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    One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr


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    face sassy warmth steal you’re ticklish valentine’s day your first time." you nodded slowly trying to comprehend what he was saying. “you say zach doesn’t treat me right, and you think i can do better and we both know you are talking about yourself.“if you think for one second that i’m going to let you raise our baby all by yourself, you’re crazy.“i love you too” he says before closing the dressing room door. on top of her, never pulling his dick out of her.                “oh, fuck,” he hissed against your ear, turning you on even more, but just when you thought things were about to get good, he got off of you and walked around the couch.                you let out a sigh as you scanned the cards on the other side of the aisle. the bed, she obediently laid on her back placing her hands above her head,Meeting the coldness of headboard. a/n: i wrote this from a perspective where it sends a message to us that justin is an example of the media being to harsh on people. “yes i have other friends and i have you, but jake is different.: being justin bieber’s girlfriend comes with a lot of unprecedented things, but something you were definitely not prepared for was the jealousy. i part my pussy with my fingers and i start to play with my clit.”“floral arrangements, i’ve been staring at this stupid book for a hour and still haven’t the slightest idea which one i want for the wedding” you say. you were flipping through a folder of everything the wedding planner had sent you to sort out from save the date cards to honeymoon destinations.“great, just let me grab a quick shower” harry says. i just want to point something out with this preference.                “you…” you gasped, looking up at him with a lazy smile hanging on your lips, “you promised you wouldn’t…”                “wouldn’t what? i can’t get married…i’m not…i’m not ready to be a wife” you say panicking. i don’t mind, but going to the gym doesn’t take up the whole day,” he pointed out, resting his chin on your shoulder.                y/f/n joined you, “so…how long have you and zayn been…? what he was doing, and he knew the exact effect he had on her. you two never labeled your outings as “dates,” and he never asked you to be his girlfriend, even though you wanted him to so badly.-jessi forgot to mention that request our open so if you guys want something written just hit up my ask box! payne at the end of the day, i don’t care what kind of flowers we have because it will already be perfect just because i get to spend the rest of my life with you” he says. dinner, however didn’t exactly help with the whole you’re pregnant thing.                “i know louis and zayn manage to, but i don’t know, niall. he is so sad that kissing my hand is the way to show his affection towards me. his pace, while she was still high from her previous longly waited orgasm.” justin asks while he plays with the tip of his penis. you had more fights within one month than the entire time you guys were together. you had been staring at floral arrangements for a hour and you still hadn’t picked one out.“i know you do, now which one do you like this one or this one? i love you y/n and there is no way i’m going to think that marrying you is a mistake. every day for the past month and a half i have been leaving from 10pm to go to malie’s apartment just outside the area and “spending time” with her without y/n potentially finding out which malie agreed that it was best not to tell her or both of us would be in the er. what if you suddenly decide you don’t want to marry me? i’m also working on the titanic au for all those people who have been asking about it. he then leads his tongue back down and sticks it into my hole. now, you were scanning the stores for clothes to put over your new undergarments. she was feeling sore, but she didn’t mind, it. “y/n, if you have to make up excuses to why you love him compared to actual reasons why then you don’t, and he makes it evident that he doesn’t love or respect you anymore,” liam said. “y/n, this is my best friend from high school, g/n.”“um…well…you know last night how you found that test and i said it was veronica’s?                the minute you felt his hand on your shoulder, you got up bidding everyone goodnight..” he guided her up to their shared room, and with every step.” he didn’t know what to say, she caught him off-guard. and this baby only confirms what i already knew…and is that we belong together.” he turns me back over and pull down my panties with his teeth. on the other side, you could hear niall humming she looks so perfect while he finished getting ready for bed. tattoos are also a way to express ourselves and show the world a little insight into who we are. all of his life from his teenage years until now he had been in the eye of the public. work cold coffee’ by ed sheeran money he dates your best friend but you like him iris by the goo goo dolls nudity. even though your boyfriend, chris, was little upset that you were spending the night with another guy,you made it clear that you and niall were just friends. between my job and y/n, there’s just no time for me anymore, you know? you go back to flipping through pictures of place settings, you had just finished marking the ones you wanted to take a closer look at when harry walked back in the room with the biggest smile on his face. about making this a one direction blog/fashion blog kinda.” he instantly cut himself off, smiling at you like the fool he was.

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    One direction preferences he dating your best friend

                    “because…” you gasped, arching your chest into his as your hands moved up the back of his neck.”you didn’t respond but after a few minutes you heard another knock and then a…. we are laying down in our master bedroom in our apartment in new york city.                the last question made your heart jump up into your throat.-jesshow the fans find out about your relationshiplouis: you and louis were taking advantage of one of his days off, it was such a beautiful day outside that the two of you decided to have some fun at the park and let louis finally teach you how to play soccer (football).“fine” he grabbed my hand and pulled me into his dressing room.”                and your weekend in your boyfriend’s hometown went down from there. as he was growing up he was being judged by people who didn’t know him personally and it was a tough situation to be in, but he manages everyday.”she was always so shy about this kind of things, and she.“so, how was your little dance with the guy in the club?”“well…i kind of lied about certain parts of that statement” you say.“ofcourse not” he scoffed “;you’ll have to wear a disguise too or you’ll give me away” “you’re being ridiculous” i giggled “it’ll work you just watch” “justin i’m not wearing a wig! you felt yourself lean onto him to the point of straddling him.” i say his name in a whisper to let him know i am up and i acknowledge the fact that he is crying.                it wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy spending time with them.“that doesn’t mean anything y/n he’s probably just busy” answered your best friend“i don’t give two shits if he is or isn’t all i’m saying is her better be or that bitch and him are going to need security” you shouted as you got hot and shaky at the thought of him touching another girl just as he did in his past relationships. “yeah but he rather get high with his friends and make my house smell like a frat house on a saturday night,” you huffed, crossing your arms. you felt your eyes tear up before you sobbed in his chest. it is rubbing the back of my pussy it feels like heaven as his dick thrust in and out of me. i gag a little bit as he thrusts inside of my mouth.                louis just looked completely taken off guard, but eventually, he found his voice, “y/n…i had no idea…”                the sound of your chair scraping across the hardwood floor interrupted him, and you were glad it did because you couldn’t listen to him right now.                she kept leaning on him, laughing her pretty little head off and putting her hands on his arms and shoulders., she could feel his hot seed feeling her inside, and she screamed his name.                it took everything you had to keep from breaking down then. “of course,” he said before kissing your forehead, “i won’t let it happen again.” justin got closer to her, she could feel her heart. then he parts my pussy with his fingers and licks my entrance.”he harshly pressed his right hand on her pussy, rubbing her.” he says every word and follows it with a smack on the ass. i can just take care of the baby myself…i’ll move out and find my own place and i’ll raise it and i…”he cuts you off by pressing his lips to yours.“believe it love, you’re getting your dream wedding” harry says. he’s laying on his back and staring up at the ceiling.                “i just don’t want you getting the wrong idea.                you just nodded your head while looking through the cards, “louis? #mickeymouse #disneyzayn: your and zayn’s favorite pastime happened to be sleeping, so when a friend left for a few minutes and came back to find the two of you asleep. grabs the box from you and opens it to reveal the most beautiful diamond you’ve ever seen and gets down on one knee. it means that we can take care of this baby, our baby. freed her lips and placed kisses all over her chin. or what if we do get married and after a few weeks you change your mind and think you made a mistake? sighs in relief, “good because for a minute there i thought it was yours. ” he says to me as he slowly pushes my head towards his dick. the rent was due, and he couldn’t even find a way to pay half; he wasn’t even trying. i caught a couple of his tear drops on my finger tips. maybe you should just trust him and give them their space for the weekend.? you said you would like to watch it, since you liked the book so much.. he tangled his left hand in her hair, tugging it back so he.“y/n how do you feel about modelling victoria secret?”niall: you don’t feel like he wants you sexually. we have multiple places we stay at, but we really like it down here. it was a few minutes before you felt louis’s arms encircle your waist.” his voice is kind of muffled into the covers, but i hear him loud and clear. she slowly reached behind her back, she pretended to be. “you know i don’t mind you here, i really don’t, but you knew that i was suppose to be here doing my homework with marcus. “i’m going to the gym tomorrow morning with lou. the two of you sit in silence for a while before you finally decide to just tell him the truth. “fine but i still want you when i’m sober. eager to spend time with all your friends you turned down the speakers and waited patiently until justin and cruz were finished unloading your silver rolls royce which you took so much pride in because of the elegance and sense of achievement it gave you since you did buy the girl yourself instead of justin buying it for you like normally.

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  • One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr

    Preference #12.1 He Doesn't Like The Way Your - One Direction

    Preference #12.1 He Doesn't Like The Way Your - One Direction

    He Doesn’t Like The Way Your Boyfriend Treats You Masterlist Liam “So where is Jake?                deciding it was no use trying to get your mind of this, you turned off the telly and headed upstairs to your bedroom. “uh thanks liam,” you smiled, “i’ll definitely think about it. “it’s no concern of mine whether or not you hang out with your ex.                zayn: idk y u r acting distant, but…i need to c u. her and she just couldn’t take the silence anymore. i flip my body to my left side to face him as we are laying down.”“how about that’s great or are you sure or anything like that” you say. so…if you’ll have me y/n, i would be honored if you would marry me and…” he says holding up a finger to stop you from answering.                you bet eleanor had gotten her a birthday present, not just a card. direction preferences One Direction: Preference #65: Incredible- Celion Dion/Ne-Yo (Song Preference) Preference #64: What You Take/Wear Of His Preference #63: “Little Black Dress” Preference #62:. so excited for this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to share it with such a beautiful girl. he must have been up for a while thinking about his problems.“can i just have a few minutes to breath please” you say. he pushed the keys into the ignition and he drives to a nearest alley. came back to find these two lovebirds, @y/t/n and @nialloffical eating each other’s faces instead of trying to fix the car. body, his hands working their way up and down her inner thigh, his tongue.“yes you are, look…” he says pulling you towards him. able to describe how hot and weak it made her when he ripped it, she wanted.“i’m not mad” you say pulling away from him. know what game he is trying to play and i won’t let him win.                your boyfriend came over to you, letting himself fall into the cushions beside you and wrapping his arm around your shoulder. after i get really moist and juiced up he sticks his tip inside of my ass.                it started with small gestures, him wrapping his arm around you as you walked down the street or taking your hand in his when you were walking through a crowd. “well, i usually get her something funny…”                “but what should i get her, as her son’s girlfriend? of course, the fans freaked out and by the time you and harry came back down from the mountain you had to explain to everyone that you were dating. you looked at the mirror as you changed into you bottoms. she was always so shy telling him about her sex dream or. i huff and slowly start to bob my head on his dick.”he looked at her like she was someone else, he had no idea. she let out a loud moan of relief, finally feeling. you didn’t want to hear about his ex anymore. in his eyes you can see that he is unhappy. our bodies are like a canvas; we use tattoos as portraits to tell stories. “sure but i’m picking the movie,” he laughed running over to your living room.                “well, eleanor used to get her something sentimental…”                and you don’t know what he said after that because you just couldn’t listen to him after he said her name. the stinging on my ass increase the pleasure i am feeling and i am getting more horny as the time goes on. what if he decided he liked her as more than a friend? when you all sat around the table for dinner, you sat next to gemma and anne, ignoring the animated conversation they were all having with g/n and only talking when talked to."so how are you and chris,” niall asked out of a pool of questions he had gathered in your mind.“i’m gonna show you who you should be wining on. a/n: send me requests i am taking all ✨💕this got a little hot.”(mature) “…but i was thinking, maybe we should-hello, the earth is.                what does y/n y/l/n think about her boyfriend louis tomlinson with his ex? um,I like rough sex, and by that i mean everything that goes with it, choking,Tying up, ass slapping, blindfolding, and usage of toys.” asked justin quickly cutting off your conversation with malie which she happily agreed and left the porch to make her way inside. the requests should be the next thing posted do keep an eye out! he was telling me that he feels that people don’t respect his privacy and his space as a man. you were suppose to do it with your boyfriend, marcus, but he never showed up or answered your calls., as much as she could and started sucking onto it. they were discussing which movie they’re going to watch.” you were yelling now, and you really hadn’t meant for it to get this out of hand.                who said you couldn’t have a little fun while keeping your virginity intact? or two lie and say that it belong to somebody else. i thought i would be nice and include you in picking the save the date but apparently i should have just left you at home” you say. “now, this will have to work today, but next time, baby girl,You’re gonna be properly handcuffed. you were just about to stand back up when you heard the front door close.

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    you were so lost in thought that you didn’t notice harry come up behind you and kiss your shoulder. you just wasn’t sure if you wanted to love him anymore.” i laughed“fine you’ll just be my lovely fake girlfriend the y/n look-a-like” he sighed “c'mon loser” i laughed _________streets of amsterdam______“excuse me justin….” with those words he picked up his speed, and it made it even.”“well i thought eventually we would get married but i don’t want to get married because of this baby” you say. “thanks anyway, harry, for being here and trying to get along with max,” you smiled.                you, not wanting anything to do with him right now, changed as quickly as possible and got under the covers. you felt your self sway on the door making yourself giggle. i’m sorry i just had to come over here i love you so much” “i’m sorry i don’t know this justin you speak of” he looked at her confused before walking away. he had stopped you on the stairs, grabbing your arm, “y/n, we need to talk." "then show me what is better; show me that you’re better,” you said before placing your lips on his.’re a fan but pretend you don’t know them love/hate teach me.” her eyes once more focused on her hands rather than his eyes. you stopped off to the side of the walkway and took out your phone. loves music, hair, one direction, makeup, outfits, nails, drawing, etc. it’s around 10pm and justin is sobbing next to me in bed. justin seemed pleased, as he got onto bed, placing his knees.                suddenly feeling very insecure about yourself, you decided to go upstairs and see what was wrong with niall. one where: you’re one of his favorite things to ride.” you smiled before moving down to the hem of his shirt to lift it up. it’s one in the morning,” zayn said letting you stumble in. we dream every single night, though we may not always remember them. zayn: you were surrounded by people telling you everything that still needed to be done for the wedding.”                after that, you went back to browsing and managed to try on a few things without being interrupted by zayn.                the shower was no longer running, but the bathroom door was still closed. next day…your dinner with harry went great besides the fact that you had lied to him hours earlier and were keeping a very big secret from him now. with me going on tour all the time and you figuring out your future, a baby is the last thing we need. “isn’t it funny that, when you have a permission to talk you don’t,But when you don’t, you do? well i wanted to ask if you wanted to go out for dinner.”                when the tears began to take form, you knew you weren’t going to walk in there or talk to your boyfriend tonight. the wedding alright, so this was a request and i love this idea! you flip another page of the book roughly just as liam walks in to grab a drink from the fridge. I thought you guys were hanging out today,” Liam asked during the middle of your lunch date. “because i knew he wasn’t going to show up like he always does,” he said, mumbling the last part. did he want you to follow him up and continue in the privacy of your shared room? you knew for your relationship with harry and max to stay intact, they would have to learn to get along. “maybe i learned to party more and have a better time,” you sighed.“what are you thinking about so hard this early in the morning?“you have no idea how happy you’ve just made me. “tonight i don’t want to hear a sound from you, unless i. you smiled knowing at least louis cared about how you felt. the perfect opportunity came along when after your first goal, louis had someone snap this photo and sent it out with the tweet: @louis_tomlinson: hi everyone, i would like you to meet my girlfriend @y/t/n.“you’re too cute, y/n,” niall chuckled, sitting back on his knees as he watched you attempt to calm yourself down. “louis, i’m not really in the mood to talk about my love life,” you muttered. “0 made last night with the ounces so here’s 0 for you to buy some outfits for the party” affirmed justin handing out the cash and walking directly in the house. go on my masterlist only like 2 justin thing sbye 4,129 notesloading.”harry walks back into the bathroom and you take a deep breath.: first night over harry: accident liam: permanent zayn: destiny text zayn: destiny text part 2 zayn: destiny text part 3 zayn: destiny text part 4 zayn: destiny text part 5 zayn: destiny text part 6 zayn: destiny text part 7 harry: tough match niall: sex talk louis: post office trouble.                but sex wasn’t the only activity you two engaged in…                feeling heartbroken and bored from contemplating the situation, you decided to turn off the telly and do something else.. he got up and in a matter of second pushed himself into him. you weren’t really one for clubbing or getting drunk, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t let loose once in a while. you were supposed to picking out your wedding dress while niall was picking out his tux but as soon as the attendant starting talking about the future and how you were taking a huge step in your life your mind started wandering. we’re probably going to pick up some starbucks afterwards, so…you’ll have to make your own breakfast tomorrow, if that’s ok.                but you were–until now–sure of one thing: the way he had been treating you lately went a little beyond friendly.“hmm…i don’t know” you tell the sales attendant. asked malie“you know how much i wanted this since i was 14, i can’t believe this time next summer i’m doing just that”“malie can i talk to my girl for a second?:you and harry were sitting in bed, you were between harry’s legs and he was behind you, twirling your hair around his finger and humming.

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    One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr

One direction preferences he s dating your best friend tumblr-1D and Justin Bieber preferences

Masterlist | Harry One Shots

the stuff he said and did often threw you off balance and had you up all night, wondering what he was thinking in that beautiful head of his. i pushes my hand underneath me and i start to fumble with my clit. “so you’re telling me that you never looked at another girl’s ass before? at first it stings, but the as his dick rolls in and out of my ass and slowly hits the spot it feels amazing. you want to play hardball, then that’s what you’ll get. someday, niall, i would love to be sitting next to you. to take much more of this, you dialed his number. it is keeping us warm from the new york frosty air. he is biting his bottom lip and muttering curse words. i’m turning the fuck up and i am feeling it.”                you weren’t meant to hear your boyfriend say that. her hands on his chest and started playing with the shirts fabric.“alright, show me your best invitations” louis says to the clerk kissing you on the cheek.” you yelled after a minute of waiting knocking on the door before it hung open. smut: hard game niall smut: do it yourself niall smut: dr. i’m just saying that i miss the days when i could come home and just sit on the couch, watch one of my favorite shows…”                maybe you two had gone too fast. “and styles, it was great seeing you again,” max smiled, but you could hear the hint of sarcasm in his voice.”you didn’t have his full attention before but now his attention was completely on you.”“really because i don’t see a difference” he says. they are symbolic of the important moments that have occurred throughout our lives, as well as dedications to those we love.“so you don’t want me to put on a show for you? catch him looking at you he punishes you tension forgetting touchy subjects mornings tea. “come” she shyly moved from her place on the couch and sat onto his.                you couldn’t put your finger on exactly why she did. just…a…just a minute” you say quickly throwing away the box and the test. “you always said i should have more fun and now i’m having fun.” i am trying to sweet talk him, so that i can cum. “i can’t go out looking like ‘justin bieber’ so i’m going as rick the sizzler” he walked over to a drawer and pulled out a fake mustache and beard along with a wig.                “fine…but we’re not going to any of those designer stores…”                “but those are the best! laugh and kiss him, “you are the greatest fiance ever and i can’t wait to be your wife. take a deep breath and call for the attendant, you had a wedding dress to pick out.                you had trouble sleeping that night, wrapped up in liam’s arms. “it’s nothing, i just don’t trust him still,” harry mentioned making you sigh. it to be a rough and fast kiss, but he wasn’t hurrying anywhere. at one time, they were looking at each other, and their noses were nearly touching! he has his hands on his stomach and he is in deep thought.”                “university, mostly,” she replied, pushing her hair back from her face with a smile.“and we have a month and a half to do it, you can afford to take one day off from the wedding craziness.“what does it matter what kind of flowers we have? signs comfortable au: he’s a prince ☆ au: different time period ☆ au: single parents  ☆.. so i wanna know what gets you off, what do you like.”all of the sudden he stopped, his grip became tighter.”                “oh…well, i guess we could always go to the park tomorrow…” he said, coming up beside you to wrap his arms around your waist                “i’m sorry, liam, but i can’t,” you shook your head with a frown.çaisitaliano日本語türkçeespañolpусскийpolskiportuguês (pt)português (br)nederlands한국어简体中文繁體中文 (台灣)繁體中文 (香港)bahasa indonesia. i love my fans and they are my everything, but i just want to feel like me again. lightly pushed him back down, and he looked at her.                your thoughts were interrupted by a chaste kiss being pressed to your lips, “what’re you thinking about, princess? how about you take a little break and we go out for dinner and when we get back i’ll help you pick out the flowers.”louis: he’s been seen hanging out with his ex. in fact it made you feel worse because the whole time harry was being sweet all you could think about was the fact that you had just lied to him. the weddingliam: you sigh and put your head in your hands, planning a wedding that’s two weeks away was really starting to take a toll on you." "you know this is wrong, and you’re drunk y/n, but you can stay in the guest room,” zayn said, pushing you off once again.: he says something that makes you feel like you’re not giving him enough space. jealousy wasn’t something new to you, considering harry was constantly paired up with someone in the tabloids or being surrounded by girls, but this girl made your blood boil green with envy. you’re in the same class working out playing with your hair love letters buying a pet drunk adrenaline rush au: he’s your professor style. with his left hand he placed her left leg onto his shoulder,Lightly hovering over her, his right hand found her right nipple, harshly nibbling. you were so freaked out that you had to sit down before you passed out.

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how to treat a woman, how to be a dominant but at the same time caring. had just finished throwing everything away when harry opens the bathroom door.“yep, but like i said they were all booked up. so what if eleanor was practically a model and smart and funny and…                shit.“ "okay, maybe i don’t love him like i used to, but i don’t want to go home to an empty house and be alone again,” you confessed almost too loudly receiving some stares from other customers.                “i’ll see you in the morning,” you put on a smile as you looked about the room before turning and taking the stairs two at a time.” with those words he pushed her head all the way. i know the requester wanted the boys to make you feel insecure, but honestly, most boys wouldn’t go out of their way to intentionally hurt someone they care about like that (especially not our boys). needless to say, you were not happy about the picture no matter how much everyone else was. “not if i had a girl like you in front of me,” he said making you blush slightly. supposed to be having a movie night with these two…went to fix the popcorn and came back to find this. “he’s always checking his phone when he’s with you, and i doubt that it’s always his boss calling him in.” you laugh and grab your jacket as you and liam head to dinner.” his thrust became sloppier as both of their orgasms hit. maybe you shouldn’t have moved in with him at this point in your relationship, but he was the one who asked, pointing out that you two were obviously serious since you had been together for about a year and a half.” you walked over to the door and knocked on it. and she had nothing against it, but it was now or never. this was still replaying in your head as you sat outside drinking your morning coffee.: lucky number 13 (series) part 2 harry: lucky number 13 (series) part 3 harry: lucky number 13 (series) part 4 harry: lucky number 13 (series) part 5 harry: lucky number 13 (series) part 6 harry: lucky number 13 (series) part 7 harry: lucky number 13 (series) part 8 harry: hiccups.” he smirked, knowing perfectly well what he had vowed to you. if he wanted space, you were going to give it to him, starting the moment you woke up. the dj turns the song to one dance by drake and that’s when everybody goes crazy. during those times, he was so sweet, flattering you and giving you feathery kisses. giggle, his eyes would nearly shut, his smile would grow so big and the. just giggle he looks so good right now, lawd save my pussy ‘cuz it’s screaming for him.                “and i miss going to the club or bar with you guys.“it’s just…what if i’m not ready to be a wife?                now, it was quite obvious after that interview that your feelings were one-sided. few weeks later the two of you break the news on twitter to everyone with a sweet picture of you and harry holding coffee cups that read mr. after having that vodka soda i just got in the zone.                “after getting starbucks we’re going to go to this new spa i heard about from eleanor, and that’ll take up most of the afternoon. but he lifts me up slightly and begins to pound upwardly inside of me.” he asked, kissing the corner of your mouth before trailing down your neck. after dinner, you stayed in the kitchen to help clean up while harry went off with g/n again.                every time he tried to bring up the subject or show some affection, you brushed him off. she gaged at the sudden at the feeling of his whole dick in. the sight brought tears to your eyes, but you figured you couldn’t blame harry. the left side of the bed, slowly undoing his kaki jeans. as i’m about to follow him the girl stops me.”                “but, y/n…”                “and they do say that distance makes the heart grow fonder.”“a save the date card is a card that tells people when we’re getting married and that they should expect an official invitation” you say.: your boyfriend, justin bieber, accidentally posts a sexy lingerie picture you sent him one night while he was away. louis: the lighthouse (series) part 1 ☆ louis: the lighthouse (series) part 2 louis: the lighthouse (series) part 3 louis: the lighthouse (series) part 4 louis: the lighthouse (series) part 5 louis: the lighthouse (series) part 6 louis: the lighthouse (series) part 7 louis: the lighthouse (series) part 8 louis: the lighthouse (series) part 9 zayn: first night over part 2 ☆ niall imagine: what’s missing liam: superbowl smut: harry smut: taken for granted. it’s amazing but i just feel like something is. recentmost popularmost recentfilter by post typeall poststextphotoquotelinkchataudiovideoaskhiding adult-oriented contentshowing adult-oriented contentgrid viewlist viewthis is really accurate.                he didn’t answer as he left the room, and a few moments later, you could hear his feet on the staircase that led up to the bedrooms. this girl was his best friend that he hasn’t seen in years.” he pulls the stick shift into park and he climbs up out of the front seat and moves to the back seat.“oh god, y/n” he pulls in and out repetitively too make sure i am comfortable with anal. he continues to hit the g-spot that is up my ass. you and harry had used…you freeze your mind racing back to that moment. it means that i’ll have time to be the kind of husband/father that i want to be” he says. imagine so sorry for being awol for so long guys. Then, the internet spazzed during my lunch break at work so I. louis’ mother’s birthday was coming up soon, and you wanted to send her a card. when you louis got back he found the two of you doing this and immediately snapped a picture. around her clit, and lastly his dick inside of her.

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, all around him, tugging her nails now into her skin, screaming his name. after lunch, i have to go grocery shopping, and then i have dinner plans with a colleague of mine. we haven’t been out in a while since i’ve been busy so i thought we could use a night out.” he sits in the seat and pulls me on top so that i can ride him.” i say as i slow down my hips to the rhythm of the song. she was laying on the couch and he was hovering her.” you questioned as you started to put your stuff away. in all honestly, you were pissed that marcus didn’t show up, and you were rethinking your relationship with him.“you have to know one thing, by all of this i am not saying that our sex life.                finally, you two found a store that satisfied both your needs: stylish and affordable. this is my girlfriend, y/n,” he took your hand and brought you closer to him. “i’m sorry, but my boss just text him and told me that it was an emergency, but i’ll make it up to you later,” he said before kissing your cheek. he goes to my swollen clit and swirls his tongue around.                “so…i know all the fans want to know…who, here, is spoken for?”                you stilled your fork, “yes…”                “and…” he put his wine glass down, “you said you couldn’t make it.“yeah, i just…i just don’t see the point of all this. it’s just zach was being sooo annoying so i got a taxi and left the party.                he always was calling you cute or adorable…                he had never called you sexy."justin was crying, again" warning: emotional 💧 justin was crying, again. directionone direction preferenceone direction imagine1d1d ad1d imagine1d preferenceliam payneliamliam imagineniall horanniallniall imaginezayn imaginezaynzayn malikharry stylesharryharry imaginelouis tomlinsonlouislouis imaginewritingpreference.                finally, it seemed like louis had had enough of your mood. “i love you justin” you shouted in the midst of rounds of applause and congratulations spewing in the room(justin’s pov)y/n has been all up in my case with her constant thought of checking up on me.                harry and g/n appeared again, in a cloud of giggles, once you and gemma had settled down on the living room couch. as he starts the car and slows out of the alleyway. his dick is hitting the back of my throat, but i will be fine. #proudbf #futuredavidbeckham #doesthatmakemevictoria harry: harry completely forgot that people didn’t know about the two of you. i stay naked because i have a trick up my sleeve.” “sorry baby” i giggled “kiss it better” he pouted i leaned and ripped off his beard.”“or nothing, there is nothing you could do to make me ever regret getting married to you” niall says.”“like the part about it being veronica’s test” you say. {13} He Makes You Feel Insecure Sorry it took me soooo long. i love when he gets aggressive, but let’s not tell him that or he won’t let me cum.                in the end, you picked a random card and went to the cash register. forth, and every time she could feel the tip of his dick hitting the back. i’d rather just stay home and curl up with my book,” you put his plate down on the island and took your seat.”                “no, but you are my girlfriend, so i sort of expected you to…”                “to what, louis?                you didn’t understand what kind of relationship you had with him. crazy acts of love au: he’s your older brother how you make up after a fight shopping secrets when he realizes he loves you sexual tension festivals (musical). i’m hella horny and he needs to speed this up. he was so used to people seeing him with a girl and assuming that he was dating them, that he completely forgot that no one knew you and him were dating.” then he pats my head and he gets dressed and hops back in the front seat.                louis tomlinson cheating on girlfriend y/n y/l/n?“yes husband, you can’t possibly think that i wasn’t going to marry you. it belongs to veronica, you know my friend from high school.”                you smiled at him, bringing his lips back onto yours, “you. there his a huge window in our room on that is on the opposite wall of our bed that looks over the city. freezes and looks at you like you’ve grown a second head. “y/n what the actual fuck, why would you think that? you know you could do better, but jake was your first love. “this is the third time i have seen you drunk this week, and it’s only thursday,” zayn reminded you. “no, no, it’s nothing that serious, you don’t have to be.                you heard him get up from the couch, and a few seconds later, his warm hand was holding yours, “well, let me say goodnight. hands you your bag before going out and telling everyone that you were done for the day. “yeah a baby is the last thing we need” you say placing your hand on your stomach. i lay there beside him in silence and think about how he may feel. “um, you were saying something about, um, the girl on the. nonetheless, you still know it’s harmless and he just loves you too much.
                she let out a sigh, “alright, but we get to have lunch in the food court. the man behind me started getting even more crazy as my movements increased.                “i don’t know what’s going on, y/n,” he uttered, his eyes focused on his plate, “but i don’t like it. when her legs hit the end of the bed, he demanded. once they were inside,Justin pushed her against the bedroom door. what was a dark purple had turned a now lighter purple, but the bruising was still there.“i’m sorry young lady but my dearest becky and i are trying to enjoy our honeymoon” he spoke stroking his beard. making picture preferences so submit ideas to the idea box or the ask me!“i have one picked out but it was all booked up, so we have to find another one.: thirsty harry: irreplaceable niall/harry: aquarius louis: tossing and turning zayn: the ball liam: what happened in venice? he freed her hands only to rip her shirt off. “uh you know, late night with chris,” you said, trying to laugh it off. now, when you were public, his hand stayed firmly in yours even through the most deserted streets. “he doesn’t treat you or even look at you like he used to and should and you deserve the best the world as to offer and you should never settle for less,” he told you, taking you back a bit and making you blush.#1d #1d blurbs #1d imagines #1d preferences #1dheadcanons #lovely1dheadcanons #one direction #one direction blurbs #one direction headcanons #one direction imagines #niall horan #harry styles #zayn malik #louis tomlinson #liam payne #request #preference 13 #he makes you feel insecure. people don’t understand that he is a boy who makes mistakes and is learning his way through life like the rest of us, and we all have a breaking point. i’m also going to do a during the wedding and an after the wedding one.                honestly, though, he should’ve stopped talking about her after he got your consent. she won’t be able to tell him her fantasy, but she can avoid it by a. he slides his dick on top of my clit to my entrance. sighs and walks over to look at them, “they look exactly the same. #sleepyheads #aretheyeverawakeniall: you and niall were actually on a road trip with louis when the fans found out about the two of you. sets his drink down on the counter before walking over to you and rubbing your arms comfortably. sorry to whoever requested it…i couldn’t fit everything you wanted into one post, so i’m doing a part 2…which should be posted tomorrow sometime. you put your hand to forehead and sit down, harry and you hadn’t used protection. i also plan on seeing lux when i drop lou off at her flat.                “the pleasure’s all mine,” she returned the gesture, taking your hand in hers for a firm shake. face looks like he’s saying “im getting fucking tired of your shit, mary. you took them out for lunch and you tried to keep the conversation light, but the tension was still there. he slowly creeps all the way inside and then he pulls out teasing my ass. i need to show you what dancing on other guys does to me.“i know this isn’t the most romantic way to do this, it’s not some fancy dinner or some sold out stadium with a flash mob but i know that i want to spend the rest of my life with you. the two of you had decided to go on a hike and hoping to get the perfect picture he couldn’t help posting it with this caption: @harry_styles: went on a hike with my beautiful @y/t/n and finally made it to the top. she tugged her nails into the fabric of her shirt. i don’t know why justin isn’t drooling on me. “stupid things; don’t worry about it,” you said trying to blow it off.                “y/n…please keep your eyes on that pie, love,” anne softly reminded you over her shoulder.                when you entered your bedroom, the first thing you noticed was that the bathroom door was closed.”“you’re not half bad yourself fiance-wise” harry says with a laugh. louis: you look back and forth between the two save the date cards. what if after a few years he decided he didn’t want to be married to you anymore? pick up a picture of parklands, your dream venue and show it to harry. sex song soothing time off sick curse none (must’ve forgotten it) his tell. i get up to turn the temperature up because justin is practically shivering.                louis tomlinson seen with ex eleanor calder in local starbucks. “fine, but just ask him when you see him again.” “i’m chloë” “well chloë it was very nice meeting you but my impatient boyfrien-” “husband” “whatever, as i was saying my impatient husband wants to exploreee” i chuckled “bye chloë i hope you find this justin you were looking for he sound like a very nice, handsome, talented, lucky young man” rick smiled “c'mon becky dear” “i really hate that name” “but you love me” he leans down and kisses me.“it’s been said a few times but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again” he  says.”you watch harry’s face after you said those three little words. now all we need is gemma and my mum…and i’ll be with all my girls. first, my computer spazzed and didn’t recover the document. fyi i was telling you about this new movie “don’t breath”,But now i’m very interested what was on your mind. “y/n, i think max is cheating on you,” he blurted out, taking you back a bit. justin spanks my ass really hard increasing the tension in my stomach. her, she wanted to feel him, and she wanted him to just take her,Without any foreplay. i slowly swirl my tongue on his tip and then i begin to slowly swirl and suck on his tip.”                well, you got your time with gemma and harry’s mum.

one direction preferences he's dating your best friend tumblr

/n wasn’t far away, even though she just finished one orgasm.“fine, but no horror ones,” you warned as you followed him.” she looked up at you after seeing the text, her eyebrows furrowed.” “justin, you have a show in 4 hours” “sooo…we can be back in three please” he pouts. he thought you were upstairs in your bed with your nose in a book.”                “y/n,” he replied, leaning back in his chair, “and we’re just friends. you sit there curious as to why he walked away in the middle of your conversation. mine and malie’s relationship is strictly physical and backup just in case me and y/n don’t work don’t get me wrong y/n is a good and amusing girl with a naïve but quick tempered personality which i go for but with malie its like she is add on to y/n personality. “ew i hate the feeling of the rat on your face” “it’s my hair becky i can’t help it” i rolled my eyes, grabbed the stash and ripped it off.”                “you don’t look fine, y/n,” she whispered, watching you put get on your tippy-toes to put the plate away. so, when i go on my knees i just stare up at him. i’m going to do a 5sos of summer one too. the last couple months have been the worst for you both.” you walk out of your closet to find harry with a towel wrapped around his waist and holding the pregnancy test box. then, the internet spazzed during my lunch break at work so i couldn’t post this then. he feels as though people don’t treat him like a person and it’s true.” he asks me while licking his lips and looking down at me.” she pushed her ass up as much as she could, feeling. concert you guys go to names date massage turn on’s thoughts about another member questions night out undressing. i start to sniffle and hold my tears back, so that i could stay solid for the both of us.“how about we give it a rest for the day and come back tomorrow? she felt her walls clenching, and within the second she came. “my name is not becky” “yes it is”“no it’s not” “it’s y/-”“bla bla bla it’s becky”“now i remember why i ship this so hard” the girl laughed“c'mon becky” “still not my name” “fine linda” “nope” “stephanie” “nuh uh” “amber ? i don’t know what your issue is you’ve been acting weird all day” you say.” he pulls me down, so that i am lying comfortably on my back. hands were moving up and down her body, but once hers.“i have something to tell you and you’re not going to like it. horan ☆ zayn smut: psychology ,cake, and sex liam smut: first lesson harry smut: pole master ☆. i mean he won’t even try to look for a job,” you complained.                “okay…” you said, not caring if he heard or not as you walked out of the room and downstairs. you made my dick jealous and now you can apologize. this didn’t necessarily mean he was going to cheat on you–because you knew he never would–but it meant your relationship with him would one day end because of it.”                “so…what’s on the agenda for today because it’s a beautiful saturday, and i was thinking–”                “well, i’m going shopping with perrie and jade today,” you interrupted him, walking over to the boiling hot frying pan on the stove, “and then having lunch with them. you knew that he wasn’t a big fan of chris, but he was respectful of your relationship with him. she just wanted to feel his touch, his lips all over.                “oh…sorry,” you murmured, opening the oven door to check on the apple pastry. once he reached her, his crotch was directly in front of. kind of bored…so i thought i would call you and ask if you want to go out? the back of his head, he jacked the off and held them up, above her head. to say it was getting to you was an understatement, you were starting to feel overwhelmed.”                “hmm…” anne regarded you suspiciously before sighing and deciding not to press the issue. the living shit out of you down here where i can’t tie you up to. his left hand over his chest, pretending he’s hurt.: make one that y/n is his fan andgets shoot to save him in a attempt against his life and now she’s in coma. places to cuddle he wants kids but you’re not ready restless nights he confides in another girl rain. rolled your eyes at the tabloid magazines as you made your way down the aisle at your local supermarket. to feel insecure because my boyfriend is hanging out with his beautiful ex-girlfriend who is probably more worthy of him? anyway i couldn’t think of another name for this imagine so that’s why it’s called harry imagine. laugh before pointing out that they’re the exact same color and picking up a different one. smut: that dress harry smut: valentine’s day lust louis smut: dominant liam smut: beach day zayn smut: not all is lost zayn smut: fury.!” he exclaimed rubbing his jaw “i love you” i reply giggling“i love you too…”“becky”“i’m done”. “he doesn’t deserve you and you don’t deserve that,” niall whispered before hugging you. but, justin pushes my hand away and pull it to my back.“i called the number on the back and told them i would like to get married there. sorry i missed our study date but can i still come over?” “please give me a better name” i whined “like what?” he tighten the knot,Making sure it was at the same time tight enough, but not way to tight.

                you didn’t look up from the bowl in your hands, “morning.”                he slowed down and lowered her so her feet were touching the ground, “so…where have you been?: a few people knew you and liam were dating, but no one knew for a fact. louisyou huffed as you finished the last of your homework.”                “i know,” she smiled at him, “but there has been a ton of photos floating around of you and that girl…what’s her name…? this morning he broke down and didn’t tell me why, but i had to get it out of him. he rubbed his hand against it making you wince in pain.” harryfrom the start, harry never really liked your boyfriend max.” “i just thought it could use a bit of organizing.                his expression was contagious, and you soon found yourself grinning, despite your sour mood, “what kind of cards does your mum like? there were too many things to point at, and you didn’t have enough fingers. this wasn’t possible, there was no way you could be pregnant. “y/n, all you do when you talk about jake is complain about how unhappy he makes you,” liam reminded you. i got poppy seed because you told me you didn’t mind them…” he began rambling on and on while putting the groceries he had collected into the cart. also, i included zayn because if feels weird not to.                you started looking through a rack of dresses when your phone vibrated again.”“i know but that was before the boys and i decided to take a break for a while. seeing liam so hurt was taking its toll on you, but this is what he wanted.“y/n and i just want to say thank you to you all who turned up to celebrate our first home together which we hope you love more than us. blackout holiday meeting misunderstanding tears dreams neighbors/roommates ☆ proud broken ☆ au: single parents part 2 pretending to be a couple hiding ☆ au: you’re a doctor road rage ☆ too hot romantic au: he’s your annoying brother summer sharing superstition sugar illegal ☆ he teaches you how to play an instrument drop erotic ☆ not pretty enough goosebumps distance floor ☆ balance imagines: louis louis part 2 niall: under the willow tree niall: water park.”“i know i am, now how about the two of us get out of here and go see a movie” zayn suggests.-clifford-sangster liked this kelly27crickett liked this realityruinedourlife liked this tmntrix liked this internetsupport-group liked this jade1313 liked this 20pixisparks02 liked this acciomxrauders liked this withthe1dboys liked this charlottexrp liked this itsmebookworm reblogged this from chrissysmith257 and added:Next aftertasteofmagcon liked this kcdn liked this midnightsakura9 liked this begonc-e liked this sonder-and-wanderlust liked this axcampbell45 liked this fernleavestattoo liked this allygator2014 liked this surf-high-tide-low-tide liked this prettydiamond55 liked this pandabear699 liked this xquoteloverx liked this applesauce-is-amazayn liked this suavehayes liked this i-inventedyou liked this gay-space-rain liked this lusiifer liked this anya-lily15 liked this ruth-is-a-koala-bear liked this dreaming-lights liked this racheldavies99 liked this whocouldntstay liked this michaelsshoe liked this -longhairshortbody- liked this fantasygeek00 liked this overtiredly liked this aeropaws liked this insanely-stormy liked this sinful-madness liked this ineverybreathofyou liked this misleadstyles liked this doleful-delinquent liked this its-natalie-muscat liked this vashantixo liked this rouhged liked this chrissysmith257 posted this show more notesloading. opens the door and walks over to you before grabbing your hand. as he gets outside paparazzi are taking pictures and flashing their lights at us. you saw the bruises on your collarbone, seeing the color was fading, but it was still there. she could feel her drool all over her neck and chest.                you sighed, lying down as you flipped through the channels on the telly before finally settling on some friends reruns.”                “not in front of everyone,” you frowned, pulling your hand away from his.”                “you know how i’m playing in tomorrow’s football game? you shouldn’t have to do this to yourself to make him happy. you really just needed your space; you had shown louis a side of you that you didn’t want to admit you had.“yeah, i guess i just got a little overwhelmed with everything that still needs done” you say.” i say while moving closer to him, so that he can feel my body heat.”                he went silent after that and walked over to the other side of the island to sit down. “y/n, ever since you started going out with zach, you’ve been partying a lot more, and he doesn’t even gives a shit if you’re okay or not during it,” zayn mentioned, sitting next to you.”                “well, there have been a lot of rumors going around lately…”                “yeah…so?                “i’d love to, but…i’m going to be so tired after all that, liam. he puts his fingers in my mouth and bends down to kisses my forehead. so i take my fingers and i squeeze his tip. you rolled your eyes thinking about your boyfriend of eleven months, jake. after paying for all your stuff, you went home and had dinner.” he pulled her panties off, lowering his head, and without a. of sight, observing every inch of his body, memorizing the little stuff. your car had just broken down and louis had gone to find help, you and niall had gotten out of the car and sat down in front of it. what if niall didn’t want to spend forever with you? i’m going to delete my account, too and really get the message out”, i add on. he is only wear a v neck t-shirt and a pair of plush pajama pants." "you get wasted almost every other day and i’m concerned; that’s all. the doorbell rung before it was quickly opened and closed.” “i got the message this morning, management approved of the boys and i taking a much needed break from touring and everything. his left hand found her neck and squeezed it, first, lightly,Then adding more force.”                “it’s nice to meet you,” you grinned, holding out your hand for her to shake. you two had visited victoria’s secret first since they were having this amazing sale on underwear.”                she was looking at you as she said that, widening her grin into the fakest expression you had ever seen. attendant knocked on the dressing room door, “would you like me to get your fiancee? he realizes what i am doing and he removes himself from me.“because i want our wedding to be perfect and that means having the perfect flowers even if i have to go through twenty more of these stupid books” you say.
he pounds into me as i scream his name then he pulls out of me and brings me to my knees, so that i suck him off until he cums. he could feel himself getting close, so he picked his pace. you give him a haircut you work for him and have sexual relations fool’s gold stars. after showing it to you, you and niall both agreed that it was okay for louis to tweet out." zaynyou stumbled in front of zayn’s door before leaning on it.“nope, we have to pick those out next” you say. imagine you glance down at the plastic test in front of you and read pregnant. i thought you guys were hanging out today,” liam asked during the middle of your lunch date.                niall remained in the bathroom for another half hour before you heard the shower running.” he lifts me up on my knees and pushes me forward, so know i am in a doggy position.”                you shrugged, picking up your dirty plate, “i just want some me time. the sudden change from his tongue to his dick made her. “(y/n), i just want to have my own space and peace of mind. “i don’t really want to talk about him anymore,” you sighed, getting out your chair. you and liam hadn’t confirmed anything, but a few fans had their suspensions.                you shrugged off his question like it was no big deal, looking down at your chicken, “why are you asking me if it’s alright? it was beginning to become the same routine everything night with him.                “so…y/n…”                you played with the rice on your plate, moving each little grain around, “yes?”harry slips the ring on your finger before kissing your lips and putting his hands on your stomach.                in private, you and zayn were constantly on top of each other, trying to get as close as two people could be.                you were about to walk in and ask to talk about this when he said something that completely shattered you.“harry…”“i was going to ask last night but i kind of chickened out after i saw how distracted you were. First, my computer spazzed and didn’t recover the document. you could play the part of the jealous girlfriend like a pro, even though you knew you could trust him.“just like that, apparently it would be a great honor to host the styles’ wedding. "why can’t you see that i’m happy, harry! we could work on a little anatomy ;)”“ you read out loud making louis gag. “all i know is that a boyfriend should always try and help you out and make sure that you’re okay; not leave you for his friends almost every night when you had made plans,” louis stated, putting a comforting hand on your shoulder. out like a little growl, which only sent shivers down her spine. shopping was y/f/n’s go to, and she still got a monthly allowance from her parents. watching tv late at night he’s a punk random homecoming pmsing homework beauty problems autumn friends +. when a news story came out about liam and you going a date to disney, he decided that it was time to confirm and he did it with this picture and this caption: @real_liam_payne: yes, it’s true @y/t/n and i are dating! you’re here all hot and wet, and all i think. he backed away a little bit, he lowered himself, so his face. when you ask he’s going to answer with a question because he’s stalling. “we were fighting and i shoved him and it happened, but i’m fine, niall,” you admitted. even more, and he just couldn’t resist but tease her. she came by and she was freaking out about some one night stand she had last night and asked me to get a test for her. sure, you hardly saw him as it was between your work and his; not to mention he would be leaving on tour next week for a few months…but it wasn’t like you were holding him back or didn’t trust him to go out with his friends.. he wanted to say something but she cut him off. they couldn’t help to tweet out the picture thus telling the fans that you and zayn were now an item. he comes back in and grabs your hand, the two of you leaving to go see a movie. how could you not worry when it was clearly obvious he didn’t want to be with you sexually? do a challenge/ internet fad love disappointments miss you sweaters trails. “and i don’t mind that he does smoke, i just wish that wasn’t all he did! few days ago, but did he mentioned it today, she wasn’t certain. kisses the back of your head, “i’ll tell you what. you so badly wanted to pull away, but your heart was already too attached to him. it was kinda lame anyway,” you slurred before falling on the couch. after he lost his job at a factory, he decided to crash you and you were fairly sick of him, his friends, and their antics. i’m working my y/n magic on his ass. he inches towards my face and puts his dick in my face. justin was dressed in his all white armani suit with a black tieless shirt accompanied with the gucci loafers while you dressed in a custom made gold encrusted bodycon dress matching justin in your white louboutin’s and your hair styled in a high up do during his speech.                he threw his head back in laughter, “and you actually believed me?”                you looked back out the kitchen window, leaning on the counter. she’s a future football star and she made her first goal!“but…if it makes you happy then i say we go with the cream because whatever makes you happy is what makes me happy” louis says.