can carry. though harry and i haven’t spoken since the fitting, i can’t just miss out on the biggest day of his life. you smirked and looked down at the invitation, “no,” you grinned. you paused the movie just as a picture appeared, not wanting to give away what you were watching.’  part 2  part 3the other boys talk about youyour child runs on stagefight before tour part 2he gives you the silent treatmentmistreating you in front of another boy  part 2he spends the day with your childyou fight and another boy help you make-up part2he cheats on you part 2  part 3caught in/after “the act” niall & zayn     louis, harry, liamhe thinks you’re pregnant  part 2you compare him to your ex part 2sharing a bunk with him on tourhe’s taller than youyou’re in the military and you surprise himyou have a panic attackhe proposes…injured pt. he buckles up and glances back once more at you, but this time you’re not alone. or you’ll be cleaning your front footwell,” you muttered, lacing your fingers through his own as you looked down at his nails.” harry’s voice came out, hoarse and deep and scratchy against his dry throat. felt a tear run down my face, and i quickly wipped it away, hoping none of the boys have seen it. he took the phone that couldn’t stop ringing and threw it to the other side, it breaking immediately.” anne cooed softly, the sound of a whistling kettle being heard in the background followed by a couple of clinks from a spoon hitting the porcelain. i always just looked around, and it made me so blind, y/n, because the way i felt just now, kissing you like that, made me feel like i could never die.                you looked away from your cocktail, feeling someone’s gaze on you for the last few minutes, and turned to meet harry’s concerned green eyes. the brakes of the car had broken down leaving her no change to react of do anything as a huge car approached her and hit her directly to her front. the bedroom now lit with light from the mid-morning sun stream facing the house. you swallowed the two pills, you handed him the now half-filled cup and watched as he set it upon the counter, his eyes cautiously watching your every move as you stood from your place beside the toilet, flushing the chain before walking slowly yet shakily back into the bedroom; with harry hot upon your heels. we’re thinking it’s the chinese we had for your birthday meal a few days ago. harry’s head snapped up, making my body freeze completely. i can’t picture the gold ring being slipped onto her finger as they kiss the first kiss of their marriage—i just couldn’t. liam looked behind his shoulder, checking on me to see if i was okay, but my body didn’t flinch. loud scream left his mouth as he pulled his hair. it was knee length, and wrapped perfectly around my body. you never knew how awful heartbreak would have felt until now.: as you prepared to indulge in the best reality shows tv could offer, you were in interrupted by a knock on the door. he laid there still, his eyes trained to you as you tried to be as quiet as possible - with hopes you didn’t wake your sleeping husband from a sleep that was so well needed. harry’s eyes were a little bit off that day.“i just can’t believe that in one month, i’ll be having the wife of my dreams. you wanted him to have time to heal, but he was barely single again before she was back in his arms. all of that vanished as soon as she felt slow movements inside of her that startled her. i’m only wanting you better,” he added in a hushed voice, pressing a kiss to your forehead before he reached to turn the lamp off.                he pouted at you, giving you the puppy-dog eyes, “but…y/n…”                “you’re birthday isn’t until tomorrow, louis,” you sighed. i struggled with this one a bit because writing sad harry is not fun, but, i think it played out alright. You rushed downstairs skipping a few steps at a time.”                you breathed in the crisp august night, “i had my chance, and i didn’t take it.” june’s voice came from her space at her computer in the corner - a computer used for writing confidential patient notes for further appointments - her glasses falling down her nose as she reached for a pair of plastic, cream gloves to prevent any infections from spreading. he screamed as loud as his vocal cords let him. you have to be there for him every god damn day, and all of your patience and all of your carefulness is being ignored. i’ll be downstairs if you need me,” he whispered, grabbing his phone from the bedside table and grabbing his old pair of black sweatpants, tugging them up his legs. his blue eyes hadn’t left you, and you had never felt so beautiful in your life.                he deserved an amazing party along with his insane friends.

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.” pregnancy sex “do you wanna know why i love you? barts, i was spending the day on a yacht with a couple of friends when they cancelled. i think i’ll take you to the doctors later on today, okay?”his gp was an elderly lady, named june, with a full education and experience of sicknesses and illnesses just like your own - heck, he’d been in plenty of times to get prescribed pills and medicines to make his immune system active and ready to participate in his daily activities again. list preferencestruth or dare part 1part 2he’s protectivething’s get heatedyour periodyou hate/love each other part 1part 2brother’s best friend part 1part 2he finds out you’re ticklishyou comfort himhe gets jealous at the beachbsm: you and one of the boys like each otherhe finds out about your daughter’s birth controlstuck in a elevator togetheryou’re on your period and he wants to have sexhoneymoonhe finds out you’re pregnanthe walks in on you changingyour daughter gets her period and you’re not homeyou meet for the first timeyou work for themsaying goodbye (he’s going on tour)he defends youhe’s the only single member and you catch his eyeclose best friendsgive me love by ed sheeranhe leaves you at the alter (he wants you back)victoria’s secret angelbsm- he walks in on you & your bf…you surprise him on tourhe dedicates a song to youhe surprises you on tourpictures of him with another girl surface pt. she was always up at seven, no matter what, always a morning person. you looked at the expression on your friends face and your heart nearly popped out of your chest. just him being engaged was enough to make me cry myself to sleep some nights, asking why it couldn’t be me. music was loud and the girl next to him was trying to make him dance, but he just wanted her to leave, it was other girl the one he wanted next to him.” you whispered, your voice cracking in the silence of the room. you’re beautiful, and perhaps it’s the passing of time that is throwing him off but he swears- he’s never seen anything more angelic. lips detatched from mine, running his thumb over my now swollen lips. a puff of breath leaving your husbands mouth as he pulled the keys from the ignition and hooked the keyring around his finger. i miss mine most of the time when i’m sick - it’s common.                who knew that one phrase would keep you up all night?#1: talking about having a baby#2: finding out#3: telling him (his pov)#4 morning sickness#5 telling the family#6 telling the boys#7 twitter announcement#8 first ultrasound#9 starting to show (his pov)#10 cravings#11 mood swings#12 gender predictions#13 finding out the gender#14 first kick#15 picking names#16 photoshoot#17 he overhears you talking to the baby (his pov)#18 shopping for baby#19 song he sings to your baby bump#20 he goes on tour (part 1)#21 while he is away (your pov) (part 2)#22 while he is away (his pov) (part 3)#23 he returns home (part 4)#24 godparents#25 baby shower#26 nursery#27 scare (his pov)#28 he tweets a picture#29 how you sleep#30 interacting with the baby#31 talking to his mum#32 you’re insecure#33 pregnancy classbonus he tweets a picture on halloween#34 fans catch you out and aboutbonus you’re in soml#35 he talks about you and the baby (his pov)#36 hormonal arguments#37 deciding on a birth plan#38 growing bump (his pov)#39 stressed / worried (yours and his pov)#40 sore / uncomfortable#41 he gets protectivebonus he loved… (gif preference)#42 he talks to the baby bump (his pov)#43 letter / video for the baby#44 last minute preparation#45 labor / delivery part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4alternative ending (miscarriage)after the pregnancy series is the baby series. you were one for the occasional party, loving to let loose once in a while, but today you were ready to just go crazy. xxpregnancy series | wedding series | masterlist | louis blog | louis masterlist | ask box - request - comment |no visuals. i’m not this kind of person, and i can’t make lorie find out about this. you clicked on it and was met with a headline that read ‘kendall and harry: only ever been friends’. me home - harry styles originally posted by feelszarrycharacter/person: harry stylesfandom: one directionday 23!” you replied, securing the blanket roof under a heavy pillow. week’s selection here is yet another selection of preferences from the blog that you may or may not have known about…find something you love:soundtrack seriesfoursteal my girlready to runwhere do broken hearts go18girl almightyfool’s goldnight changesno controlfireproofspacesstockholm syndromecloudschange your ticketillusiononce in a lifetimeact my agemidnight memoriesbest song everstory of my lifedianamidnight memoriesyou & idon’t forget where you belongstronghappilyright nowlittle black dressthrough the darksomething greatlittle white liesbetter than wordswhy don’t we go theredoes he knowalivehalf a heartone way or another (teenage kicks) - the interludetake me homelive while we’re youngkiss youlittle thingsc'mon c'monlast first kissheart attackrock mechange my mindi wouldover againthey don’t know about ussummer loveshe’s not afraidloved you firstnobody comparesstill the onetruly, madly, deeplyirresistible up all nightwhat makes you beautifulpreferencestrust issuesthey compliment your relationshipactually, tell everyonesomeone tries to break you upthe other side of famefaking itmore than a girlfriendgoing out of his waysneaking aroundthe boyfriend challenge - halloween editionkeeping busy while he’s awayyou don’t react the way they think you shouldyou’re too much alikeout with one of the other boyssupporting him while he’s awayhe isn’t where he’s supposed to behe stays with youmanagement asks a favorcan’t stay awayhe surprises the fans with how he treats youyou bring him back to realityhe ignores youyou’re asked to leaveit isn’t what it looks likedestructive relationshipstory of your lifemaintaining your independencespending time with his familyyou meet him on tourlong distancea fan throws herself at himyou call him cryinghe calls you fat - part 2he calls you fatthe media gets it wrongexam weekweedgate - a private video gets leakedearly morning wakeupgraduationflight delayyou elopeyou cheat after a fight he catches you cheating drunk marriage in vegas he mentions you in an interviewyou marry someone else he sees you at your worsthe cheats with youyou’re the reason they break upyou see him with his new girl once upon a timehe confronts you about the cheating allegationshe realizes he’s in love with youfans see you with luxyou’re only together for the summer mile high club he catches you doing something childish he gets you upset when your famous ex mentions you in an interview he sees you with your new manhe flies out to see youhe embarrasses youhe breaks up a fight you are inyou comfort himhe supports youpunk seriesyou meet for the first timehe tries to get you to go out with himhe’s persistent you agree to go out with himfirst datefirst kissyou see him get upsetyou go with him as he gets another tattoothe first “i love you”he’s with you for your first tattooout of his elementyou’re out of your elementfirst fightyou make upyour family doesn’t approveyou break upyou sleep with someone elseyou see one another after the break upyou get back together you meet his familyhe takes care of you while you’re drunka major commitmentxx. but i don’t know, i always thought everything would work out between us. you have to go to sleep every night and cry out all that love for him because you can’t have him.  you don’t complain when he wants food from a place in terminal 5 and your flight is located in terminal 2, nor do you mind when he manages to snuggle up to you like a small child in the aircraft, draped over your lap and finally at ease as you read above him or lay your own head back against the seat with your fingers mindlessly running through his locks out of habit. recentmost popularmost recentfilter by post typeall poststextphotoquotelinkchataudiovideoaskhiding adult-oriented contentshowing adult-oriented contentgrid viewlist view. “if you pop to the loo next door,” she pointed to her right, “then you can have all the time you need in there to pass urine for us to send to the lab. harry didn’t want to deal with the whiplash of hate that was sure to find the both of you as soon as it was announced and he didn’t want you to deal with it either. you rolled your eyes, “then why tell me at all?                you really hoped he would like it, considering you had no idea what to get your best friend. let me go,” you mumbled, prying his tight hold from your waist and letting his hand fall to the bed with a thud against the springs. his lips were pressed your head in a matter of seconds and you tilted your head into his touch, your eyes closing softly. his eyes pull away from across the street to glance down at his phone, ignoring the growing list of notifications to glance at the time. helping her when she’s sick, holding her when she’s sad, singing to her when she’s scared. the rings on his fingers cool and cold against your warm skin. we arrived at the church, liam and his fiancè made their way out of the car. you felt a wash of relief and worry pass through you as she confirmed the happenings of the appointment - because if there was one thing you were scared of, it was impromptu jabs or blood takings. his footsteps slowly becoming inaudible as he made his way down the stairs, to the lower level of the house. he was a professional at getting what he wanted from you.                you gave him a weak smile and short nod along with a mouthed, “thanks.” he wondered, his eyes focusing upon the speckle dirt at the base of the back door to keep his mind from wandering else where.                now that the fort was done, you got out his gift from the telly cabinet and put it in your new home.” i asked, grabbing my clutch off of my bed and quickly walking passed him.                and now she was still there, in his lap, giggling drunkenly into his ear. i mean, like, it’s been really bad over this week with sickness waking me up in the mornings and feeling uncomfortable in bed throughout the nights,” you said, your eyes looking out the window of the gp office to where the wind was blowing softly in the trees, catching under the leaves still attached to the branches. liked this lefangirlingprincess liked this kellicqunntes liked this kyra234 liked this mrsmalikforever2012 liked this zaynmaliksgirlfriend1 liked this vanitysfairr reblogged this from crazyyymofo vanitysfairr liked this valeriamalik6 liked this 1dpreferences-byhannah-blog reblogged this from crazyyymofo and added:I hope she’ll make part 5 sooner 1dpreferences-byhannah-blog liked this sikinaiki reblogged this from crazyyymofo hornyandexperienced liked this mickeyandkassie liked this scruffymallik liked this julialuv1d liked this mrs-nialler-james-horan liked this letdownyour-goldenhair liked this ageofshield liked this canibethat1girl liked this niallersgirlalmighty liked this weonlyhaveonechance liked this super-dreamer liked this ichbinscheissssssssssssssse liked this adorejoyce liked this ngeoffreyunited-blog liked this feb11994 liked this sez-luvz-you liked this dying-symphonies liked this andour-dreams-willbe-infinite liked this janetlovebear liked this bombshellbubbles liked this volitient liked this madalinehadaline liked this lollysmiles0826 liked this superlove167 liked this leximarie66 liked this contactly liked this makeartn0tfri3nds liked this cleanuponniall13-blog liked this fuckheadirwin liked this k-v-specialreads liked this foreverjayn liked this crazyyymofo posted this.                you found yourself nodding, grabbing onto his sweaty palm, “let’s go. the guys walked to the other side of him, catching his reaction at the man he will soon be becoming.                he took the small rectangular box from his cousin and instantly looked at you with a grin, “you didn’t have to get me anything.

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“i think she was readying the food in the kitchen, last i saw her,” (y/n) announced, looking back to the styles siblings. my heart dropped as the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. this is an unusual time to call me,” anne’s sweet voice came from the speaker, a hint of a smile lacing her voice as harry let out a soft chuckle. your knee was constantly bouncing up and down as harry tried to calm you with a palm pressed to your back and his thumb drawing soft circles into your muscle. “a cuddle with my husband sounds divine right now,” you giggled lightly, watching as the tips of harry’s lips lifted into a warm smile. between your parents asking you every two minutes if you were ok, your dad saying he was going to kill harry, and your mum telling you that you didn’t deserve any of this, you were ready to walk out of there too. june appeared beside you, a plastic cup was handed to you as well a topper for you to push on top as soon as you were finished.“oh uhm- sorry i didn’t want to wake you and i needed a proper cup of tea,” he smiled, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes. you could barely contain your excitement and it was proving difficult not to just announce it everyone that looked your way. he was looking at me with the saddest eyes i’ve ever seen in my life. he’s pushed the pair of sunglasses that usually serve as a makeshift headband onto his face, and his lips are in a tight pressed line.) (mood killer)going to disneycatching him during his “me time”he gets jealous of your old crush part 2he leaves & you’re pregnant  part 2 part 3interacting with fansfinding out he went to a strip club part 2he goes to your photo shoothe spoils youcomforting after zayn decides to leavefighting before something bad happens part 2stories about one of the boys before meeting himdizzy spellsspending time with your child before baby #2you thank him when you win an awardhe get news while on stagegetting attention at a vs fashion showyou’re friends and you want him to father your childnote passingalone with the kidssaved from couch dutykeep reading. no matter what the problem had been, anne was the parent he had gone to talk too when he needed to get something off of his chest. one wrong thing and i could break, and it was such a risk to even bring me to the church in the first place. your phone buzzed with a text, but right now you didn’t care, you just wanted to be reunited with your fiancé since he had disappeared before you had even woke up. i probably shouldn’t be, but i can’t help it, ya’know? she’s rarely sick so it’s something that happens on every few months,” he reasoned, “i was thinking some tea would help her.                you two had finally calmed down from the laughter, but apparently, louis had not forgotten his original goal. to see just a glimpse of your radiant smile that he’s missed so much. he thinks, reflectively, that he could’ve asked gem how you were doing. “i have real hope for you guys, i really do.”                before you could protest or agree, he had you out on the floor, moving his body to the song.                however, not wanting to be selfish with your feelings towards your best friend after his heartbreak, you decided to wait.” harry grinned, nodding at you, “and you thought you would get away with giving me just one…sneaky, y/n. “did you ask y/n what i think you did? “so should i put your name on the guest list? you, ready with the garbage bag, picked up the pieces as they fell, but your eyes stayed on the adorable sight before you. one day of living with your parents, you were stressed more than you ever had been. family and friends were packed in like sardines to welcome harry home after five years of hard work on tours and press trips. his lips stretched further across his cheeks, and your face fell in annoyance. eyes became glossy as i took a quick glance at liam. he stood up out of nowhere and headed to the washroom, dialing her number. it never crossed my mind before liam had to fucking call you out in front of the whole shop!” (y/n) answered, making harry wrap his arm around her once more and rub a hand along her back. would make everything worldwide trends, but that made him feel uneasy. excited for being given the job, she ran over to the mountain of brightly colored bags and boxes and picked one from the pile. she exhaled, “something’s are just not meant to be. you’re wearing one of his favorite work outfits on you, but somehow you look different.“i’m only telling the truth,” he sing-songed, leaning closer to her side.“can we give it a day before we go to the doctors? i’ve been sitting in mine and lorie’s bedroom all this time wondering if me and her getting married is even a good idea! “it’s already been two years since they started dating. “it’s been going on for a few weeks but not as bad as this week. he took in your position on the bed; crossed legs and your back resting against the headboard, the pillows bunching up and moulding the shape between your back and the board. black text was scattered around the page followed by symptoms and a graph of the urine sample you had sent in, confusing you even more as you read. one of your legs hitched over his stomach with an arm sprawled across his waist, your fore finger drawing shapes absentmindedly into the skin about where the waistband of his boxers sat on his hips.“i’m getting fat,” you announce abruptly much to his discomfort, “you’d think that with the amount of puking i’ve done in the past few weeks i’d still fit in my clothes, but think again,” you complain, unbuttoning your pants and rolling them down your legs, “oh, relax,” you snap as he stares at you in shock, “it’s not like you’ve never seen me naked before. what if they tell me i’m ill and i need treatment and i don’t have long left and, i’m just really scared, h,” you mumbled, your warm breath fanning out across his chest where your head was positioned beside his left swallow tattoo on his collar bone. harry didn’t stop talking about y/n the whole time. he can practically imagine her ignorance of his simple question and her storm of counter ones, all stemming from the same basic thought, of course.

I M A G I N E S: He's Getting Married, But Not To You

“a little space would do me some good as well,” you added more sternly, as harry’s face fell and he puckered his lips together softly. was later that evening though, after niall ducked out to get something for dinner that you couldn’t hold it in anymore, you had to tell someone. better than harry, i can tell you,” june laughed, squeezing your arm softly in her hand as she guided you to the corner desk where her computer had been set up.”                you shrugged, “it’s your birthday, zayn, and you’re my best friend. i’m scared about going to the doctors but harry said we could wait one more day, just to see if anything eases.! btw, fashion show casting procedures are most likely incorrect here! that would only mean he had to accept the tragic truth. they had been dating for a bit over a year now, but technically, it was less than that since they had broken up a few months ago.” ann replied, taking the towel gratefully and dabbing the sweat off her forehead. “congratulations baby girl,” your dad’s voice came through the phone line. while you were waiting, you picked your phone up off of the bedside table and noticed one from your sister, mum and best friend. you pressed the phone closer to your ear trying to understand the entirety of the situation. i woke up sick earlier this morning and then fell back to sleep, then i woke up again about half an hour to 40 minutes ago and was sick again and i felt tired and he was there. i’m just going to sleep it off and hopefully wake up better than i feel now,” you mumbled, rubbing your eyes tiredly as you comfortably shuffled yourself down on the bed, the duvet pulled up to your chin. and what made it all the worse, it seemed like he did not want to spend the special day with you. if he wasn’t feeling good, but he was good pretending.” harry rushed out, interrupting his sister’s embarrassing story and pulling (y/n) in the direction of the kitchen. was about to shout it all out when a tweet caught his attention. you stepped back, and twisted the ring off of your left hand, grabbed the bag and walked over to harry. he watches as you tip your head back slightly, letting the sun shine onto your face with closed eyes and a appreciative smile. you wouldn’t want a sick woman by your side,” you muttered, looking up at his face illuminated by the light that had started to appear in the london sky outside of the curtain-covered windows. accompanied with hugs that didn’t last long enough and hard kisses with rapidly blinking eyes and a muffled rough voice. he had told you that he was going to st barts for a few days to catch up with his mum and robin.” he nodded and grinned, pecking the top of your head. the sun is out in london today, peeking out to say a dutiful hello to the city and its dwellers. you were best friends, and no; this wasn’t awkward for you.” he questioned, but as soon as you looked at him, tears running down your face. “i’m sorry i told you to leave, i shouldn’t have. you knew practically everything about each other, you two had once loved each other, well, you still loved him but the envelope he gave told you how he felt. we are alive, whatever made you think the opposite, it’s false.” you smiled at him and left the room before he could further question you. all the boys were looking curiously at liam, as if they didn’t understand why he would say something like that.“you look great, harry” i smiled, fixing his tie so it could fall perfectly against his chest. it’s kinda short but i hope you all like it! but right now he couldn’t get his love out of his head. you should have told me the second you felt things for me, and you know that! i couldn’t bring myself to catch his reaction, knowing that the happiness that will appear on his face won’t be because of me. if you have liked this in the past - you probably have the old links. “if it makes you worry less, robin’s been a bit sick as well.”you threw your phone on the ground, angry tears rolling down your face. “now, just for precautions, do you like silver or gold engagement rings because-”“harold,” (y/n) interrupted with a giggle.“sweetheart, sometimes people like to be left alone when they’re sick. was right next to him, breathing, talking to him, with their baby kicking.” you said, picking out your favorite dress from your closet.”                “y/n…please…” he whispered it that time, as if he would break down crying if you didn’t tell him, and he had gotten you.”as (y/n) looked around, she was amazed that this many people could fit into harry’s childhood home. you two were exact opposites, and he often got on your nerves.” harry stated it simply, watching to see the reactions as soon as the boys understood what he was saying. you nearly broke down into tears at the coffee shop and the irony of it all, you two had met for the first time in this shop. i know we haven’t discussed it much but i fully intend to marry you one day.

Party. - Preference #26: You aren't dating but he's obsessed with

you walked over, placing yourself right in front of him, wrapping your arms around his back. we have a baby on the way - how is that, how? harry listened to you as you coughed slightly into your hand, and reached for something upon the bedside table, your darkened figure shuffling around the room. i figured it was just my period starting but, i’ve not had it yet,” you stated, catching june’s glance at harry as he looked at you in adoration. both you and harry sitting in the rather uncomfortable blue chairs outside as you waited patiently for her to call you in once she had everything sterile and ready to examine you. he kicked the duvet away from his body, the sound of the toilet flushed again however this time the water and the bathroom light were switched off and your silhouette appeared in the darkened doorway separating the master bedroom from the en-suite bathroom. i really thought you were the one, but maybe i was wrong. rapidly took his hand and placed it where the baby was moving. it was after an hour of you blowing up at them telling them to stop talking about him that they decided to go out for dinner, giving you some space, something you were grateful of. his hair falling from the bun tied at the back of his head, hanging gently down his face and tickling at his chin ever so softly.”                he gave you a pitiful smile before getting up from his seat and straightening out his shirt, “liam? into the living room, harry was no where to be seen so moving onto the kitchen you found him standing against the counter, his favourite mug full of steaming tea in his hands, his eyes closed as he breathed heavily, a sign that he was stressed and he was obviously distracted because he hadn’t even noticed you standing there and obviously quite distracted by something as he hadn’t even noticed you standing there.” you asked, more to yourself than to anybody else in the small office, a nod being the only confirmation from june as she let the news sink into your mind.” a blush formed upon your cheeks as you looked towards harry who was smirking softly with his own red cheeks. you’re just the person that’s there, the person that they would go to when they don’t have anybody else.* *in times of trouble, harry had always gone to his mother for help.  the zombie like passengers shuffling from terminal to terminal, the feeling of restlessness because the moment he is actually able to close his eyes, he can hear a fan gasp or the airport employee they have escorting him clear their throats to get his attention. i didn’t mean to get irritated with him but he was the only person here to get the brunt of everything. you nodded gently against his chest as you wiped at your eyes softly and sighed out, closing your eyes. he was famous and rich; he could buy whatever he wanted, and you knew that his family would probably give him things involving his hobbies or clothing.! i haven’t seen you since the concert in london!'s Getting Married, But Not To You “You look great, Harry” I smiled, fixing his tie so it could fall perfectly against his chest.” zayn shouted like a little boy when he saw what was underneath all that paper.“you disappeared,” you smiled from your spot leaning on the doorframe.” niall: when he called you to get coffee you didn’t think he would be telling you he was getting married. get this over with and free my worrying brain,” you smiled weakly, trying to lighten the mood of the slightly awkward silenced car. he saves you from a bad relationship you accidentally flash him april fool’s day spring time date silent treatment you get drunk you get your wisdom teeth removed out drinking him bsm- he’s there when you give birth bff-turning him on divorce going back to his ex part 2 part 3 summertime camping “stay with me.“y/n” harry whispered, trying to stop me from leaving. she almost laughed, “well you’re still practically in love with him.’s hoping to god, for once, that there aren’t any nosy camera lenses hidden across the street or in some odd crevice because shots of this in the tabloids would not only be hard to explain, but embarrassing for you too. his hair was a mess, his eyes were sad, and his tux was on on body, but he looked like he didn’t put any effort in himself at all. he’s mad at me, and there’s nothing i can do about it..”pregnancy sex“do you wanna know why i love you? i’m fed up with this and i’m going to sleep it of,” you mumbled, sending him a soft smile as you dabbed the wet flannel to your forehead. even with you by his side, he was still in the mode of missing his mother and knowing she was miles away from him - with him unable to up and leave whenever he pleased. only the voicemail that allowed him to hear her sweet voice. the man you were in love with was getting married and all this time you were waiting for a call that would restore the love you had lost. “well i’m going to have to crash their wedding first. you’re everything to me,” he cried, his head dropping to your shoulder as you felt tears seep into your cotton material.”                he shook his head at you before pulling the red ribbon off. but, i’m too nervous to go up and see if she’s okay because i have no idea how she’d react,” he murmured, rubbing his face with his palm and knuckling at the sleep in his eyes. with red cheeks, bitten lips and a slightly ashen face, he was still there in his mothers presence.                “these were expensive,” he murmured, taking out the two tickets for everyone to see. “and i wouldn’t have you marrying anyone else, niall is a good man and i’m excited for you both. his thumb ran over my wrist, where old scars that had been there from when i felt like i could never be good enough for anything. every few seconds you would look down at the ring on your finger, moving your hand around so you could see it in every light possible.” he yelled, throwing himself against me as his lips landed perfectly on mine.                “i’m quite aware,” you beamed, pressing play on the remote and patting the place next to you. i started crying hyserically, hitting my forehead against the seat in front of me, hoping i’d smack some sense into me. you sighed, sitting up and reaching for harry’s t-shirt that was scrunched up on the floor from last night before reaching for your underwear and pyjamas shorts that hadn’t stayed on longer than half an hour last night.

We Are Who We Are — You Love Him But He's Your Best Friend

was about ten minutes after you left your phone buzzed with a text from your mum, with a link to something on the daily record. said our goodbyes, the phone call ending just as you felt niall’s arms worm around your waist, pulling you back against his chest. door was fully opened before he could insert the key. no needles, no prods or pokes and no blood being taken. no one could split that couple up no matter how hard they try. #byebyegreece #youhavebeenincredible #2weeksinparadise #honeymoon #harryand(y/n)adventures*thecurlyguysbetterhalf: morning from the styles household. liked this forever-5sos-1d liked this realityruinedourlife liked this susan-estrada liked this ifeellikedaddy liked this miss-goodness124 liked this alexandriahoward257 liked this aeropaws liked this annanicolehoran3 liked this music-is-my-retreat liked this hermionesalvatore84 liked this mirandapandapatnoe liked this justmeharryandthemoon liked this haztory liked this hypnotictomlinson-blog liked this alexandra-guerrero14 liked this visionsaroundyou liked this ocatviarenee liked this leighadeiouis liked this chaosaftwentyfourseven liked this greenteaharrys liked this travelingwithsomedogs liked this ishipdabands liked this pxtrichxr liked this mellacharmed said:This is soo good! #goodmorning #thestyles #someonedoesntlikemornings *thecurlyguysbetterhalf: the key to a happy marriage is letting the the other see you in the naked flesh. did you know that in year seven harry once-”“alright, i think we’re gonna go say hi to mum again, great speaking with you! i’m tired,” you whispered, looking down to where he was staring intently up at you. “well i mean she did suggest taking the next step in our relationship but that’s not the point,” he shook his head. series #4 - telling someone (niall) you’d been unable to sit still ever since niall proposed. eyes opened instantly, every cry stopping at the feeling of this baby moving under his hand. let out a loud sob, making me cover my mouth in attempt to quiet myself down, but it didn’t work. divide series: perfect ah, apologies that it took so long to get up. you should hear him on the phone to mum sometimes. his fingertips danced across the space below your belly button before his palm came into full contact with your skin, his wrist pushing up the material slightly and letting your body commence into the cold air of the room. it’s been a long time coming, but here is preference 17, a request for you to be best friends with one of the boys.” harry giggled, bringing me out of my trance, “you’ve been staring at my tie for ten minutes”. yes, he was one to show affection and he was one to hug and snuggle with someone until he felt better, however he was extra affectionate and stayed longer in the comforting arms of his mother at his times of vulnerability. this is not at all how you thought the conversation would go. you’ll feel a little better once they take full effect,” he smiled, watching as one of your shaky hands popped the two pills into your mouth and your other held the plastic cup to your lips. don’t prentend like you want this to happen for him”. phone began to ring but he couldn’t hear it.’  part 2  part 3 the other boys talk about you your child runs on stage fight before tour part 2 he gives you the silent treatment mistreating you in front of another boy  part 2 he spends the day with your child you fight and another boy help you make-up  part2 he cheats on you part 2  part 3 caught in/after “the act” niall & zayn     louis, harry, liam he thinks you’re pregnant  part 2 you compare him to your ex part 2 sharing a bunk with him on tour he’s taller than you you’re in the military and you surprise him you have a panic attack he proposes …injured pt. seriesdue to followers liking the post with old links, here is the complete wedding series (with correct links). it’s okay,” he stated as he stepped into the bathroom, kneeling behind you as you hunched over the toilet bowl. cheeks flushed red as i looked down, taking my hands away from the smooth fabric while mumbling a quiet “sorry”, backing away so he can see the final look.”                “but…”                “harry…” you warned, crawling out of the large fort. you stood up, waiting for the others to get out of their seats, so you could get through, “thanks, harry. instead of taking the lift he ran all the twenty floors up.* *“can you believe it…” harry mumbled from his space beside you on the sofa, your feet kicked up into his lap and resting upon a cushion that would usually be placed behind his back. he’d dated you for so long that the public was well aware of who you were and where you worked. you used to be such a grouchy teenager when you were ill.#1d #1d blurbs #1d family #1d imagines #1d ships #1d preferences #one direction #one direction blurbs #one direction headcanons #one direction imagines #one direction preferences #1dheadcanons #lovely1dheadcanons #best friends #preference 17 #request #niall horan #niall horan imagine #harry styles #harry styles imagine #louis tomlinson #louis tomlinson imagine #liam payn imagine #liam payne #birthday #liam payne imagine.                “you’ll be getting a knuckle sandwich if you don’t stop asking! you braced yourself for your feet hitting the hardwood flooring but instead was met with soft cloth, looking down noticing it was harry’s boxers from last night and laughing to yourself, before making your way downstairs to find harry. i’m not leaving you now and i’m not eve considering leaving you at all, unless you asked me to leave,” he stated matter-of-factly, a smirk in his voice that had earned him a light slap to the chest. you’ve probably just got the stomach bug, or maybe your period is starting soon. a stream of light made it’s way into the bedroom from the en-suite bathroom, the sound of running water and the toilet flushing making it’s way into the quiet bedroom where harry was now laying wide awake. her scream scared you at first and you dropped your phone on the ground.” you furrowed your brows for a second, wondering what he meant by that when it all clicked. he weaved himself around people and across the dance floor until he was sliding into the seat next to liam, giving each of his friends a beaming smile. divide series masterlist here’s our masterlist of the entire divide series.! xx part onepart two part three*13 weeks*“hey, babe, you almost ready? however, there was always doubt in your mind that you weren’t ready for that just yet, and as much as you wanted to make harry happy with the desire he’d been longing for since his first time seeing babies, you felt that your own feelings and desires needed to be put first in this instance.                well, that wasn’t exactly what you had meant, considering you would be leaving your friends behind as well as the club, but it was a chance to be alone with him…and it was what he wanted. i just want to have a relaxing day in bed,” you whispered against his skin, muffling slightly.” you sang, putting a tiny cupcake in front of him.”* *it felt like hours until june had called you into her office.

Preference 88: He's Your Sister's Boyfriend and You like Each Other

“we have one poorly missus here, we do,” he confirmed, turning on his heel to find you standing awkwardly beside the bed of the room. she’s never been this sick before and it’s worrying me,” he whispered, moving his free hand from his hair to the tabletop of the kitchen table. “i figured i’m just slightly irregular this month because i’ve been ill and that, so, i haven’t worried too much about it. that helped me a lot when i wa-”“harry, just leave me alone, yeah? As my hands smoothed out the fabric, I let my mind wander away.“i’m just—” i paused, taking a deep breath to collect myself, putting on a small smile to make it look like i truly ment was i was saying, “i’m just so happy for you, harry. he’s parked and turned the car off long ago, and it’s starting to get chilly.” “thanks dad,” you replied, feeling your eyes gloss over at his words. how are we supposed to build a future if you don’t even listen to me?” “we knew he was going to ask sooner or later though. he hasn’t visited since you two had broken up in this very door frame.“it means that i have a slight inkling that the two of you might be having a baby in the next eight to nine months. he had basically just called off the engagement and told you not to come back. “i can’t quite believe it, i wasn’t expecting this at all. you’re sweating,” (y/n) insisted, grabbing a towel from a nearby table and handing it to her.                with a sigh, you marked your page in your paperback and leaned over to rest it on the glass coffee table. your eyes were red and bloodshot and your cheeks were flushing pink, your bottom lip trembling as you gained eye contact with him; his green eyes filled with concern and worry.                “that’s true,” you admitted, nodding your head with your bottom lip out. i’ve got a jacket that works plenty well, and i’ll be just fine. liam was still the one there for me whenever i needed somebody. he was talking about honeymoons and their wedding colours, and how much he can’t wait to see her walking down the aisle in her dress. it was nothing bad enough to make me need go to bathroom to handle it, and i was able to take a few sickness pills and it disappeared after an hour or so. wake up baby,” you tried to open your eyes, but your head hurt too much.                harry joined you, handing you a cupcake, and snuggled back on the cushions inside the fort, completely oblivious to the small box next to him wrapped in “happy birthday” wrapping paper. so much pain in the way i think that living seems so physically painful to me. originally posted by lipslikeharryhe promises himself that it’ll only be a quick  look, a brisk moment to catch a fleeting glimpse of you to reassure himself that he had made the right decision. :/ xwe think it’s food poisoning but i’m worrying myself thinking it’s something worse; ya’know, like a life-threatening illness or stomach issues or a disease. you titled your head back and tried to refrain from crying. his eyes widened when he saw what was inside, “i can’t accept this, y/n…”                “well, i’m not taking it back, and you don’t want my money to go to waste, do you? the first few buttons of his nice patterned button-down top were loose, revealing the top of his chest and the slightest peek at the tattoos on his collarbone. this could be a fun filled life for me, i’m telling you,” you giggled, shuddering slightly as you felt his hand creep up your thigh and settle underneath the jumper that was adorning your upper body. went to hug him, giving him a small squeeze, his was to congratulate him.” you whispered quietly, trying not to break down in front of him.” you gushed, the smile on your face starting to make your cheeks ache. even after spending a vast amount of his time in them after all these years, he’s never grown used to them. we don’t want anything to happen to you, and i can’t see my brother getting stressed anymore than he already is - just do it for him.“don’t lie, y/n” i heard a faint voice say. he always felt at ease when talking with her and he was always sure to slip in a cheeky update upon how you were, with june being the curious one and wondering how his better half was doing. he was miles away, he left her behind, he always left her behind. were pictures of her car involved in an accident, that was linked to cnn news. “if you’re cold, just take mine-”“harry, no,” she laughed. his eyes brightened when they landed on her, slaving away in the kitchen, practically drowning in plates of food. harry looked up, and you didn’t fail to notice that there was something in his eyes, something distracting him, but you knew he was going to hold it in. soft sobs leaving your lips as you turned towards harry who was sitting up on the bed, leaning back against the headboard. he wasn’t going to tell you what it was. reached for his arm but he took a step back, and another and another one until he was sliding down the wall behind him.”and with that, the sounds of ripping paper could be heard around the silenced room, the three of you inside anxious about the results that were held tightly in your hands. he was going to make it public, his secret marriage and his baby once he found out the gender. you pulled out your phone and thumbed through your contacts, deciding that the safest option was to call your mum until you and niall had talked about telling everyone else. not to hook up with the runway model he was dating four years ago…you climbed back out of bed and grabbed a duffle back, the one you usually used if you were visiting harry on tour for a week or so, and started stuffing clothes you would need for a few days into it, just as harry walked in.

He's Off Limits

xthis might be a long shot, but … maybe you’re pregnant? you sighed and let out a soft sob, “i know. “all grown up; already have an amazing career and the love of your life.”                clutch in hand, you made your way out of the booth and followed harry out of the bar. you’re leaning up onto the tips of your toes and rocking back down to balls of your feet as you glance up and down the street expectantly. we love you so much and we can’t wait to meet you and i hope you turn out just like mummy because i could really use another one of her around,” he winked up at you before turning his attention to your belly. there she was with her so radiant smile, her baby bump and her arms wide open so she could embrace him, completely unaware of his pain until she saw his face..,” he trails off, his eyes sweeping over your body as you fiddle with your outfit. we’re close friends, and we bumped into each other in st. you rushed downstairs skipping a few steps at a time. so when you became ill, it was rare for harry and he was somehow never use to the idea of looking after you at your time of weakness.”“don’t smother her, gem,” harry said, giving a playfully pointed look at his sister.” he replied, his dimple becoming visible as his lips widened. thank you for being so patient with me - you’re all amazing and i love you so much!  he twists the ring on his index finger nervously, licking his lips and glancing at the door to the building that his car has stood in front of so many times.                after putting the gift aside, he told his cousin to go pick out another present for him. you have to compare every guy you meet to him because you want harry.“oh, ann, let me help you with this,” (y/n) rushed out of harry’s grip to grab a plate from ann’s hands  just as she was struggling to carry not one but two heavy plates of turkey. the picture of the two of them laying on a yacht was enough proof. you’d leave me because i’d be a burden upon you. open your eyes for me, my love,” harry was here. it was too much, too much for me to handle. if she gets worse, you should suggest taking her to the doctor. he jolts up straighter in his seat and squints through the window, pulling his glasses off and staring. saves you from a bad relationshipyou accidentally flash himapril fool’s dayspring time datesilent treatmentyou get drunkyou get your wisdom teeth removedout drinking himbsm- he’s there when you give birthbff-turning him ondivorcegoing back to his ex part 2 part 3summertimecamping“stay with me. it was almost unbelievable to him that soon you’d be his forever, that he’d never have to worry about losing you again. styles gets cosy on a yacht with kendall jenner on vacation in st. the heat and touch from him was lost as he stood to his feet and shuffled across the small space, approaching the mirror cabinet that had shelves of medicines and bath lotions behind it.“wow” harry breathed, running his fingertips lightly over the tie, “i’m getting married. my heart jumped out of my chest and i felt myself feeling happier than i ever have been, feeling his lips sync with mine, and feeling his fingertips dance along my waist, but i knew this wasn’t right.                sophia smith was her name, and she was liam’s gorgeous girlfriend.” ann thanked her genuinely, giving her son’s girlfriend a side hug. his mind wandering elsewhere to take his mind away from the sounds of retching and vomiting coming from the room just adjacent to the master bedroom. puffy eyes, red nose, bloody hands like if he had punched something along the way, his skin so pale that it seemed like he would faint any moment. he’s kept his head low, though, and with the lack of his driver and the shield of tinted windows- he hopes it’ll be enough. he’d been feeling dodgy for a day or two after that. he won’t have any fucking balls left when i’m finished with him. i’m still sick and i’m not sure how much longer i can last. always groaning and moaning and yelling when we tried to soothe you,” anne laughed lightly,”but i promise you, she’ll be okay. as my hands smoothed out the fabric, i let my mind wander away. “whenever she’s sick, she’s not as grouchy as this and she’s always up for a cuddle even though she wants to be left alone.”                “that’s gross, harry,” you chuckled, pushing his face away from you, “but once you finish that one, there’s more in the kitchen for you.* *the rumbling of the car soon came to a stop as you looked to the small building in front of you, women and men entering and leaving momentarily as you remained in the car, the seatbelt still secure around your waist as you gulped softy. although he can’t quite argue that he’d mind doing anything with you by his side.”                “i’ll have to check these dates with her…” he said, examining the papers before getting up. ever since gemma’s text that morning, the thought of a missed period and a pregnancy upon you had been worrying your mind ever since - and deep down you were nervous for the answer. or we can go for a burger at mcdonalds-““please, don’t mention food, harry. when her voice sounded around the intercom of the waiting room, your head instantaneously whipped up to where harry was already looking down at you, and with a reassuring nod, you stood from your chair with harry following in suit. as you turn the knob on the door and unlock it wide open, you were suddenly rushed with insecurities. you were marrying the love of your life after all and you wanted to tell the whole world.

you grabbed the envelope from her hands and ripped it open. “you get back to your fiance now baby, and have a nice holiday. she’s cleared her afternoon when i called her up so we could pop in at any time during then, so, we can take as long as you need,” he smiled, his hand reaching over the console to grab your hand in his own. “you look absolutely amazing, where did you get this dress? they’re in the top cabinet,” you asked, looking towards harry out of the corner of your eye.” harry questioned, concern etched into every crevice on his face.”once she went away to grab more utensils, harry spun (y/n) around so they were facing each other, (y/n) having to look up due to harry’s towering height. i was just so stupid to even realize what was in front of me. or should i say daddy,” you giggled, resting your head against his. someone he can talk to past the whooshing sound of the aircraft and in between the hours of tossing and turning uncomfortably with his achy back in the tiny aircraft seat. that one was his last tour and only had three months left until he could be with her every single day. he hasn’t seen you in sometime, a few months now, and he wonders if his eyes ever did you the justice you deserve.” he questioned, his free hand running through his greasy and matted hair that he had now released from the bun at the back of his head. stood from the bed, his feet touching the carpet as he picked up an old and slightly worn out white t-shirt that had fallen in a heap the previous night.”teaseending the engagement  part 2 part 3 part 4stomachachehe’s your sister’s bf and you like each other  part 2he’s jealous of neymarhe’s stress/angry with workgift shoppinghe comes home from tourbest friendsbonding with his familypranking himworking together audenying himlate nightsfirst timesplashed on the front pagethunderstormsphone callslingerie shoppingsomeone tries to break you up part 2petscarsickwhat he buys you while on touranother rainy daydrunk and broken-up  part 2  part 3growing feelings part 2previously marriedsleeping on the couchautumnanother guy flirts/kisses youcoldyou play anastasia steele in 50 shadeshe gets someone else pregnant part 2daddy/daughter timesickyour child asks an awkward questionyour son’s friends think you’re hottaking your kid on tourhe compares you to his ex   part 2single fatherfan hate: ships in the bandcuddlingsex mishaps (? he’s a good man,” she added, watching as you took a seat in a wooden chair that was placed beside the end of her desk. i always try to hide myself, trying to escape telling him how “happy” i was. head snapped up, looking through the open door, making my gaze meet a distraut harry. “i mean if it’s not too weird… you know for you. as you pulled the folded paper from inside the envelope out, you couldn’t help but squeak out in nervousness, as your fingers nimbly unfolded the white sheet. yes, you and harry had spoken about having children and it was the butt end of your pillow talk after soft nights of kisses and cuddles under the light of the street lamp filtering in from the street outside of the house.”“yeah, almost,” you answer her, studying yourself in the mirror as you debate whether or not to change your outfit one last time, “can you send him up, please? your friend sighed and patted down on the space next to her. my back hit softly on the seats, his chest laying perfectly against mine. this is barely even christmas themed lol but i hope you enjoy this! #idontlikethedoctors #hencethereward #icecream #imfinethanksforasking *thecurlyguysbetterhalf: meeting fans on our walk around london. it was in times like this where he was thankful his mother was just a phone call away, to let him vent out his emotions and to let him talk about how he was feeling when it came to you and him disagreeing on terms that he knew would benefit you in the long run - however you were too beside yourself and too deep in your thoughts of being a burden to want the loving and caring attention of someone else. around the modestly crowded bar harry spotted niall first, sitting at a booth further towards the back. i couldn’t imagine how i would be knowing harry has made a commitment to be with somebody who isn’t me forever. you rolled your eyes, “they’ve only known each other for like 4 months.                “i have to set up the rest of your gift! she was cute - thank you for being so sweet. that’s why i don’t want to go to the doctors. car ride was silent, and i could tell nobody really knew what to say anymore.” june smiled, an envelope in her hands as you looked to harry and squeezed his hands tightly. “it’s been hard holding it in all this time. you’ve got your bag clutched to your side and your other hand is shading your eyes. he’s a patient man, yes, but there’s something about waiting in airports that throws him off kilter. he turned on the internet on his phone and his notifications became crazy-as always. “thank you for showing me what love really is,” you whispered, before walking out of there and not stopping to cry until you had drove out of the driveway, and were two blocks away. her true love was so broken due to something she could not quite get, but it had affected him. why on earth did he you let her go in the first place? was going to figure out the gender of the baby in two weeks and now he had lost it all. “it would have hurt just as much as this did. the strands hanging down his bare shoulders as the cool air hit at his warm skin. #4 pregnancy series -  part 4: i can do this on my owna/n: so i kinda got carried away with this part, but oh well..2 blind double date model he makes you feel insecure pt. “but i’m not letting him get away with this. when he saw you poke your head out of the fort, his grin couldn’t have gotten wider.  she felt her own tears, her heart breaking a little.

we’re parents,” he whispered tearily, his arms snaking around your waist as he pulled you to his body. few smiled and recognised you but most were too concentrated and just ignored you. stop jumping ahead,” you murmured, earning a hush and finger to your lips as he stared into your eyes. she thinks it would be too weird if you were there. i may have told him to leave me alone … x(y/n), for goodness sake, the boy was trying to help you. you were currently waiting for the casting of alexender wang. june everly’ in bold black letters that were prominent against the silver backing.                you laughed, letting your head rest back on the couch, “i suppose you’re right…”                he turned his head to grin at you, and you met his gaze. that being said though, harry wanted to at least tell his best mates, knowing they wouldn’t blab about it to anyone else until you and harry were comfortable with it. wonderland - harry styles“look at how pretty it is, h,” (y/n) pointed out, swinging her boyfriend’s much larger hand in hers as they walked down the snowy streets of paris. wonderland - harry styles originally posted by ohyouharryoriginally posted by unessentiallcharacter/person: harry stylesfandom: one directionwarnings: nopeenjoy day 7! up in an empty bed wasn’t a nice feeling. and that means they are ready for a life time together?” you hear mia ask through your bedroom door, “harry’s here.” “hmm, i like the sound of that,” you said, turning around in his arms so you could press a kiss to his lips. “fuck,” he heard you mumble lightly, the sound of retching following soon after through the slightly ajar door, his stomach dropping at the sounds. he didn’t think this was food poisoning - much like you and his mother had thought.“how did i live so long without loving you like this? what if i get told i have some kind of threatening illness? your friend held out an ivory envelope, “you should take a look for yourself. and give her plenty of snuggles and make sure she’s warm and content,” anne stated, her voice stern and warning as harry nodded to himself.                you then ordered two of the fudge sundaes, and the second niall’s was in front of him, you had to grab his hands and restrain him. he felt his mother was a safe haven for him; with you being a close second now that you had agreed and vowed to stick by his side for the rest of his life.” his voice said, drawing you out of your heart ache. i know you’re all excited to read it and a few were getting impatient so i hope this lives up to what you expected. but,” he let out a soft yawn, “she looked so irritated by my presence and i’m not sure what to do.” tease ending the engagement  part 2 part 3 part 4 stomachache he’s your sister’s bf and you like each other  part 2 he’s jealous of neymar he’s stress/angry with work gift shopping he comes home from tour best friends bonding with his family pranking him working together au denying him late nights first time splashed on the front page thunderstorms phone calls lingerie shopping someone tries to break you up part 2 pets carsick what he buys you while on tour another rainy day drunk and broken-up  part 2  part 3 growing feelings part 2 previously married sleeping on the couch autumn another guy flirts/kisses you cold you play anastasia steele in 50 shades he gets someone else pregnant part 2 daddy/daughter time sick your child asks an awkward question your son’s friends think you’re hot taking your kid on tour he compares you to his ex   part 2 single father fan hate: ships in the band cuddling sex mishaps (?  he always has more fun when he’s squished on a 14 hour flight with the lads, or jeff. have you even thought about the symptoms you’re having? he pulled you closer to him, urging you to join him and let your hair down.”*****                nandos was closed, unsurprisingly, at midnight, so you settled for mcdonald’s. our baby could be inside you right now, splitting cells and turning into a mini you or a mini me. his words sounded more like a challenge like he was too secure in his relationship now to bother to care that his ex-girlfriend would be at his wedding. furrowed your eyebrows before going into twitter, figuring that you’d see whatever it was on there. he went to the roof for air and checked twitter again. he was sure anne thrived off of his emotional outbursts at times because it was times where he was vulnerable and in need of attention. i’ll be right by your side the whole time, i promise,” he comforted, his hand coming into contact with the metal door handle upon the door - a door with a plaque saying ‘dr.” you said keeping one hand on the door and leaning against it. you had been attracted to him since the day you first met, but he’s only okay with being this close to you when he’s drunk…in other words, your feelings weren’t reciprocated. if you’d just trust me you’d know that! if you have liked this in the past - you probably have the old links. you guys are the best thing that could have ever happened to me. i mean we were engaged before and having my ex-fiancé there while i get married to another girl-” you cut him off. you’ve wanted him since you were fourteen, and now you have to lie? oh, did you remove his socks from his feet when he was sleeping? it didn’t really seem like one because if anyone else had seen you two together they would’ve seen a twelve year old hanging out with a thirty-year-old woman. so damn blind” he mumbled again, kissing me, the way i had always pictured it.”                you stole a quick glance at liam before deciding you needed to get out of here. i should just let everything out now before it was too late, before harry is too out of reach for me to grab onto, but i can’t, i can’t take away that precious smile he was wearing. i can go get some from the shop,” he offered, closing the bathroom door once he’d stepped back into the bedroom.

One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr

local businesses and buildings had a beautiful blanket of snow outlining the antique architecture.”                you looked at him, a smile taking over your face, “you’re such a weirdo, louis. list preferences:  truth or dare part 1part 2 he’s protective thing’s get heated your period you hate/love each other part 1part 2 brother’s best friend part 1part 2 he finds out you’re ticklish you comfort him he gets jealous at the beach bsm: you and one of the boys like each other he finds out about your daughter’s birth control stuck in a elevator together you’re on your period and he wants to have sex honeymoon he finds out you’re pregnant he walks in on you changing your daughter gets her period and you’re not home you meet for the first time you work for them saying goodbye (he’s going on tour) he defends you he’s the only single member and you catch his eye close best friends give me love by ed sheeran he leaves you at the alter (he wants you back) victoria’s secret angel bsm- he walks in on you & your bf… you surprise him on tour he dedicates a song to you he surprises you on tour pictures of him with another girl surface pt. my hair was in soft curls and my makeup was done nicely. liam somehow had figured out my secret love for harry. and his fiancè stood there, with a small smile on his face, holding her hand tightly.“harry, please fix yourself” i sighed, turning my body around to face him and bringing my arms up to his shirt, buttoning it up more. you smiled even harder when you heard her yell out at your dad, telling him that niall had asked. he held the door open for you, whispering, “i’m sorry, love. you’re going to be so spoilt in this family, i’m telling you. you loved him more than he could ever guess, but it was obvious he didn’t feel the same. i’d always say that nobody will ever love me, and he knew the now faded scars were there for that reason.” he asked, a slight hint of a smile in his voice. closed his eyes for a brief second as he tried to breath, and control his beating heart. he loves going places, he loves discovering new things and people, but he loathes the process of getting there. felt my heart pound and my hands start to sweat, knowing that liam wasn’t going to end this without the truth being said. it’s food poisoning,” you reasoned quietly, with fear of your voice catching if you spoke any louder. you placed the ring in his hand and squeezed it.”she only hugged him more, as tight as her bump let her to. i think i upset your brother earlier - i didn’t mean too. “i listened to you and dressed warm but i’m still bloody freezing. his jaw was chiseled perfectly and you could just about make out the slight freckles upon his cheeks. for taking care of yourself to make sure you were able to keep going on with life and doing the things you loved doing without a care in the world of being unable to do so with an iffy head or a dodgy tummy. she kneed next to him with some difficulty due to her baby bump but once she was down to his level she hugged him and traced draws on his back as she always would when he was having a hard time. and yes, in the future, i am planning a part 2 to this that takes place a year later exactly. she always gives in and snuggles with me while we watch some tv. it was something he was far too exhausted to even think about, and he shakes his head at the idea of delving into it before glancing out the window again. “because i did not want you to find out i’m getting married in the first place the day after the wedding on some gossip show.”                “but you love me,” he laughed, getting up onto the couch to sit next to you. divide series: happier the first of my installments for this series.” his little cousin screamed as she walked over to him with a box that was probably the same size as her, “open it!”                “hey,” he wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you to his side, “don’t be sad,” he looked up at you, giving you a cupcake smile. just leave, but if you do, don’t fucking bother coming back. it was just two tickets to cancun, which you had to save up to afford.”                you sighed, rolling your eyes, “so much for the surprise. i have no reason to cry, because this is the happiest moment harry could ever expierence, and i loved seeing that smile on his face. now people start to notice what’s going on and try to confort him, however he didn’t want them to.” he shook his head at you as he put down the plate, glasses, and half gallon on the coffee table. quickly started to run away, but a large hand took ahold of mine. in one month i’ll be making a commitment to stay with her forever. was eating him alive, only she could bring happiness to his life. “this is a question i have to ask,” june added, looking up from her notepad as she placed her pen down upon the paper, “i presume you’re both sexually active, am i right? and i’ll happily take on being your local doctor and helping you through when you need it.”                he pecked your cheek, sending your heart into the sky and letting butterflies into your stomach. and as he held the phone close to his ear, the dialling tone ringing out, he breathed out a sigh of despair and need.”however, something didn’t settle right in harry’s tummy. liam was the only one who knew, in fact, and i wasn’t the one who had told him. go wait for me,” he added, standing from his seat and hunching over you to press his lips to your hairline. can we just leave it for another day or two?”a soft sigh left anne’s lips through the receiver and she could hear mumbling noises in the background, to which he could only guess robin had woken and wondered why his wife was standing in the kitchen at ten to nine in the morning.

xalso the time gap between the two scenes, in my mind, is 3 years. as you kicked the duvet from your body, his eyes slowly cracked open only to find you rushing into the bathroom in a hastily manner. i just want to crawl in a hole and sleep until this passes,” you mumbled as you placed your head upon the arm you had resting upon the seat.”“harry, we don’t know if they’re real yet. “i’ll pop to the corner shop, get you some water, and i’ll be back in a second, okay? i could never see him unhappy, i had to lie to him. as he scanned the top shelf of medicines, he came across the sickness pills that his mother had recommended when she had fallen ill one weekend - resulting in the two of you travelling down to cheshire to help look after her whilst robin was away on a business trip.”                moments later, harry entered the room with a plate of eight cupcakes, your half gallon of milk under his arm, and two glasses being held by his right hand. once you reached the couch, you lied down and put your head in her lap.” you growled, forcing your book back up only to have him bring it back down. it sends his heart thumping into overdrive, it’s what he wanted- the purpose of this expedition fulfilled. and even though you had forgave him within a couple of minutes, you knew that he’d beaten himself up the night before enough for you, and your parents. 4 to Preference #25 He love your twin more Here’s the links if you haven’t read the other part 1, 2 and 3! you got up and placed your elbows on your knees and rested your head in your hands, “no,” you said pushing your hair back and wiping the tears off your face. you did not think you would see him again, not after the break up.“i’m sorry i left,” you replied, smiling softly at him, before he pulled you into his arms. his arm was wrapped firmly around the bottom of (y/n)’s spine to keep her next to him at all times. i continued to sob, choking out a quiet “why would you”.”“i’ve just been really sick for the past week and anything slightly amorous in smell sets me off more than usual. continued crying loudly, feeling as if it was the only thing i could do.                “already came true,” he beamed before turning back to his ice cream.” louis pushed your book down, getting right in your face.”                her face lit up as she began to rip the paper off, throwing the shreds to the ground.” you gave him an innocent smile, causing him to glare at you. he was all smiles, enjoying her attention and fawning, while you were next to them about ready to throw up. fashion week was only a few months away and the castings for the different shows started this week.                you stopped dancing as the song ended and turned to look at the blue-eyed boy with a smile, "want to go get some food? took a quick look at liam, who nudged his head foward, giving me a symbol to tell him what was on my mind.”“when you’re sick, how does robin look after you?çaisitaliano日本語türkçeespañolpусскийpolskiportuguês (pt)português (br)nederlands한국어简体中文繁體中文 (台灣)繁體中文 (香港)bahasa indonesiaहिंदी. yes, there were days that you wanted to strangle louis tomlinson’s little neck, and today was one of those days.” gemma gushed, taking her brother’s girlfriend’s hands into her own. these results will be back within the next 2 to 3 days and we’ll call you up with the results,” june smiled, releasing her fingers from the cup as you took it within your grasp. “i’m going to take the blushing cheeks and smirking as a yes, and i’m going to just put my own thoughts across first,” she started, folding her arms across her chest as she looked between the two of you, “i’m suggesting we take you into the next room and take a urine sample from you, (y/n), because i’m pretty sure your symptoms are coming across as clear cut and obvious,” june smiled, reaching forward and pressing a hand to your knee. series #4 - telling someone (harry) harry could barely contain the smile on his face as he walked into the pub he was meeting the boys in, wanting to tell them that you’d said yes to being his wife, something he still couldn’t quite believe no matter how many days had passed since he’d asked. this is his wedding, and if i truly loved him, i would support him every step of the way. “then you’ll get cold, and i’ll give it back, and it’ll be a cycle. if you get worse or start to feel pain, i’m taking you to the gp, okay?”he took your free hand in his and rubbed his thumb across your knuckles, his skin felt warm against your cold ones and it contradicted to the heat radiating from your bodies.                however, while you were building a fort in the living room, he finished his first cupcake and questioned, “what are you doing in there? oh, wow, what a coincidence,” you chuckled darkly, making him quiver his bottom lip. i’ve never seen the boys so excited for him, and it crushed me to know that i couldn’t even act happy for him like that.                he was already drunk; you could smell it on his breath, but you weren’t surprised. after that, you turned on the telly and popped the titanic dvd into the player. #63: He’s Getting Married to Someone Else (Part 1) Harry: “(Y/N), you have mail! he shuffled across the floor of the bedroom, standing outside of the en-suite bathroom door where the sounds of your sickness were loud enough to send harry’s tummy into a fluttering and grumbling mess..2he likes to make you blushhe finds out you can sing/dance goodboyfriend tagjealousy niall & zayn  louis, harry, liam  *smut*he gets embarrassedreaction to to your daughter’s halloween costumewicked games by the weekndanother boy puts you down part 2another girl likes himyou feel alonea fan hurts youyou and your child surprise him on tourhe finds your tumblrcute kisses‘do you still love me?“it is beautiful,” harry commented, and smirked, “but surely not as beautiful as you, darling. you wanted them for him because you felt he could use a small holiday, and maybe, he’d pick his best friend to spend it with instead of his fiancée who happened to be missing his birthday for her tour. it’s the constant need to getting up and peeing about 7 times throughout the day, i feel suddenly sick as specific smells and my chest is beginning to get really sore.

”harry let out a breath, staring adoringly down at his girlfriend.’s lips quivered as he smiled big, wrapping his large arms around me, giving me a strong hug, a hug that made me feel so secure, i was dreading the moment he will let go of me. alright,” he sighed from the other room before his footsteps retreated. his little creation with the love of his life, moving, alive. gosh, guys, i always thought that this happiness was fake, but she made it real.“i just, she told me to leave her alone and i don’t want to leave her to be sick on her own, mum. he thinks, it’s because you’re a simple person to travel with. It’s been a long time coming, but here is preference 17, a request for you to be best friends with one of the boys. “who knew my dorky brother could be such a gentleman. baby was moving for the first time, at the sound of his voice, at the presence of love. my gosh, i just can’t believe i’m marrying her” harry breathed, showing off the biggest smile i’ve ever seen on him—a smile i could never cause. it was strange, knowing that one of harry’s “brothers” knew that i, his best friend, had this huge and undoubtable love for him, but as time went on, liam actually helped me with my problems with harry and his fiancè lorie, and i couldn’t thank him enough. alright,” he said placing her in his lap, “but only if you help me. “the point is, is that every girl only had one chance to have the perfect wedding and i want to make sure its perfect for her. “it’s been almost 3 years since you guys dated and months since you guys last talked.) if you’ve just been constantly sick over the week, maybe it’s just the flu and they can prescribe you with some pills to get you back on track. tried to call her again with trembling hands and blurry vision hopping that it was just a bad dreams but there was still no answer.” you smirked up at him, before tiptoeing to kiss along his jaw..2 he likes to make you blush he finds out you can sing/dance good boyfriend tag jealousy niall & zayn  louis, harry, liam  *smut* he gets embarrassed reaction to to your daughter’s halloween costume wicked games by the weeknd another boy puts you down part 2 another girl likes him you feel alone a fan hurts you you and your child surprise him on tour he finds your tumblr cute kisses ‘do you still love me? you’ve got enough food to feed a country here. my views on life had gotten worse everyday, but liam was always there to help me.” he looked up at harry while sophia snuggled into his neck.    he felt down to his knees, the air becoming too heavy to breath. you’re not seriously ill,” he murmured against your hair, his hand finding it’s way beneath the jumper adorning your upper body. weren’t sure why he was being so distant all of a sudden, but you just agreed and made your way upstairs to lay back in bed and wait for your fiancé.                niall must have been starving because he was swallowing down his burger like someone was going to take away whatever was left of it if he didn’t finish it within the next seven minutes. his brows furrow together at the thought of his older sister giving him that all knowing look, the one where she makes an indignant noise at him and calls him a martyr under her breath. you’ve never been sick like this before,” he stated, shuffling across the bed and standing in front of you, falling to his knees and letting them rest against the soft and plus carpet.“wow, i really like that dress on you” someone said through th doorway. really, he doesn’t mind traveling when you’re with him. harry’s presence beside you was enough to make you feel a little more comfortable but with gemma’s worrying accusation and your fluttering stomach, it was beginning to feel too pressurable and it was as if at any given moment you would lose consciousness from fright. he just put his hand on the small of your back and led you towards his motorcycle and away from your own personal heaven and hell. you walked into the kitchen; “i swear to god, whatever it is better be important because you made me crack my phone-” you stopped yourself. #beingsicksucks #harryhasbeenlookingafterme #heisawonder #suchagreathusband #ilovehim*thecurlyguysbetterhalf: he rewarded me with an ice-cream after our trip to the doctors.                so you did as he asked, grinding up against him and swaying your hips while his arms came around you. so i came in, i hope you don’t mind. let out a breath he didn’t know he was taking.”louis: “i just wanted you to hear it from me and not some tabloid. is a one direction blog, dedicated to writing preferences, imagines, blurbs, and your requests!                this night was horrible, and you felt horrible for thinking it, considering it was your best friend’s birthday party. i’m loving this birthday preference and i can’t wait to read part 2 - a great idea to make part 2 a year after :) mellacharmed liked this weird-potatochip liked this fashionstorysandmore liked this nialleth liked this sarahblxney liked this jackietrustinme liked this brisalovesgummybears-blog liked this liamxalmighty liked this nymphadora7 liked this cassafrass35 liked this theamazingbiitch99 liked this mrsmalikforever2012 liked this mollyhopkins32 liked this thisdreamswillcometrue liked this hellabritish liked this cheers-teenage-memories liked this dying-walrus liked this holy-shoot liked this niallersgirlalmighty liked this chrissysmith257 posted this show more notesloading. rushed goodbyes and promises of coming back as soon as he can. #nakedharryisthebestharry #imsorryicantshowyou #morals #bathswithmyhusband #husband *thecurlyguysbetterhalf: he’s going to apply to be a nurse.(word count - 6, 023)here is the long awaited pregnancy series one shot that was meant to be posted last night - i apologise greatly for not getting it up on time and having slight problems over the past couple of days. a mummy and a daddy to a little baby styles,” he cooed, his own nerves building up with his body.”                “well, you’re not exactly normal either,” he retorted, pretending to be angry with you by sticking his nose in the air.” i sobbed, ripping my hand away from his and started running.”liam: “(y/n) get your ass in here, you wont believe this! you were still in your pajamas but you were never one to care about appearance. his fingers drum nervously against the steering wheel, cold metal of his rings making small thumping sounds against it.
” he shouted over the music, his warm breath against your ear. someone doesn’t like early mornings - boo you, harold. he had personally bought her that car for her last birthday.”                you laughed at his childishness before beginning to sing “happy birthday” softly in his ear, being too insecure about your voice to sing aloud. you’re so gorgeous,“ he groaned, turned on by the way you were moving your body in your tight, black dress.” (y/n) blushed, hiding her grin in the her boyfriend’s side.” she asked, standing from her space and walking across the floor as harry closed the door behind the two of you. tried to call her mom but there was no answer either. to say i should have never spoke to you like that. reckons that his current predicament makes him look like a proper stalker, laying low against the seat of his car with his hoodie pulled up around his head. where on the entrance of the hotel room with flashes and their questions but he pushed them away, still running to his hotel room. of joy streaming down the faces of the soon-to-be parents. he had looked at me as if i had been lost and sick for months, and had no hope of ever finding my way back home.”                you gave liam a forced smile and wished him a happy birthday, placing a kiss on his stubbled cheek.”niall:                the music was deafening at the club the birthday boy, had suggested you go to. at the moment he was with his friends at a pub near the hotel they had managed to get out without being noticed. you shook off your thoughts, exhaled, and gulped down the lump in your throat, “yeah i understand. even if it was just tiredness since he was all left into tiny pieces all over the place. you quickly checked your phone for any messages but then your name was called. i was worried and i’m so glad i came in. i felt that if i brought her to you, then it would make her feel at ease because you look at me most of the time,” harry reasoned, pressing his hand to the small of your back again to soothe you into the atmosphere. we’re having a baby,” harry grinned, turning his head from the tv where an old episode of friends was playing to your face, his eyes twinkling under the light of the room.) (mood killer) going to disney catching him during his “me time” he gets jealous of your old crush part 2 he leaves & you’re pregnant  part 2 part 3 interacting with fans finding out he went to a strip club part 2 he goes to your photo shoot he spoils you comforting after zayn decides to leave fighting before something bad happens part 2keep reading. me home - kenny logginsmy masterlist“it’s good to have you back, h,” gemma, harry’s sister, smiled warmly and placed a hand on his shoulder. he had bought her a house near the beach as she had always wanted. a small card fell into your hands, “harry edward styles and avery rose johnson would like to invite you to their wedding,” you read out loud. i’ll always be there for him” i comfirmed, making my way slowly to the car. and when no one answered i panicked and looked through the window and seen you lying there. harry and i spend the day together along with his mom, stepdad, and i have no idea how it happened but ellen degeneres and portia derossi turned up. she claimed his a mummy’s boy and, usually he would feel uncomfortable and embarrassed whenever she spoke about it in public, he wasn’t one to back away - no matter how embarrassed she made him. but most of all, he hates the loneliness traveling instills.- day of the wedding -i threw on my dark purple dress. if that was too much for a single day, the 15 hour flight, all the things she had to do to get to the hotel room without being noticed, her back has starting to hurt, and now harry, the one that never cried, crying his eyes out in front of her. it’s a sting in your heart that makes you realize that the person you would die for wouldn’t even think about saving you. i’m worried,” he added, reaching an arm across to switch the lamp upon his beside table on, the light filtering around the room. you laughed, “there is no way i’m just going to let him waste his life like this. letting the bedroom consume the darkness it had had before. seriesdue to followers liking the post with old links, here is the complete pregnancy series (with correct links).“you don’t have to do this” he mumbled, making me stop in my tracks. i know your wife and him had the same meal,” anne reprimanded, as a wash of relief coursed through harry’s body with a breath of relief leaving his mouth - a breath he had no idea he had been holding in. has more angst that i had planned but i still had fun writing it. he looked around at all their faces, noting the same confused expression.’d both agreed on keeping the engagement quiet so you could just enjoy the bliss that came along with being engaged. “you go back up, i’ll join you in a second, yeah? niall slid a schooner over the table and harry took a mouthful gratefully.” he tried to hide his excitement but it was evident in his words.”your voice came out timid and small and it put a sense of fear upon harry’s chest as he squeezed you to his body and kept his lips lingering at your hairline. he was turning twenty-one, and you were all celebrating at one of his favorite bars. and with harry’s comforting self, it will be in no time for sure. it was just a small group that shared the round booth, and you got along with most of the people.