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no, you want to see the situation your beer has lived in if you want an ipa. george with boneyard and block 15 3 way ipa 4pk 16oz cans. pretty good beer just a little basic flavor and smell but still pretty decent, there's room for improvement but that's the case with lots of single hopped brews. notably, this hop is bred for bittering, and that it does admirably.

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interested to try this single hop and it pours a murky orange amber hue with a huge fluffy off white head and lacing everywhere,the smell is pineapples,mangoes,bubblegum and liquorice,the mouthfeel is just under medium bodied and well carbonated with tastes of passionfruit,melons,paw paw,toffee malts and the finish is grapefruit bitter and pretty much a fruit salad in a glass which i do like even though its not as full on as other single hops its damn drinkable cheers. - there is a smooth sweetness that it noticed mixed in with some hops. beer strikes me as more pungent and sharp than the other single hopped ipas i've had so far. these beers aren't about sheer enjoyment; they're about education- educating the palate on what to expect from each individual hop varietal.

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the super galena hops aren't quite as harsh as their galena cousins. taste is well balanced hops and malts, bitter, but not to much, some pine as well.: this is a solid enough american-style ipa, but i was expecting much more forceful hop bitterness. galena was enjoyed as part of a self-training exercise to distinguish between the various hops.

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but the stronger hop scent of pine bark, saw dust, and white grapefruit rise from the mix; and bring with them a heavy damp sod aroma. george with boneyard and block 15 3 way ipa 4pk 16oz cans. from a harp nonic alongside the tettnanger single hop ipa.: i've had a few of the mikkeller single hop beers, but i seemd to enjoy this one a bit more than the others as this beer seemed more "tame," more evenly balanced and much less aggressive than the others, though the hop flavor was lighter than expected.

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single hop simcoe ipa - the beer review #016 - danish craft beer. tettnanger, palisade, cascade, galena, super galena, and simcoe were all tasted side by side. the taste has a nice malt backbone with some mild caramel, but it’s mostly hop notes. mikkeller runs the gamut of single hops, i check in with the super gelena edition.

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- i liked the palisades hop much better, but still a great beer, apparently with whichever single hop they use 413 charactersbeerdawgs, nov 08, 20133. all these old mikkeller ipas have given me a 'thrilling' glimpse into what the base beer tastes like, but as a single hop showcase they fail. i learned that super gelena bitters american and english beers well, but the complement of more alpha-rich hops give more finesse and smoothness. this TMOH Special Jakob and I along with our friend Mads, test the recently re-released Mikkeller Single Hop Series.

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more of a euro ipa but with fruity hops flavor. resin build-up is subtle, but means that there's a lingering aftertaste of bitter hop compounds that gets bigger the more you drink./single-hop-ipas/ )1:15 - saaz (30 ibu) 2:45 - mount hood (33 ibu) 4:32 - willamette (35 ibu) 6:19 - tettnang (38 ibu) 7:32 - cascade (38 ibu) 8:57 - palisade (47 ibu) 10:03 - challenger (51 ibu) 11:08 - centennial (56 ibu) 12:16 - cluster (66 ibu) 13:31 - amarillo (72 ibu) 15:29 - citra (88 ibu) 17:20 - galena (94 ibu)18:48 - magnum (94 ibu) 20:09 - nugget (95 ibu) 21:01 - simcoe (95 ibu) 22:41 - super galena (96 ibu) 23:20 - sorachi ace (102 ibu) 25:00 - bravo (103 ibu) 26:06 - columbus (114 ibu) 27:49 - warrior (115 ibu) 29:25 - blending experiment: citra + galena 30:01 - blending experiment: galena + sorachi ace 30:39 - blending experiment: mount hood + challenger 31:18 - blending experiment: simcoe + nugget (mosaic) 32:09 - final blendenjoy! mikkeller has released two series, one to satisfy hop heads the other for a phd project, the latter being the one we have tested.

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with a strong malty backbone, the pronounced toast and burnt caramel aromas push some of the hop aromas down, suppressing them below aromatic thresholds. the flavor was of sweet malt, caramel, caramel hop, subtle citrus, and subtle citrus hop. i still wish that mikkeller would back off of the malts to a great extent in order to allow for better appreciation of the hop variety in question.''the phd project is trying to uncover how hops evolves over time and how the different types of hops taste when you measure them on bitterness, flavor, etc.


it finishes off-dry, the bready caramel malt dueling capably with the lingering, and mostly denatured citrus and pine hoppiness. enjoyable ipa experiment, this particular hop a likely blend of those normal scenesters on the west coast. ipas on that shipping site offer the best beer per dollar per ounce? | feel: 4 | overall: 4my 2nd in the single hop series, after just finishing the palisades.

a more bitter finish but still not very ipa like. the aroma isn’t incredible, but it seems like a good expression of the hop variety. malt is actually surprisingly subdued: usually these mikkeller single-hop brews have a firm and noticeable malt presence. i'm gonna haveta look into this super galena hop for some future homebrewing.

appearance seems a bit darker than the first round of mikkeller single hops beers. it's a solid beer, with the mouthfeel as an ipa should be; somewhat sweet but a good bite on the end. you probably don't want to go to a website like this to buy an ipa. as beer enthusiasts, you're probably fine with a little pointless talk about beer, so i hope you stick with me.

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hops in this one border more on the metallic side, with some pine and wood. the appearance of the single hop series does not really vary from beer to beer. well balanced with the malts, but not with the hop. but as the hops begin to penetrate the malty coat during mid palate, the taste of pithy white grapefruit, pine sap, and fresh-cut grass all start to gain control.

phd series is brewed with the same amount of hops in each brew.: tasted primarily of hops, with citrus (grapefruit), and a trace of malt in the finish. - i can definitely see the type of hop it is and definitely need to try the other one that i bought to compare the two different hops. super galena is a high alpha acid hop varietal that should present relatively clean, muscular flavors, but what came out in this beer was slightly muddy.

Galena Single Hop IPA is a American IPA style beer brewed by Mikkeller ApS in København, Denmark., a nice expression of this hop which has a strong prominence that is balanced by the caramel malt. flavor is malty, clearly past its prime, with little hop character left. on jul 11, 2013in this tmoh special jakob and i along with our friend mads, test the recently re-released mikkeller single hop series.