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MSU student made a dating resume and people are amazed

"she asked if i had a dating resume that she could look at, and when i said no (like any normal person would) she told me no,” he said. Is dating an insecure man worth it

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resume for dating - that's what 21-year-old michigan state university junior joey adams has created for the modern dating age.

Michigan State student goes viral for creating a 'dating resume'

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MSU student's dating resume goes viral

gabbara/lansing state journalmichigan state university student joey adams is receiving a lot of attention after posting a dating resume on facebook.

Michigan State University student looking for love with dating resume,

Michigan State University student looking for love with dating resume

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Adams' phone has been ringing non-stop since he posted a dating resume on Facebook last week.

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Faculty Handbook Index resume for dating - that's what 21-year-old Michigan State University junior Joey Adams has created for the modern dating age.

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daters more likely to divorce,Online daters three times more likely to divorce,Michigan state university study,A study out this week by a michigan state university researcher claims that couples who met via online dating sites are three times more likely to divorce than couples who met offline.

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