Munster singlet

Munster singlet

throughout the fluence range relevant for maldi, however, the experimental data could not be fit well to a model assuming resonant two‐photon absorption as the process depopulating the singlet state.

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Singlet-singlet annihilation in ultraviolet matrix-assisted laser

in a separate set of experiments, the singlet lifetimes of several typical crystalline maldi matrices were determined and found to be considerably shorter than previously reported.

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A soft supramolecular carrier with enhanced singlet oxygen

while both singlet‐singlet annihilation and resonant two‐photon absorption have been discussed in the literature as candidates for pathways to primary matrix ion generation in maldi, the data presented here suggest that singlet‐singlet annihilation is the dominant mechanism for depopulating the singlet state in a matrix crystal excited at typical maldi fluences.

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Controlling the Radiative Rate of Deep‐Blue Electrophosphorescent

fluence data were compared with a numerical model assuming that under typical maldi fluence conditions a large fraction of molecules in the excited singlet state undergoes singlet‐singlet annihilation.

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